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         North Carolina Schools General:     more books (100)
  1. Improvement In Rural School Houses And Grounds, 1900-1906
  2. School Law by Anonymous, 2010-04-04
  3. North Carolina: The Tar Heel State by Sarah Rafle, 2002-01
  4. Annual report of the General Superintendent of Common Schools of the State of North Carolina
  5. School History of North Carolina: From 1584 to the Present Time (Dodo Press) by John W. Moore, 2009-04-03
  6. Along Freedom Road: Hyde County, North Carolina, and the Fate of Black Schools in the South by David S. Cecelski, 1994-04-29
  7. The church and private schools of North Carolina; a historical study by Charles Lee Raper, 2010-06-26
  8. School History of North Carolina; From 1584 to the Present Time by John W. Moore, 2010-03-07
  9. Public School and Law of North Carolina: Chapter 15 of the Code, as Amended by North Carolina, 2009-01-28
  10. Public Education in North Carolina: A Report to the Public School Commission of North Carolina. by Author Unknown, 2009-04-27
  11. Public School Law of North Carolina as Compiled in the "revisal of 1905 of North Carolina." by Statutes North Carolina. Laws, 2010-01-11
  12. The Public School Law of North Carolina Issued From the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction by statutes North Carolina. Laws, 2010-01-05
  13. The United States Marine Corps Financial Management School, Camp Johnson, North Carolina.: An article from: Armed Forces Comptroller by John Raines, 2002-03-22
  14. Public school education in North Carolina by Edgar Wallace Knight, 2010-09-07

41. Links
NC Association of Independent schools. north carolina north carolina State Governmentlinks to north carolina State Government, NC Gov. NC general Assembly.
Links Information Professional Services Appraisals Surveyors ... Realtor Software/Systems Information
Department of Commerce North Carolina Chatham Journal Mapquest Chatham County, North Carolina Tax Parcel Information System ...
Apex, North Carolina
Professional Services
Traffic Engineering Kimley Horn Internet Access
ACT plus
Better service
and lower prices. Appraisals
Williams Appraisers, Inc
Professional Real Estate advisors Surveyors Tax and Financial
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Cities and Towns
Town of Apex Directory, Meetings, Services, Events and Places, History, Demographics Apex Chamber of Commerce Economic Development, Relocation, Calendar of Events, Tourism, Festivals C ary Town of Cary Calendar, Administration, Services, News, Questions, Jobs

42. North Carolina Golf Schools And Instruction: Your North Carolina Golf Resource -
Listings are in alphabetical order, so please scroll down to explore all options.carolina Golf Academy Greensboro, High Hampton Inn Golf schools Cashiers,

North Carolina Schools Listings are in alphabetical order, so please scroll down to explore all options. Carolina Golf Academy Greensboro Call 336/605-0052 or visit the website. Golf Learning Center Southern Pines Call 910/245-7857 or visit the website. High Hampton Inn Golf Schools Cashiers Pine Needles School Southern Pines Call 800/747-7272 or visit the website. Pinewild Golf Academy Pinehurst Elevate your game at Pinewild Golf Academy, headquartered at Pinewild Country Club in Pinehurst. Led by Tom Ream, head instructor for John Jacobs Golf Schools, Nike Golf Schools and the Carolinas PGA Players Schools, the academy focuses on creating consistency via the fundamentals of golf. The Academy is host to the John Jacobs Golf Schools that offer one, two and four-day sessions March through October. "Short Game Only" and "Playing Schools" are also available for golfers looking to fine tune specific components of their games. All schools can be arranged with lodging and include the John Jacobs instruction manual, take-home video and a written full-swing evaluation. Pinewild also plays host to Nike Junior Camps and Nike Parent-Child Schools. Pinewild Golf Academy offers a wide range of lesson programs, including private and group lessons, and clinics. Precision Golf School Greensboro Professional's Golf School Pinehurst Call 800/781-1165 or visit the website.

