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         Oceanography General:     more books (100)
  1. Oceanography and Seamanship by William G. Van Dorn, 1993-02
  2. Oceanography: A View of the Earth (7th Edition) by M. Grant Gross, Elizabeth Gross, 1995-11-27
  3. Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science (Cengage Advantage Books), 6th Edition by Tom S. Garrison, 2006-12-25
  4. Fundamentals of Oceanography (Essentials Version) by Keith Sverdrup, Alyn Duxbury, et all 2005-01-27
  5. Oceanography (Applied Science Review) by William Corso, Paul S. Joyce, 1995-01
  6. Invitation to Oceanography Study Guide by Paul R. Pinet, 2000-01
  7. Introductory Oceanography (10th Edition) by Harold V. Thurman, Alan P. Trujillo, 2003-12-22
  8. Oceanography: An Introduction by Dale E. Ingmanson, William J. Wallace, 1994-08-18
  9. Hydrodynamics of the Equatorial Ocean: Proceedings of the 14th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics (Elsevier Oceanography Series) by International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics 1982, Jacques C. J. Nihoul, 1983-06
  10. General Oceanography: An Introduction by Gunter Dietrich, etc., 1981-01
  11. Invitation to Oceanography by Paul Pinet, 2008-12-19
  12. Oceanography and Acoustics: Prediction and Propagation Models (Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing)
  13. Polar Seas Oceanography (Springer Praxis Books / Geophysical Sciences) by Vladimir A. Volkov, Ola M. Johannessen, et all 2002-06-15
  14. Invitation to Oceanography: Web Enhanced Edition by Paul R. Pinet, 1998-10

1. Bibliographies In Oceanography & Related Areas (for Open Access)
Bibliographies in Oceanography Related Areas These open access bibliographies bibliographic databases list published scientific research in oceanography related areas. Oceanography Biological Aspects. Oceanography Physical Aspects. oceanography general Topics
B i b l i o g r a p h i e s i n O c e a n o g r a p h y R e l a t e d A r e a s
These open access Ingenta and Infotrieve ArticleFinder . Commercially available bibliographic databases are not listed because they are not freely available. OCEANOGRAPHY: BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS


Marine Turtles

2. BUBL LINK: 551.46 Oceanography: General Resources
s....... 551.46 oceanography general resources. Titles,
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
551.46 Oceanography: general resources
Titles Descriptions
  • Aquatic Network
  • Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Thesaurus
  • Digital Globe
  • International Arctic Buoy Programme ...
  • WWW Virtual Library: Oceanography
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    Aquatic Network
    Information service for the aquatic world. Subject areas covered include aquaculture, conservation, fisheries, limnology, marine science and oceanography, maritime heritage, ocean engineering, and seafood.
    Author: Seacoast Information Services
    Subjects: aquaculture, fisheries, marine science news, naval engineering, oceanography links, oceanography news
    documents, index
    Location: usa
    Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Thesaurus
    Alphabetical list of terms used by Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts indexers to describe the content of publications. Provides broader, narrower, and related terms for each descriptor. Author: E Fagetti, D W Privett and J R L Sears Subjects: fisheries, marine science data, reference
  • 3. BUBL LINK: 551.46 Oceanography
    BUBL is an Internetbased library information service for the UK higher education community. Catalogues Category Science Earth Sciences Oceanography Libraries...... 551.46 oceanography general resources 551.46 Oceanography national centres 551.46Oceanography departments and laboratories 551.46 Oceanography journals
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    551.46 Oceanography
    See also marine biology 551.46 Oceanography: general resources
    551.46 Oceanography: national centres

    551.46 Oceanography: departments and laboratories
    551.47 Dynamic oceanography

    4. School Of Ocean & Earth Science - MSc In Oceanography General Course Information
    MSc in oceanography general Course Information. The Oceanography Mastersdegree is a multidisciplinary course of instruction and research.
    MSc Oceanography
    MSc Environmental Coastal


