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         Orthodox:     more books (100)
  1. The Orthodox Study Bible: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World by Thomas Nelson, 2008-06-17
  2. The Orthodox Church: New Edition by Timothy Ware, 1993-06-01
  3. The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, 1995-09-01
  4. Encountering the Mystery: Understanding Orthodox Christianity Today by PATRIARCH BARTHOLOMEW, 2008-03-18
  5. The Orthodox Study Bible: New Testament and Psalms
  6. The Orthodox Heretic: And Other Impossible Tales by Peter Rollins, 2009-04-01
  7. The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology by Igumen Chariton, 1997-07-31
  8. Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: A Concise Exposition by Michael Pomazansky, 2006-02-01
  9. The Orthodox Liturgy: The Development of the Eucharistic Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite by Hugh Wybrew, 1989-12-31
  10. Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith by Peter E. Gillquist, 1992-09
  11. Light from the Christian East: An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition by James R. PaytonJr. Jr., 2007-07-26
  12. Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way by Matthew the Poor, 2003-12-31
  13. The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox (Daily Scripture Readings and Commentary for Orthodox Christians) by Johanna Manley, 1990
  14. Simple Guides The Orthodox Church by Katherine Clark, 2009-05-05

1. 8 Nisan 5763 - OU.ORG - Your Gateway To The Jewish Internet - Torah, Jerusalem,
Umbrella organization of orthodox congregations in North America posts holiday and Torah information. Find a list of affiliated synagogues. possibility of war imminent, we of the Union of orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and of the Rabbinical Council
Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 8 Nisan 5763
Parshat Metzora Candle Lighting Times Shabbat Shalom
Torah OU Torah Insights Rabbi Yaacov Haber Torah Archive Luach and Limud ... Pardes Project Learn Torah! Torah Insights OU Torah Tidbits R' Yaacov Haber Kollel Eretz Hemdah Zomet Institute R' Shlomo Riskin R' Meir Goldwicht-YU R' Rafael Grossman R' Mordechai Elon R' Berel Wein R' Zev Leff YU - RIETS R' Avi Weiss R' Avrohom Gordimer Torah From HIR Tanach Study Center -Questions Shabbat -R' A. Leibtag Bnei Akiva-N. America Bnei Akiva-UK The Savannah Kollel Yeshivat Har Etzion -Weekly Sicha -Intro to Parasha -Parasha Shiur Ohr Sameach Project Genesis -R' Yissocher Frand -R' Yaakov Bernstein -R' M. Kamenetzky -R' Yitzchak Etshalom -R' Doniel Neustadt Bar Ilan University -English -Hebrew Hammaayan Institutes Aish HaTorah -Aish-Spanish Shabbat Service-Intro Audio - R'David Sabbah Ohr Sameach Ohr Sameach-Spanish Young Israel Ohr Torah Stone BSZ Torah Center R' Dov Ber Weisman R' Moshe Greene Yeshivat HaKotel Jewish America -Forethoughts...

2. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America
General information and overview of the orthodox Archdiocese of America. Includes dioceses, departments, and news. orthodox Worship The orthodox Christians inhabit and measure time by a calendar itself touched by the Incarnate Word
Upcoming Feasts: Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt
April 13 Palm Sunday
April 20 Holy Week Begins
April 21 Thursday, April 10, 2003
Isaiah 42:5-16

Genesis 18:20-33

Proverbs 16:17-17:17

Holy Father Theona, Archbishop of Thessolonica Holy Martyr Gregory V, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople

An Orthodox Response to the Armed Conflict With Iraq - In the midst of violence, God's power and presence is with us, just as it was when His Son offered His sinless life for our salvation.
Learn more
Orthodox Observer - Read the latest version of the Observer Online Today! True to its goals, the Orthodox Observer has become part of the life of the Greek Orthodox faithful in the Americas. It bridges the often enormous distances between the numerous communities in the Archdiocese, reaches the unchurched and helps create a feeling of identity among parishioners, keeping them informed on a multitude of subjects. Through its bilingual content, it serves all parishioners regardless of background. Learn more Holy Week in the Eastern Orthodox Church - Holy Week in the Eastern Orthodox Church institutes the sanctity of the whole calendar year of the Church. Its center of commemorations and inspiration is Easter wherein the glorified Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Every Sunday is dedicated in the Eastern Orthodox Church to the Resurrection of the Lord. One hundred days also are dedicated to Easter, 50 before it for preparation, and another 50 after it for commemorating the glorification of the Lord. Easter is considered the "Feast of Feasts".

