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         Norwegian Language:     more books (107)
  1. Beginner's Norwegian with 2 Audio CDs by Laura Ziukaite-Hansen, 2005-07-30
  2. Teach Yourself Norwegian Complete Course Package (Book + 2 CDs) (TY: Complete Courses) by Margaretha Danbolt-Simons, 2004-04-18
  3. NORWEGIAN in 10 minutes a day® with CD-ROM (10 Minutes a Day Series) by Kristine K. Kershul, 2007-07-15
  4. Norwegian Verbs And Essentials of Grammar by Louis Janus, 1999-01-11
  5. Norwegian, Comprehensive: Learn to Speak and Understand Norwegian with Pimsleur Language Programs by Pimsleur, 2007-11-27
  6. Norwegian-English Dictionary: A Pronouncing and Translating Dictionary of Modern Norwegian (Bokmaland Nynorsk) with a Historical and Grammatical Introduction by Einar Haugen, 1974-05-15
  7. Colloquial Norwegian: A complete language course (Colloquial Series) by Kirsten Gade, W. Glyn Jones, 1995-03-29
  8. Langenscheidt Universal Norwegian Dictionary: Norwegian-English/ English-Norwegian
  9. Norwegian, Basic: Learn to Speak and Understand Norwegian with Pimsleur Language Programs by Pimsleur, 2007-11-27
  10. Say It in Norwegian by Dover, 1957-06-01
  11. Norwegian: An Essential Grammar (Essential Grammars) by Åse-Berit Strandskogen, Rolf Strandskogen, 1994-12-20
  12. Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Norwegian Dictionary: English-Norwegian/Norwegian-English (Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Foreign Language Dictionaries)
  13. Teach Yourself Norwegian: Complete Course (Teach Yourself Language Complete Courses) (Norwegian Edition) by Margaretha Danbolt Simons, 2003-05
  14. Norwegian Phrase Book & CD by Berlitz, 2008-06-15

1. The Norwegian Language Council
Text on the body that governs the norwegian language.Category Science Social Sciences Germanic Norwegian......The norwegian language Council. Norsk språkråd (The Norwegian languageand language planning. The norwegian language Council aims to.
The Norwegian Language Council
The Norwegian Language Council aims to "a. protect the cultural heritage represented by the Norwegian written and spoken language, promote initiatives to increase the knowledge of the Norwegian language, its history and distinctive quality, promote tolerance and mutual respect among all users of Norwegian in its different varieties, and protect the rights of each citizen with regard to the use of the Norwegian language. "c. give advice to the authorities in matters pertaining to the Norwegian language, in particular as regards the use of Norwegian in schools, in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and in government bodies, submit statements on the principles of codification of the written language and place names, and propose legal measures in matters regarding the Norwegian language, "d. give advice and guidance to the general public, "e. promote and participate in Nordic cooperation for language cultivation, and "f. make the results of its work publicly known." (The Norwegian Language Council Act of 18 June 1971)
A Few Articles on the Norwegian Language Situation:

2. Yamada Language Center: Norwegian Language WWW Guide
for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study (New Improved WWW). norwegian language lessons. English Norwegian dictionary
Can't find it?
Guide index
News index Multilingual references Font index Norwegian is taught at the University of Oregon by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Our Scandinavian Culture links
Language and misc:

3. NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE RESOURCES : Dictionaries, Glossaries Links
Brief Intro norwegian language. Norwegian Lanuage InfoPlease Encyclopedia norwegian language Essential Info
Scandinavian Language Online Resources Norsk Språkservice SWEDISH RESOURCES DANISH RESOURCES NORWEGIAN RESOURCES Brief Intro: Norwegian Language Norwegian Lanuage InfoPlease Encyclopedia ... ): Downloadable Dictionary (available for orders in electronic form) (Click here to see samples CLUE Lookup: Norges nye online tjeneste ( ... Fuglenavnliste (flere språk Ordliste : Fisk fire ... The World Slang Database: Norwegian Glossaries of Abbreviations Glossary of Abbreviations (incl. Norwegian) RTT’s forkortingsordbok ... : Searchable Computer Glossary Phrase Books Travlang’s English-Norwegian Phasebook Travlang’s ... Bulgarian Text Solutions Online Translators English-Norwegian, etc. InterTran : English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English, etc. Lycos Translator ... Futharks Corpora University of Oslo Database: Archive Sources University of Oslo Searchable Database: Nyord Newspapers Magazines Aftenposten Dagbladet Verdens Gang (VG) Dagsavisen ... Association Language Bodies Language Teaching Similar Norsk Språkråd Language Learning Resources ... America SWEDISH RESOURCES DANISH RESOURCES Norsk Språkservice Danish Resources Swedish Resources Slang Dictionary ... Norwegian Translators Web

