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         Otters River:     more books (100)
  1. My Little Book of River Otters (My Little Book Series) by Hope Irvin Marston, 2003-04-22
  2. Snowshoe Trek to Otter River by David Budbill, 1984-01-01
  3. River Otter, Handbook for Trip Planning: Authoritative Guide for Rafters, Kayakers, Canoeists by Maria Eschen, 2003-11
  4. River Otter at Autumn Lane (Smithsonian's Backyard) by Laura Gates Galvin, 2002-10-01
  5. Project Otter (Zoo Life series) by Susan Ring, 2003-08-01
  6. Returning Wildlife - River Otters by John E. Becker, 2002-04-12
  7. Lontra: North American River Otter
  8. River Otter at Autumn Lane (Smithsonian Backyard) by Laura Gates Galvin, 2002-04-01
  9. Sea Otter, River Otter (The Wonder Series) by Sandra Chisholm Robinson, 1993-05-01
  10. Reading About the River Otter (Friends in Danger) by Carol Greene, Michael P., Ph.D. French, 1993-04
  11. Tilly: A River Otter (Cover-To-Cover Books) by Bonnie Highsmith Taylor, 2000-01
  12. River Otters by Lynn M. Stone, 1995
  13. Distribution Of River Otters In California: With Description Of A New Subspecies (1914) by Joseph Grinnell, 2009-10-15
  14. Biography of a River Otter by Lorle Harris, 1978

1. Otter Bay Gifts - River Otters
River Otters.
River Otters
Plush Paper Items Click to enlarge Product Description Choose Quantity Otter Figurine - Handpainted resin. 5-5/8" L x 4-3/8" W x 4-5/8" H Gift boxed.
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Code #765 Otter Photo Frame
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Code #2409 River Otter and Baby Figurine
- this swimming otter pair collectible figurine is 8.5" high x 9" wide. Price $43.99 Code #1813 River Otter Pin - Pin has two posts and clutches. Approximate size 1-1/4" x 3/4". Choose from 24k gold plate or bronze pin. Comes gift boxed. Price $19.95 Gold Bronze Code #988 River Otter Jewelry Box - this jewelry box features a river otter on the top. Overall size is 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2-1/4". Inside velour type finish, not compartmentalized. Cherry wood finish. Price $14.99

2. River Otters
River Otters. Our river otters are some of the zoo’s most entertaininganimals. Zoo visitors truly enjoy watching these playful
Home Up Brown Bears Black Bears ... Musk Ox [ River Otters ] Polar Bears Porcupines Red Foxes Reindeer ... Frick, a Mink
River Otters
Turbo Frisky Whiskers Our river otters are some of the zoo’s most entertaining animals. Zoo visitors truly enjoy watching these playful critters slide into the water and swim in loops around each other. The zoo’s otter exhibit allows underwater viewing for visitors to see the otters swimming and playing up close. For fun facts on each of the zoo’s otters, click on their names above. Home Search Site Index Gift Shop ... Bear Cam
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3. River Otters
RIVER OTTERS. DON BALKE In the North Country. River Otters by DonBalke. Don Balke is one of America's bestknown and best-loved
In the North Country IN THE NORTH COUNTRY:
The Fisherman

Black Bear
From Sea to Shining Sea: America's National Parks

North American Mammals

The Birds of America

The Splendor of African Wildlife
... Main Menu "River Otters"
by Don Balke D on Balke is one of America's best-known and best-loved wildlife painters, but the artist's versatility has taken him well beyond the North American mammals, birds and flora for which he is perhaps most widely known. Now the extensive library of wildlife and scenic images created by Don Balke is available for licensing in a broad number of product categories. For more information, please contact Lance Klass at Porterfield's, (800) 660-8345 or email Porterfield's For more information on how to license the works of this artist, please contact Lance Klass, President, Porterfield's Fine Art, 5 Mountain Road, Concord NH 03301-5479, (800) 660-8345. Please state your specific interest in the art, whether licensing, authorized reproduction, or other potential usage when contacting us.

