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         North Carolina Schools General:     more books (100)
  1. School Finance Act; Report to the 1987 General Assembly of North Carolina by North Carolina. General Commission, 2010-01-18
  2. North Carolina Schools and Academies, 1790-1840; A Documentary History by Charles Lee Coon, 2010-02-10
  3. The School History Of North Carolina by John W. Moore, 2010-09-10
  4. School history of North Carolina, from 1584 to the present time
  5. School History of North Carolina by John W. Moore, 2008-04-03
  6. The School History Of North Carolina by John W. Moore, 2010-09-10
  7. International Baccalaureate Schools in North Carolina: Needham B. Broughton High School
  8. School History of North Carolina from 1584 to the Present Time by John W. Moore, 2010-04-06
  9. School history of North Carolina, from 1584 to 1879 by John W. 1833-1906 Moore, 2010-06-20
  10. North Carolina High School Athletic Association
  11. School history of North Carolina, from 1584 to the present time
  12. School History of North Carolina from 1584 to the Present Time by John W. Moore, 2010-04-06
  13. School History of North Carolina (From 1584 to the Present Time (Webster's Hungarian Thesaurus Edition) by Icon Group International, 2009-05-07
  14. Schools in North Carolina: Friday Center for Continuing Education, Caldwell Academy, Asheville Female College, Wakelon School

81. North Carolina Documents Index
Provides links to state and local government, education, business, health and social services, travel, Category Regional north America north carolina Government...... Census Census statistics and data related to north carolina. Education, Public/NonPublicSchools Institutions general Areas of Interest Travel, Arts, Sports
North Carolina Information
Quick Links
North Carolina's Homeland Security Website
Who Represents Me?
The Official N.C. State Government Agency Directory
... Birth or Death Certificates
Table of Contents
About This Site
Information about UNCG's
North Carolina Depository
and about N.C. business Census
Census statistics and data
related to North Carolina Educational Resources
Higher Education, Public/Non-Public Schools

Job Search, State Personnel, Employment Statistics, etc. General Areas of Interest Travel, Arts, Sports, History, Science, Geographic Data, Weather Government Information, Publications, General Assembly and other Government Branches Health and Social Services Health Statistics, Medical Institutions, Child Health Insurance Program Law and Legal Resources Statutes, Laws, Law-location Resources, Criminal Record Checks, Criminal Justice, etc. Newspapers and Magazines N.C. Newspapers, Magazines Student Papers, Local Presses Search North Carolina Subject Searches and State Information Searches State/Area Home Pages Greensboro, Guilford County

82. North Carolina Teacher Academy Grant Index
This list contains only grants that are specific to areas in north carolina. TheGeneral Mills Foundation is looking for schools and school districts
Grant Index North Carolina Grants This list contains only grants that are specific to areas in North Carolina. If you are interested in any of the following programs, please contact the funder directly. TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION CHALLENGE GRANTS AVAILABLE Does your district have a well-defined vision of how computers and telecommunication networks can improve teaching and learning? To make that vision a reality, your district may want to apply to the U.S. Department of Education for a Technology Innovation Challenge Grant. The program seeks applications from districts that have brought together a wide range of partners to demonstrate innovative approaches for integrating technology into schooling and teaching. Programs should be able to be sustained after the grant ends and be replicable in other districts throughout the country. Eligible applications must be developed by a consortium including at least one local education agency with a high percentage of children living below the poverty line. Other members of the consortium may include private schools, state educational agencies, institutions of higher education, software designers, museums, libraries, or other appropriate organizations. For more information, call 202-208-3882, or fax 202-208-4042. Send an e-mail to, or visit the Web site at

83. Teacher Academy Resources
At the north carolina Teacher Academy one of our goals is to provide general Resources. Manyschools are not aware that they can receive academic discounts on
Resources At the North Carolina Teacher Academy one of our goals is to provide information on print and Internet based resources that are available to support the modules offered by the Academy. This section is in a constant state of development as educators submit resources to the webmaster. Additional resources are located within the module sections. General Resources Busy Teacher's Web Site
Education Place

Educational Technology

K-12 Environmental Educational Resources
Teachers Connect
Academic Pricing from Microsoft-
Many schools are not aware that they can receive academic discounts on Microsoft products, but the discounts are available. There are two ways to receive a discount: A) through a network of authorized education resellers, like CompUSA, or B) through the Microsoft Open Licensing Program. For specific examples of savings programs, contact Microsoft. Phone: Internet: National Education Goals Reports The National Education Goals Panel has released its 1997 summary on the national education goals for the 21st century. The Summary contains a few pages of information on each of the goals and their progress, with an in-depth look at mathematics and science progress. Also offered is a report on early childhood education. Both reports are free.

