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         Pennsylvania Education Regulations:     more books (26)
  1. Insurers must comply with broad discovery requests, judge rules.(Pennsylvania): An article from: Trial by Jean Hellwege, 2004-11-01
  2. Language, national origin, and employment discrimination: the importance of the EEOC guidelines.: An article from: University of Pennsylvania Law Review by Andrew J. Robinson, 2009-05-01
  3. The regulation of reciprocal insurance exchanges, (S. S. Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education. Studies) by Dennis F Reinmuth, 1967
  4. Regulation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans (Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education. Studies) by Robert D Eilers, 1963
  5. Public Contracts And Procurement Regulations in Pennsylvania by Esq. Theodore A. Adler, D. Troy Blair, et all 2006
  6. The Pennsylvania residual waste regulations: A summary and analysis by Louis A Naugle, 1993
  7. Regulation of wetlands in Pennsylvania: A summary of the federal and state regulatory programs by John P Judge, 1992
  8. Legal Update: New Decisions From the U.S. Supreme Court, Other Court Decisions and New Government Regulations Affecting Human Resources in Pennsylvania. by Nancy Abrams, Maria Martin, et all 2006
  9. National child care regulation monitoring and evaluation systems model by Richard Fiene, 1986
  10. Insurance, government, and social policy;: Studies in insurance regulation (S. S. Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education. Lectures) by Spencer L Kimball, 1969
  11. Insurance regulation in Europe and the United States (Huebner Foundation monograph) by Jean Lemaire, 1997

21. Pennsylvania Boating Regulations - Basic Boating Safety Course
information on pennsylvania Boating regulations that are in this section lists pennsylvaniaBoating Requirements a PA Boating Safety education Certificate, OR
Boating Regulations This section contains information on Pennsylvania Boating Regulations that are in addition to the Federal Requirements covered in the Basic Boating Course . If you have not reviewed the course material, please do so now. All Federal Requirements in the basic boating course apply to Pennsylvania; this section lists Pennsylvania Boating Requirements that are above and beyond Federal Requirements. Age Restrictions: There are no age restrictions for unpowered boats or boats propelled by a motor of less than 10 hp. Boats propelled by a motor of 10 hp or more:
  • Persons 11 or younger may not operate. Persons 12 through 15 years of age may not operate unless they have obtained, and have in their possession, a PA Boating Safety Education Certificate, OR, at least one person 16 years of age or older is present onboard.
Additonally, Personal Watercraft (PWC):
  • Persons 11 years of age or younger may not operate. Persons 12 through 15 years of age may not operate with any passengers onboard 15 years of age or younger.

22. Boating Regulations By State
pennsylvania boating regulations. Not for PWCs. Yes. South Dakota, No mandatoryboating education requirements. South Dakota boating regulations. N/A.
Boating Courses Boating Tips Boating Contest Safety Links ... Contact Us Boating Regulations by State
Boating Education Requirements
Laws Boating Education Regulations Reciprocity
accepts boating safety certificates from other states and/or NASBLA-approved courses. Alabama Minimum age to operate 12. Boating license required - proctored exam required to obtain license. Non-residents may operate up to 45 days without a license. Alaska No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arizona No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arkansas No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A California No mandatory boating education laws. Minimum age to operate is 16. California boating information. Yes Colorado Colorado residents - age 14-15 - who operate PWCs required to complete boating safety course. Home study is not accepted for this age group. Yes Connecticut All operators of vessels registered in, or who own property in, CT must successfully complete an approved boating course or pass the CT challenge exam. PWC operators must take proctored, state-approved PWC classroom course regardless of residency. Other vessel operators may take the CT challenge exam. No Delaware Delaware residents born after 1/1/78 must complete an 8 hour boating course.

23. Western Pennsylvania School For The Deaf
To receive a diploma, a student must complete IEP goals and objectives as mandatedby the pennsylvania State Special education regulations and Standards.

