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         Paleontology General:     more books (100)
  1. Paleontology: The Record of Life by Colin W. Stearn, Robert L. Carroll, 1989-05-12
  2. A Manual Of Paleontology For The Use Of Students With A General Introduction On The Principles Of Paleontology (1872) by Henry Alleyne Nicholson, 2010-09-10
  3. Encyclopedia of Paleontology 2 Volume set
  4. Paleontology: An Introduction by E. W. Nield, V. C. T. Tucker, 1985-10
  5. Geology and Paleontology of Southeast Asia
  6. Genetics, Paleontology and Macroevolution by Jeffrey S. Levinton, 2001-08-06
  7. Phylogeny Reconstruction in Paleontology by Robert Schoch, 1986-09
  8. Paleontology and Paleoenvironments (Earth and its inhabitants)
  9. Geology and Paleontology of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula (Memoir (Geological Society of America)) by Rodney M. Feldmann, 1988-10
  10. Paleontology in China, 1979: Selected Papers (Special Papers (Geological Society of America)) by Curt Teichert, Lu Liu, et all 1982-01
  11. Contributions to the Paleontology and Geology of the West Coast: In Honor of V. Standish Mallory (Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum Research Report)
  12. Paleontology: A Brief History of Life (Templeton Science and Religion Series) by Ian Tattersall, 2010-03-01
  13. The Miocene of northern Costa Rica: With notes on its general stratigraphic relations (Bulletins of American paleontology) by Axel A Olsson, 1964
  14. The Vendian System: Vol.1 Paleontology (v. 1)

1. ISGS Paleontology Links
of special interest to teachers looking for fossil/paleo info. General paleontology general Links on Paleo, FAQ's ect.
Illinois State Geological Survey - Library and Public Information
Paleontology Links
Table of Contents
Collecting and Localities

2. Joseph's Paleontology Page
Offsite Links Paleontology paleontology general The PaleoNet pages(West) - a good place for Paleontology resources on the internet.

3. Nearctica - Paleontology - General Links
paleontology general Links. Return to paleontology Main Page. Click Here.
Paleontology - General Links Return to Paleontology Main Page Buy Books about Fossils and Paleontology University of California at Berkeley Museum of Paleontology . The monster site for paleontology. This is definitely the first place to go to find about about the fossil history, biology, and systematics of plants and animals through geological time. We very highly recommend this site to everyone. Historical Geology Online Laboratory Manual . Pamela Gore. This is truly a great site. This online manual of historical geology covers many important topics. For example you will find sections on rocks and minerals, sedimentary rocks, relative dating and stratigraphy, invertebrate and microfossils, evolution, vertebrate evolution, and much more. Each section also has a series of laboratory exercises to go along with the explanatory material and illustrations. A wonderfully informative site and we highly recommend it. Historical Geology . Pamela Gore. Among the wonders of this web site are individual sections on each of the geological periods from the Cambrian to the Present. Each period is covered in outline form with information about major trends in the evolution of plants and animals and the major changes in paleogeography and plate tectonics. The site has also links to other paleontological sites on the web. Highly recommended. Tour Through Time . University of California at Berkeley Museum of Paleontology. A wonderful introduction to fossils and ancient life in the form of a guided tour. The site is broken down into three age categories; kindergarden to fourth grade, fifth to eighth grades, and ninth through twelve grades.

