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         Pop Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Programming in POP-11
  2. Programming in Pop-11 by Jonathan Laventhol, 1987-05
  3. Pop-11 Programming for Artificial Intelligence (International Computer Science Series) by Mike Burton, Nigel Shadbolt, 1987-05
  4. Pop Your Paradigm by Sandra Anne Daly, 2009-09-21
  5. POP-2, Programming
  6. POP-11, Programming
  7. Programming Internet Email by David Wood, 2009-03-27
  8. Pop 11 Comes of Age (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence) by Anderson, 1990-12
  9. POP-11: A Practical Language for Artificial Intelligence (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications) by Rosalind Barrett, etc., 1985-08-07
  10. Get Popular @ the Library: Pop Culture Programming for Teens by Julie Thomas Bartel, 2009-04
  11. Programming in Pop-2
  12. Primetime: Network Television Programming by Richard A. Blum, Richard D. Lindheim, 1987-08
  13. Natural Language Processing in Pop-11: An Introduction to Computational Linguistics by Gerald Gazdar, Chris Mellish, 1989-05
  14. Electronic Media Programming by Raymond L. Carroll, Donald M. Davis, 1992-12-01

1. The Pop-11 Programming Language
Like Lisp in power, but with more traditional, readable syntax. It is the main implementation language Category Computers programming Languages pop-11...... University Press, Edinburgh, 1968. Burton87 Burton and Shadbolt, pop11programming for Artificial Intelligence , Addison-Wesley, 1987.
The Pop-11 Language
The Pop-11 language is similar to Lisp in power, but with a more traditional (some would say readable) syntax. Pop-11 is the main implementation language of the Poplog programming environment. Its features include:
  • ``Proper'' lexical scoping (procedures are first class objects.)
  • A re-definable, extendible syntax.
  • An ``open'' user stack which the user can explicitly manipulate.
  • Dynamic typing.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Incremental compilation.
  • Lightweight processes.
  • Object-oriented extensions (becoming a standard part of the language in the near future).
  • and lots, lots more...
Raves on Pop-11
In a survey of Alvey funded projects conducted by Ken Hartley at the Rutherton Appleton Laboratory ``Only three languages were rated `good' by all users on a `good/indifferent/poor' scale: POP-11, PARLOG, and C++. Of these three, POP-11 had the most users. The complete list of languages mentioned included PROLOG, LISP, C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, ADA, and others.''
Another quote: ``For me the ideal programming language would be an artful blend of Pascal, Lisp, and Forth with a dash of Smalltalk and Prolog. From

2. Pop Art-Web Design-E-Commerce-Hosting In Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon firm offers web design and development, wireless applications, hosting, programming, 3D animation, graphic design, and search engine positioning.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Pop Art provides programming e-commerce hosting web development , and Internet marketing services. Our highly innovative and integrated approach allows us to implement web-based business processes quickly and cost-effectively, producing measurable ROI for our customers.
Recent News Releases Pop Art lands several new accounts. The agency begins work with Pacific Yurts, Inc., MEC Northwest, and the Calaveras County Department of Public Works, to redesign and improve functionality for their web sites. For the second year in a row, Oregon Business magazine has ranked Pop Art among its top companies to work for in Oregon. This year Pop Art is elevated to #3 best small company to work for.
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3. Pop Art-Programming
To learn more about pop Art technologies and programming process, pleaseread our programming Services and our Project Management White Papers.
Solutions Programming
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Talk to Us Interested in how Pop Art can help your business? Pop Art possesses extensive knowledge of many programming languages and technologies, allowing us to provide the high quality managed or contract programming services necessary for successful projects. Our clients depend on our expertise to quickly produce applications that are scalable, extensible, efficient and highly available.
Some of our favorite programming languages include:
  • C, C++, C#

4. The Poplog Programming Environment
visual programming environment for modelling dynamic systems behaviour , BritishComputer Science ESG Conference, Cambridge. 1993. Some references on pop11.
Poplog is a multi-language programming environment which includes amongst its many features:
  • The languages Pop-11 ML Common LISP (including CLOS ), and Prolog
  • The ability to write mixed-language programs.
  • Incremental compilation.
  • A fully customisable text editor (VED) with multi-font capabilities.
  • A comprehensive X interface including:
    • Athena, Motif, and OLIT widget set support.
    • A custom Poplog widget set including a neat text-editing widget, and an easy to use graphics widget.
    • Graph drawing.
    • Turtle graphics.
    • High-level support for creating dialog-box based applications.
    • A multi-window X based implementation of VED (XVed).
  • Complete on-line hypertext documentation for the system, along with extensive tutorials.
Poplog has been around since 1980's and has been used extensively in industry and academia. The following is a very small sample of some of the systems Poplog has been used to develop:
  • Poplog-Neural - a system for experimenting with neural-networks.
  • Poplog-Flex - an environment for the development of expert systems.

