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         Photography History:     more books (100)
  1. A World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum, 2008-01-29
  2. Photography: A Cultural History (3rd Edition) (Mysearchlab Series for Art Mysearchlab Series for Art) by Mary Warner Marien, 2010-01-17
  3. Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital by Todd Gustavson, George Eastman House, 2009-10-06
  4. The History of Photography
  5. American Photography (Oxford History of Art) by Miles Orvell, 2003-07-10
  6. Photography: An Illustrated History (Oxford Illustrated Histories) by Martin W. Sandler, 2002-02-07
  7. Man to Man: A History of Gay Photography (Male Photography) by Pierre Borhan, 2007-10-01
  8. The Art of Persuasion: History of Advertising Photography by Robert A. Sobieszek, 1988-03
  9. The History of Japanese Photography (Museum of Fine Arts) by Anne Tucker, 2003-03
  10. Photography's Other Histories (Objects/Histories)
  11. The Book of Photography: The History, the Technique, the Art, the Future by Anne H. Hoy, 2005-11-01
  12. The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography
  13. A History of Women Photographers by Naomi Rosenblum, 2010-05-25
  14. Classic Essays on Photography

1. American Museum Of Photography (SM) -- View Great Photographs Online -- History
photography history and Development Photography as it is known today originated in the early 19th century when Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce managed to fix a crude image on a pewter plate.
Click here for the new Exhibits Guide Click Here for a Fast-Loading Guided Tour Or click any title or image below to view these current shows: Scott Mutter: A More Perfect World Enter the Private Universe of Photomontage Artist Scott Mutter, Creator of Surrational Images Exclusive Artist-Signed Posters! S PIRIT P HOTOGRAPHY Did You Ever Have A Dream Like This? Farm Fresh U.S. Grade A Photo-Surrealism by William H. "Dad" Martin,1908-1912 Dazzling images by the first American Masters of the Camera Click a Title to View an Exhibit:

2. Jones Encyclopedia Of Media & Technology Information: New Media, Media History,
photography history and Development. Overview. Photography as it isknown today originated in the early 19th century when Frenchman

Over 500 original articles, updated as companies and technologies change and new leaders emerge. New articles are published weekly from a variety of topics on the history, innovations, milestones, pioneers, and legal trends that shape the world of media, information technology, telecommunications, and broadband.
Home LANs

Local area networks for the home, or Home LANs, have been around for more than a decade, providing a method for sharing data and peripheral devices, such as printers, among multiple personal computers (PCs). Since the early 1990s, a devoted group of high-tech enthusiasts have applied home LANs to high-tech functionality such as the monitoring and remote control of heat, water and other appliances, as well as the enabling of home security systems.
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Media and IT industry innovators, pioneers, leaders and mavericks. Company Profiles
History and analysis of the rise (and fall) of media and IT companies.

3. History Of Photography Timeline
Highlights major developments in timeline format.Category Kids and Teens Arts Photography History...... Albumen photography history, Science and Preservation An extensive site at Stanfordon the history, processes and preservation of albumen photographs.
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History of Photography Timeline
by Philip Greenspun Home Learn : One Section
  • ancient times: camera obscuras used to form images on walls in darkened rooms; image formation via a pinhole
  • 16th century: brightness and clarity of camera obscuras improved by enlarging the hole inserting a telescope lens
  • 17th century: camera obscuras in frequent use by artists and made portable in the form of sedan chairs
  • 1727: Professor J. Schulze mixes chalk, nitric acid, and silver in a flask; notices darkening on side of flask exposed to sunlight. Accidental creation of the first photo-sensitive compound.
  • 1800: Thomas Wedgwood makes "sun pictures" by placing opaque objects on leather treated with silver nitrate; resulting images deteriorated rapidly, however, if displayed under light stronger than from candles.
  • 1834: Henry Fox Talbot creates permanent (negative) images using paper soaked in silver chloride and fixed with a salt solution. Talbot created positive images by contact printing onto another sheet of paper.
  • 1837: Louis Daguerre creates images on silver-plated copper, coated with silver iodide and "developed" with warmed mercury; Daguerre is awarded a state pension by the French government in exchange for publication of methods and the rights by other French citizens to use the Daguerreotype process.

