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         Preschool Math Collaborative Lessons:     more detail

1. Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
HOME BASIC_P - preschool math collaborative lessons. search find the most popular books, videos and DVDs on PRESCHOOL
K-12 Teaching Materials The following are Internet sites which contain significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level. We have organized these materials into the following categories: Lesson Plans
Columbia Education Center Mathematics Lesson Plans
The Explorer is part of the Unified Network Informatics Technology for Education (UNITE) efforts at the University of Kansas. The Explorer is part of a research and development effort to establish an on time and user friendly means of delivering a full range of information resources to educators and students. This site includes information on software, lab materials, lesson plans, video tapes, etc. for the teaching of mathematics at the k-12 grade levels. Lesson Plans for the Graphing Calculator
Lesson Plans using Geometer's Sketchpad
Math Activities for K-12 Teachers
In December, 1997, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center funded Dan Biezad, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and Robin Ward, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, both of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, to develop materials for K-12 teachers based on aeronautical themes and NASA projects. One major goal of this project was to make the learning of mathematics more engaging and realistic for students, by using real-world applications.

2. Collaborative Lesson Archive - Preschool Lessons
List of all available preschool lessons Publishing Book Reviews PatrickSevon 3/06/2001 (0) Numbers - Stephanie Wyatt 11/28/2000 (0)
Collaborative Lesson Archive Welcome Search Lessons ... FAQ
Teachers and Parents : you or your students may be interested in this activity!
List of all available preschool lessons:

3. Math
The Daybook, a collaborative project between the Computer lessons from their booksfor preschool and primary To find math lessons, click on Free Activities
This site has a new address. You will be automatically taken there in 10 seconds, or click the link below to go there right away. Please change your bookmarks and favorites. http://www.sitesforteacher
Lesson Plans Applications Board Games Organizations
Lesson Plans
Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 32 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the elementary school level.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 13 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the middle school level.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 8 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the high school level.
Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin. Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin features a curriculum database where the K-8 teachers can search for math lesson plans/activities by grade level.
Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) provides a variety of cross-curricular lesson plans for grades 4-8 based upon the theme of ancient Egypt. Formath teacher-created plans, click here
Apple K-12 Curriculum.

4. Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Projects And Activities
World School collaborative Ideas. preschool Level Art lessons; Michael's Arts andCrafts Page children's Science, math, Social Studies Links to Science Fairs and
Your Florida Web Guide Advertise Sponsor Be an Editor Attractions ... Local You are here: Home Subjects Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Your name here.
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Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Science Social Studies Liberal Arts P.E. ... Miscellaneous Do you know of a Teacher Resource that we missed?
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add a link
Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Projects and Activities

5. Marc's Lesson Plans Page
Unit studies, resources, information on special education.Category Reference Education Curriculum Unit Studies Free...... Columbia Education Center; collaborative Lesson Archive; College preschool Teacher;RHL School Free Materials; Richard Page; Science and math Initiatives (SAMI
Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans Page
Last Updated: February 23, 2003
Welcome to my page of lesson plans, lesson plan links and subject resources. You are more than welcome to use the lessons I designed as you see fit; all I ask is that you mention where you found the lesson(s). I hope you find what you are looking for here. Feel free to check out my educational resources page and my special education/exceptionality page as well. If you want to send me suggestions or tell me about any dead links, you can do so at the address below.
Lesson Plans Designed by Me:

Lesson Plan/Resource Sites:

LITERACY AUTHOR SITES IDEAS FOR SPECIFIC BOOKS math ART MUSIC The Chalkboard; ChildFunActivity Themes; collaborative Lesson Archive preschool lessons;
Links to Sites For
Early Childhood Teachers
Marla Landis, a preschool teacher in Quincy, has assembled an awesome collection of websites for teachers of young children (her favorites are highlighted ). These links cover many subjects from creativity to disabilities to subject-specific topics such as math or art. If there is a site that you think should be added to this list, please e-mail it to Marla Landis This page is organized into the following categories. Click below to check out one of these categories:



7. Jhoke.htm
and internetenhanced lessons math, science, social collaborative Lesson ArchiveTeachers can submit and at any school level- preschool through undergraduate.
A to Z Teacher Stuff Provides links for finding lesson ideas. Links are organized by theme for thematic unit resources, by author for book activities, and by topic. There are also links to sources for discounted professional educational resources. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Teacher's Corner Contains many links to sites providing lesson plans for English, math, science, history, social studies, and more. Classroom Connect Resource Station provides web-linked activities, internet projects, and internet-enhanced lessons math, science, social studies, and language arts for grades K-12. Features articles from the Classroom Connect newsletter about using the internet as a teaching resource. Collaborative Lesson Archive Teachers can submit and share thematic teaching units and lesson plans at any school level- preschool through undergraduate. Visitors are able to search the lesson archive by subject, title, or grade level. Cyber Exchange Cyber Exchange for Educators focuses on language arts curriculum. Lesson plans, internet projects, and power point presentations are available for grades 1-5.

8. Lynx For Everyone
preschool Sites, Enchanted Learning Act. Wisconsin, math Stories, Teacher Express. ConstitutionLinks, Netstate, collaborative lessons, Amer. Mem. Photos, Hearne FA.

9. Lesson Plans
in Endangered Spaces; Explorer math and Science and lessons; Science Experimentsfor preschool Children; collaborative Computer Lesson Plans; The Computer as
Lesson Plans
Language Arts Inter/Multi-Disciplinary and Other Math Science ... Technology
Language Arts Inter/Multi-Disciplinary and Other Math Science Social Studies Technology Lesson Plans Many of the above can be found on:
Education World (tm) Curriculum Resources Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators : Home Page McRel Lesson Plans and Activities Pitsco, Inc.

10. Collaborative Ethnography: PIANO
Our collaborative ethnography project is about the piano. was made to teach childrenreading and math skills given no extra lessons outside of preschool and was
Collaborative Ethnography Jennifer Bridges, Samantha Beaman, Mary Higgins
Anthropology 120-02H
Our collaborative ethnography project is about the piano. We are focusing on learning to play tha piano, as well as it's importance in education.
So lovely, so ethereal
It takes over peoples' lives.
It is Latin you know,
and this is no surprise. It is the very height of
Western Civilization,
and its beauty, subtlety, and complexity
are unequalled in time. Time, time, time,
It is all in the timing, and the relationship between notes, the great wonder of the notes. The mechanical and creative wonder of The Instrument. by Gabe Della Fave I. History of the Piano refer to picture link II. Importance of the Piano in Education Article Evaluations III. Participant-Observation Fieldwork Pictures/Sheet Music Culture IV. Statement of Reciprocity V. Links to other Student Pages Article Evaluation The Importance of Music Education Music is a vital part of education. In today’s society, people are often unaware of the huge influence that it has, considering music as only fun and entertaining. In recent research, music has been found to increase one’s potential for learning in a variety of areas. Even subjects like math and science have shown a definite connection to music. Some scientists have believed for quite some time that music can somehow train the brain to a higher form of thinking (Hancock 58). In a recent study, however, Dr. Fran Rauscher and Gordon Shaw, from the university of California at Irvine, worked together to prove this idea. The main focus of their research was the connection between music and “spatial intelligence” (Pouliot 146). “Spatial intelligence” is the ability to visualize objects or see the relationships between many different objects. This kind of thinking has been linked to success in higher math and sciences, such as physics or engineering (Hancock 58). Rauscher and Shaw first began testing this theory on a group of preschoolers to see the effect music might have on the young mind. The group consisted of forty-two boys and thirty-six girls, ranging from ages three to five. They were all classified as “normal” kids (Pouliot 146).

11. Lesson Plans
history and social studies, math, science, technology collaborative Lesson Archivehttp//faldo.atmos.uiuc organized first by grade (preschoolundergraduate) and
Lesson Plans 21st Century Problem Solving

This site is dedicated to helping students learn how to solve word problems. It includes valuable teacher materials and areas in math, physics, and chemistry. A+Math

Slow-loading site but one of the best. Offers interactive features such as flashcards and puzzles. The Homework Helper is also useful. Algebra Online

Algebra Online offers free private tutoring, live chats, and a message board-all about algebra. The QuickMath section is particularly usefulenter an algebraic equation and it solves it for you. Alphabet Superhighway

This very extensive site features many activities for students and resources for teachers. Best among them are the challenge chaser (writing, word puzzles, etc.) for students and the Web projects database. American Mathematical SocietyeMath

