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         North Dakota Teacher Certification:     more detail
  1. Teacher preparation in physical education at the University of Manitoba and the University of North Dakota: A study of the use of course content and curriculum ... procedures in Manitoba and North Dakota by Margaret Anne Burch, 1969

1. Teacher Education Resources
applicants. north dakota teacher certification information on thecertification process for the state of North Dakota. Minnesota
Education Job Resources

2. Phil's Place - Teacher Certification Links
What happened today in history, Click Here. teacher certification. Thinking about moving? certification in north Carolina. certification in north dakota. certification in Ohio

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New Popular Random ... Click on E-mail to send me some E-mail. Teacher Certification Thinking about moving? Check out the Tourism Page
Certification in Pennsylvania

Teaching and Learning web site

north dakota educator's code of ethics and rules, standards, and procedures pertaining to certification, teacher
ARTICLE 67.1-01 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Chapter 67.1-01-01 Organization of Board Section 67. 1-01-01-01 Organization of the Education Standards and Practices Board History. The education standards and practices board was established by legislation in 1993. The board came into existence effective January I, 1995, and assumed its duties on July 1, 1995. The board has its origins in the teacher professional practices commission Which served in an advisory capacity to the superintendent of public instruction for teacher certification, teacher preparation program approval, and professional development. Meetings. The education standards and practices shall hold a minimum of four meetings annually. The year, for purposes of the board, begins July first and ends the last day of June during the ensuing calendar year. The meetings shall be scheduled by the membership at large, or at the call of the chairperson, or may be held upon the request in writing by a majority of the board members. The meetings may be held only after ten days prior to notice. A majority of the members constitutes a quorum that will have the authority to act upon any items of business properly placed before the board. Members should notify the secretary if unable to attend. Officers. The officers are a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary, who will be the board executive director. The officers will be elected for one-year terms at the reorganization meeting, which will be the first meeting called following July first of each year.

4. American Association For Employment In Education - U.S. State Teacher Certificat
Licensure Section 301 north Wilmington Street Raleigh 276012825, 919-733-4125 Stateof north Carolina teacher certification north dakota Department of Public
Quick Link About AAEE Contact Us Give us your feedback Education Candidates College Career Centers School Districts Educational Organizations Become a Member For Members Only
This article is taken from The Job Search Handbook for Educators. Each year, more than 135,000 teacher candidates use this book to help organize their job searches. This is just one of many featured articles which are researched and written by AAEE members. If you would like more information on ordering this handbook, c lick here The Job Search Handbook for Educators A teaching certification is valid only in the state for which it is issued, and certification and testing requirements are never static. If you are planning to move to another state, you should contact that state's certification office, as listed below. The number code following each entry indicates the types of testing which the state required at the time this information was published in the 1999 Job Search Hanbook. The key to the codes follows the state listing.
When you write or call the state certification office, indicate the type of certificate you are receiving from your current state, which national tests you have taken, and ask for application materials and procedures for obtaining certification in the new state. Another source of information about certification requirements will be the actual districts to which you apply.

5. North Dakota Budget And Finance Forms
Go to, the official site for north dakota State Government ApplicationFor Vocational and Technical Education teacher certification (SFN 5415).
Adobe Forms Acrobat Adobe 4.0 is needed to download these forms Rich Text Forms Can be opened into your word processing software. Adult Education Program Plan Annual Plan/Reimbursement (SFN 16933) Course Description/Instructor Qualifications (SFN 16934) Adult Education Program Plan Annual Plan/Reimbursement (SFN 16933) Course Description/Instructor Qualifications (SFN 16934) Application For Vocational and Technical Education Teacher Certification (SFN 5415) ... Renewal Application For Vocational and Technical Education Teacher Certification (SFN 51688) Cooperative Agreements - Procedure Guide Interactive TV (SFN 7287) Sharing Instructors (SFN 50279) Transporting Students (SFN 50280) Cooperative Agreements - Procedure Guide Interactive TV (SFN 7287) Sharing Instructors (SFN 50279) Transporting Students (SFN 50280) Director's Awards of Excellence - Criteria Guidelines/Application Past Recipients Equipment and Instructional Aids (SFN 15263) Equipment and Instructional Aids (SFN 15263) ... Instructions Questions, comments, or suggestions on this page?

