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         Oregon Teacher Certification:     more detail
  1. Requirements for certification of Oregon teachers from 1899 to 1921 by E. H Hedrick, 1922
  2. Averting a teacher crisis in Oregon by David Victor Myton, 1986
  3. Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (Sunset review / Legislative Research) by Shelby Crawford, 1986

81. 50 State's Certification Requirements
links to 50 State's certification requirements for teachers, administrators, and other P12 support personnel to collect the teacher certification requirements for the continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and search for teacher certification information, you find
50 States' Certification Requirements
In an effort to facilitate the movement from one state to another, the UK College of Education will attempt to collect the teacher certification requirements for the 50 States. We recognize that States are continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and requirements. This page is intended to help you gather planning information on states of your choice! You might want to look at the certification requirements and later look for position announcements in the State. Good luck in your search!! Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware D.C. Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Sometimes you will want more information about a State's educational offerings, you can go to the

82. Professional Certification
Access guidelines and applications for teacher and vocational certification. Includes links to employment opportunities.

What's New?
  • Military NBPTS More ...
    This Site
    A Dual Mission
    The Professional Education and Certification Office has the following mission:
    • To support the preparation and continuing education of educators... To certify the preparation and continuing education of educators...
    ...who positively contribute
    to student learning
    The Professional Education Office provides staff assistance to the State Board of Education and the Professional Educator Standards Board, and coordinates with approved colleges/universities and employers for the development of pre-certification preparation programs and post-certification continuing education for educators in Washington State. The Professional Certification Office verifies preparation and continuing education for individual certification applicants, ensuring they meet or exceed state requirements. Certification staff:
    • Inform applicants about certification requirements, how requirements may be met, and the status of applications/certificates; Coordinate with Washington colleges/universities for issuance of certificates to program completers;

83. ODE - Home Page
Learn about the actions of the current Superintendent of Public Instruction in oregon. Includes statistics and general reports. than 1 000 oregon public elementary schools, mandate for oregon's education programs. teacher licensing, state jobs, and jobs here at the Department of Education. Moving to oregon?
Assessment Curriculum, Instruction and Field Services Professional Technical Education Special Education ... O.P.E.N. - Sections/Initiatives - Budget (Agency) CAM Updates Child Nutrition Database Initiative Project Early Childhood E-rate Federal Programs No Child Left Behind Oregon Access Network Oregon School for the Blind Oregon School for the Deaf Private Career Schools Pupil Transportation Quality Education Commission Reading Initiative Resources and Grants School Finance Statistics and Reports Teacher Standards - - and Practices Commission Technology Veterans Education
- Most Requested Items - Acronyms (PDF) Assessment Scores Dropout Reports Education Laws Education Rules Event Registration Grant Opportunities Institution IDs Instructional Materials Links McAuliffe Fellowship Milken Award MultiMedia on the Web Numbered Memorandums Oregon Teacher Award Progs Publications Rpt Card - School District Rpt Card - Statewide - PDF Resources for National Crisis School Directory Site Map Teaching and Learning to Standards Teacher of the Year Teacher Certification Yellow Pages - PDF Susan Castillo
Superintendent of Public Instruction

84. Teaching Jobs Overseas: Alternative Routes To Teacher Certification
Teaching Jobs Overseas International Employment for Teachers Teaching Jobs Overseas Topics international teaching, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, American and international schools, overseas jobs, international employment, etc.
Teaching Jobs Overseas
International Employment for Teachers
Teaching Jobs Overseas Topics: international teaching, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, American and international schools, overseas jobs, international employment, etc.
Alternative Certification Many states have developed or are initiating programs that provide alternative routes to teacher certification, particularly for mid-career professionals. The goal of such programs is to draw a diversity of individuals with in-depth subject matter backgrounds into teaching careers. Requirements for an alternative teaching license vary by state. For an overseas position, it does not matter what state your license is from. Generally, applicants must hold a bachelors degree in the subject to be taught, achieve a passing score on state-required examinations, complete an intensive teacher preparation program, and possibly fulfill a supervised teaching internship. Specific information on which school systems are offering internships can be requested from the schools. After satisfactory completion of these requirements, the applicant will be issued a teaching credential.