4. Journal Of Geoscience Education-- Paleontology (general) Index
paleontology (general). This index uses the very latest list of keywords and numbers.
Subject Index for the Years 1980 - 2000
Paleontology (general)
This index uses the very latest list of keywords and numbers. Volume Page # Author/Title Messina, P. Footprints as inquiry-based learning tools Domack, C.W. A service-learning component in a paleontology course as a model for community outreach by geology students Gee, H. Food for thought Drummond, C. Analyzing fossil morphology - cladism Wright, E. Evolution telephone Drummond, C. Analyzing fossil morphology Sarjeant, W.A.S. Can the decline of the Latin name be halted? Soja, C.M. Using an experiment in burial taphonomy to delve into the fossil record Kusnick, J. The STRATegy COLUMN for precollege science teachers - Learning
from the fossil record Mankiewicz, C. A laboratory exercise on fossil borings Weiner, J. Food for thought Davis, L.E., Kolb, R.L., and Derewetzky, A. Molding and casting fossils for geology laboratories Mankiewicz, Carol A laboratory exercise in experimental bioimmuration Cavaugh, Terence The alginate option (Letter) Picard, M.D. Finding a fossil fish Savarese, Michael

5. Paleontology - Education Resources
Explore a directory of paleontology resources provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. Includes general interest publications. all aspects of geology, including paleontology. general Interest Publications. general interest publications are
Education Resources for Paleontology
USGS Links Non-USGS Links There are an ever growing number of resources available from the USGS and elsewhere for teachers, students, scientists, and others who are interested in paleontology and related earth and biological science disciplines.
USGS Resources
General Information and Teaching Sources

6. New Page 2
Main research interests in the past have been carnivores, esp. mustelids, cervids, island faunas and the Pleistocene in general. Research of Dr Gerard F. Willemsen
We have moved

7. Nearctica - Paleontology -
site on the Pleistocene mammals of the midwestern United States with a general introductionto the University of California at Berkeley Museum of paleontology.
Paleontology - Vertebrates - Mammals Return to Vertebrate Paleontology Main Page Buy Books about Vertebrate Paleontology
Marsupials ...
GENERAL Pleistocene Animals of the Midwestern U.S . Illinois State Museum. An excellent site on the Pleistocene mammals of the midwestern United States with a general introduction to the age and its animals and separate sections on mastodons, mammoths, dire wolfs, ground sloths, saber-toothed cats and some othe not so famous extinct animals of North America. Fossils of the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits . George C. Page Museum. The Page Museum is the museum located at the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. This wonderful site has extensive information about this famous Pleistocene locality along with information about the animals that became trapped in the pits, how the fossilization occurred, the museum, and much more. However the most fascinating part is on the various mammals that became caught in the asphalt including mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats, dire wolves, and more. Highly recommended. The La Brea Tar Pits . University of California at Berkeley Museum of Paleontology. An introduction to the La Brea Tar Pits, the fossil animals and plants that have been found there, and the history of the regions.

Bringing together scientists working in molecular biology, infectious diseases, forensic sciences, paleontology, evolution and archaeology. Contains program, online registration form, pre and post tours, and general information. Israel, Jerusalem.

9. K-12: Paleontology : GENERAL
general. Berkeley Museum of paleontology Exhibits set up from three pointsof view phylogeny, geological time and history of evolutionary thought.

Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Exhibits set up from three points of view: phylogeny, geological time and history of evolutionary thought. Students can "ride their Web Geological Time Machine." A rich site for learning. Text, photos, illustrations, graphics

Blast from the Past!
Explores in detail evidence that an asteroid struck the earth approximately 65 million years ago, effectively terminating the reign of the dinosaurs. Focuses on a revealing core sample recovered from ocean floor drilling. Discusses what foraminifera tell us about the event. Text, photos, illustrations

Fossil Information for Beginners
A private collection of fossils is on view here, well worth exploring for its wealth of diversity: dinosaurs, corals, trilobites, and plants are just a few groups represented. Most of the specimens come from Australia, and most are dated to the geologic period in which the specimens originally lived. Text, photos

10. Dino Land Gazette
Online newsletter devoted to late breaking news about dinosaurs and paleontology in general. Email newsletter available.

