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         Plains Indian War Us Studies:     more detail
  1. Essential Histories: The Plains Wars 1757-1900 by III. Charles M Robinson, 2007-04-16
  2. The Great Sioux Uprising: Rebellion On The Plains August- September 1862 by Jerry Keenan, 2003-10-15
  3. On the Rez by Ian Frazier, 2000-01-10
  4. The Dust Rose Like Smoke: The Subjugation of the Zulu and the Sioux by James O. Gump, 1994-01-01
  5. Life of Black Hawk, or Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak: Dictated by Himself by J. Gerald Kennedy, Black Hawk, 2008-05-27

81. Native Americans
Tribal Index Native Nations Tribes of us and Canada indians Luxton Museum of thePlains indian The Southeastern Choctaw Code Talkers of World war I COMANCHE
Updated February 14, 2002

Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans

The Avalon Project : Statutes of the United States Concerning Native Americans

World History Archives: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

IMAGES: The Illustrating Traveler: Customs of the Country

More primary documents are available within some of the sites listed below.
Alphabetical Listing of Reservations


Native Ways..A journey through modern Native America
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Native American Resources ... Linkpage: Native Web Pages Listings For info on the Maya, Inca, Aztec and other Central and South American native cultures, please visit my Meso and Latin America page. NATIVE AMERICANS - LEGISLATION - ISSUES - AGENCIES CODETALK: Code Talk is the official website of HUD's ONAP Legislation Affecting the American Indian Community Legislation Impacting American Indians American Indian Liaison Office ... American Indian Gambling and Casino Information Center TIMELINES TIMELINE: Native American History Native American Timeline TIMELINE: Canadian St. Lawrence River Valley Native Tribes

82. Native American Hist
Timeline plains indians Romancing the indian Comparison of the Index - Americanindian History Resources Links to maps During World war II, the Japanese army
General Sources

On This Date in North American Indian History Native American History
in the U.S.
U.S. History Pages
European, Asian, African
Fourth World Documentation Project
General Sources The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: 1610 to 1791 : firsthand accounts from missionaries
Native American Internet Resources:
from the Internet School Library Media Center
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
: comprehensive access points for info. on Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. Fourth World Documentation Project
American Indian Movement

Anasazi Emergence into the Cyberworld

Castle Hill Archeological Project
... Histories of First Nations Information on peoples from the Abenaki to the Winnebago. Institute of American Indian Studies/South Dakota Oral History Center Little Known Historical Facts The Polly Cooper Story, the Battle of Orinsky, and the Two Row Wampum. LSU Indian Policy Page Native American Conquest Native American History and Information Comprehensive history of North American tribes.

83. Professorial Faculty
American women's literature, popular culture, World war II Editor Great plains Quarterly newUS immigrant/diasporic/multicultural literature, indian (South Asian
Professorial Faculty Graduate Faculty Fellows
Grace Bauer , Associate Professor, M.F.A. University of Massachusetts. Creative writing (poetry), Contemporary poetry. Currently working in poetry, the poetic series, and some creative nonfiction. Stephen C. Behrendt , George Holmes Distinguished Professor, PhD University of Wisconsin. Romanticism, comparative literature, literature and the other arts. Current projects include books on Romantic women writers, William Blake, and Romantic radicalism. Franz G. Blaha , Associate Professor, PhD University of Graz. Popular literature, 20th-century drama, comparative literature. Robert Brooke , Professor, PhD University of Minnesota. Composition and rhetoric. Current interests include connections between post-structuralist and composition theory, ethnographic research, K-12 schools outreach, creative non-fiction. Gerry Brookes , Professor, PhD University of California-Berkeley. 19th-century British literature, especially fiction; composition. Interests include Dickens, Eliot, Trollope, and nonfiction prose; composition pedagogy, computers in composition. Stephen M. Buhler

84. Smithsonian: American Cultural Identity And Interaction
Hair Pipes in plains indian Adornment A Study in indian The American indian ObservedSelected Sketches and Documents men on both sides of the war (73min audio
About Smithsonian Websites A-Z Home Exhibitions ... American American Cultural Identity and Interaction American History and Culture American Biographies Fields of American History and Culture: Archaeology and Ancient Cultures Cultural Identity and Interaction Economics and Work Exploration and Travel ... Smithsonian Institution Cultural Encounter A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
The experiences of Japanese Americans during WWII; decision-making and citizen action under the U.S. Constitution Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life
Shows how this singular art form has been linked to the identity and survival of the Iroquois people (PDF) Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People
The Ainu, the only native people of Japan, have long fascinated western scientists, and the Japanese themselves. Benedicte Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus
The rediscovery of American Indian portraits Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher
A record of the lifestyle of Sioux women Forwarding Address Required
Letters exchanged between Japanese American children in WWII internment camps and Clara Breed, a librarian in San Diego Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment: A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity
The story of these picturesque ornaments Native American Portraits
A gallery of influential Native Americans Project HOPE: Forty Years of American Medicine Abroad
The history of "Health Opportunities for People Everywhere" Surviving Images, Forgotten People

