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         Olympics Ancient:     more books (100)
  1. The Ancient Olympics: A History by Nigel Spivey, 2006-06-08
  2. Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Nonfiction Companion to Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House Research Guide #10) by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, 2004-06-08
  3. Olympic Victor Lists and Ancient Greek History by Paul Christesen, 2007-10-22
  4. The Ancient Greek Olympics by Richard Woff, 2000-02-10
  5. The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games by Tony Perrottet, 2004-06-08
  6. A Brief History of the Olympic Games (Brief Histories of the Ancient World) by David C. Young, 2004-07-23
  7. The Ancient Olympic Games by Judith Swaddling, 2008-09-01
  8. Welcome to the Ancient Olympics! (Raintree Fusion: World History) by Jane Bingham, 2007-09-15
  9. Olympic Games in Ancient Greece by Shirley Glubok, Alfred Tamarin, 1984-03
  10. Ancient Greek Athletics by Stephen G. Miller, 2006-08-01
  11. The Olympian: A Tale of Ancient Hellas by E.S. Kraay, 2008-08-04
  12. Sports: From Ancient Olympics to the Super Bowl (Timeline History) by Liz Miles, 2010-09
  13. The Olympic Games: The First Thousand Years by M. I. Finley, H. W. Pleket, 2005-09-01
  14. Ancient Olympics by Chris Oxlade, 2003-10-23

1. The Origin Of The Olympics: Ancient Calendars And The Race Against Time
years. The ancient Olympics were always held at a time we would callJuly or August, when both the Sun and Moon were strong. (The
The Origin of the Olympics:
Ancient Calendars and the Race Against Time
by Valerie Vaughan Throughout the world, all ancient or primitive cultures have held a similar type of ceremony to celebrate the new year. In general, this ritual usually involved someone, who represented the old year, being driven out by someone representing the new year. The new year person usually led a procession of some kind, often made up of dancers or people who jumped and leaped. Such a procession is precisely what occurred during the earliest Olympic festivals in Greece. There are several myths which describe the origin of these Olympic festivals which were the inspiration for today's Olympic games. One story tells of a man named Pelops who wanted to marry Hippodamia, the daughter of King Oenomaus. Oenomaus was willing to offer his daughter's hand to any potential suitor who could compete with him and win in a chariot race. Each contestant would take Hippodamia in his chariot and try to beat her father, but Oenomaus would always win and then kill the losing suitor. Before Pelops came along, Oenomaus had so far killed twelve suitors and hung up their heads for display. Hippodamia loved Pelops, and she secretly fixed her father's chariot so it would fail. In the race, his chariot crashed and Oenomaus died, making him the 13th victim, so Pelops won. Pelops got the girl, became the new king, and according to Pindar (5th c. BC), the Olympics were started to commemorate the chariot race of Pelops.

2. Olympics: Ancient Greece Vs. Present Day
Today, a torch is lit at Olympia to symbolize the ancient Olympics. Inthe ancient Olympics, there were very few rules in this fight.
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Project by Christina, Eileen, and Katie
Quick Facts:
The Sports : In the Ancient Greek Olympics there were only ten sports while in modern day Olympics there are substantially more. Still, as in the modern games, they slowly added more. In the ancient games they had 4 running races, equestrian racing, wrestling, boxing, pancratium, pentathlon, and chariot races. In Modern Day Olympics they have gymnastics, triathlon, cycling, fencing, and volleyball to name a few, and of course there are all the winter sports. However, the sports of chariot races and pancratium have been discontinued.
: ...Wrestling may have evolved from the original Greek games but it is very different today. In ancient Greece, there were two forms of wrestling. First there was upright wrestling. During this competition the combatants stood upright and the winner was the man who could throw the other to the earth. This was a sport of skill and grace rather than brute force. It was also part of the ancient Greek Pentathlon. The judges declared a looser if knees or the man's hips, back or shoulders touched the ground. It was held in a sandpit unlike the mats used today. That which is the same is that there can be no illegal moves such as hitting, gouging or twisting of hands, feet, arms or legs during the event.
Ground wrestling was very different as well. During this event hitting and kicking were allowed. It seems almost like boxing and wrestling combined because just like boxing, the end of the match occurs when the looser admits defeat or is disabled. This event was part of the Pankration, an event that is no longer a part of the modern Olympics.

