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         Objectivism Philosophy:     more books (99)
  1. Perennial Questions of Objectivism by David Kelley, 2002-09-01
  2. The Future of Objectivism by Robert James Bidinotto, Nathaniel Branden, David Kelley Robert Poole, 2001-05-01
  3. METAETHICS: An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Thomas Carson, 2006
  4. Objectivism, Subjectivism, and Relativism in Ethics: Volume 25, Part 1 (Social Philosophy and Policy) (v. 25)
  5. Moral Philosophy Through The Ages by James Fieser, 2000-09-01
  7. Ayn Rand's Life: Highlights and Sidelights
  8. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, 1952
  9. Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics, and Praxis by Richard J. Bernstein, 1983-11-01
  10. Objectivism and the Corruption of Rationality: A Critique of Ayn Rand's Epistemology by Scott Ryan, 2003-01-27
  11. The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand by David Kelley, 2000-12-05
  12. The New Ayn Rand Companion, Revised and Expanded Edition by Mimi Reisel Gladstein, 1999-08-30
  13. Reconsidering Ayn Rand by Michael B., M.D. Yang, 2000-03-06
  14. Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology: Expanded Second Edition by Ayn Rand, 1990-04-26

41. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Peikoff"
He is author of 'objectivism The philosophy of Ayn Rand.' http// Understanding Peikoff by Robert J. Bidinotto (

42. The Ism Book: O
logician and philosopher Kurt Godel, who once said It is by viewing together anumber of facts that we come to believe in objectivism. philosophy consists of
The Ism Book: O
Objectivism realism or even for intrinsicism , in opposition to subjectivism . In the twentieth century, the novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand appropriated the term as the name for her philosophy (defined here under Randianism ). However, there have been other objectivist thinkers even in the recent past, such as the logician and philosopher Kurt Godel, who once said: "It is by viewing together a number of facts that we come to believe in objectivism. Philosophy consists of pointing things out rather than arguments." [References from conceptualism individualism intrinsicism Randianism ... relativism , and subjectivism Optimism pessimism . In this sense, for example, eudaimonism is a form of optimism. The popular usage of optimism is related to the meaning described here, but it is not as fundamental or "metaphysical". [References from Aristotelianism meliorism pessimism positivism ... realism , and transcendentalism Organicism holism , especially in popular usage, but holism simply says that all parts of reality are interconnected and does not claim that the earth or the universe is a living thing. The word organicism is sometimes used in aesthetics to refer to the idea (which goes back at least to Aristotle) that a work of art should be an "organic whole" with all its parts or aspects serving one central purpose. [Reference from panpsychism Ism Book Home Page

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Ayn Rand's objectivism the philosophy of Reason. objectivism is expressed Rand'snonfiction. objectivism The philosophy of Reason.
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44. Ayn Rand (1905-1982) Library Of Congress Citations
objectivism (philosophy) Other titles Objectivist epistemology. Branden, Nathaniel.objectivism (philosophy) Control No. 68021132 //r922 Author Rand, Ayn.

Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
: Library of Congress Citations
The Little Search Engine that Could
Down to Name Citations National Library of Canada LC Online Catalog ... Free Email from Malaspina Book Citations [First 20 Records (of 63)] Author: Rand, Ayn. Title: Anthem. Published: Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1953. Description: 105 p. 22 cm. LC Call No.: PZ3.R152 An3 Subjects: Man-woman relationships Fiction. Men Psychology Fiction. Individuality Fiction. Time travel Fiction. Psychological fiction. lcsh Science fiction. gsafd Love stories. gsafd Control No.: 52005216 /L/r95 Author: Rand, Ayn. Title: Atlas shrugged. Published: New York, Random House [1957] Description: 1168 p. 23 cm. LC Call No.: PZ3.R152 At Subjects: Science fiction. gsafd Control No.: 57010033 /L/r95 Author: Rand, Ayn. Title: We the living. Published: New York, Random House [1959] Description: 433 p. 22 cm. LC Call No.: PZ3.R152 We5 Subjects: Soviet Union History Revolution, 1917-1921 Fiction. Man-woman relationships Soviet Union Fiction. Historical fiction. gsafd Love stories. gsafd War stories. gsafd Control No.: 59005735 /L/r95 Author: Rand, Ayn. Title: For the new intellectual; the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Published: New York, Random House [1961] Description: 242 p. 21 cm. LC Call No.: PS3535.A547 A6 1961 Dewey No.: 814.52 Control No.: 61006238 /L

