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         Ontario History:     more books (100)
  1. Early History of Elora, Ontario and Vicinity, The by John Connon, 1974-06-01
  2. The Politics of Development: Forests Mines & Hydro-Electric Power in Ontario, 1849 1941 (Carleton Library) by H. V. Nelles, 2005-07-20
  3. The people's power;: The history of Ontario Hydro by Merrill Denison, 1960
  4. Deadly Women of Ontario: Murderous Tales of Deceit and Treachery by Cheryl MacDonald, 2005-06-30
  5. Two Worlds: The Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century Ontario (Mcgill-Queens Studies in the History of Religion) by William Westfall, 1989-05
  6. Harvest from the Rock: A History of Mining in Ontario by Philip Smith, 1986
  7. The Nurture of Nature: Childhood, Antimodernism, and Ontario Summer Camps, 1920-55 (Nature/History/Society) by Sharon Wall, 2010-02-15
  8. Local histories of Ontario municipalities, 1987-1997: A bibliography, with representative cross-Canada locations of copies by Barbara B Aitken, 1999
  9. Ontario public school history of Canada, authorized by the Minister of Education for Ontario by George McKinnon Wrong, 2010-08-05
  10. Rails Along the Oriskany: A History of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway's Utica Division and Rome Branch by John Taibi, 2003-11
  11. A Fatherly Eye: Indian Agents, Government Power, and Aboriginal Resistance in Ontario, 1918-1939 (Canadian Social History Series) by Robin Jarvis Brownlie, 2003-08-27
  12. Hydro-Electric Development in Ontario: A History of Water-Power Administration Under the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario by Emerson Bristol Biggar, 2010-02-10
  13. Manliness and Militarism: Educating Young Boys in Ontario for War (Canadian Social History Series) by Mark Moss, 2001-04-05
  14. Regulating Girls and Women: Sexuality, Family, and the Law in Ontario 1920-1960 (Canadian Social History Series) by Joan Sangster, 2001-07-19

1. The Gateway To Northwestern Ontario History
Collection includes photographs, books, drawings and artifacts. Site in English with French version Category Reference Libraries Digital......The Gateway to Northwestern ontario history Photos, Books, Drawingsand Artifacts from Libraries and Museums of Northwestern Ontario,
The Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History
Photos, Books, Drawings and Artifacts
from Libraries and Museums of Northwestern Ontario
(Resource and Archival Library for Northwestern Ontario)

Funded by:

Thunder Bay Public Library

The John Andrews Foundation

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation

Federal Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Culture Online Program
This photo archive is designed, maintained and hosted by

2. Ontario Canada Local History And Genealogy
Volunteer maintained page offering resources for searching history and genealogy of the province in Category Regional North America Society and Culture Genealogy......Ontario Canada Local History Genealogy. http// Returnto Main Menu ontario history Resources
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When you find ancestors, are you interested in learning more about the history they lived? Do you want to explore new directions to solve the unsolved mystery? What was home and family life like? What did they eat? wear? read? What were the important happenings? Why were the wars fought and who fought them? How in the world did they move about? How can I answer these questions? This page is being created, on a volunteer basis, to explore the world of our ancestors who resided in Ontario. Through your genealogical research, you have learned something about your ancestors. How do you learn more? How do you solve the unsolved mystery? My answer to both is to learn more about genealogical research by learning more about the history your ancestors lived . After all, isn't genealogy the history of individuals and families?

