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         Polio:     more books (100)
  1. Polio: An American Story by David M. Oshinsky, 2006-09-01
  2. Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio by Peg Kehret, 1996-01-01
  3. The Polio Paradox: Understanding and Treating "Post-Polio Syndrome" and Chronic Fatigue by Richard L. Bruno, 2003-06-01
  4. Post-Polio Syndrome: A Guide for Polio Survivors and Their Families by Dr. Julie K. Silver M.D., Julie K. Silver, 2002-09-01
  5. The Polio Paradox: What You Need to Know by Richard L. Bruno, 2002-07
  6. Dirt and Disease: Polio Before FDR (Health and Medicine in American Society) by Naomi Rogers, 1992-05-01
  7. The Polio Years in Texas: Battling a Terrifying Unknown by Heather Green Wooten, 2009-10-25
  8. Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine (Inventions and Discovery) by Katherine Krohn, 2010-01
  9. Living with Polio: The Epidemic and Its Survivors by Daniel J. Wilson, 2007-08-15
  10. Twin Voices: A Memoir of Polio, the Forgotten Killer by Janice Nichols, 2008-09-30
  11. Warm Springs: Traces of a Childhood at FDR's Polio Haven by Susan Richards Shreve, 2008-06-10
  12. Chasing Polio in Pakistan: Why the World's Largest Public Health Initiative May Fail by Svea Closser, 2010-08-16
  13. In the Shadow of Polio: A Personal and Social History by Kathryn Black, 1997-05-16
  14. The Politics of Polio in Northern Nigeria by Elisha P. Renne, 2010-07-09

1. PICO: Introduction And Contents
Read the current news and history of polio. Includes a diagram and details of the poliovirus life cycle. The polio Information Center Online (PICO) provides information about poliovirus, the causative agent of paralytic
T he Polio Information Center Online (PICO) provides information about poliovirus, the causative agent of paralytic poliomyelitis and also an important model system for studying viruses in the family Picornaviridae. This family contains viruses which cause such conditions as the common cold, encephalitis, aseptic meningitis, and hepatitis, to name a few. Thus, while the Salk and Sabin vaccines have significantly reduced the threat of paralysis by polio, there are still good reasons to study this virus.
PICO Contents
News and Opinion

2. Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI) Home Page
Coordinator of International polio Network (IPN) and International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN), collects, creates, and disseminates information for people with disabilities, specifically polio survivors and ventilator users. Information includes newsletters, directories, and books about independent living, home mechanical ventilation, and the late effects of poliomyelitis.
GINI Home IPN IVUN ... Site Map Updated 4-8-03 Coordinator of International Polio Network (IPN) and International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN) Promoting health and independent living for polio survivors and home mechanical ventilator users. About GINI Mission Statement Editorial/Web Policies History ... Polio Network News The Fall 2002 issue of International Polio Network's quarterly newsletter features Mouse Model Developed for Post-Polio Research and Pursuing Therapeutic Resources to Improve Your Health PAST ISSUES IVUN News The Winter 2002 issue of IVUN's quarterly newsletter features Breathing and Pregnancy and Managing Noninvasive Ventilation: A Portuguese Experience PAST ISSUES Looking for clinics, health professionals, and support groups knowledgeable about the late effects of polio? Post-Polio Directory 2003 has just been updated and is available online and in print. IVUN Resource Directory 2003 Health professionals, ventilator users, ventilator equipment and aids, manufacturers' addresses, and related organizations, associations, and foundations. "Information about the