11. PWRF
Information about how to join the 2001 Montana paleontology Field Expedition looking for dinosaurs, as well as general information about collecting dinosaur material in the field.
Work side by side with the

"Worlds Greatest Dinosaur Hunter"

Click Here to Learn More
call 1-866-678-0911 fax 540-678-0911
PaleoWorld Research Foundation (PWRF) has made tremendous strides in making the 501 (c) (3) non-profit a world class organization. During recent meetings held in Lufeng China, PWRF is proud to announce many new programs that will enhance it’s global presence. With a special emphasize on children/parents and students, PaleoWorld Research Foundation “science popularization” will soon offer the opportunity to anyone with a love for dinosaurs hands-on participation into the world of dinosaur paleontology. You will have a real opportunity to learn and participate in every main aspect of the science, from prospecting to preparation, to replication, through museum display.
This is truly an awesome hands-on global opportunity to participate in real dinosaur paleontological research program. Whether you’re a scholar, or student, parent or child, or just a dinosaur enthusiast, you’ll work side by side with our resident paleontologist and/or with world renowned “Dino Dong”. Whether it’s in China or Montana, our only requirement is the willingness to learn, love and understand these magnificent creatures we call Dinosaurs.
PaleoWorld Research Foundation is in need of your in-kind and financial support to bring these awesome programs to life and to complete our renovation projects. Your donations are tax deductible and your continued support is well appreciated. In fact, you are sincerely invited to be part of this history making event with us.

12. Journal Of Geoscience Education
63. National Science Foundation. 64. paleontology (general). 65. paleontology Invertebrate. 66. paleontology - Paleobotany. 67. paleontology - Vertebrate.68.

Carl Drummond
, Editor
Department of Geosciences
Indiana University Purdue University
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499
Journal of Geoscience Education Subject Index
for the Years 1980 - 2000 (volumes 28 - 48). An index to volumes 1 - 27 (both author and subject) was published in v. 27 (1979), p. 207-260. This index is not available electronically. If any mistakes or omissions in the Index are found, please notify the WebWizard. Given immediately below is a list of subject-category keywords. To quickly locate the articles indexed under the subject category you are interested in, click on the number. 1980-2000 Author Index 2001 Subject Index 2001 Author Index Advertisers American Geological Institute Apparatus Archeology and Anthropology Areal Geology - Maps, Charts, Photographs, General Art Astronomy Cartoons Economic Geology - General and MiningGeology Economic Geology - Energy Sources Economic Geology - Metals Economic Geology - Nonmetals Education (general) Education - Audio Visual Education - Computer Assisted Education - Geoscience Education - Graduate Education - Laboratory Education - Museum Education - Outside United States Education - Precollege Education - Science Education - Special Clientele
(Adult Students, General Public, Learning Disabled,Physically handicapped)

13. Graptolite Home
general information about graptolites, based on Treatise on Invertebrate paleontology (1970).



Fossil Record

Background image from Prem Subrahmanyam's Graptolite page. It is a Nemagraptus from the Athens Shale formation in Alabama (Ordovician).
Written by Josh Caplan for Professor Bill Chaisson's Invertebrate Paleontology course in December 2000.

14. The Archaeopteryx Pages
Information about the history of the fossil bird Archaeopteryx lithographica and vertebrate paleontology in general. Maintained by Ilja Nieuwland.
We have moved! The brand new Archaeopteryx page can now be found at please adjust your bookmarks for future reference.
This page will probably disappear within the next month or so. You can still visit the old site there, as well.
Date last modified: 20-01-2003

15. Science/Mathematics, Fossils, Collection And Preservation, Paleontology (General
Science/Mathematics, Fossils, Collection and preservation, paleontology (general),Archaeology / Anthropology, Social Science, Archaeology, Science
Science/Mathematics, Fossils, Collection and preservation, Paleontology (General), Archaeology / Anthropology, Social Science, Archaeology, Science, Paleontology Garcia Frank A., Miller Donald S., Burns Jasper Discovering Fossils : How to Find and Identify Remains of the Prehistoric Past
Title: Discovering Fossils : How to Find and Identify Remains of the Prehistoric Past
Subject: Science/Mathematics, Fossils, Collection and preservation, Paleontology (General), Archaeology / Anthropology, Social Science, Archaeology, Science, Paleontology
Author: Garcia Frank A. Miller Donald S. Burns Jasper
Hadden Robert Lee RELIVING TH...