3. Ancient Olympics @ University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archaeology & Anthropolo
Mr. Donn's Simulation Unit. ancient GREEK. olympics. For the Classroom!
this is a

USA Today Hot Site
news from UPM
when were
... sources/credits Olympic Links
Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games: Culture and Tradition: the Ancient Olympic Games (essay by Dr. David Romano) Find out how UPM Researcher Dr. Mel Hammarberg thinks Mormons will impact the 2002 Games Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games Official Website OfficialOlympicsWebsite ... Our Web Exhibits want more?
w ere the ancient games better than ours? More fair and square? More about sports and less about money? Are modern games more sexist? More political? Have we strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal? During this Olympic season, you may hear from announcers, critics, commentators and even athletes that the Olympic games are too commercial, too political, too "professional." Or that the judging is too nationalistic.

4. Classics-L: Re: Olympics Ancient And Modern
Re olympics ancient and modern. Parodist? (and introduction) ; Previousmessage Michael Hendry olympics ancient and modern ; In
Re: Olympics ancient and modern
Date view Thread view Subject view Author view Subject: Re: Olympics ancient and modern
From: Sotiris Sotiropoulos (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 00:26:03 EDT The hypocrisy however, cannot be so easily washed away. Olympic America... what a joke. I once spoke with Bert Fainberg the president of the USOC for fifteen minutes via telephone. After that, nothing surprises me!
- "Michael Hendry" <
>political commentary) has an article by Victor Davis Hanson titled "Olympic
>Corruption? It's All Greek to Me". The subtitle is "The Sydney games are
>modern Olympiad", and the URL is

It's all Greek Philosophy to me!

5. Classics-L: Olympics Ancient And Modern
olympics ancient and modern. Subject olympics ancient and modern From MichaelHendry ( Date Tue Sep 26 2000 001619 EDT.
Olympics ancient and modern
Date view Thread view Subject view Author view Subject: Olympics ancient and modern
From: Michael Hendry (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 00:16:19 EDT Today's Opinion Journal (the Wall Street Journal's new free web-site of
political commentary) has an article by Victor Davis Hanson titled "Olympic
Corruption? It's All Greek to Me". The subtitle is "The Sydney games are
more akin to the spirit and practice of the ancient games than any other
modern Olympiad", and the URL is

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6. Ancient Olympics
The ancient Olympics seem to have begun in the early 700 BC, in honour ofZeus. Ancient olympics ancient Olympics FAQs and online Q/A surveys.
The Greeks invented athleti contests and held them in honour of their gods. The Isthmos game were stagedevery two years at the Isthmos of Corinth. The Pythian games took place every four years near Delphi. But the most famous games were those at Olympia, a town in south- western Greece. These took place every four years. The ancient Olympics seem to have begun in the early 700 BC, in honour of Zeus. No women were allowed to watch the games. Pottery dating from around 550 BC shows men taking part in the games naked or wearing only a thong.
Olympics Through Time
the history of the Olympic Games from the time when athletic contests were held during religious ceremonies until the First International Olympic Games in 1896 Ancient Olympics Ancient Olympics FAQs and online Q/A surveys A tour of Ancient Olympia The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum information about these contests that are the forefathers of our modern Olympic Games What is the History and Meaning of the Olympic Games an essay, by Michael Simos Collection for the Olympic Games OLYMPIA Project The Spirit of Ancient Olympics