WHO official site on the initiative, with background information and data on current progress to complete Category Health Conditions and Diseases Viral poliomyelitis......The Official Global polio Eradication Initiative Website World HealthOrganization. THE LATEST polio NEWS India launches
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4. Polio
Offers information, inspiration, ideas and resources to help you understand polio and post-polio syndrome Category Health Conditions and Diseases Viral poliomyelitis......Large postpolio resource. Topics ranging from Post-polio syndrome -the new challenge of an old disease. polio Experience Network
p olio
e xperience n etwork
About Post-Polio Syndrome
For Students! Resources for your research paper
Our Own Stories (some funny, some inspirational - all about living with polio and PPS)
"P.E.N i n k' ... " newsletter
(a wide variety of post-polio resources)
Make a Donation
Futures Unlimited, Inc. - "Offering hope for improvement - a treatment that works ."
Where Can I Find a Support Group?
Meeting s for your support group
Resource Links: Polio Places, People and Forums on the Internet ...
Your comments
Post-polio syndrome - the new challenge of an old disease.
Polio Experience Network offers information, inspiration, ideas and resources to help you understand polio and post-polio syndrome, and to confidently manage life with it. Or to help a loved one cope with the effects of polio. We also offer resources for students doing research on the disease. We even have some links about disability in general. Browse - we should have something to help.
Search Our Website:

5. Bundesverband Polio E.V. In Deutschland
Umfassende Informationen zum Postpolio-Syndrom und Kinderlähmung Bundesverband polio e.V. Selbsthilfegruppe für Personen mit Spätfolgen nach Kinderlähmung
Bundesverband Polio e.V.
Interessengemeinschaft von Personen mit Kinderlähmungsfolgen
(gegründet 1991) Home

GEMEINSAM SIND WIR STARK Wir begrüßen Sie auf den Internetseiten des Bundesverbandes Poliomyelitis e.V.
(kurz: Bundesverband Polio e.V.).
Unserer Anliegen ist die umfassende Information von Betroffenen und Interessierten über die Spätfolgen der Kinderlähmung insbesondere über das Post-Polio-Syndrom Der Bundesverband arbeitet deutschlandweit in etwa 50 regionalen Selbsthilfegruppen.
Haben Sie Fragen zu Polio und ihren Spätfolgen oder dem Post-Polio-Syndrom? Möchten Sie mehr wissen über unseren Verband oder das Vereinsleben?
Wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Beratungs- und Geschäftsstelle, an den Vorstand oder eine unserer Regionalgruppen und Kontaktstellen. Über Ihr Interesse, Ihre Mitarbeit und Ihr Sponsoring freuen wir uns sehr. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Der Vorstand des Bundesverbandes Polio e.V. Hans-Joachim Wöbbeking (1. Vorsitzender)

6. Martinek, Richard
Richard's page offers information on polio and Post polio Syndrome. will work just as well 6/01/02. The polio Information Center Online (PICO) provides information about poliovirus, the
Post Polio Syndrome Information
Revised: Friday, May 31, 2002 10:37:27
New on 6/1/02

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What is Post-Polio Syndrome?
Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) is a condition that can strike polio survivors anywhere from 10 to 40 years after their recovery from polio. PPS is caused by the death of individual nerve terminals in the motor units that remain after the initial polio attack. Symptoms include fatigue, slowly progressive muscle weakness, muscle and joint pain, and muscular atrophy. The severity of PPS depends upon how seriously the survivors were affected by the first polio attack. Doctors estimate the incidence of PPS at about 25 percent of the survivor population. The only way to be sure a person has PPS is through a neurological examination aided by other laboratory studies (for example, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), neuroimaging, electrophysiological studies, and muscle biopsies or spinal fluid analysis). 6/20/01
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7. PPS CENTRAL - Post Polio Related Info On The Internet
Search or browse this comprehensive listing of PPS postpolio, post polio syndrome internet resources, original papers, surveys and polls.
Post-Polio Syndrome Central
Search PPS-C
Contact PPS-C Privacy Statement What's New ... PPMed Email List PLEASE NOTE: The PPS-C polls are for GENERAL INTEREST ONLY . They are NOT controlled and NOT reliable data. PPS Central
Weekly Opinion Poll Poll idea thanks to Mary Ramsey: Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Angina? No. Yes.
Submit your own ideas for Poll questions