Pre-School Lower School Upper School ... Upper School Teacher Web
Upper School
The Upper School Department at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf includes students in grades 7-12. Approximately 70% of the high school students live in the dormitory with the rest commuting daily. Satisfactory performance in the Upper School leads to a high school diploma. To receive a diploma, a student must complete IEP goals and objectives as mandated by the Pennsylvania State Special Education Regulations and Standards. Sixteen teachers are employed in the Upper School Department, each possessing a Pennsylvania Department of Education Instructional I or II Certificate in Education of the Hearing Impaired. Several teachers also possess Certificates in other subject areas. A speech therapist serves the speech, language and communication needs of the students. A guidance counselor works closely with the Assistant Principal in order to coordinate transition services for all students. A vocational evaluator/work experience coordinator also assists in vocational programming for some Upper School students in preparation for graduation. Block scheduling was implemented in the 1997-98 school year with great success. A 4X4 schedule is used with all students taking 4 blocks of classes every day each semester. Each class block is 85 minutes long with a 32 minute Instructional Support Period at the end of the day. All students must take language arts during each semester. Science, social studies and math courses occur during one of the two semesters. The remaining 3 blocks in the year may be filled with PE, vocational or other elective courses. Teachers have been extensively trained in the use of cooperative learning strategies and in the CRISS program, Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies. These programs have been very instrumental in our success with block scheduling.

24. Pennsylvania Home Education Network
pennsylvania's inclusive home education organization. PHEN welcomes all those who support home education Category Reference education United States pennsylvania...... home education by government regulations, by promotion only enforce attendance; theycannot guarantee education. We believe pennsylvania Home education Network
The Pennsylvania Home Education Network
Home PA Home education law Home educating in PA 101 Home educating for freedom and simplicity Contacts for more information ... Links
Welcome to the PHEN (Pennsylvania Home Education Network) web site. This site was developed to answer the need for accurate information on the internet about home educating in Pennsylvania. We hope you find all the information you need here. If you have further questions, or need something clarified, please get in touch with one of the listed contact people ... That's why we are here!
PHEN organization information
The Pennsylvania Home Education Network is an incorporated, nonprofit, tax exempt, statewide organization of home educating families. PHEN exists to promote freedom and simplicity in home education, to serve all families who educate their children at home regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, national origin, handicap, or educational philosophy, and to inform the general public about home education. Membership is open to all Pennsylvania residents who agree with the organization's inclusive philosophy. The Network is directed by a council of members who volunteer and who make decisions by consensus.
PHEN Statement of Philosophy
We believe every family has the right to educate their children at home.

25. Welcome To HEM's Support Group Area
a starting point in understanding laws and regulations. Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon pennsylvania Rhode Island is sponsored by Home education Magazine
Welcome to HEM's Support Groups Pages! To find a group in your state use the map above or follow one of the links below under Groups and Organizations . If you're starting or run a group, check out the links below for helpful information. Bookmark this page and check back for news and information specifically about homeschooling support groups and organizations.
Finding Support

Find support online
Groups and Organizations
National and International
Starting a Support Group

Deciding the Structure-informal to formal, How to Publicize, Being the Contact
Running the Group

Sharing Information, Organizing and Planning, Avoiding Burnout
Staying Informed

Laws and Legal Issues, Political Issues, Where to Find Information and Resources State Laws and Regulations Quick overviews offering a starting point in understanding laws and regulations. HEM-SupportGroups list A new networking list for anyone interested in working with support groups HEM's Support Group Liaison You can contact HEM's Support Group Liaison via email at

26. Special Conditions For Pennsylvania
the IDEA Amendments of 1997 an applicable regulations; an; out all the conditionsthat pennsylvania must meet to the provision of quality education services to
KIDS TOGETHER, Inc. Letter of PA's Special Conditions
THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY Honorable Eugene W. Hickok Jr.
Secretary of Education
Pennsylvania Department of Education
333 Market Street, 10th Floor
Special Conditions Special Conditions is to require that PDE submit to OSEP quarterly reports to document : (1) the steps PDE has taken to ensure that HSD fully comlies with Part B, including that PDE has taken enforcement actions against HSD where HSD has failed to complete corrective actions in a timely manner, and (2) the steps PDE has taken to ensure that corrective action is taken by other public agencies for which PDE identifies deficiencies in meeting Part B requirements, including appropriate enforcement actions against those agencies where they have failed to come into compliance within specified time lines. Page 2 - Honorable Eugene W. Hichok, Jr. Pursuant to 34 C.F.R. 80.12, the Department is imposing Special Conditions contained in Attachment A of this letter. The reasons for doing so and conditions that must be met before those conditions will be removed are detailed in Attachment B of this letter. Pennsylvania must administer this award both in keeping with the applicable provisions of Federal law and regulations, and the