6. Job Service North Dakota
1. Secondary Summer School teacher. High School. Application Deadline March 17, 2003. Applicants must meet certification requirements of north dakota and NCA.

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7. National Council On Teacher Quality - North Dakota
well qualified persons to become principals without needing teacher certification. alsohopes to create an alternative certification program. north dakota's Gov
News, analysis, and research by topic... TEACHER PREPARATION AND CERTIFICATION Alternative certification Unconventional recruiting Reform of teacher education Subject-matter knowledge Pedagogy Teacher testing SCHOOL STAFFING Principal autonomy Teacher career ladders Tenure Seniority and union issues TEACHER PAY Teacher salaries Pay-for-performance and merit pay Higher pay for math, science and other shortage fields Higher pay for hard-to-staff urban or rural schools EVALUATING AND IMPROVING TEACHER PERFORMANCE Value-added analysis Peer review Tools for evaluators Mentoring Professional development National board certification (NBPTS) ACCOUNTABILITY Holding schools accountable Holding teachers accountable
Most Significant Reforms
  • North Dakota requires secondary teachers to have a content major in their subject . Both secondary and elementary teachers must fulfill distribution requirements in general education, math and science.
Recent Developments

8. Education World® : Education Employment Center : State Certification Requiremen
north dakota Department of Public Instruction. OHIO. Address Division of teacher Education and certification. Ohio

Education Employment Center
Submit Job Join Mailing List State Certification ... Education Employment Center State Certification Requirements S T A T E C E R T I F I C A T I O N R E Q U I R E M E N T S




ALABAMA Address:

State Department of Education
Teacher Certification Section
Gordon Persons Building P.O. Box 302101 Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 205 242-9977 Fax: (334) 242-0498 Websites: Alabama Certification Office Alabama State Department of Education ALASKA Address: Teacher Certification Administrative Services 801 West 10th St., Suite 200 Juneau AK 99801-1894 (907) 465-2831 Fax: (907) 465-2441 Websites: Alaska Certification Office Alaska Department of Education ARIZONA Address: Dept. of Education Teacher Certification Unit 1535 W. Jefferson Phoenix AZ 85007 (602) 542-4367 Fax: (602) 542-1141 Websites: Teacher Certification Unit Arizona State Teacher VTE Degree Certification Requirements Arizona Department of Education ARKANSAS Address: Dept. of Education Teacher Education and Licensure 4 Capitol Mall Little Rock AR 72201-1071 Websites: Arkansas Teacher Licensure Arkansas Department of Education CALIFORNIA Address: Commission on Teaching Credentialing 1812 9th St.

9. North Dakota Education Association | Teaching And Learning
north dakota teachers will for the first time have a if they become a national boardcertified teacher. onehalf of the assessment fee for NBPTS certification.

Teacher of Year Program General Guidelines and Instructions:
The classroom teacher is the backbone of the American educational system. No one person has a greater impact on the education of a child than does the teacher who creates the primary learning and instructional environment. It is the mission of the State and National Teacher of the Year Programs to recognize and honor the contributions of classroom teachers. NDEA, in conjunction with the Council of Chief State School Officers and Scholastic, Inc. is a sponsor of the State and National Teacher of the Year Programs. The program is the oldest and most prestigious honors program to focus public attention on excellence in teaching. Nomination:
Nominations for North Dakota Teacher of the Year must come from a teacher, school administrator, school district trustee, local education association, student or parent. Individual North Dakota schools may nominate a candidate, which means systems with more than one school may nominate more than one candidate. Administrators, county superintendents or their designees, and local association presidents will receive nomination forms in the mail in early March. Nominations are due by the end of April of each year.

