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         Oregon Schools General:     more books (100)
  1. Francis Parkman's The Oregon Trail, (English readings for schools, general editor, W.L. Cross) by Francis Parkman, 1918
  2. The Oregon school laws with Rules and regulations of the State board of education, blank forms, etc by statutes Oregon. Laws, J H Acherman, 2010-08-16
  3. The efficiency of Oregon school children in the tool subjects by Chester Arthur Gregory, 2010-06-24
  4. The Oregon school laws by statutes Oregon. Laws, 2010-08-30
  5. Oregon school laws with rules and regulations of the State board of education by statutes Oregon. Laws, 2010-09-07
  6. A study of the mental, pedagogical and physical development of the pupils of the Junior division of the University high school, Eugene, Oregon by G M. 1892-1943 Ruch, 2010-09-04
  7. MDR's School Directory Oregon by Market Data Retrieval, 2008-10
  8. The Oregon School Laws With Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education, Blank Forms, Etc. by Oregon, 2009-12-31
  9. Oregon School Laws by Oregon, 2010-02-07
  10. Oregon School Laws With Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education by Oregon, 2010-01-05
  11. State Manual of the Courses of Study for the High Schools of Oregon by Oregon. Office of Catalog], 2010-01-12
  12. Report of the Survey of the Public School System of School District No. 1, Multnomah County, Oregon by Portland School District. Committee, 2010-03-28
  13. State Manual of the Course of Study for the High Schools of Oregon by Oregon. Office of Instruction, 2010-01-01
  14. O Is for Oregon: Written by Kids for Kids (See My State)

1. Central Oregon Directory - Lnformation About Bend, Sunriver, Sisters, Redmond An
general TAX TIME IS UPON US Central oregon Bend Sunriver Sisters Redmondreal estate golf business events activities recreation Mt.


La Pine
Crooked River Ranch

The Area Area Businesses

About The Area

Area Map
Steens Mtn

General Getting Listed Contact Us Home ANNOUNCEMENTS Central Oregon Bend Sunriver Sisters Redmond real estate golf business events activities recreation Mt. Bachelor information skiing boating fishing music llamas lodging shopping vacation rentals resorts resort village constuction building transportation COLLEGES: BEND Central Oregon Community College Oregon University Center Programs CYBER SCHOOLS Lane Cyber School Site PUBLIC SCHOOLS PRIVATE SCHOOLS Bend/LaPine School District Three Rivers Elementary (Sunriver) UNIVERSITIES COLLEGES LEARNING RESOURCES The resources listed on this page have been screened for their content and relevance to education. Should you have any problems please contact us immediately. Bend Sunriver Sisters ... Home

2. Portland Public Schools
Dairy Farmers of oregon. Academic AllState OSAA Home School Pamphlet. general guidelines for home school eligibility OSAA Member schools. School addresses and phone numbers
Thursday, April 10, 2003
Westside School Boundary Task Force Application
School Closure Memorandum 13th Annual Art Benefit for Buckman and da Vinci Superintendent's Proposed 2003-04 Budget
Site Shortcuts 2002-2003 Budget Libraries Maps/School boundaries Special programs TV 28 Schedule Teacher resources Test results
Contact us

3. How Safe Are Oregon Schools? Status And Recommendations
How Safe Are oregon schools? Status and Recommendations The Attorney generals School/Community Safety Coalitio Hardy Myers, Attorney general Attorney generals School/Community Safety Report schools, John Lenssen, oregon. Department of Education, Jeffrey Sprague, Bob Schlegel and Hardy Myers, Attorney. general.

