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         Oregon School Media Centers:     more detail
  1. Good schools have school librarians: Oregon school librarians collaborate to improve academic achievement by Keith Curry Lance, 2001
  2. How to deal with the news media professionally and effectively: Project leadership presenter's guide by Bob Taber, 1985
  3. Media handbook by Michael D Utsey, 1974

1. Information Skills Curriculum - School Library Media Centers K12
Information for school library media specialists in developing the information curriculum, K12 Resources for school librarians; from schoolLibraries.Org with subjects. oregon Educational media Association. and other resources. school Library media Activities Monthly
Information Skills Curriculum
Curricula General Education as Psychology, Learning Styles] Instructional Design Instruction
Virginia. Standards of Learning Objectives
Virginia's Standards of Accreditation; Standards of Quality
Resources for school librarians; from School-Libraries.Org
Colorado Information Literacy
Planning checklist for Schools (Draft) [pdf file];
guidelines, Information Power ; Overview of Information
Literacy [pdf file]
Illinois Learning Standards
with subjects
Oregon Educational Media Association. Information Literacy Guidelines
Introduction, print resources, web sites, Oregon
Information Literacy Guidelines
Virginia's SOLs. Library/Information Use
Older standards but still useful for new librarians.
State of North Carolina, Dept. of Education
North Carolina's DOE. State curriculum can be purchased.
Utah Curriculum Database
Search library media curriculum. Curriculum is online.
Information Literacy and the Net
Course outline from Bellingham Public Schools
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General Education
Critical Thinking Skills
Educational Psychology
Learning Styles [Back to Top]
Instructional Design
Big Six Information Problem Solving Basics
By Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz.

2. Other States/Studies
8R. Hermiston, oregon highschool students. Powerschool - Web-based access to student attendance, current grades, assignment information, etc. Bulletin Board - Under Construction. media centers
School Library Media Centers
Impact Studies in Other States
Alaska Pennsylvania LRS Studies) In addition to the 2000 "Colorado Study," the Library Research Service has conducted studies of school library media centers in Alaska and Pennsylvania.  Results show that here, too, school media librarians and libraries help students perform better on standardized tests.
School Studies
Proof of the Power
Message to Principals

News Articles
School Libraries
CO 1998 SLMC Data

CO 1999 SLMC Data

CO 2000 SLMC Data
Other States/Studies Other Library Data Academic Public Other State Studies Texas 2001 Texas School Libraries: Standards, Resources, Services, and Students' Performance

3. Bloomington School Media Centers
Bloomington school District 271 school media Program Visit our new. media centers! Elementary. K5. Hillcrest. Community school and Students' Performance. oregon Study Good schools Have school Librarians. Maryland school Library
Bloomington School District 271
School Media Program
Mission Statement
The mission of the district media and technology program is to provide an environment in which all individuals in Bloomington are empowered to become life-long learners and effective users of information, ideas and technology.
Sample Elementary Weblinks
Visit our new
media centers!
Community School

Indian Mounds Elementary Media Center Web Collection Normandale Hills Elementary Media Center Web Collection Oak Grove Elementary Media Center Web Collection Olson Elementary Web Collection Poplar Bridge Elementary Media Center Web Collection Ridgeview Elementary Web Collection Valley View Elementary Media Center Web Collection Washburn Elementary Media Center Web Collection Westwood Elementary Media Center Web Collection Middle Schools Oak Grove Middle School Media Center Web Collection Olson Middle School Media Center Web Collection Valley View Middle School Media Center Web Collection
High Schools Thomas Jefferson High School Web Collection Kennedy High School Media Center Web Collection Media Resources

4. School Library Media Impact Surveys
THE IMPACT OF school LIBRARY media centers ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT THE co-authoredthe survey of how oregon school library media programs relate to
School Library Media
Studies on Achievement
This is the web site for Library Reseach Service which includes information on the research methods for the Alaska, Colorado, and Pennsylvania surveys, and various articles and presentations regarding impact studies and surveys.
This is the "Alaska Study" that was conducted by Keith Curry Lance, Christine Hamilton-Pennell, Marcia J. Rodney, with Lois Petersen in 1999. This is the Executive Summary of an assessment of the impact of Alaska school librarians on academic achievement in the state's public schools.
SBC Pacific Bell survey of curriculum leaders in California's 25 largest school districts shows that the overriding issue for California schools is academic achievement. School library media centers are being looked at in a different light given the drive for increased student achievement, with under-staffing being the top issue, coupled with equity of accwss to library resources.