3. The Orthodox Christian Information Center
Articles for and about the orthodox Church. Intended primarily for the orthodox, but includes information for Western Christian inquirers. Features section on the dangers of ecumenism.
Orthodox Christian Information Center Sub Pages ... -Home Page -What's New! -Search the Site -Send Your Comments -Dictionary of Orthodox Terms -Theology and Church History -The Church -Worship -Collections of Lives of Saints -Orthodoxy in Modern America -Misc. Links and Resources -Orthodox Bookstores Especially for Inquirers Sub Pages ... -Introduction -Convert Testimonies -What Is the Church? -Articles About Western Christianity -Especially for Protestants -Especially for Anglicans -Especially for Roman Catholics -In Defense of Icons -On Predestination and Reformed Theology Acquiring an Orthodox Mindset Sub pages ...

4. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Official Site. A conservative Presbyterian denomination with over two hundred churches in the United States. Site includes information on church beliefs, ministries, and local congregations.
What's new?
Search this site

This Week in (Orthodox) Presbyterian History

Fully searchable Bible
Contact us

A The information on this site has been compiled as a service to members and friends of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and to all who are interested in learning more about her. It is intended as a ready reference for general information about the OPC, to the glory of our sovereign God. A ministry of the
Committee on Christian Education
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Box P · Willow Grove, PA 19090
This website hosted by

5. Orthodox Church In America
Official site. Directories of the episcopacy and the parishes, information about orthodoxy, ministries Category Society Religion and Spirituality......The Episcopacy. orthodox Christianity. Parish Directory. Ministries Organizations.Fellowship of orthodox Stewards. Administration. Documents.

Martyr Terence and 40 Others,
Beheaded at Carthage
News Headlines

6. The Orthodox Christian Page In America
Describes what an orthodox Christian is and how the church views Holy Scriptures. Find the text of prayers, readings, and the Divine Liturgy. Welcome to The orthodox Christian Page!

Mistras, Greece
Welcome to The Orthodox Christian Page!
Just what is an "Orthodox Christian" anyway? Click here for a text-only version of the page
Michael Vezie

7. St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas
Offers Christian theology articles, gospel homilies, a weekly journal, and parish and clergy directories.
St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Dallas Texas
Eastern Orthodox Christian Theology:
Scripture Homilies
Audio Sermons MP3

Great Lent
Handpainted Icons at great prices

St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Dallas Texas welcomes you! Most of us are converts to the Holy Catholic, Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and, as we have found the "Pearl of great price", we also wish to share with you here (in English and ever growing amounts of Russian) concerning our beliefs, dogmas, doctrines and way of life. Divine Liturgy & other services in English, with some Slavonic. We gladly welcome visitors & inquirers & always have a complimentary meal on Sunday to meet people. Julian Calendar for March 2003 PDF format
Spiritual Things
Gospel Homilies On most of the Sundays and Feasts of the church year Questions and Answers On many topics in the Orthodox Faith Various Articles Things to Think About Short meditations and Homilies
The Church Year
Julian calendar for this month Russian Orthodox Christian Menaion For a particular month and day:
the Saints commemorated and Menaion Feasts observed with links for further information

8. TheoLogic Systems Orthodox WorldLinks
Welcome to TheoLogic Systems orthodox WorldLinks Your Guide to orthodox Christianity on the Internet! Keep watching in early 2003 for the totally updated and expanded orthodox WorldLinks!
Welcome to TheoLogic Systems Orthodox WorldLinks
Your Guide to Orthodox Christianity on the Internet!
Add Link Modify Link New Sites ... TheoLogic Systems Search for:
Advanced Search Options
Keep watching in early 2003 for the totally updated and expanded Orthodox WorldLinks! There are verified Orthodox WorldLinks as of 8-Apr-2003!
To select a site, click a category below
or type in search text above
or click New Sites for the latest additions
or click Random Link to let us choose!

