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1. ARS | Publication Request: Effects Of Red Imported Fire Ants On Abundance Of Pea
Mulder, Philip Oklahoma State Univ. Smith, Wayne - oklahoma coop ext service.Wright, Russell - Oklahoma State Univ. Publication Request at a Glance,

2. Abbreviated Titles 1996 : O
Okla Renewable Resour coop ext Serv Okla State Univ* oklahoma's renewable resources cooperative extension service, oklahoma State University NAL call no.
Abbreviated Titles : O
O S U Curr Rep Okla State Univ Coop Ext Serv*
OSU current report - Oklahoma State University, Cooperative Extension Service

NAL call no. - S451.O5O8
Obes. res.
Obesity research

NAL call no. - RC628.O294
Occas Ser Univ Manitoba Dep Agric Econ Farm Manage*
Occasional series - University of Manitoba, Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

NAL call no. - HD1785.M3
Occas. ser.
Occasional series - University of Manitoba, Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
NAL call no. - HD1785.M3 Oecologia Oecologia NAL call no. - QL750.O3 Ohio Beef Cattle Res Ind Rep* NAL call no. - SF207.B442 Okla Renewable Resour Coop Ext Serv Okla State Univ* Oklahoma's renewable resources - Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University NAL call no. - SD12.O5O34 Okla. renew. resour. Oklahoma's renewable resources - Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University NAL call no. - SD12.O5O34 Onderstepoort j. vet. res. The Onderstepoort journal of veterinary research NAL call no. - 41.8 ON1 Or. agric. prog.

Okla. coop. ext. Serv. PT96-16. F-1716. AGMACH$ - Agricultural Field MachineryCost Estimation Software. OSU oklahoma cooperative extension service. SOILS.
368 AG Hall OSU Agronomy Department Stillwater, OK 74078 Volume 20 No. 11 December 1996 We welcome contributions and suggestions. Comments about and contributions to the NEWS are welcome and can be submitted to any of the directors.
Hopefully most of you controlled your weeds in October or early November while they were actively growing and easy to kill. If you sprayed your weeds in alfalfa a couple of weeks ago while we were having that warm weather, I would expect those weeds to be gone by spring. If you got your alfalfa in early and did not control the volunteer wheat and cheat this fall, consider flash grazing in late December or January. When alfalfa plants are shaded, they stop growing and stand loss is possible. Competitive effects of weeds can be decreased by flash-grazing them off when the soil is dry or frozen. Try to get all of the grazing done in less than a 2-week period for any part of the field. Prolonged grazing and regrazing new shoots can decrease plant vigor and thin stands. It is too cold now for any of the herbicides to control weeds in new stands so you will need to wait until March to evaluate your situation. If the weed problem is tansy mustard or cutleaf eveningprimrose, then good control is possible with 2,4-DB after it warms up. However, spring applications of 2,4-DB are not highly effective on other broadleaf weeds such as shepherdspurse, henbit, and chickweed. If there is a ryegrass problem, it can be controlled with POST PLUS in the spring. Control of most other cool-season grasses with POST PLUS applied in the spring will be poor.

4. Food Safety In Connecticut-Fact Sheets
Alaska cooperative ext. fhepubs.html oklahoma cooperative ext. service. nutrition.html
Food Safety Topics Foodborne Illness Safety At Home Meat Poultry Fish/Seafood Milk/Dairy Eggs Fruits/Vegetables Food Processing New Technologies Seasonal Issues For More Help Cooperative Ext. Foodsafety Resource Web Sites Alabama Cooperative Ext. System Alaska Cooperative Ext. Clemson University Cooperative Ext. Service Colorado State University Cooperative Ext. Cornell Cooperative Ext. Delaware Cooperative Ext. Iowa State University Ext. Kansas State University Cooperative Ext. Service Maryland Cooperative Ext. Michigan State University Ext. Mississippi State University Ext. Service Montana State University Ext. Service

