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  1. Hillary Clinton (People in the News) by Dwayne Epstein, 2009-12-04
  2. Michelle Obama (People in the News) by Michael V. Uschan, 2010-05-07
  3. Joe Biden (People in the News) by Michael V. Uschan, 2010-06-18
  4. Oprah Winfrey (People in the News) by Rose Blue, 2009-03-13
  5. Salma Hayek (People in the News) by Terri Dougherty, 2008-11-21
  6. Jesse Jackson (People in the News) by Dan Woog, 2003-08-29
  7. Queen Latifah (People in the News) by Judy Galens, 2007-07-27
  8. George W. Bush (People in the News) by John F. Wukovits, 2008-11-21
  9. John Travolta (People in the News) by Corinne J. Naden, 2002-05-31
  10. Tony Hawk (People in the News) by Barbara Sheen, Corinne J. Naden, 2007-12-05
  11. Barack Obama (People in the News) by Michael V. Uschan, 2009-05-29
  12. Tony Blair (People in the News) by Rose Blue, 2002-11-15
  13. People in the News - Jesse Ventura by Michael V. Uschan, 2000-09-01
  14. John Roberts (People in the News) by Jan Burns, 2009-06-05

1. Tzemach News Service - News Events Concerning Israel And The Jewish People
newsletter by Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies focuses on events concerning the State of Israel and the Jewish people. the initiative of the political news service is to inform those who desire to know about what is taking place in and about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.
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Daily English News
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Tzemach News Service
is a ministry of:
Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies
ISSN: 1529-2819 "For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest ..." Isaiah 62:1 Daily Updates Weekly Wrap-Up Links Comments
Palestinians' premier is no moderate checknew("04/03/2003") Whatever else regime change in Baghdad entails, at a minimum it must sweep the dictator and his accomplices from power. Why should it do any less in Ram'Allah? Jeff Jacoby looks at the hypocrisy of throwing out Sadaam Hussein' regime in Iraq but embracing another terrorist regime run by the PLO in the Palestinian Authority More [off site] ...
What Happened on Hill 26? checknew("04/02/2003") Details of the forcible removal by Israeli soldiers of Livnat Ozeri, widow of terror victim Nati Ozeri, and her five children from their home on Hill 26, Kiryat Arba, continue to come forth. This time in the form of a chilling description provided by Livnat and her grandmother, in an interview with Nadia Matar, co-chairwoman of the grass-roots activist organization Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), ahead of her weekly program on Arutz-7 radio.

2. Red Rock Eater News Service
Information about the social and political aspects of computing and networking.Category news Personalized news......The Red Rock Eater news Service (RRE) is a mailing list organized by Phil These daysmost of the messages concern the social and political aspects of computing
Red Rock Eater News Service The Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE) is a mailing list organized by Phil Agre . Subscribers to the list receive about five messages a week. These messages have no single format; they simply contain whatever I find interesting. RRE is not a discussion list. Topics. These days most of the messages concern the social and political aspects of computing and networking. Please note that neither Phil nor UCLA nor anyone else necessarily endorse anything that is sent to RRE, and that Phil's opinions are his own and not UCLA's or anyone else's. FAQ. Here are some frequently asked questions about RRE. Topics include: subscribing and unsubscribing, changing addresses, submitting items to the list, the format I use when describing URL's, press releases (no thank you), the software we use, and how I find the time to read everything (I don't). (Un)subscribe. To subscribe to RRE, send a message that looks like this: To: Subject: subscribe rre You will receive a message explaining a little more about the list, including the fact that the way to end your subscription is to send a message like this:

3. BuzzFlash - Daily Headlines And Breaking News
Progressive daily news, commentary and links.Category news Politics Progressive and Left...... Bush is So Comfortable Killing Innocent people, He Feels Good Get A BuzzFlash.comTshirt And Spread the news! is now, more then ever, a hot political issue.
BuzzFlash Interview with the Man Who Knows About Fear in American Culture Support BuzzFlash
US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that the United States and its coalition partners will select leaders for a new interim Iraqi authority. Sounds Like the Supreme Court in the 2000 Election.
Get Your News First . Sign Up for BuzzFlash Alerts Bodies, Including Children, Litter Streets of Baghdad Suburb."If the price of freedom is this, we don't want it," said one Iraqi helping at the scene. BuzzFlash.Com Set New Readership Records in March Bombard the Baseball Hall of Fame! ... Mad Kane's Antiwar Humor 4/10 BUZZFLASH






4. RealClear Politics - Political Commentary For The Political Junkie
news, political opinion and commentary, and the political issues of the day.Category news Politics...... that it would be the equivalent of political malpractice to CBS news/NY Times PollAmericans Losing Patience With My job is to protect the American people.

