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         Places & Regions World Maps:     more detail
  1. World Regions Map Transparencies (Adevntures in Time and Place)
  2. Outline Maps. World Regions, Adventure In time And Place (Teacher's Edition).
  3. Glencoe Social Studies: Building Geography Skills for Life/National Geographic World Atlas/Outline Map Resource Book [3 Book Set]
  4. People, Places, and Cultures Outline Maps, Helps students practice geography skills with these Outline Maps organized by region: Physical Maps, Political Maps (Prentice Hall World Explorer) by Pearson Education, 2003
  5. The Underground Atlas: Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions by John Middleton, Tony Waltham, 1986-10-18
  6. ATV Trails Guide Arizona Phoenix Region by Charles A. Wells, Matt Peterson, 2009-01-09

1. World Sites Atlas
Contains tourist information by country and a map collection and political and relief maps. They show highways, places of interest, and cities where hotels can and accurate maps of continents/regions, countries, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces. Plus a world atlas of
World Sites Atlas
Using geography to explore the world - and the web!
Maps, hotels, tourist information, weather, photos, links, news...
Hundreds of pages of information can be found on this site! NEW!
We have just published new pages on cities in
Belgium France Italy , and Spain
featuring hotels, photos, and information on sights and attractions.

To get started click on your region of interest,
or scroll down the page for more links:
As a matter of principle, we do not display pop-up advertisements on our site. Map Collection C olorful and accurate maps of continents/regions, countries, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces. Plus a world atlas of political and physical maps. Hotels, Tourist Info,
and Photos
G eneral and tourist info, hotels, links, and photos for Austria Belgium France Italy , and Spain Information Pages O nline hotel reservations, weather, news, maps, and useful links for every country in the world. Designed to help you find information quickly and easily. Custom Mapping Services N eed an accurate and attractive digital map for your website or report? We'll make it to your specifications quickly and inexpensively.

2. Maps And Globes
Information about maps and globes and the skills needed to read and use them. maps for addresses, businesses, driving directions and places. Find an Historical maps of the world from the Library - printable maps of the US states, US regions, continents, and
Maps and Globes
(more map sites can be found on continent pages from main menu)
1992 Agricultural Atlas of the U.S.
- many agricultural maps available
All the Worlds Maps
- compilation of each nation's maps - including cities
ArcData Online
- ESRI's Internet Mapping and Data Site
Atlas of the World

Atlas of the World
- Xpeditions @
Atlases (K-5)
- from
Atlases (6-8)
- from
Atlases (9-12)
- from
City Net
- Clickable Map. Visit Anywhere
Country Map Web Sites
- get country maps from alphabetized list Create A Graph - create your own printable bar, pie, or line graph David Rumsey Historical Map Collection Degree Confluence Project - visit each lat./long. degree intersection, and photograph location "Do It Yourself" Color-Coded State Maps - make your own custom maps Draw Map of Any Address - from Earth and Globes World - animated worlds, globes and spinning, rotating Earths EarthRISE Maps - Political, Topographic, and Space Photos

3. Maps And Places
Western Australian maps, Australian maps and places, WA regions. Navigation andMap Reading, Australia, Western Australia. Countries of the world, Government ofthe

Trinity College
Maps and Places
Geography Studies of Society and Environment Australian Place Names Western Australian Maps ...
Links Florida Geographic Alliance Mapblast
Maps, directions Mapquest Multimap com
Online Maps to Everywhere Driving Distances US
My Travel Guide A2b Travel
UK Online British Road Distance Calculator European Driving Distances
Travel Notes
Travel Map Auto Europe Trip Planning Resources
Gazetteers World and Beyond
National Library How Far is It Find Latitude and Longitude and distance between two points Oddens's Bookmarks Maps and Atlases - 3. Electronic Atlases Graphic Map's, World Atlas (World Maps) Latitude, Longitude, Relative and Absolute Locations Online Maps of Current Interest Map Collection Infoplease Atlas Latitude and Longitude of World Cities Infoplease List of many cities Atlapedia Online Maps @ National Geographic XPEDITIONS National Geographic

4. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps And References
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research provides a large collection of links to maps of regions worldwide. reference resources available via the world Wide Web. and Canada). places in the West (The West Environmental maps. maps of the San Francisco Bay and Delta regions (GRASSLinks/REGIS)
Maps and References
(last updated: NOTE: I am in the process of pruning the dead links. This should be finished sometime in July. The following compilation of Internet/WWW sites is intended to be an introductory guide to some of the map and reference resources available via the World Wide Web. Consider using one of the WWW search engines if you are looking for a specific type of map or reference. The maps which are listed here have been selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting. They are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use. Note that there is some overlap in geographic coverage between these categories. The emphasis is on displayable maps (e.g. images) rather than digital cartographic (GIS) and satellite data which can be found in the separate compilation Geodata Information Sources . There is also another listing which includes Weather Maps and Imagery

5. Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
Using maps to See regions Overview Students will travel around the world on a ahandful of important natural and cultural characteristics of places.

6. UT Library Online - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - Americas Maps
A categorized, annotated list of over 2000 sites to help educators, teachers, and parents enhance instruction and support the curriculum. information on over 360 world languages; includes locations, dialects, of the world including their flags, maps, economy, geography, multilanguage sites and places of interest to
Choose Search UTNetCAT-Online Catalog -Title -Title Keywords -Author -Author Keywords -Subject -Subject Keywords -Mixed Keywords -Call Number Electronic Journals UTLOL-Library Web Site UT Austin's web site AllTheWeb Altavista Google Hotbot Lycos Northernlight Web Crawler Yahoo! Map Room Guide
Maps FAQ

Maps Home

... PCL Map Collection - Americas

Map Collection
Maps of the Americas
The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency , unless otherwise indicated. A, B, C, ...

7. Links To Maps
your own maps. Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Look up long/lat of places in the world. Railway maps. Usenet Traffic maps. Ulaan Baator, Mongolia. regions in the United
Here are some maps I like from around the web:
Links to other resources:

8. The Polar Regions Arctic Maps
Geography world in Spatial Terms Standard 2 Knows the location of places, geographicfeatures, and patterns of the environment. maps of regions within the

9. The Polar Regions Antarctic Maps And Images
The Polar regions Antarctic maps Images. Geography world in Spatial Terms Standard2 Knows the location of places, geographic features, and patterns

10. Teachers -> Exploring Africa
in the world. maps, visual representations of space and locations, will be an essentialtool in undertaking this investigation. 2. places and regions In the
Unit Two: Studying Africa through the Social Studies
Module Six: The Geography of Africa
Teacher's Edition Introduction to Module Six: Africa and Its Geography PURPOSE:
Geography is a subject that "bridges" the natural sciences and the social sciences (which in school we refer to as the social studies) in the study of the physical, or natural, and human dimensions of the world. Geography is the study of the interconnection between people, places, and the environment. Geographers have identified five important themes in the study of geography. This lesson will introduce these themes with special reference to the study of the geography of Africa. 1. Location and spatial relations: The surface of our world, land and water, mountains and plains, oceans and lakes, is a defined space called earth. Earth can be divided into smaller spaces defined as continents, or divided further still into political units that are called countries, states, or even cities and villages. All human beings live, work, and play at specific locations that are called districts, villages, cities, countries, and continents. Geographers believe that every place where people live, work, play, etc. is shaped by that place's location in relationship to other places. Geographers use the term spatial relations when they study the impact of location on human activities.

11. ECUIP : The Digital Library : Science : Cultural Astronomy
CAS B. Acquire, process, and report information about places and regions inthe world using maps, globes, and other geographic tools and technology.



Latitude Lessons


Where in the World? Objectives:
The student will be able to:
identify and label latitude, longitude, poles, equator, and the cardinal directions on a globe and a map
identify places on Earth by points of latitude and longitude
provide the coordinates of a location. recognize a grid. Grades: Materials: Globe City map State map US map World map Blank world map with space for labeling all the above concepts Handout with coordinates of places in latitude and longitude. Lessons: One to two class periods Introduction: Introduce the lesson to younger students by getting them to sing along and act out songs. These songs can be sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" (with minor variations). Latitude: I'm climbing the Ladder of Latitudes, latitudes, latitudes I'm climbing the ladder of latitudes, all around the world.