10. Teacher Universe Instructional Tools State Certification Requirements
certification Tests. Recertification Requirements. Substitute teacher Requirements. north dakota Education Standards

11. State Regulation Of Private Schools - North Dakota
Superintendent and State Superintendent is mandatory in north dakota to comply Stateapproval requires 1) teacher certification; 2) curriculum offerings in
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
North Dakota
Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: State v. Anderson , 427 NW 2d 316, cert. denied , 488 U.S. 965 (1988). Recordkeeping/Reports: Length of School Year/Day: Teacher Licenses: Curriculum: Special Education: Health: Safety: Transportation: Home Schooling: A parent is qualified to supervise a program of home education is the parent is licensed to teach in North Dakota; has a baccalaureate degree; or has met or exceeded the cutoff score of the national teacher exam given in North Dakota. A parent who has a high school diploma or GED certificate is qualified to supervise home education but must be monitored by a licensed teacher during the first two years the parent supervises home education or until the child being instructed completes the third grade, whichever is later. If the child being instructed receives a composite standardized achievement test score below the 50 th Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: Miscellaneous: Updated January 2000 [North Carolina] [Ohio]

12. Bismarck Tribune - Your Online Gateway Into North Dakota
Bismarck teacher earns national certification. MARK HANSON, Bismarck Tribune was one of three north dakota teachers who earned National Board certification for the 19992000 school
The Official Online Gateway into North Dakota. Surf. Visit. Find. Play.
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Community Election 2000: The Buzz Calendar N.D. WebCams ... In Education Business Coupon Source Business Directory City Guide Tribune Rate Card Features Lewis and Clark History Center Tribune History Outdoor Journal ... Entertainment Resources Website Index Advertiser Index Comment on this story Wednesday, December 6, 2000
Bismarck teacher earns national certification
MARK HANSON , Bismarck Tribune Her paycheck won't be any bigger, but Bismarck High School teacher Jennifer Montgomery has earned what's considered the highest teaching credential she can achieve. "For me, a great deal of incentive was the challenge for personal and professional satisfaction," she said. "It was a real big motivator. I always want to be learning and I always want to be adding expertise and knowledge." Montgomery was one of three North Dakota teachers who earned National Board Certification for the 1999-2000 school year. The credential is awarded by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. North Dakota has just seven teachers with national certification. There are 9,498 nationwide. Montgomery, who teaches English and journalism, started the application process nearly a year ago. She had to put together a portfolio that included more than 100 pages of self-analysis and more than 50 pages of writings from students. She also had to videotape a couple of her classes.

13. Which States Offer Certification Or Endorsement In Bilingual Education Or ESL?
In addition to offering teacher certification in ESL, 23 states have legislative Bilingual/DualLanguage certification or Endorsement? north dakota, NO, YES.
Email your questions:
AskNCELA No. 9 Which states offer certification or endorsement in bilingual education or ESL?
updated March 2002
According to a 1999 survey of state education agencies(SEAS), 39 states and the District of Columbia offer English as a second language (ESL) teacher certification or endorsement, while 24 states and the District of Columbia offer bilingual/dual language teacher certification or endorsement. In addition to offering teacher certification in ESL, 23 states have legislative requirements that teachers placed in ESL classrooms must be certified in ESL. In addition to offering bilingual/dual language certification, 17 states have legislative requirements that teachers placed in bilingual/dual language classrooms must have bilingual/dual language certification. The table below provides a summary of ESL and bilingual/dual language offerings, and legislative requirements by state.

Distance Learning certification; Reciprocal Agreements. Employment of teacher SalaryTrends; teacher Salary Information north Carolina north dakota Ohio Oklahoma
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Troops to Teachers

Information Employment Search Mentor Connection
Troops to Teachers State Offices
TTT Access for District/School Administrators

Contact Information
  • Chief, Code 02
    Phone: (850) 452-1320, DSN: 922-1320
  • Troops to Teachers Assistant, Code 02A

15. HSLDA | Home School Laws
north dakota Legal Home Schooling Options 1 2. test, or 4) proof of meeting or exceedingthe cutoff score of the national teacher exam, teacher certification.

16. HSLDA | Home Schooling: Start Here.: Helpful Information
north dakota Home School Association PO Box 7400 Bismarck, ND 585077400 Phone exceedingthe cut-off score of the national teacher exam, teacher certification.