Suicide Attack Kills 'Some' Soldiers in Baghdad, US Says
- Reuters
Bush, Blair Vow Iraqis Will Be Free in Taped Messages on Iraqi TV
Iraqi Ambassador May Seek Asylum
- Sky News
U.S. Marines Battle Holdouts in Baghdad
- AP
Kurds Occupy Oil City Kirkuk
Turkey to Send Observers to Kirkuk
Crowd Kills Two Islamic Clerics in Iraq
- NY Times/AP Thursday, April 10 Jubilant V-I Day - William Safire, New York Times
Killing a Regime, Not a People
- Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Baghdad Day
- William Shawcross, Wall Street Journal

Baghdad Falls
- Tony Karon, Time 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackguard - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard Try Telling People of Baghdad This War Was Unjust - P. Bishop, Daily Telegraph The Iraq the Arab World Saw All Along - Mamoun Fandy, New York Times

5. - AP Worldstream 05-16-2002, 'People And Places In The ELibrary Is
Search last 100 days of Berkeley in the news professional journey helping Indian people, said Belcourt, who also UC BERKELEY political SCIENCE PROFESSOR HENRY BRADY called Bush's

6. Pravda.RU Persecution Of Slobodan Milosevic's Family Underway
Independent online news and analytic resource.Category news Current Events Global Politics and War...... com, one of the leading online news services standing against Iraq, return to trackof political solution to of Quan is infrequent in China; people with the
Say what you want! PRAVDA.Ru will hear you!
Apr, 10 2003 In Russian Em Portugues Former USSR Top Stories ... About Pravda.RU:Top Stories
Persecution of Slobodan Milosevic's Family Underway
They apparently threaten Milosevic with arresting his family members

Democratic press has recently caused a commotion regarding the supposed implication of the former Yugoslav President Slabodan Milosevic and his family in the kidnapping of retired banker Ivan Stambolic in August of 2000. It is worth mentioning that this subject was raised by television channels and newspapers of a certain orientation, which gives a reason to assume that it goes about a coordinated, deliberate action
More details
Never Pay any Taxes?
The tax reform still causes controversy in Russia

The Prime Minister of the Russian government Mikhail Kasyanov decided to personally run the reform of the taxation system in Russia. As governmental officials say, Kasyanov is tired of waiting for the Finance Ministry and the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade to take an initiative about the reform. Secondly, it would be very good for the prime minister to run the reform successfully, for everyone would associate the ease of the tax burden with his name
More details
Russians Refuse from Travelling to China Because of SARS Virus
Russian travel companies suffer losses

The severe acute respiratory syndrome, which has shocked the whole world, caused considerable financial damage to the tourist business of the Russian Primorye region. Travel agencies managers are not yet ready to expose the amount of their losses, although they still advertise trips to the countries of South-Eastern Asia

7. People, Places & Things In The News: 1/18/99
March 16th March 22nd Maoists in the news a short diary BY OUR political CORRESPONDENT news story with a Surkhet dateline, it was reported that police were posing to be Maoists in a calculated effort to nab people
  • Johnny Carson's
  • Dustin Hoffman's
  • Trisha Yearwood
  • Alec Baldwin ...
  • Richard Pryor
    When she heard the crunch of a potato chip in Johnny Carson's mouth, Myrtle Young's face registered sheer horror.
    The woman had come on to the "Tonight" program to show off her prized collection of oddly shaped chips, one that she thought looked like a dog, another a bird. Ed McMahon distracted her, and Carson munched a chip from his own bowl hidden under his desk.
    The joke on the Oct. 16, 1987 show was judged television's funniest moment ever by editors of TV Guide. Retirement obviously doesn't stop Carson from being comedy's king: His show appeared three times on the magazine's list of 50 funniest moments, more than any other.
    Others included Carol Burnett's send-up of "Gone With the Wind," Mary Tyler Moore's giggle fit at the funeral of Chuckles the Clown and Kramer's quick exit from "the contest" on "Seinfeld."
    A judge is expected to rule within a week on Dustin Hoffman's $5 million lawsuit claiming a magazine used a computer-altered image of him in a dress without his permission.
    The actor, who played a man masquerading as a woman in the 1982 film "Tootsie," sued in 1997 over a Los Angeles Magazine layout that included a computerized composite of his face on the body of a man wearing a designer gown.
  • 8. - News Front
    Comprehensive access to today's newspaper contents plus past stories and special reports on US politics Category news newspapers Regional United States Washington, DC...... EMAIL newsLETTERS news Alerts political news Technology news More newsletters.Personals. GO OUT. people/Entertainment news • Actor Stacy Keach Sr.
    var thisNode='homepage'; 51°F/10°C

