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         Poetry General:     more books (100)
  1. Poetry for Young People: Walt Whitman
  2. Wham! Its a Poetry Jam: Discovering Performance Poetry by Sara Holbrook, 2002-04
  3. War Poetry of the South by Various, 2008-08-18
  4. The Book of American Negro Poetry by James Weldon Johnson, 2010-03-07
  5. The Best American Poetry 2010: Series Editor David Lehman
  6. The Poetry Reader's Toolkit: A Guide to Reading and Understanding Poetry by Marc Polonsky, 2001-02-12
  7. Poetry for Young People: Carl Sandburg
  8. The Best American Poetry 2009: Series Editor David Lehman
  9. Field Folly Snow (The VQR Poetry Series) by Cecily Parks, 2008-03-01
  10. The Lymond Poetry
  11. What Poetry Brings to Business by Clare Morgan, Ted Buswick, et all 2010-04-14
  12. Interpretations of Poetry and Religion by George Santayana, 2010-10-14
  13. The Answers Are Inside the Mountains: Meditations on the Writing Life (Poets on Poetry) by William Stafford, 2003-12-01
  14. The Best American Poetry 2008: Series Editor David Lehman, Guest Editor Charles Wright

1. Website Abstraction Quiz Script
poetry general Knowledge Quiz. What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?
Poetry General Knowledge Quiz What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor? a) No difference. Simply two different ways in referring to the same thing. b) A simile is more descriptive. c) A simile uses as or like to make a comparison and a metaphor doesn't. d) A similie must use animales in the comparison. 3) Which represents an example of alliteration? a) Language Arts b) Peter Piper Picked Peppers c) I like music. d) A beautiful scenery with music 5) The theme is ...? a) a plot.

2. BUBL LINK: 809 Poetry: General Resources
s....... 809 poetry general resources. Titles,
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
809 Poetry: general resources
Titles Descriptions
  • Bartleby Verse American and English Poetry 1250-1920
  • British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832
  • Electronic Poetry Center
  • Favorite Poem Project ...
  • Web Concordances
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    Bartleby Verse American and English Poetry 1250-1920
    Poetry resource bringing together contents of the Oxford Book of English Verse, Yale Book of American Verse, Modern British Poetry, Modern American Poetry, Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the 17th Century, and Palgrave's Golden Treasury. Indexes to poems are organised according to chronological order, author, title, and first line.
    Author: Bartleby
    Subjects: american poetry, english poetry
    Location: usa
    British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832
    Collection of poetry by British and Irish women written between 1789, the onset of the French Revolution, and 1832, the passage of the Reform Act, a period traditionally known in English literary history as the Romantic period. Features a browsable list of authors. Author: University of California Davis Shields Library Subjects: english poetry, irish literature, women writers
  • 3. The Friendship Page: Friendship Poetry - General
    Friendship poetry general. Featured General Friendship Poetry. Name, Author,Subject, Ref. gen5. General Friendship Poetry. Name, Author, Subject, Ref.
    Search The Friendship Page
    Friendship Poetry: General
    Poetry Home Send to Friend Submit Poem Copy Poem? Featured General Friendship Poetry Name Author Subject Ref. Only When Shariz Receprocation Friendship Angela Friendship Is.. Friendship Taran Friendship Is.. General Friendship Poetry Name Author Subject Ref. To My Sister Jamie McGill Religous Angels Tara L. Olson Reflections A Friend Indeed Carin Friendship Is.. - short Friends Jodi Kenyon Friendship Is.. - short Friends Lindsey Shirocky Friendship Is.. - short True Friendship Shauna Friendship Is.. We Need Each Other Kyra Sharing Be My Friend NaNi Ratnawati General Little Ellen Strauss Reflection Pink Ray McAllister Religious Near Ray McAllister Religious Touch Ray McAllister Religious Global Friendship
    Last updated: since 6 October 2002.

