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         Oceanography Scuba Diving Safety & Regulations:     more detail

41. Reef Links
National Federation of Charter Skippers UK diving UK scuba Reef Research Earth ScienceUniversity of Southampton Southampton oceanography Centre European
Marine biology
Marine Biology Web WWW Virtual Library: Oceanography WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences Animal behaviour links ... Fishing and aquaculture links (Stirling Institute of Aquaculture)
FishLink (aquaculture and fisheries information)
IntraFish (Norwegian aquaculture news service)
The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour The Crustacean Society The Fisheries Society of the British Isles ... American Fisheries Society Artificial reefs
* New books *
Artificial reefs in European seas . Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 508pp. ISBN 0-7923-5845-7
Seaman, W., Jr. (Ed.) (2000) Artificial reef evaluation with application to natural marine habitats. CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, Florida. 246 pp.
Jensen, A.C. (ed.) (1997) European artificial reef research . Proceedings of the first EARRN conference, March 1996 Ancona, Italy. Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton. 449pp.
European Artificial Reef Research Network
Seventh International Conference on Artificial Reefs and Related Aquatic Habitats
Loch Linnhe Artificial Reef Project , Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory
Reef Ball Foundation , an international environmental nonprofit group
Reef Ball shared web resources More artificial reef links (Reef Ball Development Group)
UK marine science institutes [Clickable map]
Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology (includes database of UK research and survey vessels)

42. Scientific Diving Links
National Federation of Charter Skippers UK diving UK scuba. Back to diving index EarthScience University of Southampton Southampton oceanography Centre European
Scientific Diving Links Diving in SOES
What we do


Dive team

Diving links
Scientific diving
UK Marine Science Institutes SOES Reef Research Group NERC Centre for Diving (under 'Dunstaffnage Laboratory, Facilities') Archaeological Diving Unit Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology SUT Underwater Science Group (represents UK scientific divers) Scientific Diving Supervisory Committee (represents employers of UK scientific divers)
Safety and rescue
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency Royal National Lifeboat Institution Health and Safety Executive Diving at Work Regulations, 1997 (the law on employed diving in the UK)
Diving medicine
British Hyperbaric Association Diving Diseases Research Centre , Plymouth Hyperbaric Medicine Unit , Aberdeen Undersea Medicine Division , Institute of Naval Medicine (Royal Navy) Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (Canada) Navy Experimental Diving Unit (US Navy) Diving medicine (by E. Kay M.D.) Divers Alert Network, Europe
Diver training
HSE list of approved qualifications for scientific and archaeological diving The Underwater Centre, Fort William

43. Scuba Diving Equipment At
Physiology and Medical Aspects of scuba diving •Aquaholic scuba Physics Buoyancy FleetNumerical Meteorology and oceanography Center (Monterey
Home Storefront NITROX Resources Resources
The Essentials
Bill's Favorite Hal's Favorites Dive Sites ... Additional Resources
The Essentials
DAN - Divers Alert Network
Every Diver needs this insurance
Dive Rite

Sea Grant - Beach Divers maps

Scuba Pro

to the top

Bill's Favorites
Nitrox FAQ
IANTD Scuba Dive Training Agency Nitrox EANx Trimix Oxygen Welcome To Technical Diving International. immersed: The International Technical Diving Magazine ... to the top Hal's Favorites HydroFlex,Inc. - Underwater Camera and Lighting Society of Camera Operators Gates Underwater Products Underwater Video Housing ... to the top Dive Sites Eccotour Channel Islands Dive Sites Bruce Wicklund's "Boating and Diving Catalina Island" SSN Catalina DiveInfo CC Marine Reserves Around Catalina Island ... to the top Charter Boats Great Escape Charters Diving Charters, Inc. Boat Trips on the Sand Dollar

44. Explorers Dive Club - Scuba Links
oceanography, Conservation, Environmental. New Jersey scuba diving; scuba Central;scubaDuba Humor, photo NJ Council of diving Clubs - Gets involved with clubs
Scuba Links
Dive Medicine and Emergency Services
Publications - Printed and Online
Dive Boats
Dive Training

