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         Ohio Ptas Ptos:     more detail

1. Brown Interview
His sources of information include school superintendents, ptas, and ptos. Whileon the Board, he observed an antinorthern ohio, anti-Cleveland attitude
VIRGIL E. BROWN, JR. CANDIDATE FOR STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Virgil Brown is a native Clevelander born in 1945 who attended Cleveland public schools. He graduated from CWRU in physics, attended the graduate school of business, and graduated law school cum laude from CSU. He resides in Shaker Heights, where his daughters attend Hathaway Brown School. He is an attorney in private practice which concentrates on civil law, bankruptcy, probate, and real estate. Brown was appointed to the State Board of Education by Governor Voinovich in 1991. He reports that he was never called or influenced by the governor after his appointment. He was elected to a full term in 1992. After serving that term, he ran unsuccessfully for County Treasurer. He is seeking election now because he ``thoroughly enjoyed'' being on the State Board, and found it ``challenging, interesting work.'' When on the Board, he made it a point to meet with PTAs, PTOs, and superintendents throughout the district. They were surprised, because they were not usually visited by their State Board representative. His communication bridged the gap. Brown was on the statewide task force to study the original DeRolph decision. He tried to guide the State Board on whether to appeal or not appeal. He voted not to appeal. He supports the DeRolph decision, and thinks that it is ``correct.'' As a State Board member, he has visited districts that have tables in a hallway for a library, and former coal rooms used as classrooms. He thinks that the current funding system should be revised, as it is not ``reliable, adequate, or fair.''

2. Understanding Ohio's Sunshine Law
Opinions of the ohio Attorney General 94096.). Entities such as booster clubs, ptas and ptos, which are not created
Understanding Ohio's SunshineLaw
An update covering Ohio's Sunshine Law
as it applies to Ohio boards of education
Ohio's Sunshine Law (Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22), requires that all acts and most deliberations of boards of education and other public bodies, as well as their committees and sub-committees, be conducted in public meetings. Since its enactment in 1975, the Sunshine Law has been a continuing source of inquiry and litigation for boards of education. This brochure attempts to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Sunshine Law as it applies to public boards of education. 1. To what entities does the Sunshine Law apply?
The Sunshine Law has always applied to boards of education. The law also applies to any committee or sub-committee of a board of education. 2. What is a committee or a sub-committee to which the Sunshine Law applies?
Since the law does not define what is a committee or sub-committee, we must wait for the slow process of having courts develop a definition on a case-by-case basis.
Until this occurs, some limitations on a definition can be inferred. A committee or sub-committee created by board action would seem to clearly be covered by the law. If the committee is named by the superintendent, arguably it is not a committee or sub-committee of the board to which the law applies. (

3. Statewide Laws Of Life Essay Contest
Statewide Laws of Life Essay Contest What is the Laws of Life Essay Contest? an important component in developing the character of ohio youth. The Laws of Life program integrates such as service groups, ptos and ptas, or other community businesses and
Info on entering the statewide contest 2003 Start-up grant application
2002 winning essays

2001 winning essays
Statewide Laws of Life Essay Contest What is the Laws of Life Essay Contest?
The Laws of Life essay contest was created by Sir John Templeton in 1987 to encourage young people to reflect and write about their “laws of life” or the core values and ideals by which they live their life. The Templeton Foundation provides encouragement and technical assistance to local schools and communities that wish to sponsor contests. OPCE has embraced this program as an important component in developing the character of Ohio youth.
How will a Laws of Life Essay Contest benefit schools or communities? By sponsoring a contest, schools and communities communicate to their youth that they believe ethical and moral development is important. Research tells us that students who reflect and think about ideas learn them at a deeper level. And, t

