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         Orchid Gardening:     more books (100)
  1. Orchid Fever: A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust, and Lunacy by Eric Hansen, 2001-02-27
  2. Micropropagation of Orchids by Joseph Arditti, 2008-05-19
  3. The Practical Encyclopedia of Orchids: The Complete Guide to Orchids and Their Cultivation by Rittshausen, 2000-12-25
  4. The Orchid Paintings of Franz Bauer by Joyce Stewart, William T. Stearn, 1993-08-01
  5. Orchids in Colour by Brian Rittershausen, 1984-03
  6. Handy Pocket Guide to Orchids (Handy Pocket Guides) by David P. Banks, 2003-11-15
  7. African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation by Isobyl LaCroix, Eric Lacroix, 2003-01-01
  8. Wild Orchids Of South Carolina: A Popular Natural History by James Alexander Fowler, 2005-02-28
  9. Fragrant Orchids: A Guide to Selecting, Growing, and Enjoying by Steven A. Frowine, 2005-09-01
  10. Growing Orchids II: The Cattleyas and Other Epiphytes (2nd of a 3 Vol Set) by J. N. Rentoul, 1982-08-01
  11. Growing Orchids is Fun by Albert P. Hollingsworth, 1988-05-01
  12. Orchids by Ned Nash, 2000-09-01
  13. Dendrobium Orchids of Australia by Walter T. Upton, 1989-05-01
  14. Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, VII by Alec M. Pridgeon, Joseph Arditti, 1997

81. Gardening : Flowers : Orchids
Subjects gardening Flowers orchids. orchid by Anne Geddes Hardcover April2002 Lowest price on 02/05/2003 $9.19 Click here to compare prices at dozens
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... Flowers : Orchids You may browse this category by title or by publication date
542 titles
(showing 201-220)
by Elmer H. Plaxton (Edited by)
Paperback - July 1983
List price: $17.95
Novelty Slipper Orchids

by Harold Koopowitz
Hardcover - June 1991 List price: $25.00 Oberonia (Orchidaceae) by R. Ansari N. P. Balakrishnan E. F. De Vogel (Edited by) Paperback - January 1990 - Revised List price: $25.00 Orchard Handbook Hardcover - June 1981 List price: $2.95 The Orchid by Takashi Kijima Hardcover - August 1988 List price: $28.95 The Orchid by Mark Griffiths Hardcover - May 2002 List price: $60.00 Lowest price on 04/09/2003: $37.80 Orchid by Nick Hawken (Illustrated by) Paperback - October 1998 List price: $4.95 The Orchid by P. Francis Hunt Takashi Kijima (Photographed by) Hardcover - October 1979 List price: $40.00 The Orchid by P. Francis Hunt Hardcover - July 1987 List price: $24.98 Orchid by Anne Geddes Hardcover - April 2002 Orchid Art and the Orchid Isle by John Thomas Harvey Hess Betty H. Mcglynn

82. FamilyHaven: Gardening Books
it then floats down a narrative river through swamps, orchid shows, Seminole than120 years, now provides a comprehensive guide to gardening that's perfect
"Naturalistic Gardening"

by Ann Lovejoy; photographed by Allan Mandell Ann Lovejoy of Bainbridge Island, Washington is that rarest of hybrids: a gardener who writes poetically, and a writer who gardens ethereally. This adds up to a rewarding experience for readers who uncover the fundamentals of garden design in the guise of thoroughly engaging prose. Gardening Life, Fall, 1998. "The Garden Room: Bringing Nature Indoors"
by Timothy Mawson; photographed by Ivan Terestchenko In its most basic incarnation, a garden room is simply a place in which to enjoy a gardeninside looking out, or within the garden itself. Mawson presents 20 contemporary examples of such spaces in a book designed to inspire gardeners and interior decorators alike. 200 full-color photos and illustrations. "The Tranquil Garden"
by Kay Fairfax Learn how to achieve a small garden paradise without a great deal of time, money, or space. Included are basic ways for the reader to create and maintain the garden by using shortcuts. 200+ color photos. "Arranging Flowers: How to Create Beautiful Bouquets in Every Season"
by Martha Stewart Both beautiful and practical, Martha Stewart's new book, "Arranging Flowers," is full of expert advice on how to enhance one's home with bounty from the garden. Check out this blossom of a book from everyone's favorite doyenne of the dainty.