Roy Cooper Attorney general John J. Aldridge, III Assistant Attorney general NorthCarolina Department of Justice Law Enforcement Liaison Section Revised
This publication is only represented to be current as of the revision date on this cover page. Material in this publication may have been altered, added, or deleted since the revision date. Information contained in this publication should not be relied upon as legal advice in a particular scenario. This information is designed as a reference guide only.
Roy Cooper
Attorney General
John J. Aldridge, III
Assistant Attorney General
North Carolina Department of Justice
Law Enforcement Liaison Section
Revised January 2002 Publication Website:
    Federal Requirements ...
    Do's and Don'ts for Carrying Concealed Handguns (applicable to concealed handgun permittees only
  • 85. School Planning
    architects, engineers, and schools of education the state, the 1996 north CarolinaLegislature approved a dollars ($1,800,000,000) in general obligation bonds
    Our New Address
    effective August 1, 2002 our new mailing address will be:
    US POSTAL SERVICE ADDRESS: NC Department of Public Instruction
    School Planning
    6322 Mail Service Center
    RALEIGH, NC 27601
    Planning and Design for K-12 School Facilities in North Carolina. The School Planning Section of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction assists North Carolina school districts, architects and designers in the planning and design of high quality school facilities that enhance education and provide lasting value to the children and citizens of the state. Major areas of concentration consist of the following:
    Prototype School Design Clearinghouse

    School Facilities Information
    Planning Assistance Publications and Workshops ... The State Bond for Public School Facility Needs
    School Planning reviews plans for new schools, additions, and renovations. Design review helps to ensure that school facilities accommodate and facilitate educational programs. Comments made during review stress safety, longevity, durability, flexibility, economy, and efficiency of building construction systems. Comments take into account local program flexibility while providing accountability in regard to the State Boards of Education's North Carolina Public Schools Facilities Guidelines Usually, design review conferences are held at each design phase involving the designers, local unit facilities staff and the school planning staff of professional architects, engineers and educators. It is suggested that you schedule a meeting with the Office of the State Fire Marshall and then call School Planning at (919) 807-3554 to schedule a review on the same day.

    86. Consortium For Graduate Study In Management
    New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business; Universityof north carolina at Chapel Hill, The KenanFlagler Business School;
    an opportunity of a lifetime. . .for a lifetime. 4/10/2003
    Quick Jump Business School Sites -Alumni Pages- -News Pages- -University Sites- Consortium Student Liaisons School Representatives
    Business School Websites

    87. Library And Information Studies Programs
    at Chapel Hill, north carolinaGreensboro, north carolina Central, north Texas, Oklahoma Insending out placement credentials, schools vary as to whether

    88. Dianne W. Oyler--Links
    general/WORLD HISTORY Art Museums, Art provides an excellent insight into the cultureof different times and Public schools of north CarolinaInfoWeb The
    College of Arts and Sciences

    Department of Government and History
    DIANNE W. OYLER, Ph.D. Teaching Advising and Service Research Background ... Home RESEARCH AND CITATION
    General/World History

    African History

    Education and


    This page provides links to web sites I have found useful in my teaching and research. It is decidedly a work in progress. Both FSU and the Department of Government and History have pages of links: There are several good sites for information on citing sources in historical research: Back to Contents
    GENERAL/WORLD HISTORY Art Museums Art provides an excellent insight into the culture of different times and places. Indeed, it

