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         Orchid Gardening:     more books (100)
  1. Orchid Grower's Companion: Cultivation, Propagation, and Varieties by David Banks, 2004-12-01
  2. Miniature Orchids by Steven A. Frowine, 2007-09-21
  3. Commercial Propagation of Orchids in Tissue Culture: Seed-Flasking Methods by Kay S. Greisen, 2002-07
  4. Orchids of Kenya by Joyce Stewart, 2003-01-01
  5. An Illustrated Survey of Orchid Genera by Tom Sheehan, Marion Sheehan, 2009-02-13
  6. A Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia: Including the Island Territories by David L. Jones, 2007-10-10
  7. Orchids of Australia (Princeton Field Guides) by John J. Riley, 2003-01-06
  8. Orchids for the South by Jack Kramer, 1994-09-25
  9. Orchid Growing for Wimps: Techniques for the "Wish I Could Do That" Gardener by Ellen Zachos, 2002-04-28
  10. Rare Orchids by Bela Kalman, 1999-04
  11. Huntleyas and Related Orchids by Patricia A. Harding, 2008-11-12
  12. Rumphius' Orchids: Orchid Texts from "The Ambonese Herbal" by E. M. Beekman, 2003-09-10
  13. Growing Orchids in Australia and New Zealand (Growing Series) by Gordon C. Morrison, 1988-03
  14. Four Seasons of Orchids by Greg Allikas, Ned Nash, 2010-05-05

61. Gardening Specialist Membership Organisations, Oa - Oz
Odontoglossum Alliance {English} USA Odontoglossum see also orchid; Okinagusa(Pulsatilla cernua), Tender Care Club of {Japanese} Japan; orchid Society, Ft.
2000+ Plant and Garden Societies and Associations. Specialists in a named type or group of plant
Oa - Oz
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62. - Some Orchid Links
TRays' orchid Page - Many links to information vendors; Yamamoto orchid Page- Links, Links, Links on a nicely laid out page. General gardening/Plants.
Links to some other sites of interest
General Gardening/Plants
Other Orchid Vendors
Misc Links

63. Australasian Native Orchid Society (
orchid Society in devoted to the conservation, cultivation and scientific researchof native orchids in Australasian. Category Sports_and_Leisure / gardening
Australasian Native Orchid Society (Native Orchids)
"The Australasian Native Orchid Society in devoted to the conservation, cultivation and scientific research of native orchids in Australasian."
Category: Sports_and_Leisure / Gardening
URL: Flower Export Council of Australia Inc (FECA)
FECA is an association of Australian floricultural exporters who as a group target improved export performance via the marketing and promotion of their products overseas.
Category: Sports_and_Leisure / Gardening
URL: ATCROS on Internet
"ATCROS ON INTERNET. The Web representation of the Australasian Tree Crops Source Book - everything about nuts, exotic fruits and other tree crops and useful perennial plants. Also Directories of suppliers of seeds, plants and services."
Category: Sports_and_Leisure / Gardening
URL: AgNet - Australian Agriculture Index
Australian agriculture related sites.

64. J.O.Y. : Gardening
and orchid relating information. Herb Village Welcome to Herb VillageThis page isPermaCulutre use. muse green grass illustration .girl's site. After gardening (
Street Trees of Tokyo
About 20 species of major street trees of Tokyo(ginkgo,sycamore,maple,dog wood,magnolia kobus,camphor tree,tulip tree,false acacia,poplar,etc.)are introduced by pictures. Comments and ranking(number of trees) are also shown.
Okinawan Orchis
Website about Japanese wild flower 'Amitostigma lepidum'.It is small tuberous terrestrial orchid ,look like alpine plants.
Wild Hydrangea serrata of Kumamoto
I introduce wild Hydrangea sp. of Kumamoto,Japan.
yum-yum garden
welcome to my yum-yum garden!try kitchengarden and enjoy vesitables,herbs,berries,and flowers!
The world of landscape architecture.Landscape simulation of Katsura Imperial Garden.Hanshin Great Earthquake Disaster.Nature restoration
It is the picture-book which was made in FLASH and which moves.It is for children.Please enjoy yourself.
Seths Garden
Its Seths Home look so many flowers amd harbs in my garden.
By studying the wisdom of rainwater utilization from around the world, we aim to find a way for urban areas to become independent regarding water resources, to revive the natural water circulation in cities and to achieve an urban renaissance.
Orchid Japan
This site have many beautiful Orchid photographs and Orchid DB in Japan. Please enjoy beautiful Orchid flowers! And also this site have Full Text Search Engine with complete matching.