83. Gardener's Supply: Innovative Gardening Solutions, Composters, Greenhouses, Gard
(link to http// An orchid growingmedium must provide good air circulation, and permit water to drain very

84. BHG Australia - Moth Orchid
Moth orchid. Phalaenopsis (fam.Ochidaceae). The Moth orchid is unrivalled inits beauty. Source The Australian gardening Encyclopedia (Murdoch Books). encyclopedia - Phalaenopsis -
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  • Gardening Search
    In the magazine this month 130 top renovating tips plus WIN instantly over $17000 in prizes. Get Involved Tool Box Ecards


    ... Discussion boards Location: Home Gardening Plant A-Z Orchids Moth Orchid Print Email Discuss
    Phalaenopsis (fam.Ochidaceae)
    The Moth Orchid is unrivalled in its beauty. They are native to tropical regions of South East Asia, the Himalayas, through to the Philippines, New Guinea and Australia. Breeders around the world have developed thousands of hybrids. They are epiphytic orchids, growing from flat fleshy roots. Individual plants from two to six, plain green or mottled leaves. The flower stems may be upright or arching and pendulous. They can carry anywhere between one or two blooms to over 50. The flowers come in every colour, except blue and hybrids provide flowers that are striped, barred, spotted and mottled. (pic: Dendi Flares)
    How to grow:
    These orchids need a minimum winter temperature of 18C and high humidity, so a heated hothouse is required in temperate climates. It is essential they do not dry out as they do not have pseudobulbs and store minimal water in the thick leaves. Use an open potting mix such as large pieces of fir-bark and/or charcoal. Most of the roots will tend to live in the humid, open air, clinging to adjacent walls or posts. Light intensity should be relatively low and controlled with shadecloth. Good ventilation is essential.

85. BHG Australia - Dendrobium Orchid
Most popular D. bigibbum, the Cooktown orchid, is the floral emblem of Queenslandand popular for Source The Australian gardening Encyclopedia (Murdoch Books encyclopedia - Dendrobium - hf
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  • Gardening Search
    In the magazine this month 130 top renovating tips plus WIN instantly over $17000 in prizes. Get Involved Tool Box Ecards


    ... Discussion boards Location: Home Gardening Plant A-Z Orchids Dendrobium orchid Print Email Discuss
    Dendrobium (fam. Orchidaceae) This large genus of orchids is extremely varied, with a range of sizes, flower shapes and colours - from white and yellow to mauve and dark purple.
    How to grow:
    Dendrobiums grow in a wide range of conditions. In the tropics, grow them outdoors in dappled sunlight with shelter from wind. Elsewhere they many need glasshouse or shadehouse protection (30 per cent shadecloth) or light shade with a sunny aspect and protection from wind.They do well in small pots. All are epiphytic (they grow on something else, such as a fence, pole or tree) and need a well-drained mix of bark or charcoal, with added leaf mould. If growing them for the first time, consult a specialist grower or join an orchid society.
    Where to grow:
    Subtropics to tropical coast; high rainfall.

86. Search Results For Botanica\'s Gardening
Search results for Botanica\'s gardening Series .1 books found in's Gardening Series

87. Jim's Orchid Supplies Link Page. Some Great Orchid Links.
Ø Backyard gardener. Excellent gardening resource site. Ø Tooladyorchid pages. An excellent resource for orchid and parrot info.
Jim's Orchid Links Here are some links that may be of interest to the orchidist. Newer links at bottom of list. How about a link? Have a page you would like to add to our link page? e-mail us at In return, if you would like to link back to us that would be great. If your site was listed here and is now missing from the list it is because on 2 or more consecutive days your page did not come up. Please report any dead links . . . thanks! Updated - Thursday, February 13, 2003 Biodegradable, Environmentally friendly safe to use and derived from plant and natural substances. (Not chemicals) Linda " The Orchid Lady's " Orchid Page . Think your site has what it takes to win The Orchid Lady's Orchid Award For Page Excellence. Click Here to find out . Visit Linda's Recommended Vendors Page. Suite 101 Community Based Best-Of-Web Guide. Home of The Orchid Garden Orchid Webring Have an orchid page? You can submit your url and join the ring. The Orchid Mall orchid links and more. George's Orchid Lab Orchid Digest Magazine.