    MSc Ocean Remote Sensing
    Other links
    or check the site contents MSc Oceanography General information ... Admissions
    MSc in Oceanography General Course Information
    The Oceanography Masters degree is a multidisciplinary course of instruction and research. It offers the chance to broaden the science background of an undergraduate degree, while allowing advanced level specialisation in one or more aspects of the field chosen. Since Oceanography is not widely undertaken at undergraduate level, the Masters course is a conversion course, providing background material. The Masters degree is often taken by students prior to commencement of a PhD, particularly those graduates with no previous experience in Ocean and Earth Science. Other students choose to study for a Masters to augment their undergraduate qualifications prior to a career in the marine sector. The Masters courses offered with the Graduate School of Southampton Oceanography Centre are fully modular, allowing individuals to choose pathways through the course that provide academic or more vocational training, depending on the student's needs. The full Programme Specification document can be found here
    Introduction to the MSc Programme Structure
    There are several routes through our MSc Oceanography programme, depending on whether a student wishes to maintain some multidiscipliniarity, or whether a student is looking for an emphasis towards possible specialisation.

    5. Oceanography: General Info
    General Information about the Oceanography program. The Science Divisionoffers a variety of courses and programs designed to meet

    6. Oceanography Resources
    MSc in oceanography general Course Information. The Oceanography Masters degree is a multidisciplinary course of


    Oceanography Resources
    Here you'll find links to other collections of links (i.e. metalinks), a list of available numerical ocean circulation models, various educational and enlightening documents, a guide to the scattered and varied data sets available, a list of references or three, and a guide to the graphics and imaging resources available via the Web. There's also the usual list of FTP/Gopher/WWW servers at various oceanographic institutions. Forthcoming will be an expanded (i.e. enlarged and annotated) version of the reference list(s), a more thorough review and discussion of the graphics resources (perhaps with the odd example), hopefully many more educational documents, a searchable data set collection, and much, much more on the subject of ocean circulation modeling. There'll also be an eternally growing glossary of oceanography terms as part of a larger climate/paleoclimate glossary. If you're using a graphical browser then you'll notice quite a few images of sailing vessels scattered throughout these pages. These were liberated from, amongst other places, the Age of Sail Page that contains all sorts of information about sailing past and present. More drawings and pictures of

    7. Oceanography: General Info
    Search Text. Site Index. Contact Us. Home. Home Science/Math/Occupations Oceanography General Info General Information about the Oceanography program.

    8. Laboratory For Microbiological Oceanography: General Information
    Laboratory for Microbiological oceanography general Information. TheLaboratory for Microbiological Oceanography is a research unit
    Laboratory for Microbiological Oceanography:
    General Information
    The Laboratory for Microbiological Oceanography is a research unit within the recently created School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Professor David M. Karl currently serves as unit Head and co-ordinates all activities in the Laboratory. He also holds an appointment in the Department of Oceanography where he performs his academic duties including teaching and graduate student advising and an appointment in the SOEST Division of Oceanic Biology where he currently serves in the capacity of research oceanographer. Professor Karl has recently been appointed an Affiliate Faculty member of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. A brief summary of the relevant organizational units and a description of the research activities of the Laboratory for Microbiological Oceanography are presented below.
    The University of Hawaii
    The University of Hawaii is a multi-campus system of post-secondary educational institutions serving the State of Hawaii . The University of Hawaii at Manoa, on the island of Oahu, is the major comprehensive research campus with more than 24,000 students and is commonly referred to as UH-Manoa.

    9. Va Earth Science Oceanography General Content Areas
    Oceanography Content Areas. General Links Oceanography Links GeologicalSciences, Virginia Tech; Earth Science Pages Oceanography;
    Oceanography Content Areas
    General Links: (C) 2002 Department of Education, Richmond, Virginia. The Webmaster and the Department of Education assume no responsibility for the material contained within this site.