65. Making Gardening Easier
gardening helps me wind down and relax after a day's work and I now get regularphysical activity in a way that I enjoy, says orchid contributor Roxie Oakes.
"Gardening helps me wind down and relax after a day's work and I now get regular physical activity in a way that I enjoy," says Orchid contributor Roxie Oakes. "Soon after planting black-eyed susans, coreopsis, cone flowers, and zinnias, I quickly benefited from the joy of watching the seedlings sprout, then picking fresh flowers for my house and watching beautiful butterflies each day." Her advice: "Try gardening in small or big steps. There are many ways to garden and a wide range of approaches to make a garden accessible and fun for you." Making Gardening Easier
Here are some of Roxie's tips:
  • Make a garden in a raised bed, planter, box, or other container. This lets you reach without bending. Choose garden tools that help you function in the smoothest, most efficient way. Consider using lightweight children's tools.

66. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Gardening Books At
gardening Together with Children Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots gardening Togetherwith 1 review Lowest price $16 Compare Prices Compare orchid Fever A
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Disabato-Aust, Tracy
4 reviews
Lowest price:
Compare American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Zuk, Judy D.
10 reviews
Lowest price: Compare Bremness, Lesley 1 review Lowest price: Compare No image available. Four-Season Harvest: How to Harvest Fresh, Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long Coleman, Eliot 1 review Lowest price: Compare Mushrooms Outdoors, Audubon Field Guide Series, Audubon Society Staff, Lincoff, Gary H. 1 review Lowest price: Compare Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work Bartholomew, Mel 9 reviews Lowest price: Compare Taylor's Guide to Orchids 1 review Lowest price: Compare Gardening for Dummies MacCaskey, Michael, Marken, Bill 6 reviews Lowest price: Compare Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening Sperry, Neil

67. Home And Garden Television: Greenhouses
orchid Greenhouse Smart Solutions Episode SSL651 More Projects », PHOTOFigure A. gardening expert Jamie McMurray explains some basics about orchids,1785,HGTV_3638_1395
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Orchid Greenhouse
Smart Solutions : Episode SSL-651

Figure A Gardening expert Jamie McMurray explains some basics about orchids (figure A) and how to plant, care for them indoors.
  • There are more than 30,000 species of orchids.
  • A common misconception about orchids is that they are hard to take care of, but they are actually very forgiving plants.
  • Orchids can be grown in your living room, basement or any other space in the home.
  • Make sure that orchids dry out completely between watering to keep fungus and bacteria from growing.
Here's how to successfully grow orchids in your home: Planting Orchids Materials: orchids of choice
plastic tray in which to place the orchids sheer fabric three artificial grow lights with full-spectrum bulbs ornamental gravel spray bottle oscillating or stationary fan to help with air flow thermometor Steps:
  • Place the tray in a place where bright indirect sunlight exists. Be sure the light is not directly on the orchids, or the leaves will get burned.
  • 68. Home And Garden Television: Gardening
    Learn more. SWITCH CATEGORIES. Select. Meet an orchid Addict The Inside Dirt EpisodeISD114 More Projects ».,1785,HGTV_3546_1381234,00.html
    Site Shortcuts TV Specials Special Online Features Home Finance Center Calculators Make HGTV Your Start Page Quilt Block of the Month Needle Crafts Gardening Basics Mosaic Madness Faux Finishing Design Styles Entertaining Organizing About Us Site Map Homepage
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    69. Orchid Links
    OGA orchid Guild of The Americas The Americas' newest orchid organization is beingformed now for anyone and everyone Great General gardening Reference Sites.
    LINKS - These are few of my favorite Orchid Links -
    CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
    Orchid Forum Have a question? Post it here!
    The Orchid Guide Digest Join this Orchid List
    AOS Dallas Judging Center
    Orchidsafari A chat room for orchid lovers
    Orchid Digest
    Yahoo - Orchids
    OrchidWire Orchid Resource Directory
    Timber Press, Inc. Publishers of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
    International Association for Plant Taxonomy
    Orchideen A very large orchid collection
    Joe's Orchideen Forum Very nice German Page
    Vdob Verband Deutscher Orchideen-Betriebe E.V.
    The World of Flowers Beautiful photos of flowers, including orchids
    Orchid List Digest OLD/OGD searchable database
    Orchids List Digest Photo Exchange Another good searchable database
    Mo. Botanical Garden's VAST Nomenclatural database
    Orchids of California
    Orchids of Wisconsin
    Native Orchids of Pennsylvania
    Florida wildflower Showcase A collection of very nice Orchid Photos
    Orchid in the city A very nice Canadian Site
    Brazilian Orchids
    Selenipedium of Brazil
    Hideto Yamasaki Home Page of Brazilian Orchids
    Sano's Orchids Cattleyas Walkerianas from Brazil
    Peruvian Orchids Beautiful Orchid Pictures
    Orchids Australia Australia's Leading Orchid Magazine
    Phil's Orchid World Excellent New Zealand page
    SyuTyuSen's Orchid Photo Album Another collection of Photos
    Knapp's Homepage Nice Photos!

