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         North Dakota Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. A handbook on legal and administrative regulations and interpretations concerning the State Board of Higher Education and the state institutions of higher learning by Lloyd H Nygaard, 1957

1. North Dakota State Education Laws
State Laws and regulations north dakota Home education Magazine Unschooling.comState Information Files - Laws and regulations *****.
State Laws and Regulations North Dakota
Home Education Magazine

State Information Files - Laws and Regulations Support groups can offer additional help in dealing with your state laws and regulations. A listing of homeschooling support groups, organizations, listservs, websites and helpful individuals can be found in our Support Groups area. For unschooling support groups visit Unschooling Support Groups
Please Note: This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for informational purposes only. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact a state or local support group. North Dakota Legislative Branch
North Dakota Education Code For Homeschooling This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for information purposes only.30 days prior to the start of the public school semester, you must file an annual statement of intent with your local school superintendent. There is a specific statement of intent form to be submitted, available from the local school, the Department of Public Instruction, or the NDHSA. This statement should include your home school parents' and children's names and addresses, each child's birth date and grade level, proof of identity and immunizations, a list of any public school courses for extra curricular activities that you plan on having your children attend, and an oath or affirmation that you will comply with all provisions of the North Dakota law regulating home-based instruction. The form must be notarized before submission.

2. Distance Education Demonstration Program - North Dakota University System
north dakota, Cities, Counties, and Public Records north dakota. Household Demolition and Disposal. Human Rights. Human Services, Department of. Hunting. Hunting Licenses. Hunter education Search. Immunization. Industry regulations
Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside Distance Education Demonstration Program Distance Education Demonstration Program Home Program Information Reports, Regulations, Guidance Program Team ... Other Resource Links Find It Here Search OPE OPE Topics A-Z OPE Site Map ED Home Page ... Participating Institutions
Office of Postsecondary Education - Programs
Distance Education Demonstration Program
Program Information - Participating Institutions North Dakota University System Bismarck State College Dickinson State University Mayville State University Minot State University Minot State University - Bottineau North Dakota State College of Science North Dakota State University University of North Dakota - Lake Region University of North Dakota - Williston University of North Dakota Valley City State University ^ top ^ Distance Education Demonstration Program
1990 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006-8544
Telephone: (202) 502-7500
Fax: (202) 502-7877

3. Home Page For Game And Fish Department, North Dakota
State guide to hunting and fishing policies, instant licensing, and seasonal news.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting regulations United States...... Licenses and regulations General Information Watchable Wildlife Public Inquiryeducation and Outreach Boating in north dakota Publications and

Online Lottery Applications
Instant Licensing on the Web Report a Violation
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
100 N. Bismarck Expressway Bismarck, ND 58501-5095
- E-mail Important News
2003 Fishing, Furbearer Licenses Needed April 1

Nonresident Any-Deer Bow Tags Sold Out

Dog Health Certificate Rule Rescinded

Light Goose Update Available On Line
National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Events
At the North Dakota Game and Fish Department we pride ourselves in maintaining some of the most varied hunting and fishing in the nation. For anglers, North Dakota has hundreds of places to fish for walleye, northern pike, bass, perch, trout, and bluegill. Lake Sakakawea is nationally recognized for its Chinook salmon and walleye fishing. Devils Lake's large-sized yellow perch draw anglers from spring through the winter ice-fishing season. The Red River is famous for its trophy-sized catfish. For hunters, North Dakota is the ultimate for duck and goose hunting, which comes as no surprise because we lead the nation in annual duck production. Ring-necked pheasant and sharp-tailed grouse give our upland game hunters plenty of opportunity from early fall through the winter. Deer hunters look forward to next year's season all year long. From just about anywhere in the state, hunters and anglers can find a multitude of hunting and fishing choices. Whether it be a morning of duck hunting followed by a late season fishing trip for Lake Sakakawea salmon, to a day of sharp-tailed grouse hunting followed by an early evening bow hunt for white-tailed deer, we think you will agree that we provide variety in hunting and fishing.

4. Game And Fish Department, North Dakota | Education And Outreach
relations, encourage knowledge of laws and regulations, and learn about wildliferesources. History Optional hunter education began in north dakota in the 1970s

Project WILD/Aquatics, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites
Boat Education Hunter Education Course Becoming an Outdoors-Woman
Education and Outreach
Hunter Education Program
Course Mission
To improve hunter ethics, teach hunting safety, promote landowner-hunter relations, encourage knowledge of laws and regulations, and learn about wildlife resources. History
Optional hunter education began in North Dakota in the 1970s. In 1979 hunter education became mandatory through legislative process and required that all people born after 1961 complete a certified course in order to purchase a hunting license. Since then 130,000 persons have been certified. The program is funded on a seventy-five/twenty-five percent split between the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Course Content
The minimum 14-hour course includes lectures, demonstrations, discussion, videos, guest speakers, and explores a wide range of firearms and their safe use and the ethics required to be a modern hunter. Who Can Take Course?