4. OHSU: School Of Medicine: General Information: History
percent of physicians licensed in oregon received their funding among the nation’s125 medical schools. departments and basic sciences in general ranked in

School of Medicine
General Information About the School
School History
Resources for Faculty and Administrators (O-zone)

School of Medicine, Office of the Dean
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, L102
Portland, OR 97239
General Information
School History
Reflections of yesterday - not mirror images of today
OHSU is Oregon’s academic health center — it is the only institution that reflects the multifaceted, interwoven responsibilities of healing, teaching, research and community service. It is one of 125 academic medical centers in the nation and one of only 20 not affiliated with a larger university. At the turn of the century:
  • The School of Medicine earned the annual Innovations to Curriculum Award from the American Medical Association, medical student section.
  • The School of Medicine was ranked in the top 2 percent of American medical schools for its primary care education program for the fifth consecutive year as reported in . Of the 144 schools included, its primary care education program ranked third; family medicine education ranked fourth for the fifth consecutive year; and rural medicine ranked 11th.
  • Forty percent of physicians licensed in Oregon received their undergraduate and/or graduate medical education at the medical school.

5. INQUIRY Summer 2002 - Article 5
In oregon, Attorney general Hardy Myers convened the School/Community Safety Coalition withthe task of reporting on the status of safety in oregon schools.
Summer 2002
Making Safer Schools in Oregon: What Can We Do?
Jeff Sprague
"What the attorney general wanted was a status report and some practical actions we might take to make effective improvements," says Jeff Sprague , cofounder of the University of Oregon 's Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior , and chief writer of the School/Community Safety Coalition's report
To gather information, Sprague developed a questionnaire and sent it to school principals across the state. Members of the institute carefully analyzed the returned surveys and other important data on school safety in Oregon. The final report, How Safe Are Oregon Schools? Status and Recommendations (also available by calling (503) 378-6002), was published in March 2001.
Recommendations included in the report were quickly passed into law by the state legislature. The resulting legislation set rules for the prevention of bullying and harassment in schools and established a hotline through which students can report threatened or potential violence. The legislature also followed the recommendation to create the Oregon Center for School Safety, which was established at the UO under Sprague's leadership.
"The mission of the center is to give an annual assessment of school safety in Oregon, and to serve as a clearinghouse for technical information, assistance and training that will help create healthier school environments."

6. Education In Oregon
Information for prospective and current students, parents, school counselors, employers, and others Category Regional North America United States oregon Education...... Distance Education Employee Development Online Libraries general oregonInfo K12 schools 2-Year Colleges 4-Year Colleges/Universities Finances
Education in Oregon
Welcome to the one-stop educational mall with "doorways" to
Oregon's educational institutions, programs, and services.
[Distance Education]
[Employee Development] [Online Libraries] [General Oregon Info] ... [Finances, Career Info, Transfers] Send your e-mail comments/questions to:
2-Year Colleges 4-Year Colleges/Universities Distance Education ... Other
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7. Department Of Justice, State Of Oregon - Media Releases
The oregon Department of Justice, headed by Attorney general Hardy Myers, is the main legal branch of oregon Government. Attorney general Hardy Myers today released a report from the Attorney generals School/Community school security practices in oregon schools. oregon schools need to ensure that
Home Media Releases March 19, 2001 Site Search
Media Releases
Attorney General Myers Releases Report
From School/Community Safety Coalition
March 19, 2001 "The School/Community Safety Coalition’s report finds that Oregon’s school buildings themselves may need to be more secure, and partnerships between school officials and law enforcement officials need to be established, strengthened and nurtured." Myers said. "But the biggest challenge is to reduce the amount of harassing behavior between students. It is the type of behavior that, if unchecked, escalates to violence." The report, "How Safe Are Oregon Schools? Status and Recommendations," incorporates the results of several surveys, including a survey of Oregon’s public school principals, the state’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and other sources. It is available online at

8. ONE Schools, Colleges, & Universities
If you are unfamiliar with the general location of oregon schools, colleges, anduniversities, here is a map of oregon listing oregon public and independent
Oregon Schools, Colleges, and Universities Participating in ONE Currently, 24 colleges and universities are listing distance education courses and degree programs at the ONE consortium (12 community colleges, 8 public universities, and four independent colleges/universities). K-12 schools also list distance education courses at ONE. Participation in ONE is open to all Oregon schools, colleges, and universities accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. If you are unfamiliar with the general location of Oregon schools, colleges, and universities, here is a map of Oregon listing Oregon public and independent colleges and universities and online K-12 schools categorized by county. If you are interested primarily in pre-college (high school level) courses, visit our K-12 Information page. . If you want to know more about general college selection and application processes, visit CollegePrep-101 , a free web-based course to help high school students and their families.
Offering COURSES at ONE:
K-12 Schools Community Colleges (CC) Public Universities
NW WebSchool