The online home of the American Mathematical Society, this site offers information about the society, links to useful math-related places on the Web, and organization information. Arithmetic Lesson Plans

ideas and knowledge in a variety of collaborative learning environments Kid Pages,Lesson Plans, Library Links, math Education, and preschool Teacher Idea Page.
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Piano Lessons
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Artist Song Album Composer Composition Instrument
Links To Academic Sites
This site is developed by a teacher and contains a wonderful selection of Teacher, Parent and Stutdent Resources. You will find everything from Newsletters, Units of Study, Puzzles, Maps, Helpful Information, Activities and much more!
ABC Teacher's Outlet©
'A child miseducated is a child lost' by John F. Kennedy. Give your child the gift of knowledge today! This site is Great for anyone who has or works with children. Join our list at www.
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Online since 1997. Find more than 200 original lesson plans, over fifty teaching themes, resources for building thematic units and finding seasonal activities, teacher tips, discussion boards, articles, educations sites, printables, and more!
Academic Assistance Access
Functions in a mailing list environment divided by subject matter. By subscribing to a specific mailing list, you will get answers to your academic questions.
Awesome Library
Organizes reviewed resources for teachers, students, parents, and librarians.

13. Portage Montessori School - North Canton, Ohio
In the preschool/Kindergarten program, much emphasis is During the morning work cycle,math lessons are given Portage collaborative Montessori School Calendar
Portage Collaborative Montessori School
About Our School

What makes the school different? On the surface, PCMS is different because the children remain with one teacher for three years in a mixed age class, and that teacher teaches all subjects except gym. The children spend most of their time working in small cooperative groups, mastering the curriculum. There are many more hands-on materials in the classroom than you might find elsewhere, and the children have free access to them on the shelves. Looking deeper, it is different because the main emphasis is on the social development of the child. The primary goal is for the child to become an independent learner who treats others with kindness and who acts responsibly in all situations.
Who can attend? Students from any of the six districts in the collaborative are eligible to apply. That is, students from Jackson, Lake, Plain, North Canton, Canton City, and Canton South attend our school.
Is this school just for special students? No, this is a public school open to all students. Average students do just fine. Gifted learners do very well, as they can zoom ahead. Students with mild learning problems usually do well, as we are able to make some accommodations for their needs and provide some special education services. Self-control, self-motivation, and an ability to filter out distractions ARE necessary for success here, as the children are working in small groups most of the day, and are free to talk and move about the room as they work.

14. Parent's Guide - Fitzgerald
Linda Cravens, 3496534 Fitzgerald preschool 349-6254 the school is implementinga math collaborative approach to math block of time for math lessons and a
Parent's Guide to Cambridge Schools
M. E. Fitzgerald School, K-8
70 Rindge Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140
Fax: 617-349-6538
Hours: 8:25 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.
Chris Augusta_Scott
Assistant Principal: John Schmitt
Family Liaison: Deb Gallagher, 349-6530
Special Start Preschool Program: Linda Cravens, 349-6534
Fitzgerald Preschool:
Fitzgerald after-school care program
(K-4) 349-6254
Fitzgerald Community School after-school classes: The Fitzgerald School in North Cambridge re-opened in September 2001 in a totally brand-new buildingthe product of a $14.2 million renovation. The school is located next to Rindge Field and contains the North Cambridge Center for Families, which services and offers referrals for families of children aged 0-5 and other Fitzgerald families. The school is also next to the North Cambridge branch of the public library and the Gately Youth Center, which offers after-school programs for students in grades 5-8. Along with a new building, the school has a new principal. Chris Augusta-Scott hails from Canada. Hired in the summer of 2001, Augusta-Scott has been the principal of three different elemetnary schools in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

15. Little Kids
Literature and math Picturing math; Lots of Nursery Rhymes; preschool-K Activities;Publish and read Lesson Plans Archive of collaborative lessons; Lesson Plan
Teacher Cyberguides Lesson Plans Poetry

16. UW Libraries - Curriculum Materials And Test Collections - Further Resources
the University of Illinois, the collaborative Lesson Archive archive of lessons forgrades preschool through high great place for information on math Science
Curriculum Materials Resources
Washington State and Local Curriculum Internet Resources
National and State Standards and Benchmarks Websites