    DC Webcam



    Get Travel Deals

    Take a Class/Learn

    Plan a Night Out

    Improve Your Home
    ... Find a Person Thursday, April 10, 2003 Updated 7:56 p.m. ET Touring an Iraqi Leader's Life Visit to top official's home reveals fascination with the American culture he denounced. Basra Leader Faces Protest British-tapped sheik's problems likely to be repeated in postwar Iraq. The Post's Richburg in Basra Readers' Questions Your Comments Kurds Easily Seize Key City of Kirkuk Forces storm the oil-rich city virtually without a fight. Turkey, opposed to Kurd control, is sending "observers." Post's Vick Post's Chikwendiu Post's Pincus on Hussein Location Philip Pan in Turkey Maps: The Latest Previous Actions Live Online at 8 ET U.S. Central Command Spokesman Marine Battle in Baghdad Fierce fight in center of capital, killing one Marine, shows war not over. Soldier Buried at Arlington Cemetery Post Poll: Most Expect More Fighting LATEST UPDATES An Uneasy Liberation Post's Shadid says Baghdadis are nervous about what comes next. Post's Chandrasekaran in Capital U.S. Escalates SARS Probe

    9. People, Places & Things In The News: 3/04/96
    people, places things in the news Byronhas two heads, and some people think that means double trouble. Get away, try a Bed Breakfast. people, places things in the news. Index killed more than 100 people in the region known for chronic political fighting that has claimed thousands
    Too wired? Get away, try a
  • Byron
  • Dana Carvey's
  • Garth Brooks
  • Ben Nighthorse Campbell
    Byron has two heads, and some people think that means double trouble.
    The young, mildly poisonous herald snake found in a garden in southern KwaZulu-Natal province in Durban, South Africa, has evoked fears among the superstitious about the coming of an inkanyamba, or mythical, hydra-headed snake capable of inflicting great misery.
    Her discovery - Byron was named before handlers determined her sex - on Feb. 6 came after severe flooding killed more than 100 people in the region known for chronic political fighting that has claimed thousands of lives in the past 12 years.
    "My ancestors sent me to tell the mayor of Durban to allow this snake to be returned back where it belongs," Mandlakayise Victor Madela told the Sunday Tribune newspaper. "If this snake can be taken back the floods and violence will end."
    Nonsense, said Craig Smith, who's made a star attraction out of the five-inch snake at his Fitzsimons Snake Park along Durban's beachfront. The dark brown snake sits in a tub of water drawing stares but little respect. "Other than the two heads, she's quite normal," said Mr. Smith, who added that two-headed snakes were rare but not unheard of.
    Some legends say the mythical snake has as many as seven heads and others insist an inkanyamba would chase down whoever captured its baby, wreaking havoc along the way.
  • 10. Amazon: Political Books: Jesse Jackson (People In The News)
    Jesse Jackson (people in the news) Store Links Buy Strategy - Yahoo
    Jesse Jackson (People in the News)
    Store Links: Buy Strategy - Yahoo Shopping ebay Best Buy

