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         Potawatomi Indians Native Americans:     more books (22)
  1. The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago by Samuel Poe, 2008-05-12
  2. Tree That Never Dies; Oral History of the Michigan Indians (Native American Oral History Project)
  3. Potawatomi (North American Indians Today) by Ellyn Sanna, 2003-12
  4. The Potawatomi of Wisconsin (The Library of Native Americans) by Damon Mayrl, 2003-07
  5. The Potawatomi (First Books - Indians of the Americans) by Suzanne Powell, 1998-03
  6. Potawatomi Indians of Michigan, 1843-1904, Including some Ottawa and Chippewa, 1843-1866, and Potawatomi of Indiana, 1869 and 1885 by Raymond C. Lantz, 1992
  7. The Potawatomi (Native Peoples) by Karen Bush Gibson, 2003-01
  8. Night Of The Full Moon (Stepping Stone,paper) by Gloria Whelan, 2006-01-10
  9. The Prairie People: Continuity and Change in Potawatomi Indian Culture, 1665-1965 by James A. Clifton, 1998-10-01
  10. Potawatomi (Indians of North America) by James A. Clifton, Frank W. Porter, 1987-05
  11. The Potawatomi: A Native American legacy by James Dowd, 1989
  12. Powwows of the proud: Native Americans, including members of the four Kansas tribes, share their heritage through dance and music in powwows presented throughout the year by Joan Morrison, 1993
  13. Ethnobotany of the Forest Potawatomi Indians (Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee : Vol 7) by Huron H. Smith, 1933-06
  14. Making certain technical corrections in laws relating to native Americans, and for other purposes : report (to accompany S. 325) (SuDoc Y 1.1/5:104-150) by U.S. Congressional Budget Office, 1995

1. Native Americans
native americans back to social studies link index music used in traditional nativeAmerican Pow potawatomi ; Pokagon Band of potawatomi indians; Prairie Band of
Native Americans back to social studies link index Tribal Websites
  • Animal Legends and Symbols Animals played an important part in Native American tradition. This site shows you some of those animals and offers examples of their symbolic meanings. American Indian Law This page is designed for Indian law practitioners, Tribes or tribal members, law students, and anyone interested in Indian law. Features of this site include a list of the best law schools for Indian law, links to researching Indian law issues, and links of organizations related to Indian law. American Indian Resources American Indian Web page American Indians and the Natural World Through exploration of four different visions of living in and with the natural worldthose of the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, the Hopi of the southwest, the Iroquois of the Northeast, and the Lakota of the PlainsNorth, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World examines the belief systems, philosophies, and practical knowledge that guide Indian peoples' interactions with the natural world. Though all of these peoples have chosen different pathways and strategies for making a life in their various environments, one similar concept is voiced by allthat a reciprocal connection exists between people and the rest of the world. Authors - Native American First Nations Histories excellent data about many different tribes. Author proposes to add more tribes - as many as 200.
  • 2. Native American Resources
    potawatomi. The Gnadenhutten Massacre of Christian indians. Miami indians CDROM. Michigan's native americans. native
    Native American Report The American Indian Exposition announces its new home on the World Wide Web,
    located at Locally Hosted URLs Tribes Organizations Education
    Tribal Home Pages

    3. ReferenceResources:NativeAmericans
    Beothuk. Kickapoo. Narragansett. potawatomi. Catawba. Mahican. Nauset. Sauk How the Hopi indians Reached Their World. Hopi indians native americans of the Southwest
    Reference Resources: Native Americans Native Americans FIRST AMERICANS: NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS Old World - New World Archaic Period - Spreading Out and Settling In Paleo Indian Period and Tradition Formative Period ... Who Were the First Americans and How Did They Get Here? ANASAZI Anasazi Anasazi, Desert People Anasazi Archaeology Explore the Anasazi Culture ... Who Were the Anasazi POWHATAN Powhatan Nation Powhatan Indians of Virginia Powhatan Indian Village Tell Me About the Powhatan Indians ... Virtual Jamestown: Powhatan THE WAMPANOAG Plymouth Plantation: A reconstructed Wampanoag Village The Wampanoag People Life as a Wampanoag Wampanoag ... What You Need to Know: Wampanoag Indians First Nations of Canada Canada's First Native Groups : Brief information about: Abenakis, Algonkins, Chippewas, Crees, Haida, Hurons, Inuit, Iroquois, Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl), Maliseet, Micmac, Montagnais, Naskapi, Nuu-Chah-Nulth (Nootka), Penobscots, Salish, Sioux, Tlingit, Tsimshian

