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1. LRS: Large Print For Adults With Special Learning Needs
schools K12. Adults with special Learning needs. The Visually Impaired, Learning and Multi-disabled *LEARN, Eugene Public Library, oregon *Louisiana State Learning Resource System
search tips Title Author Publisher ISBN All Titles Search by Subjects About LRS Contact us Home ... Bindings and Covers Meeting the needs of: Schools K-12 Adults with Special Learning Needs The Visually Impaired, Learning and Multi-Disabled Find out more about LRS publications: Large Print Classics: Heritage Series Large Print Juvenile Literature
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LRS LARGE PRINT benefits Adults with Learning Disabilities
LRS LARGE PRINT reproductions have been helping the visually impaired student for over 30 years, but are now being used more and more for LD students as well! Teachers and other professionals, working with adults who have learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia, have been telling us that LARGE PRINT books are an educational tool, which can facilitate the initial reading process. LARGE PRINT can truly "open up the world of reading" for LD students by unjumbling words, reducing focus demand and visual delineation between the text and background, and making the tracking process easier. back to top of page
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LRS LARGE PRINT benefits Adults Enrolled in GED Programs
back to top of page Our products are working for these programs, why not let them work for yours!

2. Edvisors Network: Special Education/Schools/Visually Impaired
oregon School for the Blind Serves students with or visually disabled, or emotionallyand learning disabled. school providing for the special educational needs

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3. Alden Carter: Writer
it also shows a disabled child in enrolled. Lane Education Service District, Eugene,oregon. integrated schools can offer special needs students. Kansas
From the creators of Big Brother Dustin Dustin'sBig School Day Join your friend Dustin on a new adventure
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In Association with
Can you guess who's coming? Today is the day Dave and Skippy are coming to Dustin's schooland that makes it the the biggest day ever! Join Dustin and his friends in Grant School's regular and special-education classes as they get ready to welcome their unusual guests. Dustin's Big School Day is another collaboration by writer Alden R. Carter and photographers Dan Young and Carol Carter for and about children with special needs. Big Brother Dustin , their 1997 book featuring Dustin, won wide acclaim, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, a Sesame Street Parents Reviewer's Choice, a Children's Cooperative Book Center Choice, and a Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Achievement Award. Recommended in Parenting Magazine Recommended in L.A. Parent Magazine Recommended by
the National Association for Down Syndrome Recommended by
The Journal of Bibliotherapy and Reading Recommended by the Southwest Wisconsin Library System Special Needs Department

"In Dustin we found what is best in all of us: kindness, generosity, gentleness, humor, enthusiasm, and joy. For us, he is proof that including 'special' children in the regular classroom benefits the education of all children."

4. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child
Child Development special needs Child schools/Organizations. schools/Organizations Alabama schools/Organizations oregon. schools/Organizations Pennsylvania. schools
KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Child Development : Special Needs Child

Web Pages
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  • A.D.D. Consults
    A.D.D. Consults offers psychoeducational services to individuals, families and professionals via private e-mail. For those who live in areas where information on Attention Deficit Disorder may be scarce.
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  • "The Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed and Unseen Disability"
    Sensory Integration Dysfunction-This paper will explain sensory integration dysfunction to the point of understanding the nature of this unseen (and often misdiagnosed) disability, as well as its psychological, emotional, learning and social effects on the individual.
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  • Abilitations Abilitations is the industries leading children's therapy and special needs catalog with product mix including movement, special education, sensory integration, adapted play and more. Add/View Comments
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  • Ability OnLine Ability OnLine is a friendly and safe computer friendship network where children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses connect to each other as well as to their friends, family members, caregivers and supporters.

5. Including Special-needs Students In Regular Classrooms . . . ByPeter Farley
teacher of deaf, disabled, impaired, mentally handicaped, hearing impaired, educational subnormal, children, philippine, filipino help children with specific needs who came from a special Education Teacher for the Hearing Impaired and mentally disabled for three Resources Center University of oregon. May 1222,
Students' Work
Including special-needs students in regular classrooms seems to improve student academic performance, data show
by Peter Farley
AMHERST The inclusive-style classroom may be denying elementary school special needs students the attention they require and the education they deserve, according to some local teachers. But an analysis of available data gives a different picture. Now only one question remains: which method of grouping is most effective in helping students, with and without disabilities, to achieve their expected goals? IDEA requires that disabled students be placed in a setting that constitutes the "least restrictive environment." In other words, the government calls for disabled students to be educated with those who are nondisabled, to the maximum extent appropriate. However, teachers such as Mary Donovan, a fourth-grade instructor at Crocker Farm Elementary School in Amherst, say the law is often misinterpreted. The "least restrictive environment" isn’t always the regular classroom for special needs students, Donovan said.

