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         Notable Immigrants Biographies:     more detail

61. Ancestry Surnames Family Roots ***Research Center***
1900s Immigrant Histories; Scottish immigrants to North notable British Families,1600s1900s; English Origins Virginia Genealogies and biographies, 1500s-1900s;

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  • 62. Fall 1999 Forum Biographies
    Fall 1999 Forum biographies. and to address the needs of immigrants in the is Washington'sLanding, one of Pittsburgh's most notable riverfront developments.
    Research City Parks Forum document.write(document.title); Last Updated: 12/17/2002 Search City Parks Forum All of APA Overview Participation and Grants Forums Summer 2002 ... Contact Us Fall 1999 Forum Biographies Honorable Marc H. Morial Mayor Marc H. Morial has led a dramatic turnaround of New Orleans and city government since he was first elected in 1994. His tireless energy and enduring commitment to change has continued in his second term, bringing a renewed sense of public confidence, the strongest economy in decades, a modern police force, and revitalized neighborhoods. Ground-breaking programs and unprecedented coalitions have set a new public standard for city government that have made New Orleans the comeback city for the 21st century. Mayor Morial was born in New Orleans, the first son and second of five children of the late Ernest N. "Dutch" Morial and Sybil Haydel Morial. Mayor Morial grew up with a strong background in politics and civil rights as he watched his father rise through the ranks as attorney, legislator, judge and the first African American Mayor of New Orleans. After graduating from Jesuit High School in 1976, Morial studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania and received a law degree from Georgetown University. During college, he worked as a legislative intern to U.S. Senator Russell Long and at Georgetown, he worked as an associate in the United States Attorney's office in New York. He also worked as a legislative assistant to the late Congressman Mickey Leland.

    63. Vital Records And Census Information For The United States And World (birth Reco
    notable British Families, 1600s1900s Company, these books contain biographies, narratives,and of approximately 19,000 Huguenot immigrants, although many more
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    Shopping 1900 Census Subscription Discover the most significant genealogical data set on the Internet! NEW fully-indexed 1900 Census Subscription gives you easy access to our entire set of census images; 30 million names and growing.'s 1900 Census Subscription is your online resource for fully indexed, high-quality U.S. Census microfilm images; an essential resource for any American genealogist. With the 1900 US Census, you have access to the only single source that claims to list everyone living in America in 1900. Unlike previous versions, the 1900 Census images provide you with a list of all family members by name, not just the head of household. Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s

    64. AILF News November 2000
    event, as well as pictures and biographies of the honorees, visit**Report Explores American Sentiment Towards immigrants**.

    65. Made In Texas George W. Bush And The
    You are here biographies Leaders notable People Made In Southerners, their(ex)slaves, the Mexicans, and the German antislavery immigrants.

    TITLE Index to British and Irish biographies, 18401940 the most recent kingof570 immigrants to the American colonies who were notable themselves or

    67. Welcome To Wheaton Village - Millville, NJ
    Instructor biographies/Info Registration Form Schedule Some of the notable performingensembles with daughters of Hungarian immigrants, Csurdöngölo has
    International Music and Dance Weekend 2003 Music and Dance Weekend Instructors:
    Demetri Tashie
    Petrana Koutcheva Ivaylo Koutchev
    Laszlo Hajdu-Nemeth
    Music and Dance Weekend 2002 Images
    Instructor Biographies/Info Registration Form Schedule Printable Flyer A native of Turkey, Ahmet is an accomplished folkdance teacher and performer, as well as a Anatolian folk culture researcher. From 1974 to 1985, he taught in several excellent ensembles in Ankara, Istanbul, Eskisehir and Bursa. For nearly five years prior to his departure for North America in 1985, Ahmet also served as Director of Dances for HOY-TUR, long considered one of Turkey's leading folkdance associations.
    Since arriving in North America, he taught many workshops and camps throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Holland, Since the age of eight he has danced with several school ensembles and private associations, many of which won outstanding awards in citywide and national-international competitions. Between 1973 and 1985, he participated in international dance festivals and competitions throughout Western and Eastern Europe. In addition, his ensembles appeared in over 60 programs broadcast nationally in countries such as Turkey, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

