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         Pet Care General Information:     more books (45)
  1. Perfect Handbook for Imperfect Dog Owners - The ebook has everything you need to know on how to care for your dog. by Information Buddy, 2010-07-22
  2. Aquarium & Fish Care Tactics - Through this report, you are going to learn what you will need to know when setting up an aquarium and taking good care of your fish all the time. by Information Buddy, 2009-11-02
  3. Dog Health Care Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know: Essential Dog Care Information On Dog Potty Training, Dog Health Problems And Dog Obedience Training Plus ... The Most Responsible Dog Owner To Your Pet by Stephanie P. Dorsey, 2010-10-05
  4. The Future Hits Home.(elderly care, robotic pets)(Brief Article)(Editorial): An article from: The Futurist by Cynthia G. Wagner, 2000-11-01
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Chinchilla Care: Secrets To Keeping Your Pet Healthy (70 pages)
  6. The Iguana As An Out Of The Ordinary Pet: The Ultimate Collection Of Iguana Information On The Types Of Iguanas,Iguana Supplies AndWhat Do Iguanas ... In Good Health And In Peak Condition by Kurt J. Mitchell, 2010-10-05
  7. Pet Birds - Discover The Secrets to Choosing, Caring For, and Enjoying Your New Pet Bird!AAA+++ by Adams, 2010-01-13
  8. How To Take Great Care Of Your Pet Iguana - Everything You Need To Know About Iguanas! AAA+++ (100 Pages) by W.O.S., 2009-10-20
  9. Dog Health Care Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know: Essential Dog Care Information On Dog Potty Training, Dog Health Problems And Dog Obedience Training Plus ... The Most Responsible Dog Owner To Your Pet by Stephanie P. Dorsey, 2010-09-11
  10. Caring For Your New Pet Hamster - A Comprehensive Guide To Proper Hamster Care!AAA+++
  11. The Tarantula Keeper's Guide: Comprehensive Information on Care, Housing, and Feeding by Stanley A. Schultz, Marguerite J. Schultz, 2009-02-27
  12. Owning A Cat 101 - Learn how to decide what cat is going to be the best choice for you or whoever the cat is being bought for. by Information Buddy, 2010-07-20
  13. Dog Breeding - Want to be a dog breeder? Discover What You Need To Know About Being A Successful Dog Breeder! by Information Buddy, 2010-04-22
  14. Hands-On Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children

1. Canine Clippers School Of Pet Grooming
General information, explanation of grooming and pet training services, photos, and newsletter.
It is our goal to share the services that we believe will enable you to make educated decisions concerning the proper care, training, and grooming of your wonderful furry companions. We would also like to let you know about the excellent resources available at Canine Clippers. Please take the time to explore the information on our website. If we have not had the privilege to speak with you before, please call us or send an email message telling us who you are and how we can serve you! As always, we would like to hear from our current customers
Linda Law

2. AVMA Care For Pets Home Page
site for pet care including hundreds of general Cat care (rec.pets.cats). Basic Health care for Cats - (rec.pets.cats). Miscellaneous information - (urine
Care For Pets has a new look!
Now it's more fun than ever to learn about pets and the people who care for them!

Please change your Bookmark to the new Care For Animals home page
Pet Health

  • Feline Health
  • Canine Health
  • Equine Health
  • General Health
Pet Loss
  • How Do I Know It is Time?
  • Grief Counseling
  • Equine Euthanasia
Selecting a Pet
  • Selecting a Proper Pet
  • Buying a Horse
  • Breed Statistics
  • Formulas to Estimate Pet Numbers
Animal Safety
  • Traveling With Your Pet
  • Seasonal Health Concerns
  • Poison Control
  • First Aid
Need help finding something?
Try Site Search About Veterinarians
  • How to Select a Veterinarian
  • Careers in Veterinary Medicine
  • What is a Veterinarian?
  • Animal Welfare

Care For Pets is co-sponsored by Bayer Animal Health
Kid's corner Paws for Pets Veterinary Technology ... Site Index For more on veterinarians, the veterinary profession and animal health related news and information, visit the rest of the AVMA Web site AVMA Home Privacy Notice About the AVMA ... Discussion Groups American Veterinary Medical Association