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    Compare Sneetches and Other Stories
    Dr. Seuss
    5 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare The Butter Battle Book
    Dr. Seuss
    2 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare A Light in the Attic Book with CD Silverstein, Shel 7 reviews Lowest price: Compare Collins, Billy 3 reviews Lowest price: Compare Journey Through Heartsongs Stepanek, Mattie 1 review Lowest price: Compare Falling Up Silverstein, Shel 3 reviews Lowest price: Compare Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening Frost, Robert 1 review Lowest price: Compare Heartsongs Stepanek, Mattie 1 review Lowest price: Compare Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary Young, Sue K. 2 reviews Lowest price: Compare Howl and Other Poems Ginsberg, Allen 1 review Lowest price: Compare One Child Hayden, Torey L. 3 reviews Lowest price: Compare No image available. The Essential Rumi Rumi, Barks, Coleman 2 reviews Lowest price: Compare Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats Eliot, T. S. 4 reviews Lowest price: Compare Carlisle, Brooke, Carlisle, Bob

    5. Poetry General
    .. from around the world . To Peggy Brunyansky GeorgeAllan Wright To George A Wright Peggy Brunyansky.
    from around the world.... George Allan Wright Peggy Brunyansky

    6. Poetry:  General
    Home Art Gallery Note Cards My Poetry My Students Angelika's Knit Club Artist'sAvenue Caddy Daddy, Around the Hearth. Changed. Coos Bay. Forest. Lakeside Baby.
    Around the Hearth
    Coos Bay
    Forest ...
    You're All I Want for Christmas
    StartCE( 'Movement', 5, 5, 2, 2, './_frontlook/rosec0gif.gif', './_frontlook/rosec1gif.gif', './_frontlook/rosec2gif.gif', './_frontlook/rosec3.gif', './_frontlook/rosec4.gif', './_frontlook/rosec5.gif', './_frontlook/rosec6.gif', './_frontlook/rosec7.gif', './_frontlook/rosec8.gif', 10, 10); Home Art Gallery Note Cards My Poetry ... Caddy Daddy

    7. Civil War Poetry: General Lee And Traveller
    General Lee And Traveller by Rev. Robert Tuttle Behold that horse!A dappled gray! I saw him in the month of May, When wild flowers

    General Lee And Traveller
    by Rev. Robert Tuttle
    Behold that horse! A dappled gray!
    I saw him in the month of May,
    When wild flowers bloomed about his feet,
    And sunshine was his mantle meet.
    The shapely head he held up high,
    And fire seemed flashing from his eye;
    Arched grandly, too, his neck and mane,
    And on them fell the slackened rein. Down from the withers to the tail The curve was perfect in detail, While depth of chest, and haunch, and side, Showed where his strength did most reside. With limb, and hoof, and pastern small, The body round and plump withal, No pattern could be perfecter Than was the form of "Traveller." Rare model for an artist's skill! For brush, or chisel, or for quill! For there, with muscles strained and tense, His mould was sheer magnificence. Bucephalus was not more gay In ancient battle's stern array, Than was that grand Virginia gray, That mutely champed his bits that day. A day of battle, truly, then! A day of death to many men! For war a gory drama played But "Traveller" was undismayed.

    8. Civil War Poetry: General Grant The Hero Of The War
    General Grant The Hero Of The War by George Moses Horton Brave Grant, thou hero ofthe war, Thou art the emblem of the morning star, Transpiring from the East

    General Grant
    The Hero Of The War
    by George Moses Horton
    Brave Grant, thou hero of the war,
    Thou art the emblem of the morning star,
    Transpiring from the East to banish fear,
    Revolving o'er a servile Hemisphere,
    At large thou hast sustained the chief command
    And at whose order all must rise and stand,
    To hold position in the field is thine, To sink in darkness or to rise and shine. Thou art the leader of the Fed'ral band, To send them at thy pleasure through the land, Whose martial soldiers never did recoil Nor fail in any place to take the spoil, Thus organized was all the army firm, And led unwavering to their lawful term, Never repulsed or made to shrink with fear, Advancing in their cause so truly dear. The love of Union burned in every heart, Which led them true and faithful from the start, Whether upon water or on land, They all obeyed their marshall's strict command, By him the regiments were all surveyed, His trumpet voice was by the whole obeyed, His order right was every line to form, And all be well prepared to front the storm.