    68. Teens / Biographies & Memoirs / Sports
    The son of Jewish immigrants, Berg got himself Barrier in Tennis (AfricanAmericanBiographies) by David history and identifying its notable female participants
    Home Teens Sports
    Within Reach : My Everest Story
    by Mark Pfetzer, Jack Galvin E P Dutton
    Hardcover - 160 pages
    (September 1998)
    Although Within Reach is targeted at young adults and written in a young man's voice, the writing (by coauthor Galvin) is engaging, and the story is rewarding enough to interest any mountaineer. Pfetzer, 18 at the time of publication, describes his summits of a number of peaks worthy of a climber... Read more
    Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers : Reflections on Being Raised by a Pack of Sled Dogs

    by Gary Paulsen, Ruth Wright Paulsen (Illustrator) Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Juv
    Paperback - 96 pages
    (February 1998)
    Three of Gary Paulsen's books have made it to the Newbery Honor list: Dogsong Hatchet and The Winter Room Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers is a good bet to join the previous three on that list. This loving biography relates the story of Cookie, Paulsen's dog and friend and the lead dog for the... Read more Winning Every Day : Gold Medal Advice for a Happy, Healthy Life! by Shannon Miller(Introduction), Nancy Ann Richardson (Contributor) Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Juv Paperback - 136 pages (June 1998) Book Description Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast in American history, has won sixteen medals and is one of the sports world's most positive role models. Yet none of it would have happened if a little girl from Oklahoma hadn't dared to dream . . . and followed up on that dream with hard work, commitment,...

    69. Stndsgr5
    Describe notable events and people of the War for Independence including the Thestudent draws from immigrants' accounts, biographies, AND historical
    GRADE 5
    United States and Geography: Making a New Nation
    The student will demonstrate an understanding of major pre-Columbian (pre 1492) settlements of the North American continent and know their various cultures were influenced by their environment. Examples of the types of work a student should be able to do to meet the standard: Describe the migration pattern of people to the Americas. Describe the major pre-Columbian settlements of the Southwest, Northwest, Great Plains, and east of the Mississippi. Describe how people adjusted to their natural environment and expressed their culture through story, art, music, and dance. Explain how each culture developed different economic and governmental systems. Samples of specific activities or tasks that give students the opportunity to demonstrate that they can meet the standard: Read and compare several Native American stories, from different cultures (e.g., the Coyote stories) and classify how people explained their origins. The comparison might include how the stories and groups were influenced by a particular environment. Standards Page Social Science Home Page
    The student will demonstrate an understanding of how geographic, political, and technological factors brought about an age of exploration.

    70. Lviv - Lvov - Lwow - Lemberg. Notable People - Biographies, Links, Photos.
    biographies and photos of famous people from LvivCategory Regional Europe Lviv Oblast Lviv Society and Culture......People who were born in Lvov Lviv Lwow Lemberg or whose activities were closely related to this city.
    Back to Lviv - Lvov city page for
    Old postcards Books Travel ... Guestbook
    My hometown has given rise to many more well-known people, notable in literature, arts, sciences, philosophy and so on than would be expected for a city of such modest size and population. Many of those people are 'famous everywhere but there city hometown'. The names below comprise a list of people who were born in
    or whose activities were closely related to this city. Any list of such people is certain to be incomplete, but let's try..Among those who have called this city home, are: A Muhammad Asad Emanuel Ax B Stefan Banach Yuri Bashmet Alexander Beliavsky Martin Buber C Viktor Chukarin D Albert Franz Doppler F Ivan Fedorov Ludwik Fleck Leo Fuchs(Laybl Springer) G Maurice Goldhaber H Zbigniew Herbert K Lubka Kolessa Oksana Krovytska Salomea Krushelnytska (Kruszelnicka) L Stanislaw Lem Volodymyr Levytsky Johann Lhotsky Lotka Alfred James ... Jan Lukasiewicz M Alexandra Marinina Alexius Meinong Ludwig von Mises Richard von Mises ... Muni, Paul (WEISENFREUND)