45. FAQ: Ayn Rand's Philosophy Of Objectivism
MessageID 5nmsdl$714$ Summary Start-up information onfinding Objectivist resources Keywords objectivism,philosophy Content-Length
FAQ: Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Objectivism
From: alt.philosophy.objectivism humanities.philosophy.objectivism sci.philosophy.meta ... news.answers Subject: FAQ: Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Objectivism Followup-To: humanities.philosophy.objectivism 5nmsdl$714$ humanities.philosophy.objectivism by request of moderator 2. Follow-up line changed to humanities.philosophy.objectivism cww ] Please sent suggestions and corrections to CUT HERE - Frequently Asked Questions Objectivism: The philosophy of Ayn Rand Author: Chris Walker Date: June 11, 1997 Questions Answered I. What is the Role of Philosophy in Human life? II. What is Objectivism? III. Who is Ayn Rand? IV. Ayn Rand and Aristotle V. Was Ayn Rand a Conservative or a Libertarian? VI. Where can one find out more about Ayn Rand's ideas? VII. What about other electronic forums where her ideas are discussed? VIII. What about audio and video recordings of Ayn Rand and others? IX. What about campus clubs? Where can I find out how to start my own? X. Bibliography of Published Articles in Academic Journals XI. Reading List on Objectivism XII. Major Objectivist Events XIII. Local Events and Groups XIV. Suggestions and Corrections Acknowledgements Based on suggestions from several users of alt.philosophy.objectivism

46. Humanities.philosophy.objectivism Administration FAQ, V1.35
humanities.philosophy.objectivism Administration FAQ, v1.35. a. What is humanities.philosophy.objectivism?b. How do I read and post to the group
humanities.philosophy.objectivism Administration FAQ, v1.35
From: (Tim Skirvin) Newsgroups: humanities.philosophy.objectivism alt.philosophy.objectivism humanities.answers alt.answers ... news.answers Subject: humanities.philosophy.objectivism hpo-faq.20030330060001$ humanities.philosophy.objectivism hpo-faq.20030406060000$ ... humanities.philosophy.objectivism ? b. How do I read and post to the group... 1. Via Usenet? 2. Via E-Mail? 3. Via the web? c. How is the group moderated? 1. What are moderation guidelines? 2. How does the moderation work? 3. What are the moderator's policies? II. So your post was rejected... a. Why was my post rejected? b. Why aren't my posts showing up on my system? c. How do I turn off confirmation messages? III. What other resources are there? a. What other sources for information on Objectivism are there? b. What is planned for the future of HPO? Appendix A: The official charter of humanities.philosophy.objectivism

47. What Is Objectivism? -- Objectivist Center -- Reason, Individualism, Achievement
What is objectivism? by William Thomas My philosophy, in essence, is the conceptof man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his
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In A Dark Wood

Stands alone in unmasking the philosophical premises that spawned environmentalism.
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What is Objectivism?
Frequently Asked Questions on Objectivism

Introductory Readings on Objectivism
Advanced Seminar
Art and Culture
From Dawn to Decadence
More Suggested Readings
What is Objectivism?
Please also see our FAQs and Ask a Question service. What is Objectivism? by William Thomas My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute. Atlas Shrugged What is Philosophy? by William Thomas Philosophy studies the fundamental nature of existence, of man, and of man's relationship to existence. … In the realm of cognition, the special sciences are the trees, but philosophy is the soil which makes the forest possible. Philosophy, Who Needs It