27. Developing Educational Standards - Pennsylvania
pennsylvania Department of education In 1999, pennsylvania began a major revisionto its be downloaded from Chapter 4 of State Board of education regulations.
Pennsylvania Developing Educational Standards is maintained by Charles Hill and the Wappingers Central School District in New York. Your help with updates or corrections is greatly appreciated. [This page was last updated on December 20, 2001] By Governmental Agency By Organization
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress
    The National Assessment of Educational Progress, operated by the US Department of Education, bills itself as The Nation's Report Card . While not explicitly tied to particular national or state standards, its reports provide a way of looking at student progress across the country in the eight subject areas the NAEP covers. These are the arts, civics, geography, math, reading, science, US history, and writing. Each subject has its own page that contains findings from related assessments, answers to basic questions about assessment, and standards and frameworks links. The NAEP site contains the following results (and the year last administered): the arts (1997), civics (1998), geography (1994; the 2001 results are being analyzed), math (2000), reading (2000), science (1996;the 2000 results are due in the fall of 2001), US history (1994; the 2001 results are being analyzed), and writing (1998).
  • National Education Goals Panel
    The National Education Goals Panel was set up to monitor progress towards achieving America's Education Goals. Using its

28. PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 99-223
PART V. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CONDUCT. 204 PA. CODE CH. 82. Changes tothe pennsylvania Continuing Legal education regulations. 29 Pa.B. 809.
[204 PA. CODE CH. 82]
Changes to the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Regulations
[29 Pa.B. 809]
The Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board approved the following changes to Pennsylvania's regulations for Continuing Legal Education, effective December 8, 1998.
Annex A
Section 12. Accreditation of a Single Course or CLE Activity.
A provider of CLE activities which has not qualified as an Accredited Continuing Legal Education Provider or a lawyer may apply for accreditation of a single CLE activity on a form provided by the Board. The Board may require submission of a detailed description of the provider, the course, the course materials and the lectures. (a) Application for accreditation of a single CLE activity should be submitted prior to the date of presentation of the activity if possible. Application for retroactive approval must be made within one (1) year two (2) years of the date of presentation. CLE activities held before January 1, 1994 will not be approved.

Laws of pennsylvania enacted by the legislature includes table of contents.Category Regional North America pennsylvania Government Law...... site UNITED STATES CODE of Statutes Offsite CODE OF FEDERAL regulations Off-site pennsylvaniaRULES FOR CONTINUING LEGAL education Off-site
A website written and maintained by Thomas E. Martin, Jr., Esq.
This page links laws of Pennsylvania enacted by the legislature, both the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes and unconsolidated statutes, arranged according to their customary citation. If the statute you want is not yet listed here, it should be available in the future, so check back. For information on Statutory Citation in Pennsylvania, click here!
who from other sources will research the law to insure what is current, should always be employed in matters of importance.
Another word of caution is in order: The laws of each state are different. The following Pennsylvania statutes, though available instantaneously over the web, may not be the current law. We attempt to post statutes which have not been repealed as of the date of posting, which date usually is referenced at the bottom of each page. However, court decisions overturning them, later statutes amending them, and a host of other factors come into play when interpreting them. They are provided here as a resource.
For over six years this website has made available, free of charge, legal information which we believe is valuable to a wide variety of users and is nowhere else available on the web. Every month over 10,000 people use it. However, the work is not funded by any government subsidy. Therefore, requests for printed copies of these statutes or for ones not yet posted here cannot be filled. Similarly, we cannot provide free legal research services or provide free legal opinions. We do not have time to answer and will not respond to emails seeking these. Thank you for understanding.

30. BPOA Mission Statement
of Nursing establishes rules and regulations for the nursing in the Commonwealthof pennsylvania and provides and operation of nursing education programs for
DOS Homepage General Information Information to Purchase Lists of Licensees Board Meeting Schedule ... Home State Board of Nursing ONLINE RENEWAL OPTION NOW AVAILABLE Click here to renew: If you did not receive a renewal application click here to download the April, 2003 renewal application April, 2003 Renewal Application Consumer Information Licensure Information Notice to Employers ... LicensePA Mission Statement: Citation: The Professional Nursing Law, 63 P.S. §§ 211-226; The Practical Nurse Law, 63 P.S. §§ 651-667.8. Regulations of the State Board of Nursing, 49 PA. CODE § 21.1-21.607. Using PDF Documents and Adobe Acrobat Reader
If you require special accommodation in downloading or viewing a form, please email the BPOA Webmaster at State Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
Phone - (717) 783-7142
Fax - (717) 783-0822

