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         Parapsychology Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Parapsychology's contribution to psychology: a view from the front line (1).: An article from: The Journal of Parapsychology by Caroline Watt, 2005-09-22
  2. Para-Psychology (a scientific study of the supernatural: teleathy, incarnation, automatic writing, clairvoyance, levitation, poltergeists, etc.) by Rene Sudre, 1962
  3. Handbook of Indian Psychology.(Book review): An article from: The Journal of Parapsychology by Rex G. Stanford, 2010-03-22
  4. Para-Psychology - A Scientific Study of the Supernatural: by Rene Sudre, 1962
  5. Studies in Para-psychology
  6. Glossary of Terms Used in Parapsychology by Michael A. Thalbourne, 2003-12-31
  7. Psychology's Occult Doubles: Psychology and the Problem of Pseudo-Science by Thomas Hardy Leahy, Grace Evans, 1983-07
  8. Psychology as a Natural Science Applied to the Solution of Occult Psychic Phenomena 1889 by C. G. Raue, 2007-07-25
  9. Parapsychology and Self-Deception in Science
  10. Images of the Psyche: Exploring the Planets Through Psychology and Myth by Christine Valentine, 1991-11
  11. Jungian Birth Charts: How to Interpret the Horoscope Using Jungian Psychology (Aquarian Astrology Handbook) by Arthur Dione, 1988-04
  12. A Skeptics Handbook of Parapsychology
  13. Guidelines for Extrasensory Perception Research (Guidelines for Research in Parapsychology) by Julie Milton, Richard Wiseman, 1997-04-28
  14. Psychology of Transcendence (A Spectrum book ; S-644) by Andrew Neher, 1981-01

61. Psychonomicon Links - Page 4
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62. Browsing Science Social Sciences Psychology Alternative Parapsychology Category
Browse Science Social Sciences psychology Alternative parapsychology, Koestlerparapsychology Unit Department of psychology, University of Edinburgh.
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Society: Paranormal

Society: Paranormal: Out of Body
Society: Paranormal: Psychic Society: Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness Studies ... Global Consciousness Project Presents scientifically rigorous experiments on global consciousness' effects on Random Event Generators, coordinated by Roger Nelson's team at Princeton.

63. ISO Science2Religion
Introduction to parapsychology, Experimental parapsychology, psychology of Perception,psychology of Consciousness, Theories of Personality, Physiological
New Weekly Column by Dr. Dan Woolman Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 11:45:00 +0000 I will post Science to Religion on all mail ISO mail services for the next week. If you decide you like this forum please subscribe by using our form at: And you may receive any of the previous Science to Religion articles by using: The Doc Science to Religion June 09, 1997, Volume 1, Number 2 Dear Dan, I am interested in pursuing a career in parapsychology. Because parapsychology covers a lot of ground, science, biology, theology, etc. My question is this, in order to pursue a career with added education, in your opinion, what should one major and what types of classes should one take? Any suggestions you can through my way would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Melanie Dear Melanie, In setting up a research plan, one of your main problems is to clarify just what serious parapsychology involves. Anyone can call themselves a parapsychologist, and media representations tend to put entertainment first with accuracy at best an afterthought. A plan has been developed which is called an Integrative Parapsychology, with six features: 1. Parapsychology is the study of apparent new means of communication, or interaction, between organisms and their environment (commonly referred to as psi, or psychic ability), beyond those presently understood by the scientific community.

64. LC Classification: B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
240260, Methodology. 300-450, Ontology. 493-701, Cosmology. BF, 1-1999, psychology,parapsychology, Occult Sciences. 1-940, psychology. 173-175, Psychoanalysis.
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B Philosophy (General). BC Logic. ... C - Auxiliary Sciences of History B Philosophy (General). Ancient Medieval Renaissance Modern BC Logic. BD Speculative Philosophy. General Philosophical Works Metaphysics Epistemology, Theory of Knowledge Methodology Ontology Cosmology BF Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences. Psychology Psychoanalysis Experimental Psychology Sensation, Aesthiology Cognition, Perception, Intuition Motivation Emotion Will, Choice Applied Psychology Comparative Psychology Personality Genetic Psychology Developmental Psychology Child Psychology Temperament, Character Physiognomy Phrenology Graphology The Hand, Palmistry Parapsychology Occult Sciences BH Aesthetics. BJ Ethics. Social Usages. Etiquette. History and Systems Religious Ethics Individual Ethics, Character, Virtue Social Usages, Etiquette BL Religion. Religions of the World Natural Theology The Myth, Comparative Mythology Religious Doctrines (General) Worship, Cults Religious Life History and Principles of Religions European, Occidental Hinduism Jainism Semitic African Rationalism BM Judaism.