4. Animal Tracks - River Otter (Lutra Canadensis)
Natural History of River otters river otters are playful members of the weaselfamily who love to frolic in the water. Personal Notes on River Otters.
River Otter Lutra canadensis River Otter Tracks Click here for the River Otter Photo Gallery and videos Natural History of River Otters River otters are playful members of the weasel family who love to frolic in the water. They are common in rivers and are a joy to watch. Otters can remain submerged for several minutes. They have valved ears and noses to keep water out. The fur is warm and thick. Since they spend a significant amount of time in the water, their tracks aren't often found. The best places to look for tracks are muddy river banks. They have five toes on the front feet and five toes on the hind feet. Their toes are partially webbed, which helps them swim. Tracks in mud sometimes show this webbing. The claw marks are so close to the toes, they give the toes a characteristic pointed appearance. Otters are well-known for their intelligence and their playful antics. They are excellent fishers, but also will eat small mammals, fish, shellfish, snakes, turtles, birds, eggs, amphibians, and lampreys. They feed primarily on amphibians and will range up to five miles up and down-river each day while hunting. The tail drag is sometimes visible in an otter trail. Often, their prints are found in groups of four.

5. River Otters
. Color Dark in. Otters like to splash,wrestle, and play in the shallow parts of the river. Otters......RIVER OTTERS. Physical
Physical Description
  • Color: Dark brown or black
  • Size: Up to 55 inches with a 14 inch tail
  • Weight: 10 to 30 pounds
  • Head: Heavy and bullet shaped
  • Ears and Snout: Small
  • Eyes: Small and amber colored
  • Neck: Thick
  • Legs: Short and stubby
  • Tail: Long and flat
  • The Life of an Otter
    Otters live in water, in dens or nests. In winter, when an otter's den or nest freezes over, the otter will look for a new river to live in. Otters like to splash, wrestle, and play in the shallow parts of the river. Otters hunt in water and on land, but they spend most of the rest of their time in the water. Otters are fierce hunters. Otters are nocturnal animals, so they always hunt at night. Females and males mate in the summer and work hard to teach their babies. Otters can stay under water for up to six minutes by closing their nostrils.
    Eating Habits
    From the water, otters eat squid, mussels, sea worms, octopi, shellfish, frogs, turtles, and small fish. From land, they eat small birds, insects, eggs, snails, snakes, rabbits, muskrats, and other small mammals.

6. River Otters
River Otters. Cool Facts. An Otter uses its The Ohio Division ofWildlife has a program to save River Otters. In April The Ohio
River Otters Cool Facts An Otter uses its feet for steering and its tail and body for propulsion. Important Facts An Otter uses various body movements and the thrust of a long , muscular tail for swimming. Why they are Endangered Different Names of Otters Animals Geology

7. River Otters
River Otters Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. I spotted these ottersin the Snake River near the Cattlemen's Bridge. They moved
River Otters
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
I spotted these otters in the Snake River near the Cattlemen's Bridge. They moved up river and I started to follow. Four hours later, I took this photograph. Previous Image Next Image

8. Wild And Nessi
otters river otters are the most playful animals in the Border Country. Riverotters are found in lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in forested areas.
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  • 9. River Otters
    River Otters. o Background The river otter, Lutra canadensis, is anelusive, aquatic mammal which belongs to the mustelid, or weasel
    River Otters o Background: The river otter, Lutra canadensis, is an elusive, aquatic mammal which belongs to the mustelid, or weasel, family and is closely related to the sea otter, mink, badger and the wolverine. o Characteristics: A mature otter weighs 10 to 25 pounds and is 30 to 40 inches in length, not counting a 12- to 15-inch tail. Females are slightly smaller. Otters den on the edges of lakes, rivers or streams. Dens may be excavations under tree roots or rock piles; abandoned beaver, muskrat or woodchuck burrows; or unused beaver lodges. Dens typically have an underwater entrance and a living space above water level. o Life cycle: Otters mature by 2 years of age. They mate between January and May, and two or three blind, toothless pups, weighing 4 to 5 ounces, are born about two months later. An otter's lifespan is 10 to 20 years. o Habitat: Otters require clean water that supports fish and other aquatic life. The bulk of their diet consists mainly crayfish, and fish like suckers and minnows.
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    10. River Otters
    River otters have a long streamlined body with long, dense fur that provideswarmth, insulation and buoyancy for this member of the weasel family. Otter.htm
    The river otter (Lutra canadensis), found in all major waterways of the United States and Canada, is native to Nebraska and was commonly reported in journals of early explorers of this area. River otters have a long streamlined body with long, dense fur that provides warmth, insulation and buoyancy for this member of the weasel family. Scientific Name: Lutra canadensis Adult Length: 3 to 4 feet in length Adult Weight: Between 1 1 and 23 pounds Habitat: Freshwater rivers and streams Breeding: Breeding occurs in March or April and litters of two to three are common. Typical Foods: Fish make up the greatest portion of the otter's diet. Crayfish are also an important food when available. Other foods include amphibians, insects, mammals and birds. Lifespan: In the wild they live less than 10 years; in captivity they live 10 - 15 years up to 20 years. They have five toes on the front and hind feet. Their toes are partially webbed, which helps them swim. Tracks in mud sometimes show this webbing. The claw marks are so close to the toes, they give the toes a characteristic pointed appearance. Interesting River Otter Facts River otters spend half of their lives sleeping, it takes a lot of rest for the river—or land—otter to protect its reputation for playfulness and activity.