4. Beyond Parent Involvement : January/February 2003 | PTO Today
families in school decisions and governance through ptas/ptos and other parent organizations.A Parent Council at the West Carrollton (ohio) Early Childhood
Beyond Parent Involvement
Partnership model brings school, family, and community together to build student achievement
By Michelle Bates Deakin But Falk wanted to reach out beyond the ring of usual suspects: upper-income parents with high-achieving kids. And he wasn’t just looking for involvement in the PTA. The former research chemist turned stay-at-home dad was hoping to get parents intimately involved in the school’s curriculum with an eye toward improving the performance of all the students, whether they spoke English or one of the school’s nine other languages: Bulgarian, Cambodian, Chinese, French, Khmer, Pakistani, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. For a model of how to involve parents in improving schools, Falk and the administration of Park Avenue Elementary turned to the National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University. The group provided a road map for Park Avenue to follow. The plan showed the school how to create five “action teams” for reading, writing, math, behavior, and partnerships. And in just four years the results of those teams have been dramatic. Standardized test scores have risen, and behavior problems with children have dwindled, with suspensions all but disappearing. Communication between parents and teachers has flourished, with multilingual volunteers sending newsletters and making phone calls to parents each month. “The Network pointed the way for us,” says Falk. “It allowed us to go menu shopping and look at what other schools have done and what’s worked.”

5. O R G A N I Z A T I O N , C O S T & P A R T N E R S
Corporate and foundation leaders. ptas, ptos. Artists Media. ohio Alliance for Arts Education. ohio Arts Council

6. The Accidental Activist
Take a Zero on ohio Proficiency Tests Just Say NO to ohio Proficiency Tests OPTOut of ohio Proficiency Tests These may include ptas or ptos Real estate
The Accidental Activist
So, you never thought you'd find yourself picketing at a protest rally at the state house? Well, neither did we. But when we found a cause we felt so strongly about, we found ourselves doing all sorts of things we had never imagined. If picketing is not for you, that's alright. Write a letter, tell a friend. The important thing is just to spread the word. Here's a list of all sorts of activities you can become involved with. Now what are you waiting for? Pick one and get started!
EDUCATE YOURSELF This website is filled with information and links to other sites which provide the history of Ohio Proficiency Tests, results and evaluations of Ohio Proficiency Tests and other standardized testing, experts in the area, and good educational practices based in sound research.
While you're at it, if you've never seen the Ohio Proficiency Tests, download them from the Ohio Department of Education website or you can request them for a copying charge of $.05 per page. Oh, have some fun with it. See how well you do on it. Give it to friends and peers and see how they score. Then ask yourself: Is this developmentally and educationally appropriate for our children? Does this truly measure the academic skills and learning processes that we desire for our children? Should this single test be used to make high-stakes decisions such as grade advancement and graduation? Does this provide such important and new information that it justifies the time and expense spent on it? And who made up those test questions anyway?

recently attended a meeting of the ohio Coalition for the Education of Children With Representatives from building ptas, ptos, and PTSAs form the Curriculum Liaison Council

8. Multistate Tax Commission
ohio. Agency Dept. of Taxation. School Groups (eg, clubs, bands, teams) Exempt.ptas - Exempt. ptos - Exempt. Other parent groups - Exempt. (please identify).
Ohio Agency: Dept. of Taxation Contact Person: Bill Marshall Tel. No.: (614) 466-4810 Fax No.: (614) 466-4977
  • If your State exempts fundraising sales by certain groups from sales or use taxes, please indicate which of the following are exempt in your State. Public Schools (K-12) - Exempt Private Schools (K-12) - Exempt School Groups (e.g., clubs, bands, teams) -Exempt PTAs - Exempt PTOs - Exempt Other parent groups - Exempt (please identify) Church Groups - Exempt Youth Sports Leagues - Taxable 501 (c)(3) organizations - Exempt 501 (c)(6) organizations - Taxable Other (specify:) Sales by churches and non-profit charitable organizations are not subject to tax unless the number of days on which such sales are conducted exceeds six in any calendar year. If so, subsequent sales are taxable. When counting sales made by different groups within a church or organization all shall be considered to be made by the church or organization. Exception - When sales are made by different groups within primary and secondary schools and by PTA's/PTO's, booster groups and similar organizations that raise money to support curricular or extra-curricular activities, all shall not be considered sales of the school. Sales conducted by these organizations shall be counted separately for purposes of the six day limitation. Each of the school related organizations may sell up to and including six per calendar year without having to collect tax. 1a Are local sales and use taxes in your State applied to these groups in the same manner as State sales and use taxes are applied to these groups?
  • 9. Photothon :: Learn How To Host A Fundraising Photothon
    Schools and school related organizations, including ptas, ptos, alumni associations websiteand name are owned by LLC, an ohio limited liability
    to, your Photo Fundraising
    Thank you for visiting's 'Learn More' page. Here you will discover that posting photos of your events, special occasions and even day-to-day activities to Photothon Albums is an easy and effective way to connect with friends, family and supporters. And, provides an exciting way to supplement fundraising for whatever charitable cause is important to you! If you still have questions after reading this page, please Contact Us What is
    Who can host Photothons on as a Way to Connect
    Getting Started

