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         Oregon Teacher Certification:     more detail
  1. Requirements for certification of Oregon teachers from 1899 to 1921 by E. H Hedrick, 1922
  2. Averting a teacher crisis in Oregon by David Victor Myton, 1986
  3. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (Sunset review / Legislative Research) by Shelby Crawford, 1986

21. NCELA Links: Bilingual/ESL Teacher Education Programs: New Mexico - South Caroli
Program Type, Degree Type, Features. Eastern oregon University, School of TeacherEducation (La Grande), · Bilingual, · Undergraduate · Graduate · certification,
New Mexico - South Carolina
New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota ... South Carolina NOTE: Information on this page is based on the information available at the referenced web sites, and may be incomplete or out of date. Please contact the institution directly to obtain the most current information regarding program offerings.
NEW MEXICO Program Type Degree Type Features College of Santa Fe (Albuquerque) · Bilingual
· ESL · Undergraduate
· Graduate
· Certification
College of Santa Fe Education Department
· Bilingual
· ESL · Undergraduate
· Graduate
· Certification
Eastern New Mexico University, College of Education
(Portales) please contact institution directly for current information New Mexico Highlands University, School of Education (Las Vegas, NM) · Bilingual · ESL · Undergraduate · Graduate · Certification New Mexico State University, School of Education (Las Cruces) · Bilingual · ESL · Undergraduate · Graduate · Certification University of New Mexico, College of Education

22. Teacher Universe|Instructional Tools|State Certification Requirements
certification Tests, Recertification Requirements, Substitute teacher Requirements. Stateof oregon teacher Standards and Practices Commission, Public Service

Back to State Certification Requirements Page
Oregon State Certification Information
URLs Contact Info. Certification Tests Re-certification Requirements
Substitute Teacher Requirements
Oregon Department of Education - Teacher Standards and Practices Commission Oregon Department of Education - Home Page State of Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission,
Public Service Building,
255 Capitol Street NE,
Suite 105,
Salem, OR
phone: (503) 378-3586 fax: (503) 378-4448 email Two types of Requirements:
  • ). One of these 3 will be accepted and testing is not required for obtaining a Transitional License, only for qualifying for the Initial License. PRAXIS II Professional Knowledge Test and respective subject area tests. (Corresponding NTE (National Teachers Exam) testing scores may be accepted as well).
  • Information about The PRAXIS Series tests
    Information about the CBEST
    The Transitional Certificate is valid for 3 years. The Initial is valid for 3 years and must be renewed twice to get Continuing License but may be renewed before validity is up. The Continuing License is valid for 5 years.

    23. Certification Help
    Section teacher Education/certification 2500 N. Lincoln Blvd. Rm. 212 Oklahoma City,OK 73105 (405) 5213337 oregon teacher Standards and
    Careers home Appendix C
    State by state sources of information on certification and alternative certification
    For a central source of links to the 50 states' certification requirements, see the University of Kentucky College of Education's website Or write, call, or go online to the sources listed below. Alabama Dept. of Education
    Teacher Education and Certification
    PO Box 302101
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
    Alaska Dept. of Education
    Teacher Education and Certification
    810 West Tenth St., Suite 200
    Juneau, AK 99801-1984
    Arizona Dept. of Education
    Teacher Certification Unit
    1535 West Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85007 Arkansas Dept. of Education Nontraditional Licensure Program 623 Woodlane Little Rock, AR 72201 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1900 Capitol Ave. Sacramento, CA 95814-4213 Colorado Dept. of Education Educator Licensing 201 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 105 Denver, CO 80203-1799

    24. National Teacher Certification At The Higher Education Level.
    The fee for the certification program is $2,000 per teacher, with some grantfunding available to applicants. oregon Education Association (OEA) offers
    National Teacher Certification at the Higher Education level. College Discussion Forums College Search and Selection October 2002 Archive : National Teacher Certification at the Higher Education level. By Dr. Salvatore Armond on Sunday, September 16, 2001 - 11:39 am Edit There is now a national teacher certification which is available to teachers at the private K-12, private and community college, vocational and trade school, and college and university levels.
    The National Academy of Higher Education at offers this national credential with no testing, just proving you are qualified.
    You must be presently employed as a teacher, supply two letters of referrence, and have at least two years of professional experience.
    Even though it is not a governmental credential, a peer review by professional educators is a great addition to their portfolio of qualifications.
    Check them out: By on Sunday, September 16, 2001 - 03:12 pm Edit
    By George Meany on Sunday, September 16, 2001 - 05:49 pm Edit Dr. Armond, are you originally from Italy or France? How would you compare the public-school teachers in those countries with those here in the U.S.A.? How is the homeschooling situation in Europe? Is there a lot going on?