3. Brantford Township, Ontario History
BRANT COUNTY, ONTARIO BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. Brantford Township History.These Township Histories have been transcribed by Bill Bowman
Brantford Township History
These Township Histories have been transcribed by Bill Bowman from Warner and Beers History of Brant County 1883. They are being posted as Bill completes them. A big thank you to Bill for his hard work! Please use your browser's Find feature to make sure you don't miss your surname, which might be buried inside a different surname biography. BRANTFORD TOWNSHIP Page 361 The settlement of this township dates from the commencement of the present century. The first white settler was Mr. John File, who found the entire region covered with forest, oak, pine and maple, and used as a hunting ground by the Six Nation Indians of the Iroquois tribe, who considered the whole region on each side of the Grand River as their indefeasible property. Bottom Page 361-362 Bottom Page 362-365 When the last verdict had been rendered and the court closed, the ox-team was hitched up and the two days' drive through the woods was resumed. Well was it when the wolves, hunger-driven through the oak forest, failed to over take the slow-moving equipage. As late as 1830 the entire area of what is now Brantford Township remained in the possession of the Six Nations Indians, but at that date the town plot of Brantford and the north part of the township of the same name were deeded away, and further surrenders were made from time to time until the whole township was ceded and settled. When a subdivision was effected of the four original districts into which the Province of Upper Canada was divided, this township was made a part of the Gore District, and was incorporated in the County of Wentworth, until it was attached to the new County of Brant on the formation of the latter in the year 1852.

4. :: Ontario Historical Society :: [Ontario History]
ontario history CoverOur journal ontario history began in 1899 as theannual Papers and Records of the Ontario Historical Society.
x MAIN SUBSCRIBE VIEW INDEX Our journal Ontario History began in 1899 as the annual Papers and Records of the Ontario Historical Society. Its name was changed to Ontario History in 1947 and it became a quarterly in 1949. More recently, in 1998, it moved to publish twice yearly. The journal's mandate is to disseminate sound research, good writing, and interesting ideas on Ontario’s past while adhering to high scholarly standards, supporting catholicity of viewpoints, and encouraging a variety of forms of historical discourse. It differs from other similar journals in Canada in its Ontario focus and in its inclusiveness. From the early years of the century it has published work by women as well as men, amateur as well as professional historians, and beginning as well as established scholars. In addition to the publication of political, military, and constitutional history; it has been early to recognize First Nations’ history, women’s history, immigration and ethnic history, labour history, and other recently developed areas of the discipline. After a two-year hiatus, the journal has succeeded in its re-application to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for a grant to assist in its publication.

5. :: Ontario Historical Society :: [Ontario History] :: [Subscribe]
Rates for Subscriptions to ontario history (NonMembers). Non-member Individualsand Families. $32.10, Rates for Subscriptions to ontario history (Members).
x MAIN SUBSCRIBE VIEW INDEX Prefer to mail your form or pay by cheque? Click here for a print friendly version of this form. Please fill out the form below and press send. Your information will be emailed to OHS and will be held confidential. (FORM OPERATIONAL) Rates for Subscriptions to Ontario History (Non-Members) Non-member Individuals and Families Non-member Organizations and Institutions Rates for Subscriptions to Ontario History (Members) Member Individuals and Families Member Organizations and Institutions Contact Information: = Required Field Full Name: Organization: Address: Country: City: Province/State: Postal Code/Zip Code: Telephone #: Fax #: Email: Credit Card Payment Information: Accepted Card: VISA Credit Card Name on Credit Card: Credit Card Number: Credit Card Expiry Date: Any Other Information/Feedback: Other: Signature/Date: Name Signature :

6. Ontario History
ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA A Brief History. It was in the first week of August,1881 when George Chaffey, a Canadian Engineer, viewed the

7. Almonte, Ontario: History
yet again. At the time relations between Canada and the United Stateswere at a low ebb, especially here in Ontario. The province's

