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         Oklahoma Geography:     more books (100)
  1. Oklahoma (Celebrate the States) by Guy Baldwin, Joyce Hart, 2009-09
  2. Oklahoma: Past and Present (The United States: Past and Present) by Robert L. Dorman, 2010-08-15
  3. Oklahoma (One Nation) by Capstone Press Geography Department, 1999-04
  4. A Guide to the Historical Geography of New Spain by Peter Gerhard, 1993-11
  5. Oklahoma (Welcome to the U.S.a.) by Ann Heinrichs, 2005-10
  6. Oklahoma (Hello USA) by Rita Ladoux, 1992-05
  7. Oklahoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1987 - 2004 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  8. Oklahoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1685 - 1965 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  9. Oklahoma: Webster's Timeline History, 2005 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  10. Oklahoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1966 - 1986 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  11. Oklahoma (The United States) by Rich Smith, 2009-08-15
  12. Oklahoma (The Bilingual Library of the United States of America) by Vanessa Brown, 2006-06-30
  13. Encyclopedia of Deserts by Okla.) Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (Norman, 1999-04
  14. Oklahoma City: Webster's Timeline History, 1776 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10

81. ED393786 1996-02-00 Using Literature To Teach Geography In High Schools. ERIC Di
an excellent vehicle with which to teach many of the 1994 National geography Standards Whatimages come to mind upon hearing the words oklahoma and California
ERIC Identifier:
Publication Date:
Hume, Susan E.
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Bloomington IN.
Using Literature To Teach Geography in High Schools. ERIC Digest.
THIS DIGEST WAS CREATED BY ERIC, THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ERIC, CONTACT ACCESS ERIC 1-800-LET-ERIC Traditionally, the high school curriculum has been rigidly compartmentalized. Yet, linkages between disciplines in the curriculum increasingly are being made, such as the connections of English to U.S. History courses in many high schools. Another connection may be English with World Geography courses. Students of every ability level could benefit from exploring the interrelationship between these two disciplines. In this ERIC Digest, the term literature refers to novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and folk tales. It consists of narrative as opposed to expository forms of writing that are found in traditional textbooks, reference books, and news articles. By no means, however, should literature be the sole tool used to teach geography or other subjects of the social studies. Rather, each form of narrative and expository writing has its place in the social studies curriculum.

82. What Can I Do With A Degree In Geography?
geography Websites For Jobs America's Job Bank http// Office of Personnel Management http//
What Can I do
with a Major
in ...
What's on this page:

Career Stops For Geography Graduates
Additional Job Opportunities
Geography Websites For Jobs:

America's Job Bank
Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management
United States Office of Personnel Management
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation United States Department of Commerce Grand River Dam Authority World Wildlife Fund Internship Websites Carl Albert Public Internship Program Oklahoma Arts Organizations US Department of State

83. Oklahoma Weather Center
The Department of geography at The Univeristy of oklahoma began with the appointmentof a climatologist shortly after World War I, and to this day the
The Department of Geography at The Univeristy of Oklahoma began with the appointment of a climatologist shortly after World War I, and to this day the department retains a strong interest in the atmosphere. Current faculty includes the director of EVAC, who is an applied climatologist with interests ranging from cloud-seeding to the health effects of heat stress. The director of the Center for Spatial Analysis is a department faculty member who has developed computer-based methods to visualize atmospheric pollution and other temporally varying phenomena. Other faculty in the department use tree rings and speleothems to study paleoclimates in Africa and the Caribbean. Such interests often extend to the study of vegetation change, a subject that has drawn several department faculty members to undertake fieldwork in Africa and Latin America, as well as Oklahoma. http://geography Last Modified

84. Eastern Oklahoma / Northwest Arkansas Skywarn Home
easy and effective training tool for the specific geography related to Copyright ©Eastern oklahoma / Northwestern Arkansas SKYWARN All rights reserved Hosted
Current Hazardous Weather Outlook Images NWS Tulsa Hazardous Weather Outlook Day 1 Convective Outlook Current SPC
Watch / Warnings Latest Mesoscale Discussion US NWS issued
Watch / Warnings
Headlines! 3/24/03 - sbluford (updated)
Steve Miller Jr. tapped to chair the OkArkSkywarn Advisory Committee.

3/23/03 - sbluford (updated)
NWS Tulsa Spotter Training sessions wrap up this week!

5/3/02 - GMathews
New Antenna System at NWS Operational!!!

4/30/02 - sbluford
Middle Tennessee Skywarn program shows how it's done!
4/26/02 - sbluford Members! Geography training modules from NWS Tulsa's George Mathews are now avaliable for download! 2/16/02 - tulmic NWS 800 Report Line Our Fall featured member is - Nathan Heald ! Nathan writes... "As with most children we are scared of thunderstorms. I grew up in a trailer house so that just made the storms seem stronger and last longer. If there is one thing I notice as different, back then storms seemed to last forever, while today they are short lived. This reminds me of a particular springtime in Gentry about 1974. My parents and I were working at the gas station. Dad was servicing cars and Mom was pumping gas. A thunderstorm began to move thru the area and ... " full story...