48. Ideas And Issues -- Objectivist Center -- Reason, Individualism, Achievement, An
articles, commentaries, reviews, interviews, audio clips and much more dealing witha wide range of subjects related to objectivism, philosophy, and cultural
At The Objectivism Store
In A Dark Wood

Stands alone in unmasking the philosophical premises that spawned environmentalism.
Save over 15%
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What is Objectivism?
Frequently Asked Questions on Objectivism

Introductory Readings on Objectivism
Advanced Seminar
Art and Culture
From Dawn to Decadence
More Suggested Readings
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49. Objectivist Philosophy - Wikipedia
objectivism (capitalized) is the name chosen by Ayn Rand for her philosophy.Some of the main Objectivist tenets are I. Objective reality.
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Objectivist philosophy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Objectivism (capitalized) is the name chosen by Ayn Rand for her philosophy. Some of the main Objectivist tenets are:
I. Objective reality
Reality is what it is, independent of our beliefs or desires. No two facts of reality can contradict each other- this is an important test of truth . Everything that exists has a specific identity and a specific nature that determines how it acts. Nature is to be explained in terms of nature, without reference to the supernatural . Everything that occurs has a material cause, and everything that exists has a material basis.
II. Reason

50. About Objectivism
justifications? Objectivist philosophy Dedicated to the advancementof objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Objectivist Groups
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About Objectivism
Guide picks All about Objectivism: criticisms, Rand, basic information and philosophy, perspectives on business, politics, science culture and art.
Business and Capitalism

Objectivist defenses of capitalism, capitalists, and business practices. Culture and Art
Objectivist views on art, literature, movies art, and other cultural products. Objectivism and Ayn Rand Objectivism - Politics and Science From the Guide: Could America soon have a libertarian stated based upon theological justifications? Objectivist Philosophy Dedicated to the advancement of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Objectivist Groups and Journals Journal advocating objective standards in arts scholarship and criticism. Opposes modernism, post-modernism, and the avant garde.

51. Love Your Life
objectivism The philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff. As a general referenceThe Ayn Rand Lexicon objectivism from A to Z, edited by Harry Binswanger.
This suggested sequence is for those who are interested in Objectivism and want to read further, and who want advice on where to start or how to proceed. This is by no means a comprehensive or definitive list of the Objectivist literature. You may learn more from the web site of the Ayn Rand Institute Blackstone Audio Books offers many of these titles for rent in unabridged audio format.
  • The Fountainhead Atlas Shrugged "Philosophy: Who Needs It" (title essay in book of same name) "Philosophy and Sense of Life" in The Romantic Manifesto "For the New Intellectual" (title essay in book of same name) "Introduction" and "The Objectivist Ethics" in The Virtue of Selfishness "The Metaphysical Versus the Man-Made" in Philosophy: Who Needs It "Causality Versus Duty" in Philosophy: Who Needs It "The Ethics of Emergencies" in The Virtue of Selfishness "The 'Conflicts' of Men's Interests" in The Virtue of Selfishness "Doesn't Life Require Compromise?" in
  • 52. Critiques Of Libertarianism: Criticisms Of Objectivism (or Ayn Rand).
    By Mike Huben.Category Society philosophy objectivism Opposing Views...... John W. Robbins Answer to Ayn Rand a critique of the philosophy of objectivism John W. Robbins Without a Prayer Ayn Rand and the Close of Her System
    Criticisms of Objectivism (or Ayn Rand).
    Part of the "Critiques of Libertarianism" site.
    Last updated 01/28/03. Ayn Rand was a truculent, domineering cult-leader, whose Objectivist pseudo-philosophy attempts to ensnare adolescents with heroic fiction about righteous capitalists.
    The Heirs Of Ayn Rand: Has Objectivism Gone Subjective?
    Scott McLemee provides a charitable overview of the history, major factions, and controversies of Objectivism. Useful background for understanding criticisms, without fawning.
    Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
    Kelley L. Ross' Friesian School biography of Rand, which is strongly critical of some of Rand's philosophical errors.
    Mrs Logic And The Law: A Critique Of Ayn Rand's View Of Government.
    Nicholas Dykes' anarcho-libertarian criticism of Rand's denuciation of anarchy.
    Libertarian Man!
    A John Bergstrom's Attack Cartoons feature that skewers some common libertarian/objectivist foibles.
    The Rights (and Wrongs) of Ayn Rand
    Robert Bass concludes that Rand's ambition exceeded her achievement. He effectively shows how all her most important arguments fail. Part of his Critiques Of Objectivism page.