88. Top Gardening Sites - Powered By List Site PRO
Marleneann's Web Site Marleneann's Web Site An Australian orchid grower's website,5, 13, Coldwater Gardens Coldwater Gardens gardening tips, Sweet Flag of Liberty
Top Gardening Sites
Top Gardening Sites updates every 30 minutes and resets every 7 days.
Last updated 2003-04-10 11:30:00 EDT Webmasters: Add your link Edit your account Report cheaters Top Ranked Sites Rank Site Description In Out
Just Gardeners

Garden Country

Message board for communing with other gardeners. Includes a garden guide, butterfly information, weed identifier, and e-cards.
Bonsai Garden

find bonsai gallery, books, video, starter kit and many interesting item at
Fuchsia Fairyland

Pictures and descriptions of some of the 180 varieties of Fuchcias that we grow
Shelley's SecretGarden

Gay Gardener
.DOMICILE. Coldwater Gardens gardening tips, Sweet Flag of Liberty, America to Me, Nikki's Nook, Links and Webrings The Lazy Gardener A place for people who love to garden but don't always find the time or the inclination. The Gardeners Global Resource with articles, databases, shopping and much more. Top 11 - 25 Sites Grandad's Garden Quality cottage garden furniture and fittings, Arbours, Arches, and Gazebos. Rita's Garden A nice variety of flowers, pond gardens and more, from the Netherlands, even including a live webcam!

89. Gardening Topics:Orchids
Special gardening Topicsorchids (11 entries this site sell plants, equipment, andsupplies, but it also provides a wealth of information on orchid culture for
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Special Gardening Topics:Orchids (11 entries)
All links Just this category monographs orchids
  • AnTec Laboratory
      Are you a Paphiopedilum freak? Phragmipedium fanatic? has a lot to offer Ladyslipper enthusiasts. These beautiful orchids, affectionately known as "Paphs" and "Phrags", are represented in their full glory at this deceivingly modest-looking site. A vast collection of over 1000 images is available, as well as taxonomic treatment tips, artwork, and articles. If you're a grower, ordering information for seedlings and flasks is also available. [ Google cache
  • First Rays Orchids
      Not only does this site sell plants, equipment, and supplies, but it also provides a wealth of information on orchid culture for specific genera. [ Google cache
  • Hideto Yamassaki's Home Page
      Lots of photographs of various Brazilian orchids. Also includes an "Orchid of the Season" page. [

90. The Gardener's Guide To Growing Orchids - Gardening At BellaOnline
Diana Pederson is BellaOnline's gardening Host. The Gardener's Guide to Growingorchids. orchid flowers are significantly different from other flowers.





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Gardening chat boards sweepstakes site shops You Are Here: HOME Gardening Articles Diana Pederson is BellaOnline's Gardening Host The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids Orchids fascinate most plant lovers. It doesn't matter if you are strictly an outdoors gardener or if you prefer growing inside under lights, or even in a greenhouse. They have an unfounded reputation for being difficult plants to successfully grow. The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids, written by Wilma and Brian Rittershausen, published by Timber Press in 2001 seeks to dispel this image of orchids. The authors provide the home gardener with an easy to understand text illustrated with both black and white illustrations and colored photographs to accompany the discussion. The first chapter provides an Introduction to Orchids. Orchid flowers are significantly different from other flowers. One such difference is that pollen is a solid mass rather than the powder form typical of other plants. Pollination in orchids frequently involves the flowers mimicking insects. This chapter further discusses the habitats where orchids grow. Some orchids grow in the crotches of trees or attached to branches while others grow in soil. The following chapter discusses how to choose an appropriate place to grow orchids in greenhouses. Heating, ventilation, and humidity are among the considerations discussed in selecting the appropriate place to grow them. A problem with the logical order of the book's chapters occurs here. This chapter is immediately followed with one on the cultivation and propagation of orchids. Although the content is excellent, it divides the chapters dealing with where to grow them. Chapter 4 discusses growing orchids inside the home. Unfortunately, this chapter is very brief. The main consideration discussed is providing extra humidity.