    4. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Native American Resources
    Genealogical Research for native americans. Arctic Studies Center Plains indians Reading List. Pocahontas and Powhatan Tribe, Reading List. potawatomi and Menominee, Reading List

    Native American Resources
    Native American Resources at the Smithsonian Native American Resources for Parents and Teachers Genealogical Research for Native Americans Arctic Studies Center ... The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture
    Selected Exhibitions
    New Exhibitions at the National Museum of the American Indian National Museum of the American Indian Web Gallery Native American Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery Benedicte Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus ... Tracking the Buffalo: Stories From a Buffalo Hide Painting
    Recommended Reading
    Anthropology Outreach Office Resources Cherokee and Southeastern Indians Crafts, Clothing, Dance, and Sign Language Cultural and Biological Impact Reading List ... Spirituality, Religion, and Medicine
    For more resources, visit the Smithsonian's
    National Museum of the American Indian
    Encyclopedia Smithsonian A B ...
    Public Inquiry Mail Service

    Smithsonian Institution

    5. Willard Library - Photographs From Battle Creek's History - Native Americans
    Home, Streets, photos, native americans, Indian village at the Calhoun CountyFair, Marshall; potawatomi indians resting after the dance, Athens;
  • Potawatomi Village near Athens Potawatomi Village near Athens Potawatomi Indian Village in Athens Potawatomi Indian basket weavers, Athens
  • Potawatomi Village near Athens Potawatomi Village near Athens Potawatomi Indian Village in Athens Potawatomi Indian basket weavers, Athens ... Indian mound, the central park in Kalamazoo
  • 6. Compact Histories
    An ongoing web project that aims to provide extensive histories of all major tribes of native americans.Category Society Ethnicity native americans History...... Although often thought of as Canadian indians and French allies, they trade routes,including the Mohawk Trail, which linked native americans in the potawatomi.
    First Nations Histories
    (Revised 10.4.02)
    Acolapissa Algonkin Bayougoula ... Winnebago
    First Nations Search Tool
    Geographic Overview of First Nations Histories
    Compact Histories Bibliography
    Location List of the Native Tribes of the US and Canada
    There is a small graphic logo available on this page
    for anyone wishing to use it for the purposes of
    linking back to the First Nations
    Compact Histories. Please Note: These Compact Histories are presented here to provide information to those interested in learning more about the First Nations. They are NOT here to provide spoon fed information for "school reports." Accordingly we are not interested in any questions asking for help in completing your school assignment. As to those who question our credibility, you may take us or leave us. These Histories were written and assembled as a labor-of-love. Take them or leave them, period. Abenaki Native Americans have occupied northern New England for at least 10,000 years. There is no proof these ancient residents were ancestors of the Abenaki, but there is no reason to think they were not. Acolapissa The mild climate of the lower Mississippi required little clothing. Acolapissa men limited themselves pretty much to a breechcloth, women a short skirt, and children ran nude until puberty. With so little clothing with which to adorn themselves, the Acolapissa were fond of decorating their entire bodies with tattoos. In cold weather a buffalo robe or feathered cloak was added for warmth.

