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         Oregon Trail American History:     more books (100)
  1. The Oregon Trail in American History by Rebecca Stefoff, 1997-11
  2. The Oregon Trail: An American Saga by David Dary, 2005-12-08
  3. The Oregon Trail (Landmark Events in American History) by Michael V. Uschan, 2004-01-04
  4. The Oregon Trail: A Primary Source History of the Route to the American West (Primary Sources in American History) by Steven P. Olson, 2003-10
  5. Oregon Trail (True Books: American History) by Elaine Landau, 2006-09
  6. The Oregon and Santa Fe Trails (American History Series) by Cindy Barden, 2001-07
  7. Dreams Beyond The Oregon Trail: A Childhood Lost (Volume 1) by Janice Sakry, 2008-07-21
  8. The Oregon Trail (American Adventure) by Sally Senzell Isaacs, 2003-08
  9. THE OREGON TRAIL. A Volume in the Library of American History Series. by Francis. Edited by Mason Wade. Illustrated by Maynard Dixon. PARKMAN, 1987
  10. Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail: The Times that Tried Women's Souls and a Guide to Women's History Along the Oregon Trail (Women of the West) by Susan G. Butruille, 1994-06
  11. Surviving the Oregon Trail, 1852 by Weldon W. Rau, Mary Ann Boatman, et all 2001-04
  12. Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail by Jacqueline Williams, 1993-08
  13. The Oregon Trail: Pathway to the West (Milestones in American History) by Tim McNeese, 2009-02-28
  14. The Oregon Trail (Oxford World's Classics) by Francis Parkman Jr., 2008-10-15

1. Oregon Trail History Library - Main Menu
Shop here for The oregon trail in american history (In american history) and find more books by Rebecca Stefoff. For a limited time, get free shipping on orders over $25!
Oregon Trail 101
Frequently asked questions about the Oregon Trail.
Prairie Schooners

A diagram of a typical Oregon Trail wagon accompanied by a descriptive essay.
Provisions and Prices

What the emigrants brought along and how much it cost.
The Road to Oregon
Written by Dr. Jim Tompkins, a prominent local historian and the descendant of Oregon Trail immigrants, The Road to Oregon is a good primer on the history of the Oregon Trail. It is suitable for grades 6 and up, though younger students may benefit from it if they are strong readers.

2. American West - The Oregon Trail
Information on the history of the oregon trail.
The National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OK The first Europeans to see the trans-Mississippi West were the mountain men, trappers, and the maritime explorers along the west coast. In Canada, the Hudson's Bay Company fur frontier was approaching the Columbia River basin. In 1812 John Jacob Astor established Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia in a countermove and sent Robert Stuart overland to carry dispatches east. Stuart found South Pass by following a Crow Indian Trail. Only 7,000 feet above sea level, with easy gradients. South Pass has an attractive geographic proximity to the upper reaches of the Platte River. Both were determining factors in the routing of the Oregon trail. The early frontiersmen found the passes, crossed the great rivers, and defined the vast reaches of the western interior. From the beginning these explorers contributed to a growing campaign to make the Oregon Country a part of either the United States or Great Britain according to their own sometimes confused loyalties. Economic depressions in 1837 and 1841 frustrated farmers and businessmen alike. The collapse of the international fur trade in 1839 intensified the hard times, and concerns of British domination of the Northwest grew. At the same time, eastern churches saw the American Indians of the Oregon Country as ready candidates for European ideas of civilization. Churches formed ardent missionary societies to create an active appetite for Christianity. In 1836 Marcus Whitman and his new wife, Narcissa, along with Henry and Eliza Spalding, headed for Oregon as missionaries. The letters they sent home publicized the opportunities and advantages of Oregon. Many people for many reasons had become interested in Oregon, but it was not until 1841 that the first group with serious intent to emigrate left the banks of the Missouri river and headed west. In 1843, nearly 1,000 completed the trip - an omen of the multitudes to follow.