4. Norsk Språkråd
Informasjon om språkrådet, råd om norsk språk og norske navn, ordlister og skriveregler.Category World Norsk Vitenskap Språk og lingvistikk......logo English; Deutsch; Français; norwegian language Resources. RedaktørJon Grepstad. Norsk språkråds vevsider. Nytt i veven; Pressemeldinger
Redaktør: Jon Grepstad
  • Nytt i veven
  • Pressemeldinger Søk i ...
  • Direktør til nytt kompetansesenter for norsk språk (KKD)
  • Utvikling av eit nytt kompetanseorgan for norsk språk: prosjektskisse (KKD)
  • Norvengelsk: språkkonkurranse for ungdomsskoleelever
    Ordbøker og
  • Søk i
    og Nynorskordboka
  • Dataordliste
  • Digital fjernsynsterminologi ...
    i nynorske ordlister
  • Råd om språk
  • Kjønn, språk, likestilling
  • Navn i neon
  • Nynorsk
  • OSS om norsk ...
  • Skrivereglar o.a.
  • Språkvern og språkstyrking
  • Anglonorsk
  • Importord
    eller norvagisering?
  • Navnevett ...
    Norvengelsk 2003
    Norsk språk og IKT
  • Norsk språk og informasjonsteknologi
  • Nynorsk programvare
    Lover o.a.
  • Nordisk språkkonvensjon
  • Stadnamnlova
    Utgitt av Norsk språkråd
  • Publikasjoner
  • Årsmelding 2001
    Fakta om norsk
  • Ivar Aasen
  • Rettskrivings- reformer
  • Hjelperåder og kurs
  • Hjelpemiddel
  • Kurs i administrativ nynorsk
  • Nynorsk for språklege minoritetar
    Om Norsk språkråd
  • Kort om Språkrådet
  • Tjenester vi yter
    Andre språksider
  • Tlf. 24 14 03 50 Faks 24 14 03 51 E-post:
  • 5. THE NORWEGIAN NATIONAL LANGUAGE - A Brief Historical Survey
    A political history of the norwegian language by Ingar Holst. ingar holst publishing co. dictionaries chinese-norwegian ... norwegian-chinese
    THE NORWEGIAN NATIONAL LANGUAGE a brief historical survey
    Ingar Holst
    Overview S INCE 1938 THE NATIONAL NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE has been banned. It is strictly forbidden to teach it in the government-run schools and universities (and since the private schools may be counted on one hand, and since they will have their permission to teach withdrawn if they teach the National Language anyway, that leak is effectively plugged); it is strictly forbidden to use it as a civil servant, it is strictly forbidden to speak it in the government-owned national broadcasting NRK (nation-wide broadcasts outside NRK were likewise effectively forbidden until the early eighties as for radio and until the early nineties as for television) and it is strictly forbidden to write it if the dispatcher is any government-run institution. The National Language, its culture and literature, is consequently muted to the generations growing up. Some definitions National Language Riksmål Book Language Bokmål New Norwegian Nynorsk Countryside Norwegian Landsmål NRK Norwegian National Broadcasting State Language Council Sprogrådet [Språkrådet] The Norwegian Academy Det Norske Akademi For Sprog og Litteratur
    Background: The Danish Occupation and the Nature of Norwegian Class Struggle T HE BLACK DEATH W ITH THE DANISH MIGRATION to and settlement in Norway, the foundation for the present-day class division in Norway was laid down. The Norwegian bourgeoisie today exclusively trace their heritage back to immigrants from Denmark or Northern Germany (national boundaries in that area have varied through the centuries). The spoken dialects in the principal cities of Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Trondhjem) are Danish dialects, rather than peninsular Scandinavian dialects.

