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         Online Internet Projects Teach:     more detail

1. Global SchoolNet's Global Schoolhouse
A major contributor to the philosophy, design, culture and content of internet-based learning; collaborat Category Reference Education Inquiry Based Learning Organizations...... Clearinghouse of more than 750 online collaborative projects around the world to produceweb projects that teach Join one of the internet's oldest projects a
HOME Global SchoolNet is the leader in collaborative learning. We continue to provide online opportunities for teachers to collaborate, communicate, and celebrate shared learning experiences. This website is free to all educators! Love our logo? Then, visit our brand new store! Every item you order will help us keep this web site free! Learn more Or, make a $40.00 contribution and you will receive two great gifts! Learn more Projects Registry
Clearinghouse of more than 750 online collaborative projects, organized by topic, grade, and project date. Find partners or join projects from around the globe. Learn more Doors to Diplomacy
The U. S. Department of State is sponsoring the "Doors to Diplomacy" educational challenge - to encourage middle school and high school students around the world to produce web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. Learn more CyberFair 2003: Educate
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2. Using The Internet In Economics Lessons
Using the internet to teach Economics An Idea Page we even have a couple of web projects for K4! and several other great online educational games for economics and
Using the Internet to Teach Economics:
An Idea Page
Students at all levels get excited about using the web and can benefit from using the web for up-to-date information. Recommended grade levels are shown, but you should tailor the project to your students. At the end, we even have a couple of web projects for K-4 As students become more advanced at web use, they can begin to create their own pages. Any of the following ideas can be developed for advanced students by having them work in teams to create a Web Virtual Collection or Exhibition on the topic to share with others. Reminder: One of the most important things you can do for your students is help them learn to evaluate information! Have them ask: Who provided this information? What are his or her qualifications? Is this information consistent with what experts say? Does this information reflect a particular viewpoint? What are the other viewpoints? What can I learn from this web page? Here are some sources of information on this: Evaluating World Wide Web Information
Evaluating information found on the Internet

Criteria for evaluation of Internet Information Resources
For these exercises, the search tools of the Web will be very useful. Any of the following projects can be enhanced by finding more supporting information. The students can do most of this! A web site that links all of the major search sites is found at

3. Online Projects
online projects can require students to use internet tools such as World Wide Web transferring files (ftp) online projects include weather data exchanges, cultural comparisons, global grocery shopping, and team writing. projects teach skills such as information gathering, correspondence, competition, online conferencing, cooperative learning, and other "handson" skills. The following internet
Online Projects
Online projects can require students to use Internet tools such as:
  • email
  • mailing lists
  • World Wide Web
  • newsgroups
  • transferring files (ftp)
  • gopher
Online projects include weather data exchanges, cultural comparisons, global grocery shopping, and team writing. Such projects teach skills such as information gathering, correspondence, competition, online conferencing, cooperative learning, and other "hands-on" skills. The following Internet resources and sites contain information about current or ongoing projects:
In addition there are mailing lists you can subscribe to:
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    Richard I. Purman, Physics Instructor

4. Online Projects
is a flood of waterelated projects, adventures, and classes are trekking around theworld online. for Development Program- Provides internet connectivity and
Best Sites


Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Educational Technology Online Projects ...
  • Around the World in a 46 Foot Motor Boat with Internet - They are planning a trip around the world in a boat departing the West coast of the United States in 2001 heading southwest. And they're going to publish an interactive travelogue along the way for the World Wide. CRAYON: CReAte Your Own Newspaper - Create your own personal class newspaper for free! Cyber Surfari - The Children’s Web Surfing Alliance provides effective educational online programs that help users increase their comfort level with the Internet as a functional tool for their daily lives. Escape from Knab - Save the earth and learn about finance with this neat on-line game. Global On-line Adventure Learning - A growing list of educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature.
  • 5. Creating Successful Internet Projects
    for enhancing the way teachers teach and students learn, it's an enormous, participating in educational internet projects. From keypal (online pen pal) exchanges between
    Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum
    Creating Successful Internet Projects
    As school bells ring around the world each morning, millions of teachers just like you return to their classrooms with a new instructional tool at their disposal the Internet. For the first time, you and your students have the opportunity to experience the promise and the perils of the online world first hand. The promise? You and your students can access up-to-the-minute information. Events that won't be documented in your textbooks for years can be explored on the Internet today. Your students can collaborate with peers and professionals around the world, and even invite electronic mentors to participate in your class projects no matter where they live in real time, no delays! The peril? While the Net holds tremendous opportunities for enhancing the way teachers teach and students learn, it's an enormous, sometimes confusing place. Once you learn how to send and receive email, and mine the Internet for information, one big question remains: How do you use the Internet to its fullest in your classes, so that it becomes a regular, integral part of your day-to-day teaching activities? Many of your wired colleagues are faced with the same question, but there is a solution: Tightly integrate the Internet into your curriculum by creating and participating in educational Internet projects. From keypal (online pen pal) exchanges between classrooms organized by individual educators, to global online expeditions facilitated by multinational publishing companies, Internet projects have quickly become a curriculum staple in wired K-12 classrooms around the globe. Whether it's measuring the levels of pollution in a nearby stream and sharing the data with other classes via email, or tracking the course of a team of explorers via the World Wide Web as they cross the Arctic, these experiences open up the world to students in ways never before available to schools.

    6. The Internet In The Classroom Blackboard enables instructors to host online courses that FreeInternet Education- Features programs, projects, keypals, resources
    Best Sites


    Free Sites
    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Educational Technology The Internet In the Classroom ... Active Learning on the Web - This site offers strategies and examples for teachers who would like to use the Web to support instruction. Ahead of the - A portal to help keep children, parent and teachers safe on-line, as well as productive. The site is always being updated to reflect changes on the web. Beginners' Central - This site is dedicated to helping people learn to use that information in a coherent manner. - Blackboard enables instructors to host online courses that include learning materials, class discussions, and tests. Displaying Computer Output on a Television Screen - Would you like to be able to demonstrate or present computer information on a big screen TV, or show student work from the computer to the whole class without using expensive projection devices?

    7. Volterre-Fr English And French Language Resources: Learn And Teach English
    Resources to Learn teach English / Apprendre internet projects for Learners andteachers of English; Newspapers online in France Worldwide Journaux en
    English and French
    Language Resources Ressources Langues et Linguistiques
    Anglaises et Françaises

    8. Teach Kids About The Internet, From Your Guide To Internet For Beginners
    educate them about the amazing resources available online. Zitz, your About guideto Family internet. Activities and projects from YouthLearn Lesson ideas that
    zfp=-1 About Internet for Beginners Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Internet for Beginners
    with Charlyn Keating Chisholm
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Welcome! Start Here Glossary of Internet Terms The Basics of Email Netiquette ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Free Psychics

    Teaching Kids About the Internet
    Guide picks Teach kids about Internet safety and educate them about the amazing resources available online. It's easy to get kids to do more than surf and play games when there's so much out there to explore!
    Family Internet Safety

    Find out how to surf safely with this tutorial from Marcy Zitz, your About guide to Family Internet. Activities and Projects from YouthLearn
    Lesson ideas that incorporate technology can be adapted for any age group. Lessons incorporate language arts, multimedia and critical thinking skills. Surfswell Island Best of the Net An engaging, animated way for kids to learn more about Internet safety. Kids must help Mickey Mouse and friends get to Treasure Palace by answering questions related to privacy, viruses and etiquette.