12. Teksms
6a.3 Compare selected world regions and countries using historical and contemporarysocities on maps and globes for patterns of population in places and regions

13. Education World® : Lesson Plan: Earth From Space Maps
Technology. SOCIAL SCIENCES Geography GRADES K 12 NSS-GK-12.1 The Worldin Spatial Terms NSS-GK-12.2 places and regions. TECHNOLOGY

Lesson Planning Center
Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ... Lesson Planning Lesson Plan L E S S O N P L A N
Earth from Space Maps
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  • Visual Arts
  • Educational Technology
  • Science
    Physical Science, Earth Science, Space Science
  • Social Studies
Brief Description
Students use photo images from space to create a large map of Earth! They then find where they live and label some other places they know.
Students will
  • be exposed to a Web resource that allows them to view photo images of Earth taken from space,
  • search for a photo that shows their neighborhood from space,
  • put together a large map made of images from space,
  • use library or Internet atlases and other resources to identify and label on their maps landforms, bodies of water, and other features.
map, world, atlas, photography, space, astronaut, Earth, longitude, latitude, landform, oceans, features
Materials Needed
  • an overhead projector connected to the Internet (optional)
  • Internet access or printed sections of the clickable map of Earth from space (alternative sources are listed in Lesson Plan section)
  • tape or glue and large sheets of kraft paper
  • online or library atlases and other map sources
Lesson Plan
Explain to students that they are going to use online resources to create a large map of Earth as seen from space. Use a projector connected to the Internet to share with students the

14. Social Studies Course Description - Social Studies - Geography For Life [2002]
Analyze the spatial organization of people, places, and environments And So What?)to world regions. of human and natural resources using maps, satellite images

15. Content Standards For Alaska Students - Geography
the content standard should use maps and globes to locate places and regions;; graphictools and technologies to depict and interpret the world’s human
Geography A student should be able to make and use maps, globes, and graphs to gather, analyze, and report spatial (geographic) information. A student who meets the content standard should:
  • use maps and globes to locate places and regions; make maps, globes, and graphs; understand how and why maps are changing documents; evaluate the importance of the locations of human and physical features in interpreting geographic patterns; and use spatial (geographic) tools and technologies to analyze and develop explanations and solutions to geographic problems.
  • A student should be able to utilize, analyze, and explain information about the human and physical features of places and regions. A student who meets the content standard should:
  • know that places have distinctive geographic characteristics; analyze how places are formed, identified, named, and characterized; relate how people create similarities and differences among places; discuss how and why groups and individuals identify with places; describe and demonstrate how places and regions serve as cultural symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty;
  • 16. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - Regions Of The World & World Languages
    extensive information about countries of the world including their flags, maps, economy,geography listing of multilanguage sites and places of interest
    Students Teachers Parents For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
    Foreign Languages, ESL and General Information
    Africa Antarctica Asia ... Latin and South America
    Foreign Languages, ESL and General Information
    Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction

    ...a series of hand-drawn pictures illustrating verbs, adjectives, and common nouns
    Counting Around the World

    ...links to activities and sites covering different languages
    Dave's ESL Cafe extensive site for teachers and students with links, discussion areas, and much more on the topic of ESL

    ...a well-organized list of hundreds of links in speaking, pronunciation, reading, idioms, and much more for all levels of ESL students ...a comprehensive online resource for teachers of Spanish put together by a teacher Ethnologue ...a wealth of information on over 360 world languages; includes locations, dialects, and number of speakers Foreign Language and Bilingual Education Resources ...a site devoted to providing links and information for those who teach world languages and bilingual education Foreign Language News and Newspapers ...a list of online news sources in eight languages Foreign Languages for Travelers ...a great place to read and hear common phrases in many different languages; includes basic words, numbers, directions, shopping, dining, and others

    17. Maps
    whom places were named, and names borrowed from other languages or places. htm Over100 general maps for countries and regions of the world, plus political
    Maps GO TO: Gazetteers Historical Maps GAZETTEERS: Minnesota Place Names - Home Page
    Search by place name or browse geographic names for Minnesota counties, cities, waterways, people for whom places were named, and names borrowed from other languages or places. U.S. Gazetteer
    Enter the zip code or name of a city or town and its state to get information about the town or city's population from the 1990 census, its lattitude and longitude, and zip code. GO TO: Gazetteers Historical Maps HISTORICAL MAPS: Color Landform Atlas of the United States
    Historical maps of all 50 states as they were in 1895. Also has present day maps showing county outlines, relief, and satellite images. PERIODICAL HISTORICAL ATLAS OF EUROPE
    "Snapshots" of the political boundaries of Europe for each century from 1 AD through 2000 AD. Table of Contents. United States Digital Map Library
    State and county maps - mainly showing boundaries as they were in the 1800's - and maps of Indian lands ceded to the U.S. government.