91. Gardening Tips - Over The Fence
accommodation;. 1 Phalaenopsis - Moth orchid. This easily grown orchidproduces sprays of large moth shaped blooms that last for months. the fence/Hints_and_Tips.htm
Sign up for our regular "This Month" section. Privacy policy Site search , search on ALL words input Garden Supplies Online Design Decks Patios ... Site map
Over the Fence
A selection of horticultural hints and Tips
This page Flowers Seeds Pests and disease Plants ... Miscellaneous Connected pages Plants Animals / critters / pests Hints and tips The bigger picture Flowers Azaleas like a bit of white wine vinegar added to their water every so often. They also like used teabags as fertiliser. Orchids in the house. Two of the easiest for the home without needing special accommodation; Phalaenopsis - Moth Orchid. This easily grown orchid produces sprays of large moth shaped blooms that last for months. Choose a window facing east or west for bright light without direct sunlight. Water regularly and avoid letting the potting mix dry out. Apply a balanced fertilizer at half the recommended rate every couple of weeks. Repot the orchid every one or two years making sure the pot is large enough to accommodate the root mass.
Paphiopedilums - Lady's Slipper Orchid.

92. Gardening With City Floral In Denver, Colorado
Garden center with indoor plants, annual and perennial flowers, specialized nursery plants, houseplants, orchids and gardening supplies with gardening tips, coupons, news, seasonal events, and newsletter.
3 sessions available:
March 1, March 15, and March 29
12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.
Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Studio

With Wendy Booth of Ivy Street Design Click here to read more! It's here!... Online garden tips and information on your favorite plants! Includes an online guide to Orchids, Roses, Seed Planting Calendar, Lawn Care, and More! Love plants? Need a Job?
Employment opportunities now blooming at City Floral! Applications for seasonal employment are available. Come in and see us! Directions? Print Out Our Handy Map to City Floral! City Floral Greenhouse and Garden Center was established in 1911 and is a growing tradition among Denver Gardeners. Open year round, we specialize in color , inside your home and out. Flowering indoor plants annual flowers

93. Orchid Fertilizers @ Smith And Hawken
Spring is here! Whether you are looking for orchid Fertilizers, garden tools or backyard furniture. Smith and Hawken has everything you need for your home, garden or yard. Visit today!

94. The American Orchid Society
Join the organization, read magazines, examine the events listings, or find out where to look for a nearby orchid show. present its most extensive orchid exhibition since the restoration presented at the International orchid Center is now available! of the American orchid Society, which neither adopts
T h e A m e r i c a n O r c h i d S o c i e t y
Providing Global Leadership In Orchids For over 80 Years
Fairchild Tropical Garden Kicks Off First Orchid Festival - April 4-6, 2003

Like a bursting bed of colorful Laelia straining toward the tropical sun, orchid aficionados and those with tropical-flower fixations will head to Coral Gables, Florida, this April to flaunt and ogle their beloved plants at the first International Orchid Festival at Fairchild Tropical Garden, from April 4 through April 6, 2003.
Hundreds of colorful orchid plants will be in full bloom throughout the three-day festival, which will feature more than 70 orchid species from the world over. Orchidophiles and amateur admirers will be able to behold, learn about and take home the most alluring orchids, as well as a vast array of orchid-related products from international vendors. World-renowned orchid authorities will dazzle with an entertaining line-up of lectures, workshops and demonstrations on the care and propagation of many genera of orchids. The Festival will also feature a delicious selection of exotic foods and musical entertainment.
The Fairchild Tropical Garden International Orchid Festival will run from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Friday through Sunday, April 4-6, 2003. Admission is $10. Fairchild Tropical Garden is located at 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida. Additional information about the International Orchid Festival may be found by calling 305-667-1651, x-3383. For more information about the Garden, log onto

95. - For All Your Home Improvement And
Home orchid Growing. by Rebecca Tyson Northen, Rebecca Northern morelike this, List Price $50.00. The best book on orchid growing.