    25. State Support And Incentives
    The teacher Standards Practices Commission (TSPC) and the oregon Education Association fundsto support 24 candidates at $1000 of the certification fee.

    26. Available Scholarships
    In oregon, the oregon teacher Standards and Practices the redesign of the teacherpreparation and new design encourages National Board certification as part of
    About NBPTS Candidate
    Resource Center
    National Board Certified Teachers ... Ethics
    are currently available for teachers pursuing National Board Certification.
    Ford Family Foundation (for first time candidates in rural Oregon and in Siskiyou County, California)
    Scholarship recipients will be eligible for candidate support through The Ford Family Foundation. The support consists of a conference in June 2003, online support throughout the year by trained facilitators, funds for three release days, and retake fee assistance. Candidates who achieve certification may then apply for a $2500 Teacher Quality Award for their school building.
    Other incentives are available for teachers who earn National Board Certification. In California NBCTS who teach in California K-12 public schools are eligible for a $10,000 (one-time) bonus and an additional $20,000 award is for NBCTs who opt to teach in low-performing schools. In Oregon, the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission has approved the redesign of the teacher preparation and liscensing system. The new design encourages National Board Certification as part of professional development activities.
    To be eligible candidates must pay the initial $300 nonrefundable application fee. Questions about this process can be forwarded to

    27. Awesome Library - Teacher
    Walker) Provides information on teacher certification by state Provides five teachercompetencies and sub oregon Education Standards (oregon Dept of Ed) Includes
    Awesome Talking Library Examples ... Keystone Family Protection
    Here: Home Office Teacher > Standards
    Also Try
  • Math By Elementary Grade Level and Standard (Awesome Library)
  • Math By Middle and High School Subject and Standard (Awesome Library)
  • -Standards by State (Eisenhower Clearinghouse)
      Provides sources of education standards by state. 6-01

  • Documents About Standards
  • Standards Assistance to States (Council of Chief State School Officers)
      A CCSSO project provides assistance to states in building benchmarks and standards. 4-00

  • Standards by State (A to Z Home's Cool - Zeise)
      Provides sources of education standards by state. 6-01

  • State Education Agencies By State (CCSSO)
      Provides state education agencies by state. 4-00

  • A Civics Education Framework (Civitas)
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Standards (MiddleWeb)
      Provides an array of articles and resources to support excellence in assessment, evaluation and utilization of standards.

  • Certificates of Accomplished Teaching (NBPTS)
      Provides the framework and short descriptions of the standards developed through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards for recognizing accomplished teaching practice. 2-00
  • Certification - Teacher Certification (Mining Co. - Walker)
  • 28. Teacher Certification Offices In The United States
    oregon teacher Standards and Practices Commission 630 Center St. Department of EducationBureau of teacher Preparation and certification 333 Market
    Teacher Certification Offices in the United States
    Fair Use
    Encouraged Feel free to copy and modify this file.
  • Alabama
    Division of Professional Services
    Department of Education
    404 State Office Building
    Montgomery, AL 36130-3901
  • Alaska
    Department of Education
    Teacher Education and Certification
    P.O. Box F
    Goldbelt Building Juneau, AK 99811-0500
  • Arizona Teacher Certification Unit Department of Education 1535 W. Jefferson P.O. Box 85002 Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • Arkansas Department of Education #4 Capitol Mall, Rooms 106B/107B Little Rock, AR 72201
  • California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1812 9th Street Sacramento, CA 94244-2700
  • Colorado Teacher Certification Colorado Department of Education 201 East Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80203
  • Connecticut State Department of Education Division of Curriculum and Professional Development P.O. Box 2219 Hartford, CT 06115
  • Delaware Department of Public Instruction Supervisor of Certification and Personnel Townsend Building P.O. Box 1402
  • 29. Teacher Standards And Practices Commission - Agency History
    change mirrored the appointment authority other professional boards who are chargedwith certification/licensure duties in oregon. The teacher Standards and
    Teacher Standards and Practices Commission - Agency History
    Written 1999 Introduction
    The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) was established in 1965 to maintain and improve performance in the education field. Functions of the Commission include approving teacher preparation programs offered by Oregon colleges and universities; licensing teachers, administrators, and other personnel employed in Oregon schools; and taking disciplinary actions when educators commit crimes or violate standards for competent and ethical performance. TSPC consists of seventeen members appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the Senate. The term of office for Commission members is three years. Commission members are drawn from the practicing educational community at all levels and two positions are reserved for members of the general public. Commissioners can serve no longer than two terms (6 years) unless requested to do so by the Governor. The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission operates under ORS 342 and Oregon Administrative Rule 584.