5. School Library Impact Studies
school Library media centers Impact Studies studies have been conducted in other statesincluding Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, oregon, Pennsylvania and
Research and Statistics About Libraries State Of Colorado Home Page
Colorado Department of Education

University of Denver
About LRS ... Fast Facts School Library Impact Studies
Colorado Studies
School Library Impact Studies in
Library Research Service

201 East Colfax Avenue, Suite 309, Denver, Colorado 80203-1799
Keith Curry Lance, Director
(303) 866-6737 - Fax (303) 866-6940
Questions or comments about the site Please contact Tammi Moe, Web Mistress The Library Research Service is a partnership of the Colorado State Library and the Colorado Department of Education with the Library and Information Science Program in the College of Education at the University of Denver. The Colorado Studies How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards:
The Second Colorado Study

by Keith Curry Lance, Christine Hamilton-Pennell, and Marcia J. Rodney Executive Summary (.pdf)

6. History Of Medford School District Library Media Centers Dr. Steve History Of Me
school Library media Studies on Achievement in the state's public schools. CALIFORNIA school LIBRARY media centers AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT A SURVEY OF the survey of how oregon school library media programs relate to student

7. IMLS: Publications Conferences & Resources: Conferences
History of Medford school District Library media centers Dr. SteveWisely, Superintendent Medford school District Medford, oregon.
White House Conference on School Libraries History of Medford School District Library Media Centers
Dr. Steve Wisely, Superintendent
Medford School District
Medford, Oregon
School districts define the function of a library and the role of the library media specialist in a variety of ways. As a youngster growing up in Medford, Oregon, and graduating from its school system, I did not have an opportunity to meet a "real" librarian until entering junior high school in grade 7. In elementary school, classroom teachers filled the narrowly defined role of the librarian, which at the time was simply to assist students in checking out library books. In 1985, after a 16 year absence, I returned to Medford and became superintendent of schools. At that time, I found that the function of the library had remained basically the same, that is, a warehouse of books, but support for those responsible to oversee it had deteriorated even more. Classroom teachers had minimal involvement in the library. Non-certified staff, with no formal training in instruction, no child development background, no knowledge of reading levels of students, and no course work in libraries were ordering library books and checking them out to students. A concerted effort to place certified library media specialists in the district's thirteen elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools began in 1986 and was completed in 1990. At the same time, the classified employees previously assigned to the library media center were retained and inserviced to support the program to ensure that the certified library media specialists had time to perform the duties for which they had been trained.

8. Oregon Institute Of Technology Library High School Outreach Program
The oregon Institute of Technology Library welcomes visits from high schools in the Klamath ACP/HST may request interlibrary loan materials from their high school media centers.
OIT Library
Catalog Databases Index Databases Reference Databases Research Help ... OIT home
High School Outreach Program:
Information for Teachers and Media Specialists
Program Description and Purpose
The Oregon Institute of Technology Library welcomes visits from high schools in the Klamath Basin. The Library's Outreach Program was created to promote collaboration with high school media specialists and classroom teachers. Our goal is to develop students' research skills and appreciation of the power of information. Library teaching efforts focus on the use of library resources, qualitative evaluation of information, and electronic search techniques. OIT librarians provide tours of the facility as well as hands-on class instruction in the use of traditional and electronic information resources. The program gives students the opportunity for guided exploration and use of an academic library.
Before Visiting the Library
  • Make arrangements for the visit/instruction session at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date. OIT student use of the library must be our priority, therefore high school tours and instruction will not be available during peak-use hours or during OIT's Dead or Finals weeks.
  • Provide the library with student assignment topics, so that these topics may be incorporated as examples into the instruction session.

9. School Library Standards And Evaluation
The study is available in pdf format. The oregon Study Conducted in 2002. The Impactof school Library media centers on Academic Achievement - The
Resources for School Librarians - Index School Libraries on the Web : Main Directory
School Library Standards and Evaluation
School Library Standards Job Descriptions Evaluation Forms School Library Mission Statements ... School Library Statistics Today it seems that accountability is the hot topic in educational reform. It will become increasingly important for school library media specialists to demonstrate the importance of their media center to the school, and also be able to demonstrate how effectively they are doing their job. Busy adminstrators like numbers and well organized reports to demonstrate progress.
School Library Standards for Programs and Facilities