85. BiologyBrowser
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  • Description: a choice of standard dichotomous keys
    Key to the Mammals of Oklahoma

    Description: key, distribution maps, and information on habitats and habits, based on the book “Mammals of Oklahoma” Oklahoma State University, USA Description: Department of Zoology
  • 86. Dr. John D. "Jack" Vitek, Professor, OSU School Of Geology
    198486, Professor of geography, oklahoma State University (50%).1980-84, Associate Professor, geography, oklahoma State University.
    nbsp; Meet Dr. John D. "Jack" Vitek Associate Vice-President Academic Affairs and Professor
    Ph.D. Geography with an emphasis on geomorphology, University of Iowa, Iowa City (1973) Dissertation Title: The Mounds of South-Central Colorado: An Investigation of Geographic and Geomorphic Characteristics M.A. University of Iowa, Iowa City (1970) (Geography)
    Professional Experience
    Vice President for Academic Affairs Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Planning Editor-in-Chief of Geomorphology, published by Elsevier Science Professor of Geology (including a 50% appointment with the NASA Aerospace Educational Services Project) Associate Dean, Graduate College, Oklahoma State University Assistant Dean, Graduate College, Oklahoma State University (100%) Assistant Dean, Graduate College, Oklahoma State University (50%) Professor of Geology, Oklahoma State University (50%) Coordinator of Environmental Sciences, Oklahoma State University Professor of Geography, Oklahoma State University (50%) Associate Professor, Geography, Oklahoma State University

    1992 1999 Professor of geography, University of oklahoma. 1986- 1992 Associate Professor of geography, University of oklahoma. Committee/2002_committee/lwilliams_cv.htm
    T. H. Lee Williams
    A. Current Appointment
    Vice-President for Research Dean of the Graduate College Regents Professor of Geography University of Oklahoma Norman, OK 73019 Phone: Fax: Email: B. Education Ph.D., Geography, University of Bristol, England B.Sc., Joint Honors in Math and Physics, University of Bristol, England C. Professional/Academic Positions 1999 - current Vice-President for Research, Graduate Dean, Regents Professor of Geography, University of Oklahoma Director, Science and Technology Research, and Director, Oklahoma EPSCoR, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Interim Dean of Geosciences, University of Oklahoma Associate Dean of Geosciences, University of Oklahoma Coordinator, Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education Professor of Geography, University of Oklahoma Associate Professor of Geography, University of Oklahoma Research Investigator, Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Lab, University of Kansas Research Investigator, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program, University of Kansas Assistant and Associate Professor (1982 -) of Geography, University of Kansas

    88. ECU Dept Of Cartography & Geography: GEOG 2223 Geography Of Oklahoma
    Image derived from http// GEOG 2223 geography ofOklahoma ECU Dept of Cartography and geography Offered each Fall and Spring
    GEOG 2223 Geography of Oklahoma
    ECU Dept of Cartography and Geography
    Offered each Fall and Spring
    Three credit hours (3 hours of lecture)
    Course Description : A study of the physical regions, culture, population, distribution, economic development, and recreational resources of Oklahoma.
    For captions, move your mouse over the images. Go to List of Courses Department Home Page ECU Home Page Interactive Campus Maps

    89. Oklahoma: Facts, Map And State Symbols -
    com oklahoma Facts, Map and State Symbols, oklahoma Flag Printout/Quiz. StateFlag The official state flag of oklahoma was adopted on April 2, 1925.
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    Don't let it go the way of the dinosaurs.
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    Oklahoma Map Quiz/Printout
    Oklahoma Outline Map Printout Oklahoma Facts, Map and State Symbols Oklahoma Flag Printout/Quiz Oklahoma was the 46 th state in the USA; it became a state on November 16, 1907. State Abbreviation - OK State Capital - Oklahoma City Largest City - Oklahoma City Area - 69,903 square miles [Oklahoma is the 20th biggest state in the USA] Population (as of 2000) [Oklahoma is the 27th most populous state in the USA] Major Industries - farming (wheat, cattle), oil, natural gas Major Rivers - Arkansas River, Canadian River, Red River Major Lakes - Lake Texoma, Eufaula Lake, Lake Hudson, Lake O' the Cherokees, Gibson Lake, Oologah Lake, Keystone Lake Highest Point - Black Mesa - 4,973 feet (1,516 m) above sea level Bordering States Arkansas Colorado Kansas Missouri ... Texas Origin of the Name Oklahoma - The name Oklahoma is from the Choctaw Indian words "okla" meaning people and "humma" meaning red.