Art [24 links]
Orthodox Icons and Religious Artwork (Non-commercial only)
Churches [279 links]
Official Church Internet Sites for Patriarchates, Archdioceses, Parishes, Monasteries, Missions and other official ministries.
Education [40 links]
Orthodox Educational Institutions, Programs and Organizations
Ethnic [28 links]
Sites of ethnic orientation or national interest
Events [2 links]
Current and upcoming conferences, seminars, meetings and other events of interest to the regional, national or worldwide Orthodox Christian community.
Multimedia [4 links]
On-line video and audio programs and broadcast locations of interest to Orthodox Christians.

9. Our Faith
Packed with resources on the orthodox Christian faith and life; news on the orthodox Church; Pastoral and ministry resources, links.


; ;

11. History Of The Orthodox Church
Brief, but detailed overview from the beginnings to modern day. Prepared by the Serbian orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren.

12. OCA - The Orthodox Churches
The list of references to pages Autocephalous (selfgoverning) and Autonomous orthodox churches in Category Society Religion and Spirituality Church Jurisdictions......The internet site for the orthodox Church in America, with information aboutorthodoxy, and detailed parish/clergy directories. The orthodox Churches.
The Episcopacy Orthodox Christianity Parish Directory Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards ... Youth, Young Adult,
The Orthodox Churches There are 15 Autocephalous (self-governing) and 4 Autonomous (self-ruling) Churches around the World Autocephalous Churches Autonomous Churches
While the Orthodox Church in America is the Autocephalous Church in North America,
several other Autocephalous Churches
have Diocesan structures in North America.

13. Ian's Unofficial Website Of The Orthodox Baha'i Faith
Information on Principles, and History of the orthodox Baha'i Faith under the Third Guardian Joel B. Marangella, with Audio Visual Presentations.
Help support our sponsors that make this free webpage possible. A referal number is included when you click on the banner
Proofs, Prophets, and Covenants
Abdul-Baha's Tablet of Purity
(O Thou Glory of Glories)
Preface to the Will and Testament of I'an RoeBuck The main body of my Will and Testament is to be found in my filing cabnet and contains the necessary legal documents for probate and the dispersal of my properties, appointing of executor's, and other things appertaining to my wife and children. A copy of this document has been made, signed, dated, and notorized and included with the original Will and Testament of I'an RoeBuck. And I proclaim my belief that this is the true Faith of God, eternal in the past and eternal in the future. Ya Baha'ul-Abha
Click here for an Audio-Visual Deepening on Firmness in the Covenant
Click here and email me with any questions you may have at:
Bahais Under the Guardianship - The Guardian's Homepage True Bahá'í

14. If This Page Does Not Automatically Refresh
Kosher certification program in North America. General Kashrut information with specific product Category Society Religion and Spirituality...... Internet © 2002 5763 All Rights Reserved. Union of orthodox Jewish Congregationsof America™ Please send comments to
If this page does not automatically refresh, please visit here
OU.ORG - Your Gateway to the Jewish Internet
Please send comments to

15. Our Faith
HIGHER EDUCATION. Our Faith The Dogmatic Tradition of the orthodox Church. RETURNTO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE, © 2003 Greek orthodox Archdiocese of America,