45. Sea Scouting: Program Ideas
careers in marine industry, oceanography, resort operation the history and developmentof scuba diving, review state competition in swimming, diving, or water
Program Ideas
Suggested Program Ideas
The program of Sea Scout ships matches the interests of young adults with the resources and adult expertise of their chartered organization. The following suggested ideas are specific elements that your Sea Scout ship leaders might use when planning a well balanced program around Sea Scouting's six experience areas.
Programs that feature a better understanding and appreciation of America's social, economic, and governmental systems through insight and practical experiences in careers. SUGGESTED TOPICS: sport fishing, boating sales, boating service, marina operations, commercial fishing, boating equipment sales, boating maintenance, careers in marine industry, oceanography, resort operation, marine biology, salvage, emergency services, water skiing/scuba instruction, marine related government agencies, aquarium operation, fishery research and management, water pollution control, maritime occupations, and aquatic sports training.
Activities for preparation to give leadership and fulfill their responsibility to their community, society, and to all the people of the world through a deeper pride in the promise of America and an understanding that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

46. Dayo Scuba Diving Resources And Links
Corporation Scripps Institution of oceanography SDI scuba Florida scuba News Rodale'sscuba diving scubaDuba scuba Skin Diver Online Dive Show scuba Spots.
Dayo Scuba
( These listings DO NOT constitute an endorsement by Dayo Scuba ) Contents Dive Related Organizations
Diving Software


Local Links Page
General Online Shopping
Dive Related Organizations
Active Divers Assoc., So FL
American Nitrox Divers International
Bioluminesence Web Page
This site is a comprehensive guide to everything that sparkles in the sea, from dinoflagellates to dragonfish.
Cambrian Foundation
Dedicated to Research, Education, Preservation, and Exploration of the Aquatic Realm.
Cave Diver's Forum
CDS Cave Diving Section of NSS CEDAM CGA Compressed Gas Association Coral Reef Alliance A ocean environment based conservation save our reefs! Diver's Alert Network DEMA DIWA Diving Instructor World Association DRI Dive Rescue International ER Extended Range Organization Fish Catalog Look up fish name Regulations. Lobster Season: August 6 thru March 31 Florida Marine Fisheries Fishes common to the Gulf and Atlantic.

47. Scuba Instruction And Certification Courses Information
material from related sciences, eg, oceanography, limnology, geology (May be forskin or scuba divers Coverage is to include skin diving techniques, hazards and
Dive Courses Information
Contact us
for schedules of any of the following courses. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Scuba Diver Prerequisites The adventure begins! Imagine watching the water level move up your mask as you slowly go below the surface - and continue to breathe! It's the most exciting feeling imaginable. The NAUI Scuba Diver course will teach you everything you need to know to independently and competently scuba dive with a buddy - on your own to explore and discover. Course price $250 Private Instruction $495 by appointment. Advanced Scuba Diver Prerequisites Let the adventure continue! apply your scuba skills as you explore new dive sites and activities under the supervision and continuing training of your NAUI Instructor. Learn which diving specialties interest you, and what type of diving you enjoy most. Gain more confidence and capability. Begin to consider the direction diving will take you, as you go for everything it has to offer. Course price $265 3 beach dives, 3 boat dives or $310 all dives from a boat

48. "Diving Into The Great White North"
crew size is three, and scuba is not for any operation, inshore or offshore, for divingsafety. . Defense, offshore surveys, and oceanography are also important

UnderWater Magazine
Article reprint: Summer 1999
"Diving Into the Great White North"
By Madalyn Russell

Presumably, as the fortunes of a nation’s economy go, so go the fortunes of its underwater industry. Canada has many exceptions to the rule. Its underwater-related businesses are broadly diverse, with the offshore oil and gas market being a staple user community. A recent opinion piece in the Montreal Gazette states that "the 1990s have not been kind to Canada. It’s been a time of slow economic growth, drastic cutbacks in public services, falling living standards and high unemployment rates. When compared to the red-hot economy and stock market south of the border, our performance looks even worse." The writer puts responsibility for economic problems at the feet of Canadian governments who "borrowed themselves into near-bankruptcy over the preceding 20 years." He blames "debts and taxes" and contends that the recession of the early part of this decade would have been far worse had it not been for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the access it offered to the U.S. market. The good news is that in October 1998 Finance Minister Paul Martin announced that, for the fiscal year 1997-1998, for the first time in 28 years, the Government of Canada recorded a budget surplus ($3.5 billion). At that time, he predicted three consecutive years of balanced budgets and said that Canada was in a good position to withstand the turmoil of the international economy.