    9. ISTE - L&L: Vol 26 No 7
    Come Dream with Us online projects teach More than Technology by Leni Donlan This Miningthe internet online by Glen Bull, Gina Bull, Judi Harris Mining the

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    Home Current Issue ... Subscribe/Join Search
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    improve teaching
    and learning
    by advancing the effective use of technology in
    April 1999
    Special Theme Issue on Project-Based Learning Do you want to know more about using technology- assisted project-based learning with your students? Then this issue is a must-read. Learn about WebQuests, service learning, virtual field trips, even cyberreporting. Features Online Supplements Table of Contents
    The Student WebQuest:
    A Productive and Thought-Provoking Use of the Internet
    by Maureen Brown Yoder The Never-Ending Story: Questioning Strategies for the Information Age by Cathleen Galas Cathleen discusses how to organize learning around student questions as they drive a constructivist learning process in the classroom. Blast Off: A Project-Based Learning Model for Success by Carol Utay and Joe Utay

    10. Economics Resources For College Teachers
    Links to disciplinespecific websites within economics, with links to online college course material.Category Science Social Sciences Economics Education...... Electronic Publishing Companies, online Publishing projects, and Other If your studentsare using internet sources of The Columbia Guide to online Style MLA
    Economics Resources for College and University Teachers
    General Econ Info Links

    Macro Data, Employment
    International Data Government Budgets and Debt ... Why Study Economics? This page is a collection of information and web links showing activities to use in economics classes and sites of other teachers of economics. For some specific suggestions about how to develop web projects for class, see our Web Teaching Ideas Page . If you have web pages for your classes or a website of teaching information that could be linked here, please let me know. Additional economics data sites are listed on the Economics Information page. Comments about EcEdWeb University of NE at Omaha Department of Economics.
    General Information Sites
    Links to economic information
      EcEdWeb extensive annotated links to economics data sources, journals, and related information.
    Directory of Ph.D. programs in Economics
      This directory is based on the list of all Ph.D. programs in Economics (U.S. and Canada) in Peterson's Guide, and provides links to nearly all of them.
    Directory of Publishers
      Includes Academic Publishers, Computer Book Publishers, Scientific / Technical / Medical (STM) Publishers, Electronic Publishing Companies, Online Publishing Projects, and Other Commercial Publishers.

    11. Learning How To Teach  In A Online Environment
    The Active Learner Grabe and Grabe 1998. internet Classroom projects KentuckyEducational Television. Activities suitable for online learning.
    Eastern Valleys' Teachers' Center
    Jordan Valley College, The Galilee, Israel
    Professional Development Program for in-service EFL Teachers To return to the Center's Home Page, click here or close this window. Learning How to Teach
    in a Online Environment Module 1
    Differences between online instruction and face-to-face learning Module 2 Examining different Online activities Module 3 Meeting online with an overseas expert Module 4 Write a course and writing a teaching unit Resources Material and articles
    • Overview
      In this online course, the participating teachers learnt how to use some of the tools of the internet, such as Forums, File Sharing, Discussion Boards and Chat, in the process of preparing various learning assignments. Emphasis was put on methods of using these tools to teach courses through the internet. We made use of the Platform environment - " Blackboard " (until our access time expired at the end of March 2002). First Assignment
      To make a Personal Homepage in "Blackboard", adding the required information, including a picture and internet links.

    12. Schools Online: Connecting The World... One School At A Time
    the teachers must teach. Through these and other projects, Schools online aims toincrease the attention to and understanding of using the internet for project
    Chinese Deutsch Français Italiano Japanese Korean Português Country List Regional Programs Africa Europe ... United States Collaborative Projects Education Partners Featured
    Resources ... Newsletters Schools Online collaborative projects create and support partnerships between people and institutions internationally, utilizing the power of the Internet to work together for the purpose of accomplishing a common objective. It is our hope that these experiences extend traditional classroom instruction. Schools Online understands that teachers must first develop their own capabilities to use technological tools for teaching and learning before transferring these skills to their students. In these featured collaborative projects, teachers' growth is fostered through technical skill building, professional development and project design. In many cases, the project objectives and activities are mapped to the curriculum that the teachers must teach. Through these and other projects, Schools Online aims to increase the attention to and understanding of using the Internet for project-based learning. It is our belief that this type of education will greatly expand students' horizons and strengthen their capacity to learn.

