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         Plains Indian War Us Studies:     more detail
  1. Essential Histories: The Plains Wars 1757-1900 by III. Charles M Robinson, 2007-04-16
  2. The Great Sioux Uprising: Rebellion On The Plains August- September 1862 by Jerry Keenan, 2003-10-15
  3. On the Rez by Ian Frazier, 2000-01-10
  4. The Dust Rose Like Smoke: The Subjugation of the Zulu and the Sioux by James O. Gump, 1994-01-01
  5. Life of Black Hawk, or Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak: Dictated by Himself by J. Gerald Kennedy, Black Hawk, 2008-05-27

61. Allexperts U.S. History Q&A
Longtime student of indian wars, research and documentation of minor skirmishesin Central Great plains between native old west, The Civil war, and California

62. South Dakota Humanities Council
Living History Fair 2000, Civil war Soldiers' Lives, 2046, us Volunteers, CompanyF, L. Frank Baum Significance of the Bisonplains indian Culture, Brookings, $619.00,
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    South Dakota Humanities Council, Acct. #9200, Nov. 1, 1999 to Oct. 31, 2000 As of January 3, 2002
    Grant ID Sponsor Title Location Amount Program Type South Dakota Arts Council Dakota Visions II (Driving Hawk Sneve) Rapid City Speaker South Dakota Arts Council Dakota Visions II (Hedge Coke) Rapid City Speaker South Dakota Arts Council Dakota Visions II (Kent Meyers) Rapid City Speaker English Dept., USD Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve Reading Vermillion Speaker Rotary Club The Hutterites Brookings Speaker Black Hills Community Theatre Cry of the Land Rapid City Small Center for Western Studies The Thirty-Second Dakota Conference Soux Falls Major Museum of the SD Historical Society Pierre Major South Dakota Discovery Center Early 1800 Missouri River Adventures (Institute) Pierre Teachers' Institute Wisdom of the Elders statewide Major Pioneer Public TV Country Spires (Video) nationwide Major Archeology Laboratory The Amazing Story of Maize (Exhibit)
  • 63. Red River War-Reconstructing
    used by the us Army and the Southern plains indians. we found that the majority ofthe indian cartridges were Future Directions for the Red River war Project.
    Texas Beyond History Home Map Tool Themes
    Red River War
    Red River Main The Battles Weapons Reconstructing the War ... The Archeologists
    Reconstructing the Red River War
    Archeologists conducting a metal detector survey at the Battle of Red River site. Photo courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission. THC archeologists Randy Vance (left) and Brett Cruse use a Global Positioning system receiver to record the locations of artifacts. Photo courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission. Scene of the Battle of Red River site and surrounding environs. Photo courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission. Portion of an 1875 map showing the general location of the Battle of Red River. The running battle covered a distance of some 12 miles. Photo courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission. Contour map of site of the Battle of Lyman's Wagon Train showing the distribution of Indian and U.S. Army cartridges and bullets. Courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission.

    64. US History
    and his indian Gallery paintings of plains indians Mississippi Natl Museum of theAmer indian Native American of the atomic bomb Aviation World war II us
    General Resources American Government Biography Civil Justice/ ... World History What you will find here: US History Links Primary Sources Native American Studies Diversity/Ethnic Studies ... Sept 11, 2001
    US History Links
    America Dreams (Library of Congress)
    American Experience (various topics)

    American Folklife Center
    - music, anthropology, folklore
    American Heritage (periodical)

    American History 102: Civil War - Present

    American Musical Heritage Page

    American Presidents - CSPAN
    - rankings by historians, web viewers
    American Studies Web

    Biography of America (PBS)

    Boundaries of the Contiguous US
    - 1650 - present
    Census Data
    Creating America - McDougal Littell textbook website Currency Exhibit - American coins and bills, historical context, artistry, symbolism Famous American Trials - includes Salem, Amistad, Scopes, Chicago Seven, My Lai Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - research by period or topic; also includes maps, court cases, documents, music, images, newspapers, speeches History in Song History of Political Cartoons in America Music For the Nation: America's Sheet Music Natl. Museum of American History

    names, and could help generate ideas for us history projects Frenchindian war agood reference, including the famous of Wolfe's death on the plains of Abraham
    Today in History Each day, users can visit the site to learn about the history of the day and to view or hear Library materials relating to that day. Previous offerings will be archived for reference. *Fun Stuff at the bottom of the page
    Basic Documents