3. Hotlist: American History & Government
Better Known as Sitting Bull; oregon trail; The Donner Little Big Horn history; CivilWar An Illinois Railroad; Douglass Archive of american Public Addresses;
American History
  • Lewis and Clark: The Journey of The Corps of Discovery
  • The Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • America's Revolutionary War
  • The Franco-American Alliance During the Revolutionary War ...
  • Tatanka Yotanka - Better Known as Sitting Bull
  • Oregon Trail
  • The Donner Party
  • Little Big Horn History
  • Civil War - An Illinois Soldier ...
  • The Day of The Black Blizzard - The Dust Storms of 1935
  • American Involvement in WWII
  • Normandy: 1944
  • Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II
  • The Atomic Age ...
  • American Women's History : A Research Guide
  • National First Ladies Library
  • Unforgettable Letters - Includes Presidential Letters
  • American Experience: The Presidents
  • A Great Day in Harlem
  • The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
  • Hyper History Online ...
  • American Treasures from The Library of Congress
  • Making of America Art Page
  • Today in History
  • Explorers of The World
  • The Great American Website
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape ...
  • Growth of a Nation - (requires Macromedia Flash Player)
    American Government
  • U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  • @The Capitol
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • The Electronic Embassy ...
  • United States Secret Service
    Historical Documents
  • Primary Sources Network
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Declaration of Independence , United States of America
  • Constitution , United States of America
  • Other Historical American Documents
    Teacher Resources
  • Battle of Little Big Horn
  • The Whole World Was Watching : 1968 - an Oral History
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
  • 4. America's West - Development & History
    Provides information on the history and development of the american West.Category Society history North America United States West...... the Santa Fe trail, the oregon trail, the Mormon the Pony Express Route, the Overlandtrail and Key This site contains a complete american history, from the
    Archaeology Cowboys Critters Emigration ... Transportation
    We are all Pioneers . . .
    . . . Pathfinders on the Trails of Old and New Frontiers . . .
    A Presentation of the History and Development of the American West!
    click here for a variety of Western related gift-giving ideas! The webmaster also has electronic musical equipment for sale.
    Please click here to take a look.
    Within these pages you will find the History and Development of the American West, from the Frontier and Pioneer days of the Wild West, to today's Modern West.
    Featuring: Westward Expansion, Western Trails, America's Freedom Documents, Cowboys, Indians, Native Americans, Pioneers, Trappers, Scouts, Gunslingers (the whole dang blang shootin' match is heah, bucko!) Search AmericanWest for a topic.
    A special segment of this site is devoted to the Modern West
    with emphasis on the Information Society, including . . .
    THE NEXT FRONTIER - The Wonders of the Universe!
    Definition of The West These are the 22 Western States that form the American West (west of the Mississippi River).

    5. American West - Frontier Trails
    FRONTIER trailS A Brief history. The Old Spanish trail The National oregon/Californiatrail Center. The american Dream - National oregon/California trail.
    FRONTIER TRAILS - A Brief History
    The Old Spanish Trail The National Oregon/California Trail Center The American Dream - National Oregon/California Trail Pony Express Information (AMWEST) The Gothenburg Pony Express Station (AMWEST) XP Pony Express Home Station The Interactive Santa Fe Trail - This is a great page with many links The Oregon Trail (AMWEST) The Mormon Pioneer Trail (AMWEST) The Oregon Trail , the Wagon Train of 1843 - Lots of links Movies made on the subject Hollywood-style. Some are listed directly on the trail pages.
    The ones listed here feature the actor Tex Ritter. Arizona Trail (1943) Lone Star Trail (1943) The Old Chisholm Trail (1943) Ridin' The Cherokee Trail (1941) ... Red River (1948) - Several trails - , John Wayne Return to the AmericanWest Frontier Transportation Page. Return to the AmericanWest Home Page.

    6. The Oregon-Trail
    Why pay retail when you can save at Half? Always find low prices on books by Rebecca Stefoff and a great selection of new used books.
    Welcome to "The Oregon Trail" web sitethe award-winning story of the great western journey. Enjoy the adventure! All About the Trail A complete primer on the Oregon Trail. Historic Sites on the Trail From St. Louis to Oregon City, more than two dozen sites to visit. Fantastic Facts about the Oregon Trail Wind-powered wagons. A $100 drink of water. And much more. Trail Archive Full-text of Trail diaries and books. Shop the Oregon Trail Videos, books, kids books, audio tapes, and computer games.
    This web site is brought to you by Prof. Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher, creators of The Oregon Trail , the award-winning documentary film which aired nationally on PBS. During the three years we spent researching the film we found so much great stuff, we just had to build this web site to make it all available. Enjoy the adventure! (If you are a teacher, don't miss our free

    7. US History Lesson Plans
    Grade 5, THINKQUEST SITES history. 8thGrade, William Penn. The american Colonies,Revolution Timeline. oregon trail, trail of Tears, Louisiana Purchase.
    Mr Donn's U.S. History
    Native Americans
    Primary Documents The Fifty States 13 Colonies/Pilgrims ... Big Bunch of Links
    Lesson Plans for Children's Books: A-Z list
    Mr Donn's Site Index