    10. CCAR Satellite Oceanography: General Info
    Copyright © 1999 Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, Department ofAerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.
    Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder Last modified: Monday, 12-Jul-1999 16:36:38 MDT Version: 0.99c


    Item #d93jan34 New journal: PalaeoclimatesData and Modelling , P.J. Valdes, J.T. Parrish, Eds.-in-Chief. Will include both geological and climatological studies, and attempt to bring together both observationalists and modelers. First issue March 1993. Free sample available from Gordon and Breach, Marketing Dept., POB 786 Cooper Sta., New York NY 10276; or POB 90, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8JL, UK. Item #d93jan35 Two items from Nature (6403), Dec. 3, 1992: "An Uplifting Experience," D. Rind (NASA Goddard Inst. Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, New York NY 10025), 414-415. Summarizes a Nov. 1992 conference on mountain uplift and climate. Greenhouse warming concerns have focused attention on the Tertiary period, when the Earth last experienced a very warm climate, but the relevance of that period to any future trace gas warming remains open. "Ice Age Atmospheric Concentration of Nitrous Oxide from an Ice Core," M. Leuenberger (Phys. Inst., Univ. Bern, Sidlerstr. 5, 3012 Bern, Switz.), U. Siegenthaler, 449-451. Atmospheric concentration of N O was about 30% lower during the Last Glacial Maximum than during the Holocene. Present-day concentrations are unprecedented in the past 45 kyr, providing evidence that recent N

    12. Paleoceanography - Vol. 16, No. 2, April 2001
    cycles (0330) 1050 Marine geochemistry (4835, 4850) 3030 Marine geology and geophysics;Micropaleontology 4267 oceanography general; Paleoceanography.

    13. Geophysical Research Letters - Vol. 27, No. 19, October 1, 2000ä
    keywords 4223 oceanography general; Descriptive and regional oceanography 4243Marginal and semienclosed seas 4512 Oceanography physical; Currents PDF.

    14. FCCJ College Catalog 2001-2002 - Oceanography: General (OCE)
    FCCJ Main Page, OCE oceanography general. OCE 2001 Survey of Oceanography.OCE 2001L Oceanography Laboratory College Credit Course
    OCE - Oceanography: General OCE 2001 Survey of Oceanography OCE 2001L Oceanography Laboratory
    College Credit Course Descriptions
    Catalog Contents ... FCCJ

    15. FCCJ College Catalog 2000-2001
    20002001 Catalog. oceanography general.
    2000-2001 Catalog Oceanography: General
    OCE 2001 Survey of Oceanography

    OCE 2001L Oceanography Laboratory

    College Credit Course Descriptions
    Catalog Contents ... FCCJ

    16. General Oceanography
    General Oceanography This page contains no details on this topic, but you are welcometo contact our experts, follow the related links, or use the search links

    17. FCCJ: OCE (Oceanography: General) Spring 2000 Schedule
    Online FCCJ Schedule
    OCE - Oceanography: General
    Index Search AST CHM ... SOP OCE2001 Survey of Oceanography 3 Credits
    Fee: $15

    Prerequisite: MAT 1033. Corequisites: MAC 1140 and OCE 2001L. Students will benefit by taking high school chemistry and/or physics prior to enrolling in this course. This course consists of an introductory, comprehensive treatment of physical, chemical and geological aspects of our oceans. Three contact hours. Ref. No Location Times Days Session Dates Instructor SOUTH CAMPUS 1-4 PM S MOODY OCE2001L Oceanography Laboratory 1 Credits
    Fee: $15

    Corequisite: OCE 2001. This is a laboratory course intended to supplement Survey of Oceanography and includes field trips for application of oceanographic techniques. Three contact hours (laboratory). Ref. No Location Times Days Session Dates Instructor SOUTH CAMPUS 9 AM-NOON S MOODY Index Search AST CHM ... SOP SEARCH the FCCJ Online Schedule Interest Area: ALL ARCHITECTURE, DRAFTING AND DESIGN AUTOMOTIVE AND TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY AVIATION BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMMUNICATIONS AND LITERATURE COMMUNICATIONS, COMPOSITION AND LITERATURE