PSU Independent Study

Southern Oregon Online School
Mt. Hood CC

9. Courses Offered By Oregon K-12 Online Schools
Following is the complete list of courses offered by various oregon K12 Online Schoolsand distance general Biology; Introductory Astronomy For Instructors
K-12 Course List
Courses offered by Oregon K-12 Online Schools
Following is the complete list of courses offered by various Oregon K-12 Online Schools and distance education providers. IMPORTANT: Not all courses are offered every semester. Use the Course Search button to see what K-12 courses are being offered currently or go directly to the listing online school to find out when the course you want will be offered. Bridges for Learning , Enterprise, OR
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Introduction to Christianity Corvallis Online , Corvallis School District
  • Marine Science
  • Personal Psychology
  • American History: Ameriquest through Film
  • International Studies
  • After High School: Goal Setting and Transition
  • Creative Writing in Living Color COOLSchool Art
  • History of Western Art 1
  • Art through the Ages English
  • English on the Web
  • Business Writing
  • Advanced Composition
  • AP English 1.1
  • AP English 1.2
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing with Style
  • Classic Literature
  • American Literature 1.1
  • American Literature 1.2
  • Heroes 1.1
  • Heroes 1.2
  • Horror Literature 1.1
  • Journalism
  • Cyber Study Skills English as a Second/Other Language
  • ESL/EOL Level 1
  • ESL/EOL Level 2
  • ESL/EOL Level 3
  • ESL/EOL Level 4 World Languages
  • Latin 1.1
  • 10. School Facts And General Information
    map Use this map to view the general location of of all published upcoming reunionsfor schools in our Links to more oregon school information Top of Page
    School Facts and General Information
    Which school will your child attend?
    School fact pages These standardized fact sheets provide the schools' addresses, phone and FAX numbers, program descriptions, links to test scores and enrollment statistics, and much more. Choose a school fact page Abernethy (K-5) Ainsworth (K-5) Alameda (K-5) Applegate (K-5) Arleta (K-5) Astor (K-5) Atkinson (K-5) Ball (PK-5) Beach (PK-5) Beaumont (6-8) Benson (9-12) Binnsmead (6-8) Boise-Eliot (PK-5) Bridger (K-5) Bridlemile (K-5) Brooklyn (K-5) Buckman (K-5) Capitol Hill (K-5) Chapman (K-5) Chief Joseph (K-5) Clarendon (K-5) Clark (K-5) Cleveland (9-12) Creston (K-5) daVinci Arts (6-8) Duniway (K-5) Edwards (K-5) Environmental (6-8) Faubion (K-5) Fernwood (6-8) Forest Park (K-5) Franklin (9-12) George (6-8) Glencoe (K-5) Grant (9-12) Gray (6-8) Gregory Heights (6-8) Grout (K-5) Hayhurst (K-5) Hollyrood (K-3) Hosford (6-8) Humboldt (PK-5) Irvington (K-5) Jackson (6-8) James John (K-5) Jefferson (9-12) Kellogg (6-8) Kelly (K-5) Kenton (K-5) King (PK-5) Lane (6-8) Laurelhurst ( K-5) Lee (K-5) Lent (PK-5) Lewis (K-5) Lincoln (9-12) Llewellyn (K-5) MLC (K-12) Madison (9-12) Maplewood (K-5) Markham (K-5) Marshall (9-12) Marysville (K-5) Meek (K-5) Mt. Tabor (6-8)