4. History Of Photography
History of photography The word photography, which is derived from the Greek words for light and writing, was first used by Sir John Herschel in 1839, the year the invention of the photographic process was made public.
History of photography
If photography baffled the theoretician, it welcomed the practitioner. Arcane and mysterious by today's standards, early processes were nevertheless easy enough to learn, and the medium spread rapidly throughout Europe and America. Photography appealed to a few professional scientists and artists, but most early photographers were undistinguishedartisans, handymen of all sorts, and, like several of the inventors, versatile amateurs. These individuals shared neither a common tradition nor a uniform intention. Only in the 20th century did an approximate consensusor even a coherent argumentemerge about the past achievements and future goals of photography. Because early photographers were largely unfettered by academic convention or demand for a uniform commercial product, the first two decades of photography were rich in pictorial experiment. Among the inventors, Talbot and Bayard were especially sensitive to the beauty of the new medium. Their loving records of often humble subjects announced photography's aptitude for the intimate, personal view.
Even after the medium began to be dominated by professionals in the 1860s, many of the most inventive 19th-century photographers were amateurs. Perhaps the best of them was Julia Margaret CAMERON, who made intense portraits of her friends, many of whom were eminent Victorians. Cameron also composed photographic tableaux in which real people were transformed into characters from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King. In their own day, these pictures were admired as idiosyncratic productions; today they are appreciated as precocious examples of photography's responsiveness to fantasy and fiction.

5. Photography History
UPDATED, Octobere 28, 2001 Historical Overviews. A History of Photography,by Robert Leggat; Stereographs, the 19th century's virtual reality, Univ.
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"More than a half century elapsed between Daguerre's epochal invention and the early 1890s when it finally became commercially feasible to reproduce photographs as photographs in large newspaper editions."
Ulrich Keller,
"Early Photojournalism,"
in Communication in History
Paul Heyer, eds.
(NY: Longman) 1995, p. 193 The M edia H istory P roject Connections Pages Photography Historical Overviews People UPDATED, Octobere 28, 2001
Historical Overviews
  • A History of Photography , by Robert Leggat
  • Stereographs , the 19th century's virtual reality, Univ. of California, Riverside
  • History of Photography Exhibition, at the Univ of California, Riverside's Museum of Photography
  • Eastman Museum entrance site to large holdings
  • Civil War Photographs , from the Library of Congress
  • A searchable database of 3,500 black and white photographs from the U.S. Army Signal Corps Collection , taken during WWII, plus literally hundreds of thousands of other scanned images
  • History of Photography Exhibition,
  • 6. Photography History
    photography history American Museum of Photography Daguerreotypes tomodernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes
    "see the ability, not the disability" You to can help support the Ability Project by: Our Aims ... Z Photography History American Museum of Photography - Daguerreotypes to modernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes; book reviews; information on preserving/protecting valuable photographs. Bob's Photo Page - Brief history of photography, the development of modern photography, and biographies of early photographers. Central Pacific Railroad - Photographic History Museum; stereoviews of the first transcontinental railroad. Nineteenth century photography by A.A. Hart, A.J. Russell, C.R. Savage, and E. Muybridge. - Resource for info on history of photography, family photographs and images, and genealogy. Focus is on 19th century photography. George Eastman House - International museum of photography and film. History, information, and galleries. Graflex.Org - Promoting the use and preservation of Graflex Speed Graphics and other classic and large-format cameras. Information, pictures, and articles. History of Photography - Hypertext history of photography covering people and processes from the 1920s. By a former Education Officer at the Royal Photographic Society.