85. Untitled
They were at war much of the time either amongst As far as the plains indians, thePawnee were the one Nebraska by 1875 and taken to the indian Territory in
“The People” Native Americans of Nebraska and their Demise By: Stan Gerbrandt Dr. Nemeth Multi-Cultural Studies Fall 2002
Introduction When the average American thinks of Native Americans or “Indians”, he or she probably conjures up images of tomahawks, teepees and wild bands of blood-thirsty warriors. This image we have has little resemblance to the rich culture and history of the Native Americans. American Indians can then, for purposes of categorization, be divided into six major regions, although within these regions there are many scores of different tribes and languages. These six groups enable us to gain an overview of this proud people. Most of the names of the tribes actually mean, ‘the people’. The groups are: Desert Dwellers, Far North, Plains, Northwest coast, Forest Dwellers and Far West I will attempt to find out what happened to a small segment of the plains Indians in this area (North east Nebraska ), where they originated and finally, where they ended up. I will also explain some of the how’s and why’s of their demise.
The Native American history of the late 1800’s has been marked by repeated tragedy. This seems to be an unending theme in my research on the Native Americans. Little did I realize what I was getting in to when I began delving into how the Native Americans were virtually wiped out by the Europeans in an instant of time relative to their long and vibrant existence on what we now consider “Our land”

86. Indian Peoples Of The Americas - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling History
activity explores the role of the buffalo in the lives of the American indiansof the northern plains. indian woman in Yosemite showing us how she
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Indian Peoples of the Americas "Teach your children what we have taught our children that the earth is our mother. What ever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. This we know. The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth. This we know. All things are connected-like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. What ever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. We did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves".

87. American Indian
Genealogy Rare Maps Collection Civil war (USA) Rio List GeoCities Members HotbotIndian Nations - 1895 Records Northern Great plains OnVillage Opening of

Courtesy of Shirley Norman-Gunn at Broken Threads
Alternatives From Nature

American Indian Studies - University of Arizona

Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe

GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES A Barrel of Genealogy Links
American Life Histories

Arkansas Biographies Project

Arkansas GenWeb
World GenWeb Project
RESEARCH TOOLS AltaVista American Migrations Ancestral Findings Chisholm Trail Anniversary Site ... Woolam Last updated: July 19, 2000

88. Texas And Western U.S. Studies, University Of Texas Press
Texas and Western Studies
Do you want to receive announcements of new titles in this subject area? Also of interest:
M. K. Brown Range Life Series

Clifton and Shirley Caldwell Series

Jack and Doris Smothers Series in Texas History, Life, and Culture

Southwestern Writers Collection
Wittliff Gallery Series
Acosta and Winegarten Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History (read an excerpt Akers Flames after Midnight: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community (read an excerpt Allender and Tennant The Guadalupe Mountains of Texas Anderson, E. American Indian Literature and the Southwest (read an excerpt Anderson, K. Crime in Texas: Your Complete Guide to the Criminal Justice System Andrews The Texas Bluebonnet Arreola Tejano South Texas: A Mexican American Cultural Province (read an excerpt Babb Border Healing Woman: The Story of Jewel Babb as told to Pat LittleDog (second edition) Bacigalupi Michael Ray Charles, 1989-1997: An American Artist's Work Barrera Looking for Carrascolendas: From a Child's World to Award-Winning Television (read an excerpt Bartlett Saving the Best of Texas: A Partnership Approach to Conservation Baylor Into the Far, Wild Country: True Tales of the Old Southwest by George Wythe Baylor