    11. 2001 Political Dot-Comedy Awards - Best Political Humor On The Net
    More Partisan Forums and Watchdog Sites . Best Site for political news andEntertainment.'s Pick Hotline Scoop. people's Pick BuzzFlash.
    zfp=-1 About Political Humor Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Political Humor
    with Daniel Kurtzman
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Political Joke Archives Bush Cartoons Target: Bin Laden ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    2001 Political Dot-Comedy Awards
    "Day-O" (Banana Boat Parody)
    WTC "Tourist Guy" W
    e are proud to announce the winners of's 2nd annual awards competition saluting the best political humor on the Net. This year's awards recognize some of the brilliant, cathartic, and wildly popular humor that emerged as America launched its counter-strike against terrorism. Thanks to all those who voted, and congratulations to the comic geniuses behind these sites who helped us laugh when we needed to most.
    And the Winners Are…
    Best Humor Coverage:
    War on Terror's Pick:
    Modern Humorist:
    Comedy Under Siege
    People's Pick: Newgrounds: Osama bin Laden Flash Honorable Mention: The Onion: Holy F***ing S**t: Attack on America Nominees: Modern Humorist: Comedy Under Siege National Lampoon: America Laughs ... More War on Terrorism Humor Best Bin Laden Bashing Site's Pick:

    12. Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan
    A political party aiming to achieve selfdetermination for the Kurdish people in Iraq. The site includes news, publications, folklore and music.
    KURDISTAN NEWSLINE Symbol of regime
    comes crashing down
    ... Search for more titles.
    10-apr-2003 09-apr-2003 08-apr-2003 07-apr-2003 06-apr-2003 05-apr-2003 03-apr-2003 02-apr-2003 01-apr-2003 31-mar-2003 30-mar-2003 29-mar-2003 27-mar-2003 26-mar-2003 25-mar-2003 24-mar-2003 23-mar-2003 22-mar-2003 21-mar-2003 20-mar-2003 19-mar-2003 18-mar-2003 17-mar-2003 16-mar-2003 15-mar-2003 13-mar-2003 12-mar-2003 11-mar-2003 10-mar-2003 AL ITTIHAD 09-Apr-2003 04-Apr-2003 02-Apr-2003 31-Mar-2003 12-Mar-2003 05-Mar-2003 03-mar-2003 28-feb-2003 21-feb-2003 14-feb-2003 07-feb-2003 01-feb-2003 17-jan-2003 10-jan-2003 03-jan-2003 27-dec-2002 20-dec-2002 13-dec-2002 04-dec-2002 29-nov-2002 22-nov-2002 15-nov-2002 08-Nov-2002 ZANKO
    29-dec-2002 22-dec-2002 15-dec-2002 03-dec-2002 26-nov-2002 18-nov-2002 12-nov-2002 05-nov-2002 29-oct-2002 22-oct-2002 15-oct-2002 08-oct-2002 10-sep-2002 03-sep-2002 20-aug-2002 13-aug-2002 ZIANAWA
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    03-apr-2003 20-mar-2003 06-mar-2003 19-feb-2003 06-feb-2003 16-jan-2003 08-jan-2003 01-jan-2003 26-dec-2002 19-dec-2002 12-dec-2002

    13. [Corruption-issues] NEWS: Petrol Station Scandal: People Versus Political Partie
    Petrol station scandal people versus political parties (news ANALYSIS) By DeepshikhaGhosh, IndoAsian news Service New Delhi, Aug 10 (IANS) India's ruling
    [Corruption-issues] NEWS: Petrol station scandal: People versus political parties
    Frederick Noronha
    Sun, 11 Aug 2002 00:35:36 +0530 (IST)

    14. URL's From RRE
    The political Economy of Open Source Software (2000) http Service http// fromnow) http//
    URL's from RRE
    This is a complete list of the URL's that I have listed in messages to the Red Rock Eater News Service since 1998. They are in reverse chronological order, and each link will open in a new window. If you encounter a bad link, please let me know. This file is nearly 3MB in length and includes links going back to January 1998. Hit your browser's "Stop" button if you are only interested in the most recent links. Companies Test Prototype Wireless-Sensor Nets
    European Digital Rights
    Consumer Products: When Software Bugs Bite,3668,a=35839,00.asp
    Security Assertion Markup Language
    (basis of the Liberty authentication standard)
    detailed discussion of rights management technology
    The Economics and Security Resource Page
    Voting Machines Must Provide a Voter-Verifiable Audit Trail

    15. People Poll Is Bad News For Springer's Political Ambitions
    people Poll is bad news for Springer's political ambitions Tim Campbell.Published March 11, 2003, PEOP11. Talk show host Jerry Springer

    16. - Consumer/political Watchdog. We The People Consent No More!!!
    Harry the Mad Dog of, Advertisement. The people's WatchDogwith teeth!!! our sponsors, news Articles, news with that Watchdog bite !!!