    11. River Otters
    River Otters Gallery. 405682 River Otter Along the Lamar, 4056-84Otter Family eating Fish Youngsters and Mom, River Otter Kids. 4056
    River Otters Gallery
    Along the Lamar
    Youngsters and Mom
    River Otter Kids
    Chasing Mom w/fish
    Running on Ice
    The Twins and Mom
    Warmer in the River

    12. Missouri River Otters
    Official website.Category Sports Hockey United Hockey League Teams Missouri...... river otters to Sign Statement of Support for Guard and Reserve on United We Stand Night this Saturday, March 22 (Click Here for Full Story) Mar. 20, 2003.
    2071 Exchange Dr. - St. Charles, MO - 63303 - (p) 636.946.0003 - (f) 636.946.3844 Listen to the River Otters Live on the Web
    Click Here - Games broadcast live on Hot Country 99.9FM KFAV
    AND 1380AM the Team (Requires Windows Media Player
    Like these photos...
    Contact Don Adams Jr. River Otters Whitecotton Named UHL First Team All-Star for the Second Year in a Row (Click Here for Full Story) April 8, 2003 The United Hockey League (UHL) announced today that Missouri River Otters third-year center Dustin Whitecotton has been named to the 2002-2003 UHL Postseason All-Star First Team this year. It is the second consecutive year he has received this honor.
    River Otters UHL Playoff Release #1 (Click Here for Full Story) April 7, 2003
    RIVER OTTERS FALL TO DEFENDING CHAMPION MUSKEGON FOR SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS; MISSOURI BOWS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS IN THE FIRST ROUND FOR THE FOURTH STRAIGHT SEASON; River Otters swept for the first time in a playoff series in their history River Otters Fall 2-1 in Muskegon in Double Overtime; Swept 3-0 in Western Conference Semifinals

    13. Tracking Otters
    Bypass Introduction
    Tracking Otters identification what an otter looks like habitat where an otter lives habits an otter's day, an otter's year Since 1994 I have been watching otters in and around Wellesley Island in the St. Lawrence River just east of Lake Ontario. I hike with a camcorder and all the photos on this web page were lifted from those videos. (CD-Rs of my videos are now available click here Videos I Last Saw Otters on January 19, 2003 Last time before that was back in November Can you count the six otters: two heads together, two tails and two embracing! Here's some sightings earlier on September 8 and October 9 click here to read more about my tracking in the last month Hochelaga Journal click here if you want to come otter tracking with me cottage and hiking tours Here's a recap of some of the best otter tracking I ever had, in the Fall of 2000. Six otters and lots of action! Fall 2000 Want to see all those photos come alive? Go to: Video for information on ordering a CD of video clips of otters.