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8. The Classics Pages : Greek Athletics 2
o l y m p i c s. The olympics ancient v Modern. In the ancient world, sport andpolitics never mixed. Further information on the ancient Olympics is available.
t h e c l a s s i c s p a g e s p a u s a n i a s' p a g e o l y m p i c s
The Olympics: Ancient v Modern
How much do you think you know? Agree? Disagree? The ancient Olympics always began with the lighting of the sacred flame No woman ever competed in the ancient Olympics. All competitors in the ancient Olympics were naked. The sprint was the most important race in the ancient Olympics. The ancient Olympics were held every four years between 776BC and 393AD (1,170 years) The pankration was the most violent event in the games The ancient games continued to be held even in wartime There were no team sports in the ancient games The Javelin and Discus were never events in the ancient Olympics. Cheating was unknown in the ancient Olympics The Marathon was never an event in the ancient Olympics There were events for different age-groups in the ancient Olympics. The ancient Olympics were not about winning, but taking part

9. Sports Events Olympics Ancient Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen History The Ancient Olympics This document isa history of the ancient Olympics. It is a page in the History
>English Version
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10. Sackets Harbor Library Media Center Sports Sites
olympics ancient Games Greece The Ancient Greek olympics ancient Greeks OlympicsThe Ancient Olympic Games Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum The
SPORTS Contents: [ Sports and Athletics Olympics Individual and Team Sports Sports and Athletics
Athletics Home Page
...records for countries and individual sports
CBS Sportsline
ESPNET Sportszone
Great Outdoors Recreation Page
...outdoor adventures, gear, and activities for the outdoors minded person
Just SPORTS for Women
...headlines and sports interest stories for women
The Locker Room: Sports for Kids
...learn about favorite sports, check out interesting facts, and get some helpful hints
NCAA Online: National Collegiate Athletic Association
Recreation: Outdoors (Yahoo links)
Sporting News
Sports Illustrated for Kids ...
Sports Schedules as You Like Them
...daily sports schedule for major league events
Sports Server
Title IX Library
...history of the Title IX ruling and links to further class actions suits
USA Today: Sports
WWW Women's Sports Page index of links to women's and girls' sports pages around the WWW
Sports and Athletics Olympics Individual and Team Sports Top of Page Olympics
The Ancient Greek Olympics
Ancient Greeks: Olympics
The Ancient Olympic Games
Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum ...
Herodotus, The Histories (ed. A. D. Godley)

11. Current Events
Winter Olympics for Kids Ready Reference Resources Salt Lake City Fact Sheet More Links Enchanted Learning olympics ancient Olympics Real Story of
Encyclopedia of Days
This Day in History On this Day ... Chinese Festivals Calendars
Calendars Through the Ages
Diversity Calendar The Earth Calendar Berit's Best Holiday Sites ... Classroom Connect Calendar March
Kite Making Instructions Vernal Equinox Signs of Spring ... March Hotlist Women's History Month
Field Trip
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EarthQuest Treasure Hunt
For primary students For question #8, the link no longer works; please use All topics give students an age-appropriate awareness of and interest in being caretakers of their planet, with suggestions on what they can do themselves to recycle. May May Calendar Remembrance Day A Day that will Live in Infamy Thinkquest Celebrating Cinco de Mayo ... Memorial Day Printable June June Juneteenth Juneteenth:Freedom Revisited History of Juneteenth ... Summer Reading July 4th of July A Capitol Fourth Celebrating the Fourth Fourth of July Celebrations Database ...