we have found no significant correlation between the requirements for teacher certificationand the quality of student achievement. In oregon, all traditional
Certification doesn't equal teacher quality By Matthew J. Brouillette and Aaron W. Davis Oregon, like most states, is having difficulty recruiting qualified teachers for its public school classrooms. As policymakers consider solutions to the teacher shortage problem, they should focus their energies on eliminating the single greatest barrier that prevents some of the best and brightest people from choosing the teaching profession: government certification. "What? How can removing certification requirements improve the teaching profession?" some will rightly ask. The answer is: certification does not guarantee qualification. In fact, it is increasingly clear that, rather than ensuring quality, teacher certification serves to deter some of the most qualified individuals from entering our classrooms and further exacerbates the shortage problem. Sam Peavey, professor emeritus of the School of Education at the University of Illinois, is among many experts who argue that, "After 50 years of research, we have found no significant correlation between the requirements for teacher certification and the quality of student achievement." In Oregon, all traditional public school teachers must have state certification, and half of all teachers at charter schools must have such government approval. Yet instead of working to remove this barrier, some policymakers-with the full support of the Oregon Education Association-want to subject all charter school teachers to state requirements. The legislature would be wise to consider the mounting evidence that certification does not necessarily equal qualification. Arizona has no certification requirement for its charter school teachers. Not one of Tempe Preparatory Academy's 14 full-time faculty is state-certified, yet each member holds a bachelor's degree and the 10th grade math teacher has a Ph.D., as do two Humane Letters teachers. None of this Arizona charter school's instructors would be allowed to teach in Oregon's traditional government schools. However, the academy's students score higher than all public schools in the state except one, a magnet school that is allowed to screen enrollment. Statistics on homeschooled children also demonstrate the weak relationship between certification and academic success. Students who are educated by parents with teaching certificates score in the 88th percentile on a basic battery of tests, while children with non-certified parents score in the 85th percentile-hardly a large enough difference to convincingly prove the superiority of certification. Students taught at home by mothers who never finished high school score a full 55 percentile points higher than public school students from families with comparable educational backgrounds. Across the nation, private schools that don't require certification attract as high or an even higher caliber of teacher talent than public schools, although they often pay much less. According to John Merrifield, senior research associate at the Education Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., "Fewer private schoolteachers have teaching certificates, but more have a degree in the subject they teach and more come from selective, prestigious universities, factors that correlate much more highly with student achievement than certification." The Oregon Education Association (OEA) and other teacher's unions lobby to preserve the certification status quo, claiming it protects the children's best interests. But if Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan could convince a school board that he could teach children, why should the unions object to him teaching an economics class? Union leaders want to maintain gatekeeper status to the teaching profession and protect the monopoly on teachers and public education. But if we want the highest quality in the teaching profession-a goal the OEA supports-the legislature needs to ease teacher certification requirements and provide alternative methods for qualified teachers to enter the classroom. Doing so might encourage college professors and other highly educated professionals across Oregon to consider entering the public school classrooms. Ultimately, the power to ensure quality in teaching should lie within local communities and schools, where on-the-job teacher training similar to an apprenticeship would help more than any certification requirement. Principals should be permitted more authority to determine what qualifies a person to teach and, with the assistance of superintendents and school boards, set standards for teachers according to their respective communities and schools. Second only to parental involvement, teacher quality dramatically affects student academic success. By allowing alternative hiring criteria, Oregon could actually increase the quality and expertise of teachers in the profession while helping solve the current shortage problem. Matthew J. Brouillette, a former junior high and high school history teacher, is director of education policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a research and educational organization headquartered in Midland, Michigan. Aaron W. Davis is a research intern at Cascade Policy Institute, a Portland, Oregon think tank.

86. Citation
availability and usage in oregon. After projecting future growth, it discusses certificationfor the computer nonexpert, for the computer teacher, and for the

87. SOU Career Services
http// Includes information about teacher certificationrequirements, directory of oregon Schools, job listings and much more.
Stevenson Union 134 SOU Career Services Home SOU Home ACCESS Center Home JOB SEARCH TIPS

Links to tips on writing resumes, job interviews and more Great
An on-line guide to K-12 school information for public, private and charter schools nationwide JOB SITES FOR TEACHERS
Recommended websites for those looking for a teaching job The Best on the Web for Teachers
Lots of helps to use with students in the classroom Sites for Teachers
The net's best classroom resource for teachers School websites
Links to schools that have been representated at SOU's Educators Fair. OregonTeachers Standards and Practices Certification
American Association for Employment........................................
National data and publications on teacher supply and demand by field and region, teacher certification offices, teacher salaries and much more. Oregon Public Education Network...............................................