Search BPOA Home ... Employment Do you want to know when we update the content in our website?
Subscribe to eAlerts or Update your Subscription

Commonwealth of PA Privacy Statement

31. The Center For Education Reform: Pennsylvania's Charter Law
CER Grade BPennsylvania (1997; last amended in 2001). Operations. Automatic Waiverfrom Most State and District education Laws, regulations, and Policies. Yes.
Making Schools Work Better for All Children
Charter School Legislation:
Profile of Pennsylvania's Charter School Law
Note : The following ranking and analysis reflects the state's law as of 2001. For the most recent state law profile, please contact the Center for Education Reform or order Charter School Laws Across the States: Ranking Score Card and Legislative Profiles from our Publications page Pennsylvania (1997; last amended in 2001) The 13 th strongest of the nation's 38 charter laws General Statistics Number of Schools Allowed Unlimited Number of Charters Operating (As of Fall 2001) Approval Process Eligible Chartering Authorities Local school boards; two or more local boards may grant regional charters Eligible Applicants Individuals, parents, teachers, nonsectarian institutions of higher education, museums, nonsectarian corporation not-for-profits, corporations, associations, or any combination thereof Types of Charter Schools Converted public, new starts Appeals Process Applications denied by the local school board may be appealed to the state appeals board.

32. Childcare - For The Education And Well-Being Of Your Children - State Regulation
one, please check out all of the pennsylvania state regulations, and be accreditedcollege or university in early childhood education, child development
Pennsylvania State Regulations
Concerning Child and Family Care
Childcare Worker Qualifications,
Licensing Standards
for Child and Family Information from the National Resource Center
for Health and Safety In Childcare Before choosing daycare for your little one, please check out all of
the Pennsylvania state regulations, and be sure that the daycare
center or childcare workers you choose follow each to the letter Childcare Worker Qualifications Group Supervisor Must be at least 18 years old and have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education or the human services field; or a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, including 30 credit hours in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education or the human services field and 1 year of experience with children; or an Associate's degree in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education or the human services field and 2 years of experience with children; or an Associate's degree from an accredited college or university, including 30 credit hours in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education or the human services field and 3 years of experience with children.

33. American Society Of Landscape Architects, Pennsylvania And Delaware Chapter
Urban planners use zoning techniques and regulations, master plans, conceptual plans,landuse studies and other methods to set the layout and organization of
Excerpted from the American Society of Landscape Architects Site A Profession In Demand
From city councilrooms to corporate boardrooms, there is increasing demand today for the professional services of landscape architects. This trend reflects the public's desire for better housing, recreational and commercial facilities, and its expanded concern for environmental protection. Residential and commercial real estate developers, federal and state agencies, city planning commissions, and individual property owners are all among the thousands of people and organizations in America and Canada that will retain the services of a landscape architect this year. More than any of the other major environmental design professions, landscape architecture is a profession on the move. It is comprehensive by definition-no less than the art and science of analysis, planning design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land. In providing well-managed design and development plans, landscape architects offer an essential array of services and expertise that reduces costs and adds long-term value to a project.

34. Education Law -
pennsylvania Public School Law; Tech Law Journal education News; TERI the educationResource Institute; Legal Research World regulations and procedural MegaLaw SERVE ... Submit a Link Official Case Law:
MegaLaw partners:
EDUCATION LAW Home Legal Research Topic Index > Education Law Federal Education Court Decisions State Education Statutes Government Agencies

35. State Regulation Of Private Schools: Pennsylvania
be issued in accordance with regulations promulgated by The pennsylvania GeneralAssembly has determined that speech The Secretary of education has a duty to
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: Recordkeeping/Reports: Length of School Year/Day: Teacher Certification: Instruction in English: Discrimination: Curriculum: Special Education: All Pennsylvania private and nonpublic schools may offer special education programs. Such programs do not come under federal or state special education due process procedures. Health: Safety: Transportation: Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: The Pennsylvania Constitution prohibits any appropriation of money raised for the public schools to a sectarian school. Pennsylvania Const. Art. 3, Sec. 15. In addition, appropriations to educational institutions not under the absolute control of the Commonwealth, other than teacher training schools, are prohibited unless passed by two-thirds of all the members elected to each House. Pennsylvania Const. Art. 3, Sec. 30. Miscellaneous: Home Education Programs: The supervisor of the home education program shall maintain a portfolio of records and materials, including a log of time spent, title of reading materials and samples of writings, worksheets, workbooks or creative materials used or developed by the child and results of standardized tests in grades 3, 5, and 8 with an evaluation of the student's education progress by a licensed clinical or school psychologist or a certified teacher with two years experience or a nonpublic school teacher or administrator with two years experience in the last 10 and provide it to the superintendent annually by June 30 or as requested in writing.