12. Olympics
Ancient Olympics. The first record of the Olympic Games comes from Hippiasof Elis in the fifth century BCE, though the first Olympic
Ancient Olympics Like all of the athletic games, the Olympics had rather humble beginnings. The first recorded games took place in 776 BCE and were a purely local event that last only one day. Having a ritualistic purpose, they consisted of sacrifices to Zeus in the morning followed by simple running races in the afternoon. The first winner, Coroebus of Elis, probably did little training and only received a small material prize for his efforts. His victory was significant, however, in that it headed a long list of winners which serves as our only record of much of the games' history. Recording the winners' names became a strong tradition, and much of the glory of victory was in the virtual immortality that this brought. As the games evolved, the sporting element came to overshadow the sacral element; by the fifth century BCE, the two were essentially autonomous. This separation gen erally coincided with the increased scope and following of the games. The first winners came from the surrounding towns, but by the sixth century, competitors journeyed from various parts of Greece and beyond. Until 720, all winners came from the city-states of the Peloponnese but by 688, competitors from Asia Minor began to compete. The cities with the most winners over the history of the games included the south Italian city of Croton, Athens, Miletus in Asia Minor, and the island of Naxos.

13. Greek.htm
olympics ancient Olympics BEST SITE for information on the games.HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT OLYMPICS. GAMES OF THE ANCIENT OLYMPICS.
Welcome to Ancient Greece
February 2000 Winner Click on a topic or Back to Weid's Ancient Civilizations Page
General Information
Military Affairs Alexander The Great ... Games GENERAL INFORMATION:
Historical Overview of Greece
- Great source for detailed information on any aspect of Ancient Greece. Classical History and Antiquity Perseus Project- A great source to search Map of Ancient Greece A Detailed Chronology of Greek History ... Greek Political History
A Series of Short Articles on Alexander :

Prince Years

King Alexander

Alexander as a Leader
The Great Home Page of Alexander
- Lots of information on Alex.
Alexander the Great**
-A first-rate site *** Alexander the Great A cool site with links to other pages. HELLENISTIC CIVILIZATION AN ALMOST MODERN WORLD ARTS/ARCHITECTURE: History of Ancient Greek Music Musical Instruments in Antiquity Music More on Music ... Musical instruments , and Religious Music Classical Art and Architecture GreekArchitecture - Lots of images Sculpture ... History of greek costume ATHENS/SPARTA: ANCIENT ATHENS Athens History Athens The Delian League ... Leonidas I : The great Spartan leader.

14. Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympics Influences Importance Religious Aspects Calendar ... Back to Unit 1 Calendar Myths
There are several Greek myths about how the games were started. The most common myth was the story of the hero Pelops
Another myth about the origin of the Olympic Games comes from the Tenth Olympian Ode of the poet Pindar. He tells the story of how Herakles , on his fifth labor, had to clean the stables of King Augeas of Elis. Herakles approached Augeas and promised to clean the stables for the price of one-tenth of the king's cattle. Augeas agreed, and Herakles rerouted the Kladeos and Alpheos rivers to flow through the stables. Augeas did not fulfill his promise, however, and after Herakles had finished his labors he returned to Elis and waged war on Augeas. Herakles sacked the city of Elis and instituted the Olympic Games in honor of his father, Zeus. It is said that Herakles taught men how to wrestle and measured out the stade, or the length of the footrace. Influences
grandstands in the famous "Grandstand Fresco" from the palace of Knossos, which depicts a group of seated women watching an event in front of them (the performers are not in the fresco), is strangely similar to the setup of the theatral areas or central courts of the palaces: there are columns as well as pillars, and the action seems to be going on outdoors. Although Minoan influence on Greek sport may have been direct (through the assimilation of Cretan peoples with the Mycenaeans), the Egyptian influences may have depended on the Minoans. There is undeniable proof that the Minoans had extensive contact with Egypt (mainly in the context of

15. Discount Books Online
israel ancientjapan ancient-language ancient-manuscripts ancient-maps ancient-medicineancient-mesopotamia ancient-mysteries ancient-olympics ancient-persia

16. Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympics. olympics 2002. ancient olympics megrisoft olympics.Click for more information on ancient olympics. Free Website Promotion.
Ancient Olympics
olympics 2002
ancient olympics
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17. The Ancient Olympics
Exhibit on the ancient olympics presents information about individual sports, the context and spirit of the games, athlete's stories, and a virtual tour of Olympia. their honor, we've created this exhibit on the ancient olympics, using information from the Perseus Project, a digital
The Centennial Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia from July 19-August 4, 1996. In their honor, we've created this exhibit on the ancient Olympics, using information from the Perseus Project , a digital library on ancient Greece. The Perseus Project is centered in the Classics Department at Tufts University.
In this exhibit, you can compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times.