    13. Teach
    Project Nasa utilizing the internet as a tool for collaboration with students andteachers. United Nations CyberSchoolBus online Interactive projects from NASA
    The Teachers' Internet Guide Language Arts Publishing Reference Material Literature ... Bonus! Although each site listed has been reviewed, KUSD assumes no responsibility for the contents of the sites or their links accessed through this page. Language Arts Grammar Alphabet Poetry Thematic ...
    Style, Grammar, Spelling Online grammar help.
    Grammar Safari Alphabet Sites
    Little Explorers Jack's House Piggy's Place
    Poetry for Kids A collection of forty poems by Kenn Nesbitt Thematic Units Themes Page Thematic Unit Sites Unit Ideas Kathy Schrock's A great place to find a wealth of valuable links. Scholastic's Instructor Home Page Includes K-6 theme ideas, classroom management suggestions, and curriculum activities and strategies.
    Holiday Sites Berit's Best Sites (see Holidays) CityView Happy Holidays Chanukah on the Net-Dreidel pattern Ramadan on the Net ... Holidays Calendar Interactive Sites
    Ed Web mysteries to read and learn Kid's Crambo The Word Games Page for kids! The Prince and I Interactive activities Funbrain Games that promote math, grammar, etc.

    14. MEL: Education: Internet In Education Resources
    integration lesson plans and online companion materials three essential types ofinternet projects a hotlist teach For Tomorrow internet training program Home
    HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Education About the Education Collection Michigan Education What's New? Hot Topics in Education ... Back to the Education Index
    Internet in Education Resources
    The focus of this page is the application of the Internet to research and production in a variety of curriculum areas. For technical issues see the Technology section. General Ask an Expert Student Projects WebQuests ... Issues
    General Guides
    • Adventures of CyberBee New and improved internet tips from Linda Joseph, formerly called World Link Blue Web'n Pacific Bell project crammed with web-based activities, lessons, and hotlists searchable by subject area. EduScapes Technology experts Annette and Larry Lamb offer technology integration lesson plans and online companion materials for their professional development workshops. Filamentality a beginner's interactive guide to creating three essential types of Internet projects: a hotlist page, a treasure hunt, and a web-based activity page.

    15. Teach 2000 Why Use The WEB In Schools?
    research is about collaborative online efforts among communication network throughthe internet and World develop interactive collaborative projects using The
    Welcome On-Ramp Site Map
    Why should educators, administrators, parents and other stakeholders support the use of the Internet and World Wide Web in classrooms and schools?
  • Equity of Access to New and Evolving Forms of Literacy
  • An Infinite Resource of Information
  • A Window to the World
  • Teachers As Learners
  • Students As Learners: Active Participation
  • Motivational Influence of Authentic Learning Activities
  • A New Mode for Self-Expression and Presentation of Self
  • Community and the Role of Audience
  • Student Inquiry and Cooperative Learning
  • Assessing and Improving Student Progress
  • Equity of Access to New and Evolving Forms of Literacy
    Equity of access to information technology varies widely among students, within classrooms and within and between schools, school districts and across communities. Despite the fact that computers have become increasingly affordable over the past decade, many individuals and families are unable to afford the purchase of a home computer. It is essential that our public education system play a central role in ensuring that all students, regardless of financial status, have an equal opportunity to develop the literacy skills required to contribute to an increasingly complex society. In a society that cares about its citizens schools have both a responsibility and a unique opportunity to work toward minimizing the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots." Equity of access is not limited to financial constraints. Equity must also address issues related to gender as well as race, ethnicity, special needs populations and other minorities. Computers and computer networks, as well as the agencies that funded their development, were conceptualized and developed predominantly by men for the purpose of furthering the war effort of the United States government (see the
  • 16. Page 2
    Translate this page Education in Germany. Study/teach Abroad. exercises w/ photos. 19th Century Stories,w/ online quizzes. Business German Materials. internet projects Between Classes.