    Colonization and Early National Era

    Prelude to Civil War

    Civil War and Reconstruction
    Pacific Northwest and Regional History
    don't forget: this is part of US, too!
    Local Historical Figures

    Women in US History
    - telling her-story, too
    Presidential Libraries

    Your Personal History How-To on Genealogy

    Jump to find out which president did it first Our history and our government begin with certain historic documents . Find the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Monroe Doctrine and the like here. 32 Key Documents in American History from the Magna Carta to the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Yet another source of documents from US history A list of historic US documents for students U.S. Census Info (1990) . A gopher site with much census information from around America. American Studies Web at Yale American Studies Web at Georgetown American Memory Historical collections from the National Digital Library, part of the Library of Congress. This site contains sounds, video clips, motion pix, photos and the like as well as text resources.

    66. Term Papers, Essays, Research Papers, Native Indian Studies - 152-010
    Papers On Native indian studies Page 11 of 21. the mounted hunters of the plains,and their Expansionism Intercultural Interactions Produced By war And Disease
    *** Select A Topic *** - Personal Finance - Corporate Finance - Economics - Economic Theory - Economic History - International Economics - International Finance - Misc. Economic Issues Africa Anthropology Argumentative / Pro-Con Essays - Artists, Art Genre - Famous Works Of Art - Social Issues In Art - Political Issues In Art - Art From Ancient Cultures - Graphic Arts - Photography Asian Studies - The Phillipines - India - Miscellaneous Astronomy Biographies Black Studies - Black Social Issues - Black Politics - Black Philosophy - Racism - Historical Figures Business Management - Management Theory - Advertising Issues - Business Ethics - Human Resource Issues - Management Of Info Systems - International Business - Management Theory - Applied Operations Mgt. - Management And Business - Consumer Behavior - Marketing - Marketing Case Studies - Business Plans - Technical Writing Samples - Misc. Issues In Business Canadian Studies Career Guidance - General - Journalism - Linguistics - Internet - Computer Technology - Computer Industry Culinary Science Creative Writing - Example Essays - Criminal Justice - Juvenile Justice - Law Enforcement - Intelligence - Organized Crime Studies - Forensics Education - Teaching Methods - Classroom Management - Counseling in Education - Education Politics - Special Education - Higher Education - Coaching - Physical Education - Education-Other Countries Ethics - AIDS - Homosexuality Global Politics - Comparative Politics - World Affairs

    67. Unit Study
    Civil war Fashions Naval Battles of the Civil war Civil war Uniforms. One indian modelto build NW Coast PunchOut indian Village plains indians Pueblo
    Please click on the unit study topic that interests you. At times you may be given an option to picking from several possibilities or ordering 2 sizes of packages.
    Unit Study Packages average a minimum of $3 worth of savings had you purchased the items separately! Some sets offer even greater savings and savings are listed at the end of each package. Civil War
    Environment Studies

    US Study

    Human Anatomy
    Foreign Language Sets - Spanish (more coming soon)
    Here are the descriptions of each unit study package: Civil War $23.50 savings of $4.10! Pick one of these:

    American Family if the Civil War Era Paper Dolls
    PLUS —you get these 6 coloring books:
    From Antietam to Gettysburg
    Abraham Lincoln Story of the Civil War Civil War Fashions Naval Battles of the Civil War Civil War Uniforms AND this Model to Build: Lincoln’s Springfield Home Model ENVIRONMENT Studies $17.50 Savings of $3.15! North American Desert African Plains US Studies $12.50 Savings of $2.85!