    9. Born Of Tragedy
    General Hospital and Dawson's Creek fiction.

    10. Writing/Poetry General Audiance
    Writing/poetry general audiance.
    Writing/Poetry general audiance

    Adult Stories N Pictures

    Clean Pictures of Me

    My name for those of you who dont know me is Wesley I am an amature artist and writer I like to do back ground stories for characters and yes I will do requests. Here is a small collection of characters I am writing about....
    Character Bio's

    Melina DarkBlade

    Born into darkness to the death screams of her mother this childs this...monsters first sight is tinged with the life blood of her mother her father a demon over lord of hell looks on pleased yes this one will be strong this child will survive. He lifts the child from the mothers death clutch wailing and screaming in fear.The demon Fiant smiles malisiously yet strange it has a tender gleam in it. He looks over the tinny red skinned naked form and suddenly his eyes widen with shock and yes even fear a black birthmark on her inner thy tells a story he does not want to believe this child is the one the profecy tells of the darkblade the one who will save of distroy mankind once and for all when the final battle takes place. An ebony dagger hilt down at her feet red tendrils inside marks her inner thy the mark of the chosen the daughter of satans strongest general.
    Will she save mankind or distroy it? Only she can say...

    11. Poetry:  General Forrest Muses From The Second Floor Of The Alabama Archives
    poetry general FORREST MUSES FROM THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE ALABAMA ARCHIVES Contributed by Dr James Everett Kibler, Jr Maybinton, South Carolina.
    Contributed by Dr James Everett Kibler, Jr
    Maybinton, South Carolina They puzzle through the glass And ask and ask Too neatly coifed and styled To actually do the deed. They wonder long Of why when chased and chasing Abel Streight, Outnumbered two to one, Where she crossed creek with cows, And gave me passage safe. The case quotes her as saying That the General asked my name And then he dashed. And that is true, And dash I did. That day was at Black Creek. Blountsville and Gadsden, Alabam. Surrendered soon to me. I later gave it freely as a gift To lady in the Cause And now it sits by Yellow leather glove They marvel that my hand was small. I reckon talismans are made From such. I gained my strength A child should drive her cows Cross creeks on family land Without a fear. Her children hence should be let Do the same. Her woven locks enfolded at my chest Sent several Yankee bullets off their course. They thrice deflected sabre from their mark. Yes Emma Sansom gave me safety more than once Cross creeks much deeper, rockier far

    12. Poetry: General Poetry
    Search in SubCategory General Poetry. Title, General Poetry ProbableFirst Edition. Winners of 1992 poetry contests.

    13. KCL: Epic & Heroic Poetry - General Reading List
    MA in Medieval Studies (Western Europe) general interdisiplinary the Medieval Epic Heroic poetry general reading list information.
    Medieval Studies (Western Europe)
    General reading list
    CM Bowra, Heroic Poetry (London: Macmillan, 1952; frequently reprinted)
    Albert B Lord, The Singer of Tales (Cambridge, Mass./London: Harvard UP, 1960)
    Heroic Epic and Saga. An Introduction to the World¹s Great Folk Epics, edited by Felix J Oinas (Bloomington/London: Indiana UP, 1978)
    Traditions of Heroic and Epic Poetry, I, The Traditions, edited by AT Hatto (London: MHRA, 1980)
    Traditions of Heroic and Epic Poetry, II, Characteristics and Techniques, edited by JB Hainsworth under the general editorship of AT Hatto (London: MHRA, 1989)
    John D Niles, Homo Narrans: The Poetics and Anthropology of Oral Literature (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999)
    Contact us
    General Enquiries
    Postgraduate Administration Section King's College London Strand London WC2R 2LS email Programme enquiries Dr Juliet Perkins Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Last modified: Wednesday, 29-Jan-2003 14:24:10 GMT by: WM Pank

    14. Poetry Database :
    poetry general (Moderated by Buddha, Professor). , Poetry Database » PoetryDatabase General » poetry general. Topic, Topic Starter, Replies, Last Post.

    15. Northwest Passages - Canadian Literature Online!
    New To NWP Fiction NonFiction Poetry Experimental General Poetry First Nations AnthologyTr. From French Tr. Go. Poetry-General Poetry Listings poetry general.