During the year, I will be adding resources for teachers to this site. These resources will be teaching tools and topics that will cover many facets of education. special Education. SNOW special needs special needs Education (SNE) project, an Internet service providing resources for parents, teachers, schools, Communication Learning disabled
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During the year, I will be adding resources for teachers to this site. These resources will be teaching tools and topics that will cover many facets of education. If you have additional sites that you have found to be useful or any topics that you would like me to research and display the results here, please use the handy e-mail link to send them to me. I would also appreciate you letting me know if any of the listed links are no longer active in order for me to keep these pages as up-to-date as possible.
Table of Contents
Special Education General Special Education Sites Attention Deficit Disorder Behaviour Exceptionalities Communication Learning Disabled ... Holidays Page
Special Education
General Special Education Sites
  • Special Education - BC - On-line Documents

  • This site has several on-line resource documents for teachers. Topics include: Visual Impairments, Hearing Loss, Gifted Education, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.
  • CEC ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

  • ERIC EC gathers and disseminates the professional literature, information, and resources on the education and development of individuals of all ages who have disabilities and/or who are gifted. This site has a wealth of information!

    7. Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Accessible Access Accessibility
    for Youth with special needs A Plan with special needs, the agency most often identified was Head Start, followed by schools, day lowincome and/or disabled children and teens.
    Links Portal
    Offering family friendly fun and special needs resources that enhance the quality and fun of family life for special needs families.
    Family friendly fun
    Site map Site
    Our mission is to: enable families with special needs to share their experiences by subscribing to our newsletter , joining our eGroup forum, talking in our chat room and posting to our bulletin board ; offer information on a wide variety of family fun and special needs topics ; and facilitate access via rings and links to websites relevant to special needs families. Adoption Arts Crafts Babies Charities ... Work at home
    Accessible Access Accessibility
    Other important Accessible Access Accessibility links:
    508Compliant Home Page...

    Accessibility tools and resources which make it easier for the disabled to access webpages. Diamond reports about the accessibility of major websites....

    Access Center for Independent Living, Inc....

    We at the Access Center for Independent Living (ACIL) are here to ensure that people with disabilities have full and complete access to the community in which they reside. ...

    8. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child : Schools/Organizations
    Disabilities Programs The schools on our list are schools for Learning training, assistance,and support to parents of disabled and special needs children.
    KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Special Needs Child : Schools/Organizations

    Web Pages
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    9. Re: Best Schools In The Atlanta Area For Special Needs Students
    A page with information about summer camps for kids with special needs focus on therapy for kids with special needs and/or respite for the kids and Atlantic Coast special Educational Services provides full time, summer respite residential services
    Parent Support Forum
    Contents Search Post Reply ... Up
    Re: Best Schools in the Atlanta area for Special Needs Students
    From: Parent of Special Needs child
    2:58:02 PM
    Remote Name:
    My best advice if you are planning to move elswhere with your child is to consider another State. Georgia ranks 49th out of 50 States in services for the disabled. For further information may I suggest you research the following states: Oregon California Washington (state) Vermont Florida These are the top 5 according to my own personal research. Last changed: April 08, 2003

    10. Health And Health Care In Schools - April 2001
    Health Plan on Children with special Health needs and assistive technologies fordisabled or developmentally Minnesota, New Hampshire, oregon, Vermont, and
    Health and Health Care in Schools
    Vol 2, No 2 - April 2001
    Link Between MMR Shots and Autism Disputed A theory that children develop autism as a result of having had measles-mumps-rubella vaccination is generating concern in both lay and medical communities, according to researchers who set out to determine to determine if there is any connection. First floated in Great Britain in the late 1990s by a medical investigative group, the theory holds that the combined vaccine given in early infancy may cause the developmental condition known as autism, which normally surfaces when children are 18 to 19 months of age, shortly after they have completed their vaccinations. Because autism is so difficult a condition for parents to accept, and because it is incompletely understood by medical practitioners, theories about its cause have been wide-ranging, from coldness in mothers to failure of parts of the brain to develop during pregnancy. In light of the serious implications for vaccine practice of the latest theory, a group of researchers in the California Department of Health reviewed the immunization coverage rates of children born between 1980 and 1994 who were enrolled in California kindergartens, to determine the age at which they first received MMR vaccinations. Those data were then compared with autism caseloads of children born in the same years who were enrolled in the California Department of Developmental Services regional service center system. They found that although there were only modest increases in the rates of immunization during those years, the numbers of autism cases increased markedly. This led the researchers to conclude that the difference is so wide that it's hard to see any connection.