    Scalp Dance indian warfare on the High plains, 18651879. that reddened the soilof the American plains from the memoir of childhood in the post-Civil war army
    II. The Indian Wars
    Native Peoples. Magazine Description: As low as $2.67 per issue!
    Military History. Magazine Description: Military History captures the drama of classic land, sea, and air battles throughout history. This bimonthly magazine explores the tactics, weapons, fighting forces, victories, and defeats of history's most intriguing battles. It captures the very essence of battle in all its suspense, turmoil, and excitement.
    Aleshire, Peter. The Fox and the Whirlwind: General George Crook and Geronimo: A Paired Biography. "An invaluable addition to Western history." Evan Connell.] Andrist, Ralph K. The Long Death: The Last Days of the Plains Indians. Univ. of Oklahoma Pr. 2001 [This book was originally published in 1964 and given a new introduction in 1993. "One of the most accurate and well-written accounts of the Plains Indian Wars." American Anthropologist. "A vivid, swiftly paced account of the dispossession of the Plains Indians during the half century after 1840." The New York Times Book Review. "To fully understand the America of today, one must know what happened to the Native Americans of the past. In [this book], Ralph K. Andrist tells the story with great sensitivity, forthrightness, and enlightened scholarship."

    69. United States History Research Links Page
    Graphics19351945 Colored Photo Collection. Great plains Software/Life on thePrairie. indian Nations Wyandot Nation of Kansas. Lesson Plan The Civil war.

    70. UNK - Graduate Studies & Research - History Courses
    A history of those Indians who call the Great plains their home Seminar The AmericanIndian 3 hours. of the causes leading to the Civil war, the war itself, and
    HIST 800. New Perspectives in History 3 hours
    Recent trends in the field of the instructor’s specialty, to assist teachers and to improve teaching. May be repeated with each new offering. HIST 803P. The Age of European Exploration 3 hours
    The motivations for European expansion and exploration overseas from 1300 until 1800 and the impact that European contact with the rest of the world had upon the societies of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. HIST 805P. The Plains Indians 3 hours
    A history of those Indians who call the Great Plains their home. HIST 806P. History and Film 3 hours
    This course will look at history through the lens of feature films produced in the United States and abroad. Particular emphasis will be placed on how historical representation and interpretation has changed with each generation of film makers. HIST 807P. History of Seapower 3 hours

    71. Canadian & U.S. History Files Directory, Heritage Databank
    SANTEE, Seminole, World war I, World war II) Bibliography Belknap, Fort Belknap IndianReservation, Ft. Tiger Butte, Timber Cr., Tobacco plains, Tobacco plains
    Below is the MASTER DIRECTORY for CANADIAN HISTORY files available on the HERITAGE DATABANK Bulletin Board. CANADA more detailed HISTORIC PHOTOS LISTING HISTORIC MAPS 1885 REBELLION Missionaries Native Studies ... Epidemics PROVINCES ALBERTA (General Data; Events; Archaeology , Caves, Climate, Coal, Farming/Ranching, Fishing, Forestry, Ghost Towns, Gold, Hauntings, Horses, Income, Law, Logging, Medicine, Mining, Missions, Mountainmen , Negro, Northern Development , Oil/Gas, Provincial Parks, Steele's Scouts , Trails, Transportation, Treasure) HISTORIC PHOTOS LISTING HISTORIC MAPS LISTING LOCATIONS (2,800 places; 290 Posts/Forts) BRITISH COLUMBIA General Data, Timeline HISTORIC PHOTOS LISTING LOCATIONS (300 locations, 53 Post/forts) MANITOBA General Data, Events HISTORIC PHOTOS LISTING LOCATIONS (250 locations; 55 Posts/forts) NEW BRUNSWICK LOCATIONS NEWFOUNDLAND LOCATIONS NOVA SCOTIA LOCATIONS NORTHWEST TERRITORIES General DAta, Events;

    72. West Point In The Making Of America
    s GK warren 1855–1856 plains indian collection and war Prints and Daguerreotypesof the Mexican war, 1846–1848 as Explorer on the Northern plains, with an

    Reference Works

    General Works

    Works About West Point

    For Section II,
    The Antebellum Army
    For Section III,

    For Section IV,

    An Army for the Nation

    For Section V,
    America in the Great War
    For Section II, The Antebellum Army Abert, Lt. James William. Expedition to the Southwest: An 1845 Reconnaissance of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma [1846]. Ed. H. Bailey Carroll. Canyon, Tex.: Panhandle-Plains Historical Society, 1941. Intro. John Miller Morris. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1999. Bauer, K. Jack. . New York: Macmillan, 1974 Christensen, Carol, and Thomas Christenson. The U.S.-Mexican War. San Francisco: Bay Books, 1998 Dilts, James D. . Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1993. Eisenhower, John S. D. . New York: Random House, 1989. Goetzmann, William H. . New Haven: Yale University Press, 1959. Hanson, James A.