    Didn't find what you needed? Try this! Have a great year!
    Native Americans
    See Also:
    Trail of Tears
    Native American Literature

    Native American Holiday UNITS (Donn)

    Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
    Negotiating Treaties (Simulation)
    (Juneau HS)
    The Trial of Standing Bear
    Native American Studies (5-7, CK) Core Knowledge: Native American Units Native Americans UNITS Native American Culture (Unit) Native American Populations (daily life, culture, more) ... THINKQUEST SITES: American History Lesson Idea: Role Play You are a European, encountering a Native American for the first time. Write a physical descriptions of first impressions. Do the same for Native Americans encountering a European. Make your own Totem Pole Rescue Pocahontas (Disney, free download) Resources: K-8 Native Americans Native American Clip Art Native American Navigator 13 Colonies / Colonial Period See Also: The Crucible (Salem Witchcraft) Core Knowledge: Colonial America Units Pilgrims Units, Lessons, Activities

    8. TeachPDLaw's American History To 1870
    The oregon trail. End of the oregon trail. The Overland trail. The Mormon trail.Links To trails West. The american ExperienceThe Donner Party. The Gold Rush.
    To quickly jump to the area of your choice you can use these hyperlinks
    General Historical References Historic American Documents Native Americans Age of Discovery ... The Civil War
    General Historical References
    PARKNET - The National Parks of America The History of Money Ever wonder about the evolution of our money? This site will help Fundamental Facts About U.S. Money American History Areas History of the Pledge of Allegiance The History Net ... Daily Almanacs Another source for finding what happened on various days in history
    Historic American Documents U.S. Historical Documents U.S. Founding Documents The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Federalist Papers including scans of the originals Listing of Historical Documents Just about every American historical document available U.S. Historical Documents Archive Avalon Project at Yale A massive collection of historic documents many dealing with the Confederate States of America The Federalist Papers History of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence Read the Declaration plus a list of the signers Declaring Independence: Drafting the Document Learn about the drafting of this document We The People-The United States Constitution Bill Of Rights US Constitution Overview Emancipation Proclamation ... Gettysburg Address Read about and see the many versions of this document Constitution of the Confederate States of America
    Native Americans

    9. Stefoff, Rebecca. The Oregon Trail In American History.
    Booklist Home Page. How to subscribe to Booklist Magazine. The Way West. Stefoff,Rebecca. The oregon trail in american history. 1997. 112p. index. illus.

    10. Oregon Trail Oregon (History)
    Two other trails, the Applegate trail between Southern oregon and California andthe Visit Online Highways' interactive american history project.
    Oregon Trail
    From St Louis, Missouri, to Oregon City , Oregon, the Oregon Trail carried thousands of pioneer families to the promised land on the western frontier. Much remains for the modern visitor to experience, from the actual ruts left by the wagon trains to
    interpretive centers like those at Oregon City and Baker City. The year 1993 marked the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Oregon Trail as a major element in the settling of the West. Two other trails, the Applegate Trail between Southern Oregon and California and the Barlow Road around are currently having their own celebrations. Find similar pages at History Visit Online Highways' interactive American History project. A team of researchers is developing a site that will present U.S. history in the context of present day travel.
    Below are additional pages related to this one. Sponsors Pendleton Tamastslikt Cultural Institute Organizations Portland Oregon Trail Advisory Committee Points of Interest Blue Mountain Scenic Byway Fogarty Creek State Park Jonsrud Viewpoint Laurel Hill ... White River Crossing Baker City Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Baker City Oregon Trail Regional Museum Eagle Creek Philip Foster Farm Echo Corral Springs Echo Echo Meadows Oregon Trail Site Echo Fort Henrietta Park Echo Koontz Grave Huntington Farewell Bend State Park La Grande Blue Mountain Crossing Meacham Emigrant Springs State Park Oregon City End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Ctr The Dalles