    71. Gale - Free Resources - Hispanic Heritage - Biographies - Cecilia Munoz
    Herbert A. Activists Want Food Stamps Restored to immigrants. Orange County SourceNotable Hispanic American Women, Gale, 1999; Biography Resource Center
    Quick Title Search Press Room About Us Contact Us Site Map ... Browse Our Catalog document.write(url); Free Resources Reference Reviews Marketing for Libraries Black History Month ... Women's History Month

    Born 1962
    Politician, Lobbyist and Civil rights activist National Council of La Raza Controversy Over Welfare Reform On August 22, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed into law the strictest federal welfare reform law in years. It had major implications for legal immigrants who were not citizens. They became ineligible for food stamps and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the latter of which assists aged, blind, and disabled individuals. The cost savings from these cutbacks was estimated to be between 20 and 30 billion dollars over six years. Immigrant advocate groups and charitable organizations, such as the NCLR, Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights in San Francisco, and Second Harvest, felt that the law was too harsh and unfair. Immigrants who came to the United States legally yet, who were not citizens, would be cut off from immigrant public assistance programs. This was especially critical to refugees who come to the United States with little money and few possessions, and who typically need several years for an adequate transition to their new surroundings. Advocates claimed it was unfair to change the rules and cut off benefits to those who had come to the United States legally. The Orange County Register.

    72. Notable Decisions Of The U.S. Supreme Court, 1998–1999 Term
    notable Decisions of the US Supreme on protection of immigrants facing deportation

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    Newsletter You've got info! Help Site Map Visit related sites from: Family Education Network History and Government Supreme Court
    • School Voucher Ruling Stands (Nov. 9, 1998): Supreme Court justices avoid decision on whether taxpayer-financed vouchers may be used to send children to parochial schools. Plan was upheld by state court in Wisconsin. Administration Appeals Rejected (Nov. 9, 1998): Justices bar two Clinton moves to block grand jury testimony by Secret Service agents and President's lawyer in investigation of Monica Lewinsky affair. Campaign Finance Appeals Rejected (Nov. 16, 1998): Supreme Court justices reject moves by Ohio and Arkansas questioning limits on political spending and contributions. Police Search Powers Limited (Dec. 8, 1998):

    73. Notable Decisions Of The U.S. Supreme Court, 2000–2001 Term
    notable Decisions of the US Supreme Court immigrants Upheld on Challenges (June 25

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    • Highway Checkpoints for Drugs (Nov. 28, 2000): Presidential Election (Dec. 12, 2000): Clean Water Act Limited (Jan. 9, 2001): States Allowed to Hold Sex Offenders (Jan. 17, 2001): Court Rules Against Disabled Workers (Feb. 21, 2001): Attack on Clean Air Act Rejected (Feb. 27, 2001): Justices rule unanimously against industry in important environmental decision. Court declares that Environmental Protection Agency may not consider implementation costs in setting air quality standards. Fifth Amendment Right Upheld (March 19, 2001): Court rules unanimously that a witness does not lose his right to avoid self-incrimination by claiming to have had no involvement in a crime.

    74. Bella Abzug – FemBio: Notable Women
    spirit to speak out for women and be heard. (Vanita Nayar Mukhertee in RememberingBella) Bella Savitzky, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, grew up
    Recommend FemBio
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    Week's Woman
    Die aktuelle Glosse
    Im Fitness-Studio
    Laudatio zum
    Der 11. Sept und das Definitionsmonopol Books for Women Music for Women Links for Women
    ImmobilienScout 24 Immobilie der Woche Deutsch
    Fem -Biography Bella Abzug
    Bella Savitzky Abzug born July 24, 1920, the Bronx, New York City died March 31, 1998, New York City US-American politician, Congresswoman "I am a very serious woman." So Bella Savitzky Abzug responded simply and practically to the various characterizations and caricatures made of her. Bella's forthright, forceful manner and flamboyant appearance may often have inspired controversy and criticism in the American political arena, yet this very serious woman spent her lifetime dedicated to public service and activism on behalf of the oppressed and ignored. She gained fame nationally as the first Jewish woman elected to the US Congress and later internationally as a leader in the global women's movement, where she made a lasting impression among younger activists for her "courage and dominating spirit to speak out for women and be heard." (Vanita Nayar Mukhertee in Remembering Bella Bella Savitzky, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, grew up in New York's Bronx, where her father owned the Live and Let Live Meat Market. At the age of 11 she had already decided to become a lawyer; she first practiced her public speaking skills in the subway while collecting money for Zionist causes.