    Beginning/First Year Students
    Deutsch Beginner's Materials

    German 1 Handouts

    Common Classroom Expressions

    Arbeitsblätter u. Materialien
    Suchmaschine für Kinder
    Mid-Level/Second Year Students Peer Learning/Tandem Learning Interactive Web Exercises 10 Internet Exercises German 2 Games ... Internet Projects Between Classes Advanced/3rd-4th Year Students German Summer Schools/Camps in North America Concordia, Minnesota University of Rhode Island Portland, Oregon Millersville, Pennsylvania ... Salina, Kansas Online Magazines for the Classroom Oskar's - for teens JUMA - for teens Sowieso - for younger readers German Life - online magazine, all ages Organizations American Assn. of Teachers of German

    17. The Heights Online - Page 2
    a noted social services advocate will teach Foothill’s College debuts its new onlineinternet Technology associate Strategy and COIN 58 internet projects.
    In This Issue A Mid-Life Career Change
    Foothill Graphic Design Classes Help Student Publish History Textbook
    Examine African American Literature
    Foothill Debuts Cisco Academy

    CCNA Training in Less than One Year
    6th Annual Kiwanis Silicon Valley Bowl Game

    Foothill Stadium
    Saturday, Dec. 7, 1 p.m.
    Visual Basic Courses

    New Online Course

    Taught by Award-Winning Social Services Advocate Online Degree Program Earn Your Internet Technology Associate Degree Online From Dante to Apocalypse Now Examining Mythology in Literature Spend Spring in Paris Plan Now to Study Abroad Tropical Beaches, Foreign Cities, Exotic Locales Careers in Travel Saturday Seminars Health Careers Open House Saturday, March 1, 2003 Online Classes! Register Now! Register Online! New Student Registration Is Dec. 2-30. Winter Classes Start Jan. 6. The Heights Online Archive
    New Online Course Taught by Award-Winning Social Services Advocate
    SOC 11: Introduction to Human Services The course focuses on a broad spectrum of paraprofessional and new career services and activities in the fields of social work, juvenile corrections, community services, mental health, alcohol and drug counseling, mediation and conciliation services as well as human resources management.

    18. InformIT Online Books > Sams Teach Yourself .NET Windows® Forms In 21 Days
    Sams teach Yourself .NET Windows® Forms in 21 Days. advantage of the internet andinternet Explorer from toward more advanced topics and projects by creating

    19. Internet Projects Registry - Listening To The Walls Talk
    Listening to the Walls Talk is an online/distance learning...... Project Summary The goal of this project is to teach students basic geographic Project

    20. Power To Teach Grant Recipients - Florida
    the training is email (using FIRN), internet researching and teams to create curricula,projects and learning onsite, expanded access and online) for training
    Power to Teach Florida Grant Recipients Grantee: St. Johns County Public Schools Location: St. Augustine Amount: Project: This proposal involves 7th and 8th grade teacher teams (40 teachers total) across 5 middle schools. The vehicle for their training is the development of web quests (curriculum-focused Internet projects) that will involve multiple tools and applications. They envision teachers and students interacting across networks and on the Internet through live videoconferences, gather data from global primary sources, and posting reports and studies on web pages. Grantee: Broward County Public Schools Location: Ft. Lauderdale Amount: Project: This is the fifth largest district in the nation and, as a result, proposes to work with one high school and its feeder middle school to customize a new curriculum tool, WebCT, for the entire district. This is a train the trainer program where cohorts of teachers will learn how to develop instructional materials within the WebCT environment and then demonstrate and teach additional cohorts of teachers. The work is being connected to preservice teachers as well through the strong involvement of their partner, Florida Atlantic University. Grantee: Palm Beach County

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