About this site
Search the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
Find information on Lanark County ancestors, as of 1874-1881.
Our Unlikely Name
In a region where the early settlers' Irish, English and Scottish origins are prominent in the names of the communities they founded Lanark, Corkery, Glen Isle, Scotch Corners, Tatlock and the like it seems more than a little odd that our town should be named for a now-forgotten Mexican general. Almonte went through a number of name changes in the early days, from Shepherd's Falls to Shipman's Mills, Ramsayville, and by about 1855, Waterford; but the federal post office pointed out there was already a Waterford in the west of the province, and told townsfolk the name would have to change yet again. At the time relations between Canada and the United States were at a low ebb, especially here in Ontario. The province's first major wave of settlers, after all, had been Loyalists, Americans whose sympathies for England prompted them to flee northward during and after the Revolution; and the suspicion lingered in many Canadian minds that the US still intended a settling of accounts. American invasions of Canada around 1812 didn't help matters, nor did US military incursions into Mexico during the 1840s. Which is where General Juan Almonte enters the picture. The border skirmishes between Mexcio and America during this time were seen by Mexcians as a naked and unprovoked land-grab, and by worried Canadians as a cautionary tale proof positive that the American republic was ready and willing to use force against its neighbours to achieve its territorial aims.

8. UBC Library - MARION
UBC Library Catalogue. Title ontario history. Author Ontario Historical Society.
UBC Library Catalogue Title: Ontario history.
Author: Ontario Historical Society. Papers and records.
Ontario Historical Society.

Call number:
Toronto, Ontario Historical Society [etc.]
Subject: Ontario History Societies.
Other titles: Papers and records - Ontario Historical Society. v.1-38, 1899-1946
Volumes: v.1- 1899-
Notes: Vol. 15 incorrectly numbered 14 on cover.
Holdings: KOERNER current journals Receipt Status: Currently received Latest issue: V.94 N.2 (Sep 2002) Detailed holdings KOERNER journals Library has: V.1 1899 - Unbound issues in Koerner Library current jrnals Detailed holdings Library has: SET 2 V.1 1899 - V.34 1946. Detailed holdings No copies available? Place a request. Need this delivered? Order via UBC Library Document Delivery. Problems with your search? Ask at any Library Information or Reference Desk, or see the online help for search-by keyword , or number searching. Simple Catalogue (Find...) Advanced Catalogue My Library Account UBC Library Home

9. Books And Films About Ontario History
Books and Films about ontario history From Lynx Images. LYNX IMAGESINC. Film Production, Book Publishing and Distribution PO Box
Books and Films about Ontario History
From Lynx Images
Film Production, Book Publishing and Distribution
P.O. Box 5961 Station A.
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1P4 Canada
Phone:(416) 925-8422
Fax:(416) 925-8352
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About Lynx

Currently in Lynx Production
Books and Films by Lynx Images GREAT LAKES Great Lakes Topics Lighthouses Shipwrecks Ghost Towns HISTORY Canadian History OTHER Trains and Transporation Architecture Remember: All our prices are in Canadian Dollars. American customers ordering by creditcard: because charges are in Canadian dollars the exchange rate will offer you a discount on the price, shipping and handling. Since 1988, Lynx Images has been creating books and films that help deepen appreciation of this country's history. For several years we have focused on the Great Lakes, travelling extensively by boat, car, and airplane. Our books and films are intended to enliven your explorations, whether by road or by water. Included in this catalogue are other quality Great Lakes books not published by Lynx Images. Thank you for your input and supportrevenue goes directly toward future history projects.
Alone in the Night: Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel

10. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Ontario
Provides a comprehensive collection of links to resources recording births, deaths, marriages, census Category Regional North America Society and Culture Genealogy...... Gateway to Northwestern ontario history Photos, books, drawings andartifacts from libraries and museums of Northwestern Ontario.
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
Personal Ontario Pages
Archives - Libraries - Museums
Adolphustown Loyalist Cultural Centre Museum and Genealogical Library. Alphabetical listing of surnames in The Family Files of the Loyalist Cultural Centre.
ARCHEION, Ontario's Archival Information Network
A research tool providing access to over 4000 descriptions of archival records held by over 40 archives in Ontario, members of the Archives Association of Ontario.
Archives of Ontario
Amazing facts and figures, Genealogy research at the Archives of Ontario, Aboriginal peoples in the archives.
Collections include town and township records, business documents, museum material, genealogical collections, photographs and maps.
A Black Historical Site, formerly named the Raleigh Township Centennial Museum, located in the village of North Buxton, Ontario. Original site of the Elgin Settlement, which was for many, the last stop on the underground railroad.
The Museum features a collection of artifacts and archives ranging from a vast tool collection to local photographs.