10. Oregon LSTA Grants Funded In 2000
The oregon Educational media Association will implement a study to measure theimpact of oregon school library media centers on academic achievement.
Oregon LSTA Grants Funded in 2000 1) Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement The Oregon Educational Media Association will implement a study to measure the impact of Oregon school library media centers on academic achievement. Grant amount: $40,780 2) Ten County Regional Library System Governance Simulation Under Eastern Oregon Library Association's grant the governance of a ten county regional library will be simulated as part of a ground-breaking planning effort for improved library service. Grant amount: $80,700 3) Reaching Out to Children The Deschutes County Library District will purchase a KidMobile to reach out and bring the library to county children who would otherwise be unable to use the library. Grant amount: $151,000 4) La Biblioteca de Silver Falls: Un Programa para la Comunidad Hispano hablante The Silver Falls Library District will develop expanded service to their Hispanic community by purchasing Spanish language books and videos, assembling Spanish language story time kits, and arranging for transportation to story times. Grant amount: $48,770 5) Start-up Support for Josephine County Juvenile Justice Library The Josephine County Library System will work with the county Juvenile Justice Center to establish a library of reading materials for youth in protective custody. Grant amount: $10,500

11. Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse - Eleventh Annual Report
The oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse received information about 16 challengesto library materials Challenges In school Library media centers.
Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse
Eleventh Annual Report
Goal of the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse
The goal of the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse is to uphold the principles of the Library Bill of Rights in all types of libraries, by improving communication between librarians, board members, professional associations, and other concerned groups in Oregon about challenges to intellectual freedom, and by increasing awareness as to how threats to intellectual freedom can be overcome.
Objectives of the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse
  • To establish a central clearinghouse to collect and disseminate reports about challenges to intellectual freedom in all types of Oregon libraries.
  • To provide information about challenged materials to public library directors and library board members, school media center librarians, and academic librarians when requests for reconsideration of materials are formally registered.
  • To provide information to public library directors and library board members, school media center librarians, and academic librarians about establishing appropriate policies and procedures before a challenge to intellectual freedom occurs.
  • To cooperate with other persons and groups concerned with intellectual freedom or related issues.

12. City Of Ashland - Library & School Media
school library media centers throughout the State of oregon will also join theAmerican Association of school Librarians in celebrating the month of April

13. IASL: School Library Resources On The Internet: School Libraries Make A Differen
Alaska and oregon. The research is reviewed in the light of the American InformationPower document. The Impact of school Library media centers on Academic
Home Contact Search About IASL ... Administration SCHOOL LIBRARIES
This page contains links to research reports and other documents that show that school libraries make a difference to student achievement; that school libraries have a positive impact on students and on learning. There are documents from a number of countries. There are also links to articles in professional journals and newspapers that are based on these documents. This page is intended to help school librarians to answer the question, "Do school libraries make a difference?".
Proof of the Power: Recent Research on the Impact of School Library Media Programs on the Academic Achievement of U.S. Public School Students . ERIC Digest.
Written by Keith Curry Lance in 2001, this ERIC Digest [ED456861] reviews and summarises recent United States research studies related to school libraries and student achievement, particularly statewide studies in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Oregon. The research is reviewed in the light of the American Information Power document.

14. - ::-:: Oregon Institute Of Technology ::-::
The oregon Institute of Technology Library welcomes visits from high schools HST mayrequest interlibrary loan materials from their high school media centers.

15. Welcome To Adobe GoLive 6
The Impact of school Library media centers on Academic Achievement Good schools Haveschool Librarians oregon school Librarians Collaborate to Improve Academic
School Library Media Programs
and Academic Achievement:
A Bibliography and Availability List
by David V. Loertscher, March, 2003 The Gaver Study, 1963
  • Gaver, Mary V. Effectiveness of Centralized Library Service in Elementary Schools. 2nd ed. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1963 (out of print, find in many academic libraries or school district professional libraries).
The First Colorado Study, 1993:
  • Lance, Keith C, Linda Welborn, and Christine Hamilton-Pennell. The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement . Castle Rock, CO: Hi Willow Research and Publishing, 1993 (available from LMC Source at under research)
The Second Colorado Study, 2000
  • Lance, Keith C., Marcia J. Rodney and Christine Hamilton-Pennell. How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards: The Second Colorado Study . San Jose, CA: Hi Willow Research and Publishing, 2000 (available from LMC Source online at under research).
The Alaska Study, 2000:
  • Lance, Keith C., Christine Hamilton-Pennell, Marcia J. Rodney, with Lois Peterson and Clara Sitter.