    90. Census 2000 Housing Unit Counts
    Housing Counts Main FAQs geography Notes. Other entitiesOklahoma tribal statisticalareas, tribal designated statistical areas, state designated American
    Housing Counts Main FAQs
    Geographic Notes
    Many of the geographic entities presented on this site are active governmental units; that is, they are general-purpose governments that have legally established boundaries and names, and have elected or appointed officials who have the power to carry out a variety of legally prescribed functions, provide services for the residents of the governmental unit, and raise revenues. Alaska Native Regional Corporations and Hawaiian home lands are legal entities, but the U.S. Census Bureau does not classify them as governmental units. Other entitiesOklahoma tribal statistical areas, tribal designated statistical areas, state designated American Indian statistical areas, Alaska Native village statistical areas, Alaska's "census areas," and the census designated places in Hawaii and Puerto Rico are statistical entities; that is, geographic entities whose boundaries are specially delineated for statistical purposes and do not have a legal basis. United States The United States consists of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    _. 2001. Transforming the Prairie Early Tree Planting in anOklahoma Town. Historical geography 29 116134. _. 1998.

    Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2000 Department of Geography
    Callcott, Room 227
    Columbia, SC 29208 Phone: (803) 777-5729 Fax: (803) 777-4972
    Areas of Interest
    Cultural and Historical Geography
    U.S. and Canada Cartography Publications The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth , Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Paperback edition. Historical Geography The American College Town. New York and London: Routledge. The Sounds of People and Places: A Geography of American Folk and Popular Music, 4th edition, edited by George O. Carney. Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, edited by David Wishart. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Land of Sunshine: The Environmental History of Greater Los Angeles, edited by William Deverell and Greg Hise. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. Our Town on the Plains: J. J. Pennell's Photographs of Junction City, Kansas, 1893-1922

    92. Proceedings Of The Oklahoma Academy Of Science
    oklahoma Academy of Science in Action AD Buck; 45 (1965); pp. 69. 10-16. Somealgae from Lake Carl Blackwell, oklahoma Mickey Cooper; 45 (1965); pp. 17-19.


    of the

    Oklahoma Academy


    George Gorin, Rudia Halliburton, Robert C. Fite, Stephen M. Sutherland,
    Bryan P. Glass, J. Bennett Clark, E. Leigh Secrest
    INVITED CONTRIBUTION Presidential Address Section A, Biological Sciences Section B, Geology Section C, Physical Sciences ... Home Factors affecting adolescent behaviour James L. Dennis, M.D.; 45 (1965); pp. 1-5 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Invited Contribution Section A, Biological Sciences Section B, Geology Section C, Physical Sciences ... Home Oklahoma Academy of Science in Action A. D. Buck; 45 (1965); pp. 6-9 SECTION A, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Invited Contribution Presidential Address Section B, Geology Section C, Physical Sciences ... Home Subsection Botany Effect of 2, 4-D on protein pectin and sulfhydryl content of excised epicotyl sections of pea Arthur G. Carroll and Leland L. Hardman; 45 (1965); pp. 10-16 Some algae from Lake Carl Blackwell, Oklahoma Mickey Cooper; 45 (1965); pp. 17-19 The vegetation of an actively eroding canyon in Canadian County, Oklahoma L. A. Galloway; 45 (1965); pp. 20-23

    93. Troy Kimmel - Dept. Of Geography - Outreach Lecture #13
    The University of Texas
    Department of Geological Sciences
    The thirteenth lecture
    in the UT Department of Geological Sciences
    Outreach Lecture Series will be: Tracking Tornadoes:
    Examples from Oklahoma and Texas
    Agenda for
    Friday, April 20, 2001:
    Attend just the lecture,
    or come for it all! 5:45-6:45 pm: Welch foyer, 2nd Floor (outside of Welch 2.224). 7:00-8:00 pm: Tracking Tornadoes: Examples from Oklahoma and Texas lecture by Troy Kimmel in room 2.224 in Welch Hall. This is very close to the Geology Building and it will be clearly marked. 8:00-9:00 pm : Reception in the Welch foyer. Meet Troy Kimmel. CD-ROM's with instructional materials will be issued to K-12 teachers. Maps to Welch Hall Geology Bldg.
    Texas Memorial Museum
    During periods of severe weather, have you ever wondered about all the satelllite and radar displays that you see on TV or on the internet and what that information means? Radar and satellite technology has

    94. Employment
    The exam will cover state and federal wildlife laws and regulations, Oklahomageography, biological and environmental sciences relating to fish, wildlife
    ODWC EMPLOYMENT Home Procedure and Examination Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PROCEDURES
    Certain positions within the Department, such as Biologist, Game Warden, Information/Education Specialist, Assistant Hatchery Manager and Technician must follow a prescribed process to be hired. The first step is to take a one- to two-hour examination, which is offered twice a year (see details below). Those scoring the highest will be mailed an application. Interviews will be held only when there are openings. A copy of college transcripts must be submitted with the application if the position requires college course work. The minimum education and experience requirements (see below) must be met to take the exam. EXAMINATION The examination will be given the last Friday in March and the last Friday in September each year. Applicants may take the exam only once in a 12-month period. Contact the Human Resources Section at (405) 521-4640, for the location of the examination. Watchable Wildlife Fishing Law Enforcement Hunting ... About the Department The OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE CONSERVATION will hold their Standardized Employment Examinations for those seeking employment as BIOLOGIST GAME WARDEN, ASSISTANT HATCHERY MANAGER, INFORMATION/EDUCATION SPECIALIST and

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