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         Notable Immigrants Biographies:     more detail

81. Biographies And Memoirs
biographies and Memoirs. Association Award and chosen as a New York Times NotableBook of She wrote of immigrants and shopgirls, love, drama, and trauma, and in
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Biographies and Memoirs Holocaust Charles Lindbergh Alexander, Adele Logan - Homelands and Waterways : The American Journey of the Bond Family : Nation, Race, and Kinship, 1846-1926
(July 1999) John Robert Bond, son of a white Englishwoman and a black laborer on the Liverpool waterfront, became a sailor in the American Union Navy and married Emma Thomas, a Virginia woman born into slavery, in 1865. Chronicling their lives and those of their children and grandchildren, the author (their great-granddaughter Adele Logan Alexander) presents a dramatic family saga intertwined with a sweeping account of the black experience in America from 1846, the year of John's birth, to 1926, when Emma died at age 80. Most of the Bonds were talented, determined, and successful beyond the normJohn and Emma's progeny included a prosperous businessman and a Radcliffe graduate who was a close friend of W.E.B. Du Boisbut Alexander firmly links their story to the struggles and suffering of all African Americans, delineating with blistering matter-of-factness the galling restrictions they faced every day in every generation.
Andrews, Tom -

82. Latino Brief Therapy Center
biographies. I am particularly interested in the work being done at the Latino BriefTherapy Center with Latino immigrants around the problems that occur for

A Research and Training Institute for the Interactional Study of Individuals, Families and their Communities
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Strategic Family Therapy Project MRI Research Brief Therapy Research Family Recovery Project GenderMaps™ Project Relationship Conflict Inventory ... Teasing and Bullying Survey About MRI About MRI MRI Bibliography Don D. Jackson Archives En Español Centro Latino de Terapia Breve Training en Español de Verano Mental Research Institute 555 Middlefield Rd Palo Alto, CA 94301 fax (650) 321-3785
Latino Brief Therapy Center
Barbara Anger-Diaz, Ph.D.
BARBARA ANGER-DIAZ has been with the Brief Therapy Center since 1991. She has a multi-cultural background, having been born in Germany, raised in Mexico and done most of her studying and training in New York City. Long before her immersion in brief therapy, she had received psychoanalytic psychotherapy training and worked with an interpersonal understanding of people and relationships. She received her doctorate at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City in 1987, where she also taught as an Adjunct Professor in their Department of Psychology. Her doctoral dissertation was on psychological effects of a computer programming course (given by the Fundación Arturo Rosenblueth, Mexico City) on schizophrenic patients (published in Salud Mental, 1987). She co-directs (together with Karin Schlanger) the Latino Brief Therapy Center at MRI since 1994. She speaks on and does training in brief therapy. Of particular interest to her is the question of how to "motivate" or influence clients to change and a very close concern is the therapist's therapeutic stance, i.e. the therapist's "position" while interacting with clients.

83. | Notable Social Studies Trade Books 2001
This list of notable Social Studies Trade Books for PORTRAIT OF A POET (AfricanAmericanBiographies series faced by turn-of-the-century immigrants, including a
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84. Southern Oral History Program Collection Inventory (#4007)
Abstract Series B. Individual biographies This series contains recordings of biographical dearthof personal letters and diaries written by notable citizens.
Southern Oral History Program Collection Inventory (#4007)
Manuscripts Department, Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Collection Information Descriptive Summary Including General and Series Abstracts
Administrative Information

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Historical Note
Additional Descriptive Resources

Contact Information:
Manuscripts Department CB#3926, Wilson Library University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890 Phone: 919/962-1345 Fax: 919/962-3594 Email: URL:
Processed by
Southern Historical Collection Staff
Date Completed
January 2000
Encoded by
Lynn Holdzkom
Finding aid updated in November 2000, January 2001, and May 2002 by Linda Sellars.
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Descriptive Summary Including General and Series Abstracts
Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007) 1973-
Southern Oral History Program
2580 interviews
Southern Historical Collection
General Abstract Abstract: Series A. Southern Politics: A.1. Bass-DeVries Interviews
The Bass-De Vries group of interviews includes discussions with political leaders, journalists, editors, party officials, political scientists, campaign directors, union officials, civil rights leaders, and congress people from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. These interviews were conducted as part of a study of politics in the South between 1945 and 1974 that resulted in