    What is
    Back to Top
    Who can host Photothons on
    Any person or organization with a digital camera (or a conventional camera and scanner), access to the Internet and a worthy cause is welcome to participate! Simply register as a Photothon Member and begin to create your Photothon Albums. There is no cost to register or create Photothon Albums!

    10. Start Searching!
    to helping parent teacher groups (like ptos and ptas) help their schools with information on Minnesota PTA. ohio PTA State of ohio PTA. Louisiana PTA. ohio PTA District
    Top Society Organizations Education : PTA Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor

    11. Fundraising Special Events / Shows / Fairs Etc. Fundraisers
    Conneaut, ohio Golf Marketing Worldwide, LLC Golf Marketing Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOperation Bookworm - ptas/ptos can offer Operation Bookworm books as
    Home Fundraising Message Boards Fundraiser Advertisers Fundraising Newsletter ... Fundraiser Link Swap
    Top Fundraising Ideas Soundscape Fundraising PackJam Fundraising JD Fund-raiser Solutions Visit our
    Fundraiser of the Month

    Fundraising by Location Alabama Fundraising Alaska Fundraising Arizona Fundraising Arkansas Fundraising California Fundraising Colorado Fundraising Connecticut Fundraising Delaware Fundraising DC Fundraising Florida Fundraising Georgia Fundraising Hawaii Fundraising Idaho Fundraising Illinois Fundraising Indiana Fundraising Iowa Fundraising Kansas Fundraising Kentucky Fundraising Louisiana Fundraising Maine Fundraising Maryland Fundraising Massachusetts Fundraising Michigan Fundraising Minnesota Fundraising Mississippi Fundraising Missouri Fundraising Montana Fundraising Nebraska Fundraising Nevada Fundraising NewHampshire Fundraising New Jersey Fundraising New Mexico Fundraising New York Fundraising North Carolina Fundraising North Dakota Fundraising Ohio Fundraising Oklahoma Fundraising Oregon Fundraising Pennsylvania Fundraising Puerto Rico Fundraising Rhode Island Fundraising South Carolina Fundraising South Dakota Fundraising Tennessee Fundraising Texas Fundraising Utah Fundraising Vermont Fundraising Virginia Fundraising Washington Fundraising West Virginia Fundraising Wisconsin Fundraising Wyoming Fundraising FUNDRAISERS



    Blanket - Afgans
    Ad Here!

    12. Stealing From The PTO : October/November 2002 | PTO Today
    a Dallasbased company that insures ptas and ptos Some ptos have balked at thosepolicies, because they Monroe, ohio A treasurer accused of stealing $16,000
    Stealing from the PTO
    Theft by volunteers is more common than you think. But you can prevent it.
    By Michelle Bates Deakin Last year, the Hampstead Elementary School PTA in Maryland had two goals: to replace the school’s aging playground equipment and to install a state-of-the-art wireless computer lab. Toward those ends, children tromped through the rural town hawking candles and drumming up participants for run-a-thons, all contributing to a $60,000 take to fund the climbers, swings, and keyboards. Little did the children or their parents know, however, that as fast as the money was coming in, it was going out. In July, just as the PTA’s treasurer was finishing his two-year term, he was arrested for stealing more than $62,000 from the organization. The staggering loss has put the school’s long-awaited projects at risk. The situation at Hampstead is an example of one of the biggest but least-discussed threats to parent groups: embezzlement. That anger is fueling local prosecutor Melissa Hockensmith, who’s handling the case, in which John N. Biggs faces 39 charges of theft. “The kids earned this money, and there’s a good lesson we can show them,” says Hockensmith. “You can’t take someone’s hard-earned money and just get away with it.”