16. Research Titles For LMC
Papers of the 6th Treasure Mountain Research Retreat Troutdale, oregon, March 31April1, 1997 ed. by Danierl Callison school LIBRARY media centers.
Research Titles In a single year since the first edition of this popular publication, evidence from four new states and Scotland has appeared! Users of the previous publication will appreciate all the updates, the new features, and newly revised PowerPoint presentations. POWERING ACHIEVEMENT:
2nd Edition

Keith Curry Lance and David V. Loertscher
ISBN 0-93150-84-8; $27.00 Summarizing the four major state academic achievement studies for an audience of administrators, boards, or parents? This publication provides three readymade presentations.
  • A one-minute presentation complete with a reproduceable handout.
  • A five minute presentation with handouts and visuals.
  • A full 15 minute presentation with handouts and visuals
The presentations emphasize the needed commitments a school district must make, the collaborative and leadership activities a school library media staff must make, and summarize the amount of impact on achievement that can be expected when the library media program is well developed. A must publication for every library media specialist and leader!

17. About Us - Guide To Information Literacy Skills
oregon school Librarians Collaborate to Improve Academic Achievement oregon Educationalmedia The Impact of school Library media centers on Academic
Return to GILS Home Page
Sarasota County Library/Media Program
A committee of Sarasota County school media specialists and district curriculum coordinators, under the direction of Gerry Haworth, Supervisor, Media and Instructional Materials, and Lynn Urban, Instructional Technology Specialist, began meeting during the 2001-2002 school year to research the topic of Information Literacy and discuss plans for developing useful tools to assist teachers and media specialists in effectively teaching information literacy skills. During the summer of 2002, media specialists and teachers began developing the materials found on this website. The materials will continue to be refined and expanded throughout the 2002-2003 school year.
T he resources below provide research findings about library/media practices that help improve student achievement. Make the Connection: Quality School Library Media Programs Impact Academic Achievement in Iowa
Iowa Education Agencies.

18. OLA Quarterly, Volume 4, Number 3, Fall 1998
Service and Information Skills in oregon High school Library centers byDiane ClausSmith, North Salem High school Library, media Specialist.

Publications Calendar Jobline ... Legislative Agenda
OLA Quarterly
Service and Information Skills in Oregon High School Library Centers
by Diane Claus-Smith, North Salem High School Library, Media Specialist
Colleagues at public and academic libraries have often asked me about school library media centers. Here are some answers to their questions.
Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and specialized reference works form the backbone of a high school print reference collection. Most high school library media centers are equipped with standard reference resources, depending upon the size of their student body, curriculum specialty areas and, of course, budgetary limitations. Currency is often an issue because of financial constraints. Often gaps in collections occur because of budget shortfalls or changes in priorities. Purchases of high cost reference materials may be deferred in place of electronic or online resources. This may result in a spotty reference collection quite difficult to reinstate. Vertical files are often an important part of the reference section.
Students are apt to use print encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries and atlases when large classes visit the library and electronic resources are limited. General reference materials in science, history, literature and art are used heavily for research papers. Specialized reference tools like "CQ Researcher" are helpful for current interest topics or for the student who needs suggestions for a paper concept. Students with specific research needs consult quotation books and poetry indexes in a limited way.

19. Advocacy
oregon study Good schools Have school Librarians Pennsylvania Bell Knowledge NetworkExplorer California school Library media centers Student
BCTLA a specialist organization of the BC Teachers' Federation
Employability Skills 2000 + (Conference Board of Canada)
Employability Skills for British Columbia
(BC Ministry of Advanced Education)
Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
Presentations in Support of B.C.'s School Libraries
Abbotsford Letter to all SD 34 Administrative Officers, Senior Education Management, School Trustees, colleagues from Hugh Morrison - Teacher-Librarian (soon to be retired)
Abbotsford Junior Secondary and President Abbotsford District Teacher-Librarians' Association. Kelowna Library newsletter that went home to all 1700 students. Terrace Presentation to Trustees HTML
Vancouver 2002 April 22 Jack Allen's presentation to VSB: Connectivity 2002 April 18
VESTA Press Conference School Libraries are Important to Student Achievement
Comparison of VSB and BC School Libraries (2002) to Special Libraries in Canada (1996)
2002 February 7 “A Review of the Role of the Teacher-Librarian and School Library Resource Centre in School District #39 – Vancouver”
ATA: Alberta
Teachers' Association Hearings on Education: Presentation from 3 teacher-librarians from Sherwood Park, ABSusan Hughes, Judy Whetstone and Pat Kimura

20. SLMR Online © 1999 ALA
MB Lane, “A Study of school Library Resources in oregon as Compared MV Gaver, Servicesof Secondary school media centers Evaluation and Development (Chicago

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