16. Serbian Orthodox Church
Official site.

Zvanicna saopstenja

iz Patrijarsije SPC
Intervju Svet knjige ... Links Istorijat
Spiritual genocide

Duhovni genocid
All these barbarous acts by the Albanian extremists have occured in the presence of UN and the International Peace Forces (KFOR), not in the time of war but of peace
New Serbian
Holy Martyrs SABOR SRPSKIH HOROVA IZ OTADzBINE I DIJASPORE VIDOVDAN 2003 ... Real Video Ïàòðè¼àðõ ìîñêîâñêè è ñâå Ðóñè¼å . Àëåêñè¼å II, ¼å çà¼åäíî ñà Ñâåòèì Ñèíîäîì Ðóñêå Öðêâå äîíåî îäëóêó äà ñå ó öèšó øòî áîšåã ïàñòèðñêîã è ìèñèîíàðñêîã ðàäà è âåðíîñòè êàíîíñêîì ïîðåòêó Ïðàâîñëàâíå Öðêâå óñòàíîâè ¼åäèíñòâåíà àóòîíîìíà Ìèòðîïîëè¼à çà ñâå ðóñêå âåðíèêå ó Çàïàäíî¼ Åâðîïè, ìà êî¼î¼ êàíîíñêî¼ ¼óðèñäèêöè¼è ïðèïàäàëè è áåç îáçèðà íà òî äà ëè ñó ïðèïàäàëè ¼óðèñäèêöè¼è Ìîñêîâñêå Ïàòðè¼àðøè¼å. latinica l english ARCHIVE PRAVOSLAVLJE PRESS

17. Russian Religion
A hyperlinked overview of history and theology.
ussia was originally a pagan nation; Russians believed in a variety of major and minor gods . Christianity was first introduced in Russia in 988 by Prince Vladimir whose grandmother, Olga was converted to the Eastern Orthodox faith in Constantinople, according to tradition. The religion in Constantinople at the time was Eastern Catholicism or Orthodoxy (from Greek orthos doxos 'true faith'), hence the Russian Church is Orthodox rather than Roman Catholic. By 1051 hermits were settling in caves along the bank of the Dnepr river beneath what would become the oldest monastery in Russia, the Kiev Pechersk Monastery . The seat of the Church is now located in the Trinity-St. Sergiev Monastery in Sergiev Posad (formerly Zagorsk ). An extensive album of color photographs of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries in Moscow is maintained by Mikhail Soutchanski of Toronto. An extremely interesting resource is the Allegheny College Russian History site. It contains a chronology of Russian culture plus discussions of icons, iconostases, and saints, all illustrated by a the rich gallery of icons owned by the college. Bethel College and Seminary maintains a site with the complete Russian Bible plus a rich array of religioius other writings and links . Click it out. The History of Religion by the Irkutsk Express
The Orthodox information center is a good place to feed an interest in the Church, past and present.

18. Orthodox Icons
If you have icons for us, please click here. The MIT orthodox Christian Fellowshiphas started an icon page. Check it out. orthodox Page in Europe
Since these pages tend to be large (some with inline images), they are organized in different categories.

19. Welcome To Great Commission Publications!
Publishing ministry of the orthodox Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church of America. Publishes Sunday School curriculum, Bible study material, and other literature.

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The publishing ministry of the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

20. Eastern Orthodox Links, Arranged By Topics
SCRIPTURE Holy Scripture texts, resources References Kiosk. SUPPLIERS orthodoxrelatedSuppliers (Sellers of Books, Icons, Church Supplies, etc.) Other Topics.
First Things
ROCOR related links:
Try here first - The best General Sites, Scripture, The Holy Fathers, directories, translation, Calendar and other links that are the most useful
Spiritual Things
FOR INQUIRERS Articles and explanations for the inquirer into Orthodoxy
The writings of the Holy Fathers, in collections, collections of short sayings, by name
About the Saints
COLLECTIONS Collections of Lives of the Saints
Lives of the Saints, in alphabetical Order
Lives of the Saints, in order by Date of Commemoration
The Church Year, Liturgics, Sacred Art
ICONS: Theology of the Icon, Icon galleries
Services, prayers, the Typicon and music (lots of stuff!)
Articles on a wide array of topics.
Articles and documenents about Ecumenism
SCRIPTURE Holy Scripture texts, resources
SUPPLIERS: Orthodox-related Suppliers (Sellers of Books, Icons, Church Supplies, etc.)
Other Topics
PEOPLE People (Clergy, Orthodox Christians on the Internet, etc.)
Organization of the Church (Dioceses, Parishes, Monasteries, Seminaries, etc.)

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