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         Preschool Math Lessons:     more detail
  1. Foundations for the Daily Maths Lesson (Practical pre-school) by Dawn Lyell, 2002-01
  2. Maths Ages 4-5 (Lesson for Every Day) by Hilary Koll, Steve Mills, 2010-09-24
  4. Math Activities A to Z (Activities a to Z Series) by Joanne Matricardi, Jeanne McLarty, 2005-03-04
  5. Math Wise! Over 100 Hands-On Activities that Promote Real Math Understanding, Grades K-8 (Jossey-Bass Teacher) by James L. Overholt, Laurie Kincheloe, 2010-03-08
  6. Lessons for Addition and Subtraction: Grades 2-3 (Teaching Arithmetic) by Bonnie Tank, Lynne Zolli, 2001-09-01
  7. Lessons for First Grade (Teaching Arithmetic) by Stephanie Sheffield, 2001-09-15
  8. Supporting Mathematical Learning: Effective Instruction, Assessment, and Student Activities, Grades K-5 (Jossey-Bass Teacher) by Joanne Picone-Zocchia, Giselle O. Martin-Kniep, 2008-10-20
  9. Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom by Judy Herr, 2007-05-24
  10. Alpha Omega AOP Horizons Preschool Complete Curriculum Set (Pre-K) by Alpha Omega Publications, 2007
  11. Montessori Resources (n/a) by Heidi Anne Spietz, 2010-01-15
  12. How To TEACH - Lean To Impart Knowledge To Others by GEORGE DRAYTON STRAYER AND NAOMI NORSWORTHY, 2009-08-03

21. Re: Beginning A Early Childhood Music Program In A Preschool.
In Reply to Beginning a early childhood music program in a preschool. learn fasterwhen they learn things to music such as the ABC's , math lessons, etc.
Re: Beginning a early childhood music program in a preschool.
Follow Ups Post Followup Early Childhood Open Forum FAQ Posted by Susan Kenney MENC Mentor on January 24, 2003 at 17:24:08: In Reply to: Beginning a early childhood music program in a preschool. posted by Jeremy Barbaro on January 23, 2003 at 20:03:58: Jeremy,
Rachel had some great ideas and getting the parents involved from the start is a geat idea.
I would also add that you need to show all involved why music is so important and the advantage students have from using music in their development in school. There are lots of studies out that have proven that when a student works in the fine arts they use both sides of their brains and that improves their learning abilites. Students learn faster when they learn things to music such as the ABC's , math lessons, etc. Check out the MENC websites for all sorts of Information on Pre-K music and look out for old copies of the MENC magazines and look at other state's music magazines and you will find all sorts of information on how important music at an early age is to all students. Good luck

22. Heritage Oak Private Elementary, A Carden School, Preschool Through Eighth Grade
Heritage Oak Private Elementary preschool through Eighth Grade. In addition to theone hour per day spent on small group math lessons, math is integrated into
Preschool through Eighth Grade
About HOPE
Programs Classroom Highlights Newsletters and Press ... ABOUT HOPE
Scroll down to read the whole FAQ page or click on a hypertext link to the question you would like to view.
Why the Carden Curriculum?

What extras does Carden offer?

How is discipline handled at Heritage Oak?

How are parents involved at Heritage Oak Private Elementary School?
How is the success of Heritage Oak’s program measured?

1. Why the Carden Curriculum? The Carden curriculum, developed in 1934 by Mae Carden, is a proven and well established system of learning. It has been used in hundreds of schools, both public and private, across the nation. The Carden curriculum develops the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The academic needs of students are well met with a strong emphasis on the academic subjects. Academic subjects are taught in small groups (math, reading, and language) and in whole group lessons (science, social studies, and spelling). The curriculum is sequential, building from one year to the next. The Carden curriculum works - that is why we choose to use it.
2. What extras does Carden offer?

23. Math Websites For Children
preschool A host of math activities just for preschool! math Glossary- Find out what those terms mean! math lessons that are FUN, FUN, FUN!
Literacy CyberSpace Family Literacy Instruction Family

Parent Sites ...
Math Websites for Children
Each time you click on a website link, a new window may open.
To return to this site, close the new web page by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the page.
Click on your age group to find an activity.
Middle School
Elementary School
High School
Preschool [back to top]
  • - This site has all levels of activities. Try the Bunny Count, Connect the Dots, and Fun Match. Cool - Fun activities for ages 3 - 5. - Search by age, subject, time and location to find a variety of activities. - Interactive storybooks and literacy games in Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. You'll find it under "Fun Learning Activities"! Counting FUN - Preschoolers will enjoy counting robots, starts, fish and others. Connect the dots - This site helps children learn to count.

24. Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: A Fractals Lesson - Fractals In Nature
of mathematics and Charlotte Woodward, Director of the preschool, along with her withan aesthetic, tactile mathematical experience that blends math with the
Cynthia Lanius
Fractals in Nature
Table of Contents
Why study fractals?
What's so hot about

fractals, anyway?
Making fractals
Sierpinski Triangle

Using Java

Math questions

Sierpinski Meets Pascal
Using Java
Fractal Properties

Fractional dimension
Formation by iteration For Teachers Teachers' Notes Teacher-to-Teacher Comments My fractals mail Send fractals mail Fractals on the Web The Math Forum Other Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius Awards This Site has received On this page are pictures taken by children after placing Sierpinski Tetrahedra in the locations of their choosing at the Arizona State University Desert Park Arboretum on October 4, 2001. This outdoor excursion was a follow-up event to a presentation about fractals given by Gayla Chandler at the College of Education Preschool , accompanied by Professor John Jones of the Department of Mathematics and Charlotte Woodward, Director of the Preschool, along with her staff and volunteers, two days earlier. Present at both the 10/2 and 10/4 events were eleven preschoolers and nine middle-school child-journalists representing the Pinnacle Press, a newspaper by children for children representing children from seven Scottsdale schools. The middle-school children were there to report on the preschoolers. Both events will be covered in the October edition of the Pinnacle Press, which goes into circulation on October 20th.

25. Preschool Lessons, Activities, What Your Preschooler Should Know.
Basic Handwriting Free lessons to teach kids how to write More Books on PreschoolReading Readiness Kinderart Littles Numbers/math Teaching Ways to Build

What About Socialization?

An article written by Mary Gardner

One of my friends printed off worksheets from here with letters, numbers, etc. Instead of making numerous copies, she put each worksheet inside one of those plastic page protectors.
Using washable or dry-erase markers, her child can trace the worksheets. Afterwards, each page can be cleaned off with some mild detergent and water.
(Thanks, Carla!)
Providing links to lesson plans, worksheets,
tips,activities and more for your preschool child!
Kinderart - Littles: Artmaking: Building/Creating
Kinderart: Special Nature Card (Could also be used as Science) Crayola Early Childhood Creative Experiences A list of sites to find coloring pages. Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Art I Can Crayon Autumn : Creative Activities for Young... More Books on Preschool Art Science Kinderart - Littles: Science/Nature Kinderart - Littles: Oceans/Lakes Kinderart: Animal Noises Kinderart: How Do Flowers Grow? ... Guess the Animal Books to Help Preschoolers Learn About Science The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book Kids Camp! : Activities for the Backyard...

26. 9/26/01 -- Experts Say Young Children Need More Math -- Education Week
including representatives from more than 40 state education departments—gatheredto discuss mathematics standards for preschool and kindergarten math lessons.

27. Math Links
Alfy. AAA math. Cool math for Kids. Virtual Manipulatives. Fourth Grade math.math lessons. preschool math. Explorations in Time. Cyberchase Today. Planemath.
Math Links
Below is a list of sites for teachers to use in lesson planning. **Updated 2/19/03 Alfy AAA Math Cool Math for Kids Virtual Manipulatives ... Positive/Negative Equations

28. Integrating Math And Technology
level http// Curriculum integratedmath lessons http// For
Integrating Math
and Technology Table of Contents Virginia SOL Sites Lessons/School Sites Worksheets College Created Lessons Flashcards Library Connections Literature/Math Math Textbook Lessons Word Problems Stock Market Homework Helpers Interactive/Games Multiple Math Sites Early Childhood Home Virginia SOL Sites Teaching the SOLs

Virginia Standards of Learning

Home Page to various links

Grade 1 Standards of Learning Practice Tests

Grade 3 Standards of Learning Practice Tests
Grade 5 Standards of Learning Practice Tests Grade 6 Standards of Learning Practice Tests Virginia Department of Education Mathematics Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools Virginia Department of Education Sites and Standards Lesson Plans /Printable Worksheets/Computer and Technology Lessons Math Lessons and School Sites Manassas City Public Schools

29. Early Childhood
com/Lesson_Plans/mathematics/preschool/ A lesson plan search index for preschoolmath. This particular link is for math sites. Has lessons with printable
Early Childhood This page has been put together to assist pre-K and K teachers in planning lessons, themes, bulletin boards, and activities that are age appropriate. Although the primary function of this class is for math related sites, there is an additional need for information, for those working with young children. Virginia Standards of Learning

Preschool Standards of Learning Practice Tests Preschool Links

Preschool links from Radford University Internet Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Assortment of interactive math games
Kids Can Program

Great Place to learn Computer Programming. Has beginner mouse practice. Montgomery County Public Schools
Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project

30. MozartMath - Preschool Curriculum Teaching Math And Music Appropriate For Homesc
Is MOZART teaching math in your preschool? the advantage of early exposure to bothmath and music limited musical background can effectively teach the lessons.