Government-Related Internet Resources

Lesson Plans on the Internet
General Curriculum Internet Resources

For additional information, see the UW Libraries' Resources by Subject: Education webpage. Washington State and Local Curriculum Internet Resources
  • Bellingham Public Schools Curriculum and Lesson Plans
    The Bellingham Public Schools Web site is recommended when you want to collect information and formulate ideas about designing collaborative and educational web-based activities. It offers a selective collection of WWW Curriculum resources by Subject or Grade Level and lesson plans integrating the use of technology into the curriculum.
  • Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
    Provides bibliographies, helpful directory information, and program descriptions on a wide variety of subjects, such as drug-free schools, literacy, child and family, rural education, science and math, and Indian education.
  • Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington State
    Billed as "the Washington state gateway to K-12 education". Provides links to curricular resources, federal and state legislative bodies concerned with education, including activities of the Commission on Student Learning and WWW servers at K-12 schools and universities nationwide. Also provides access to other useful collections of educational sources on the Web.

17. Links To Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans; collaborative lessons Archive; Teacher Channel; EducationPlace; Education World; (preschool2); Explorer (math and Science
Links to Lesson Plans
Updated: 9/19/2001

18. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Preschool Awards"
Theme based art, math, science, games, songs, dramatic play and more. http// collaborative Lesson Archive preschool lessons A web Awards

19. Teachers.Net - TEACHERS.NET GAZETTE - Teachers.Net Gazette Provides News From Te
Teachers.Net is proud to host the Lesson Bank, a collaborative online clearinghousefor Survival math Unit (Middle egg fun for preschool (PreSchool,other).

APRIL 2001 Volume 2 Number 4 COVER STORY
COLUMNS Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall Alfie Kohn Article 4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon School Psychologist by Beth Bruno ... BCL Classroom by Kim Tracy ARTICLES Beginning Teacher Induction Science Teacher Workshops Around the Block With... Adapting for the Sight Impaired ... QChord Receives EC Awards REGULAR FEATURES Upcoming Ed Conferences Letters to the Editor New in the Lesson Bank Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs ... Gazette Back Issues Gazette Home Delivery:
Explore A Postcard Project...
Your students don't need to leave the country or even the classroom to explore exotic lands and cultures. Check out the Teachers.Net Postcard Projects Chatboard and connect with people around the world, and introduce your students to fascinating new people and places. Click here to visit the Postcard Projects Chatboard and don't miss this month's featured lesson from the Teachers.Net Lesson Bank Teacher Supported Lesson Bank...
Teachers.Net is proud to host the Lesson Bank, a collaborative online clearinghouse for teacher lessons and classroom ideas. To date over 2100 lesson plans, tips, and ideas have been submitted by teachers across the world. Please help support this global knowledge storehouse and submit your favorite lesson plans and classroom demonstrations today! Teachers.Net Lesson Bank

20. Lesson Plans On The Web
Classroom Resource Bank great math links organized by subtopic. The Perpetual preschool- an excellent of Atmospheric Science The collaborative Lesson Archive
Lesson Plans on the Web
These links go to Web pages where teachers can download lesson plans or classroom materials, or get ideas to help them present science in the classroom. There are numerous sites for institutions that are fascinating to those interested in science, but do not offer these resources. For brevity's sake, this list does not include them.
For a more comprehensive list of science sites, we recommend The Franklin Institute Museum of Science's page of Educational Hotlists . For great sites for teachers that don't include lesson plans, check out our Links Without Lesson Plans page. Geology Physical Geography Science Foundations Educational Foundations ... Links to Other Lists
act CCSSE 101 Reasons to Explore Space pK-2 NASA 3-2-1 Liftoff act CCSSE Celebrating Space: A Quick History SPC Comet Shoemaker Levy act CCSSE Crafts Cruisin' the Solar System NASM How Things Fly SI How Things Fly: Activities for Teaching Flight NASA Know All the Angles K-12 NASA Rocket Lessons act LANL Seltzer Tablet Rocket act CCSSE Voyage of Discovery - solar system Archeology SI Decoding the Past: The Work of Archeologists K-3 USGS Mud Fossils Astronomy NASM And a Star to Steer Her By UCAR Clay Planets NASM Exploring the Planets SSI Kinesthetic Astronomy - astronomy concepts through body motions

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