5. POPIt Mail Notifier PLUS! Home Page
Windows 95 and NT mail program automatically monitors up to 10 different pop accounts. Timelimited demo details features. (pop-it) is a an easy to use Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 mail 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Productive programming, Inc. Windows® 95, 98, NT
Welcome to The POPIt Home Page. or Microsoft IE to access this site. In the meantime, please try this link

6. Vispo ~ Langu(im)age: Experimental Visual Poetry, Essays On New Media... By Jim
Visual poetry, literary programming, essays on new media, dhtml, morphs, pop up poems by Jim Andrews
History records one war after another.
May we create in ourselves and the world
the wisdom to put aside weapons and
make a better world.
L A N G U ( I M ) A G E
Jim Andrews
what's new

paris connection

nio (interactive music)

arteroids 2.04 (game)
... windows for shockwave 3 FULL SITE: Home What's New Whatsnewsletter Search Vispo About Animisms Arteroids Audio Guests Interactive Audio Links Lingo code Nio Paris Connection Pop Up Poems Pornomorphs Resume Software Stir Fry Texts Text Chat Windows For Shockwave Writings Dedicated to life, poetry

7. Mabry
Software application development company provides downloadable .NET components, descriptions of each, and recommended reading. pop/Net, and Mime/Net. All three of those objects fully support Microsoft's synchronous and asynchronous programming
document.location = "../index.htm"

8. Index Of /
a cybercafe which also specializes in internet multimedia, pop account access, database design, programming service, ecommerce, web design, and web hosting.
Free Web site hosting -
Index of /
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9. CMU POP Group
CMU Principles of programming (pop) Group The goal of the pop group is to understand,develop, and demonstrate the principles, processes, and supporting
CMU Principles of Programming (POP) Group
The goal of the POP group is to understand, develop, and demonstrate the principles, processes, and supporting technologies for the construction of computing systems. Special areas of interest include: applications of logic (including formal semantics and type theory); techniques for designing and implementing programming languages; formal specification and verification of hardware and software systems. A distinguishing characteristic of the POP group is that it applies formal principles to problems of realistic scale and complexity, for example: automatic verification of large-scale commercial hardware systems; implementation of high-speed network communication software in the ML language; application of type-theoretic principles in the construction of realistic compilers.
POP-Related Faculty and Grad Students
Guy Blelloch Umut Acar
Perry Cheng

Stephen Brookes
... Andreas Abel [visiting scholar]
Rowan Davies

Aleksandar Nanevski

Sungwoo Park

Brigitte Pientka
David Walker
[visiting] Jeannette Wing Rob O'Callahan
Oleg Sheyner

Related Projects with Web Pages
Composable Software Systems : Providing a scientific and engineering basis for designing, building, and analyzing composable software systems, and providing languages, tools, environments, and techniques to support these activities.

10. Dynamic Directory - Computers - Programming - Languages - POP-11
history, free versions online, platforms, and comments. pop11 programming Language - Like Lisp in power, but with more

11. POP Seminar
Principles of programming Seminar. Spring 2003. Spring 2002, January 11,2002, Umat A. Acar Adaptive Functional programming 330pm, Wean 8220.
Principles of Programming Seminar
Spring 2003
January 24, 2003 John C. Reynolds
Carnegie Mellon University
Separation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures

3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 February 7, 2003 K. Subramani
West Virginia University
An Analysis of Quantified Linear Programs

3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 March 5, 2003 Tobias Nipkow
Proving Pointer Programs in Higher-Order Logic

3:30 p.m, NSH 1507 April 2, 2003 Josh Berdine
Carnegie Mellon University
Control Contexts versus Continuations in Linearly Typed CPS
3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 Fall 2002 August 28, 2002 Geoff Washburn University of Pennsylvania Type Inference in System I and Extensions for Sums 3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 October 2, 2002 Vivek Sarkar IBM T. J. Watson Research Center The Jikes Research Virtual Machine 3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 October 9, 2002 Marcelo Fiore University of Cambridge Imaginary Types 1:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 December 4, 2002 Nuel Belnap University of Pittsburgh Is branching space-times theory useful in understanding parallel processing? 3:30 p.m., Wean Hall 8220 December 13, 2002