    11. Q&A – Portland Public Schools Budget
    after the passage of Measure 5 in 1990, which limited property tax revenues in oregon,the bulk of funding for schools shifted to the state’s general Fund.
    Q: How does the state’s budget shortfall affect Portland Public Schools? A: Portland Public Schools faces a potential budget cut next fiscal year of $36-40 million depending on state revenue projections and the final outcome of negotiations between the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kitzhaber. The current General Fund budget is $367 million, so the cuts represent more than a 10 percent reduction. Q. What are the cost-cutting recommendations for Portland Public Schools? A: With a budget cut of $40 million, there are no good choices. Cuts must be made due to declining revenues and increasing expenses, and are intended to get this district on stable financial footing. Where possible, instructional programs have been protected, but cuts of this magnitude make it impossible to fully protect students. Below is a summary of the recommendations made to the Board of Education. The majority of these cuts require contract negotiations with employees. The full text of recommendations can be found on the district Web site Recommended General Fund Budget Cuts Savings Description • Cap health care contributions • Contract out custodial services • No cost of living increases • Cut administration and building support* • Increase staffing ratio by 2 • Shorten school/work year by 8-9 days Total savings * Includes closing two schools and eliminating Outdoor School.

    12. University Of Oregon News Releases
    of a report titled How Safe Are oregon schools? Status and Recommendations, whichis being released today (March 19) by oregon Attorney general Hardy Myers
    UO DAYBOOK NEWS AND PHOTO TIP, MARCH 19 SCHOOL SAFETY REPORT RELEASED TODAY March 19, 2001 SOURCE: Jeff Sprague, co-director of the UO Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior, (541) 346-3592; e-mail . Sprague will be available for comment from his office at the University of Oregon at about 1 p.m. #T-5006/DAY
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    13. About The Authors
    Jackie Lester has had many roles in special and general education overthe past 16 years in oregon's public schools. She has worked


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    Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student Table of Contents
    About the Authors Dianne Ferguson Cleo Droege has been a middle school language arts block teacher for eight years. After teaching for three years, she left public education to work with Dianne Ferguson at the University of Oregon, where she rounded out the research team as the "regular ed" person. During her four years at Oregon, she drew on the best of both worlds of education. Four years ago, Droege returned to teaching middle school. Now her classes are larger and include more needy students. She continues using the teaching practices she developed at the University of Oregon to teach her diverse population of students. Droege can be reached at Lincoln Middle School, 1565 South 4th Street, Cottage Grove, OR 97424-2999; phone: 541-942-3316; fax: 541-9801; e-mail: Jackie Lester has had many roles in special and general education over the past 16 years in Oregon's public schools. She has worked with preschool through graduate-level students and has collaborated with the University of Oregon's Schools Projects. Lester is leaving her position as a speech-language pathologist and reading specialist to become the principal of a preschool through 8th grade rural school. She has worked extensively in the areas of language and literacy, attempting to bridge the gap between special education services and language support needed within general education classrooms. Lester can be reached at Dorena Elementary School, 37141 Row River Road, Cottage Grove, OR 97434-9801; phone: 541-946-1506; fax: 541-946-1507; e-mail:

    14. Gateway To The Internet
    Newsgroups. general, oregon, Portland. Portland Ads, Portland - Art, Portland- Calendar. Portland - Jobs, Portland - Religion, Portland - schools.
    General Oregon Portland Portland - Ads ... Portland - Sports General List of Internet Newsgroups Search for newsgroups Top of page Gateway Home ... Computer Bits Home Oregon alt.culture.oregon clari.local.oregon ... Computer Bits Home Portland pdaxs.announce pdaxs.issues.portland pdx.general ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Ads ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Arts pdaxs.arts.auditions pdx.books pdaxs.arts.museums ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Calendar pdaxs.calendar.misc pdaxs.calendar.print ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Commercial ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Computing pdx.computing pdx.slug pdx.utek ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Games ... Computer Bits Home Portland: Jobs

    15. Department Of Justice, State Of Oregon - School Safety Coalition
    to Manufactured Housing (pdf); How Safe are oregon schools? The report of theAttorney general's School/Community Safety Coalition (pdf); Attorney general
    Home Hot Topics Site Search
    Hot Topics
    Click on the links below for information about significant cases, work groups and other special projects within the Department. You also should review the media release database