    70. Gardening By Gayscape
    Categories Flowers - gardening Locations - USA } Florida } South West Florida} Cape Coral San Francisco orchid Society The San Francisco orchid Society
    Gay Rate/Edit
    Gardening site with lots of helpful tips, quotes, gardening history and a changing monthly newsletter. It is geared more for the Northeastern US, but lots of the info is good for any part of the country or world.
    Categories Flowers Gardening
    Locations: USA Pennsylvania
    I am a Seeking
    Gay Gardeners Rate/Edit
    A web site for gay and lesbian gardeners with loads of information, advice and photos. We're queer, we're here, and we love to garden.
    Categories Gardening Landscape
    Locations: Australia New South Wales
    The Gathering Garden Rate/Edit
    We are a women-owned dahlia tuber sales business. We have 50 varieties of dahlia flowers which bloom from mid-July to the first frost in the fall.
    Categories Flowers Gardening
    Locations: USA Washington Seattle / King County
    Madison's LesBiGay Gardeners ... Rate/Edit
    On a monthly basis (or there about), MLBGG gardeners meet to discuss garden issues, visit nurseries, road trip to public gardens, or learn about some facet of the green world around us. Our group operates informally, and MLBGG gardeners are encouraged to plan or host events or contribute to the MLBGG web site. Categories Gardening Locations: USA Wisconsin Madison
    House of Windsor ... Rate/Edit
    Personal pages of 2 gay men in Auckland, New Zealand. We're into horticulture, film and television

    71. Encyclia Tampensis, Butterfly Orchid
    Plant Type orchid. Zones 911. Height 1.5'. Propagation Seeds, division.Source Native Florida Plants Low-Maintenance Landscaping and gardening.

    Garden Store

    The Patio

    The Exchange

    Gardening Events
    What You Think of FG

    Last Update Florida Native Plant Section Encyclia tampensis Butterfly Orchid This is Florida's most common wild orchid. While it is protected by law (collection from the wild is prohibited) sometimes private growers propagate and share it. Plant Facts: Common Name: Butterfly Orchid Botanical Name: Encyclia tampensis Plant Type: Orchid Zones: Height: Soil Requirements: An epiphyte found growing in the wild on mangroves, pond apples, oaks, and pines. Water Requirements: Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade. Leaves: One to three long slim leaves, from a few inches to a foot or more in length, grow from a gray-green pseudobulb. Leaves tend to be longer on plants growing in shade. Flowers: Several 1.5" flowers appear alternately on a tall, thin stalk, flowering from spring to fall. Blooms usually are yellow-green or brownish with a whitish lip; petals and lips are touched with a rose-purple spot or stripe. Many variations in color (including white) have been found.

    72. ACS - Gardening Clubs
    Presents a list of gardening oriented clubs through Australia. State Location Australia-wideCategory Home Gardens Associations Regional Australia...... 32 1977 AUSTRALIAN orchid COUNCIL http// AUSTRALIAN SEEDSAVERS NETWORK http// BIODYNAMIC FARMING gardening
    Visit our other sites.. A.C.S. Australia A.C.S. North America
    Prepared by Iain Harrison of The Australian Correspondence School: 264 Swansea Rd, Lilydale, 3140. For information on correspondence courses provided by the school, or for enquiries for listing your club/organisation here contact Iain on (03) 9736 1882, or E-mail at or try our web site at
    NOTE 1: Australian Country Code for overseas phone callers is
    Queensland Tasmania South Australia ...
    Guide To Australian Garden Clubs