    89. North Carolina
    Protection Section Office of Attorney general Raney Bldg NC 275315000 Law SchoolsCampbell University 7006 FAX 919-613-7231 north carolina Central University
    North Carolina
    Better Business Bureaus The BBB of Asheville/Western North Carolina, Inc. Asheville, NC 28801-3418 Phone: 704-253-2392 FAX: 704-252-5039 BBB of the South Piedmont, Inc. 5200 Park Rd., Ste. 202 Charlotte, NC 28209-3650 Phone: 704-527-0012 FAX: 704-525-7624 BBB of Central North Carolina, Inc. 3608 West Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27410-4895 Phone: 910-852-4240 FAX: 910-852-7540 BBB of Eastern North Carolina, Inc. 3125 Poplarwood Court, Ste. 308 Raleigh, NC 27604-1080 Phone: 919-872-9240 FAX: 919-0954-0622 BBB Serving Catawba and Lincoln Counties P.O. Box 69 Sherills Ford, NC 28673-0069 Phone: 704-478-5622 FAX: 704-478-5462 The BBB of NW North Carolina, Inc. 500 West 5th St., Ste. 202 Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2728 Phone: 910-725-8348 FAX: 910-777-3727 Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Section Office of Attorney General Raney Bldg. P.O. Box 629 Raleigh, NC 27602 Phone: 919-733-7741 FAX: 919-715-0577 Aging Division of Aging Dept. of Human Resources Caller Box No. 29531 693 Palmer Dr.

    90. North Carolina Codes And Regulations
    SECTION 112 DESIGN CRITERIA AND POLICIES 112.1 general b. It is the objective ofthe State of north carolina to construct buildings that are aesthetically
    HOME SUSTAINABLE LANDS SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS INTRODUCTION ... State Energy Code North Carolina Public Schools Other Codes and Manuals State Construction Manual
    The North Carolina State Construction Manual was first published in 1989, and later revised in 1993 and 1995. A revised edition is currently in progress. The regulations and policies presented and referenced in the State Construction Manual apply to the construction, renovation or alteration of all physical properties owned by the State of North Carolina through the various state institutions, departments or agencies subject to provisions of the Executive Budget Act, including land and improvements, but excluding public highways, bridges and railroads. Life cycle costing and balancing of construction with sensitivity to the natural environment are not new to the State Construction Plan, as demonstrated in the following key quotation: SECTION 112 DESIGN CRITERIA AND POLICIES
    112.1 GENERAL

    91. The 16 Campuses Of The University Of North Carolina
    The 16 Campuses of The University of north carolina Visit the campus web site by clicking on the highway sign or location marker on the map. Textonly browsers should use our list of direct links
    The 16 Campuses of The University of North Carolina Visit the campus web site by clicking on the highway sign or location marker on the map. Text-only browsers should use our list of direct links

    92. NC Office Of Charter Schools
    Agency Web Sites. Education Directory. NC schools Listing. Please Note. TheNorth carolina Office of Charter schools has been moved to a new location.
    Curriculum Publication Sales Education Initiatives Agency Web Sites ... NC Schools Listing Please Note The North Carolina Office of Charter Schools has been moved to a new location. Please change your bookmark to
    You will be redirected to the new page in five seconds. Search Contact Us Mike Ward , State Superintendent
    Phil Kirk, Chair
    State Bd of Ed
    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
    301 N. Wilmington St.
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Phone: 919-807-3300 Driving Directions

    93. All Kinds Of Minds > Schools Attuned > State-funded Programs
    Click here if you have a question about schools Attuned outside of NorthCarolina. Already a member? general Information. Name, Email,
    Home About All Kinds of Minds Schools Attuned The Program ... Giving Opportunities North Carolina Schools Attuned Contact Form We have filled our slots for the 2002-2003 school year. As additional funding is secured, additional trainings will be established for the 2003-2004 school year. If you are interested in receiving information about North Carolina Schools Attuned, please complete the form below to receive information when it becomes available. Thank you for your interest in the North Carolina Schools Attuned state initiative!
    Click here if you have a question about Schools Attuned outside of North Carolina.
    Already a member? If you have an account with All Kinds of Minds, you can log in and have the information below automatically filled in for you. General Information Name E-mail Occupation Choose One Teacher Principal Special Educator Psychologist Parent Other Home Address City State Please Select a State Alabama Alaska American Samoa Arizona Arkansas Armed Forces Europe Armed Forces Pacific Armed Forces the Americas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Federated States of Micronesia Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Marshall Islands Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Northern Mariana Islands Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands, U.S.

    94. North Carolina Marketplace
    Click to visit the NETSTATE north carolina Bookstore! Click to get your northcarolina School Report Cover, School Report Cover from NETSTATE.COM.