    17. Department Of Political Science At The University Of Florida
    S. Hyden, Graduate Coordinator David M. Hedge, Undergraduate Coordinator UndergraduateProgram Graduate Program people Faculty Research news Events
    P.O. Box 117325 Anderson Hall
    Gainesville, Florida 32611-7325
    telephone: (352) 392-0262 fax: (352) 392-8127 Michael D. Martinez , Interim Chair
    Goran S. Hyden , Graduate Coordinator David M. Hedge , Undergraduate Coordinator
    Undergraduate Program
    Graduate Program People Faculty Research ... Related Links
    This site is maintained by Bryon Moraski
    Site Design: Shannon Bow
    Last Modified September 2002

    18. CFTO News Covers The Political News That Matters To People In Southern Ontario
    From the local to federal scene, CFTO news covers the political news that mattersto people in Southern Ontario, with a focus on Ottawa, Queen's Park and local
    From the local to federal scene, CFTO News covers the political news that matters to people in Southern Ontario, with a focus on Ottawa, Queen's Park and local politics across the GTA From Ottawa, CTV's Mike Duffy offers frequent commentary and insight in conversation with Ken Shaw. At Queen's Park, veteran reporter Leon Korbee has been covering the provincial Legislature for close to a decade. Leon's inside knowledge of provincial politics has helped him break several stories over the years. Since the formation of the mega city, Alicia Kay-Markson has covered Toronto City Hall, the 5th largest municipal government in North America. And when important news happens on the local scene across the GTA and around the Golden Horseshoe, CFTO News is there. Google News:
    © 2003 Bell Globemedia Interactive Inc.
    For problems or questions regarding this web contact [Richard McIlveen]

    19. Insight Morocco Political, Economic Information News Portal
    Insight Morocco people.
    Insight Morocco Moroccan People Morocco History Morocco Economy ... Morocco Links
    : Population: 30,122,350 (July 2000 est.)
    Age structure:
    0-14 years: 35% (male 5,372,393; female 5,175,114)
    15-64 years: 60% (male 9,021,259; female 9,163,548)
    65 years and over: 5% (male 632,698; female 757,338) (2000 est.)
    Population growth rate: 1.74% (2000 est.)
    Birth rate: 24.6 births/1,000 population (2000 est.)
    Death rate: 6.02 deaths/1,000 population (2000 est.)
    Net migration rate: -1.21 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2000 est.)
    Sex ratio: at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female 15-64 years: 0.98 male(s)/female 65 years and over: 0.84 male(s)/female total population: 1 male(s)/female (2000 est.) Infant mortality rate: 49.72 deaths/1,000 live births (2000 est.) Life expectancy at birth: total population: 69.13 years male: 66.92 years female: 71.44 years (2000 est.)

    20. : Political News Summary: The People Versus The Powerful Pundits
    said are being neglected while people debate the Democratic members of Congress plannews conferences to the White House's allegedly political machinations on
    var SectionID="Politics"; var SubsectionID="DailyNews"; var NameID="TheNote_Sept25"; var flash = 0; var ShockMode = 0; var Flash_File_Path = ""; var default_image = ""; var default_alttext = "visit"; var ad_width = "95"; var ad_height = "30"; on error resume next FlashInstalled = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.4"))) If FlashInstalled = "True" then flash = 1 End If Good Morning America World News Tonight Primetime Nightline ... This Week April 10, 2003 HOMEPAGE NEWS SUMMARY US INTERNATIONAL ... TRAVEL FEATURED SERVICES RELATIONSHIPS SHOPPING DOWNLOADS WIRELESS INTERACT BOARDS CHAT NEWS ALERTS CONTACT ABC
    The People Versus the Powerful Pundits The Freudian Question: What Do Voters Want?
    By Mark Halperin, Elizabeth Wilner
    W A S H I N G T O N, September 25
    42 Days Until The Election....
    Print This Page
    Email This Page See Most Sent
    Where Is Saddam's Deadly Weapons Cache?
    ... Woman 'Outs' CEOs to Enter Golf Club The Agenda: Click here for The ABCNEWS Political Unit's exclusive major futures calendar and today's daybook.

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