96. The Orchid Garden Discussions -
Tips on growing orchids from Home Gardens Plants Orchids Chats and Forums......orchids, tips on growing, stories, descriptions of orchids, info

The Orchid Garden
Member Central Join Our Community! Login Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics Single Parent Activity Ideas Board Games Retirement Electronica ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About - Select a related topic - Alpines and Bulbs Australian Gardening Bulbs and Plants of the W California Gardening Container Gardening Cottage Garden Daffodils Designing Home Landscapes English Town Gardening Farming Fruit Garden Garden Adventures Garden Design Gardening Along the Great Gardening in B.C. Gardening in Ireland Gardening in Shade Historical Plants Landscaping With Herbs Mark Whitelaw's Memorial Northern Gardening Northern New England Orchid Culture and Natura Organic Vegetable Gardeni Organic Viniculture and V Perennials Small Space Gardening Tasmanian Garden Journal Tropicals and Exotics Virtually Gardening Wildflowers of North Ame
- Select a related course - Ecological Gardening: Org Gardening the Square Foot Herb Gardening Grand o Houseplants for the Black Lives and Loves of Women Planning and Caring for Y Visit Gardening Detailed Topic List Home Applied sciences ... Agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation

97. GLP Orchids
Heart O' Texas orchid Society Austin, Tx New Hampshire orchid Society National Capitalorchid Society, Washington, DC Area Venice Area orchid Society, Venice
Preferred Vendors Recognition Home Magazine Rack ... Past Articles
Heart O' Texas Orchid Society Austin, Tx
New Hampshire Orchid Society

National Capital Orchid Society
, Washington, D.C. Area Venice Area Orchid Society , Venice,FL
The Oregon Orchid Society

The German Orchid Society

Tasmanian Orchid Society
Houston Judging Center
The Vancouver Orchid Society

Aberdeen Branch, Scottish Orchid Society
, UK
Connecticut Orchid Society
Himeji Orchid Society , Japan The Greater Cleveland Orchid Society , Cleveland, OH San Diego County Orchid Society , San Diego, CA Mobile Area Orchid Society , Mobile, AL The New Zealand Native Orchid Society The Orchid Society of Southeast Asia Orchid Society of Canberra , Canberra, Australia Oregon Orchid Society , Portland, OR Northeastern Wisconsin Orchid Society , Green Bay, WI Morioka Orchid Society , Japan Akashi Orchid Society , Japan All Japan Orchid Society Orchid Societies Council of Victoria , Victoria, Australia Blue Ridge Orchid Society , VA Virginia Orchid Society , Richmond,VA Houston Orchid Society Houston, TX

98. Orchids
http// The orchidizer orchid Care and orchid Organizer THEorchidIZER - personal orchid organizer. Alternative Gardening_1 Bamboo_4
Home Page ThemeIndex Orchids Alternative Gardening Bamboo Birdhouses and Feeders Bonsai ... Wild Flowers
Orchid, orchids by mail like phalaenopsis orchid, dendrobium, oncidium, cymbidium, paphiopedilum orchids and orchid pots and orchid supplies....
Brazilian Orchids...
Brazilian orchids-Orquideas brasileiras...
Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia...
the world's largest single reference site on orchid species, how to grow, where they are found, what they are called, when they bloom...
Juno Beach Orchids...
a wide array of easy, warm-growing orchids, including cattleyas, dendrobiums, oncidinae and vandaceous plants...
Orchid Photos...
Stunning orchid photos from AOS judging and private collections...
OrchidMania: Grassroots Support for AIDS Prevention Relief and Orchid Conse...
    FALL GREENHOUSE SALE... October 19th, 10am to 5pm. Click here for more info. Come visit our "orchid temple" and support OrchidMania. Visit our Events page for more info.       Come visit us in pe...

99. Garden Under Glass Greenhouse Distributor: Www Gardening Resources
The gardening Launch Pad; The Telegarden. Horticultural Organizations Greater OmahaOrchid Society; The Hobby Greenhouse Association; Hudson Ohio Garden Club.
Garden Under Glass Andrew M. Simko Greenhouse Distributor 11 Vanderbilt Pkwy.
Dix Hills, NY 11746
Green Thumb:
www gardening resources
General Gardening:
Horticultural Organizations:
Special Interest:
Horticultural Institutions:
Pest Control:
Shareware Downloads

100. Canadian Gardening Online: GARDENet: In Your Garden: Orchids
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General Gardening
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Canadian Orchid Congress
Central Ontario Orchid Society HomeArts: Country Living Gardener: Orchids Orchid Conservatory ... Windowsill Orchids: Orchid Picture Gallery
identifies links to Canadian Web sites. designates a past Site-of-the-Week winner. For a listing of all past Sites of the Week, click here If you know of a great site that should be considered for GARDENet, please send your site suggestion by e-mail to

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