    16. Cyprus Pedagogical Institute - Greek - Poetry General Information English Versio
    GREEK POETRY. KAVAFIS. A TRIBUTE TO KAVAFIS http// the pages of this WWW tribute, you will find

    Through the pages of this WWW tribute, you will find:
  • a collection of many of Kavafy's poems,
  • an extensive biography (in English and in Greek),
  • a special tribute to the "Kavafy" movie, 1996 production. (English),
  • a Gallery with a few photos, paintings and manuscripts,
  • passages from articles, criticisms, memories (Greek),
  • a short list of some important publications (Greek) of Kavafy's works
  • a list of references and awards this site has received (English),
  • a list of links to Greek Literature Sites (English).

    Kavafis' Archive includes the poet's biography, his work (poems and prose writings, pictures of certain manuscripts and reciting of some poems), a series of pictures from the Archive, bibliography and analytical catalogue of the Archive's index.



    17. General Poetry
    GENERAL POETRY. This poetry is a selection of both rhyme and free verse.
    This poetry is a selection of both rhyme and free verse. HOME POETRY
    Trapper Man
    Me ... Epic General Poetry Haiku Kyrielle
    Rictameter ...
    Trapper Man
    Old Roger is a trapper man,
    bossloper through and through.
    His main meal hare and dumpling dust,
    just plain old rabbit stew. He lives on Craggy Mountain
    in a hut just off the trail.
    If you search hard you will find it,
    look for moccasin mail. He hasn't much, just possibles
    he leads a simple life, some flint and steel, an old tin cup, a frypan and a knife. Enough to keep him warm at night and cook himself a feed. The good lord hath provided him he has no other need. I once thought he'd gone beaver, thought he'd up and died. I searched the mountain high and low and crossed the river wide. Then WAGH! I jumped right through my skin. Someone had fired a gun. I was so scared, near soiled my pants then broke out in a run. Ran straight into old Roger. "Just steady down my lad. That bug-tit needs a lesson 'cause he's behavin' bad." "Slow down, we'll go behind him.

    18. Writing Poetry: Israel Group Of Poets In English
    Content general, not necessarily on Jewish or Israeli subjects. Challenging, humerous or curious poetry is welcome.
    Home Page


    "Voices Israel"
    Group of Poets in English
    Welcome to the Home Page of
    Voices Israel Group of Poets in English
    A non-profit organization for the promotion and encouragement of poetry written in the English language in Israel and abroad. Seeking to share the power of poetic language with people everywhere. When life touches us
    poems appear like bruises.
    Roger White Return to top of Home Page or click on links on left. For comments/bad links/corrections on any page's contents, please email:
    You are visitor number...426

    19. General Poetry References & Resources
    general poetry Links. (Inclusion of a link on this page does not necessarily indicate endorsement of all contents of
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Poetry Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Poetry Currents -from our correspondents About Poetry Museletters Poets in the News ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
    Subscribe to our newsletter.
    Advertising Free Credit Report
    Free Psychics

    Guide picks
    The Academy of American Poets

    The largest and one of the oldest organizations in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, the Academy sponsors lots of , and National Poetry Month every April. Their ever-growing Find a Poet archive is the first place to look for information on American poets. The American Poetry Archives
    Looking for poets in all the wrong places? If you're interested in documentaries of readings on videotape, the massive archive at San Francisco State's Poetry Center is a great place to start. A superfast search
    The late created this project as a way of planting poetry everywhere in American life by distributing free books: for National Poetry Month 1998 , Andy Carroll made a cross-country trek giving out poetry books at every stop in The Great APLSeed Giveaway Comprepoetica Biographical Dictionary This brave attempt to gather bios of every contemporary American poet is at Bob Grumman 's poetry data-collection site visit his online survey Electronic Poetry Center (University of Buffalo) L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry Grand Central, the Buffalo Poetics site is full of delirious theory and dizzying utopics. Have at it, and see if you can follow the critical path that results in a Ph.D. by threading your way to a “poem.”

    20. The Pulitzer Prizes
    Annual awards by Columbia University. Prizes in Letters are for books published in the US fiction, biography, general non-fiction, history and poetry. Searchable database, history of the prize, guidelines and entry forms, and related links.

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