Past Poll Results

NOTICE! Proceeding beyond the following constitutes
acceptance of these terms and conditions. POST POLIO SYNDROME EMAIL DISCUSSION LISTS AND
Need one-on-one information, support or socializing? Email Discussion Lists and UseNets Groups are the place for you! Information and links to PPS related Email Discussion Lists and Usenet groups can be found by accessing the following two links: POST POLIO SYNDROME INFORMATION ON THE WORLD
    Post-Polio Syndrome Related Calendar of Events. Listings and information on PPS conferences, seminars, get-togethers, reunions, etc being held around the world.
  • PPS SPECIFIC Links Here you will find links to information on Post-Polio Syndrome only. The links on this page will take you to general information, such as "what is PPS" to more advanced PPS information. 50 links per page

8. RI: PolioPlus
children worldwide from the cruel and fatal consequences of polio. In 1988, the World Health Assembly challenged
Home The Rotary Foundation PolioPlus About PolioPlus Information About PolioPlus History Spearheading Partners PolioPlus Committees ... FAQ Polio Eradication
Campaign Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Campaign Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Campaign Information Fundraising Ideas Download Newsletter Campaign Leadership ... Campaign Resources Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Campaign Contribute News Eradication Status Featured Story Milestones Photo Gallery ... Recognition Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Campaign Contribute News Participate National Immunization Days Volunteer Locally Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign Contribute

Report on a scientific study on bromocriptine in the treatment of post-polio fatigue.Category Health Pharmacy Drugs and Medications B Bromocriptine......Lincolnshire Postpolio Library BROMOCRIPTINE IN THE TREATMENT OF POST-polioFATIGUE A pilot study with implications for the pathophysiology of fatigue
A pilot study with implications for the pathophysiology of fatigue.
American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 1997 (in press)
Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library copy by arrangement with the Harvest Center Library
  • Post-Polio Rehabilitation and Research Service
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
    East Orange, New Jersey Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School
    Newark, New Jersey Harvest Center
    Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Address all correspondence and reprint requests to:
    Dr. Richard L. Bruno,
    Post-Polio Rehabilitation and Research Service,
    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation,
    300 Market Street, Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07662. This research was supported by grants from the George Ohl, Jr. Infantile Paralysis Foundation, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, The Joel Leff Charitable Trust, and the Deluxe Corporation. Short Title: Bromocriptine and Post-Polio Fatigue
    Objective: Determine the effectiveness of bromocriptine in the treatment of severe and disabling post-polio fatigue. Design: Placebo-controlled drug trial in a pilot series of patients.

    10. Post-Polio Network Of NSW Inc Directory
    PPS information, Australian Support Groups, Seminars, newsletters, articles and general Australian Category Health Conditions and Diseases Post polio Syndrome...... THE LATE EFFECTS OF polio. Some twenty or thirty years after contracting polio,70% of people experience new symptoms. Postpolio Network (NSW) Inc.
    Local Seminars Newsletters Network Photos Forum Selected Articles Immunize Contact Info Australian Support Groups Members Stories Committee Members The Late Effects of Polio A Short History Membership Benefits Donations Mechandise Polio Eradication Ten Years of Achievement Disability Support Sevices Directory Contact Info Forum Donations Network Photos ... Committee Members Patron: Professor Emeritus Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE FAA FRS Got a Question ? Want some Answers ? Make some new Friends - Join our New Forum - Click this Message.
    Some twenty or thirty years after contracting polio, 70% of people experience new symptoms.
    These symptoms may include:
    • new muscle weakness
    • joint and muscle pain
    • breathing problems
    The severity of these symptoms may slowly increase.
    Research into the late effects of polio is under way. Some possible causes are:
    • the overuse of polio-weakened muscles leading to deterioration
    • the premature ageing of nerve cells damaged by infection
    • a diminished ability for polio-affected muscles to continue functioning normally
    Suggestions for the relief of symptoms include:
    • energy conservation
    • weight control
    • posture changes
    • relaxation and stress management
    The objectives of the Network are:
    • to provide advice through an information kit, regular newsletters, web site and bulletins

    11. Polio
    Offers a timeline of the US epidemic, national and international immunization info, and a profile of the film. information about polio. A PARALYZING FEAR THE STORY OF polio IN AMERICA
    timeline of immunization immunization a paralyzing fear
    polio history information worldwide home page
    A Paralyzing Fear film info