5. WELCOME : North Dakota Board Of Nursing
Review licensure requirements, find a list of approved continuing education courses, and download application forms. Board rules and regulations, Board positions statements, education Verification Address Changes. Forms FAQ Links Contact Search. copyright ©2002 north dakota
Constance B. Kalanek, PhD, RN

Greetings, and welcome to the North Dakota Board of Nursing Web Page!
In addition to the Board meetings, newsletter, and other Board publications, the Web Page is another way for the Board to keep consumers and licensees apprised of changes to the Nurse Practices Act and Board rules and regulations, Board positions statements, regulatory issues and activities of the Board. New material will be added periodically and we welcome your input on the usefulness of the information as well as your ideas for improving the web page.
The Board continues to strive to proactively regulate the practice of nursing by providing timely information that gives registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse assistants and medication assistants the knowledge they need to remain compliant with the laws and rules. Again, welcome, and let us know what you think!
Publications Licensure
Nurse Assistant
... Search
designed and programmed by inet technologies

ND Administrative Rules regulations The administrative rules as 4312.1, north DakotaNurse Practices Act. 54-03.1, Requirements for Nursing education Repealed

7. US State Laws - North Dakota
in the state of north dakota, includign the short titles of the citations. Theseprovisions are found in state code, Department of education regulations, etc.
State Laws and Regulations
Governing School Bus
Safety in North Dakota
The following is a compilation of the statutes, rules and regulations governing the school transportation program in the state of North Dakota, includign the short titles of the citations. These provisions are found in state code, Department of Education regulations, etc. For additional information call the state director of school transportation at 701/224-2267.
39-21-18 Audible and visual signal on vehicles. 39-21-27 Special lighting and warning equipment on school buses. 39-21-27.1 Schoolbus standards - Equipment and color regulations. 39-10-43 Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings. 39-10-46 Overtaking and passing schoolbus.
Chapter 15-34.2, Transportation of Students
15-34-8.01. Vehicular transportation or lodging may be furnished at option of school board.

8. North Dakota Board Of Dental Examiners
Agency outlines license requirements for dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants, provides a schedule of examination dates, and offers downloadable application forms. your continuing education balances, and license verification requests. Here you will find north dakota State Board renewal information, rules and regulations as well as other
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APT, Inc.

Last Updated on 11/01/2002

9. Adult Education Administrator's Program Guide
Century School Code, Section 1521-04.2 north dakota Century School education StateAdministered Basic Grant programs US Department of education regulations.
Programs and Services 21st Century Community
Learning Centers

Adult Education and Literacy

Character Education
Title I - Compensatory Education
North Dakota Adult Learning Center
Administrator's Program Guide
G. David Massey, Assistant State Superintendent
Adult Education and Literacy
Phone: (701) 328-2393
Fax: (701) 328-4770
E-mail: General Provisions
Fiscal Matters Additional Information for ABSE Programs Professional Development Introduction No matter how hard we try to simplify the administrative procedures, rules and regulations, the procedures change, and so must the manuals. To aid local programs in keeping abreast of these new procedures and changes to old ones, this guide has been prepared. It is our intent to use this guide to:
  • Keep all programs current on existing rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • 10. Quality Counts: North Dakota Data
    schools w/ decisionmaking body that includes teachers, 51, 25, 18. Minnesota,north dakota, South dakota. State grants waivers of education regulations, yes, yes,yes.
    North Dakota Data
    This table shows North Dakota's scores, along with those of some of its neighboring states, in our five major areas.
  • Student Achievement
  • School Climate
  • Resources
  • Quality of Teaching North Dakota Student Achievement Data For more information about these measures, see our Student Achievement page. N/A = State did not participate in NAEP testing. = Information not available. Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota 4th graders proficient or advanced in reading, 1994 N/A 8th graders proficient or advanced in math, 1992 N/A 4th graders reading at basic, NAEP 1994 N/A 4th graders reading below basic, NAEP 1994 N/A 8th graders in math at basic, NAEP 1992 N/A 8th graders in math below basic, NAEP 1992 N/A Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota 4th graders in math at proficient or advanced, NAEP 1992 N/A 4th graders in math at basic, NAEP 1992 N/A 4th graders in math below basic, NAEP 1992 N/A State-funded preschool for disadvantaged, 1995 yes no no Public high schools with AP courses, 1996 8th graders taking algebra, 1992 Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Students taking upper-level math, 1994
  • 11. North Dakota Data - Quality Counts '99
    north dakota. SCORE, 83. GRADE, B. CLASS SIZE (35% of grade). (1998), n/a.State grants waivers of education regulations (1998), yes. SCHOOL SIZE (Ungraded).
    North Dakota Data This page shows North Dakota's scores in five major areas: Student Achievement
    Standards, Assessments, and Accountability