85. Biographies
biographies of SVU Officers. A number of his publications deal with the early immigrantsfrom the literature, in which context he met the notable linguists and
SVU CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIETY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Biographies of SVU Officers MILOSLAV RECHCIGL, JR. Mila Rechcigl, as he likes to be called, a scientist, scholar and amateur historian, is current President of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU). He is a native of Mlada Boleslav, Czechoslovakia, who has lived since 1950 in the US. After receiving a scholarship, he went to Cornell University where he studied from 1951-58, receiving his B.S., M.N.S., and Ph.D. degrees there, specializing in biochemistry, nutrition, physiology, and food science. He then spent two years conducting research at the National Institutes of Health as a postdoctoral research fellow. Subsequently he was appointed to the staff of the Laboratory of Biochemistry at the National Cancer Institute. During 1968-69 he was selected for one year of training in a special USPHS executive program, in research management, grants administration, and science policy. This led to his appointment as Special Assistant for Nutrition and Health in the Health Services and Mental Health Administration. In 1970 he joined the Agency for International Development as Nutrition Advisor and soon after was promoted to the position of Chief of Research and Institutional Grants Division. Later he became a Director with the responsibility for reviewing, administering and managing AID research. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and handbooks in the field of biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, food science a technology, agriculture, and international development, in addition to a large number of scientific articles and book chapters.

86. FREE Databases
are searching for early Irish immigrants and the Containing over 75,000 fulltextbiographies, the American Century Biographical Dictionary of notable Americans
FREE Databases!
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Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
: This collection of abstracts of grave sites contains information originally published in the Senate documents of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as the Society magazine. Veterans and patriots of the Revolutionary War whose graves were found between 1900 and 1987 are included in this first volume. Included in each entry is the name of the patriot, the cemetery in which the headstone is found, and occasionally others who are located nearby or opposite the grave.
England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1900

Virginia Colonial Soldiers
: Since the first settlers landed in Jamestown in 1607, Virginia was largely a military colony and remained such for many years. This database is a listing of men who served in the colonial militia from those early years as a mere settlement up until the early 1770s. It was compiled in 1913 from sources available to the author in the Virginia State Library. Researchers will find the name of soldier and the reference in the original work where the record was found. Containing the names of over 6000 men.
Salem Witches
: This historical database lists over 200 individuals accused of witchcraft in New England between 1647 and 1697. Though the database is entitled "Salem Witches" database, many of those listed in this collection were accused before or after the Salem trial in 1692 and resided in areas outside Salem, most notably Andover, Gloucester, Rowley, and other towns in Massachusetts, as well as towns in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine.

87. Ancestral Vault: United_States/By_State/Pennsylvania
of genealogies, family sketches, and biographies, as well and lists of early immigrantsand frontiersmen Subjects covered include notable firsts, the trials and Ancestor Search - Over 1 Billion Names! Enter your ancestor's name for a FREE search: From To
United States By State : Pennsylvania
Ancestral Vault: United States : By State : Pennsylvania
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88. Pathfinder
There are many excellent books about immigrants. profiling the life and work of notablepeople from of a larger site containing many biographies of latino women
Awesome Immigrants
A Pathfinder for Fehd's Awesome Immigrants Project
For this project you will researching a famous immigrant. In your research you should find information to help produce a poster that includes the following: 1. Title
2. Short report about the person
3. A timeline of his/her life
4. Pictures or drawings relating to the person
5. A one page printed article about the person from the internet or a magazine You may choose one of the following people as your subject: Sandra CisnerosAuthor
Gloria EstefanSinger/Performer
Albert EinsteinMathematician/Physicist
Andrew CarnegieBusinessman
Cesar ChavezLabor Leader
Sammy SosaBaseball Player Dikembe MutomboBasketball Player Hakeem OlajuwanBasketball Player Julie StavMoney Expert Arnold SchwarzeneggerActor Need Bibliography help? Print Resources-Books and Magazines There are many excellent books about Immigrants. A few of the books are listed below. To locate more books, search the shelves using the Dewey Numbers listed below. You can find more books by using the keywords to search the online library catalog.