43. NCBCE Helpful Links
Government Links north carolina State Government Homepage. Governor'sHomepage. general Assembly. Public schools of north carolina.
Links to Key Business, Education, and Government Resources NCCBI the state chamber of commerce and a member of the Education: Everybody's Business Coalition co-founded with NCBCE and the Public School Forum. N.C. Department of Public Instruction link to the full DPI website with links to microsites of special interest. NC local school systems and local schools websites provides a link to all available school and school system websites in NC. NC Partnership for Excellence (NCPE) created by NCBCE in September 1997 to expand the initial TQE effort with 26 school system partners. NCPE's primary focus is to increase the use of the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence across the K-12 educational system in NC. NC Wise Owl Public School Forum an educational research and policy organization which, like NCCBI, is a member of the Education: Everybody's Business Coalition co-founded with NCBCE and NCCBI. Teaching Fellows UNC General Administration and links to all 16 UNC campuses. This is the first science Web site of its kind with dozens of key science museums around the world partnerned with each other and us to create Web cam views, science

44. State Regulation Of Private Schools - North Carolina
appropriated and used exclusively for free public schools. NC Const. Art. IX, Sec.6, 7. The north carolina Constitution provides that the general Assembly may
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
North Carolina
Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: et seq et seq Delconte v. State Recordkeeping/Reports: et seq . are not subject to any other provision except requirements respecting fire, safety, sanitation and immunization. et seq. , are not subject to any other provision except requirements respecting fire, safety, sanitation and immunization. Length of School Year/Day: Curriculum: Special Education Health: Safety: Transportation: See Special Education Home Schooling: Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: The North Carolina Constitution provides that the state school fund and the county school funds must be faithfully appropriated and used exclusively for free public schools. N.C. Const. Art. IX, Sec. 6, 7. The North Carolina Constitution provides that the General Assembly may exempt property held for educational purposes from state and local taxation. N.C. Const. Art. V, Sec. 2. Miscellaneous: Updated January 2000
[New York]
[North Dakota]

45. Chapter 110 Of The North Carolina General Statutes (9-02)
Chapter 110 of the north carolina general Statutes (902 f. Nonpublic schools describedin Part 2 of Article 39 of Chapter 115C of the general Statutes that
Chapter 110 of the North Carolina General Statutes (9-02)
Child Care Facilities
G.S. 110-85. Legislative intent and purpose.
Recognizing the importance of the early years of life to a child's development, the General Assembly hereby declares its intent with respect to the early care and education of children: (1) The State should protect children in child care facilities by ensuring that these facilities provide a physically safe and healthy environment where the developmental needs of these children are met and where these children are cared for by qualified persons of good moral character. (2) Repealed by Session Law 1997-506. (3) Achieving this level of protection and early education requires the following elements: mandatory licensing of child care facilities; promotion of higher quality child care through the development of enhanced standards which operators may comply with on a voluntary basis; and a program of education to help operators improve their programs and to deepen public understanding of child care needs and issues.
G.S. 110-86. Definitions.

46. NCA&TSU Math Dept Home Page
In 1967 the north carolina general Assembly redesignated the College as a It hasone of only two schools of agriculture in north carolina, and its
Department of Mathematics
102 Marteena Hall
1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411
E-mail Department of Mathematics Dr. Wilbur L. Smith , Chairman The Mathematics Department provides course work leading to both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The faculty members are active and dedicated scholars, with an enthusiastic interest in teaching, and ongoing, significant, research programs. Innovative teaching methods are integrated through the mathematics curriculum. The faculty is especially interested in the intellectual development of each student, and there is continuous individual contact to provide quality instruction in all areas of mathematics. All graduate faculty teach on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
Degrees Offered:
Department Background
Prior to 1967, the Department of Mathematics was a part of the School of Engineering of the Agricultural and Technical College. In 1967 the North Carolina General Assembly re-designated the College as a Regional University effective July 1, 1967. Under this designation, the Department of Mathematics became a part of the newly created School of Arts and Sciences. In September 1968, the Department moved to the newly constructed Merrick Hall. It subsequently moved to its current offices in Marteena Hall a large building it shares with the Department of Physics and the Greensboro Area Mathematics and Science Education Center. The facility includes modern classrooms, two computer laboratories and a teacher education laboratory.