3. Dog And Cat Health Care Information By Veterinarians At, The In
Veterinary health topics about dogs and cats. Spay and neuters, bone surgery, and advice about euthanasia Category Health Animal pets...... Over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information written by general pet careView Articles.
The Internet Animal Hospital Over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information written by veterinarians...
articles, photos, quizzes, pet photo album, pet supplies and more!
Directed by
T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
The Internet Animal Hospital
Flea, Heartworm, Tick control products and hundreds more... View x-rays of actual cases, see real surgery photos, read about dog and cat health care,
send in your pet's photo for the Gallery, take quizzes, visit the pet forums...
Come right in by clicking on your area of interest above, or use the drop-down menu below.
The Internet Animal Hospital is open 24 hours a day! Waiting Room
View Articles All Articles Pet Poisons! Oral Hygiene All Pets Forum Testimonials Site Map Exam Room
View Articles All Articles Physical Exam Vaccinations Vac Reaction! Worms! Giardia Hot Spots! FAQs Lick Granuloma Kittens, Sex Of? Suggestions Diagnosis! Surgery Room View Articles View All Dog Spay Cat Spay Dog Neuter Cat Neuter Bloat!

4. Pet Care
Whatever information you're looking for on pet care, you'll find it here. you're looking for general petcare guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance
About Us Field Projects How You Can Help Publications ... Pet Care Pet Care
Whether you're looking for general pet-care guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance of spaying or neutering, or advice on coping with the death of your beloved companion, you've come to the right place. Our pet-care information will help you develop and maintain a long and rewarding relationship with your animal companion.
Caring for Pets When You Travel

Taking a trip and wondering about pet care options? Whether you're planning to leave your companion behind or take him along, be sure to read our tips on caring for pets when you travel. more
Caring for Your Pet When You're Ill

While caring for a pet can be difficult for people with HIV/AIDS or other immunocompromising conditions, animal companionship can also be beneficial for these individuals. Read our tips. more
Cat Care

Need a primer on the essentials of caring for your cat? Want to know how to prevent common feline diseases? Wondering what declawing a cat really entails? Here is some key information for cat owners. more
Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Placing your pet in a boarding kennel is a good alternative to taking your pet with you when you travel or leaving her with friends or neighbors. Learn how to find a quality kennel and prepare your pet for the experience.

5. Petalia - Pet Care And Farm Animal Advice, Products And A Vet Locator
Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter.
All sections Beef Birds Cats Dairy Dogs Equine Fish Horses Other Sheep Small Pets To find Answers click here , to go Shopping click here Articles Find Your Vet Hot Deals A Dog's a Dog
Tips on successfully training your dog using a reward-based program FLUTD
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a common problem in cats Scaly Face Mite
Scaly Face in birds is caused by a mite known as either the Scaly Face Mite or the Scaly Leg Mite Fish First Aid
What should you do when your fish gets sick? Breeding Cavies
Tips on breeding Guinea Pigs Geriatric Horses
Older horses may require special adaptations in health care, environment and diet.
Click on the Map to search for your Vet
Gift Guides
Making shopping easier for you
Select a Species dogs cats birds small pets Pet of the Week This week's winner is 'Buddy' Click here to enter your pet to win a subscription to 'Pets n People' magazine. Hot Easter Savings 15% off Snooza Paw Pads for cats and small dogs Cat Scratch Posts 15% off Worm your horse 10% off Equimax worming pastes and liquid Bird Toys 15%off Kong Toy for Birds Your cart is empty Home Dogs Cats Birds ... Conditions of Purchase var pageName = ""; var code = ' ';

6. Cat Fanciers: General Cat Information (Cat Care, Getting A Cat, Cat Colors, Cat
including hundreds of informative articles on pet healthcare and Behavior in Cats (rec.pets.cats); general Cat care rec.pets.cats); Basic Health care for Cats
General Cat Information
You can automatically add new, relevant links to the sections below. Look for the "Add a URL" item at the end of each section.
Getting a Cat
Colors and Genetics