    6. Welcome To The Learn-How-To-Speak WebSite For The Norwegian Language
    LearnHow-To-Speak Homepage for the norwegian language The norwegian language. The norwegian language is a member of the North Germanic, or Scandinavian, group of the Germanic
    LearnHowToSpeak Norwegian
    days until Christmas...
    Select Another Language... Albanian Arabic Armenian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English French German German Swiss Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Lithuanian Norwegian Ojibwe Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Twi Ukrainian Vietnamese Home About Us My Cart Norwegian ... All Products
    Norwegian Language Products The Norwegian Language Countries that Speak Norwegian Norway
    Other LearnHowToSpeak Languages
    Albanian Arabic Armenian Chinese ... Privacy Statement

    7. Language Study Abroad Programs: Norwegian
    Language Study Abroad Opportunities Norwegian. State University of New York (SUNY)

    8. Sons Of Norway - Norwegian Culture
    In depth topical tutorials for learning to speak Norwegian.
    Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month Our monthly language lesson has been out for a while now, and many of you have let us know that it is working well. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us. Visitors to "Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month" have asked for information on the Norwegian alphabet and genealogical terms, so we have added pages on both topics. We look forward to your feedback. In the meantime, good luck! Notice to Members: You can access language lessons with sound in the Members Login area.

    9. Yamada Language Center: Norwegian News
    For more information about the norwegian language, see our norwegian languageGuide. The index to our annotated list of news groups is also available.
    Norwegian News search our site
    News from Norway
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  • 10. English Language Services - Welcome
    Small network of nativespeaking translators, copywriters, technical writers and journalists, based in Norway.
    Welcome to ELS
    Your Complete English Language Service Provider
    High quality language services carried out by experienced, native-speaking language professionals. Translation/Proofing/Editing Copywriting Technical Writing Language Consultancy ... Content Provision/Journalism

    11. Norwegian Language Courses
    norwegian language courses at NTNU NTNU offers a variety of norwegian language courses. Medvoice Web based norwegian language course for students in medicine.

    Back to student's pag
    e Bulletins Admissions ... Alumni
    Norwegian language courses at NTNU
    NTNU offers a variety of Norwegian language courses Introductory Programme in Norwegian Language for International Students (IFUS) and Regular Students
    A one-year course for international students who satisfy the academic and English language admission requirements, but have no previous knowledge of Norwegian language. Norwegian as a Second Language
    Semester courses for students, staff, doctoral students, guest lecturers and scholarship holders at NTNU. "Survival course in Norwegian" for exchange students
    The course, which is of 24 hours duration, will last for 4 weeks. Lectures will be given 3 hours twice a week. Norwegian intensive summer course for exchange students
    A four-week intensive course especially designed for exchange students (SOCRATES; LEONARDO) who want to attend regular courses at NTNU. ILPC scholarships for Socrates students in Norway
    ILPC - Intensive Language Preparation Course Norwegian language resources on the Internet
    Helpful links for Norwegian language learners.

    12. Introductory Programme In Norwegian Language For International Students (IFUS) A
    Introductory Programme in norwegian language for International Students(IFUS) and Regular Studies. NTNU offers regular studies in
    Introductory Programme in Norwegian Language for International Students (IFUS) and Regular Studies NTNU offers regular studies in Engineering, Architecture, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Medicine where the language of instruction is Norwegian. International students who satisfy the academic and English language admission requirements, but have no previous knowledge of Norwegian language, can apply for admission to NTNU's ten-month Introductory Programme in Norwegian Language for International Students (IFUS-programme). A maximum of 20 students may be admitted to this programme each year. In addition, the students must document his/her ability to support themselves while studying in Norway. (The immigration authorities at present require a minimum of NOK 80 000 (approx. US $ 11 000) per year for each year of the period of study). It is important to note that students admitted to the IFUS program will have to finance their entire studies at NTNU, and that at no time will it be possible to apply for financing through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, or other government and university grants and loans. Application to the programme is open to anyone who fulfils the minimum entrance requirements, and can document ability to finance their study. The programme is primarily for students who intend to study at NTNU after the completion of the IFUS programme. Students who have a prior agreement with their home institution to take this programme as part of their studies at their home institution may also apply.