    16. Department Of Justice, State Of Oregon - School Safety Resources
    School Safety Resources. How Safe are oregon schools? The report ofthe Attorney general's School/Community Safety Coalition. (pdf).
    Home School Safety Resources Site Search
    School Safety Resources
    How Safe are Oregon Schools? - The report of the Attorney General's School/Community Safety Coalition. (pdf) Center for School Safety Bullying School Safety Hotline
    Department of Justice
    1162 Court Street NE Salem, OR 97301-4096
    Phone: (503) 378-4400
    Updated: March 17, 2003

    17. University Of Oregon, Official Athletic Site - General Releases
    Only seven series nationally have extended longer than the 102 meetings betweenthe two schools, with the stretch of games remaining oregon general Releases.
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    Choose Sport M Basketball W Basketball M Cross Country W Cross Country Football M Golf W Golf W Soccer Softball M Tennis W Tennis M Track W Track W Volleyball Wrestling News Releases
    Dodge Dealers to Become Title Sponsors for UO-OSU Civil War
    Marketing pact intended to increase the regional exposure for the intrastate rivalry.
    June 28, 1999 PORTLAND - The Northwest Dodge Dealers, in conjunction with Beaver Sports Properties and ESPN Regional/Oregon Sports Network, have reached agreement with the University of Oregon and Oregon State to serve as the title sponsor for the schools' Civil War series, according to a joint announcement by directors of athletics Bill Moos and Mitch Barnhart. The unprecedented marketing pact is intended to increase the regional exposure for the intrastate rivalry, which originated with the first football game between the two schools in 1894, as well as generate additional revenue for the two athletic departments. Terms of the agreement is for four years, extending through the 2002-03 academic year, and is expected to generate in excess of $1.4 million between the two schools.

    18. Oregon State University General Releases -- Official Athletic Site
    oregon State general Releases oregon State general Releases oregon State generalReleases. the Beavers' first Civil War win since both oregon schools joined the

    W-Sports Tickets Schedules ...
    Site Map

    Mandy Melendez New Blood, Old Guard Mix to Bring Success By Mara Houck Dec. 5, 2001 After posting their best record since 1995 and narrowly missing a berth in the NCAA Tournament, the 2001 Oregon State University women's soccer team has plenty of accomplishments to be proud of. The Beavers finished the season tied for seventh in the Pac-10 Conference with a record of 10-8-2 (2-6-1 Pac-10), and had three players earn all-conference honors. It was a significant improvement over last year's record of 6-13-2, including a winless conference slate, and it appears to mark the beginning of a turnaround for the program. "We weren't particularly surprised by the success we had, because we knew we would be stronger," said head coach Steve Fennah, now in his fourth year at OSU. "Obviously, we were very excited that it worked out that way. "We now have three-year players who we felt could get it done," said Fennah. "You combine that with the fact that we had our first class that was ranked nationally in recruiting circles, and that was the reason we were successful."
    Katie Henderson Tourney hopes unrealized Although the Beavers were officially the Pac-10's seventh-ranked team according to the conference tie-breaking rules, the team was not invited to participate in the NCAA tournament. Fennah remained positive after the season, and is confident that his team will build on this year's successes.

    19. Portland Oregon Schools - Chris Balmes Portland Real Estate
    general Information on oregon and Washington schools schools Chris Balmes 503232-0215Cell 503-319-7026 Fax 503-236-8434 About Chris.
    Chris Balmes Real Estate Services
    General Information on Oregon and Washington Schools
    Chris Balmes
    Cell 503-319-7026
    Fax 503-236-8434 About Chris Selling Buying ...
    Schools Oregon Department of Education
    For relocation parents, the Oregon Department of Education has a Web page called Moving to Oregon that offers information that could benefit you in making decisions about your children's education. The Oregon Department of Education Web site is full of reports about Oregon schools. Most of the reports are PDF (Portable Document Format). To read PDF files, you must have Acrobat Reader (free) installed on your computer. To download the reader, go to the Adobe Web site. Washington Board of Education
    Located in Olympia, the state capitol of Washington

    20. Peterson's - Private Schools Search
    general Search, The Cedars Academy, Bridgeville, Delaware CEDU schools, Running Springs Amenia,New York Mount Bachelor Academy, Prineville, oregon New Dominion

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