36. Migrant Education (MEP) Consortium Incentive Grants - ED/OESE/OME
Program regulations are found at 67 FR 20756. and transfer migrant student health,education and other Member States are pennsylvania (lead State), Connecticut
Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside Migrant Education Home About Us Programs and Funding Publications ... OESE Home MEP Consortium Incentive Grants
Grant Information
Regulations Project Summaries Grant Information Program: MEP Consortium Incentive Grants (CFDA Number 84.144B) Authorization: Secs. 1303(d) and 1308(d) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (P.L. 107-110) Total Funds Awarded in FY 2002: $2,300,000 Total Number of Grantees: 39 Eligible Applicants: State educational agencies (SEAs) Program Description: Under section 1308(d), the FY 2002 MEP Consortium Incentive grants were awarded to SEAs that proposed to participate in a consortium with another State or entity and demonstrated, in accordance with section 1303(d)(3) of the ESEA, that doing so would:
  • Reduce administrative costs or program function costs for State MEP programs; and Make more MEP funds available for direct services to add substantially to the welfare or educational attainment of children to be served.
  • In addition, section 1308(d) requires that SEAs receiving grants form consortia to improve the delivery of services to migrant students whose education has been interrupted.

    37. Program Regulations Committee
    20022003 Program regulations Committee. Printer-friendly Roster. PeterPundt pennsylvania Higher education Assistance Agency.

    38. Annual Public Notice Of Special Education Services And Programs
    pennsylvania Special education regulations require each school district to fulfillthe IDEA '97 notice requirement by providing an annual public notice. Public Notice.htm

    39. Watershed Education - Pennsylvania State Parks - PA DCNR
    and Ecology standards from the pennsylvania Department of Watershed education wasdesigned with assistance and compliance with all state laws and regulations.
    What is Watershed Education?
    The Bureau of State Parks' Watershed Education is an educational, action-oriented, multi-disciplinary curriculum and program that promotes investigation, research and decision-making skills. Watershed Education is designed to serve Pennsylvania teachers and students on the topic of watershed education, comply with the watershed-based management directive of the Department of Environmental Protection, and address the proposed Environment and Ecology standards from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Watershed Education was designed with assistance and input from these agencies as well as numerous educational professionals to ensure educational and scientific soundness and compliance with all state laws and regulations. Watershed Education takes a comprehensive approach to learning about a natural resource. Instead of focusing on monitoring a waterway, it allows students to look at all factors, past and present, human and non-human, which affect the entire watershed. An exciting component of the program is the use of technology through a web page and database. This web site allows students to research information, enter and compare data statewide, and share their knowledge.
    Program. . .

    40. SU Online Catalog - Introduction
    state and local statutes, ordinances and regulations. Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove,pennsylvania 178701025 the Department of education, Washington, DC.

    Online Catalog


    A Susquehanna Education

    Schools and Courses of Study
    2002-2003 Supplement

    Other Information
    Office of the Registrar

    Academic Calendar

    Fast Facts

    Main Page
    Introduction Printable Version Susquehanna University Bulletin General Catalog for 2001-2003 The School of Arts, Humanities and Communications The School of Natural and Social Sciences Sigmund Weis School of Business The One Hundred Forty-Fourth and Forty-Fifth Academic Years 514 University Avenue Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 17870-1025 ACCREDITATION: Susquehanna is fully accredited by appropriate state and regional accrediting organizations, including the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, and the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. Education programs are approved by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. The Sigmund Weis School of Business is accredited by AACSB — The International Association for Management Education. The Department of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, and the Department of Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society. The accounting program is registered with the University of the State of New York; its graduates are eligible to sit for the New York State licensure examination in Certified Public Accounting. Susquehanna is also a member of the Association of American Colleges, the American Council on Education, The American Council of Learned Societies, the Associated New American Colleges and the Lutheran Education Conference of North America.

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