    7. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Native Americans (Wisconsin)
    17951846); The Age of native-American Conflict Online Article on MAHICAN indians;Mahican History; Mohican timeline. potawatomi Geographic Location of potawatomi
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    Native Americans

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  • Historical Perspective of the Oneida Nation
  • History of the Oneida Nation's Lands in Wisconsin
  • Potawatomi Location Project (1795-1846) ... Contact Us
  • 8. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Native Americans (Iowa)
    United States History State Histories Iowa native americans. potawatomi (ColumbiaEncyclopedia); potawatomi indians (Catholic Encyclopedia); potawatomi Web;
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    Native Americans

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  • Language

  • Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795-1846 ... Contact Us
  • 9. Books On Native American Indians
    potawatomi indians of Michigan, 18431904, Including some Ottawa and Chippewa, 1843-1866,and potawatomi of Indiana by Gordon M. Day (native americans of the
    Native American Indians Books on Native American History and Culture
    Related Books History Index
    American Indian Series

    Native American Art

    Rock Art
    Click Here
    Departments Posters

    History Magazines

    Documentaries on Native Americans

    Native Americans
    Best Sellers Resources Got Spam? Browse Powells History Books Beyond Chaco: Great Kiva Communities on the Mogollon Rim Frontier (Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, No. 66) by Sarah A. Herr (Paperback - January 2002) Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos by Sally Anderson Chappell (Hardcover - February 2002) Chants and Prayers by Stan Padilla (Paperback - April 1996) Encyclopedia of New Jersey Indians A to Z: Encyclopedia of Native Peoples by Scholarly Press Facing East from Indian Country : A Native History of Early America by Daniel K. Richter (Hardcover - January 2002) MacMillan Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes by Michael Johnson Hardcover - 256 pages 2nd edition (November 1999) MacMillan Library Reference; ISBN: 0028654099 The Illustrated Voyageur: Paintings and Companion Stories by Howard Sivertson (Hardcover - September 1999) Indians Along the Oregon Trail: The Tribes of Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington Identified

    10. A Bibliography Of Books About Indians/Natives Americans Of The Old Northwest
    ISBN 155546-725-3. The potawatomi indians by Otho Winger. (1939). Elgin, ILThe Elgin Press. Books about native americans/indians of the Midwest
    COMPILED BY Doug Roebuck
    Below you will find a list of books that I have about the Miami, Shawnee, Delaware, and Potawatomi.
    The following books are about the Shawnee Tribe and Tecumseh:
    Tecumseh,The Dream of an American Indian Nation by Russell Shorto Silver Burdett Press, 1989. Tecumseh by Zachary Kent. Childrens Press, Chicago 1992. Tecumseh:Shawnee War Chief by Jane Fleischer. Mahwah, NJ,Troll Associates, 1979. A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh by Allan W. Eckert. (1992). Bantam Books, New York. ISBN# 0-553-08023-7 The Shawnee Prophet by R. David Edmunds. University of Nebraska Press, 1983 Panther in the Sky by James Alexander Thom. New York: Ballentine Press. ISBN# 0-345-30596-5. Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership by R. David Edmunds. (1984) Little, Brown and Company. Boston, MA. ISBN # 0-316-21151-6 God Gave Us This Country: Tekamthi and the First American Civil War by Bil Gilbert. (1989). Anchor Books, Doubleday, New York. ISBN# 0-385-41357-2 Life of Tecumseh and of His Brother The Prophet by Benjamin Drake. (1855). [Reprinted 1992 Whipporwill Publications, Treaty of Greene Ville Bicentennial Comission, Inc.)

    11. Indians/Native Americans Of Indiana, Ohio, & Michigan
    Miami The Delaware The Delaware The potawatomi The Gnadenhutten Massacre of Christianindians Miami indians CDROM Michigan's native americans native americans
    Below you will find links to sites containg information about the Indians/Native Americans found in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.
    Hot Links
    Ohio Indians
    Indians/Native Americans of Indiana