47. 5,000 Copies Of This Document Were Printed At A Cost Of $11,566
On October 30, 1971, the general Assembly ratified an Act to consolidate the COLLEGES,schools, AND DIVISIONS OF north carolina AGRICULTURAL AND
Volume 11, No. 1 CATALOG OF NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY – Published every two years by North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 1601 East Market Street Greensboro, North Carolina 27411 GRADUATE PROGRAMS
Architectural Engineering
NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was established as the A. and M. College for the “Colored Race” by an act of the General Assembly of North Carolina ratified March 9, 1891. The act read in part: That the leading object of the institution shall be to teach practical agriculture and the mechanic arts and such branches of learning as relate thereto, not excluding academical and classical instruction. The College began operation during the school year of 1890-91, before the passage of the state law creating it. This curious circumstance arose out of the fact that the Morrill Act passed by Congress in 1890 earmarked the proportionate funds to be allocated in bi-racial school systems to the two races. The A. and M. College for the White Race was established by the State Legislature in 1889 and was ready to receive its share of funds provided by the Morrill Act in the fall of 1890. Before the college could receive these funds, however, it was necessary to make provisions for Colored students. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of the A. and M. College in Raleigh was empowered to make temporary arrangements for these students. A plan was worked out with Shaw University in Raleigh where the College operated as an annex to Shaw University during the years 1890-1891, 1891-1892, and 1892-1893.

signed the Constitution; but the general Assembly did not $49,450; faculty, 63; students,613; north carolina College of are three State Normal schools for the
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... N > North Carolina A B C D ... Z
North Carolina
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS RAILROADS AND BANKS There are in operation within the State 4387 miles of railroads, besides 911 miles of sidings, with a total valuation of $86,347,553, but capitalized for a much larger amount. The state has 321 banks organized under the state law; with an aggregate capital stock of $7,692,767; and 69 national banks with a capital of $6,760,000. The entire recognized state debt is $6,880,950, the greater part of which could be paid by the sale of certain railroad stock held by the state. HISTORY North Carolina was originally inhabited by various tribes of Indians, the three principal ones being the Tuscaroras in the east, the Catawbas in the centre, and the Cherokees in the west. A small body of Cherokees is still located in the mountain section. In 1584 Queen Elizabeth granted to Sir Walter Raleigh the right to discover and hold any lands not inhabited by Christian The Constitution of 1776 had some remarkable provisions. It allowed free negroes to vote because they were "freemen", all slaves, of course, being disfranchised because in law they were considered chattels. Any freeman could vote for the members of the House of Commons; but must own fifty acres of land to vote for a senator, who must himself own at least three hundred acres, and a member at least one hundred acres. The governor must own a freehold of five thousand dollars in value. The borough towns of Edenton, New Bern, Wilmington, Salisbury, Hillsboro, and Halifax were each allowed a separate member in the House of Commons apart from the counties. It declared: That all men have a natural and inalienable right to worship

49. North Carolina Economic Development
University of north carolina at Wilmington. Community Colleges, general InformationProgram Offerings. Branch Campuses Other Institutions. County schools/Public
The Regional Economic Development
Organization For Southeastern North Carolina Phone: (800) 787-1333
Phone: (910) 862-8511 Home

Sites And Parks

Public Safety

Health Care

Television Stations
Retail Sales Cost of Living Development County Business Patterns ... Largest Manufacturing Employers DEMOGRAPHICS Population Growth Trends Municipal Population Population Characteristics Income Income Measurements Median Family Income Effective Buying Income and New Vehicle Registrations Selected Demographic Information WORKFORCE Unemployment Rates Salaries for Selected Occupations Workers' Compensation Unemployment Insurance ... Labor Climate Workforce Development System JobLink Career Center System JobLink Career Centers Workforce Development Boards Employment Security Commission Offices ... Spanish Interpreters MILITARY Fort Bragg Summary Statistics Pope Air Force Base Special Operations Command ... Contract Data Fiscal Year 2001 EDUCATION University of North Carolina System Major Colleges and Universities Fayetteville State University Methodist College St. Andrews Presbyterian College

50. Duke University Undergraduate Admissions-General Information
2 Undergraduate schools, 7 Graduate schools; President Nannerl O. Keohane,Ph.D. Durham is part of the Research Triangle Park area of north carolina.
Duke University Quick Facts
Campus Information
Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Demographic Information
Helpful Links