5. Terrence G. Bidwell
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences NAME Terrence G. Bidwell POSITION Professor and State extension Specialist Rangeland Ecology and Management. Agricultural Research service and Natural Resources Conservation service, Grazing Lands Technology Field management of deer in oklahoma. Okla. coop. ext. Serv., Stillwater, OK.
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences NAME: Terrence G. Bidwell POSITION: Professor and State Extension Specialist
Rangeland Ecology and Management. ADDRESS: Oklahoma State University; Plant and Soil Sciences Department; 368 Agricultural Hall; Stillwater,
OK 74078-6028 PHONE: 405-744-6421; FAX: 405-744-5269 EMAIL:
Ecological restoration and conservation of native plant communities within the context of sustainable use for products and services
Research Interests:
Fire Effects, Successional Models, Alternative Enterprises
1988 Ph.D., Oklahoma State University - Range Land Ecology and Management 1985 M.S., Oklahoma State University - Wildlife Ecology 1972 B.S., Oklahoma State University - Wildlife Ecology 1969 A.S., Eastern Oklahoma State College - Forestry
Recent Publications:
Boren, J.C., D.M. Engle, M.S. Gregory, R.E. Masters, T.G. Bidwell, V.A. Mast. 1997. Landscape structure and change in a hardwood forest-tallgrass prairie ecotone. J. Range Manage. 50:244-249. Bernardo, D.J., G.W. Boudreau, and T.G. Bidwell. 1994. Economic tradeoffs between livestock grazing and wildlife habitat: a ranch level analysis. Wildl. Soc. Bull. 22:393-402.

6. Untitled Document
ext.); House Bat Mangement (US Fish and Wildlife service). ext.); Controlling PocketGophers (oklahoma coop. ext.); Using Burrow Builders for Pocket Gopher Control
On-Line Wildlife Damage Publications General Mammals

7. Abbreviated Titles 1995 : N-O
SF207.B442 Okla Renewable Resour coop ext Serv Okla State Univ* oklahoma's renewableresources cooperative extension service, oklahoma State University SD12
Abbreviated Titles : N-O

8. Program Details For 4-H Program (OSU Coop. Ext. Serv. - Greer Co.)
4H Program (OSU coop. ext. Serv. - Greer Co.) Operating Agency oklahoma cooperative extension service - OSU. Agency Type Higher Education

9. Asparagus Production Management And Marketing, Bulletin 826
Vegetables and Specialties Situation and Outlook. Commodity Economics Division, EconomicsResearch service, US Dept. oklahoma coop. ext. Serv., Stillwater, OK.
Ohio State University Extension
Horticulture and Crop Sciences
Asparagus Production Management and Marketing
Bulletin 826
Literature Cited
1. Asparagus U.S.A., 2133 University Park Drive, Suite 700, Okemos, MI 48864. 2. Benson, B. L. 1986. Growing asparagus transplants in the greenhouse, pp. 38-44. In C. Cantaluppi (ed.). Proc. 1986 Illinois Asparagus School Hort Ser. 60. Coop. Ext. Serv., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 3. Benson, B. L., and J. E. Motes. 1982. Influence of harvesting asparagus the year following planting on subsequent spear yield and quality. HortScience 4. Bodnar, J. 1993. Asparagus update. In Vegetable Matter Newsletter , Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. 5. Bodnar, J. 1993. Hollow stem and boron deficiency. In Asparagus update and review #2, 1993. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. 6. Bodnar, J., and P. P. Wedel. 1990. Asparagus: maintaining the plantation. Fact sheet No. 90-051. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. 7. Burrows, R. L., and L. E. Waters Jr. 1989. Fall establishment of asparagus using seedling transplants. HortScience 8. Cantaluppi, C. J. 1990. Back to the basics-getting started in asparagus production, pp. 1-18. In C. Cantaluppi (ed.). Proc. 1990 Illinois Asparagus School Hort. Ser. 85. Coop. Ext. Serv., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