    11. Chapter 444 — Special Medical Services For Children
    employed in connection with services to disabled children the Services for Childrenwith special Health needs Type II diabetes occurring in children in oregon.
    The text appearing in this database was produced from material provided by the Legislative Counsel Committee of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. The official record copy is the printed published copy of the Oregon Revised Statutes. The text in the database is not the official text of Oregon law. Hint: Use your browser's Find feature (usually found in the Edit menu) to get to a section more quickly. Chapter 444 — Special Medical Services for Children 2001 EDITION SERVICES FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL HEALTH NEEDS (1) The Oregon Health and Science University is designated to administer a program the purpose of which is to enable the state to extend and improve services for locating disabled children and for providing medical, surgical, corrective and other services and care, and facilities for diagnosis, hospitalization and after care for such children and for children having conditions which lead to disability. The Oregon Health and Science University may: The Oregon Health and Science University shall be responsible for the administration of services for children with special health needs under ORS 444.010 to 444.050 and may establish: (1) There is created in the General Fund of the State Treasury an account to be known as the Services for Children with Special Health Needs Account.

    12. Know The Oregon Law
    on the same schedule as nondisabled home educating requires the service providerto be located in oregon. can give you guidance for your special needs child.
    Homeschooling Laws
    for Children with Disabilities

    There are many advantages to home educating children with learning difficulties. These children generally do better in an educational setting with a higher student/teacher ratio, which is just what homeschooling provides. Instruction can be totally individualized to meet the child’s specific needs. The parent can take advantage of all the teachable moments throughout the day. Homeschool families don’t have to undo bad habits learned in the classroom.
    There are also challenges when home educating children with disabilities. The parent needs to spend extra time learning about the child’s specific learning challenge and appropriate teaching methodologies. Some children with disabilities will be dependent on the family for years and require an enormous amount of supervision. Overall, parents with children with disabilities say home- schooling, while challenging, is very rewarding.
    The homeschool statute, ORS 339.035, makes provision for home educating children with disabilities. This portion of the statute is interpreted in OAR 581-021-0029 which deals specifically with children with disabilities.
    If I have a child I think is disabled, do I have to follow these rules?

    13. Special Instruction Spending Outpaces Regular Classroom Instruction 4 To 1
    for developmentally and physically disabled students. to capture the complex changesOregon schools faced during instruction and for special needs instruction.
    You Are Here: Home Crossroad Special Inst. Education Funding: At the Crossroads Special Instruction Spending Outpaces Regular Classroom Instruction 4 to 1 Why are Oregon schools pinched for funds while national statistics show the state’s school funding levels per student are above the national average? In an attempt to answer the question posed above, the Oregon School Boards Association commissioned ECONorthwest to investigate the state’s K-12 funding situation since the 1990 passage of Oregon’s first property tax limitation measure and the start of the K-12 school funding equalization process. What did they find? Not surprisingly, the answers are complex. No 30-second sound bite answers emerged. Two key factors impact the funding-level debate:
    • Implementation of equalization, which provides comparable levels of funding for all students. Under the equalization formula, now completely implemented, districts well-funded prior to equalization dealt with budgets that grew at a much slower pace than districts poorly funded prior to equalization. Significant increases in special instruction funding. Since 1992 spending per student on special instruction in Oregon’s public schools increased 14.3 percent annually while spending on regular classroom instruction increased 3 percent annually.

    14. Making Gardening Easier Gardening Ideas For Children With Special Needs, EM 8502
    beneficial for children with special needs, such as oregon State University ExtensionService offers educational status, disability, and disabled veteran or
    EM 8502
    June 1992
    Making Gardening Easier
    Gardening Ideas for Children with Special Needs
    S. Foster and J. Powell
    If you want to print this publication, we recommend downloading the PDF version.
    Gardening offers many benefits to children. It can be especially beneficial for children with special needs, such as physical, mental, social, and emotional problems. Gardening is a purposeful activity involving mind and body, and it is valued by society. Benefits can include:
    • improved fine and gross motor skills
    • improved communication and socialization skills
    • enhanced self-esteem and a sense of responsibility
    • an interest in the future
    • stimulation of sensory perception, creativity, and curiosity
    Here are some ways to keep gardening experiences happy and successful for children of all abilities:
    • Garden frequently but for short time periods.
    • Keep drinks and snacks available.
    • Provide child-size tools. Use small hand tools, old spoons, and plastic tool sets.
    • Bigger seeds are easier to manage for smaller or less coordinated hands. Mix small seeds with sand or peat moss and sprinkle from a spice jar for better distribution.