49. Scuba Diving Classes From DiveQuarters
course introduces the novice to underwater scuba diving. techniques used in researchdiving and covers overview, water movement, and history of oceanography.
This course introduces the novice to underwater scuba diving. Upon completion, the
student will meet the standard requirements established by PADI to buy air fills,
equipment and other diving services; engage in recreational diving without the super-
vision of an instructor; plan, conduct and log open-water, no-decompression dives in
conditions comparable to, or better than, those during training.
Requirements: 18 hours class/pool. 4 dives
Prerequisites: Students must be 12 years old to receive a PADI Junior Open Water
Costs: Tuition: $129 (Includes books, certification card, rentals for class
and open water use. Student must provide fins, mask, snorkel, boots, gloves, weight
belt, weight, hood and two passport-size photos. Price varies.) Advanced Open Water certification means that the student can successfully plan, conduct and log open-water, no-decompression dives in conditions comparable to, or better than, those during Basic Open Water training to depths as deep as 100 feet. Requirements: 3 hours class. 2 core or required dives; a navigation dive and a deep

50. Welcome To Illinois Institute Diving, Your Dive Center!  Information & Dates On
material from related sciences, eg, oceanography, limnology, geology May be for skinor scuba divers.). Coverage will include skin diving techniques, hazards and
Specialty Classes at IID! Night Diver This course is to provide the diver with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize the experience and enjoyment and to minimize the risks of diving at night. (May be for skin or scuba divers.)
Coverage is to include planning and preparation, night diving equipment, procedures, problems, hazards, navigation and buddy system techniques. PREREQUISITES FOR ENTERING THE COURSE Certified or Junior Certification COMPLETION FOR CERTIFICATION 2 Night Dives Cost $199.00
Dry Suit Diver
Dry suit diving has become increasingly popular in recent years. While dry suits were once used almost exclusively for situations such as ice diving or deep wreck diving, many sport divers are now using dry suits regularly for every day sport dives all over the world. Material technology, valve design, and zipper reliability have all improved to a point where dry suits deliver greater value per dollar for cold and temperate water diving. This course is to provide the diver with a basic understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to minimize risks and maximize the experiences in dry suit diving. It will train scuba divers to properly use and maintain dry suits. By learning proper dry suit use and maintenance, you will extend your opportunities for diving to year-round. Dry suits also can increase the number of comfortable dives you can do per day, lower your air consumption, and expand your enjoyment PREREQUISITES FOR ENTERING THE COURSE

51. Sea Inn - Links
UNCLASSIFIED Fleet Numerical Meteorology and oceanography Center. Great oceansite with a scuba diving section. From the Technical diving Community Bubble

52. Oceanographic Expeditions, Involving Scuba Divers In The Adventure Of Oceanograp
The team's safety is the first consideration copy of a current, nationally recognizeddiving certification as epidemics, medical or customs regulations or from
GENERAL INFORMATION, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS Oceanographic Expeditions L.L.C. works hard to provide its teammembers with professionally run, hassle-free expeditions at a fair cost. However, expeditions are, by nature, strongly influenced by transportation, weather, personnel, animal life, accommodations, and many ofther factors. They are very much like safaris and require you to accept some risks as part of the expedition adventure. Because of this, some ground rules are necessary for everyone's benefit. Be assured that we will work with you whenever possible to reconcile any problems as quickly and fairly as we can. Applications: Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-considered basis. Oceanographic Expeditions reserves the right to deny participation to any applicant it deems unqualified. Should application be denied, deposit will be returned in full. Reservations: All rates are quoted in U.S. dollars payable to Oceanographic Expeditions L.L.C. (hereafter referred to as OE). Rates are per person and based on double occupancy. After your application is accepted, a confirmation will be sent to you showing the deposit you have paid and invoicing balance due. Payments made to OE, or a sponsoring organization, must be paid by cash, check or money order. Deposit: $500.00 per person is required at time of booking. Payment of a deposit constitutes acceptances of these Terms and Conditions.

53. The Divers' Domain - Scuba Diving Clubs
Meeting Place Sumner Auditorium, Scripps Institution of oceanography, LaJolla, CA comOur purpose as a nonprofit scuba club is to promote safe diving . .

Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado ... Florida Florida Keys Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts ... Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York ... North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Crolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia ... Wisconsin Wyoming
ALABAMA Southeastern States Underwater Recovery Team
Opelika, AL
Meeting Times: Monthly
Meeting Place: Varies
Web Address:
Please contact us prior to meetings, for Rules, Application, and Release.
ARIZONA Arizona Scuba Club Phoenix, Arizona Meeting Times: Third Tuesday of Every Month Meeting Place: Best Western Executive Park Hotel, 1100 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ Contact: We are an independent Scuba club with an expanding membership of about one hundred individuals, which spans the entire spectrum of age and diving experience. We are dedicated to promoting a SAFE, FUN diving experience, through an extensive continuing education program and a variety of diving opportunities. New members are always very welcome. Desert Dolphins SCUBA Diving Club Tucson, Arizona

54. Artificial Reefs, Coral, Diving, Fishing And Conservation / Ecology Links
Just Another scuba Page; Aquanet; Eric's scuba Page (Washington diving in Australia!INDEXES AND SEARCHING TOOLS oceanography Index; The Amazing Environmental
Artificial Reefs, Coral, Diving, Fishing and Conservation / Ecology Links
Here's our list of reef resources links. As other artificial reefs sites hit the Web, we will continue to offer you one place to find them all. Have a suggestion? Send us an e-mail.

55. Appendix D
AquariumMuseum for Scripps Institution of oceanography The Stephen 5 The use ofdeep diving systems in deep sea conditions - SV Benech 7 scuba to submersibles
Appendix D:
American Academy of Underwater Sciences Bibliography
Key Proceedings title Editor 1 Diving for Science... 81 Abstracts 2 Diving for Science... 82 Abstracts 3 Diving for Science... 83 Abstracts 4 Diving for Science... 84 Abstracts 5 AAUS/CMAS Diving for Science... 85 Proceedings C.T. Mitchell 5a AAUS/CMAS Diving for Science... 85 Proceedings Addendum C.T. Mitchell 6 Diving for Science... 86 Proceedings C.T. Mitchell 7 Cold Water Diving for Science... 1987 Proceedings M.A. Lang 7a Special Session on Cold Water Diving Proceedings M.A. Lang and C.T. Mitchell 8 Advances in Underwater Science... 1988 M.A. Lang 8a AAUS Dive Computer Workshop Proceedings M.A. Lang and R.W. Hamilton 9 Diving for Science... 1989 Proceedings M.A. Lang and W.C. Jaap 9a Biomechanics of Safe Ascents Workshop Proceedings M.A. Lang and G.H. Egstrom
1 A computerized dive log system - Paul Heinmiller 1 Model safe practices manual for diving operations and model training record - Phil Sharkey 1 Scientific diving now and then - Andreas Rechnitzer 3 Reciprocity of diving safety regulations - Lloyd F. Austin 6 A proposed Florida State University System statewide research diving program G. Stanton 6 Developing and securing adequate medical advice and supervision for university academic underwater educational research operations - W.T. Kepper 6 Scientific diving programs: Problems, solutions and nonsolutions - L.H. Somers 7 Reciprocity between research diving agencies: A working model.- G. Stanton 7 The diving locker as library: Building a special collection on diving and diver safety for a scientific diving institution - M. Rioux 8 A unified campus-wide diving program - Gregg R. Stanton 8 Diving into computers: "Microcomputerizing" a scientific diving program - Margaret A. Rioux 9 Codes of practice for manned submersibles - John Pritzlaff and Phil Sharkey 9 The university based diving locker - Gregg Stanton

56. CS Manual Pre-cruise Requirements
the Scripps Institution of oceanography of the technicians and the Explosive SafetyPanel will scuba diving scuba diving is a normal part of oceanographic
Ships Marine Facility Ship Tech Support Schedules ... Chief Scientist's Manual
Chief Scientist: Scheduling:
The on-line submission of a Ship Time Request Form (NSF-UNOLS Ship Time Request Form) initiates scheduling and planning for a cruise. This form contains information that is needed to determine specific scheduling requirements and to help ship personnel and support groups to prepare for the cruise. If you do not ask for certain equipment on this form, it may not be on the ship when you want it. Therefore, please be sure that the form is filled out completely, with any extra notes or comments necessary, and if changes in plan occur, a new updated form should be submitted. This is the same form submitted with NSF proposals (NSF Form 831) and it should also be used to initiate scheduling for projects funded by other agencies. Scheduling of the Scripps ships is done by the ship scheduler , under overall guidance from the associate director. As a member of