11. Ontario Hotels,Ontario California Hotels,Ontario Real Estate,Ontario California
Greetings from Ontario, California! Here you will find a handy guide to Ontariohotels, Ontario real estate, ontario history, a map of Ontario and more.


Real Estate

is one of California's first planned communities. Known as "The Model Colony", Ontario is a leader in transportation and other fields. Today with a population of about 150,000, Ontario continues to lead the Inland Empire thru the 21st century, yet it retains a sense of tradition and small town charm.
Over $1 Billion worth of construction activity is now taking place in Ontario. Projects such as the Ontario Mills Mall, the Ontario Convention Center, and the expansion of the Ontario International Airport will continue to help support Ontario's diverse and growing economy. The Edwards 53 screen theater by Ontario Mills creates the largest and one of the busiest cinema attractions in the world.The development of the 8,200 acre Agricultural Preserve will allow Ontario to ontinue to provide high quality housing to all economic sectors of the population for years to come.
Ontario's location in the sun-belt assures mild, Mediterranean weather with brisk winters and pleasantly cool summer nights. Temperatures vary during the seasons, typically falling between 45 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With an elevation of 925 feet, Ontario averages 312 days of sunshine per year. The mild weather allows residents to enjoy Ontario's many parks as well as the nearby Orange County and San Diego attractions including Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Sea World. Close to the San Bernardino Mountains, residents can also enjoy world-class skiing at Big Bear during the winter months.

12. Ontario History Bibliography
Some early history of Ontario.” Pomona Valley Historian 4 (October 1968)17680. History of the Ontario Montclair School District, 1883-1973.
Up to History Bibliography
Digital Library Map Room History Museum ... Cultural Center Home Page
Bibliography on the History of the
Chaffey Communities
Compiled by Max A. van Balgooy . Reprinted from the Record , Volume 4: Special Issue (1995) [Updated 4 December 1997]
Ontario, California
To Bibliography Contents Alexander, J. A. The life of George Chaffey: a story of irrigation beginnings in California and Australia. Melbourne: Macmillan and Co., 1928. Alexander, Vickie. “Ontario's historic Bank Block.” Mt. San Antonio Historian 15 (Summer 1979): 109-22. Armstrong, John Samuel. “The J. S. Armstrong story.” Pomona Valley Historian 6 (January 1970): 1-19. Austen, Ruth. Ontario, the model colony: an illustrated history. Chatsworth: Windsor Publications, 1990. Beattie, George William and Beattie, Helen Pruitt. Heritage of the valley: San Bernardino’s first century . Pasadena: San Pasqual Press, 1939; Biobooks, 1951. Bicentennial Book Committee. A bicentennial salute: an historical review of Ontario, California and our nation. Ontario: Ontario City Council, [1976?].

13. Links To London, Ontario History Sites
Doty Docs isn't the only site carrying the torch for London, ontario history.There are a growing number of similar sites that you should check out.
Doty Docs isn't the only site carrying the torch for London, Ontario history. There are a growing number of similar sites that you should check out. We've also enclosed hopelessly opinionated critiques and ratings on each entry. Feel free to disagree...but don't hate us just because we're witty. Doty Docs' Web Site Ratings Deserves its own display at the museum The makings of a fine coffee table book At least it's more fun than reading census records Think I'll see what's on History Television... General History Sites Museum and Library Sites
Theatre Sites
Guy Lombardo Sites ...
Thomas Talbot Sites
General History Sites
The London and Middlesex Historical Society
The grandpappy of all London Historical web sites. Updates are sporadic and the content is maddeningly brief, but this is still a good introduction to London's heritage. A History of Sports in London
Prepared by London Free Press reporter Jeff Hale in 1997, this is a terrific overview of athletics in London from world championship baseball in the 1870s to the rise of the University of Western Ontario's athletics department.

