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         Organic Agriculture Index:     more detail
  1. Cumulative Subject and Contributor Indexes Including Tables of Contents, and a Comprehesive Keyword Index for Volumes 1-44, Volume 45: Cumulative Subject ... 1-44 (Advances in Organometallic Chemistry)

1. Organic Agriculture Index
COMPLETE CHEMICALFREE ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. CONTENTS. Forward. FundamentalProblems. Life Sustaining Agricultural Techniques The Ecological
Fundamental Problems Life Sustaining Agricultural
... Conclusion

2. FiBL [Research Institute Of Organic Agriculture]
Swiss based coordinating group of researchers for organic agriculture in Europe. Details of research, Category Science agriculture organic Farming Associations...... Research Institute of organic agriculture (FiBL). IFOAM Training Manual. The IFOAMTraining Manual for organic agriculture in the Tropics was compiled by FiBL.
FiBL Frick
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) was constituted as a private foundation by organic farmers, scientists and politicians in 1973. It has established practice oriented agronomic and economic research, and is making new findings available to the organic farmers in Switzerland and abroad.
Organic farming research in Europe
(27.12.2002) A seminar to discuss organic farming research in Europe was held in Brussels in September 2002. Hosted by the European Commission's Research Directorate General, the seminar brought together scientists and policy-makers from across the continent. The results of this seminar, including a comprehensive documentation of the current status of organic farming research as well as of EU-funded research projects in the countries of Europe can now be downloaded at the internet site of DG Research of the European Commission The main documen t contains an extensive description of the organic farming research situation in all European countries. The Swiss report was compiled by FiBL director

3. Agricultural Marketing Service Home Page
Includes six commodity divisions Cotton, Dairy, Fruit and Vegetable, Livestock and Seed, Poultry, Category Regional North America Departments agriculture......About AMS button, Contact Us Button, Newsroom Button, Privacy Button, Search Button,Site index Button, USDA Home Page Button. Programs. National organic Program.
Programs Cotton Dairy Poultry Fruit and Vegetable ...
Web Site Accessibility
Hot Topics Country of Origin Labeling
4/1 Details of Informational Sessions Announced
Livestock and Meat Marketing Claims Standards Food Safety Technology: USDA Requests Input ... Peanuts
Resources Market News Food Purchases Farmers Markets Direct Marketing ... Federal Rulemaking "How to Buy Food" Publication Series. English
National School Lunch Program Fact Sheet AMS Kids Page ...
AMS International Services Website Opportunities Job Openings Internship Programs

4. National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
A sustainable agriculture information center that provides technical assistance to farmers, market gardeners and extension agents on farming topics sustainable, organic, alternative, crops, livestock, and pest control.
April 10, 2003
What is

Sustainable Agriculture?

Horticultural Crops

Field Crops
Flea Beetle: Organic Control Options

Check out
Community Supported Agriculture is Growing
Biobased Products Showcase Set for Earth Day Contract Worm Growers Seek Information and New Markets
Cornell Cooperative Extension Grants Program for Innovative Small Farms Education
... Search

5. Alternative Agriculture-Related Internet Sites And Documents
organic agriculture Statistics Worldwide IFOAM Basic Standards for organic agriculture. http// html
Accessibility Info.
Alternative Agriculture-Related Internet Sites and Documents
Great Places to Find Information about Farming Alternatives , November 2001
Our guide to Great Places will help you answer your questions on alternative farming topics. Discover how-to guides, publications, searchable databases, Web sites, discussion groups, conferences, and information sources. Locate subject-focused experts, organizations, university resources, and government products. Farmers, gardeners, researchers, educators, or consumers will find the information they need on crops and plants, traditional and exotic livestock, aquaculture systems, small farms, business/marketing, and more. [Our selected Web site links below , other AFSIC publications , or NAL's AGRICOLA database also may provide the answers you're seeking.]
Sites and Documents Devoted Primarily to Alternative Agriculture

6. Tracing The Evolution Of Organic/Sustainable Agriculture
Tracing the Evolution of organic/Sustainable agriculture. A Selected and Annotated Bibliography Reprint 1945.    153 pp. index. Introduction by Sir Albert Howard.
Tracing the Evolution of Organic/Sustainable Agriculture
A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
Bibliographies and Literature of Agriculture (BLA) no. 72
November 1988 Compiled By:
Jane Potter Gates
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
, Information Centers Branch
National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture
Beltsville, Maryland 20705-2351
This bibliography cites writings through which may be traced the evolution of organic/sustainable agriculture and its pattern of philosophical and scientific aspects. It is not a comprehensive list, but the interested reader will find authors' references, individual bibliographies, and sources within the cited writings which will widen the traced path. Three recent compilations have been of invaluable assistance in the preparation of this bibliography: R. R. Harwood* and M. C. Merrill*, writing in 1983 I and A. M. Scofield* (who wrote a brief article on the origin of the name "organic farming" in 1986) included in their writings citations to selected important works, many of which are cited here. In addition, acknowledgment is made.of the work of the Canadian "Ecological Agriculture Project" (EAP) of the Macdonald College of McGill University, which has also compiled annotated lists of the literature of ecological agriculture and of selected background works of holistic approaches to agriculture. All of the works cited here are in the collection of the National Agricultural Library, and NAL's call numbers are included in the citations. Directly below the call-number is a "cited in" reference which refers to one or more of the following listed authors:

7. Organic Farming - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
organic Price index (OPX) The New Farm® organic Price index™ from The The websiteof the Washington State Department of agriculture organic Food Program.
April 07, 2003

Horticultural Crops

Pest Management

Organic Farming
Other Resources

Organic farming addresses fruits, vegetables, agronomic crops, livestock, soils, certification, marketing, pest control, value-added enterprises, post-harvest handling, and greenhouse production. Written largely in response to questions from farmers, the ATTRA publications in this section cover specific issues among the most widely produced organic crops.
ATTRA Publications
An Overview of Organic Crop Production Summary HTML PDF Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF Organic Publications List Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF
Organic Fruits Organic and Low-Spray Apple Production Summary HTML PDF Considerations in Organic Apple Production Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF
Organic Blueberry Culture Summary HTML PDF Organic Culture of Bramble Fruits Summary HTML PDF Organic Grape Production Summary HTML PDF Summary ... PDF Organic Pear Production Summary HTML PDF Summary ... PDF Low-Spray and Organic Plum Production Summary HTML PDF Summary ... PDF Organic Tomato Production Summary HTML PDF Organic Greenhouse Tomato Production Summary HTML PDF Organic Sweet Corn Production Summary HTML PDF Organic Allium Production Summary HTML PDF Organic Asparagus Production Summary HTML PDF Specialty Lettuce and Greens: Organic Production

8. Organic Agriculture World Wide Statistics
IFOAM Accreditation Programme (IAP) http// Basic Standards for organic agriculture http//
Organic Agriculture Statistics Worldwide
The study "Organic Agriculture Worldwide - Statistics and Future Prospects" edited by Helga Willer and Minou Yussefi of , Germany, contains statistcal information and texts on the global situation of organic agriculture. The study is supported by Biofach , the world organic trade fair, and by IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. The third edition was published in February 2001 and can be downloaded here:

9. Cuba Going Against The Grain
A fulltext report from Oxfam America on Cubas food crisis, agricultural reform, and dramatic adoption of large-scale organic agriculture.

organic agriculture (OA) FILE index. (Alphabetical). A. ARGUMENTS AGAINST.C. CANADA, organic agriculture IN. CERTIFICATION CANADA. CERTIFICATION QUEBEC.
EAP Publications Virtual Library Magazine Rack Search ... Join the Ecological Solutions Roundtable
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9 Canada
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11. Ecological Agriculture Projects (EAP) Start Page
LINK organic agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC). 2003 Guelph organic Conference,University of Guelph, January 2326, 2003., 2003
ENTER EAP Frames No Frames
Development of this site has been supported by Canadian Farm Business Management Council McGill University Ecological Agriculture Projects
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,

McGill University, (Macdonald Campus)
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada H9X 3V9
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12. Index Of /london/agriculture/forums/organic-agriculture
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13. Mail Index
Thread index. This forum From Lawrence F. London, Jr Drylandagriculture workshop (fwd) From Lawrence F. London, Jr. london@sunsite
Mail Index

14. IFOAM - Organic Agriculture Sites Worldwide
The site provides a virtual library with an organic agriculture alphabeticalfile index (referring to documents on certification, economic comparisons

15. SWITCH - Swiss Research Teams Index
Swiss Research Teams index. Market, Market Regulation, Swiss agriculture, Trade Constraints ResearchInstitute of organic agriculture Forschungsinstitut fuer

16. Canada - General Organic Discussion - Message Index
Message index. Fran McQuail Saturday, 14 December 2002, at 726 pm women inorganic agriculture Elizabeth Curran Friday, 29 November 2002, at 303 am
The Canadian Organic Agriculture Message Board Canadian Organic Online Discussion Boards
General Organic Discussion

Organic Classifieds

( wanted, for sale, jobs, etc. )
Bio-Technology Discussion

Are you looking for:
Organic Growers, Products or Services?
Then do a FREE Search of the