  • Location: Durham, North Carolina (Click here for an area map)
  • Founding Date: 1924
  • Size: 9,000 Acres
  • Closest Airport: Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  • 2 Undergraduate Schools, 7 Graduate Schools
  • President: Nannerl O. Keohane, Ph.D.
  • Durham is part of the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. RTP is home to roughly 1 million people and 70,000 students; RTP is about 3 hours from the beach and about 3 hours from the Appalachian Mountains; and RTP supports one of the highest concentrations of Ph.D.s and M.D.s in the country.
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
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51. General Information
together with the separately administered libraries serving the schools of business Thelibraries at Duke, the University of north carolina at Chapel Hill
University Libraries
A Great Library for a Great University
The Duke Library is the intellectual crossroads of the university, connecting people and ideas. All faculty, regardless of discipline, and all students, regardless of major, meet at the library. They come for reports of the latest research as well as the time-honored classics, for thoughtful conversation, and to catch up with friends. The William R. Perkins Library and its eight branches, together with the separately administered libraries serving the schools of business, divinity, law and medicine, comprise one of the nation's top ten private university library systems. The combined book collections contain more than 4.6 million volumes. Among the additional items available to students and faculty are 11 million manuscripts, 1.4 million public documents, tens of thousands of films and videos, audio recordings, and serials, and more than 5,000 computer files.
Services for Students
In all campus libraries there are information desks where assistance is available during most open hours. Professional reference service is also available in all libraries. The primary responsibility of the reference librarians is to guide patrons in making the most effective use of materials owned by the library or accessible electronically. In addition to the individual support they provide, librarians also offer formal and informal instruction to groups of students, faculty, and university staff.

52. North Carolina State Archives
concerning accreditation, Negro normal schools and colleges reports, Rosenwald Fund,general Education and of 1868, several north carolina counties maintained
Timothy D. Pyatt, Editor
University Press of Virginia

Conditions of Use
North Carolina State Archives
North Carolina State Archives
109 East Jones Street
Raleigh NC 27601-2807
Phone: (919) 733-3952
Fax: (919) 733-1354 Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Saturday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Chapter and "Man of the Year" scrapbooks, 1972-1990.
Organized in Raleigh on 5 May 1875 as a "Lodge of Emergency." Records consist of three volumes of minutes from 1875 to 1900. Rough membership and financial records are found in the back of the three volumes.
Established in 1952 under the sponsorship of the Raleigh Council of United Church Women, the Board served as a ladies auxiliary to the St Agnes Hospital of Raleigh. St. Agnes was established in 1896 as a general hospital for Negroes. The records consist of minutes, committee reports, correspondence, and a membership list.
Good Samaritan Hospital was organized in 1889 under the auspices of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Charlotte. It was the first hospital in the United States built and operated exclusively for blacks. Records consist of minutes, annual reports, and other related materials.

53. Site Map For The NC Office Of The Attorney General Web Site
Information Network; Criminal Justice Links; north carolina Statutes. Shopper; Linksto Law schools, Libraries, Court Links; Search the Attorney general's Web Site.

North Carolina Department of Justice
P.O. Box 629
Raleigh, NC 27602-0629
Telephone: (919) 716-6400
Fax: (919) 716-6750
E-mail: Site Map About Roy Cooper Consumer Protection Citizens' Rights Environmental Division ... Search

54. North Carolina Maritime Museum - Environmental Education
in programs offered by the community and schools. and Site Features The north CarolinaMaritime Museum education programs serve the general public through tours

Related Links and Resources

N.C. Maritime Museum
. . . Environmental Education
The North Carolina Maritime Museum is a state museum operating under the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. The educational mission of the museum is to interpret all aspects of the state's diverse coastal natural history and rich maritime heritage and to address environmental issues and solutions through exhibits, in-house and outreach programs, field trips, and publications. Educational Services
Educational services are offered to school, civic, and special needs groups. They include tours (self-guided and guided), hands-on live animal programs, audio-visual programs, and field trips. Curators give lectures, consult with, and participate in programs offered by the community and schools. Teachers and group leaders should request the Educational Services Guide Programs and Site Features
The North Carolina Maritime Museum environmental education programs serve the general public through tours, programs, field trips, Summer Science School, and special events and are listed in a calendar published quarterly. Environmental education services provided to school, civic, and special needs groups include museum tours, hands-on programs, videos and slide presentations, staff led field trips to local coastal habitats, and programs at the overnight facilities at the museum's Cape Lookout field station. Unique Site Features
The North Carolina Maritime Museum is located just off the Intracoastal Waterway and Interstate 70 on the historic Beaufort waterfront. Nearby natural areas include the Rachel Carson Reserve, Newport River marshes, Fort Macon State Park, Croatan National Forest, and Cape Lookout National Seashore.