    C/-54 Doynton Pde, Mount Waverley, Vic, 3149. Ph: (03) 9802 3771.
    AUSTRALASIAN NATIVE ORCHID SOCIETY - GEELONG GROUP Inc. Ph: (03) 5243 4286. Ph: (03) 9336 7601. AUSTRALIAN PLANTS SOCIETY (Victorian Branch) PO Box 357, Hawthorn Business Centre, 3122. Ph: (03) 9639 6020. Website: BAIRNSDALE BONSAI GROUP Ph: (03) 5156 6573. BAIRNSDALE GARDEN CLUB Ph: (03) 5153 0296.

    Horticulture Plant Societies Botanical Gardens Arboreta, The GardenHistory Society. American orchid Society, gardening Sages and Wisdom,
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    list of links provided by our users
    To add your gardening site, click here Gardening Links Botanical Latin Commonly used descripted Botanical Names Organic Gardening with HDRA US Hardiness Zone Maps ... My Garden Other discussion boards Lewis Gardens Gardenweb Garden Guides Over the Garden Gate ... The Gardener's Net Links to other garden links Verna Lynn's Garden Pages

    74. Gardening - Astonica 50101014 Orchid Bench
    Save money on the list price for Astonica 50101014 orchid Bench in gardening. gardeningAstonica 50101014 orchid Bench, Tell a Friend. from Astonica.
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    Email Address:
    Gardening : Astonica 50101014 Orchid Bench
    from: Astonica
    See Larger Image List Price:'s Price: You Save: Availability: This item is not stocked or has been discontinued. Sales Rank: Features
  • Large orchid blossom design on curved back
  • Ergonomic oak slat seating with three support brackets
  • Sturdy cast-iron and solid oak construction
  • Dark green verdigris finish on cast iron parts
  • 47" seat width, 32" high Customer Reviews Average Rating: Rating: EXCELLANT PRODUCT AT A GREAT PRICE THE BENCH IS WELL CONSTRUCTED AND VERY ATTRACTIVE. IT IS A GREAT VALUE FOR THE PRICE. UNFORTUNATELY THE FIRST BENCH ARRIVED DAMAGED FROM SHIPPING. AMAZON STAFF DID A FANTASTIC JOB OF EXPEDITING ANOTHER BENCH TO REPLACE. Rating: Warm and Inviting This Garden Bench is very attractive to look at and the Oak gives it a warm and inviting look, telling me to come and sit and rest awhile and just enjoy the day.
  • 75. Garden Bookworms2, Gardening Tips, Organic Gardening, Flower Gardening, Vegetabl
    to Books for Bookworms directory. The orchid Thief , by Susan Orlean. Onewho is totally consumed by the orchid hunt is John Laroche.
    E-mail to Emily Home FAQ
    (who we are) What's Growing On
    Plants of the Week

    Wildflowers and Weeds of the Week

    Emily's Lists
    ... Selected Links Bookmark this site as a favorite! Updated weekly on
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    Bookworms Page 2 "The Greenhouse Expert "
    by Dr. D.G. Hessayon This book is part of a series of books written by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, called the expert books. Published in 1994 they are updated and have the most information about greenhouses and conservatories for the price. I would not build a greenhouse without it. He also includes what to do each month with flowers as well as garden vegetables. Although he is an English author, his subject matter is universal. Included is a dictionary of plants and a troubleshooting guide should one run into problems. [to Books for Bookworms directory] "Roots, Shoots, Buckets, & Boots" by Sharon Lovejoy What a fun book for children. Ms. Lovejoy begins the book by listing the top twenty plants for children. Based on the performance of the plants, children can relate to them.

    76. Orchid, Orchids, Orchid, Orchids, Affiliate Page Orchids, CLAN Tropicals, Camp L
    This book covers all aspects of the orchid hobby.*** LUSA88_3 gardening Tips, Info and Tutorials from Etera's Garden School
    Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals Orchid Affiliate Page
    "Big enough to serve your Orchid needs, small enough for personal service"
    Go To >>> Main Listings Supplies Books Cultural Info ... Orchid Ezine Camp Lot A Noise Tropicals has selected a group of affiliated companies to provide our orchid friends with other services and products. These affiliates can be reached through the special links below. A New Browser Window will Open
    Home Orchid Growing
    Rebecca Tyson Northen, Rebecca Northern / Hardcover / Published 1992
    ***This is the "Bible" for Orchid Hobbyists. If you want only one Orchid Book, this is the one to get. This book covers all aspects of the Orchid hobby.*** Garden Supply New Roses for Color and Fragrance Many Varieties Exclusively at! Gardening Tips, Info and Tutorials from Etera's Garden School More than 250 Gardening Products at GardenWeb - - GardenWeb is the most comprehensive gardening site on the Web, with garden forums, directories of gardens and organizations, a plant database, a glossary, contests and much more!
    Visit the Disney Store Online GardenWeb Forums - The GardenWeb forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. We are looking for links from other sites that have active communities.