10. PLC Members
Charles Cox (2003) extension Program Specialist oklahoma State University 205 4H Director,Delta District University of Arkansas coop ext service 2301 South
Southern Region Program Leadership Committee (PLC) MEMBERS Anyone can use the following address to send a message to everyone on this list: Agriculture and Natural Resources Ross Love
Assistant Director
Oklahoma State University
245 Ag. Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-6023
405-744-5339 (Fax)
Louie Rivers, Jr.
Project Manager
Kentucky State University CEP
400 East Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601 502-597-5933 (Fax) Communications and Information Technology Robert Fehr Technology Coordinator UK College of Agriculture 203 Charles E. Barnhart Building Lexington, KY 40546-0276 859-257-3335 X 203 859-323-3986 (Fax) Gloria Mosby Program Director, Communications PO Box 3059 Prairie View, TX 77446-4759 936-857-2637 (Fax)

11. Family And Consumer Science Committee
Specialist, Home Economics Southern University coop. oklahoma State University 104Human Environmental Sciences Assistant Dean Ag ext service University of
Family and Consumer Sciences Committee Anyone can use the following address to send a message to everyone on this list: Alabama Eunice A Bonsi
Interim Assoc. Admin.
1890 Extension Programs
Tuskegee University
200 Extension Bldg.
Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088
Martha R. Johnson
Extension State Program Leader
Auburn University
107-A Duncan Hall
Auburn, AL 36849-5616 334-844-5541 Fax: 334-844-5544 Jannie Carter Extension State Program Leader PO Box 967 Normal, AL 35762 Arkansas Lynn Russell Interim State Leader-FCS Cooperative Extension Service P.O. Box 391 2301 S. University Little Rock, AR 72203 501-671-2100 Fax: 501-671-2294

12. Urban Forestry Catching On In Oklahoma.
Michigan State University extension Urban Forestry Bibliography 00000344 Urban forestry catching on in oklahoma. Okla- Renewable- Resour- coop- ext- Serv- Okla- State- Univ. Stillwa Okla. The service. v. 5 (3) p. 6.
Michigan State University Extension
Urban Forestry Bibliography - 00000344
Urban forestry catching on in Oklahoma.
Atkinson, K. Okla-Renewable-Resour-Coop-Ext-Serv-Okla-State-Univ. Stillwa Okla. : The Service. Summer 1990. v. 5 (3) p. 6. Go To Top of File MSU Extension Home Page Main Page for this Data Base This information is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by MSU Extension or bias against those not mentioned. This information becomes public property upon publication and may be printed verbatim with credit to MSU Extension. Reprinting cannot be used to endorse or advertise a commercial product or company. This file was generated from data base B1 on 03/09/98. Data base B1 was last revised on 05/01/96. For more information about this data base or its contents please contact . Please read our for important information about using our site.

13. OASIS Information Referral Service Program Records For The
attached to keyword Youth 4H Program (OSU coop ext) - Greer County Tahlequah; CherokeeNation of oklahoma (Programs Enid; Great Plains Youth and Family service .