    15. Oregon Employment Opportunities
    meet the special educational needs of disabled children for the coordination of thespecial Education services will also meet the oregon certification standards
    Oregon Updated: Wednesday March 26, 2003 Allow a few moments for a job to completely load
    Please scroll down to view available positions NORTHWEST EDUCATION FIELD OFFICE (BIA)
    Updated: 3/5/03
    Education Specialist (Special Education Coordinator) (location Northwest Regional Office; Portland, OR)
    Education Specialist (School Support) CE-1710, Grade 06
    Job Description:
    Education Specialist (Special Education Coordinator)
    Incumbent is responsible for the coordination of the Special Education services for students enrolled in BIA funded schools within the jurisdiction of the Area Education Line Officer. Provides training and technical assistance to schools regarding program planning, management, evaluation, applications, Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) requirements. Position requires travel to school sites within the four-state Portland jurisdiction. A valid driver's license is required.
    Education Specialist (School Support)
    Coordinate with appropriate Education Line Officers to provide technical assistance and training to schools, agencies, school boards, and parents for the purpose of implementing and operating effective, quality educational programs to Indian students. Plans with Education Line Office staff for development of services to the delivered to the schools/agencies including review of reports, surveys, comprehensive system of personnel development, and the consolidated school reform plans. Must have specialized knowledge of educational theories, techniques, materials evaluation instruments and procedures, models, guidelines and standards to provide technical assistant and training.

    16. JS Online: Numbers, Needs Strain Special Education
    to an autistic child in the oregon School District. an independent federal agencythat represents disabled people, claims the law that a special master needs
    Advanced Searches

    JS Online Features List JSO Main Page OnWisconsin LIVE Packer Plus Online Badger Plus Online Chat Editorials Entertainment Features Dining Lifestyle News Obituaries Photo of the Day Packer Insider Real Estate Sports Travel Traffic Weather Wheels Search JS Online AP - The WIRE Lottery Results Yellow Pages Classifieds OnWisconsin Cars General Employment Real Estate Rentals Personals Subscribe to paper Service Desk Contact Us
    Wisconsin Milwaukee Waukesha ... PRINT THIS STORY
    Numbers, needs strain special education
    of the Journal Sentinel staff Last Updated: May 19, 2002 First of three parts. It touches one of every seven children educated by public schools in Wisconsin, and the number grows year by year. Testing
    the Limits
    Photo/Rick Wood Special education at Milwaukee's La Follette Elementary School, 3229 N. 9th St., includes sensory stimulation methods, such as dancing and singing. Student Richard Williams dances with Kelly Ekins, a special education teacher, during playtime while they listen to a favorite song.
    Series: The Special Education Boom
    SUNDAY : Nearly one in every seven Wisconsin students now need special education; serving them costs more than $1 billion a year. And both numbers keep growing every year.

    17. Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Touring Tours Tourism
    holidays tours tailor made for the disabled, people with special needs, theircarers http// oregon WorldWeb Travel Guide
    Links Portal
    Offering family friendly fun and special needs resources that enhance the quality and fun of family life for special needs families.
    Family friendly fun
    Site map Site
    Our mission is to: enable families with special needs to share their experiences by subscribing to our newsletter , joining our eGroup forum, talking in our chat room and posting to our bulletin board ; offer information on a wide variety of family fun and special needs topics ; and facilitate access via rings and links to websites relevant to special needs families. Adoption Arts Crafts Babies Charities ... Work at home
    Touring Tours Tourism
    Other important Touring Tours Tourism links:
    Accessible Europe accessible tourist services for people with disability...

    Accessible Europe tours and travels for disabled tourists using a wheelchair, for the less challenged, for slow walkers, aged people and anybody needing special carefulness. Travel all over Europ...

    Alaska WorldWeb Travel Guide: Tourism and visitor information for Alaska....

    A tourism and travel guide to Alaska, United States with interactive maps and up-to-date information about hotels, tours, weather, attractions, events, shopping and more....

    18. KidPower Links Page
    disabled Christian Parents of special needs Kids Circle Stroke Support Group Internationaldisabled UniteAn Microcephaly Support Group oregon Parents United

    19. Canada: Parents Of Special Needs Kids Head To Courts In Fight For Costly Program
    can't meet the needs of disabled children, what Kathy Myketyn, a lecturer on specialneedseducation at to improve what's offered within schools for children

    20. Education Week - Registration - Access Restricted
    Suit Says oregon Test Unfair 14, 2001 ETS To End ExtraTime Notations For disabled. longclaimed that the practice unfairly stigmatizes special-needs students.

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