14. This Month In London, Ontario History
parents, Gaetano Lombardo Jr. began by organizing small musical groupsin his hometown of London, Ontario. After graduating to better
April 1941 - Hollywood Comes Calling
The Sea Wolf offers a bonanza of London connections
The Capitol Theatre in downtown London hosts the Canadian premier of the harrowing maritime drama, The Sea Wolf - and for good reason. Featured actors Alexander Knox and Gene Lockhart and studio head Jack Warner were either born or educated in London while the novel the film is based on was written by - wait for it - Jack London. None of those luminaries are present at the event, though Knox's mother does amble by to check out the festivities. Local theatre manager Bill Trudell organized the event.
March 1923 - KKK Tests the Waters
William L. Higgett of Georgia, past Grand Serpent of the Ku Klux Klan, stopped over in London and shared his views with the media. He urged a confederacy of North American Anglo-Saxons to exclude Asians and prevent the dumping of immigrants. Three years later local klan members held a funeral service at a local cemetery in full regalia. Londoners welcomed their hooded visitors with folded arms. February 1853 - Thomas Talbot dies
As the official promoter of settlement in the London District, Colonel Thomas Talbot oversaw the development of 29 townships in Southern Ontario. His two greatest accomplishments were the construction of a vital road system and the development of London, Ontario. Never the most social person - he drank heavily and a settler once knocked him to the ground - Talbot left behind few friends when he died in London at the age of 80.

15. Ontario History
Timeline of Ontario's history.
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    History of Ontario Please advise if errors are discovered Special thanks to Lorine McGinnis Schulze's Page Creation of Ontario: 1 July 1867
    Motto: Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet (Loyal it began, Loyal it remains) The Province of Ontario was created at the time of confederation, 1 July 1867, before then it was known as Canada West, and before 1841 as Upper Canada The name, Ontario, comes from an Iroquoian word that is sometimes translated as meaning "beautiful lake", "beautiful water" or "handsome lake". In 1862 Dr. Henry Scadding suggested that Ontario might have come from the name that the Seneca Indians used for themselves "Entouhonorous" (the people) Indian settlement began in prehistoric times. Inhabitants by 100 AD were the Algonquin tribes of Ojibwa, Cree and Algonquin, and the Iroquoian tribes of Iroquois, Huron, Petun, Neutral, Erie and Susquehannock. The first European settlement was St. Marie Among The Huron's in 1639.
  • 16. UW Library - Ontario History Fonds
    ontario history fonds. ontario history fonds textual records, graphic. 1716-1950. 66 cm. of textual records and graphic materials
    Ontario History fonds
    Ontario History fonds [textual records, graphic]. - 1716-1950. 66 cm. of textual records and graphic materials, photos, maps, multiple media
    The fonds consists mainly of items relating to the history of Ontario with some items relating to other parts of Canada and the U.S. covering the period 1716 to 1950. These were items which accumulated in the office of Ontario History and which were passed to the University of Waterloo. The contents include correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, documents, pamphlets, clippings, ephemera, maps, photographs and engravings. Most of the typescripts are transcriptions of petitions to the Government of Upper Canada for grants of land. The topical and chronological coverage of this fonds is wide-ranging. Title from information received from donor. Donated by Prof. Paul Cornell of the Dept. of History, University of Waterloo, in 1965. Finding aid available. Call number: GA6 Return to: Special Collections Questions or comments about this page.
    Last updated: September 25, 2000