    The Miami

    The Delaware
    The Wyandot Tribe of Kansas

    If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

    12. Miller History: Native Americans And Early Exploration
    Miller History native americans and Early Exploration. in 1653, but the Miami indianswere driven of the 17th century, replaced by potawatomi indians who moved
    //Top Navigational Bar III (By BrotherCake @ //Permission granted/modified by to include script in archive //For this and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit
    Miller History: Native Americans and Early Exploration
    When French trappers and explorers first ventured into northern Illinois and Indiana the area was populated by Miami Indians. While the south edge of Lake Michigan was unsuitable for raising crops or establishing permanent villages, it was a land fertile with wildlife and fish, making it a popular hunting and gathering land. It is recorded that there was a Wea (a Miami subtribe) village at the mouth of the Chicago River in 1653, but the Miami Indians were driven from the region during the Iroquois wars of the second half of the 17th century, replaced by Potawatomi Indians who moved into the region from the north. Father Pere Marquette passed through the region returning from his second exploration of the water passage from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. In 1673 he and Louis Joliet had ventured through Wisconsin and down the Mississippi, returning to Sault Ste Marie via the Illinois and Chicago Rivers. The next year Marquette ventured down Lake Michigan to the Chicago River and the portage to the Illinois, entering the Mississippi in the spring of 1675. Marquette was sick, however, and returning that spring he passed along shores of Miller Beach close to death, which would come only days later at the mouth of the Marquette River in Michigan.

    13. Native American Culture
    indians; Zuni and Hopi native americans; Zuni fetishes; potawatomi Nationindians tribe; The Illinois Indian tribes. © 2002 Pagewise, Inc.
    Culture: Native American
    about this site Back to main site Find A Site General Tribes © 2002 Pagewise, Inc.

    14. People Of The Plains: Native Americans In Kansas Trunk
    Introductory Lesson An Overview of native americans in Kansas. Comanche MedicineMan; Comanche Medicine Man; Kansa dog dance; potawatomi indians at a Sun Dance;
    Traveling Resource Trunks
    People of the Plains: Native Americans in Kansas
    Grades 1 - 3
    Students will explore the Native American culture through hands-on activities using replica artifacts. The clothing, religion, housing styles, art forms, and foodways are explored using historic photographs, maps and interactives.
    Trunk Specifications
    Weight: 47 lbs.
    Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 16"
    Insure for $500 when shipping
    This trunk is designed to be a comprehensive unit used in grades 1 through 3. The information deals with Indians in Kansas, mainly Plains Indians but some information is provided on emmigrant tribes. Thematic units have been developed covering such subjects as food, shelter, clothing and crafts, and spiritualism. Particular focus is given to the buffalo and its importance in Native American culture. The trunk includes many large photographs and visual aids. Because children learn better by experimenting and discovering firsthand, reproduction objects also are included. Youngsters can examine these and draw conclusions on their own or with the help of the teacher. Historical backgrounds, vocabulary lists, reading lists, and bibliographies are provided for each section. The activities and discussions are only suggestions, written with first to third graders in mind, however the teacher should feel free to adapt the materials to other grade levels. Some activities may not be suitable for younger students. We advise that you read through any activities first to make sure they are appropriate for your students. For example, in the Spiritualism unit several activities are related to the use of the pipe in Native American culture. For some students this may be inappropriate, and you may want to avoid this particular activity.

    15. Books, Native Americans
    $35.00. 903. native americans The Nature Company Discoveries Library. $16.00. 559.native Arts of North America. 949. The potawatomi indians of North Ameican Series.
    Native American Indians
    Find information about the Society's publications, books from the University Press of Kansas, and other fine presses all over the United States.
    Title Author Format Image Price American Indian Craft Book Paper
    Larger view The American Indian in the Civil War, 1861-1865 Annie Heloise Abel, 1919 Paper American Indian Medicine - The Civilization of the American Indian Series Virgil J. Vogel, 1970 Paper American Indian Stories Zitkala, 1921 Paper
    Larger view American Indian Women: Telling Their Stories Paper Annals of Shawnee Methodist Mission and Indian Manual Labor School Martha Caldwell, 1939 Paper Art of the American Indian Frontier A Portfolio Detroit Institute of Arts, 1995 Paper Birds, Beads and Bells: Remote Sensing of a Pawnee Sacred Bundle Diane Good, 1989 Paper Blue Jacket Warrior of the Shawnees John Sugden, 2000 Cloth Bringer of the Mystery Dog From the Haskell Foundation - Haskell Indian Nations University Ann Clark, 1943