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lists. 100 Philosophy, paranormal, psychology (40) Occultism and parapsychology,psychology, Relationships, Selfhelp. 200 Religion

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66. Actualizations: Transpersonal Psychology
John McIntosh http//; Sufi psychology Associationhttp// parapsychology parapsychology Resources
Weddings Other Services Metaphysics Knowledge ... Contact Us
Transpersonal Psychology
I have no doubt whatever that most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness...much like a man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using only his little finger...We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.
~William James
Transpersonal Psychology is concerned with expanding the field of psychological inquiry, beyond the personal intra-psychic realm which previously was the domain of psychology. Transpersonal psychology involves a holistic, humanistic mental health model with unlimited possibilities..

67. General Parapsychology
Rosen. parapsychology and psychology Matches and Mismatches GertrudeSchmeidler, Extrasensory Perception Gertrude Schmeidler. EHE
Books for Sale
General Parapsychology
Mind Over Matter

Loyd Auerbach The Relentless Question: Reflections on the Paranormal
John Beloff How to Find a Ghost
James M. Deem How to Read Your Mother's Mind
James M. Deem Foundations of Parapsychology: Exploring the Bounderies of Human Capacity
Rosemary Ellen Guiley Introduction to Parapsychology
Harvey J. Irwin Essays in Psychical Research
William James Gaither Pratt: A Life for Parapsychology
Jurgen Keil [Ed.] There is More Beyond: Selected Papers of Gardner Murphy
Lois Barclay Murphy Gardner Murphy: Integrating, Expanding and Humanizing Psychology Lois Barclay Murphy In the Zone, Transcendent Experience in Sports Men and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections Rosemary Pilkington(Ed.) Science, Paradox, and the Moebius Principle Stephen M. Rosen Parapsychology and Psychology: Matches and Mismatches Gertrude Schmeidler Extrasensory Perception Gertrude Schmeidler EHE Background Papers Rhea White Parapsychology: New Sources of Information 1973-1989 Rhea White Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants Advances in parapsychology: Volume 1-7 Stanley Krippner (Ed.)

68. Frontiers Of Psychology
Anomalies in psychology can now be studied with these refined methods, for example Thishas made parapsychology specially fit to enlighten and criticize, in a
Frontiers of Psychology Rationale Modern academic Psychology has achieved a level of methodological refinement that makes it an example both of the way scientific data are collected and of ways to approach and discuss the essence of Reality. This methodological refinement pertains to both qualitative and quantitative data. Anomalies in Psychology can now be studied with these refined methods, for example, sinestesia, lucid dreaming, near-death experiences, parapsychological phenomena. Cumulative data gathered by parapsychologists during a century of scientific tradition became extremely solid and impossible to simply ignore – although sometimes they seems to frontally defy the assumptions of several well-established sciences: we know Purposes
  • To give the students a general frame of reference on the Epistemology of Science, illustrated through parapsychological research; To describe phenomenology of paranormal experiences and introduce the students to its underlying issues; To train the students in critical thinking and the complexities of controled variables. To provide practical examples of methodological and conceptual errors; To expose the students to the study of psi phenomena - both experimentally and experientially - as related to the study of altered states of consciousness;

69. Psychology > Parapsychology
back , psychology parapsychology. Name, parapsychology FOUNDATION INC(Eileen J Garrett Sc. Address, 228 East 71st Street, New York NY 10021 USA.