    73. Courses
    HIS577 The American West The plains indian wars Dr. Ty and admission of new states,the war with Mexico and the opening of the Great plains to agricultural
    Online Courses for the Master of Arts in History
    with an Emphasis on Military History
    Department of History
    Sam Houston State University Please click on the images below or the course syllabi links to learn more about these courses and the material they cover. HIS563 Seminar in Military History:
    The Art of War
    Dr. Robert B. Bruce
    Coming Soon!
    Selected topics in Military History. Credit 3. HIS563 Seminar in Military History:
    The Napoleonic Wars
    Dr. Robert B. Bruce
    Course Syllabus
    Selected topics in Military History. Credit 3.* HIS563 Seminar in Military History: U.S. Military History: Colonial America to the Modern Era, 1898 Dr. Susannah U. Bruce Coming Soon! Selected topics in Military History. Credit 3.* HIS563 Seminar in Military History: U.S. Military History: The Modern Era, 1898 - Present Dr. Robert B. Bruce Coming Soon! Selected topics in Military History. Credit 3.* HIS563 Seminar in Military History: World War I Dr. Robert B. Bruce Syllabus Selected topics in Military History. Credit 3.* HIS563 Seminar in Military History: World War II Coming Soon!

    74. Socstud
    Archive Native Americans The plains indians Native The Thanksgiving Tradition TheFrench and indian war. during the Revolutionary war Revolutionary America Maps
    Pre-Columbian Settlements
    The First Americans

    Native American Cultures

    SipapuChetro Ketl Great Kiva
    Stately Knowledge
    General History
    America's Library

    The American Experience

    American Memory Front Door

    Maps on Other Web Sites
    ... National Museum of Women's History
    Teacher Resources
    SCORE: Grade 5 - Making a New Nation
    What Do Maps Show In Search of the Oregon Trail Today in [American] History - Library of Congress ... Empowering Students - History's Heroes

    75. Opportunity To Improve Indian Curriculum Standards In Public School
    Five Civilized Tribes Civil war effects Sequoya Red Cloud; Boarding School -American indian children Sarah Effects on railroad on plains indians Ben
    Opportunity to Improve Indian Curriculum Standards in Public School
    OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE INDIAN CURRICULUM STANDARDS IN PUBLIC SCHOOL Dallas Public Schools is revising its curriculum standards. The American Indian Education Program is getting a chance to provide more information into the Social Studies content which will include government, economics, and few more areas. We are also proposing a new resource handbook for teachers to supplement the standards and we have received an okay. I am listing various topics that will be included at the elementary level, middle level, and high level. We already have lots of the usual materials on many of the topics. But we wanted to offer you the opportunity to add - if you happened to have articles, photos, sketches, etc that could add to the topics. If we use your materials, we will listed you as a contributor. If you happened to see a topic(s) that should be included and we have overlooked it, please give us the opportunity to consider it. Elementary School:
    Thanksgiving - contribution by American Indians;

    76. PBS VIDEOdatabase Of America's History And Culture Chapters
    The Sioux war Chief Spotted Tail killed all Gratton and his command. TheWhites were settling on indian land in the Great plains.

    77. Indian War African-American & Indian Scout Medal Of Honor Recipients-
    Archaeology The war for the plains Excellent indian The American indian Page NativeAmerican Resources American The United States Civil war Center Thousands
    Indian War Medal of Honor Recipients-
    Many of these men of extreme courage, never received the public recognition and life long opportunities comensorate with their acts of valor. The majority died in poor surroundings and often without military pensions. In their memory and in the tradition of honoring the "Bravest of the Brave", these soldiers are saluted.
    The President of the United States in the name of the Congress takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to:
    Ninth Cavalry Regiment

    BOYNE, THOMAS - Sgt., Co C, 9th U.S. Cavalry.
    Action: At Mimbres Mountains, N. Mex., May 29,1879; at Cuchillo Negro River near Ojo Caliente, N. Mex., Sept. 27,1879. Born: Prince George's County, Md.
    Issued: Jan 6, 1882.
    Citation: Bravery in action. DENNY, JOHN - Sgt., Co C, 9th US Cavalry.
    Born: Big Flats, N.Y.
    Action: At Las Animas Canyon, N. Mex., Sept. 18, 1879.
    Inducted: 1867 Elmira, N.Y. Issued: Nov 27, 1891. Citation: Removed a wounded comrade, under a heavy fire, to a place of safety. JOHNSON, HENRY - Sgt., Co D, 9th US Cavalry. Born: Boynton, Va.