    18. WHOI Sea Grant Publications: Oceanography
    WHOI Sea Grant's Online Publications Catalog. oceanography general.Theme Booklet Environmental Technologies WHOI Sea Grant 4 pp
    Overview Coastal Processes Fisheries and Aquaculture Marine Policy ... Order Form WHOI Sea Grant's On-line Publications Catalog Oceanography: General
    Theme Booklet: Environmental Technologies
    WHOI Sea Grant
    4 pp., 2000 WHOI-G-00-006
    Also available online:
    Learn more of WHOI Sea Grant's investment in environmental technologies which has resulted in the development of new tools for analyzing and interpreting the effects of toxic chemicals on the reproduction, development, and disease defenses in marine animals and for detecting the presence of harmful algal species before bloom conditions occur. A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods.
    Epilogue: Oyster Pond Three Decades of Change
    Only available on loan from the National Sea Grant Depository or for purchase from Oyster Pond Environmental Trust, P.O. Box 496, Woods Hole, MA 02543.
    Emery, K.O., B.L. Howes, and S.R. Hart

    19. General Oceanography
    General Oceanography. see also Water Waves. Apel, JR Principles of OceanPhysics. London Academic Press, 1987. 634 p. $69.95. Brekhovskikh
    General Oceanography
    see also Water Waves Apel, J.R. Principles of Ocean Physics. London: Academic Press, 1987. 634 p. $69.95. Brekhovskikh, L. and Lysanov, Y. Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics, 2nd ed. Broecker, Wallace Smith and Peng, Tsung-hung. Tracers in the Sea. Palisades, NY: Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Columbia University, 1982. 690 p. Out of print. $?. Cornish, Vaughan. Ocean Waves and Kindred Geophysical Phenomena. Cambridge: The University Press 1934. 163 p. Defant, Albert. Berlin: New York: Springer-Verlag, 1953. 119 p. Defant, Albert. Physical Oceanography, 2 vols. New York: Pergamon Press, 1961. Gill, Adrian, E. Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics. New York: Academic Press, 1982. $56. Gross, Meredith Grant. Oceanography, a View of the Earth, 3rd ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1982. 472 p. $78.67. Ingmanson, Dale E. and Wallace, William J. Oceanography: An Introduction, 3rd ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1985. 495 p. $78.95. Jensen, Finn B.; Kuperman, William A.; Schmidt, Henrik; Portor, Michael B. Computational Ocean Acoustics.

    20. Index Terms1996
    trace element composition 3675 Sedimentary petrology 3694 Instruments and techniques3699 General or miscellaneous 4200 oceanography general 4203 Analytical
    Index Terms
    Back to Hydrology Section Home Page
    0305 Aerosols and particles
    0310 Airglow and aurora
    0315 Biosphere-atmosphere interactions
    0320 Cloud physics and chemistry
    0325 Evolution of the atmosphere
    0330 Geochemical cycles
    0335 Ion chemistry of the atmosphere
    0340 Middle atmospherecomposition and chemistry
    0345 Pollutionurban and regional 0350 Pressure, density, and temperature 0355 Thermospherecomposition and chemistry 0360 Transmission and scattering of radiation 0365 Tropospherecomposition and chemistry 0370 Volcanic effects 0394 Instruments and techniques 0399 General or miscellaneous 1800 HYDROLOGY 1803 Anthropogenic effects 1803 Anthropogenic effects 1806 Chemistry of fresh water 1809 Desertification 1812 Drought 1815 Erosion and sedimentation 1818 Evapotranspiration 1821 Floods 1824 Geomorphology 1827 Glaciology 1830 Groundwater 1833 Hydroclimatology 1836 Hydrologic budget 1839 Infiltration 1842 Irrigation 1845 Limnology 1848 Networks 1851 Plant ecology 1854 Precipitation 1857 Reservoirs 1860 Runoff and streamflow 1863 Snow and ice 1866 Soil moisture 1869 Stochastic processes 1872 Transport 1875 Water balance 1878 Water-energy interactions 1881 Water quality 1884 Water supply 1894 Instruments and techniques 1899 General or miscellaneous 3300 METEOROLOGY AND ATMOSPHERIC DYNAMICS 3304 Atmospheric electricity 3309 Climatology 3314 Convective processes 3319 General circulation 3324 Lightning 3329 Mesoscale meteorology 3334 Middle atmosphere dynamics

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