70. Parapsychology, Parapsicologia, Psi Research
Brian Josephson's home page Brian Josephson Charles T. Tart Home Page psychology,Transpersonal psychology, parapsychology DJ Bierman Dr. Charles T. Tart Home
Parapsychology resources on internet
If you know other scientific sites or have comments, mail me at My home page is: Main site: Mirror site: Old version: Tutorials
CRL Parapsychology FAQ
CRL Parapsychology FAQ2
CRL Parapsychology FAQ3
Introduction to Parapsychology ...
Introductory Course Parapsychology, University Utrecht

71. BF 1-1999 Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences
BF 1990 psychology. BF 31 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias. BF 32 Terminology, Nomenclature. Psychometrics.BF 39.9 Critical psychology. BF 40 Content psychology.
BF 1-990 Psychology BF 31 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias BF 32 Terminology, Nomenclature (BF 38-64 Philosophy, Relation to other topics BF 38 Philosophy; general BF 38.5 Methodology; general (Cf. BF 76.5 research, BF 176 test and testing) BF 39 Mathematical and statistical methods. Psychometrics BF 39.9 Critical Psychology BF Content Psychology BF 41 Relation to Philosophy BF 47 Relation to Ethics BF 51 Relation to Religion BF 56 Relation to Economics, Organizational Psychology *(Cf. HF 5548.8 Industrial Psychology, HB 74.P8 Economic Psychology) BF Relation to Sociology (Cf. HM 250-292 Social Psychology) BF 58 Relation to Society* BF 61 Relation to Law BF 65 Medical Psychology* BF 67* Practice of Psychology BF 76 Vocational guidance BF 76.5 Psychological Research (Cf. BF 180 Experimental Psychology) BF 76.8 Psychological literature (Cf. Q 225.5 Writing psychological publications; reports) BF 77 Study and Teaching BF 81 History BF 109 Biographies BF 130 Psychology; general BF 150 Mind and Body; Philosophy of mind; Consciousness BF 173 Psychoanalysis Bf 176 Psychological tests and testing (Cf. LB 3051 Educational tests; BF 431 Intelligence testing; BF 698.5 – 9 Personality testing; WM 145 Psychodiagnostics)

72. UCN Learning Resources: Psychology Resources
parapsychology sources on the Internet List of resources divided into parapsychologysources and sceptical sources. UCN psychology Department - This includes

73. Is There Even A Scientific Basis For Psychology, Let Alone Parapsychology?
Question Is there even a scientific basis for psychology, let alone parapsychology? Isthere even a scientific basis for psychology, let alone parapsychology?

74. Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Alternative/Parapsychology
parapsychology is the branch of psychology which attempts toscientifically study anomalous phenomena such as alleged psychic powers, UFO......Category
Search: Category Description:
Parapsychology is the branch of psychology which attempts to scientifically study anomalous phenomena such as alleged psychic powers, UFO sightings, alien abduction experiences, haunting or possession experiences, etc. One does not have to take a position on the objective reality of such alleged phenomena to be a parapsychologist. Indeed, although admittedly there are very few tenured parapsychology researchers in the world, some of them think that there is no convincing evidence for any (or hardly any) of these "paranormal" phenomena; some state that the evidence for, say, remote viewing, is very compelling; and some parapsychologists prefer not to be drawn on their true beliefs, simply saying "We must investigate these phenomena without either dismissing them out of hand as non-existent, nor necessarily taking them at face value". There is thus a certain amount of overlap with the Society: Paranormal category and the Science: Anomalies and Alternative Science category, but this category is restricted specifically to scientific investigations (that is, investigations using a recognizably scientific and rationalist methodology) of the paranormal and other presently-inexplicable anomalies involving the human mind. Science Psychology Alternative Parapsychology Books


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

"To pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices systems and processes common to contemporary engineering practice." (Since their methods are extremely rigorous they are perhaps even less open to criticism than other psi research methods.) Amazing results!