89. Forum 2002: Speaker Biographies
Forum 2002:
Documenting Underdocumented Populations and Communities
Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, Bridgewater State College.
West Bridgewater resident James E. Benson and Norwell resident Lloyd F. Thompson recently published "The Swedes of Greater Brockton," by Arcadia Publishing, a leading publisher of regional histories. The book chronicles the history of the Swedish population of the Greater Brockton area and is part of Arcadia’s Images of America Series. NICHOLAS BURK. State Office of Immigrants and Refugees.
LINDA COOMBS. Plimoth Plantation, Wampanoag Indian Program.
WESTY A. EGMONT. Director, Dreams of Freedom Immigrant Museum Center, Boston.
KRISTEN PETERSEN FARMELANT . Dr. Farmelant is the Executive Director of the Bay State Historical League and a lecturer in the field of immigration history and experience at Brandeis University. She researched her dissertation, "Trophies of Grace: Religious Conversion and Americanization in Boston's Immigrant Communities, 1890-1940" in Boston's many religious archives. Farmelant is also the author of "Waltham Rediscovered: An Ethnic History of Waltham, Mass." (1988).

90. Biographies
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was born in the Italian seaport of Genoa in 1451, to a family of wool weavers. As a child he helped his father at the loom and then as a young lad went to sea.
Columbus visited the courts of the kings and queens of Europe asking for help and money to find a new route to the Far East, to India, China, Japan and the Spice Islands.
Columbus knew that the world was round and realized that by sailing west, instead of east around the coast of Africa, as other explorers at the time were doing, he would still reach the East and the rich Spice Islands. Ferdinand and Isabella, the king and queen of Spain, agreed to support him.
In 1492 Columbus set sail from Spain with three ships, the Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Maria.
After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for 10 weeks, land was sighted. He landed on a small island in the Bahamas which Columbus named San Salvador. He claimed the island for the king and queen of Spain. When Columbus reached Cuba, he thought it was the mainland of Japan. Columbus returned to Spain in March 1493.
Columbus made three more journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. He thought that he had found Japan, but he was still looking for India and the wealthy cities that he believed were nearby. Columbus died still believing that he had found a new route to the East Indies.

91. Biographies
Christopher Columbus
Captain John Smith
Pilgrims and Squanto
Benjamin Franklin
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross made the first American flag is a story known by all Americans. How this came about or who she was may not be such common knowledge. When Washington became commander of the American Army, the flag that was raised was called the Grand Union flag. This flag included the thirteen red and white stripes that we still find on the American flag today and some details of the Union Jack of Britain. It was decided that a new flag was needed. One fine day in 1776, George Ross, a member of the Continental Congress, Robert Morris, a banker, and George Washington approached Betsy Ross¹ house at what is now 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. Betsy was a well-known seamstress and the three men asked her to make a flag based on a design that Washington had drawn. back
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 at Shadwell in Albemarle county, Virginia. As a member of the Continental Congress in 1776, Jefferson was chosen together with John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingstone and Roger Sherman to draft the Declaration of Independence. The most notable achievement of Jefferson's first term as President (1800) was the purchase in 1803 of Louisiana from France for 15 million dollars. Jefferson was succeeded as president in 1809 by James Madison. During the last 17 years of his life, Jefferson remained in Virginia. As the 'Sage of Monticello' he engaged in a rich correspondence with John Adams and others. Jefferson's last great public service was the founding of the University of Virginia in 1819. He died at Monticello on July 4, 1826 on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

92. Culpepper ConnectionsThe Culpepper Culpeper Family History
Family tree and extensive archives, historical stories and biographies, researcher list, family album, Category Society Genealogy Surnames C......Culpepper Coat of Arms I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpeper Catherine Howard, 5th wife of Henry VIII. Culpepper Connections!

93. Friday Connections--The Frydig/Fridig & Friday/Fryday/Fridy Family History Site:
" You Dutchmen are celebrated for fine gardens; let us go and look at yours " by Colonel Maxwell to John Fridig (1743)
The Swiss Connection!
The Frydig/Fridig Family History Site
- Learn about Friday Family History
- Meet some interesting Fridig's
- Discover your Friday ancestors
William Friday Viki Robinson
Edward Brodie Friday

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