    14. OTTERS (sea Otters And River Otters )- Pictures And Information
    A family of river otters may include 3 or 4 young,
    Sea otters are found in the ocean and are rarely seen on land.
    Sea otters have paddle-shaped hind legs.
    Sea otters dive to the ocean floor for food.
    They use their hands to feel for the food .
    Sea otters eat a wide variety of seafood. The sea otter sleeps, grooms, hunts, gives birth,
    rests and plays in the ocean. Sea otters spend
    alot of time floating on their backs.
    The mother carries her pup on her stomach .
    The baby is not able to dive until it is
    nearly 2 months old.
    If the sea otter's fur becomes covered with oil, it will not be able to float and keep warm.
    A family of river otters may include 3 or 4 young, while the sea otter usually has a single pup, born in the water. The river otter makes a tunnel into the side of a river bank. At the end of the tunnel is a den lined with grass. A river otter's tail is much longer than the sea otter's . The tail is about 2/3 the length of its head and body. River otters do not float on their backs. River otters swim in rivers, streams, and oceans. They often come on shore.

    15. Oakland Zoo: North American River Otter
    kept a pack of tame otters to catch fish for his table, even appointing a Keeperof the King's otters to tend them. VII. STATUS IN WILD The river otter is
    North American River Otter
    ORDER: Carnivora
    FAMILY: Mustelidae
    GENUS: Lutra
    SPECIES: canadensis
    Long, slender, sleek body, weighing approximately 20 pounds (9 kg) and about two and a half feet (76 cm) long. Head is small and round, with small eyes and ears; prominent whiskers. Legs short, but powerful; all four feet webbed. Tail long and slightly tapered toward the tip with musk-producing glands underneath. The short dense fur is dark brown. Chin and stomach are reddish yellow, tinged with gray. Females are a third smaller than males.
    All of the United States and Canada except the tundra and parts of the arid southwestern United States. Allied species occur in Mexico, Central and South America, as well as Eurasia. Found in streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, and salt- and freshwater marshes.
    III. DIET:
    Fish, crayfish, frogs, turtles, and aquatic invertebrates, plus an occasional bird, rodent or rabbit. Because otters prey most easily on fish that are slow and lethargic, much of the diet consists of "rough" fish like carp, suckers, catfish, and sculpins. Zoo diet: fish or horsemeat with vegetables. Feline diet with fish three times a week and vitamin E twice a week.

    16. Otters Den River Lodge
    river lodge on an island in the Blyde river. Offers accommodation and nature based activities including whitewater rafting.
    Otters Den
    Limpopo Province, South Africa
    Home Page
    Otters Den is a River Lodge on an island in the Blyde River at the foot of the Drakensberg Escarpment.
    We offer fully catered accommodation and a variety of activities for nature lovers or adventure seekers. Whether you prefer more peaceful pursuits like birding, or adrenalin boosting excitement like white water rafting in the Blyde Canyon, our highly qualified and experienced staff will arrange it. Follow the links below to find out more:
    Otters Den River Lodge
    Rustic chalets in a riverine forest on an island in the Blyde River. Sumptuous meals, guided hikes, birding and fishing. Easy distance from the Kruger Park and Blyde Canyon -but why go there if you can stay and relax on your own island?
    Whitewater Rafting
    Otters Den pioneered white water rafting in the Blyde Canyon and the Olifants Gorge. Choose from mild, family trips on the Lower Blyde, wild, spectacular trips in the Blyde Canyon and multi-day trips through the wilderness of the Olifants River.
    Team Building
    The private and tranquil setting of Otters Den and the variety of adventure activities on offer provide the ideal circumstances for corporate team building events. Choose between professional team building programs and more simple incentive programs.

    17. OTTERNET.COM Species Profiles- The North American River Otter
    Otternet was formed to help educate people on otters providing a wealth of facts not found anywhere else on the web. It is the official otternet. North American river otters once lived throughout North America.





    Species Profile: The North American River Otter
    Lutra canadensis
    The North American River Otter is problably the most numerous otter species. They exhibit delayed implantation with breeding in March-April and birth in late winter/early spring. Fossils of North American River Otters have dated back to the Pleistocene period and archeological remains have been uncovered from 200 B.C. to the mid-1400s.
    North American River Otters once lived throughout North America. Native Americans hunted otters largely for their dense fur which allowed them to keep warm. When European settlers arrived and started developing the land (cutting down forests) and using farm pesticides and fertilizers, the otter habitat became threatening. By the early 1980s, eleven states reported no otter population and thirteen other states reported scarce numbers. As a result, numerous reintroduction programs were established to repopulate many of these areas. By late 1990s, many of these programs had successes with a dramatic improvement in returning otters to their original range.
    Next: The Marine Otter Galleries Bottom Size From a medium size to a large size. The head and body are 660 to 1070mm long. The tail is 315 to 460mm long. The total length then is 1000 to 1530mm.