    13. 1200+ Fundraising Companies - Special Event Fundraising - Special Event Fundrais
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Operation Bookworm ptas/ptos can offer OperationBookworm books as a way to earn money for your school. Zanesville, ohio.
    All Fundraising Companies Directory
    Home Free Fundraising Information Index of 100's of Fundraising Products
    Special Event Fundraiser s
    American Clothing Recycling Co. [Seymour, Connecticut] Recycling, Special Events CompuThon - SuperThons walk-a-thons. Finally, a better way to raise money for your group! Year after year, schools and youth groups agonize over how to raise money. No door-to-door. No waste or returns. No hassles with collections. No products to buy or deliver. Much less work. More profits for your group. (800-327-0332) [Tampa, Florida] A Nite At The Races [Jupiter, Florida] Wesleyan Thespians - Mystery dinner kits. Can fund raisers be fun raisers Absolutely!! Wesleyan Thespian Mystery Dinner Kits include scripts, clues, solutions and detailed instructions on how to present mystery dinner performances which we would like to share with your church or organization. ( e-mail [Marshfield, Massachusetts] NameBeads International - Over 500 schools in 3 years have conducted this unique fundraiser and you should too. No money upfront. We provide a beautiful full color brochure to help you group sell personalized products. Each item is custom-made with handcrafted ceramic beads that spell out a first name or saying. ( ) [St. Clair, Missouri]

    14. The Role Of The PTA - Ohio -
    many of the same functions as ptas, but operate as are sometimes referred to as ptos(parentteacher
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    The Role of the PTA The PTA is a powerful organization affiliated with many schools across the country. Read on for information about what the PTA does at school, and how you can join the club.

    15. West Clermont Local School District
    Click here to read the Petermann safety rules and to learn about other safety programsavailable to ptos and ptas. Changes in Transportation ohio law requires
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    We subcontract our transportation through Petermann Transportation . Their fleet of 100 busses and 106 drivers transports 7783 students (6858 public and 925 non-public) in 197 routes to 26 different schools daily! At 6351 miles per day, that's 1,130,478 miles per year!
    Grades K-3 Safety Programs
    All K-3 children receive special safety instruction. Petermann’s programs include its Walk-Ride-Walk and the Be Cool, Follow the Rules programs. All programs have colorful children’s handouts like the Back to School Safely Activity book and Welcome to Safetyville coloring book. These programs also include handouts for parents as well as videos for PTA meetings to show parents their part in safe school transportation.
    Grades 4-12 Safety
    Petermann also provides safety instruction to 4 th to 12 th graders, teaching these older students the principles of being a safe rider, including the ten rules of school bus safety. Parents, please do your part to help us keep your children safe while riding the school bus. Review these important safety rules with your children. Click here to read the Petermann safety rules and to learn about other safety programs available to PTOs and PTAs.

    16. V-Apr2000-Warren
    PPS differs from ptas and ptos in that Cincinnati, ohio, chapter collaborated withother community organizations in a successful bond campaign last year.