    Teacher Quality

    School Climate
    To compare data from one or more states, go to State Data Comparisons All Students Achieving at High Levels
    For more information about these measures, see our 50-state Student Achievement data table.
    indicates state does not participate in national assessment, survey, or data collection.
    indicates a statistically significant improvement since 1992 in the 4th grade and since 1990 in the 8th grade.
    All figures are in percents
    NOTE: "Algebra class" refers to an algebra or integrated-mathematics course. North Dakota MATH 4th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "below basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 8th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam

    12. Boating Regulations By State
    an approved boating safety education course (proof Home study is accepted northCarolina boating regulations. north dakota, north dakota residents age 12 to
    Boating Courses Boating Tips Boating Contest Safety Links ... Contact Us Boating Regulations by State
    Boating Education Requirements
    Laws Boating Education Regulations Reciprocity
    accepts boating safety certificates from other states and/or NASBLA-approved courses. Alabama Minimum age to operate 12. Boating license required - proctored exam required to obtain license. Non-residents may operate up to 45 days without a license. Alaska No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arizona No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arkansas No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A California No mandatory boating education laws. Minimum age to operate is 16. California boating information. Yes Colorado Colorado residents - age 14-15 - who operate PWCs required to complete boating safety course. Home study is not accepted for this age group. Yes Connecticut All operators of vessels registered in, or who own property in, CT must successfully complete an approved boating course or pass the CT challenge exam. PWC operators must take proctored, state-approved PWC classroom course regardless of residency. Other vessel operators may take the CT challenge exam. No Delaware Delaware residents born after 1/1/78 must complete an 8 hour boating course.

    13. North Dakota Department Of Health - Publications
    north dakota School Health education Profile 1998 (pdf). Radiological HealthRules of the State of north dakota. Air Pollution Control regulations.
    Home Some documents (pdf) on this page require the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed.
    Legislator's Guide to the Health Department - Department Overview Health Department Testimony - 58th Legislative Assembly ND Dept. of Health Biennial Report - July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2001 (pdf 700Kb) ND Dept. of Health Biennial Report - July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1999 (pdf 2.3 Mb) ...
    North Dakota Administrative Code

    (State Department of Health - Title 33) North Dakota Century Code
    (Health and Safety - Chapter 23)
    The following presentations are in Powerpoint 97 format. If you need to use these presentations in Powerpoint 4.0, click here to download the Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Converter for PowerPoint 4.0 or click here if you are using PowerPoint 95 Suicide ND Adolescent Suicide Prevention Project Suicide Common Errors During a Suicide Intervention Suicide Peer Gatekeeper Training, Suicide Prevention ... Emergency Health Services Training Presentations
    Medical Services
    Disease Control Publications Health Care Provider Examiner Newsletter
    February 2001 Volume 3 No. 1 (pdf 2.5Mb)

    14. Contact Information - North Dakota Dept. Of Health
    Case Reporting; Management; education. Permits Gary Bracht north dakota PollutantDischarge Wastewater Releases, Stormwater regulations, Feedlot Inspections
    Organizational Chart Click boxes for contact information or search the more detailed information farther down on this page. If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, click here . Click here for a broader overview of the department functions and staff. State Health Officer
    North Dakota Department of Health
    600 East Boulevard Avenue
    Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
    Phone: 701.328.2372
    Fax: 701.328.4727
    State Health Officer Terry Dwelle M.D. 701.328.2372
    • Administration/policy of Department Legislative Assembly, Actions of Media/communications
    Administrative Assistant 701.328.2372
    • Londa Rodahl
      • Cemeteries (registration of and perpetual care) Environmental Health Practitioner licensure State Health Council
      Deputy State Health Officer
      North Dakota Department of Health
      600 East Boulevard Avenue
      Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
      Phone: 701.328.2392
      Fax: 701.328.4727
      Deputy State Health Officer - Arvy Smith
      Administrative Support Section
      600 East Boulevard Avenue
      Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
      Phone: 701.328.2392
      Fax: 701.328.4727
      • Accounting 701.328.2392 fax: 701.328.4727

    15. Governance Legislation And Regulations - Council On Law In Higher Education Law
    State Commissions of Higher education Alabama; Nevada; New Hampshire; NewJersey; New Mexico; New York; north Carolina; north dakota; Ohio; Oklahoma;
    Landmark Cases Related Organizations Regional Accrediting Organizations Specialized Accrediting Organizations National Accrediting Organizations

