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         Online Translators:     more books (21)
  1. The Secret Promotion, Godfather Principles and Sales Models for Dictionaries & Translators On-line Businesses 3 CD Course by Alexpis Z Brown, 2007
  2. Networking For Dictionaries & Translators Online Business Growth by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  3. Mastering the Godfather Principles of Selling Dictionaries & Translators Online by James Orr, 2007
  4. Sales Models For Your Dictionaries & Translators Online Business by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  5. The Quick and Easy Get More Biz, Godfather Principles and Accounting & Finance for Dictionaries & Translators On-line Businesses 3 CD Power Pack by Montezuma A. Johnson, 2007
  6. Success Principles To Guide Your Dictionaries & Translators Online Business by James Orr, 2007
  7. Your Very Own Dictionaries & Translators Online Business-In-A-Box by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  8. Mastering The Inner Game To Selling Dictionaries & Translators Online by James Orr, 2007
  9. Web Sites and Shoppping Carts For Your Dictionaries & Translators Online Business by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  10. Online versus traditional classroom delivery of a course in manual communication.: An article from: Exceptional Children by Nanci A. Scheetz, Philip L. Gunter, 2004-09-22
  11. Going Online: Helping Technical Communicators Help Translators.(Medtronic Inc.): An article from: Technical Communication by Patricia Flint, Melanie Lord Van Slyke, et all 1999-05-01
  12. The Story Of Frithiof The Bold by Anonymous Translator: Eirikr Magnusson and William Morris by Anonymous, 2010-09-01
  13. Overcoming Communication Hurdles: The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Translator by, 2010-03-28
  14. Finnish Legends for English Children by R. Eivind, 2010-08-12

1. Free Online Dictionary - Online Electronic Dictionaries For Your Site.
Free online dictionary electronic dictionaries forms for your site. All for free! Click to the link below to get your online dictionary. online translators
All you need for immediate online translation is the Free online dictionary from Ectaco, Inc.! It is the simplest way to translate from English into any foreign language and vice versa directly on the Internet! Click to the link below to get your online dictionary.
Online translators
Try free online dictionaries on your site!
Our free online dictionary translates from Engilsh into more than 20 languages and back. Please choose any from the following designs and input your e-mail address,
We'll send the code for online electronic dictionary to you via e-mail immediately. Type your e-mail: Ectaco online dictionary placed on your site must bear the company's name - ECTACO Online Dictionary Select online dictionary form:
Electronic dictionary
English German Russian ...

2. Free Online Dictionaries, Machine Translation System.
UK translation service specializes in English to Catalan and Spanish but also provides translations in other languages. Get a price quote.
By Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in the development of handheld dictionaries
Full range of online dictionaries from Ectaco, Inc.
Enter word:
Enter word or sentence in Russian or in English:
Linguistic system of translation is based on Socrates automatic translation technology developed by Arsenal, Inc.
Partner® UT-203, the first-ever electronic bidirectional voice translator features:
  • a unique speech recognition system that provides translation from English into German and Russian, or from Russian into English and German
  • 15 topics which include phrases facilitating communication in hotels, post offices, banks, stores, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons and many other places
  • digital voice recorder
This week only: buy a Partner® UT-203 and save $25!
The only English-Russian Handheld Translator in the world with a built-in bidirectional full text automatic translation system
Gold Partner® V6

The Russian Language Week!

Do not miss your chance!

3. PROMT's Online Translator
Web's largest community of language translators. Resources, job auctions, terms help, free online translation services. COMPANY SAMSUNG ALCATEL MANY FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS etc. The online translators are a group of expatriates who get to be
PROMT's News
PROMT releases new @promt translation software

PROMT offers amazing gifts for Halloween

NEC has chosen the PROMT translation solutions to organize the multi-language translation product

Software dictionaries
for 22 languages!
(Palm OS, Pocket PC, Epoc)
T ranslate.Ru
PROMT presents you with free online translation services: Text, Web site, e-mail and WAP translators Online dictionaries Online Shop ... with automated translation We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Translation services will be resumed on the basis of new PROMT XT translation technology. Keep up with news on our site.
All the registered users will be notified about the date when online translation service will resume. ASP services Add translation capabilities to your Web site or intranet.
Register! We offer you to register and get access to the wide number of additional translation services. Lists at Felist.Com PROMT news - machine
translation technologies Advertise with us Terms and Conditions Online Shop Links ... PROject MT, Ltd