    13. Online Resources For The Study Of Norwegian: Dictionaries, Grammars, And Cultura
    Dictionaries, cultural resources, libraries and bookstores, news, audio and video programming, search Category Science Social Sciences Germanic Norwegian...... Norsk Språkråd The norwegian language Council is the Norwegian government'sadvisory body in matters pertaining to the norwegian language.
    Resources for the Study of Norwegian
    Dictionaries Pronunciation Text to Speech Classes ... Other Resources
    Dictionaries, Word Lists and Grammar
    LEXIN includes a Norwegian-English dictionary with illustrations.
    Other information from the source:
    Den norske ordboksserien LEXIN
    • Norsk-engelsk ordbok med illustrasjoner (elektronisk utgave, 34000 ord)

    Use this dictionary of approximately 10,000 terms to translate between Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.
    iFinger is an Internet browser plug-in that provides direct access to information resources such as the Engelsk stor ordbok (Norwegian-English / English-Norwegian dictionary). Users of recent versions of the Internet Explorer browser can display definitions simply by moving the mouse pointer over the word in question. Definitions are available in other Windows applications with function keys and/or double clicks.
    Clue Lookup
    Clue Lookup offers portions of its dictionary as a free reference source. Both the demo versions and the full versions of Clue's electronic dictionaries have more functionality and larger vocabularies than Clue Lookup.
    Online English-Norwegian-English Dictionary
    Keyboard Help for additional options.

    14. Universities Offering Instruction In Norwegian Studies
    North American Universities Below are links to the larger departments and institutionswhich offer instruction in norwegian language and Norwegian Studies.
    Universities Norwegian Researchers and Teachers Association of North America NORTANA



    Online Syllabi

    Study Abroad

    Summer Study
    Links Quick Links More Links Teaching Pedagogy Technology Web Exercises Materials Books Audio Books CD-ROMs Video North American Universities Below are links to the larger departments and institutions which offer instruction in Norwegian Language and Norwegian Studies. To make additions or corrections to this list, please send e-mail to Nancy Aarsvold

    15. Download Norwegian Language Updates For Version 5.11 Products
    Download norwegian language updates for version 5.11 products. The followingupdates will add norwegian language files to version 5.11.
    Skip Navigation Home Products Audio Publishing ... Site Map
    You are at: breadCrumbs("",">","index.htm","crumb","titles","bread","1"); The following updates will add Norwegian language files to version 5.11. This will affect dialogs, prompts and help text of Hal, Supernova, Lunar and LunarPlus, however it will not affect Orpheus language files.
    Please choose the Dolphin product you would like to update for Norwegian language:
    Supernova Standard (1,727 KByte)
    Supernova Professional
    (2,875 KByte)
    Hal Standard
    (1,381 KByte)
    Hal Professional
    (2,528 KByte)
    (1,281 KByte)
    (1,061 KByte) Top of Page
    Ellen Mosner, Accessibility Product Manager,
    Accessible Technology Group, Microsoft Corporation
    Hal. Lunar, Supernova, LunarPlus, Cicero, Cipher and Orpheus are trademarks of Dolphin Oceanic Limited.
    Windows® are registered trademarks of the Microsoft® Corporation.
    All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    16. Language Technology Conference, Oct. 24th - 25th, 2002
    Language technology in Norwegian The norwegian language bank National languagetechnology conference Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, October 24th 25th, 2002,
    Language technology in Norwegian:
    The Norwegian language bank

    National language technology conference
    Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, October 24th - 25th, 2002 Organizers: The Norwegian Documentation Center for Language Technology The HIT Centre
    in collaboration with the Norwegian Language Council and Sail Port Northern Europe Welcome to Bergen and the second national language technology conference! The first "Language technology in Norwegian" conference took place in 1998 at Lysebu, near Oslo, and it's now high time for a new conference. Much has happened in the field of language technology over the last four years, and where the 1998 conference focused on the general future of language technology in Norway, we have this time chosen to focus on the "Norwegian language bank"; the planned national corpus for language technology. The background for the conference is the report on the collection and accessibility of Norwegian language technology resources only in Norwegian ), which has been commissioned by the