    12. Post Polio Syndrome Resources - Polio/PPS Information For Polio Survivors.
    A personal web page with links to polio/PPS and other Disability Information.
    /* Static Top Menu Script By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( Featured on For full source code and installation instructions to this script, visit */ P ost P olio S yndrome R esources
    Carl's Story
    French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
    What is post-polio syndrome?
    Post-polio syndrome (PPS) is a condition that can strike polio survivors anywhere from 10 to 40 years after recovery from an initial attack of the poliomyelitis virus. PPS is characterized by a further weakening of muscles that were previously injured by polio infection. Symptoms include fatigue, slowly progressive muscle weakness, muscle and joint pain, and muscular atrophy. Some patients experience only minor symptoms, while others develop spinal muscular atrophy or what appears to be, but is not, a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease. PPS is rarely life-threatening. The extent to which polio survivors will suffer from PPS depends on how seriously they were affected by the first polio attack. Patients who had only minimal symptoms from the original attack and subsequently develop PPS will most likely experience only mild PPS symptoms. People originally hit hard by the polio virus may develop a more severe case of PPS with a greater loss of muscle function, difficulty in swallowing, and more periods of fatigue.

    13. All Science News In One Place - UniSci
    Scientists declared the Western Hemisphere "poliofree" in 1994; two years later, only 4 000 cases were reported
    About UniSci Note to PIO's Why Bylines Last 10 Days
    Search Archives
    Tips: Use single word or "phrase in quotes" International Science News Editorials Why Science?
    Why UniSci?

    Special Archives Prostate Cancer
    Polio Vaccinations


    Technical Director
    UniSci Masthead
    August 1997 Should Polio Vaccinations End? Experts Still Debating Scientists declared the Western Hemisphere "polio-free" in 1994; two years later, only 4,000 cases were reported worldwide. Wild polio virus has been largely confined to South Asia and Africa; complete eradication of the disease is expected by 2003. As a result, World Health Organization (WHO) officials are now exploring strategies for bringing an end to polio vaccinations. In a "Policy Forum" in the August 8 issue of Science , one pair of scientists at WHO in Geneva and another pair at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York square off on some of the issues involved.

    14. Mama's Health Polio
    Learn about polio, its causes, symptoms and treatment.

    15. Welcome To The Post-Polio Resource Group
    Formed by polio survivors to provide information and support to polio survivors and their families Category Health Conditions and Diseases Post polio Syndrome......For polio survivors, disabled or not, who are having new symptomsof pain, weakness, breathing problems. polio postpolio
    polio post-polio disability pain weakness polio post-polio disability pain weakness polio post-polio disability pain weakness polio post-polio disability pain weakness
    Welcome! Since the Post-Polio Resource Group was founded in 1985, our mission has been to inform and transform the lives of polio survivors with regard to our medical, emotional, social, spiritual, and other life needs - especially as we experience the new and debilitating symptoms of Post-Polio Syndrome.
    Enter PPRG Home Page Click on the headline below to read a current news article that mentions polio. Don't forget to bookmark this page first (add to you favorites) so you can return to the PPRG web site. Please let other polio survivors and their loved ones know about us.
    We're all in this together.
    PPRG web site has been online since May 1, 1997
    The pop-up advertisements were placed there by our web site host, Yahoo! GeoCities, to help pay for the cost of providing a home for our web site. Their presence on our web pages does not mean the PPRG endorses any advertised product or service. This page hosted by Yahoo! GeoCities. Get your own

    16. Landsforeningen Af Polio-, Trafik- Og Ulykkesskadede
    Interesseforening, med medlemstilbud, forskning, nyheder, informationsmateriale og projekter.