4. Domain Holding Page
High quality Spanish and Catalan translations to all sectors of business and trade. Specialising in web translation.
Is my domain na me ava ilable? .com .biz .us .info .tv .cc .net .org .gs .ms .tc .vg .sh .ac .nu About Us Support Prices New Users ... Log-in
This domain has been registered for a client by Easyspace.
From as little as per year Get your presence on the web today with a unique domain name and email Transfer your existing domain to us for FREE and save money on renewals
Building a website is easy with hosting packages
from as little as per year
Flexible hosting packages to suit your needs, from registration only with free POP3 email to a corporate hosting package with MySQL, CGI, Secure encrypted connections (SSL) and 500MB of web space. Click here to to sign up for 25MB of free web space.
Virtual Dedicated Servers
A complete Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 server
Actinic Miva E-Commerce Easyspace SSL secure server service for a complete e-commerce solution
Off Site Data Archiving The easiest, safest and most secure method for you to back-up or store your critical files

5. WorldLingo : Translation, Localization, Globalization - French, Spanish, German,
free german translator. german online translators. translate latin english. englishto french translator. free online translators. online french translator.
Search Site Map Contact Company Information ... Professional Translation
Translate your documents to and from 140 languages. Web Site Localization
Professional quality translation of HTML, text and graphics. Live Solutions
Multilingual live solutions for real-time environments. Multilingual Chat
Real-time multilingual instant chat. Currency Converter
Display your web site product prices in over 45 world currencies. Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing
Process payments in over 120 currencies worldwide. Commercial Email Translator
Translate enable your newsletters, e-zines, catalogues and e-marketing documents. Email Translation
Send and receive translated email in real time. Web Site Translation
Translate enable your web site within minutes. Domain Name Management
Corporate, global and multilingual domain name management services. Custom Solutions Multilingual solutions for your special project needs. Development Tools API for multilingual applications and web development.

6. French Translation
in need of a translation, you'll find everything you need right here links totranslation agencies, freelance translators, online translators, and other
zfp=-1 About Homework Help French Language Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
French Language
with Laura K Lawless
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Find it! Search, A-Z + topic index, Q+A Daily French: Word, Lesson, and Quote French Gestures ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Guide picks Whether you're a translator or someone in need of a translation, you'll find everything you need right here: links to translation agencies, freelance translators, online translators, and other related links.
Tools for Translators

Translators need good tools, so take a look at this list of translation books without which I could not work. This list is for French-English/English-French translators, but can be adapted for other language combinations. Jobs Using French - Translation and Interpretation
Thinking about becoming a translator or interpreter? Read my introduction to these highly competitive careers. Dictionaries Dozens of online dictionaries to help you complete your translation.

7. Dictionary Page At - Info About Online Translators And Dicti
Here you will find information about online translators and dictionariesand more. DICTIONARIES. Abenaki, Afrikaans, Aklanon, Alabama,
Afrikaans Aklanon Alabama ...
Foreign Languages for Travelers

  • Translating Dictionaries between many languages; Learn a language, including wav. files for pronunciation; Word of the day e-mail service; International Traffic signs and road rules; International Holiday Calendars; Maps and much more
    One Look Dictionaries

      Search for a Word or Acronym in a Dictionary or Glossary
      The Alternative Dictionary

        This Dictionary contains words and expressions you most likely won't find in a normal dictionary
        The Linquist

          For languages within the European Union
            translates single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages Translater Go
              translates also single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages

8. IOC Ocean Portal : Top > INFORMATION RESOURCES > Information Tools > Online Tran
LINKS. 1. Review n/a - Votes 0 Tell a Friend A selectionof the best free translators, dictionaries and language courses on the web.

9. Free Online Dictionaries, Machine Translation System.
Free online translators, dictionaries, machine translation system. You canplace our Online Dictionaries and Translators on your site for free.
You can place our Online Dictionaries and Translators on your site for free. We would like to offer you the opportunity to place our online translation forms on your site. Word and sentence translations are possible from English to Russian and vice versa. We believe that it will be an attractive benefit to the Russian-speaking visitors of your site. To get the HTML code please choose the necessary forms below and input your e-mail address. We will send the HTML code to you via e-mail immediately. To place the chosen forms on your site simply place the HTML code into the area where you wish to see the Dictionary or Translator. Your e-mail address will be added in the Ectaco News mailing list. Please enter your name: Please enter your E-mail: Below you can select any color schemes:
The only English-Russian Handheld Translator in the world with a built-in bidirectional full text automatic translation system
Gold Partner® V6

The Russian Language Week!