88. Accrediting Information
The state of oregon and school district policy provide for teacher certificationstandards for all teachers employed in oregon Public Schools.
High School Credit
General Information
Contact Hours Teacher Certification Transcripts

The Eisenhower Center for Cultural Outreach high school credit courses are administered through Eastern Washington University. The semester course is an approved course of study authorized by the Office of Public Instruction and is fully accredited. Top of Page
Contact Hours

Each course requires at least 110 hours of time for a student to successfully complete. The time is divided into the following categories: 1. Student Pre-Travel Phase , overseas orientation period, which includes:
  • Interactive instruction from Eastern Washington University via Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, Oregon Star Schools/STEP network. Group orientations Written assignments
HOURS = 15-30 2. Travel/Homestay Phase (See course syllabus for specific course requirements) HOURS = 90 minimum
3. Post-Travel/Homestay Phase
    Satellite instruction by EWU and School District faculty/administrators
    Finalization/summarization of all projects and assignments
HOURS = 5-20 Total minimum hours = 110 hours Top of Page
Teacher Certification

Please be informed, as in your state, teacher certification is mandated by statute. The state of Oregon and school district policy provide for teacher certification standards for all teachers employed in Oregon Public Schools. Teachers participating in this school district authorized program are regularly employed state certified teachers who meet or exceed those standards.

89. Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/07/2002 | Teacher Certification Pushed
Said Russo A true teacher will learn things from raises for teachers who get certification,New Jersey
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Back to Home ... Living Thursday, Apr 10, 2003 Education Posted on Mon, Oct. 07, 2002 Teacher certification pushed National board has approved thousands of applicants, but few in Pa. or N.J. take part. By Melanie Burney Inquirer Staff Writer WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP French teacher Catherine Russo is a novelty in her Gloucester County district. She is the only Washington Township educator to achieve national board certification and one of just 46 in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, 47 teachers hold the honor. Russo, who teaches seventh and eighth graders at Chestnut Ridge Middle School, was certified in 1997 by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. "It's probably the most productive form of professional development I've ever done," said Russo, a teacher for 12 years. While national certification has been embraced by educators across the country, it has been slow to catch on in New Jersey. Nationwide, more than 16,000 teachers have received the certification. A new group will be named next month from among 20,000 candidates.

90. Top Colleges In Oregon - Find A College, University, Or School In Oregon OR
in oregon OR including professional, trade, and vocational schools in the fieldsof the business, culinary arts, art and design, technology, teacher education
Oregon University
University in Oregon
Oregon Universities
Universities Oregon
Colleges in Oregon OR
College in Oregon OR
Search for colleges in Oregon OR college university universities near area Oklahoma City Tulsa
This section of our site lists top colleges, universities, and schools located in Oregon OR including professional, trade, and vocational schools in the fields of the business, culinary arts, art and design, technology, teacher education, liberal arts, and others. Find an Oregon college, university, or school near you! FIND A COLLEGE Top Colleges
Canadian Colleges

ONLINE College
Visit our sponsors: AmeriDebt eSylvan Conseco Finance Umbilical Cord Blood ... Oregon Colleges, Universities, and Schools Listed below are top colleges, universities, and schools in Oregon OR. Click the school links if you would like to learn more about the education programs offered or would like to request additional information directly from the school. To locate colleges or schools in other states, use this

91. Teacher Quality
Missouri and oregon reported that they require be six credit hours per year to maintaincertification. and Time Resources for teacher Professional Development.
Survey Findings
The Policy Context for Teacher Professional Development
Professional development financial data by itself is not as meaningful as analyzing it in the context of state policies, requirements, and practices. This section discusses that policy context.
State Mandates and Mechanisms
Outside of the North Central Region, a number of states reported that they require intermediate service agencies to develop plans for teacher professional development. These state are California, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Oregon. Ten states reported requiring local school districts to develop annual plans for teacher professional development (California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas). No such requirements exist in Nebraska, New Hampshire, and South Dakota. Missouri, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Texas also imposed such requirements on individual schools.
Teacher Professional Development and Teacher Certification and Employment
Within the North Central Region, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio all reported having requirements that certified teachers enroll in continuing education courses for continued certification. Only Illinois reported that it did not. Indiana and Michigan also reported that such an action was required for continued employment.

92. Riverdeep | Professional Development | Oregon Standards
Integrate Projects. Standards Locator. My Portfolio. Online Community. TeacherCertification. CEUs Grad Credits. Web Links. Technical Support. Teachers.

Georgia AssessOnline IntegrateOnline Literacy Launch Nevada ... Technical Support
Teachers Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Students The Arts English Language Arts English Language Learner (ELL) Standards (PDF) Health Instructional Technology Mathematics Physical Education ... Social Sciences

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