    16. $47.2 Million For North Dakota Students
    the highlights of the grant award programs for north dakota agencies to implementpromising education reform programs. from many of the regulations that apply
    Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside OPA OPA Home Press Releases Speeches Radio Broadcast News ... ED Budget Bush Administration Invests $16 Billion Nationwide
    $47.2 Million for North Dakota Students
    November 14, 2001 Contact: : Jim Bradshaw
    "Schools across America are working to meet President Bush's call to leave no child behind," Secretary Paige said. "Educating America's students is primarily a state and local issue, but the department is working to support the needs of North Dakota's disadvantaged students without unnecessary federal red tape." Following are among the highlights of the grant award programs for North Dakota:
    • Title I grants, the largest federal education activity for pre-K through grade 12, helps districts close the achievement gap between high- and low-poverty schools by targeting resources based on the number of children in poverty. Even Start, a Title I component, supports local family literacy projects that integrate early childhood education, adult literacy or basic education, as well as parenting education for families. $17.3 million.

    17. Fiscal White Paper -- North Dakota State University -- March 2000
    as a communication tool for the north dakota State University federal and state lawsand regulations as well as State Board of Higher education and University
    Fiscal White Paper
    Executive Summary
    Committee Acknowledgements References This comprehensive fiscal "white paper" has been prepared as a communication tool for the North Dakota State University community and our external constituencies. Our intent is to provide people associated with or interested in the fiscal operations of the University a better understanding of our sources of revenue, budget processes, and expenditures. The report also includes information on business practices that assure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations as well as State Board of Higher Education and University policies and procedures. North Dakota had been a state somewhat less than a year when Governor John Miller signed a bill on March 8, 1890, designating a square mile of land adjoining Fargo as the site of the new campus and demonstration farm under the name North Dakota Agricultural College (name changed to North Dakota State University by initiated measure in 1960). A commitment to the federal government was honored by establishing a college of agriculture and mechanical arts under the Morrill Act of 1862. NDSU is a publicly-supported comprehensive land-grant institution and fulfills its mission by providing instruction, research and public service. North Dakota State University is one of eleven institutions that comprise the North Dakota University System. NDSU funding consists of 15 separate budgets, including Academic/Administrative, NDSU Extension Service, the ND Agricultural Experiment Station (also includes the Main Research Center, seven Research Extension Centers and the Agronomy Seed Farm), Northern Crops Institute, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, and the North Dakota Forest Service.

    18. North Dakota Society Of CPAs
    The IRS's Taxpayer education and Communication Division is of the four arenas in NorthDakota's Red River there are no treasury regulations addressing skyboxes
    Federal Taxation
    IRS Resumes K-1 Matching Program
    IRS Releases Final Circular 230 Regulation Amendments
    TEC Seeking Volunteers IRS - Treasury Department, Fargo...Re: Arena suites ... y
    IRS Resumes K-1 Matching Program
    T he IRS has announced that it is resuming its program to match information on individual tax returns withinformation reported on Schedules K-1. The IRS also included in its notice tips your members may find helpful about how to complete Schedule K-1. Click the link below for the IRS notice with tips on improving tax reporting on returns.,,id=107981,00.html

    Back to top
    IRS Releases Final Circular 230 Regulation Amendments
    (Tax-Shelter Related Amendments to be Issued Later)
    The IRS has published final regulations regarding amendments to Circular 230 involving non-tax shelter related practice before the IRS. The IRS is expected to re-propose (over the next few months) amendments to Circular 230 involving tax shelter related practice matters. Circular 230 governs the right of CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents, and enrolled actuaries to practice before the IRS.

    19. Laws And Regulations For The U.S. And Canada: North Dakota
    Massage Magazine. Laws and regulations for the US and Canada Back. north DAKOTANumber of credentialed practitioners in this state 525. Required education/.
    Laws and Regulations for the U.S. and Canada
    STATES: Alabama Maryland Ohio Washington D.C ... South Carolina PROVINCES: Florida New Hampshire Tennessee British Columbia ... Washington NORTH DAKOTA
    Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 575 Phone/Web Site web site Title/Type of Credential Certified Massage Therapist/ License Required Education/ Written or Practical Exam 750 hours Both written and practical exams NCETMB* Used No Renewal Fee $50/year *National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork- visit NCBTMB SpaMassage Alliance World of Massage Museum Site Menu ... Products
    Articles: Research News Self-care Reader Expressions ... Contact Us I Resources
    Spa Professional
    Featured Advertisers Advertise in Massage Magazine ... Contribute

    20. MEA - Minot Education Association
    Mann Insurance Company IDEA regulations Kids Pick for education Statistics Nationaleducation Association National NEA Member Benefits north dakota Center for
    Web Site Links

    Academic Innovations

    American Association of School Administrators
    Education World
    -Where Educators Go to Learn
    ERIC Digests

    History Site
    (developed by Larry Larsen, Williston)
    Horace Mann Insurance Company

    IDEA Regulations

    Kids Pick the Best of the Web
    Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory ... Back to M.E.A. Home

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