57. Seatizen Boating And Diving News Archive
the Mayan Coral Reef off Cozumel • THAILANDdiving Fun for Welcome to scuba Paradise againstplant infestations • SWEDEN NASA brings oceanography to life
Search for... Companies Web Sites Boats Specs Destinations News Marine Webcams Boats for Sale Boat Shows Images Forum Messages SeatizenPro Directory Travel News ... Home > News Archive SERVICES DATABASE Yellow Pages Boat Owner Services Consumer Resources Boat Catalog ... Weather MARKETPLACES Classifieds Boating Auctions Request for Quotation BUSINESS SOLUTIONS News Studies Live Stock Quotes Marine Jobs COMMUNITY Forum Charter Sharing Chat SEATIZENSHIP Member Services Personalize Seatizen Site Map Seatizen as Homepage
Articles by category
Boatyards and Boatbuilding
New Zealander wins Concept Boat competition
Vandalism to drive boatbuilder away?

Grand Banks 42 Classic Shares Silver Screen With Legendary Actor Clint Eastwood

America's-Cup: das Versteckspiel ist vorbei
CZECH REPUBLIC: Brno yacht producer makes waves.

Business Talk
West Marine sales report mixed
Billionaire Bertarelli is plotting perfect course Swiss tycoon uses business
NEW ZEALAND: British trade delegation in Auckland hoping to encourage partnerships between UK and NZ Marine industry supplier reports record sales and earnings ... WHOLESALE DOLLAR BOAT SALES UP 3.6 PERCENT IN 2002

58. SBCC 2002-2003 Catalog
scuba diving, physical and biological oceanography, scientific research refreshertraining at the scuba diver level establish proficiency due to diving activity

59. South Florida Divers, Inc. SCUBA Club Website Of The Month Web Links
to get their feet wet in the field of oceanography. salts will find lots of boatingsafety information. this site is to catalog the scuba diving and snorkeling
Home About News Links ... Mail USEFUL LINKS
South Florida Divers, Inc.

Compiled by Debby Bradford Auchter
CONTENTS Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems Maritime Heritage Program DiveWorld Travel: Everything you need DeeperStuff: Technical Wreck Diver ... What fish is that? March
This wonderful site, , is brought to you by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. When we think of Florida diving, most of us think of warm coral reefs swarming with tropical fish, but a visit to this month's website lets you explore an entirely different underwater environment. This site is rich with resources, beginning with how springs form and a look at some of the residents of a spring. Club members going on the Manatee trip should spend a little time here first in order to be able to identify what you will see. Life from manatees to birds to reptiles and even insects and plants are discussed and illustrated with beautiful photographs. Enjoy a virtual expedition with filmaker and cave diving legend Wes Skiles as he takes you from Karst Country through the aquifer, from cave diving to paddling. Learn how sinkholes are the "windows" to the aquifer. Find out what is being done to protect our springs, and how you can help.

60. Special University Programs
of marine sciences, including oceanography, marine biology offers instruction in SCUBAdiving and research contact Liz Kintzing, diving safety officer, through
Special University Programs
This section describes interdisciplinary study opportunities; preprofessional programs (prelaw, premed/prehealth); off-campus, foreign study, and exchange programs; and other special academic programs at UNH. Interdisciplinary Programs
Earth, Oceans, and Space


Intercollege Courses

International Affairs
War and Peace Studies
Preprofessional Programs

Premedical/Prehealth Care Professional
Off-Campus Programs
UNH/UNHM Cross Registration

Consortium (NHCUC) Student Exchange Program

New England Subdegree Exchange Program
Exchange Programs within the U.S. Study Abroad Programs Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain Other Programs Honors Program Reserve Officer Training Corps Programs Undergraduate Research Opportunities International Research Opportunities In addition to programs listed above, the following interdisciplinary programs may be found under their separate colleges and schools: African American studies minor American studies minor Asian studies minor Biology Canadian studies minor Community development Dual degrees Environmental and resource economics Environmental conservation Environmental engineering minor General studies Genetics minor History and philosophy of science minor Humanities major and minor Hydrology Independent study and projects in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Interdisciplinary mathematics (5 options) Justice studies minor Latin American studies minor

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