    11. Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Baker City, Oregon (History)
    Click to go to oregon trail Interpretive Center's own Web site. Find similar pagesat history. Visit Online Highways' interactive american history project.
    Location: Baker City Oregon History Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
    The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, operated the US Dept of Interior's Bureau of Land Management, is located at Flagstaff Hill on Highway 86, five miles east of Baker City. The 509-acre site features a 23,000 square-foot facility with permanent exhibits offering audio, video, dioramas, and artifacts to recreate the experiences of Oregon Trail emigrants. The center is open daily from 9 to 6, April through October and 9 to 4 from November to March. It is closed Christmas and New Years. Snack concession stand on site. Click to go to Oregon Trail Interpretive Center's own Web site. Find similar pages at History Lowest Rates and Free candid reviews for Baker City at Visit Online Highways' interactive American History project. A team of researchers is developing a site that will present U.S. history in the context of present day travel.
    PO Box 987
    Baker City
    OR 97814
    Voice Phone
    Try a Free Issue

    of a Travel Magazine

    July 2003
    Oregon Coast ... Lowest Rates and Free candid reviews for Baker City at Discount Hotel Rooms Fairs, Festivals, and Events

    12. In Search Of The Oregon Trail | Teachers Guide
    THE oregon trail is part of american history and folklore that has grown intomythical proportions with its own heros, villains, triumphs, and tragedies.
    CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES TIME LINE OREGON TRAIL MAP OTHER RESOURCES ... IN SEARCH OF THE OREGON TRAIL HOME PAGE This TEACHERS GUIDE provides background material and suggested activities that can complement viewing IN SEARCH OF THE OREGON TRAIL in the classroom. The documentary introduces several important topics students need to think about before they can begin to understand the history of THE OREGON TRAIL. Students can still relate to many of these topics because the story of THE OREGON TRAIL never really ended. The same hopes, needs, and problems motivating the settlers in the 19th century still shape the American West today. IN SEARCH OF THE OREGON TRAIL is more than the remarkable story of several hundred thousand emigrants crossing the American West looking for a new life. It's also the story of the native peoples they found there and the terrible consequences of diseases brought by the pioneers and the settlers' pursuit for land. It's the story of new believers searching for a promised land where they could escape religious persecution. And it's the story of fortunes made, lost, and never gained by prospectors and opportunists. THE OREGON TRAIL is part of American history and folklore that has grown into mythical proportions with its own heros, villains, triumphs, and tragedies. Much of the history is based on fact, but as much or more originates from myth and legend. IN SEARCH OF THE OREGON TRAIL examines the truth and exposes the myth about America's journey West.

    13. Reference Links - American History - Expansion & Manifest Destiny
    State University); The oregon trail , by Francis Parkman Full american Lawmen InOklahoma; The american West - People Page; Department Of Dakota; trail Of The 49


    14. Professional Books
    and Prices oregon trail history Library — Main Menu. Back to Top. Slavery. TheLife of a Slave (p. 35) Index of Slave Narratives North american Slave Narratives

    INTERNET MADE EASY: Internet Scavenger Hunts: American History
    Internet Scavenger Hunts: American History
    ISBN: 0-439-31665-0
    Price: U.S. $10.95
    Native Americans The First Americans (p.8)
    The First Americans

    The Iroquois of the Northeast

    Iroquois History

    Cherokee of the Southeast (p. 10)
    North Georgia's Cherokee Indians

    Timeline of Events Relevant to the Northern Plains Tribes
    Back to Top Early Explorers Leif Ericsson (p. 12) Leif Ericson Biography (From ODIN) Leifur Eiriksson Leif Erikson Vespucci ... Columbus Columbus: The Myth Behind the Man (p. 14) Columbus Back to Top Pilgrims Coming to America (p. 15) Voyage of the Mayflower Journey Into History: Voyage on the Mayflower The Mayflower Web Pages The First Thanksgiving (p. 16) The First Thanksgiving: Facts and Fancies The Pilgrims' 1621 Thanksgiving Life at Plymouth (p. 17)

    15. Oregon Trail 1-hour Video
    One doesn't just hear about the oregon trail; one actually makes the trip. Highlyrecommended. . Booklist an absorbing journey into american history. .
    The Story of the Oregon Trail
    1-hour historical
    documentary VIDEO
    • From a 4-time Emmy-winning producer! As seen nationally on over 100 PBS stations Telly award winner for history excellence Broadcast Education Association award winner
    Reviews Description Ordering info Reviews of The Story of the Oregon Trail VIDEO have been especially positive: Library Journal: "One doesn't just hear about the Oregon Trail; one actually makes the trip. Highly recommended." Booklist : " absorbing journey into American history." School Library Journal: "Recommended"