Ament Pat Royal Robbins : Spi...

Preston Charles R. Red-Tailed...

Budahn P. J. Reservist's Mone...

16. Kuban's K-Paleo Place: Fossils, Paleontology, Dinosaurs
An extensive and link-packed website dealing with fossil, dinosaurs, and all aspects of paleontology.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Directories...... general paleontology Sites covering paleontology in general or with a broadspectrum of content. relating to paleontology or science in general.
Kuban's Paleo Place
Fossils, Dinosaurs, Museums and More
This site is intended as a springboard to Internet resources on fossils, dinosaurs, paleontology, natural history, and related topics. I hope it proves useful to students, teachers, fossil collectors, paleontologists, and anyone else with rocks in their heads. I myself am a long-time fossil enthusiast with a special interest in dinosaur tracks (I have a web site devoted to my work on Texas tracks and the related Paluxy "man track" controversy ). Please send any comments, corrections, or letters of concern, praise, or outrage to me at: Glen J. Kuban E-mail:
Last Revised: 06 July 2000. Times visited since 4-29-97:
This site located at
Quick Menu (descriptive menu follows below)
(Except Dinos)
... General paleontology - Sites covering paleontology in general or with a broad spectrum of content. Invertebrates - These sites cover one or more groups of prehistoric invertebrates (animals without backbones). Included are microfossils as well as major invertebrate groups such as brachiopods, corals, bryozoans, crinoids, molluscs, insects, and the ever-popular trilobites. Vertebrates - Sites on various groups of ancient vertebrates, including fish, amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles (except dinosaurs, since they are so popular I've created a separate site for them, listed below).

17. Boggy's Geology Links
Organized collection of internet links to sites related to geology, including paleontology, geology Category Science Earth Sciences Geology Directories...... general palaeontology; Universities; Arthropoda; Insects; Trilobites; Brachiopods;Sponges; general geology; Geology dictionaries. Geology related software.

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  • General palaeontology ... Africa
  • var site="s11boggy"

    18. Dept Of Geology - Colby College
    Geophysics, Biostratigraphy, Micropaleontology, Paleoecology Paleoclimatology,Geological Oceanography, Invertebrate paleontology, general Earth Science

    19. Dept Of Geosciences - Southeast Missouri State University
    Planetology, Atmospheric Sciences, Earth Science Teaching/Education, Remote Sensing,Soil Science, Invertebrate paleontology, general Earth Science, Geography

    20. Earth Science Dept. Homepage
    Professor and Geology Museum Director paleontology, general earth science. PaulL. Johnston Professor Emeritus paleontology, general earth science.
    Earth Science
    Emporia State University,
    Emporia, Kansas, USA The Earth Science Department
    offers a variety of courses, programs and degrees, which include geology, physical geography, space and earth sciences. Undergraduate and Master's degrees are available, as well as teacher certification. An interdisciplinary minor in geospatial analysis (GSA) and a graduate certificate in geospatial analysis are offered. A new minor in paleontology is available (spring 2001). Table of Contents Programs Faculty Graduate assistants Web-based courses ... B.S. major in Earth Science.
    GeoSpatial Analysis
    Graduate program
    Geology Museum

    USGS map library Outreach program.
    ESU class schedules
    ESU rock garden
    James S. Aber Professor: Quaternary geology, tectonic geology, remote sensing and GIS. E-mail: Susan W. Aber Lecturer: mineralogy, gemology, general earth science. U.S. Depository Map Librarian. E-mail: DeWayne Backhus Professor: space science, general earth science, science education. E-mail:

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