    7. Bright Bytes Studio - Photography History - Quick Details From
    Bright Bytes Studio photography history .. details page from BrightBytes Studio - photography history. OVERVIEW - Two lifelong >> Bright Bytes Studio - Photography History Email this page Print Edit
    Bright Bytes Studio - Photography History
    Two lifelong collectors of a variety of interesting "stuff" have presented some of their obsessions online .. camera obscuras, the history of photography, stereo photography, character cameras, computers, mysteries, postcards, optical toys, toaster collectibles, photographica, Eugen Sandow and other strongmen/women and more. LINK ENTER THIS RESOURCE CATEGORY links/art/photography RELATED search the web .. for more photography resources .. companion search powered by
    .. this helpful resource page has been brought to you by one of the world's leading gateways to museum links and resources .. named most "user friendly" by the New York Times. Showcase .. for those who are simply looking for a "few good museums" to enjoy online .. our showcase of interesting museums is a great place to start .. searchable by a wide array of topics and themes. Information updated on .. .. page last rebuilt on

    8. GravityDex: Photography: History
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    9. Trackstar: A Bit Of Photography History
    A bit of photography history Track 3581 Annotations by Phyllis FarrarView Track •Grade(s) High School (912). •Subjects(s) Arts.

    10. Color Photography History Artwork - Fine Art -
    Artworks by Theme Color Photography History Links to more pagesat the bottom of this page. To view a work simply click on the

    11. Black And White Photography History Artwork - Fine Art -
    History Black and White Photography Artwork For Sale by InternationalArtists. Artworks by Theme Black and White Photography History

    12. 107-262 Photography: History And Theory
    107262 photography history and Theory. Availability. 2nd and 3rd year.Credit Points. 12.5. HECS Band. 1. Coordinator. To be advised. Prerequisites.
    Subject information Search Index Faculty of Arts Art history
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    107-262 Photography: History and Theory
    Availability 2nd and 3rd year Credit Points HECS Band Coordinator To be advised Prerequisites Usually 12.5 points of first-year art history. Semester (view timetable) Contact A 1-hour lecture and a 1.5-hour seminar per week for 10 weeks Subject Description Assessment Written work, which may comprise class papers, essays and take-home examinations totalling 4000 words. All pieces of written work must be submitted. Prescribed Texts A subject reader will be available. Search Index Faculty of Arts Art history
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    13. History
    A History of Photography Contains an extensive history, from earliest times to the1920s. Includes biographical information on all significant photographers..
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  • Top Kids and Teens Arts Photography ... Rope Ladders

  • History Page:
    A History of Photography
    Contains an extensive history, from earliest times to the 1920s. Includes biographical information on all significant photographers.
    Bob's Photo Page
    Contains a brief history of photography and how film works, profiles the development of modern photography, and has short biographies of early photographers.
    GEH: Timeline of Photography
    Click on dates to learn about key events in the evolution of photographic art and technology.
    History of Photography Timeline
    Highlights major developments in timeline format.
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    14. Photography History On The Internet
    The history of photography, antique and classic cameras, and vintagephotographs. THE INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORICAL

    The history of photography, antique and classic cameras, and vintage photographs have all become increasingly popular areas for study and collecting. As more and more people enter this fascinating field, the demand for better information, resources, and appraisal services has also increased. To meet this demand, the International Photographic Historical Organization (InPHO) was created as a resource center offering a wide range of free services to individuals and groups interested in the collection and study of classic and antique cameras, photographs, and all the various aspects of the history of photography. Not just another camera collecting club or moderated newsgroup for photographic antiquarians, this is your best first source for learning about the evolution of the art, science, and technology of photography, as well as practical information on the care, collecting, and appraisal of vintage photographica.
    Although InPHO has been in operation since 1985, this website was officially initiated in 1997, and, thanks to the suggestions and input of our many friends and patrons, will be continually updated. In the future you can expect to find here an expanding selection of diverse articles on various areas of the history of photography and on collecting classic cameras, the photo archives of the Internet Museum of Photography, informative charts and timelines, and many links to other significant photographic web sites.

    15. Photography: Photography History
    Search in SubCategory photography history. Title, color, illus.; dj chipped,worn, else VG. American photography history.