    18. Furbearer Resources Technical Work Group - International Association Of Fish And
    long list of wildlife restoration success stories now includes river otters. The task began back in 1976 when Colorado
    The Story of the North American River Otter
    (Lutra canadensis)
    River otter (Lutra canadensis The River Otter! What an interesting animal. No wonder they are the center of so much attention. Otters were largely absent from a big part of mid-America by the 1900s, due to more than 200 years of unregulated harvest and habitat changes. Thanks to a partnership between trappers and wildlife managers, we can once again kiss these babies hello, because we are in the middle of an unbelievable river otter comeback! Nearly 4,000 healthy otters have been trapped and moved to new homes in 18 states in one of the most successful predator restoration programs ever. River Otter Restoration Programs State Released Years Missouri Tennessee Kentucky Illinois Indiana North Carolina Iowa West Virginia Nebraska New York Ohio Pennsylvania Colorado Maryland Arizona Minnesota Oklahoma Kansas *Ongoing releases Other Case Studies: Nutria Beaver
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    19. Lontra Canadensis (North American River Otter): Narrative
    Learn about the range, habitat, diet, and life cycle of these amazing otters.
    The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web About us ... Glossary
    Lontra canadensis
    North American River Otter
    Written by Eric J Ellis, Biology 800 student Classification Table of Contents
    • Geographic Range
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Natural History
      Geographic Range
      Nearctic : Alaska west across northern Canada and U.S. to Nova Scotia. South to California and sections of Arizona. Down the Atlantic coast but very rare in the midwest and south.
      Physical Characteristics
      Mass: 3 to 14 kg. Body length= 66-107cm. Tail length= 32-46cm. River otters are long, streamlined animals with a thick tapered tail and short legs. They have a wide, rounded head, small ears, and nostrils that can be closed underwater. They also have long, thick whiskers. They are dark brown to almost black above and a lighter color ventrally. The throat and cheeks are usually a golden. The feet have claws and are completely webbed. Natural History
      Food Habits
      River otters eat mainly aquatic organisms such as amphibians, fish, crayfish, and other invertebrates. Birds and small terrestrial mammals are also eaten on occasion. Prey is captured with the mouth, and mainly slow, non-game fish species are taken, e.g., suckers. The otter's long whiskers are used to detect organisms in the substrate. Prey is eaten immediately after capture.

    20. Otter Bay Gifts, Marine Mammal Merchandise, Including Sea Otters, River Otters,
    Specializes in items related to marine mammals, specifically sea otters, whales, and dolphins.Category Shopping Recreation Biology AnimalThemed Marine......Otter Bay Gifts has one of the best selections of marine mammal merchandise and gifts,including sea and river otters, dolphins, whales, manatees, seals, polar
    Welcome to Otter Bay Gifts
    We have some great gift ideas for lovers of the sea and you. Our main focus is on marine mammals, including sea otters whales dolphins sea lions ... penguins, and polar bears . But we carry other items, including reef life (seahorses, rays, crabs, octopus), sea birds pelicans, puffins, egrets, gulls beavers ... mermaids and lighthouses. Otter Bay Gifts carries calendars jewelry T-shirts and sweatshirts ... windchimes and suncatchers . W e are proud to carry products from Wyland and Lou Rankin , United Designs, Healthy Planet Whispering Winds Liberty Graphics Browntrout Publishers and many other fine manufacturers. Sale Items Listing
    New Items:
    Beach and Seashore Items Stained Glass and Art Glass Sea Dragon and Jelly Fish T-Shirts New shaped jigsaw puzzles Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $100 and more...look for the symbol Check out our "NEW & COMING SOON" page Otter Bay Gifts is proud to carry these fine product lines:
    Butterflies Dragonflies Fairies ... Misc. Critters

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