55. General Information
that name until 1875, when it was chartered by the north carolina Legislature as Itwas comprised of the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law, in addition to
Henry Martin Tupper, an ex-Union Army Chaplain of Monson, Massachusetts and his wife, Sarah B. Turner Tupper, arrived in Raleigh in October of 1865, resolved to provide educational opportunities for former slaves. In December 1865, Tupper gathered six ex-slaves in his first theology class. Ten years later Shaw University was chartered.
With $500.00 he had saved while in the army, Tupper purchased a lot on the comer of Blount and Cabarrus Streets. On this location, this structure became known as the Raleigh Institute. In 1870, the old Barringer estate was purchased and the Raleigh Institute was moved to this location the site of Shaw University today. The name of the school was changed in 1871 to Shaw Collegiate Institute in honor of Elijah Shaw, a New England philanthropist. The school retained that name until 1875, when it was chartered by the North Carolina Legislature as "The Shaw University." By mid-summer 1886, the university housed an enrollment of 75 students preparing for ministerial and teaching professions.
By the end of the nineteenth century, Shaw University was thriving. It was comprised of the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law, in addition to a College of Liberal Arts with a Theological Department. In 1918, the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law were dissolved because of inadequate finances; the College of Liberal Arts with a Theological Department remained.

56. Learning Disabilities Association Of North Carolina
to advance the education and general welfare of of the important information aboutindividual schools. are committed to making north carolina schools the best

57. Law Schools In North Carolina
WebAdverts Demo. Law schools in north carolina, Send this page to a friend.Featured Listings Get your institution listed here. general Listings
Home Lw Schools Links Law Schools in U.S. Law Schools in North Carolina Send this page to a friend Featured Listings:
Get your institution listed here.
General Listings:
  • Campbell University
    PO Box 158
    Buies Creek, NC 27506
    Phone: 910-893-1754
    Institution: Private Duke University
    PO Box 90393
    Durham, NC 27708-0393
    Phone: 919-613-7020
    URL: Institution: Private North Carolina Central University 1512 South Alston Ave. Durham, NC 27707 Phone: 919-560-7173 URL: Institution: Public University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Campus Box 3380 Chapel Hill, NC 27599 Phone: 919-962-5109 URL: Institution: Public Wake Forest University PO Box 7206 Winston-Salem, NC 27109 Phone: 336-758-5437 URL: Institution: Private
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58. FCW Links: State & Local Government - North Carolina
International Policy Privacy Procurement Records Management schools Seat ManagementSecurity north carolina. Attorney general Auditor Controller Governor Lt.
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ALSO ONLINE Events Calendar
Letters Archive

Online Archive

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North Carolina
State Officials Legislative Attorney General

Governor ... Senate Agencies Public Records Administration Agriculture Commerce Corrections ... UCC Information Advertisement

59. North Carolina Public School Forum
NC general Assembly. Office of the Governor. Dept. NC K12 schools. Stateof north carolina. NC Business Committee for Education (NCBCE).
3739 National Drive Suite 210 Sign-up for the weekly electronic newsletter Friday Report Local School Finance Study released! For more information, look under Publications and contact the Forum to order a copy

60. School Of Government
general. north carolina Department of Public Instruction Reports and Statistics—Informationabout north carolina schools, Student Testing, and Program and
School Main Page What AreYou Searching For? Library Main Page
Profiles County Profiles From EDIS —EDIS database, N.C. Department of Commerce—updated through third quarter 1999. URL: North Carolina Economic Development Information System —Regional Information, Industry Profiles, State Comparisons, Business and Economic Information, and Demographics and Labor Force Information.
LINC County Profiles
—Office of State Planning, Office of the Governor (of North Carolina)—1992-1996 figures. URL:
North Carolina Profiles
—U.S. Census Bureau—County Business Patterns, Economic Census, General Profile, 1999 County Population Estimates, Income/Poverty figures, 1990 Census Summary Data.

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