75. Links
Koestler parapsychology Unit, Department of psychology, University of Edinburgh. StockholmUniversity, Department of psychology, parapsychology Research Group.
Alemania Institute für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) Abteilung für Psychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie Argentina Instituto de Psicología Paranormal (IPP) Australia University of Adelaide - Department of Psychology Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) University of New England - Psychology Department Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc. Austria Institut für Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft (IGW) Öesterreichische Gesellschaft für Parapsychologie und Grenzbereiche der Wissenschaften Brasil Interpsi - Grupo de Estudos de Semiótica, Interconectividade e Consciência ,Centro de Estudos Peirceanos . PUC-SP Centro Latinoamericano de Parapsicología (CLAP) Instituto Pernambucano de Pesquisas Psicobiofísicas (IPPP) Chipre Psychognosia Centre Estados Unidos Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Princeton University The Division of Personality Studies (DOPS),Department of Psychiatric Medicine,University of Virginia Department of Consciousness Studies, John F. Kennedy University Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) ... Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute Francia Institute Metapsychique International (IMI) Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches en Parapsychologie (GERP) Institut des Champs Limites de la Psyché Le Laboratoire de Parapsychologie de Toulouse Gran Bretaña

76. Omniseek: International: Search Results For 'transpersonal Psychology'
Daniels Homepage (Open Directory) Transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology,parapsychology, psychology Bookshop, Psychic Stunts Transpersonal psychology psychology
News Sections




Search Engine Omniseek Multisearch Article Archives 123 India. Ananzi South Africa Australian Directories EuroSeek GlobePage SearchUK Web Wombat Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Open Directory
The Institute offers accredited residential and distance learning graduate programs in transpersonal psychology. Curriculum emphasizes intellectual enrichment, professional training and personal transformation with a focus on six core areas of study: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, creative and community. Counseling/Clinical training available.
PsychiatryMatters.MD: Respected Resource
Stay updated with actual developments on transpersonal psychology and psychiatry. News, PubMed, drug database, diagnoses and treatment tools, webzine. Registration required.
Transpersonal Psychology Course
Open Directory An introduction to the subject. - Transpersonal Psychology Goto Learn more about transpersonal psychology or find a therapist on Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute Open Directory Home Study Certification Trainings, synthesizing Transpersonal Psychology, clinical hypnosis, NLP, past life regression, intuition, medical hypnotherapy.

Koestler parapsychology Unit, Dept. of psychology, University of Edinburgh. Consciousnessand parapsychology, Dept. of psychology, Gothenburg University.
Institute für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) http//
Instituto de Psicología Paranormal (IPP) htpp://
Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU)
New England University, Dept. of Psychology, University of New England
Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science
Centro Latinoamericano de Parapsicología (CLAP) Interpsi, Grupo de Estudios de Semiótica, Interconectividade e Consciencia Instituto Pernambucano de Pesquisas Psicobiofísicas (IPPP) http://
Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas (SEIP)
Estados Unidos
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Resarch (PEAR), Princeton University http://

78. Most Haunted
He lists his interests as the psychology of anomalous experience parapsychology,psychology of luck, Investigative psychology and the psychology of deception

79. UNE Psychology - Associate Professor Harvey Irwin
of Clinical psychology, 54, 10051015. Irwin, HJ (1997). An empirically-derived typologyof paranormal believers. European Journal of parapsychology, 13, 1-14.
Academic Staff: Associate Professor Harvey Irwin
Home General Research Staff ... Arts faculty
Harvey Irwin
Associate Professor
Appointed in 1972
Ph.D. University of New England, 1978
Litt.B. University of New England, 1972
B.A. University of N.S.W., 1969
Dip.Ed. Sydney University, 1965
B.Sc. Sydney University,1964
My research program is proceeding on two principal fronts. I have investigated the role of childhood trauma in the development of dissociative tendencies and in extreme instances, the development of the dissociative disorders such as dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality). Particular attention now is being given to mediating variables in the traumagenic model of dissociation; these variables include trauma-associated affects and attitudes. The second research interest is in paranormal belief and the psychological bases of parapsychological experiences. I have undertaken substantial investigation of the out-of-body experience. At the same time my parapsychological research has evidenced links with my work on childhood trauma; there are indications that, for example, proneness to some paranormal beliefs and parapsychological experiences are related to a history of childhood trauma.

80. Books On-line: Call Numbers Starting With BF
The OnLine Books Page Call Numbers Starting With BF. BF psychology(incl. parapsychology and the Occult). psychology and Industrial

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