Johnson, GV 1991. Site Selection and Soil Fertility. In Alfalfa Integrated Managementin oklahoma. pp. 1113. Circ. E-826. Okla. State Univ. coop ext. service.
Extension Gordon Johnson Booklets: Johnson, G.V. and W.R. Raun. 1993. OKLAHOMA Soil Fertility Research-Applications for Nutrient Management and the Environment 1989-1993. p. 49. Department of Agronomy/Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, OSU. Fact Sheets
  • Taylor, G.G., G.V. Johnson and M.W. Smith. 1979. Fertilizing pecan and fruit trees. Johnson, G.V. and B.B. Tucker. 1979. OSU soil test interpretations: 1. pH and Buffer Index. Johnson, G.V. and B.B. Tucker. 1980. OSU soil test calibrations. FS 2225. Stiegler, J.H. and G.V. Johnson. 1981. Farm and home use of gypsum. OSU Extension Facts No. 2200. Johnson, G.V. 1982. How to get a good soil sample. FS 2207. Johnson, G.V. 1982. OSU Soil test interpretations, available nitrogen for small grains. FS 2232. Johnson, G.V. and E. Hanlon. 1982. Classification of irrigation water. FS 2401. Johnson, G.V. and B.B. Tucker. 1982. OSU soil test calibrations. FS 2225. Johnson, G.V. and B.B. Tucker. 1982. OSU soil test interpretations: pH and buffer index. FS 2229. Soil test interpretations, 2B available nitrogen, bermudagrass and other forages. FS 2235 (1983).
  • 15. AgNIC Agribusiness Extension Service And Agriculture Experiment Station Publicat
    Alaska http// oklahoma http// Virginiaextension service http//
    Cooperative Extension Service and Agriculture Experiment Station Publications
      The following list of links point to Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service publications from each state on all subjects including agribusiness.

    Alabama Experiment Station

    Alabama Extension Service



    Arkansas Experiment Station
    Arkansas Extension Service California Southern Colorado Experiment Station Colorado Extension Service Connecticut Deleware Florida Georgia Experiment Station Georgia Extension Service

    16. CompostContacts.html
    Comm Dev Specialist Mississippi coop ext service PO Box Ag Economics 508 AgricultureHall oklahoma State University TENNESSEE Dr. Thomas Samples ext Turf Grass
    United States Department of Agriculture
    Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
    1997 Composting State Contacts
    Dave Williams
    Ext Home Horticulture
    101 Funchess Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849
    PH: 334- 844-3032
    FX: 334-844-9622
    ALASKA Wayne Vandre Land Resource Program Leader Univ of Alaska Fairbanks 2221 E. Northern Lights Blvd Suite 118 Anchorage, AK 99508-4143 PH: 907-279-6575 FX: 907-277-5242 EM: ARIZONA Douglas Dunn Cooperative Extension Service 450 S. Haskell Ave University of Arizona Wilcox, AZ 85643 PH: 602-384-3594 FX: 602-384-3681 ARKANSAS Tom Riley, Jr. Ext Spec Environmental Policy AR Coop Ext Service PO Box 391 Little Rock, AR 72203 PH: 501-671-2080 FX: 501-671-2251 EM: CALIFORNIA Dr. David M. Crohn Management Specialist University of California Riverside, CA 92521 PH: 909-787-3333 FX: 909-787-5522 EM: COLORADO Dr. W. Dennis Lamm, Asst Dir Room 1, Administration Bldg.

    17. Resources
    coop ext service, Early season Cotton Plant Mapping NMSU coop ext service. MargaretEssenberg, oklahoma State University, Glenn Galau, University of Georgia.
    US Government Resources Finance
    Industry-Related Sites
    Cotton Incorporated Cotton Council International International Cotton Advisory Committee AMTEX - The American Textile Partnership ... Thrace Cotton Ginning Mills
    Government Research
    USDA ARS Crop Science Research Laboratory, Mississippi State, MS USDA ARS Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, MS USDA ARS Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Lubbock, TX USDA ARS Southern Crops Research Laboratory, College Station, TX ... TREKTRAN Database
    (Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System).
    University and Other Research
    Cotton Genetics Laboratory, New Mexico State University National Textile Center, University Research Consortium Australian Cotton Research Institute - CSIRO Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
    Informational Sites The CottonDB Data Collection Site Cotton GRIN CottonDB Genome Database at the Agricultural Genome Information Service (NAL) Yearly Trend of Cotton Acreage (United States) ... Export Sales Push Cotton Prices Higher - Arkansas
    Pathology and Pests
    Cotton Diseases - TAES Texas Plant Disease Handbook Cotton Geminiviruses Diseases Of Cotton ( Gossypium ... spp.)