Do not miss your chance!
Welcome to our European e-shops:

10. Language
Search engine and compendium of resources on language education, text translators, dictionaries, alphabet Category Science Social Sciences Language and Linguistics...... and literature translations. Latin Online Translator online translators,dictionary, and grammar for latin. Learn Japanese For
Translators, dictionaries, dictionary resources, and other language aids.
Featured Site:
Ancient Rune Alphabet
- Ancient rune alphabet resources including runes and alphabet.
Chemistry Dictionaries
- Directory of specialized chemistry dictionaries.
Chinese Alphabet
- Use these links to learn how read and write with it!
Chinese Alphabet Letters
- Guide resources with information, instructions, and images of the letters.
Chinese Alphabet Symbols
- Symbols meanings and images of the chinese alphabet symbols.
Meanings of Chinese Symbols
- Intoducing you to chinese symbols meanings.
Chinese Symbols Words
- Chinese symbols words and meanings.
EnglishFrench Dictionary
- English-French translation dictionary links.
EnglishJapanese Dictionary
- Collection of English-Japanese dictionary links and information. EnglishSpanish Dictionary - Links to English-Spanish dictionaries on the web. English To Japanese Alphabet - English to Japanese alphabet translations, and meanings. Examples Of Calligraphy Alphabet - Examples of calligraphy alphabet designs and methods. Free Spanish Translator - Free translator of spanish.

11. Russian Language Translations
Translation Translation pages will point you to free online translatorsfrom Russian to English, French, German and vice versa.
The starting place to learn the Russian language on the Internet. Advertising
About us
Home User agreement Add a Site ... Be an Advertiser
Subjects Bookstore Dictionaries Forum Russian - basic ... Software Archive All articles
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free newsletter.
Translation Translation pages will point you to free online translators from Russian to English, French, German and vice versa. There is also information about expert multilanguage translators and interpreters. Pocket electronic dictionaries and translators are featured as well. Russian-English-Russian Translations
You can now get free translation of short phrases and individual words in our Russian Language Forum. The translations are done by team and other visitors of the forum. Russian-English Talking Translators
Handheld electronic dictionaries and translators from Ectaco, the world leader in the development and manufacture of electronic dictionaries. PROMT Reverso Online
This site supports translation from Russian to English, French and German languages and vice versa. Other languages are also available.

12. Awesome Library - English
Covers translations (both directions) in languages most other online translatorsdo not cover, such as Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic
Awesome Talking Library Examples ... U.S. Department of Peace
Here: Home Classroom English > Languages




Also Try
  • Languages Lesson Plans (Awesome Library)
  • Multicultural
  • Post Cards (The Digital Postcard)
      Provides email postcards in many languages.

    Lesson Plans
  • Language Lesson Plans (Teachers.Net)
      Provides over 200 individual lessons. Specifies a general grade level for each, such as elementary. The quality of lessons varies widely and some only announce the availability of lessons on a topic. 5-00
  • Languages Resources (VADA)
      Provides hundreds of language resources, listed alphabetically. Select the country (listed alphabetically by letter of the alphabet on the left) 9-01
  • Lessons to Learn 164 Languages (
      Provides sources of lessons to learn 164 languages, listed in alphabetic order. 7-02
  • -Language Dictionaries (
      Provides translation dictionaries in over 150 languages. 5-00
  • Countries - Search Engines by Country (Search Engine Colossus)
      Provides search engines from within many countries in both the language of the country and English. 3-00
  • Cybertown Campus - Foreign Languages School
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers
  • Language Resources (Benschop) ...
  • Language Resources (iLoveLanguages - Chambers)
      Includes resources for over 125 languages. Possible resources include lessons, fonts, dictionaries, translation guides, and literature
  • 13. Translation English French Spanish German Japanese Italian Chinese Portuguese Ru
    Translation in several languages.Category Business Business Services North America United States...... danish swedish norwegian finnish polish czech greek hebrew arabic translator translationtranslate online translations online translators free translations
    Click on the language you need - Specify your requirements - We will process your request immediately:
    German Spanish Japanese ...
    Click here for EXPRESS TRANSLATION
    Available now: Site in English Site en français Sitio en español Traduction gratuite ... Free translation
    We Will Get Your Translation Done NOW!
    Choose How:

    Chat With Translator

    Begin Translation Now

    Describe Your Need

    We guarantee the satisfaction of our users. Click here to tell us what you want. We will do it. Try us! Translation as Low as $10 Click here for
    low-cost translation
    3 easy steps
    No registration! 1. Select language. 2. Provide your requirements. 3. View instant price and delivery. No waiting! At your service! Request a customized solution Express your special needs Jobs! Join our network
    Wordzone is a world leader in online translation.
    We are committed to providing you with the service you need now. We strive to give you the price, speed, quality and reliability that you won't find anywhere else.

    14. Erowid Psychoactive Vaults : Foreign Language Resources
    online translators BabelFish Translation Experts Ltd PROMTReverso Online. LastModified - Mon, Feb 17, 2003, Created by Erowid. Back to Plants Drugs .
    Make a contribution to Erowid and help keep objective information publicly available.

    We're looking for additional non-english resources. If you have translations of FAQs or other
    well-written documents which you think might be a good addition to this section, please let us know
    Deutsche Index

    Delysid's Hongos Enteogenos

    Hongos Psilocybe FAQ

    Erowid en Espaniol !
    Erowid Francais Links

    Hungarian / Magyar Daath - a Magyar Pszichedelikus Közösség Honlapja Psychedelic Crisis FAQ 2.0 Nederlands Drugs: informatie over drugs en drugsgerelateerde onderwerpen Yo Jax International Russian - Mushrooms ALCOHOL Foreign Language Links BELLADONNA Foreign Language Links BRUGMANSIA Foreign Language Links CACTI Foreign Language Links CANNABIS Foreign Language Links COCAINE Foreign Language Links DATURA Foreign Language Links DXM DXM FAQ (Russian) DXM FAQ Translator Notes (Russian) GHB Foreign Language Links MDMA Foreign Language Links MORNING GLORY Foreign Language Links MUSHROOMS Psiconauti : Ps. cubensis (Italiano) Hongos Psilocybe FAQ Rotten Reality (Russian) Foreign Language Links 2C-B Foreign Language Links PEYOTE Foreign Language Links POPPIES SALVIA Foreign Language Links ONLINE TRANSLATORS BabelFish Translation Experts Ltd PROMT-Reverso Online Last Modified - Mon, Feb 17, 2003

    15. Online Translators
    Hearts Minds Lightbulb logo links to our home page SM, Hearts Minds Information for Change. Online Language Translators. We
    SM Information for Change Online Language Translators We haven't found these useful for translating our own website, but you can get a general sense of what a foreign language website is about from using them. Back to our website translation project Go to (the language you are translating into). Then save that file in the correct folder OR: and choose the tab "Web Translator" For either:
    • Choose "From English to" the language you are translating into Beneath where it says Web Page Translator, paste in the web address of our English language page that you are translating. Go to that web page you are about to translate. Use control+C to copy the website address line near the top of your browser. Then use control+V to paste that into the web translator. Click on enter and the website will make a translation.
    Top of Page Home Page Helpful/How-to Section
    Interact with Us

    16. 100 Links To Online Translators And Machine Translation Software
    100 Links to online translators and Machine Translation Software 1,Alta Vista French/German/ Spanish/Portuguese/ Italian/Japanese
    100 Links to Online Translators and Machine Translation Software Alta Vista
    Chinese/English Systran
    Chinese/English Enterprise Translation Server
    Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian Multilingual
    Short phrases in many languages Intertran (free online web page and text translation in many languages) Lingvobit by Ectaco Free translation Polish to/from English ALIS Gist-In-Time Many languages to English Al Misbar Free translation English to Arabic text and webpages alphaWorks/IBM (free web page and text translation from English to many languages) WORLDLINGO.COM (free online web page and text translation in many languages) Arsenal Inc. Russian/English English/Russian Arsenal/SOCRAT Russian/English English/Russian ProMT Russian/English Russian/French Russian/German French/English French/German ProMT Russian to/from English ProMT French to/from English/German ProMT Russian to German/French ProMT German/French to Russian Reverso (free web page, text and mail translation between English and many languages)