    30. Phil's Place - Teacher Certification Links
    teacher certification. Thinking about moving? certification in North Dakota; certificationin Ohio; certification in Oklahoma; certification in oregon;

    Add Link
    New Popular Random ... Social Studies Resources. Click here! Teacher Certification Thinking about moving? Check out the Tourism Page
    Certification in Pennsylvania

    Teaching and Learning web site

    31. Unions, PTA Skeptical Of Bush Teacher Certification Plan -- 03/19/2003
    tanks like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and oregon's CascadePolicy Institute have derided the typical teacher certification process as
    Unions, PTA Skeptical of Bush Teacher Certification Plan
    By Christine Hall Staff Writer
    March 19, 2003
    ( - Despite skepticism from teacher unions and other interest groups, the Bush administration is developing national teacher certification standards to encourage states to get skilled industry professionals into the teaching profession, end teacher shortages and fulfill the goals of the president's No Child Left Behind Act, which calls for reducing barriers and increasing standards for entering the teaching field.
    State think tanks like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Oregon's Cascade Policy Institute have derided the typical teacher certification process as "the single greatest barrier that prevents some of the best and brightest people from choosing the teaching profession."
    The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, a non-profit group created in Sept. 2001 and funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is drafting the standards, which will be based in part on a core set of existing state standards.
    Pennsylvania has already decided to adopt the board's standards, and the New Hampshire legislature is now considering a bill to treat board-granted certification as equivalent to the state's own.

    32. Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest 11.,
    California and oregon have teacher licensing commissions that are separate fromthe state department of education. Minnesota issues certification information
    From the ERIC database
    Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest 11.
    TEXT: Teacher certification is the education system's process for assuring that public school teachers possess minimum qualifications. Each state determines its own certification standards. Increased mobility among teachers suggests that teacher candidates should have information about general requirements for certification and about where to locate particular state requirements. This digest provides information on certification purpose and types, how to obtain information about requirements, and prospects for change in requirements. THE PURPOSE OF CERTIFICATION Certification is a process by which the state evaluates the credentials of prospective teachers to ensure that they meet the professional standards set by the state education agency. Certification ratifies the quality of teachers' competence in subject area, educational methodology, teaching skills, and potential classroom management ability (Roth and Mastain 1984). Closely linked to certification is state program approval or institutional approval, which is the state's process of evaluating schools, colleges, and departments of education. The purpose of such approval is to ensure a common curriculum framework and professional standards so that the state's teacher education programs produce graduates who meet the state's certification requirements. Some states have developed their own standards for the approval of individual teacher preparation programs; however, the most commonly used standards are those which have been developed by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) and have been in the process of almost constant revision for the past 35 years.

    33. UO Praxis Testing
    The PRAXIS Series for teacher certification. or completing college or provisionalteacher preparation programs are no longer required by the state of oregon).
    The PRAXIS Series for Teacher Certification The PRAXIS Series assessments provide measures of academic achievement and proficiencies for students entering or completing college or provisional teacher preparation programs and for individuals in professional areas. The Core Battery Tests consists of 3 tests, General Knowledge, Communication Skills and Professional Knowledge. (These 3 tests are no longer required by the state of Oregon). The Specialty Area exams are offered in a large number of subject areas. These exams are usually taken by individuals who want to add a specific endorsement to their teaching certificate. Current fees are $35.00 registration fee plus additional test fee of $25-$125, depending on the specialty area exam.
    MSAT is a requirement for elementary teachers and is an additional requirement of the UO 5th year Master's middle-secondary program. More information about these tests is available from the Praxis information bulletins. The Oregon Teacher's Standards and Practice Commission can be reached at if you have questions about endorsement requirements.

    34. NEA: North Dakota Thru Wyoming
    certification Requirements oregon teacher Standards and Practices Commission(503) 3783586. Pennsylvania. Contacts NEA Student Chair
    For and About Members Pre-K-12 Teachers Education Support
    ... NEA On the Issues
    North Dakota - Wyoming
    State by State Crucial information at your fingertips: AK AL AR AZ ... WY
    North Dakota Contacts: NEA Student Chair: Kelly Torgerson
    Student North Dakota Education Association
    823 9th Ave.
    Minot, ND 58703
    Phone: (701) 837-0062
    Student Organizer: LeAnn Nelson
    Career Outlook: Beginning Teacher Salary: Average Teacher Salary: Job Market: Shortage in special education, math, and science. Certification Requirements: North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board
    Contacts: NEA Student Chair: Heather Buckley
    Ohio Student Education Association
    179 Dale Drive
    Kent, OH 44240 Phone: (330) 676-1926 Student Organizer: Joanne Gay Career Outlook: Beginning Teacher Salary: Average Teacher Salary: Job Market: Teacher shortage in math, science, and special education. Certification Requirements: Ohio Department of Education
    Contacts: NEA Student Chair: Nela Foster Student Oklahoma Education Association 1616 NE 11th Street Moore, OK 73160