    53. All About Ayn Rand: Ayn Rand's Philosophy: What Is Objectivism?
    Ayn Rand Links Buy Ayn Rand Products. Ayn Rand's philosophy What is objectivism?What is objectivism? What is philosophy? Why Does Anyone Need a philosophy?

    Ayn Rand Biography

    Ayn Rand Chronology

    Ayn Rand Bibliography

    Ayn Rand's Novels:

    Atlas Shrugged

    The Fountainhead


    We The Living

    Ayn Rand's Films

    Ayn Rand's Philosophy: What is Objectivism? Ayn Rand Links Buy Ayn Rand Products
    Ayn Rand's Philosophy: What is Objectivism?
    For more questions about Objectivism: Objectivist Center FAQs and About Objectivism service. For more information on Ayn Rand and Objectivism: The Objectivist Center and The Atlas Society This site is owned and operated by The Objectivist Center

    54. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Objectivism: The Philosophy Of Ayn Rand At Ep
    Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on objectivismThe philosophy of Ayn Rand. objectivism The philosophy of Ayn Rand,
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    Books All Categories Home Media Books
    Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
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    55. SOLO HQ: Franchising The Philosophy Of Objectivism
    Franchising the philosophy of objectivism by Barry Kayton. philosophy Students,objectivism for philosophy Students. Rand Fans, The philosophy of John Galt.

    Objectivist Projects

    Discover Freoland

    Importance Of Philosophy

    Franchising the Philosophy of Objectivism

    Also Visit:
    The Free Radical

    Importance of Philosophy
    Franchising the Philosophy of Objectivism
    by Barry Kayton
    Basking in the virtual sunshine of Galt's Gulch, contemplating the implications of Objectivist epistemology or applying the Objectivist ethics in our day to day choices, we tend to experience the philosophy of Objectivism in a deeply personal way. So it is easy to forget that Objectivism is a world view which we first encountered with curiosity or excitement or perhaps with skepticism. Whatever our individual responses were, we encountered the philosophy as an outsider leaving a world of conventional thinking and entering a world in which everything is coloured with a new, scarcely describable light. But even if we know that Objectivism is a world view that exists independently of our personal experience, it must be foreign to our minds to think of the philosophy as a product. But that is precisely what it is. Objectivism is a product that initially took the form of fiction and later expanded in the form of non-fiction. Objectivism is a product primarily of Ayn Rand's mind. But is is also a product in ongoing development at The Objectivist Center and a product offered for easier consumption here at SoloHQ.