    75. AccessGenealogy - Pennslvania Genealogy Resource Center
    children are revealed along with notable descendents. usnp.html Russian MennoniteImmigrants From Harbin Highlights include biographies, books online, links to
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    ... Military Pennsylvania Genealogy Resource Center - Your #1 Source for Accessing Genealogy Online
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    76. American Women Biographical Sources
    (HQ1410.A12F5 HAS); notable women in Women immigrantsUnited States; Women in politicsUnited Examplesof selected collective biographies, autobiographies, and

    77. The John And Elinor (_____) Whitney Page
    immigrants John and Elinor () Whitney Born Probably the Online biographiesof John and Elinor Whitney. notable Whitneys Eli Whitney was a first cousin
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Home Heritage ... E Mail
    John and Elinor
    Immigrant to Watertown, Mass - 1635
    Ancestor of Eli Whitney John Whitney was our immigrant ancestor in this ancestral line. He was born in Westminster, London in 1592 and married a lady whose last name we do not know: Elinor. He was a tailor. He migrated to the colonies in 1635 when he was 42 with his wife and five children, ages 1 through 11.They had three more children born in the colonies. He died in Watertown in 1673. Origins
    The Immigrant

    Notable Descendants

    Subsequent Generations
    Whitney Links

    78. 404 - Requested Page Has Moved
    Speakers’ biographies. Washington, DC, where she advocates on behalf of immigrantsand refugees His approach is notable for camera technique that is fluid and
    404 - Requested Page Has Moved
    On March 1st 2003, the contents of and were moved to www
    An attempt was made to find the specific page you requested: Click on the link below to find the page:

    79. Japanese American National Museum: Museum Store: Media Catalog: CHILDREN/YOUNG A
    Lives of notable Asian Americans Business/Politics/Science of short, easyto-readbiographies and descriptions large numbers of Japanese immigrants came first
    Nikkei Donburi: A Japanese American Cultural Survival Guide
    by Chris Aihara This book is a mix of stories, activities, and cultural lessons for the Japanese American family. Useful for school and educational purposes, the book is filled with ideas on arts and crafts projects and tons of other fun activities. Paper. 124 p. B/w photos and illustrations.
    Children of Asian America
    Asian American Coalition photographs by Gene H. Mayeda Voices of the Asian American community offer stories of their children, offering a glimpse into the microcosm of diversity that is America. Cloth. 99 p. B/w photos.
    When Justice Failed: The Fred Korematsu Story
    by Steven A. Chin illustrated by David Tamura After the Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the United States and Japan are at war. For over one hundred thousand Japanese Americans, the war brings special tragedy. One and all, they are rounded up by the United States Army and imprisoned in internment camps. Fred Korematsu challenges his arrest and the treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII. Paper. 105 p. B/w illustrations.

    80. Beginning Library Research On Chicano/Latino Studies
    stories and essays of notable Latino writers economic integration of Mexican immigrantsand their as artist's statements, biographies, articles, bibliographies

    Beginning Library Research on CHICANO/LATINO STUDIES
    Stanford University Libraries' collections on the historical and contemporary experience of Hispanic Americans, and in particular Mexican Americans, are extensive, making Stanford an excellent place for students conducting research in this area. The project Linking the Americas provides fulltext of most Latin American books published by the Stanford Press, plus other important materials. The interdisciplinary nature of Latino Studies means that relevant titles are dispersed throughout the collections depending upon subject matter. Use Socrates , Stanford's online catalog, to locate books and other materials. Use the library's print or electronic indexes to locate journal articles and published papers. Socrates can tell you what library materials Stanford owns and where they are located, by searching one of the following options: author, title, organization, or subject. When searching Use Socrates , it helps to know the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). One method of identifying the subject headings is by checking the Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes. Another (online) method is to locate material you know is on the your topic by doing an author

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