    16. Dr.Peter Hagertyt: Photography History Of Photography Documentary & Fine Art BA(
    However from the outset we should be aware that the early history of photographyincludes a wide and diverse list of experimenters; many of whose work failed
    site map Photography Historical Studies Seminar Before Photography It is difficult to imagine the early 19th century impact of photography. The analogy of the "event horizon" from cosmology, a philosophical horizon of which the possibilities could only be imagined. The event horizon of the 1839 invention of photography was a time when no one had seen or heard of photography. While scientists and artists had dreamed of such an invention, no one could foresee the dramatic effect it would have on cultural life. In retrospect we can see that the idea of photography was "of its time". The printing industry required a solution to the problem of transferring a drawing onto a lithographic stone without the necessity of it being copied by hand. As an application of technology photography also drew upon, and refined earlier developments in optics and chemistry. There were futher scientific applications, astronomers as well as military map makers and civil planners had extensively used the camera obscura since the sixteenth century as an aid to surveying and topographic drawing. Painters and their Cameras Painters and draughtsmen had since the sixteenth century had readily sought the aid of the camera obscura. The seventeetn century

    17. Dr.Peter Hagertyt: Photography History Of Photography Documentary & Fine Art BA(
    A painter and photomontagist who was criticised for copying German photography butretorted portraits of the German people at a terrible time in their history.
    site map Photography Historical Studies Seminar European Modernism and Photography At the end of the nineteenth century pictorial photography was the most common style to be seen at galleries and salons of photography. By 1910, there was movement towards a new realism in the work of younger photographers. This was accompanied by a rejection of the romantic, soft focus description and a preference for more definiton often focussed on photographs made from "real" life. While the pictorialists had photographed cathedrals, castles and the pastoral,the new photographic subjects include industrial architecture and the city as a landscape. Similarly still life photography shifted , from the earlier symbolist studies, to new direct observation of form and the technical geometry of surface. Photographers descriptions of natural form, found as landscape elements, such as the water, clouds, trees, plants, rocks and shells were complimented by the surface perfection of modernism. In expressing their new vision, modernist photographers preferred the long tonal range of the bromide print, an accentuation of detail and the cooler coloured blue black print, rather than the sepia and pastel colours of the pictorialists.

    18. Shop Of Photography History
    Plus Historic Camera's Illustrated History of Photography. 16.95*, 1839 PhotogenicDrawing, FORMAT 7.50, 1867 PHOTOGRAPHY ITS HISTORY APPLICATIONS, FORMAT
    Store Of Photographic History

    Historic Camera MESSAGE BOARD
    Best on the Web with photos

    Antiuqe Trade Catalogs plus

    Shows, Exhibits, Swap Meets

    Catalogues and Books GALLERIES
    Coming soon HISTORY People, Inventions, etc. SALES South Shore Port Antiques HC Historic Camera Collector Club LINKS Photo Only Web Links CONTACT INFO Volume 1 CD: Historical American Journal Articles FORMAT: CD Digital copies of Eight Early American Journal Articles documenting the history of photography in PDF and GIF fomats. Plus Historic Camera's Illustrated History of Photography. Photogenic Drawing FORMAT: Paper Hard copy of Original article from "The United States Democratic review" / Volume 5, Issue 17/ May 1839. Publisher: J.& H.G. Langley. Historic record of the discovery of photorgraphy. 5 pages. FORMAT: Paper Hard copy of Original article from "The Living age" Volume 92, Issue 1182, January 26, 1867. New York. From the British Quarterly Review. 26 pages FIFTY YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

    19. History Of Latin American Photography
    BIBLIOGRAPHY LATIN AMERICAN photography history Link. OTHER SOURCES ON LATINAMERICAN photography history Link. OTHER SOURCES ON photography history Link.
    UNDER CONSTRUCTION A literature search on the history of Latin American photography shows that, in general, the field is under-researched and under-documented. This website serves as a research resource and its goal is to promote interest in the history of Latin American photography. Additions and corrections in any language are welcome.
    Please cite complete source. Gracias.
    Send to:
    by Navarro
    For additions and corrections contact: URL:
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    LINKS TO South American Photographers (List) México, Central America, The CaribbeanBilbiography Latin American photography history Other sources on Latin
    The history of Peruvian Photography. Links and original material. Additions and corrections in any language are welcome. Please cite complete source. Gracias.
    Send to:
    Arequipa, 1868 earthquake. Photographer unknown.

    Link EXPEDITIONS TO PERU C.1890. Link
    South American Photographers (List)
    Bilbiography: Latin American Photography History
    Other sources on Latin American Photography History Other Sources on Photography History (General) For additions and corrections contact: URL:
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