    18. USDA Forest Service, Cooperative Forestry
    Hilo, HI 96720 Phone 808933-8121 ext. http// Kentucky,Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, oklahoma, South Carolina
    Urban and Community Forestry
    Federal Coordinators Forest Service Regional Coordinators provide program direction, technology transfer, and technical and financial assistance to states within their region. The national headquarters office provides national leadership and coordination among agencies and other national groups. The office establishes policies, strategies and direction, etc. in consultation with the National Urban Community Forestry Advisory Council, National Association of State Foresters, and other agencies and parters. In the map below, find your state and the administrative name of the region which coordinates programs in your state. Click on the name of the region below to find the name(s) of the federal coordinator(s) for your state. Region One Region Two Region Three Region Four ... National Headquarters R1 Northern Region (Northern Idaho, Montana, North Dakota) Glenn Roloff
    USDA Forest Service
    Federal Building
    P.O. Box 7669
    200 E. Broadway

    19. Soil Chemistry At OKSTATE: Nicholas T. Basta: Publications
    Zhang, H., N. Basta, and J. Stiegler. 1998. Using biosolids as a plant nutrient source.Current Report 2201, oklahoma coop. ext. service, Stillwater, OK. ext.

    Nicholas T. Basta [Home]
    Education Experience Teaching ... Memberships, Committees, Etc. Nutrient Soil Chemistry
    (Fertilizers, Animal Waste) Peer-Reviewed Publications
    (graduate theses, refereed journal manuscripts, book chapters, experiment station bulletins, other) McGowen, S.L. 2000. Ph.D. Dissertation. Chemical treatments for reducing heavy metal solubility and transport in smelter contaminated soils. Gavi, F., N.T. Basta, and W.R. Raun. 1997. Cadmium accumulation in wheat grain as affected by long-term N and P fertilization and soil acidity. J. Environ. Qual. 26:265-271. Gavi, F. W.R. Raun, N.T. Basta, and G.V. Johnson. 1996. Effect of applied sewage sludge and ammonium nitrate on wheat yield and soil profile inorganic nitrogen accumulation. J. Plant Nutr. 20:203-218. Sloan, J.J., 1994. Ph.D. Dissertation. Use of phosphorus fertilizer or lime-stabilized sewage sludge to remediate acid soils and alleviate aluminum toxicity. Sloan, J.J., N.T. Basta, and R.L. Westerman. 1995. Aluminum transformations and soil solution equilibria induced by banded P fertilizer in acid soil. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 59:357-364.

    20. Forages Legume Extension Publications
    ext. Serv. ALFALFA INSECTS OSU; oklahoma cooperative extension service. Huhnke,R. Round Bale Hay Storage. oklahoma coop. extension Circular E936. WEEDS
    • Redmon, L., J. Caddel, and J. Enis. Forage Legumes for Oklahoma. OSU Extension Facts 2585.
    • Caddel, J. and L. Redmon. White Clover. O.S.U. Agron. Prod. Tech. Forage Crops 95-29.
    • Caddel, J. and L. Redmon. Arrowleaf Clover. O.S.U. Agron. Prod. Tech. Forage Crops 95-13.
    • Caddel, J. and L. Redmon. Red Clover. O.S.U. Agron. Prod. Tech. Forage Crops 95-17.
    • Caddel, J.L. Forage Legumes for Eastern Oklahoma. Forage Management College. Nov. 14, 1995. Vinita, OK. Okla. Coop. Ext. Serv.
    • Caddel, J.L. and J.D. Prater. Alfalfa Varieties for Oklahoma, 1996. O.S.U. Agron. Prod. Tech. Forage Crops 96-22 (updates published annually).
    • Caddel, J., J. Stritzke, P. Mulder, R. Huhnke, R. Berberet, and C. Ward. Alfalfa Harvest Management Discussions with Cost-Benefit Analysis. Oklahoma Coop. Extension Circular E-943.
    • Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.
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