    Your source for books and video about North Carolina state symbols, history, North Carolina people, cookbooks, and travel. Brooks Brothers
    Make and deal only in merchandise of the finest quality. Sounds of hammering, smell of metal, sights of the unexpected and the unusual are found at Black Mountain Iron Works. School Report Cover from NETSTATE.COM. Download this full-color report cover spotlighting some of North Carolina's official state symbols. Advertise your web site on NETSTATE. Contact us now. Advertise your web site on NETSTATE. Contact us now. HOME INTRO SYMBOLS ALMANAC ... BOOK STORE MARKETPLACE NETSTATE.STORE NETSTATE.MALL GUESTBOOK WEBMASTER ... PRIVACY STATEMENT Site designed exclusively for NETSTATE.COM by NSTATE NETSTATE.COM is a Trademark of NSTATE, LLC. Support NETSTATE Top

    95. Rebecca O. Hoyle - Biography Of A General Music Mentor
    to teach 850 K5 students general music and She traveled extensively across NorthCarolina and nationally during Hoyle taught in Vance County schools, grades 6
    Rebecca Hoyle is a K-5 music teacher at Southwest Elementary School in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Although she retired from teaching in May, 2001, she returned to the classroom in October, 2001 and continues to teach 850 K-5 students general music and chorus weekly. Previously, Ms. Hoyle served as North Carolina's 1998-99 Teacher of the Year and as a recruiter for the NC Department of Public Instruction during the 1999-2000 school year. She traveled extensively across North Carolina and nationally during her tenure as NC TOY making guest appearances and serving on boards and committees. Rebecca is a 30 year veteran of the teaching profession and has taught in Onslow County, NC for 22 years. Before moving to Onslow County, Ms. Hoyle taught in Vance County Schools, grades 6-12; at Ravenscroft Lower School in Raleigh, grade K-6; and in McDowell County Schools, grades 7-12. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from East Carolina University. In describing Ms. Hoyle, her former principal, Kay Glover, said, "her professional knowledge of the cultural arts program, her initiative, her creativity and her dynamic personality have made her one of the most notable educators in Onslow County. As a professional she rejoices in diversity, and embraces the community as a valuable resource for educating students and underscores the importance of broadcasting the good news about education in North Carolina." A native North Carolinian, Ms. Hoyle was born in Henderson. She has two children: Cathy who is married and a pharmacist in Greensboro and Robert, who is a dentist in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    96. Colleges, Schools, And Universities (RTPnet)
    This Web page provides links to colleges, schools, and universities in the NorthCarolina Community College System; UNC general Administration (UNCGA).
    About RTPnet Why Join Members Site Map ... Contact About the Triangle Area Geographic Communities
    Organizations and Clubs

    Discussion Forums

    Centers for Technology
    Sports Weather
    Services /Resources Arts /Entertainment /Recreation
    Business /Yellow Pages /Jobs

    Computers /Internet

    Education /Libraries
    About Today
    Colleges, Schools, and Universities
    This Web page provides links to colleges, schools, and universities in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill. If you find information in RTPnet's Website useful, please consider

    97. Design Internet Resources
    On this page general Design Resources Graphic Design Industrial Design Museums Organizations schools general Design Resources University of Michigan
    Media Union Library
    University of Michigan
    2281 Bonisteel Boulevard Internet Resources
    University of Michigan: Media Union Library
    Tel: 734-647-5735 // Fax: 734-764-4487
    Reference Staff On this page General Design Resources Graphic Design Industrial Design Museums ... Schools General Design Resources
    • Icon20 Portal for the Decorative Arts
      An extensive resource for 20th century design, with a searchable database of objects, museums, bibliography, dealers, events, encyclopedia, and more links. International Directory of Design
      This is a multidisciplinary, multinational, and multilingual directory dedicated to the diversity of design education. It covers over 2,500 programs in more than 200 countries. Included are educational institutions, organizations, conferences, journals, magazines, guides, and directories. Design Library
      Provides links to industrial, interaction, graphic, and environmental design, as well as schools and organizations.
    Return to Top Graphic Design

    98. Legislative Reports Page - Search For A Report
    Report on Education Legislation 2001 Session of the general Assembly; Report onEducation Legislation (2000 Session) (553kb pdf file, Acrobat Reader required
    About the NC SBE SBE Meeting Information SBE Policy Manual Advisory Councils, ... HOME
    Keep up to date with these timely reports of legislative actions that affect education.
    View a list of Legislative Reports with the following keyword KeyWords
    View the Legislative Report for this date (mm/dd/yy)
    State Resources: Federal Resources:

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