89. Native American Mascots
your indianness portrayed as whooping/wardancing/feathered it does not reflect truePlains indian culture or static moment as reflection of all things indian.
Native American Mascots
Native American Mascots
Today's most glaring examples of the simplistic, cartoon-like pseudo-Indian in public usage can be seen in sports team mascots. The Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Braves exemplify this usage. The countless souvenir items-coats, hats, shirts, socks, pennants, clocks, chairs, and mugs-represent major money-making aspects of mascots. What's my point, you may ask. Please stop and think about what mascots convey to anyone seeing them-the avid fan, the small child, the general public, new arrivals to the Americas, and, the Native American! Imagine, please, what it may feel like to be a child of Navajo, or Onondaga, or Haida, or Hopi, or Cherokee, or Micmac nation, and see "your Indianness" portrayed as whooping/war-dancing/feathered/animal-skin- wearing/tomahawk waving/red-skinned cartoon character! Would you feel "honored" that all sorts of people-wealthy, poor, nice, unpleasant, old, and young, claimed that this was what "Indians" are all about? Isn't this a continuation of the negative stereotyping we "avoid" under most other circumstances where other groups of people are concerned? How do we answer the questions of so-called Big Business when they ask how they are to handle their financial losses if all the mascot memorabilia must be changed? When other types of changes-based upon educational, religious, and health-related factors-are required by law, companies find ways to change. Perhaps, as some states have been doing, these changes will require legislative backing. In some instances, thoughtful groups will be supportive of the changes and will help with the change-over, financially and in other ways.

90. Education World® : Site Reviews: By Date: September 1998
battles and other topics related to the Civil war. of Little Big Horn, and the PlainsIndian wars Home About us Reprint Rights Help Site Guide Fellows

Site Reviews
Archives: Alphabetical Listing By Date Listing ...

"Best Of" Series
2002 Reviews

2001 Reviews

2000 Reviews

1999 Reviews
... By Date September 1998 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 8 September 1 - 15, 1998 American Civil War Users will find information on many aspects of the American Civil War. Viewers can chat with other visitors at the site about battles and other topics related to the Civil War. GRADE LEVEL: 9-12 Board of Studies NSW This is the Web site for the Board of Studies NSW, the Australian government agency responsible for schools in the state of New South Wales. GRADE LEVEL: Professionals Chatback Trust The Chatback project helps special-needs schools communicate using email. The Web site features projects and moderated mailing lists. GRADE LEVEL: 6-12 Custer Battlefield The Web site focuses on the Custer Battlefield, the Battle of Little Big Horn, and the Plains Indian Wars. GRADE LEVEL: 6-12 Dan's Wild, Wild Weather Page Users will find weather-related resources, classroom units, and activities. GRADE LEVEL: 1-10 Enchanted Learning This is a fun, educational site for audiences as young as preschool. Users will find science, language arts, geography, and craft pages, among others.

91. Native American Studies From The University Of Texas Press
Native American Studies
Do you want to receive announcements of new titles in this subject area? Of related interest:
Anderson American Indian Literature and the Southwest (read an excerpt Baughman and Hadella Warm Springs Millennium: Voices from the Reservation (read an excerpt Bridger Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: Inventing the Wild West (read an excerpt Brown-Guillory Women of Color: Mother-Daughter Relationships in 20th-Century Literature Buchanan Apache Women Warriors Closs Native American Mathematics Collins Clovis Blade Technology Crozier-Hogle Surviving in Two Worlds: Contemporary Native American Voices Deloria Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties: An Indian Declaration of Independence Deloria and Lytle American Indians, American Justice Deloria and Lytle The Nations Within: The Past and Future of American Indian Sovereignty Deloria and Wilkins Tribes, Treaties, and Constitutional Tribulations (read an excerpt Farnell Do You See What I Mean?: Plains Indian Sign Talk and the Embodiment of Action Farnell Wiyuta: Assiniboine Storytelling with Signs, A CD-Rom

92. Social Studies And Government
Elementary You and Your Hospital (The Community Helper Series) Cops Are Tops: Our Police Force at Work (The Community Helper Series) Moving the Mail: Postal Employees at Work (The Community Helper Series) Sound the Alarm: Firefighters at Work (The Community Helper Series) How Communities are Alike and Different Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream Citizenship in the Community Immigration to the U.S. (The American History for Children Video Series) African American Life (The American History for Children Video Series) United States Constitution (The American History for Children Video Series) National Observances (The American History for Children Video Series) United States Flag (The American History for Children Video Series) Equal Rights for All (The American History for Children Video Series) Native American Life (The American History for Children Video Series) Early Settlers (The American History for Children Video Series) Washington DC (The American History for Children Video Series) American Independence (The American History for Children Video Series) United States Expansion (The American History for Children Video Series) Jamestown (Colonial Life for children Series) Plimoth Plantation (Colonial Life for children Series) St. Augustine (Colonial Life for children Series)

93. Education Planet History,United States History,United States History By Time Per
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