Ancient and Modern Olympic Sports

A Tour of Ancient Olympia

The Context of the Games and the Olympic Spirit

Athletes' Stories
Classics Department

124 Eaton Hall, Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155 U.S.A.

Please send us your comments. Last modified 29 January, 2002.

18. Ancient Olympics @ University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archaeology & Anthropolo
The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus.Category Society History Religion ancient Hellenic...... There was no winter Olympic festival in ancient times. How we got fromthe ancient olympics to the Modern Games Although the ancient
Ancient Olympics FAQs and online Q/A surveys: starting block when were
the first Games
were the athletes ... MuseumHomePage How did the Olympic Games get started? The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus Quiz
the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. The festival and the games were held in Olympia map Gadzooks! It's Zeus!
Obverse ("heads") of silver tetradrachm, minted by Philip II of Macedonia ca. 350 BC to commemorate his victory in the horse race at Olympia. Model of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, where the first games were held as part of religious festivals honoring Zeus. plan The Greeks that came to the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia shared the same religious beliefs and spoke the same language. The athletes were all male citizens of the city-states from every corner of the Greek world, coming from as far away as Iberia (Spain) in the west and the Black Sea (Turkey) in the east. The sanctuary was named in antiquity after Mt. Olympos

19. - History - The Ancient Olympics
This document is a history of the ancient olympics. It is a page in the History section of HickokSports.c Category Sports Events olympics ancient......This document is a history of the ancient olympics. Virtual Museum of the ancientolympics. The Real Story of the ancient Olympic Games. On This Site.
Sports History
Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
The Ancient Olympic Games
Although the ancient Olympic games were first recorded in 776 BC, they originated at least a century before that and possibly as early as the 13th century BC. One Greek legend said that the great Herakles (Hercules, in the Roman form) won a race at Olympia, a plain in the small state of Elis, and then decreed that the race should be re-enacted every four years. Another said that Zeus himself had originated the festival after defeating Cronus for the sovereignty of heaven. The more likely story is that the Olympic festival was a local religious event until 884 BC, when Iphitus, the king of Elis, decided to turn it into a broader, pan-Hellenic festival. To accomplish that, he entered into a temporary truce with other rulers, allowing athletes and others to travel peacefully to Olympia while the festival was going on. The Greeks based their chronology on four-year periods called Olympiads, and the Olympic festival marked the beginning of each Olympiad. Evidently, the festival was reorganized in 776 BC, which was considered the start of the first Olympiad. The festival was basically a religious gathering to celebrate the gods worshipped in common by all Hellenes, primarily Zeus. There were three other major pan-Hellenic festivals, the Pythian, the Nemean, and the Isthmian, all of which included fairs, but the festival at Olympia became pre-eminent by 572 BC, when Elis and Sparta entered into an alliance under which Elis was in charge of the event itself while Sparta enforced the sacred truce.

20. Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
Contains units, lesson plans, activities and resources for learning and teaching about ancient history. Choose from many regions and periods. ancient Greek olympics MiniUnit A Simulation for the Classroom (3-5 days) with city-state backgrounds, and events
Mr Donn's Ancient History Awesome Library Star Rating Civilizations Greece Japan Holidays/Festivals ... FAQs Mrs Donn's Special Sections Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations Deep in the Tombs of Egypt Lesson Plans for Children's Books: A-Z list Didn't find what you needed? Try this! Have a great year!
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