    17. #1 Fundraisers Fundraising, Inc.
    Check back soon for a list of all upcoming fundraisers for ohio COPS! Purpose ofthis Web Site Each year, schools, school groups, ptas, ptos, youth sports
    Fundraisers for all purposes, including
    school fundraising and church fundraising Home About Us Contact Us General Fundraisers ... Order Now!
  • UK Fundraising: information for charity and non-profit
    [UK Fundraising logo] information for charity fundraisers and the fundraising
    industry, Register with UK Fundraising today? You are here: Home /.
    Description: Published since 1994, information for professional, nonprofit and charity fundraisers in the UK and...
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  • Crunchtime Home Page
    Welcome to CrunchTime Environmental Education Fundraisers . Your source
    for Newman's Own Organics chocolate bars! See why teachers
    Description: Earn a minimum 55% profit margin selling organic chocolate bars. 35% of profits will be used to "ado... Category: - 28k -
  • Autism Fundraiser Autism Gifts and Fundraisers . Need a gift for your favorite teacher, therapist or the grandma who has everything? More Great Fundraisers on Page Two! Description: This site is a list of fundraisers for purchase that will make perfect presents and thank you gifts....
  • 18. #1 PTA Fundraisers Fundraising, Inc.
    Lakewood, ohio. will Work together with our unit ptas to strengthen associations('PTA's), parentteacher organizations ('ptos') and thousands of......
    Fundraisers for all purposes, including
    school fundraising and church fundraising Home About Us Contact Us General Fundraisers ... Order Now! For more information on School and Church Fundraisers or for Non Profit Fundraising , there are many resources online to visit
    PTA Fundraising
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  • Family Education Network Explore Our Sites... Family Education
    School Pre-School/ChildCare Center PTA /PTSA ( PTA ID Number required) Parent Teacher
    Organization Band Extracurricular Club Post-Secondary Institution Public - 23k -
  • [PDF] PTA Fundraising School Fundraising ... Registration Form
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
  • [PDF] PTA Fundraising Community Sponsor Registration Form File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
  • PTO / PTA School Fundraising ... Ideas Fundraising is a big part of every parent group leaders ?to-do? list. MORE » Get the scoop on the newest fundraising trend Printer Cartridge Recycling.
  • 19. How To Get Involved In Cincinnati Public Schools
    have Parent Teacher Associations (ptas) or Parent Teacher Organizations (ptos) thatorganize Cincinnati/ohio Reads This organization provides volunteers
    How to Get Involved
    in Cincinnati Public Schools
    There are many ways that parents, community members, businesses and organizations can get involved in the Cincinnati Public School District. Check with Your Local School Opportunities abound at each and every local school. Different schools need help in different ways. Check with the principal about what your school needs. Volunteers: Some are looking for people to help out in classrooms, lunchrooms and on the playground. Others are searching for volunteers to help with field trips or in the office. Parent Organizations: Many schools have Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) or Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) that organize many events and fund-raising efforts for the school and are looking for active members. Lecturers and Guest Speakers: Schools can always use volunteers to speak on Career Days or share some special talent or skill with young people. Donations: Often schools are searching for special materials like leftover wood, fabric, paint, etc. that children can use express their creativity and make art and class projects.

    20. PTA Forum With Charlene Haar Policyrev.htm
    Given the way ptas are governed, it is virtually Members of ptos have found they canwork through Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, ohio.
    Cutting Class:
    The PTA Plays Hooky
    from Educational Reform
    Policy Review
    Summer 1995, Number 73
    by Charlene Haar Since the publication of "A Nation at Risk" in 1983, Americans have become increasingly alarmed about the dismal results and soaring costs of their public schools. No group of citizens has a closer view of these problems or a more immediate stake in addressing them than the parents of the country's 48 million schoolchildren. Here and there, parents have won minor battles to influence curricula or oust mediocre school-board members. But as individuals, parents are no match for the forces that favor the status quo. Parents' most promising forum to agitate for reform and hold their local educators accountable for failure already exists: the venerated National Congress of Parents and Teachers, commonly known as the PTA. Unfortunately, parents cannot count on either their local PTA or its national leadership to advance parental interests or even air diverse viewpoints. As it operates today, the PTA is useless to parents who want to play a meaningful role in educational reform. The mission of the PTA has always been to "work on behalf of the best interests of all children on issues that affect their health, education, and welfare" and "to encourage parent involvement." With almost seven million members, the PTA offers great potential for promoting parental involvement in the educational welfare of children. But in the 1990s, that mission requires of the PTA something it has been unwilling to do: demand accountability for performance and spending at every level of the educational system.

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