7. General Information
general information on Turtles Tortoises. California Turtle and Tortoise Club caresheets; articles on turtle exploitation in the pet trade. Fort Irwin Expansion information
California Turtle and Tortoise Club
California Turtle and Tortoise Club care-sheets ; articles on husbandry including heating, egg incubation and ponds; turtle and tortoise nutrition ; lists of edible and poisonous plants ; turtle and tortoise health including the CTTC Vet List, medical issues and hibernation; and turtle and tortoise conservation and legal aspects; and Turtle Trivia/FAQ . Visit the Chelonian Archives page for information on specific species.
Box turtle care-sheet Water turtle care-sheet Desert tortoise care-sheet
General husbandry:
Heating with pig blankets Incubating desert tortoise eggs Incubating box turtle eggs "Natural" incubation ... Pond filtration systems Need Facts Turtle Trivia Need More Help? How To Use This Site ¿No habla Ingles? Mandénos sus preguntas. Subscribe to CTTC_Turtle_And_Tortoise_List
Egg-binding FAQs on turtle health Veterinarians answer your questions Hibernation Hibernating desert tortoise hatchlings? Health tips for desert tortoises Impaction in hatchling tortoises ... Veterinarians who treat turtles and tortoises in southern and central California
Edible plants Tortoise diet information Off-site nutrition links
Edible landscaping for tortoises Growing plants for tortoise yards Native plants for desert tortoises Poisonous plants ... Pond plants
Turtle and Tortoise Conservation:
General Conservation California Desert Tortoise Dr. Michael Klemens on conserving the world's turtles and tortoises

8. Pet Columns
pet Columns site provides authoritative general information for animal owners. Pleaseconsult your local veterinarian with your questions about specific care

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

CARE Grief Helpline

Wildlife Medical Clinic

Admission to Veterinary School

Livestock Reptiles Wildlife
Search for these words: Find articles: Containing all these words Containing any of these words CEPS / 2938 VMBSB 2001 S Lincoln Ave / Urbana, Illinois 61802-6199 / Phone: 217/333-2907 The Pet Columns site provides authoritative general information for animal owners. Please consult your local veterinarian with your questions about specific care for your animal. Your comments about the site are welcome, but we cannot dispense medical advice via the Internet.

9. General Information For Alcala Pet Care, San Diego's Boarding And Grooming Facil
Veterinarian Name/Phone Number. Comments © Alcala pet care, 2002. (760) 4366619.1273 Crest Dr. Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 436-6619
Contact Us Dog Boarding Kitty Ritz Hotel Grooming ... Reservations
Fill out this simple form to make your boarding or grooming reservation today! Please note, your reservation is not final until you have received confirmation. Owner Name Phone # E-Mail Address Address: City State Zipcode Have you visited Alcala before? Yes No Has your pet(s) been vaccinated since its last visit? Yes, I will bring records No Reservation for: Boarding Grooming Both Entry Date Exit Date Pet Name Pet Breed Pet 2 Name Pet 2 Breed Emergency Contact Name/Phone Number Veterinarian Name/Phone Number Comments:
1273 Crest Dr.
Encinitas, CA

10. Darwin Veterinary Centre
Small animal practice in Biggin Hill, Kent. Site provides general information about the surgery and staff plus pages on pet care.
Your browser does not support frames.
To view our web site click here:
For more information contact

11. General Information For Alcala Pet Care, San Diego's Boarding And Grooming Facil
cat's lifetime. Vaccinations must be given at least 2 weeks beforeboarding. © Alcala pet care, 2002. (760) 4366619. Address 1273
Contact Us Dog Boarding Kitty Ritz Hotel Grooming ... Reservations Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 to 5:30 Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 Sunday Noon to 4:00 Dog Boarding: Boarding Rates Bath Prices Small Dogs (up to 20 pounds) $17.00/day $19.00 and up Medium Dogs (20 - 40 pounds) $19.00/day $21.00 and up Large Dogs (40 to 100 pounds) $22.00/day $24.00 and up Extra Large Dogs (over 100 pounds) $24.00/day $27.00 and up Daycare Small Dogs $10/day Large Dogs $15/day Dog Vaccinations required:
Rabies within 3 years, DHLPP and Corona within 1 year, Bordatella within 6 months
Cat Boarding: Regular Room One Cat: $11.00 Two Cats ~
Together $16.00
Seperate $17.00
Window One Cat $13.00 Two Cats $19.00 Mini Suite One Cat $15.00 Two Cats $21.00 Senior Suite One Cat $17.00 Two Cats $23.00 Suite One Cat $19.00 Two Cats $25.00 Each additional cat is $6.00 Cat Vaccinations Required:
FVRCP and Leukemia within 1 year, Rabies once in the cat's lifetime. Vaccinations must be given at least 2 weeks before boarding.