    16. Index Of Native American History Resources On The Internet
    Madison University in the native americans section of a short biography Articles on indians from the Online Band Affiliation of potawatomi Treaty Signatories
    WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
    Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet
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    Oral History
    American Indian Oral History Collection on 30 audiocassettes, Norman Ross Publishing American Society for Ethnohistory Comments On Carving Soapstone Dehcho: "Mom, We've Been Discovered!" Interviewing Inuit Elders ... Memories Come To Us in the Rain and the Wind , (Extracts from) Oral Histories and Oral Histories of the Mi'kmaq People Oral Narratives and Aboriginal Pasts:
    An Interdisciplinary Review of the Literatures on Oral Traditions and Oral Histories
    Our Elders , Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders

    17. Cyndi's List - Native American
    in the Ottawa, Chippewa, and potawatomi tribes. historical, or cultural interestin the Cherokee native americans. interest in the Tuckahoe indians, part of
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    Native American
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    Category Index:

    Related Categories:
    National Genealogical Society

    Arlington, Virginia
    Cyndi's List The BOOK!

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    2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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      General Resource Sites
      • Links to genealogy sites.
      • Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations.
      • By Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

    18. St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church -- Native Americans And Catholicism
    native americans and Catholicism Links to Information. Piscataway indians (MarylandUS), potawatomi indians. Pre-Columbian Discovery of America, Pueblo indians.
    Native Americans and Catholicism - Links to Information This information has been collected as a reference by Virginia Giglio, Ph.D. Information from these links does not necessarily reflect the views of either the researcher, St. John the Evangelist Church , or the present day Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Encyclopedia Entries What is the Catholic Encyclopedia? The first volume appearing in 1907, ". . . the work was intended to show not only the inner life of the Church in organization, teaching, and practice, but also the manifold and far-reaching influence of Catholicism upon all that most deeply concerns mankind. Hence the introduction of many titles which are not specifically Catholic or even religious in the stricter sense, but under which some interest of the Church or some phase of its activity is recorded." Quoted from the web site. American Indians Alaska Angulo, Pedro Apaches ... Arawaks (Greater Antilles) Badin, Stephen Theodore

    19. Native American - Wikipedia
    Oklahoma; Piegan; Ponca Nebraska, Oklahoma; potawatomi Oklahoma, Wisconsin; in NorthAmerica, even by native americans themselves, many referred to as East indians
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    Native American
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Native Americans , also called American Indians or simply Amerindians , are the indigenous people who lived in the Americas before European colonization. In Canada the term First Nations is now in general use. In Alaska , because of legal use in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ( ANSCA ) and because of the presence of the Inuit Yupik , and Aleut peoples, the term Alaskan Native is used. (See further discussion below.) Native American officially make up the majority of the population in Bolivia and Guatemala and are significant in most other Hispanic American countries, with the possible exception of Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic and Uruguay
    Based on anthropological evidence, there were at least three distinct migrations from

    20. George Rogers Clark NHP: Native Americans On The Trans-Appalachian Frontier
    map of native American Tribes in region (Click to The indians' major tactic was surprise;this, combined THE potawatomi were split in their allegiance during
    George Rogers Clark
    National Historical Park

    (Click to enlarge map)
    Indians on the Trans-Appalachian Frontier
    THE MIAMI had their main villages at present-day Fort Wayne, Indiana. Two important sub-groups of the Miami were the Wea, located at present-day Lafayette, Indiana and the Piankashaw, centered further south on the Wabash River in the Vincennes area. Only the Miami gave substantial support to the British during the Revolution; the Wea seemed to prefer remaining neutral and most of the Piankashaw openly favored the Americans. THE DELAWARE , already pushed westward from the Atlantic coast by pressure from the white advance, had taken up residence in present-day Ohio and Indiana by the start of the Revolution. During the conflict, the tribe divided into pro-British, pro-American, and neutral factions. Those Delawares favoring the English gained in numbers and became increasingly active during the latter part of the conflict. THE SHAWNEE were among the most active and relentless tribes in raiding the American frontier settlements in what is now West Virginia and Kentucky. In retaliation, their villages in present-day southern Ohio were attacked by forces under George Rogers Clark in 1780 and 1782.

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