    16. Academic Info: The American West - Oregon Trail
    Academic Info The american West oregon trail. End of the oregon trail oregon trailInterpretive Center uses living history interpretations and
    Home Keyword Search Subject Index Reference Desk ... Student Center
    Academic Info
    The American West: Oregon Trail
    Social Sciences History U.S. History American West Academic Info is Publicly Supported
    Please make a tax-deductible donation (any amount is appreciated) to help keep Academic Info online and free of advertising. We accept credit cards or checks payable to Academic Info. Thanks a lot.
    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98037 All About the Oregon Trail Fish and Wildlife Along the Oregon Trail
    "High resolution scans of the booklet. Our purpose in presenting this fictional account "is to help people understand the changes in fish and wildlife populations since the years of the Oregon Trail migration."
    Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife In Search of the Oregon Trail
    PBS Online
    Sections include Facts, Myths, Teacher's Guide, and Trivia On the Oregon Trail
    By David Leahy, Greenway Elementary School, Beaverton, Oregon The Oregon Trail - Trail Archives "The Trail archive is our growing collection of full-text period documents." Includes Diaries, Memoirs, and Period Books.

    17. The Oregon Trail: In American History
    The oregon trail was one of their most popular — but dangerous — routes. JUVENILEBOOK Ages 10–up. 128 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover ITEM 755 • $20.95.
    128 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover
    ITEM 755 The Oregon Trail: In American History
    By Rebecca Stefoff

    18. Transportation: American Westward Expansion
    and the american West. Chisholm trail * history plus bibliography * Cowboy CattleDrives * Famous Cattle trails * Chisholm trail OnLine Resources. oregon trail
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) Main Catalog
    The WWW-VL Search Engine.
    The WWW-VL History Central Catalogue.
    The American West index
    plus search and site map
    Transportation Overview Sites
    Taming the Wilderness
    : Rivers, Roads, Canals, and Railroads
    Transportation Developments in the Early Republic

    Western Immigration

    Rivers, Canals, Lakes Canoes Center for Columbia River History Inland Navigation: Connecting the New Republic: 1790-1840 Mississippi River History ... River Roads : Mississippi River Montana Twilight (ferries on the Missouri River) Missouri River Heritage Corridor The Way West: A Short History of Man and the Missouri River Missouri River Expeditions ™ Trails Also see: Locations Commerce Arizona and the Southwest Southwest Explorations : historical expeditions that opened Arizona and the American West Chisholm Trail History plus bibliography Cowboy Cattle Drives Famous Cattle Trails Chisholm Trail On-Line Resources Oregon Trail with Timeline The Oregon Trail Home Page End of the Oregon Trail In Search of the Oregon Trail Oregon Trail Study Guide The Oregon Trail from Connecting Students The Official Web Site of the National Oregon/California Trail Center Oregon-California Trails Association The Oregon Trail in Western Nebraska Oregon Trail: The Trail West Who explored the Oregon Trail?

    19. KidsClick! American History
    american history (General) Pilgrims Colonial Period Revolutionary War George WashingtonLewis Clark Westward Expansion oregon trail Gold Rush Amistad Slavery!/midamer.html
    Geography/History/Biography: American History
    Go to these specific subjects:
    American History (General)

    Colonial Period

    Revolutionary War
    Vietnam War

    Search word(s): - or, Advanced Search
    All fields Web address only Search our 600+ subjects by letter: A B C D ... X-Z

    20. American History - Westward Ho
    american history Wetward Ho contributed by Lu Hickey. From St. Joseph the Pony Expressfollowed the oregonCalifornia trail across northeast Kansas
    Clans Tartans History Travel ... Feedback American History
    Wetward Ho
    contributed by Lu Hickey From 1860 to 1862, Pony Express riders carried mail n relays from St. Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA. Riders were out of "St. Joe" had only a brief gallop to the wide Missouri River where ferry boats conveyed them over the river. From St. Joseph the Pony Express followed the Oregon-California trail across northeast Kansas territory then ran north to the Platte river in Nebraska and west to Sacramento, California. The Kansas section of the route had 11 stations. The original station in Marysville still stands. Relay stations were established 15-20 miles apart where riders would change horses. The Oregon Trail was known by many names, The Mormon Trail, the Platte Trail and the California Trail, as these were the most common trails used by the diverse settlers moving west to attempt to tame the west, the Indians, and the new frontier. The Oregon Trail was used by the Army, and stagecoaches and the Pony Express followed part of the trail. In 1830, William Sublette took the firs wagons along the route to the rocky Mountains. By the middle of the 1840s, traffic on the Oregon Trail was tremendous and the California gold rush increased its use even more in 1849 and 1850.

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