    78. Title
    6, The Civil war 3, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg 9, Life on the plains 1,Great plains, Native Americans, Chivington Massacre, indian Relocation.
    U.S. HISTORY II Develops and strengthens knowledge of U. S. History after the Civil War. Covers the conditions that led to the Civil War, war strategies, the Emancipation Proclamation, reconstruction, life on the plains, the reform and change of the nation, U. S. imperialism, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the Holocaust, the cold war, the Korean War, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, the and Post-Vietnam era. Excellent essay questions.
    The A+ dvanced Learning System ( A+ LS) Social Studies curriculum is a comprehensive, completely integrated Social Studies curriculum for grade levels 4-12. From Geography to Government, a sequence of eight titles is an extensive, integrated solution that is fully correlated to major mastery standards, including the National Council for Social Studies Standards. Social Studies is a subject area that promotes the use of both cooperative and exploratory learning. The detailed maps and charts dynamically illustrate key concepts. Additionally, these maps and diagrams can be printed for use in discussion and as take-home study guides for the students. The titles seamlessly work together to give students a broad view of Social Studies. For example, lessons 31-35 from the U.S. History I title deal specifically with westward expansion. These lessons can be put immediately after U.S. Geography lessons 20-28, which discuss the Southwest, Mountain, and Pacific regions of the United States.

    79. Dancing On Common Ground
    support of one another rather than at war. conditions for all people in the SouthernPlains. book opens up new relationships in indian studies, suggesting new
    Dancing on Common Ground
    Tribal Cultures and Alliances on the Southern Plains
    Howard Meredith
    288 pages, 90 photographs, 7 maps, 6 x 9
    Cloth ISBN 0-7006-0694-7, $29.95 Dance, a vital expression of community and spirituality for Native Americans, has been the traditional metaphor for resolving conflict among Southern Plains tribes. War, on the other hand, has been the metaphor for Anglo-Americans. Attacking conflicts in terms of dichotomiesus vs. them, friend vs. foe, civilized vs. savagethe European-influenced U.S. government has created battles out of almost every military, political, and social situation, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Drugs. Here lies a fundamental cultural difference, says Howard Meredith, that has led to mistrust, poor communication, frustration, and polarization. The Anglo-American assumption that analysis and argument are universal and permanent traits, he contends, is not only erroneous, but has proven detrimental, even devastating, for Native Americans who have not customarily shared those values. Historically, the U.S. government has tried to disintegrate tribes, alienate, assimilate, divide and conquer. And in the process, it has ignored the positive relationships the tribes had established among themselves and with their physical environment.

    80. American Indian Studies Term Paper Help
    military aspects, government, land conflicts, treaties, antiindian govt policy, CivilWar. materials, symbols, colors in relation to other plains indians (Sioux
    Research Assistance Papers on American Indian Studies
    Order online or call us.
    From the United States and Canada: (800) 351-0222.
    From anywhere else: (310) 313-1265.
    means 9 c itations, 7 b ibliographic s ources, 8 p ages. Year is the approximate date of composition. Just Click the paper number to select the report you want!
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      Discusses four books that illustrate the sacred and secular as one. Mary Crow Dog's "LAKOTA WOMAN," N. Scott Momaday's "HOUSE OF DAWN," Ricardo Pozas' "JUAN THE CHAMULA," Thomas Sanchez's "RABBIT BOSS." The sacred as an integral part of the environment of Native Ameicans. Role of ancient religion to health and identity.
      Click to Order SHAMANISM.
      Discussion of the concept of Shamanism in contemporary times. Definitions. Beliefs and pracitces. Rituals. Mass hypnosis. Meditation. Psychotropic herbs. An alternate reality. Carlos Castaneda's book "A SEPARATE REALITY." Shamanism and the healing process as alternative medicine. Importance of specific rituals and their repetitive behaviors to produce altered states of consciousness. Click to Order THE AZTECS AND THE IROQUOIS.

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