    17. UNICEF - A World Without Polio
    Highlights the efforts for worldwide eradication of polio by UNICEF and its partners.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Viral poliomyelitis......The world is on the verge of an historic public health victory theeradication of poliomyelitis, better known simply as polio.
    Home / Employment / Contact / Search / A World Without Polio Introduction About polio Links to our partners Press releases ... How you can help
    Introduction 4 March 2003 - UNICEF: 4 million children vaccinated against polio in Iraq World acclaimed Brazilian photographer and UNICEF Special Representative Sebastião Salgado documents the end of polio. A web site featuring selected photos is on line at For many in the industrialized world, vaccines have relegated polio to history books, along with paralyzed legs, 'iron lungs' and deaths due to the disease. Since its launch in 1988, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative has helped eliminate indigenours wild poliovirus from 125 countries. In 2001, the number of polio-endemic countries was reduced from 20 to ten. By the end of 2002, the poliovirus was circulating in only seven coutnreis including Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia. In these countries, polio is isolated to limited areas. But as long as polio exists anywhere, it threatens children's lives. The remaining seven countries pose the greatest challenge. Today, the massive global campaign to eradicate polio continues. When it succeeds, polio will be the second disease in history following smallpox to be eradicated.

    18. Post-Polio Syndrome Information And More
    Sylvia and Marilyn's page on several disability topics and other interests.
    var TlxPgNm='index'; Post-Polio Syndrome Information and More INDEX
    Have you ever simply wanted to lay in the sun and veg all day?
    Perhaps it's too difficult to reach the backyard, or the front yard. We all need time to "play," to let the child within come forth and when the sun is warm and calling our name, if we can't get to the door or through the door, some of that desire to play, some of that child within, is going to give up, and we would then find ourselves a prisoner in our own home. Some of us are bedridden, and for those who are, these pages will help to bring the sunshine to you, with lots of jokes and laughter, stories of our adventures and the crazy antics of the animals that are willing to let us share the house with them. Also some ideas of how to make doorways/step-downs, more accessible for those in wheelchairs or scooters.
    The late effects of Polio, called Post-Polio, or PPS, will be covered as well as, CFS, and the effects of anesthesia on Polio survivors. Links to other PPS sites, Crohns and Scoliosis sites, heart attack information, with an article on knowing what to do to survive a heart attack if you are alone; baby-boomers and possible links to their having CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome); magnets that work; memory loss in Polio survivors and more are in these pages.

    19. Post-Polio-Med
    Forum for researchers, medical professionals, polio survivors, and anyone interested in PPS for research Category Health Conditions and Diseases Post polio Syndrome......Postpolio-Med Listserv email list for questions and answers aboutpost polio syndrome, polio postpolio poliomyelitis. This site
    This site accessible by people living with disabilities
    Welcome to the
    Web Pages!
    An Email List for and about Post-Polio Syndrome Read about PPMed and PPS-Central and see the awards the sites have won Search PPS Central What's New Add URL ... PPS Survey Take the Post-Polio Syndrome/New Health Problems Survey!
    See the up to date results!: Post-Polio Syndrome Survey CAUTION! Proceeding beyond the following constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    == INDEX ==
    Info File
    Rules Archives
    Links to other PPS Information
    ... ONLINE JOIN/LEAVE POST-POLIO-MED FORM POST-POLIO-MED INFORMATION Post-Polio-Med is a forum for questions and answers to and from post-polio syndrome researchers, physicians and other post-polio syndrome medical professionals, polio survivors, family, friends, students and others who are interested in post-polio syndrome. This includes, but is not limited to: questions, answers and information about post-polio syndrome research, clinical issues, clinical trials, current treatment practices and support group meetings and information. PPMed is NOT The posts to Post-Polio-Med are for information only, and are not to be used as a replacement for proper medical attention. The opinions expressed on Post-Polio-Med are the opinions of the author only and neither the listowners nor SJU make any claims toward the veracity of the posts. Always confer with your own doctor.

    Information, resources and support for polio survivors and their families.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Viral poliomyelitis......**** polio CONNECTION OF AMERICA****. 'polio VICTIMS ARE EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE'.Welcome, polio Survivors to our Home, our polio Information Home Page.
    Welcome, Polio Survivors to our Home, our Polio Information Home Page. We are glad you looked for us and found us and do hope you will find below information that will improve your Quality of Life.
    Free Sample Newsletter Main Menu Polio Monthly Listing of 'Polio Doctors' ...
    Secure our Polio publications for your library.
    This will conserve your limited time, effort and strength
    It is our belief that our publications contain everything that you may want to know "Knowledge is Power for You and Other Polio Survivors"

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