Note: Search is limited to Ontario, Canada Special Note to:
Organic Businesses and Organizations!
Obtain your own FREE-account in the ECO-MARKET DATABASE Then you can keep your information upto date yourself. To update your information, enter HERE Post New Message Search Canada - General Organic Discussion
Message Index
Welcome! All Messages 281 of 281 Messages Displayed (Reversed Threaded Listing)

17. Agri-Food Trade Service - News And Analysis - Organic Agriculture
Pa., Institute Starts First organic Price index CNNfn (February 26 Canada IntroducesNational Standard for organic agriculture Canadian General Standards Board;
Organic Agriculture PDF format
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Publications News from the organic sector. Links to various news stories and related sources... More
Market research reports and information guides for the organic sector... More
Suppliers Standards Links to Canadian and international organic suppliers... More Links to information on Canadian and international organic standards... More
Contacts Programs Links to national, provincial and international organic contacts and resources... More
Programs and services offered by the federal government to aid organic production in Canada... More
Statistics Industry Events Statistical information resources for the organic sector... More
Trade events and conferences for the organic... More
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada - Latest News
European organic Farming News OTS

18. Fact Sheets - Organic Industry
organic agriculture Centre for Canada http// organic_Centre.htmStandards Council of Canada http//

Fact Sheets

Canada's Agriculture, Food and Beverage Industry
Organic Industry
Organic agriculture is a holistic system of production with a principle goal to develop productive enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment. Organic foods are produced without the use of chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides, processed without the use of irradiation, and are not derived through genetic engineering. Livestock are provided ethical animal husbandry that promotes good health and prevents disease. Canada is an ideal country for producing organic food because of its large and varied land base and its cooler climate, which reduces pest and disease problems. Canadian farmers' support for the organic way of life is growing. Currently, there are approximately 3,100 certified organic producers working about 340,000 hectares, more than 320 processors and handlers, and about 45 certification bodies, many with accreditation from various foreign accreditors. Organic grain production is the fastest growing sector and also represents by far the largest export commodity. Most of Canada's organic products are exported, primarily to the United States where much of it is processed and resold to other markets. Canada also exports organic products to the European Union and Japan. Worldwide sales of organic products are estimated at $20 billion, mostly in the United States, European Union and Japan. The Canadian organic sector is positioning itself to increase and diversify its market share in these and other markets.

19. Organic Agriculture Industry Websites- Manitoba Agriculture And Food - Manitoba
Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) http// Sustainableagriculture information that includes numerous organic links and contacts
July 2002
Organic Agriculture Industry Websites
The following organic agriculture website links include information on many facets of the organic industry, including the production of crops and livestock, processing, marketing, standards, certification and publications. Although there are huge volumes of information available on the Internet on the topic of organic agriculture, not all of it is relevant or reliable. Most of these websites listed have been screened for their content and functionality. Table of Contents
Grower Organizations

Provincial Governments



20. Crops & Plants Index | Manitoba Agriculture And Food
McPIQ Manitoba Crop Variety Selector (database); organic agriculture;Manitoba agriculture and Food Online Insect Monitoring Program;
Features 4-H
Agriculture Statistics

Business and Economics

Crown Land Leasing

About Us About Us
Organizational Chart

Understanding Agriculture

Grow in a Growing Industry
... Topics in Agriculture Manitoba Vegetables - Your Guide to U-Pick, Market Gardens, Roadside Stands and Farmers Markets
  • Brochure - Includes locations and phone numbers of local producers. Database in a fully searchable format for location or commodity. Farmers Markets in Manitoba
Crop Report / Disease and Pest Control Bulletins Manitoba Grains and Oilseeds Markets McPIQ - Manitoba Crop Variety Selector (database) Organic Agriculture ... Manitoba Agronomist Proceedings (Agriforum) 1975-2000 Crops Barley Buckwheat Canaryseed Canola Caraway Coriander Corn Fababeans Field Beans Field Pea Flax Forages Hemp Lentils Mustard Oats Potatoes Rye Soybean Spring Wheat Sunflowers Timothy Hay Triticale Winter Wheat Medicinal Plants Anise Hyssop Bearberry Bee Balm Echinacea Evening Primrose Fireweed Kinnikinnick Licorice Mint Monarda Senega Snakeroot Stinging Nettle Uva-ursi Wild Bergamot Wild Licorice Wild Sarsparilla Willowherb Yarrow Apples Asparagus Beans Bedding Plants Beets Blueberries Cabbage Cauliflower Brussel Sprouts Broccoli Carrots Celery Chokecherry Corn Cucumbers Eggplants Ethnic Vegetables Garlic Lettuce Muskmelon Watermelon Onions Parsnips Peas Peppers Radish Raspberry Rutabagas Saskatoon Berries Sea Buckthorn Small Fruit Spinach Squash Pumpkin Strawberries Tomatoes Government Links: home welcome on-line services news ... privacy

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