    17. The Norwegian Language Bank
    The norwegian language Bank Tagger for Norwegian Bokmal and New Norwegian,development of routines for encoding and tagging. Primary
    The Norwegian Language Bank
    Tagger for Norwegian Bokmal and New Norwegian, development
    of routines for encoding and tagging
    Primary objectives: The main aim of the project component Search and Interface is to develop a general purpose interface for existing corpus program packages (Corpus Workbench at IMS) which can be used for all copra regardless of their tagging. The aim of the project component Tagging and Encoding is to reimplement and improve programs for use with the Oslo tagger (University of Oslo) in CommonLisp, so as to incorporate further lexical resources in the tagger's index and to develop routines for tagging, encoding and proofreading of text materials.
    Project leader:
    Paul Meurer Team: Johan Utne Poppe, Kristin Bech
    Start date: Completion date:
    Work investment:
    18 work months
    Financing: The Research Council of Norway, HIT Centre
    External project partners: Janne Bondi Johannessen at the Text Laboratory , Oslo University; Ulrich Heid at the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

    18. SIU - Studying In Norway-Introduction To Norwegian Language And Culture
    You are here SIU Studying in Norway Introduction to norwegian languageand culture. Introduction to norwegian language and culture. studying in Norway-Introduction to Norwegian L
    Norsk hovedside
    About SIU
    Mission, strategy, board of directors, contact...
    SIU's programmes
    Research and education programs, areas of cooperation...
    SIU's publications
    Annual reports, SIU's publication series...
    SIU's databases
    HEIR, IRIS, ISOC, funding, partner finding...
    SIU's conferences
    Conference reports, papers...
    About international cooperation
    Literature, links, trends...
    Studying in Norway
    Scholarships, study opportunities...
    Site map

    Search SIU's website
    Advanced search
    NORAD NORDIC NUFU ... Contact form You are here: SIU Studying in Norway Introduction to Norwegian Language and culture
    Introduction to Norwegian Language and culture
    Suggestions on how to get a better grip on the language, culture and everyday life in Norway. Suggestions on how to get a better grip on the language, culture and everyday life in Norway. Relevant documents: Last updated: 01.10.2002 10:47:46 Phone:+47-55 30 88 00 Fax: +47-55 30 88 01 E-mail:

    19. SIU-Introduction To Norwegian Language And Culture
    SIU Studying in Norway Introduction to norwegian language and cultureIntroduction to norwegian language and culture. Suggestions
    SIU > Studying in Norway > Introduction to Norwegian Language and culture
    Introduction to Norwegian Language and culture
    Suggestions on how to get a better grip on the language, culture and everyday life in Norway. Suggestions on how to get a better grip on the language, culture and everyday life in Norway.
    Relevant documents:
    Last updated: 01.10.2002 10:47:46

    20. Norwegian Language Movement Says: "Boycott Microsoft - Use KDE Instead"
    norwegian language movement says Boycott Microsoft use KDE instead .Documentation, I18N, L10N Posted by Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes



    Norwegian language movement says: "Boycott Microsoft - use KDE instead" Posted by Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes on Friday 20/Oct/2000, @11:56
    from the meesa-do-not-know dept.

    The organization Norsk Målungdom, which works with promoting the Norwegian (Nynorsk) language, asks Norwegian schools to boycott Microsoft products and use KDE instead. MS Windows and Office only exist in the Norwegian (Bokmål) language, but Norwegian law states that pupils have the right to books and equipment in their own language.
    Norsk Målungdom
    wants schools to use KDE instead of MS Windows. This can put pressure on Microsoft to create a Nynorsk version, but more importantly, it can spread Linux and KDE to more users. Iceland (250 000 people) has got Windows translated, but the Icelandic government had to pay a lot for it. Norwegian governments are so far not willing to subsidise Nynorsk Windows translations the same way. There are twice as many Nynorsk users than Icelanders. "Small" languages really have their chance with free software. Anybody can translate it, and earning money is unimportant. Even non-technical people can understand the benefits of open-source software when they see the results of translation - a result commercial companies never can achieve. One can't complain about the price, either ;-)

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