    18. Geography Maps -
    the sites of environmental significance in urban places everywhere Atlas The maps.comOnline world Atlas covers 7 continents, 12 regions, 190 countries
    Search Net Facts Subject Index Facts Encyclopedia Newspapers USA/World ... HOME
    Search the Web
    Search Tips

    Help Support Refdesk

  • ARL Electronic Atlas Project
  • Astrodienst Atlas Database
  • Atlapedia Online - key information on every country of the world.
  • Atlas of Canada
  • AutoPilot - personalized and comprehensive travel itineraries
  • Canada's Geographical Names
  • - Information, Maps, Weather and Live Views about Capitals and Countries from around the World
  • CIA World Fact Book - Countries described in terms of geography, language, climate, economy, etc.
  • The Columbia Gazetteer of North America - With 50,000 entries, the Gazetteer covers every incorporated place and county in the United States, along with several thousand unincorporated places, special-purpose sites, and physical features, as well as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  • Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  • DeLorme: High Quality Maps for Every Need
  • EarthMaps by Delorme - can search by zip code, street address, area code or exchange and by longitude and latitude.
  • Earth Viewer - Displays Day and Night Regions in Real Time
  • Earthquakes - Real Time Detailed Maps: Earthquake Bulletin
  • Finding Your Way with map and Compass - USGS
  • Geography Map Gallery - US Census Bureau
  • Geostationary Satellite Server - real-time satellite images provide a view from above.
  • 19. NETS:: National Curriculum/Content Area Standards
    construct and use mental maps of locales, regions, and the world that demonstrate describehow people create places that reflect ideas, personality, culture
    NETS Main
    Project Overview Consortium ... Distinguished Achievement Award
    Curriculum and Content Area Standards
    Social Studies Standards PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS III. People, Places, and Environments

    Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of people, places and environments, so that the learner can: EARLY GRADES
  • construct and use mental maps of locales, regions, and the world that demonstrate understanding of relative location, direction, size, and shape;
  • interpret, use, and distinguish various representations of the earth, such as maps, globes, and photographs;
  • use appropriate resources, data sources, and geographic tools such as atlases, data bases, grid systems, charts, graphs, and maps to generate, manipulate, and interpret information;
  • estimate distances and calculate scale;
  • locate and distinguish among varying landforms and geographic features, such as mountains, plateaus, islands, and oceans;
  • describe and speculate about physical system changes, such as seasons, climate and weather, and the water cycle;
  • describe how people create places that reflect ideas, personality, culture, and wants and needs as they design homes, playgrounds, classrooms, and the like;
  • 20. Geography
    activities are presented to assist in teaching the concepts of reading maps, locations,places, relationships, movement, and regions. The world Factbook 2002
    Amazing Travel Bureau
    The Amazing Travel Bureau is full of surprises from far away places. When the kids pull something out of the bureau, its the start of an adventure into the past, present or future.
    Amazon Interactive
    Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities. Learn about the rainforest, the people who call it home and much more.
    Arctic Studies Center
    The Arctic Studies Center invites you to explore the history of northern peoples, cultures, and environments and the issues that matter to northern residents today.
    Ask Asia
    This highly polished site is devoted not only to China, but all things Asian. The pages are quick loading, current, and unbiased. The Ask Asia web site is a product of the Asia Society, a non-profit foundation started by John D. Rockefeller III in 1968.
    Australia: The Land and Its People
    In this visually attractive site, students can learn the basics about Australia. Their favorite part of this page will most likely be "Oz Kids," where they can learn Australian words and pick up some Aussie jokes.
    Fifty States
    Information about each state. Included are facts as the state bird, flag, flower, etc.

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