12. The New TNN
pop culture cable station's website contains programming information, schedules, videos and polls.
Check out the shows The New TNN Home Know HIV/AIDS PROMOS: I Love CSI! I Love Pam! I Love Star Trek! Are You Baywatch? Star Fleet Challenge Your Ultimate Revenge The New TNN Movies SERIES: A-Team Baywatch Blind Date CSI: Crime Scene Investigation MADtv Miami Vice VIP Real TV Star Trek: The Next Generation TNN ORIGINALS: The New TNN's Animation The New TNN's Fame for 15 The New TNN's Oblivious The New TNN's Small Shots The New TNN's Ultimate Revenge SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT: American Gladiators SlamBall The New TNNÂ’s Robot Wars... World Wrestling Entertainment SPORTS AND OUTDOORS: Bill Dance Outdoors Bill Jordan's Realtree Outdoors Car And Driver Television Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine Horsepower TV In-Fisherman Television Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal Super2nr TV Trucks! Turkey Call
April 10, 2003 On Now: Star Trek: The Next Generation Primetime Tonight: 8:00 PM ET/PT Star Trek: The Next Generation Elementary, Dear Data 8:30 PM ET/PT continued... 9:00 PM ET/PT TNN Movie
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Movie - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Television Schedule


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13. Process-oriented Programming
Processoriented programming. {Wholeo Online} ~ {Trips} ~ {Imagine}. Process-orientedprogramming contains object-oriented programming.
Process-oriented programming
Wholeo Online Trips Imagine Linked graphic diagram page
These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic.
  • Undivided
  • Noint
  • Divided
  • Origin (Manifestation)
    name, temperature, color, speed, movement
    Could describe these as virtual classes?
    Bodily expression:mudra mostly associated with beings, but also chants
  • Thing (What)
  • Being
  • 3D Space-Time Being So how do EloBen and Gyn fit in here? New species?
  • Person
  • Other dimension Being ELobe, Elo, Benetron, Gyn
  • Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS)
  • Whole Light Being (WLB) Metatron, Channel, Schimiane, High, Heart Wholeo, Wholea, Wholee, Wholei, Wholeu
  • Colored Light Being (CLB) So how do I have subdrawings of this?
  • Location (Where) x, y, z, 4, 5 noint joint, beyond (undivided)
  • Process (How)
  • Time (When)
  • Curved Space
  • Local earth
  • Straight
  • Between
  • Change, Reason, Description (Why)
  • Miscellaneous Thoughts
  • Spirit
  • Design Back to top of page Send comments to: 25 February, 2002
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    15. DHTML Lab: Dynamic HTML Tutorials, DHTML Scripts, Programming, Tools, Code, And
    A biweekly howto column on Dynamic HTML.Category Computers programming Internet DHTML...... but missing from Internet Explorer push() and pop().
    WebRef Sitemap Experts Tools ... experts / dhtml DHTML DYNOMAT DHTML DINER HIERMENUS ABOUT ... FORUM Looking for our popular hierarchical menu script? Read all about it in our new menu-only section. Visit our site's interactive tool section. Generate cut-and-paste code based on our column techniques. Pull in empty; drive out full.
    Good EATS! Come to the DHTML Diner for a quick snack. In between columns nibble on our code snippets, short techniques, and answers to FAQs. Every other week, a new column with practical examples to use in your web pages.
    All our examples, with source code, focus on cross-browser and backward compatibility
    A 4th generation browser is not required to follow and appreciate the columns. Be sure to visit
    for all your JavaScript needs.
    Doc JavaScript
    and the JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive for more JavaScript tips, and
    The JavaScript Source
    for cut-and-paste scripts.
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    16. Welcome To Da'Ville!!!
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    18. ASP POP - ASP Tutorial, Script, Programming, Code
    Sponsor pop, Add to QuickList, swsMail pop Component, Version 1.0, Cost $29.95/ Free Trial. Hits Today 5 Total 2500, Updated 7/7/2001, Reviews 4 Rating
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    19. ASP POP - ASP Tutorial, Script, Programming, Code
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    20. J&D Website Design And Hosting
    Provides web hosting, search engine submissions, web site marketing, pop 3 email accts, consulting, banner design, and customized programming.
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