17. Montana & High Plains TTT - Certification Information
Manual north dakota north dakota Education Standards and Practices Board Southdakota - Office of Policy and Accountability Wyoming - teacher certification
Back to Home Page What's New Description Eligibility ... Register Certification Jobs Schools Links Teaching News
Licensure/Certification Licensure/Certification requirements vary from state to state. Additionally, some states offer alternative or provisional licensure. In general, it is best to complete a licensure program at one of the institutions in the state where you intend to teach. This typically reduces the bureaucratic overhead involved in getting the state teaching license you seek. Additionally, not all states offer clear reciprocity for licenses earned in other states, so additional requirements may need to be addressed when an individual chooses to teach in a state other than the one they were licensed in. Something else to consider when choosing a licensure/certification program is that each institution has their own requirements designed to address the state requirements. In other words, licensure programs may differ in length based on the school you wish to attend. Some steps to get you going include: 1. Start talking to institutions which offer certification programs

18. North Dakota CoMSTeP: A Program To Increase The Number Of Secondary Science And
Franklin Junior High, Oak Grove Lutheran, Fargo north High, Fargo and science teaching;Provide information about teaching and teacher certification programs;
CoMSTeP About NDSU-CoMSTeP NDSU CoMSTeP (COllaborative for Math and Science TEacher Preparation) is an NSF DUE-funded CETP (Institutional Focus) project (DUE 9876681). The project is focused on the improvement of preparation provided to preservice science and mathematics teachers and on recruiting increased numbers of students, including native Americans, to consider middle and high school teaching. Funding for the project was awarded in March 1999.
Project Goal:
To increase the number of secondary science and mathematics teachers graduating in our state, and especially at our institution, by changing the culture of undergraduate teacher preparation. This is a teacher recruitment project targeting undergraduate science and mathematics students who are not in teacher preparation career tracks.
Project Objectives:
  • Increase the number of math and science teachers graduated by NDSU, and native American math and science specialists from the tribal colleges–in particular, TMCC–and NDSU.
  • Improve the quality of preparation of science and math teachers, both in terms of content knowledge and pedagogical preparation.
  • Change instruction in undergraduate science and mathematics courses to reflect the sort of inquiry that we want teachers to have their own student practice in the middle and high school classroom after they complete our teacher education program.
  • 19. U. S. State Teacher Certification Offices
    3860, (603) 2712407 north dakota Departmentof Public Instruction Education Standards Practices Board 600 East
    U. S. State Teacher Certification Offices
    With Testing Requirements
    The numbers following the state names are codes for state certification testing requirements. Alabama


    United States Department of Defense Dependents Schools

    Department of Education
    Division of Instructional Service
    5108 Gordon Persons Building
    50 North Ripley Street Montgomery 36130-2101, (334) 229-4271 Alaska Department of Education Teacher Education and Certification Goldbelt Building 801 West 10th Street, Suite 200 Juneau 99801-1894, (907) 465-2831 Arizona Department of Education Teacher Certification Unit 1535 West Jefferson Phoenix 85007, (602) 542 4367 Arkansas Department of Education Teacher Education and Licensure #4 State Capitol Mall, Rooms 106B/107B Little Rock 72201, (501) 682-4342 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1812 9th Street Sacramento 95814-7000, (916) 445-0184 Colorado Department of Education Educator Licensing, Room 105 201 East Colfax Avenue Denver 80203-1704, (303) 866-6628

    20. State Level Teacher Certification
    north dakota Educ. Standards and Practices Bd. of Education Professional StandardsSection teacher Education/certification 2500 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm.
    AIP HOME PAGE Online Journal Publishing Service AIP Journals Publishing Services Science Policy History Center Working at AIP Site Index
    State Contacts for Teacher Certification
    If you are considering teaching as a career choice, the following information will be vital to you. The rules governing teacher certification change regularly, vary greatly across states, and many states have a number of different options, including alternate teacher certification. Below is a list of the specific offices to call regarding teacher certification requirements in each state.
    If you have additional or supplemental information that we should be aware of or that we should post on our website please click here and let us know.
    This table was reproduced from the National Center for Education Information in Washington, DC. For further information on teacher certification visit them at their website at
    Alabama Dept. of Education
    5201 Gordon Persons Bldg.
    50 N. Ripley St.
    P.O. Box 302101
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
    Attn: June H. Mabry

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