12. Pet Wellness Center
Fort Myers, FL. general Veterinary Medicine for cats and dogs including vaccination, surgery, dental care, flea and tick control, and nutrition. Online store and encyclopedia, eprescriptions, hours and contact information.
YOUR PET'S HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS Welcome to our brand new Web site! We're committed to providing the best possible care and services, and our Web site is now available for you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We'll be adding important information about our practice (who we are, our hours, and the services we offer), so we hope you'll keep checking back to watch our progress! If you are here to pick up a prescription, register your animals or view your medicine cabinet, please click " Client Login " If you are interested in having home delivery of prescription medications and therapeutic diets, please contact us today. If you are here to shop our online store, please click the " Our Store " link. In addition, we invite you to browse through our reference encyclopedia of animal healthcare topics, ranging from behavior and preventive care to common and not-so-common diseases. We welcome your comments and suggestions, so let us know what you think of our Web site during your next visit to our clinic. - The Staff at Pet Wellness Center Our goal is to provide high quality care for your pet
in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

13. Index
Our veterinary clinic in Raleigh, NC offers small town service with high tech capabilities. Visit our site for information about our office, general pet care, and links to other pet sites.
Brookwood Veterinary Clinic 2810 Brookwood Drive Raleigh, NC
At Brookwood Veterinary Clinic we will be proud to help you take care of your dog or cat. We can take care of your pet's needs, including heartworm medicine, vaccinations, x-rays, dental care, and we can spay or neuter your pet as well as perform other types of surgery.
Small enough to feel at home.

14. General Pet Care: Veterinary Specialists,Dog And Cat Grooming And Boarding, Dog
general pet care. we will explore all sorts of topics that pertain to dog and catcare. information about breeding dogs and whelping pups will be a big help, too
GENERAL PET CARE In this part of ThePetCenter we will explore all sorts of topics that pertain to dog and cat care. Tips on how to select a good boarding kennel, what to expect from your groomer, and some basic dog obedience techniques will be discussed. Information about breeding dogs and whelping pups will be a big help, too. Little tidbits of information are scattered here and there, too, like how to trim those long scratchy toenails. Plus, you can meet some veterinarians who have become specialists in certain areas of veterinary medicine. Have fun! Meet the Specialists ... Veterinary Specialists perform a valued service to the entire profession and the world of animals. For a veterinarian to be considered a "Specialist" there are specific, rigorous educational and clinical requirements that must be met. Then the veterinarian is tested and if successful, can become Board Certified as a Specialist in an aspect of veterinary medicine. Meet representatives of various specialties and see examples of how their activities fit in with animal health care. Surgery Ophthalmology Critical Care Anesthesiology ... All About Specialists and How To Locate One New Article on Pet Dentistry
Valley Fever

Hypothyroidism in a Dog

Heartworms in Dogs and Cats
Fleas and Ear Mites
Fleas?!! Oh, please!

15. Valley Cottage Animal Hospital - Home
Rockland County, NY. information about our veterinary hospital and general pet health care. Offer general and specialized services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. pet gallery, web survey, staff, hours, FAQs.
Home April 10, 2003
Emergency Care
VCAH now offers 24 hour emergency care for pets every weekend.
Our emergency service is not limited to Valley Cottage Animal Hospital clients.
- read more -
Welcome to the Valley Cottage Animal Hospital website. We have designed this site to provide you with information regarding our veterinary hospital and general pet health care. We hope you enjoy the information provided and visit us again for new topics of interest.
The Valley Cottage Animal Hospital has been dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients and their pets since 1980. In that time, we have grown to a nine veterinarian practice with thirty-three team members. Our professional, caring staff, along with our state of the art facility, enables us to offer a wide range of general and specialized services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets.
Hours of Operation
Tue. 8am - 8pm
Wed. 8am - 8pm
Thur. 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am thru Mon. 8pm Chocolate is Dangerous for Pets - view topic - View pets for adoption, or submit a pet to be adopted. Currently Pets listed.

16. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Education/General Interest Pet
Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Education/general Interest pet care/Animal Husbandry Videos DVDs at Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers

17. Pet Care Information At Harmony Animal Hospital's World Of Pets: Laugh, Learn, S
general pet information This section has information relating to many types ofpet. Check out the Additional Library of Articles Senior pet care.
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Page 1 of 3 General Pet Information:
This section has information
relating to many types of pet. Table of Contents for Pages 1, 2, and 3: More important articles: Check out the Additional Library of Articles
Senior Pet Care
Go to the Cats page
Go to the Dogs page Go to the Birds page Go to the Exotic Pets page Go to the Seasonal Info page Go to In the News to find out what's happening in medicine. NEW COLUMNS! Dog Training Tips and For the Birds! We know how much you care... we continue to keep our standards high. Harmony Animal Hospital has just achieved a renewal of our accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for four more years. To maintain and upgrade our accreditation, we voluntarily participate in a rigorous, comprehensive quality assessment evaluation and inspection of our facility, equipment, practice methods, and pet health care management. We're very proud to say that we are one of fewer than 12% of animal hospitals nationwide that have achieved accreditation. We think your pet deserves the finest possible health care so we do everything possible to assure that he gets it. Back to Top Life's an itch!

18. Harmony Animal Hospital, Pet Care, Animal Clinic, Pet Health Care Library, Anima
Now it's easy to keep up with new pet information, learn about fun new stuff wekeep If you still have a general question about pet care that you can
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This is a list of the type of topics you will find in this section. Please click on one of the photos on this page to find out information about your favorite pet. Searching for something in particular? Try the Additional Library of Articles as well. There you'll find a search for articles different from the ones listed in each species section below.



... Pet Care Library Search In addition to the articles you can find by clicking on the animal pictures above, click here to search our library containing hundreds of other pet care articles. We have articles on Seasonal Pet Care concerns as well. Every season brings its own challenges.
Know what plants and foods are Toxic To Your Pet Do you have a dog or cat age seven or older? Then you'll want to take a look at Senior Pet Care. Training and Behavior: Help with your dog or puppy! Great tip! You want to take the best care of your pet, right? Now it's easy to keep up with new pet information, learn about fun new stuff we keep adding to the site for your pleasure, and get a crack at some great specials you can find on the 'net. And, if you are a client at Harmony, you will receive information about our events and specials. Plus lots more! How? Subscribe to our FREE ezine.

19. Animal Adventure Pets
pet store franchises. Franchise information along with general pet care information. 5 Wisconsin locations.
What's New? Rescue Links Dog Training Links Dog Breeders Boarding Kennels ... Ferret Questions Animal Adventure
It's a Jungle in Here! Click Here for a location
near you.
Check out our JungleGram Newsletter, On-line Click Here Search this Site Home Locations Pet Advice: Safe Plants
for Birds
Zebra Finches Guinea Pigs ... Ferrets Parrots: Amazons Cockatoos Pionus Links to Dog Training Wisconsin Breeders Rescue ... Kennels Links to: Pet Products Birds Fish Small Animals ... Franchise Info Welcome to
Animal Adventure Pets
It's a Jungle in Here! Upon entering one of our pet stores, you will notice that you've left the world as you know it behind, and have embarked on a jungle adventure. The sound of tropical birds greets your ears, while their brilliantly colored feathers amaze your eyes. Your senses are heightened as the jungle theme carries over to every corner of the store. You won't need a Land Rover to scout out the latest toy for your parrot or special treat for Fluffy. Every store has monthly specials, and you can save money purchasing from our Bulk Pet Food Area. The next time you want an adventure, stop and visit our exotic birds, reptiles, small animals, and undersea adventure room which displays our fresh and saltwater fish.

20. Saint Louis Zoo Site
5000 animal from 700 species on 90 acres, including an insectarium, a children's zoo, and a miniature train. Site has general information, animal photos, a virtual tour, zoo history, and pet care tips.

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