    77. Webshots Community: Gardening
    Seacoast gardening 3, 17, 13, donna5848, Sep 30 02. garden shots 1, 33, 13,hiptownrose, Aug 15 - 02. Santa Barbara orchid Fair 2002, 35, 13, charlesboco, Jul14 - 02.





    6,979,566 photos! Try these popular searches:
    beijing bouquets polar bears italy ... Community : Gardening - 243,059 photos
    Page 8 of 130. < Prev Next > Next 10 >> Sort By: VIEWS/DAY or NEWEST ALBUM TITLE PHOTOS VIEWS/DAY MEMBER UPDATED Succulents joycegrig Nov 2 - 02 ~* GORGEOUS FLOWERS *~ hydeseek Jun 16 - 01 Gene and Kareen's pond Dec 15 - 02 Lisa's Pond Jul 25 - 02 Orchids 9/02 - 1/03 purebs Jan 19 - 03 Pond and yard Sept Jan 17 - 03 Wichita Garden Show crowlp Mar 9 - 03 Grow Rack 2003 Mar 13 - 03 Roses May 27 - 01 Garden ideas and creativity Jan 31 - 02 Art, Paintings and pics ll thephotogirl Aug 14 - 02 Los Angeles Rose Society Show, October 2001 rosekitty Oct 23 - 01 My Exotic Garden in Borsbeek, Belgium 2002 - part 1 marcvissers Aug 30 - 02 flowers notmartha Mar 14 - 03 Palms and Tropicals bismarckia Feb 24 - 03 our place Mar 5 - 03 Yard Art craftingmomma Jul 7 - 02 New Equipement haenschen Jan 21 - 03 My Bonsai Trees May 19 - 02 My Lawn Tractor Mar 19 - 03 All kinds of Photos, plants, animals, ANYTHING

    78. National Home Gardening Club - Library
    exhibits, spring flower displays, demonstrations, and workshops by gardening experts,the Florida April 1213, 2003 Attend an American orchid Society judged

    79. Ananzi : SA Site Directory
    Africa's cyber gardening store. Knysna Forestry and Garden Specialists in all gardenand forestry accessories. Living Zen Zen rock garden kits. orchid Society
    Home Startpage Chat E-mail ... Sport Search
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    SA Site Directory Help SA Web
    SA Site Directory
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    Hobbies Gardening

    80. Gardening : Flowers : Orchids
    Subjects gardening Flowers orchids. You may browse this category by titleor by publication date. 539 titles (showing 221240) orchid Biology, by Joseph
    Search By: Keyword Title Author ISBN This Subject Only

    Children's Books

    Christian Books

    ... Flowers : Orchids You may browse this category by title or by publication date
    542 titles
    (showing 221-240) Orchid Biology,
    by Joseph Arditti (Edited by)
    Hardcover - January 1991
    List price: $58.00
    by Alec M. Pridgeon (Edited by)
    Hardcover - December 1997
    List price: $220.50 The Orchid Book : A Guide to the Identification of Cultivated Orchid Species by James Cullen (Edited by) Hardcover - November 1992 List price: $65.00 Orchid Cacti by Richard C. Paull Paperback - January 1993 List price: $19.95 by Walter Richter Hardcover - January 1972 List price: $13.50 by Eric Hansen Jeff Harding (Read by) Audio List price: $54.95 Lowest price on 03/28/2003: $49.33 Orchid Fever by Eric Hansen Paperback - February 2001 List price: $13.00 Lowest price on 03/28/2003: $8.84 by Eric Hansen Hardcover - February 2000 List price: $23.00 Lowest price on 03/28/2003: $17.25 by James D. Ackerman Hardcover - May 1995 List price: $35.00 by L. Van Der Pijl

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