    17. Genealogy Supplies & Online Tools
    the Web for genealogy information in other languages, you'll find everythingyou need right here links to free online translators, translation agencies
    zfp=-1 About Genealogy Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Kimberly Powell
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS FREE Genealogy Genealogy Search Tips US Vital Records ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Guide picks Free, downloadable charts and forms; charts, forms, records and family trees available for purchase; free online genealogy tools such as calendars, date converters, and soundex converters; preservation supplies; and cool genealogy gadgets to make your research easier.
    Online calendars, birthdate calculators, genealogy calendar programs, date converters, today in history, fun facts, and info on date formats for genealogy research. Free Genealogy Charts and Forms
    Free downloadable family tree charts, pedigree charts research logs and other free forms to help you in your genealogy research and keep your family tree organized. Family Tree Wall Chart Printing Services
    Genealogy companies who specialize in printing large family trees in both color and black and white. Perfect for family reunions, wedding anniversaries, or just to display on your wall.

    Beginner, intermediate, advanced lessons with audio that covers over 100 themes, conversations, cultural Category Reference Education Products and Services Learning Spanish...... It's absolutely FREE! Take advantage of the online translators, verb conjugators,and FREE downloads of tutorials. FIRST TUTORIAL CLICK HERE!!!
    business spanish com 'll teach you how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish by listening and repeating examples and simplified grammar rules. ALL LESSONS and each topic contain vocabulary with recorded AUDIO , and they are organized in Chapters business spanish com offers daily FREE online lessons. We add new lessons every weekday , 520 lessons in a year. You will find them concise yet very effective. This comprehensive site that will cover more than 100 business themes as well as various cultural aspects and business etiquette of the Spanish speaking countries. Check out our list of topics business spanish com 'll remind you daily to take a 10-minute tutorial at your request. SIGN-UP today!!! It's absolutely FREE ! Take advantage of the online translators verb conjugators , and FREE downloads of tutorials. FIRST TUTORIAL: CLICK HERE!!! business spanish com

    19. Russian Women - Russian Brides::Communication:: Free Online Translators Russian
    Online Translation Sites. Common Russian Sayings. Additional Resources.Related Content. Articles. Russian Woman FAQ's. online translators.
    Russian Women Personals Russian Women Photos Preferred Marriage Agencies Marriage Agency Directory ... Moscow Embassy - Delayed Visas NEW Articles: Immigration Experiences K1 Fiance Visa Experiences K3 Visa Experiences Message Board: K1 Visa - US Immigration ... Russian Woman Scams - Russian Marriage Agency Scams US Immigration Experiences -K1 Visa Delays K1 Fiance Visa Preparation and Filling Experiences NEW INS Service Center Processing Delays NEW US Government - State Department - INS Discussions NEW NEW US Visa Delays - US Embassy Moscow Russia NEW US Visa Delays - US Embassy Guangzhou China NEW POE - Point of Entry Discussions NEW AOS - Adjustment of Status Discussions NEW Complete Listing of Discussion Groups....
    about addurl ... Shop Communication Search extended local Communication
    Preferred Translators

    Low Phone Rates to Russia

    Cyrillic Fonts
    Additional Resources

    Related Content Articles Russian Woman FAQ's
    Online Translators Russian Women - Ukraine Women - Eastern European
    Prompt's Online Translator

    Russian owned and operated so you know they understand the Russian language. Their translations are fairly good for general purpose. They can translate web pages and small amounts of text. World

    20. Electronic School: Breaking The Language Barrier
    School leaders can offer limitedEnglish-speaking parents access to this informationby directing their attention to several free online translators.
    We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Information technology is allowing individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to communicate instantaneously across vast distances, and at the same time, immigration is making American society itself more ethnically and culturally diverse. Both of these trends are putting pressure on schools. Educators need to find new ways to communicate with parents of students who speak only limited English, and they must learn how to offer all students opportunities to collaborate with their peers from other cultures. Fortunately, those tasks are made easier by a variety of multilingual web and computer-based technologies. These free services can translate online, search foreign-language web sites, and help forge partnerships between U.S. schools and their counterparts around the world. The need for multilingual communication will continue to grow over the next half century. By 2050, Hispanics, non-Hispanic blacks, Asians, and Native Americans will account for approximately half the U.S. population, nearly double the current ratio of 27 percent. Hispanics will comprise nearly a quarter of the population and Asian Americans more than 10 percent. Clearly, schools will have a responsibility to communicate to large groups of linguistically diverse parents and students as well as to other members of their communities.

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