    17. Sublimating Ontario History: Gary Kulesha's New Opera At The University Of Toron
    Volume 2 Number 2 (Winter 2000) Sublimating ontario history GaryKulesha's new opera at the University of Toronto by Jiri Smrz
    Volume 2 Number 2 (Winter 2000) Sublimating Ontario History: Gary Kulesha's new opera at the University of Toronto
    by Jiri Smrz
    As its first offering of the 2000-2001 season, the Opera Division at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music presented four performances of Gary Kulesha's latest work, The Last Duel , between November 2 and 5, 2000. The plot is based on an 1833 incident in Perth, involving the schoolteacher Elizabeth Hughes and her two suitors, John Wilson and Henri Lelièvre, which resulted in a death and a legislation banning duels by pistols in Upper Canada. The opera's final scene, its longest, was also its most successful. Kulesha developed a more sustained musical argument here, and related it closely to the dramatic situation. He composed a large-scale passacaglia, which subsumed Elizabeth's music in its inexorable momentum, trapping her tightly in the obligation to "follow the path of duty" by marrying the man who provoked the duel "on her behalf". Raffi Armenian kept things moving with his no-nonsense conducting, but could not always prevent the orchestra from overwhelming the singers. The cast of November 5 was remarkably even, and was challenged by the new score into giving concentrated performances. Colin Ainsworth [Henri Lelièvre] stood out because of his elegantly produced voice and sensitive phrasing. Tina Winter [Elizabeth Hughes] helped to increase the effect of the last scene with her committed acting, while Michael Sproule [John Wilson] never allowed others to overshadow his more prosaic character.

    18. 404 Not Found
    St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 6E7 Telephone (905) 688-4688Home Page What's New Canadian History Ontario Activities.
    Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache Server at

    19. Opera Ontario History
    Suzuki (Odette Beaupre) and CioCio-San (Cynthia Lawrence) in Madama Butterfly2000. Please CLICK HERE for Opera Ontario's History of Past Productions.
    Opera performance in the Hamilton area began in the 1960's with the "Hamilton Opera Company", an amateur company led by Marty Coughan and Giuseppe Macina, which performed at the Mohawk College Auditorium for approximately 10 years. The next step was taken in 1975 with the creation of "Festitalia" - a festival designed to celebrate Hamilton's Italian community and to encourage Italian trade and culture in Hamilton. Opera productions from Catiana in Sicily were imported to the festival in 1977 and 1978.
    Scarpia (Alan Monk) and Tosca (Lisa Houben) in Tosca 1998
    Violetta (Frances Ginzer) in La Traviata 1990 In 1979, Festitalia took the bold step of mounting its very own production of Puccini's LaBohème - an effort that was praised by both critics and audiences alike. The positive community response to these efforts led to a study to determine the best future options for operatic productions in Hamilton. Importing Canadian Opera Company productions from Toronto was a scenario seriously considered. However, it was felt that a professional opera company in Hamilton was a viable and more desirable alternative.

    20. Papers And Records - Ontario History
    Our Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records collection. The Papers and Records(now ontario history) is the journal of the Ontario Historical Society.
    P.O. Box 125, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0, Canada
    Our Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records collection
    The Papers and Records (now Ontario History ) is the journal of the Ontario Historical Society. The Society was founded in 1888, and is now a registered charity - a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to increasing an appreciation of Ontario's history and preserving its heritage for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The Society now publishes " Ontario History " twice a year, and its newletter, the OHS Bulletin , five times a year. Volume VIII, publishe 1907 and illustrated here, contains an eighteen page article by Barlow Cumberland M.A. on "The Navies on Lake Ontario in the War of 1812".
    Collection: Stormy Weather Collection Availability: some single, slipcased, some bound volumes [see details Indexing: by ACS, keywords started, complete index incomplete. The Ontario Historical Society
    34 Parkview Avenue
    Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 3Y2
    Phone: (416) 226-9011
    Fax: (416) 226-2740
    Editor: Gabriele Scardellato Website [believed temporary]:

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