    56. Objectivism: The Philosophy Of Ayn Rand
    Leonard Peikoff's recently published book objectivism The philosophy of Ayn Randis a philosophical masterpiece. objectivism The philosophy of Ayn Rand.
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    Appendix VI
    The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
    Leonard Peikoff's recently published book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is a philosophical masterpiece. Dr. Peikoff acknowledges that all of the principle ideas in his book originated from Ayn Rand. Peikoff, however, is the first person to pull together into a complete, integrated work the full system of Objectivism. That required enormous nitty-gritty effort and wide-scope integration. Dr. Peikoff is uniquely qualified for such a task. As a professional philosopher, Peikoff has spent his life learning about and teaching philosophy at universities. He commands a full scope of the discipline. In addition, Peikoff spent 30 years as Ayn Rand's closest associate. He spent hours upon hours discussing philosophy and Objectivism with Ayn Rand. Peikoff's probing caused Rand to bring out for further clarification crucial philosophical issues. Without Peikoff's in-depth questioning, Rand's ideas about Objectivism probably would not have been so well developed. Although Ayn Rand was a prolific writer, she never wrote a definitive treatise on Objectivism. Thus, Objectivism could never really take hold as a philosophical system and make a major impact upon civilization...not until someone exerted the enormous effort required to organize and write down a complete, hierarchically structured treatise of objectivist philosophy. That is what Leonard Peikoff has done. Objectivism now stands as a fully matured, complete philosophy with the power to change the world.

    57. Search Results For: Objectivism
    Ugly Neotech objectivism is the single philosophy beneficial to conscious beings. See'objectivism the philosophy of Ayn Rand' by Leonard Peikoff. 7 .
    New search:
    Search in: Books and Articles Comments about NT IRS Abuse Reports Deutsch Italiano Search Options Search results for: Objectivism matches were found. Below are matches 1 through 25: Rank File Excerpt Outcompete God and Government Gaining Riches by Curing Death " 2. Honesty, not Objectivism , is Fundamental Conscious beings need not understand Objectivism to discover the Civilization of the Universe. Conscious beings need only ..." Global Wealth Power! Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Objectivism : The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Leonard Peikoff's recently published book Objectivism : The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is a philosophical masterpiece. Dr. Peikoff ..." Profound Honesty Liberating Objectivism "different ideas from Objectivism ? The fundamental standard of character is honesty. What more can one ask of another's character than honesty? Virtues and values originate not from truth, knowledge, or intelligence, but from those ..." Profound Honesty Liberating Objectivism "health, happiness, and life itself. Objectivism , by contrast, is valid with no harmful aspects to attack. Thus, the Objectivist dogmatists corral powerful 'advantages' in having hog-tied a valid, rational doctrine. ..."

    58. I L O V E P H I L O S O P H Y . C O M
    When asked the question, “What is philosophy?” objectivism answers, “Man’srelationship to reality.” To understand objectivism, philosophy is then

    59. Professors
    Robert Mayhew objectivism, philosophy, Aristotle, Greek literature. Scott McConnell. LeonardPeikoff - objectivism, philosophy, philosophy of education.
    Professors, Scholars, Teachers , Writers Objectivist World Michael Berliner - Objectivist philosophy, philosophy of education Andrew Bernstein - Objectivist philosophy, business ethics Harry Binswanger - Objectivist philosophy, philosophy, consciousness, capitalism Yaron Brook - Economics, finance, business ethics Thomas A. Bowden - Legal issues, history of American law M. Norhtrup Buechner - Economics Quent Cordair - Art, painting Mark Da Cunha Eric Daniels - American History, ethics Tony Donadio Diane Durante - Art, sculpture Emmanuel Forglou - Economics Dina Garmong - Philosophy, ethics Robert Garmong - Philosophy Robert S. Getman Onkar Ghate - Philosophy, education Allan Gotthelf - Objectivism, Aristotle Frederic Hamber David Harriman - Philosophy of physics Scott Holleran - Health care Gary Hull - Objectivist philosophy, philosophy, business ethics, education, Ancient Greece Michael Hurd - Psychology Joseph Kellard Ellen Kenner - Psychology, parenting Allison T. Kunze Burgess Laughlin - History of philosophy, Aristotle Andrew Layman Peter LePort - Medicine, health care

    60. RECENT PHILOSOPHY: Objectivism & Classical Realism
    THE philosophy OF objectivism. The philosophy of objectivism is a uniqueAmerican philosophy. Its philosophical founder was Ayn Rand
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