    35. RIDE- Teacher Preparation, Certification, And Professional Development - General
    NOTE If you are eligible for certification by enhanced reciprocity, you do not needto teacher Contract States Georgia, Mississippi, oregon, District of Columbia.
    Teacher Certification and Teacher Quality
    State Certification Reciprocity and Interstate Agreements: Interstate Certification Compact
    Effective March 1, 1996, Rhode Island adopted "Enhance Reciprocity" as a route to certification. This route provides that certification be granted to an applicant who holds a valid and comparable certificate from another member state, provided the applicant has complied with any requirements of the receiving state regarding degrees held, citizenship, and moral, ethical, physical, and mental fitness.
    A copy, including any translation key, of a valid teaching support administrative , or vocational certificate from the member state is required. NOTE: This certificate must be a Level II certificate as defined in the Interstate Contract. NOTE: This certificate must be valid during the period for which reciprocity is sought and must also be valid in the teaching area for which certification is desired. NOTE: If you are eligible for certification by enhanced reciprocity, you do

    36. Oklahoma Teacher Certification
    Massachusetts oregon West OKLAHOMA Oklahoma Departmentof Education, Professional Standards Section, teacher certification

    37. - Lesson Plans Online
    teacher Education/certification 2500 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 211 Oklahoma City, OK73105 Attn Cindy Marose (405) 5213337. oregon teacher Standards/Practices 255
    Investors Advertisers/Sponsors
    Please choose from one of the links below to go directly to that particular section: State Web Sites
    State Contacts

    Alabama Dept. of Education
    5201 Gordon Persons Bldg.
    50 N. Ripley St.
    P.O. Box 302101
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
    Attn: June H. Mabry
    Alaska Dept. of Education Attn: Assessment Center 810 West 10th St., Suite 200 Juneau, AK 99801-1984 Attn: Julie Orsborn Arizona Dept. of Education Teacher Certification Unit 1535 West Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85007 Attn: R. Berkley Lunt Arkansas Dept. of Education No. 4 State Capitol Mall, Rm. 106B

    38. Oregon Education Association -
    to pursue certification from the oregon Fund to from the National Council on teacherQuality, inviting from the American Board for certification of teacher
    Resources and Publications for Members Professional Development Licensure In Oregon Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) ... Get Involved
    Professional Development
    Use the links below or scroll down for the following topics: Education for All Diversity Training Continuing Professsional Development National Board Certification National Board Certification Handbook Education for All Diversity Training
    with questions or requests for training. Click here to view/download an information brochure on Education for All Diversity Training Mind Your CPUs!
    Don't Wait Until It's Too Late to Complete Your Continuing Professional Development Requirements

    The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) requires educators to complete a plan of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for renewal of their teaching license. To assist members with their CPU planning, OEA has developed an Essential CPD kit that includes helpful definitions, planning forms and general resource information. In addition, OEA members are advised to download the generic CPD certificate offered below and take it with them to all trainings to help document professional development activities.

    39. Oregon Education Association -
    coverage offered to educators (1955) • certification requirements raised to fouryeardegree (1955) • Average teacher salary in oregon $4,150; there was a
    About OEA OEA News and Events Capitol Watch Contact Us ... Member Feedback
    OEA and Education History This information excerpted from "Oregon, Education, and OEA-A Grand Past," by Linda L. Sullivan and Carolyn H. Clapp, Today's OEA , January 2000.
    1850s and Before
    The 1860s

    President Lincoln signed the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862 which established land-grant institutions to train teachers. In 1868 Corvallis College was designated Agricultural College of Oregon, now Oregon State, the first state-supported institution of higher education. Oregon's first public high school was opened in 1869. OEA Highlights
    The 1870s

    The University of Oregon was established in 1862; classes began in 1876.
    OEA Highlights
    The 1880s
    OEA Highlights
    The 1890s OEA Highlights The 1900s
    In 1902, Oregon was the first state in the nation to adopt initiative and referendum laws. A voters' pamphlet was first published in 1903. In 1904, Oregon passed the nation's first citizen initiatives. OEA Highlights The 1910s In 1919 a state minimum salary law passed calling for $75 per month.

    40. Teacher Certification And State Education Departments
    Programs Alternative teacher certification programs available to for America- Nationalteacher recruitment program Oklahoma; oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island;
    Best Sites


    Free Sites
    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Certification/ State Education Departments
  • National Association for Alternative Certification (NAAC) - Seeks to expand the options available for teacher certification. Program list, scholarships, conferences, membership information, and organization publications are available online. National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) - Works to strengthen the teaching profession and to improve student learning in America's schools by establishing high standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do, and are developing a new system of advanced, voluntary certification for teachers. The board's aim is to certify all teachers who meet the standards. National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) - Works to help establish high quality teacher preparation through the process of professional accreditation of schools, colleges and departments of education.
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