Email this site to a friend Contact Us Educators Parents Lesson Plans ... Order Is MOZART teaching MATH in your preschool? MozartMath introduces the children in your class to math through the power of music at a young age. Music is known to stimulate creativity, accelerate learning, and enhance intelligence. The MozartMath program teaches children skills that easily transfer into other areas. This interdisciplinary approach has proven effective in teaching preschoolers difficult MATH CONCEPTS as well as MUSIC CONCEPTS . Give your students the advantage of early exposure to both math and music through the MozartMath program!
Because the MozartMath Learning Set includes 34 sequential LESSON PLANS coupled with activity pages and creative curriculum tools, the program is easy for teachers to use and enjoyable for children. The MusicBox CD, MusicBox Puzzle, and sand blocks are included in the kit.
Even teachers with limited musical background can effectively teach the lessons. A dialogue format is included in italics to help those teachers who have little musical training. The lessons consist of a variety of interactive activities such as singing, playing sand blocks, games, stories, and creative movement. The lessons are 10-15 minutes in length, and they are easily modified depending on classroom time restraints.
The program is organized so one lesson can be taught each week throughout the school year, or two lessons a week can be taught for half the school year. Most teachers set aside a 10-15 minute block of time on a particular day of the week as their

31. MozartMath - Preschool Curriculum Teaching Math And Music Appropriate For Homesc
The lessons are easily modified given the time restraints of program that not onlysupplements the math already taught in the preschool classroom, but


Email this site to a friend Contact Us Educators Parents Lesson Plans ... Order >>FAQ/About Us Frequently Asked Questions about Mozart Math
About Us

Is this curriculum age-appropriate for preschoolers? The math concepts taught are based on the state math educational standards from California and Texas for kindergartners. The activities used in the lesson plans are appropriate for 3-5 year olds.
I don't know a lot about music or musical terms. Can I still understand and teach this curriculum? An italicized dialogue format is included in the lesson plans to help those teachers and parents that are beginners at music theory. The musical terms are explained clearly and simply so that you can learn right along with the children. It's easy to learn and fun to teach!
What makes your curriculum different than other music programs? The MozartMath program teaches children music theory as well as music appreciation. The children learn to read notes, rests, time signature, etc., and how to play a simple rhythm instrument. The music skills taught can be a preparation for further private instrumental or vocal training. More importantly, no other music program integrates both math and music concepts.
What makes your curriculum different than other math programs?

32. Core Knowledge Lessons For Preschool And Kindergarten
UWP); Essential Narrative Concepts, by Jenifer Saltzman and Lisa Levesque(2002 UWP); Shape Up for math, by Tiffany Tipton (2002 UWP);
Lesson Plans Written to Support Core Knowledge
Return to
Lesson Plan Index

33. Preschool Math Selections - Reviews From Parent Council®
The lessons are fun, and the creative and innovative projects stimulate handson BookSeries First Step math Informational. Age Range preschool, Early Reader.
Reviews from Parent Council
Reviews of Outstanding Materials Selected by Parents Who are Teachers,
Librarians, or Other Professionals Who are Trained to Work With Children
Collection: Preschool Math (28 Reviews) Book: Count on Math: Activities for Small Hands and Lively Minds Informational Age Range: Parenting : Preschool, Early Reader Subjects: Mathematics, Activities, Pre-Math Skills A treasury of over 450 math activities for ages three to seven. All children need hands-on, fun activities to help them develop a conceptual understanding of math. All concepts are presented in a logical developmental sequence to allow for proper understanding of the information. The activities require only ordinary household materials. A necessity for anyone who works with children in this age range: moms, teachers, homeschoolers, etc. JD 1997 $19.95 ISBN: 0-87659-188-8 Buy Book Online at!
Publisher: Gryphon House
Book: Eenie Meenie Miney Math! Informational Age Range: Preschool Subjects: Parent Resource, Counting, Numbers, Activities, Mathematics A wonderful way for you to introduce your preschooler to math at home. Great ideas for incorporating math related activities into other activities, such as counting while traveling in the car, classifying while cleaning up a room, finding numbers in the kitchen while cooking supper, etc. Covers basic math skills; number identification; counting; matching; sorting and classifying; recognizing patterns; measuring and comparing; parts and wholes. MT

34. Welcome To La Petite - Parents
Parenting Ideas preschool. There's No Mystery - math lessons AreAll Around You. Your child begins learning basic math skills long
Parenting Ideas - Preschool
There's No Mystery - Math Lessons Are All Around You
Your child begins learning basic math skills long before he reaches elementary school. There are numerous opportunities to practice math skills and have fun right at your child's fingertips.
  • Blocks teach a variety of math skills. As a child handles blocks, he learns about size and shape. As he groups triangular versus rectangular blocks, he begins to learn about classifying and sorting. When he places triangular blocks beside each other so they form a square, he has learned an early form of fractions.
  • Card games provide another perfect opportunity for preschoolers to learn which numbers are the same, as in the game "Go Fish.' Older preschoolers may grasp the idea of solitaire and ranking numbers in order of size. They may even be able to play this game on the computer!
  • Your child may also enjoy playing simple board games in which he must count spaces before he can move his game piece.
  • Does your child have a sibling or a best friend? She can practice math by dividing cookies evenly between them or counting out different colors of beads as they make jewelry together.
  • The grocery store is another good place for a preschooler to learn math skills. As you prepare to purchase green beans or soup, ask him to count the number of cans and identify which cans are large or small.

35. To Order 800-417-3261 How To Buy Shopping Cart Total ($0.00)
157768-349-8 Grade Level preschool, Price $8.95 appropriate coverage of basicarithmetic and math skills. 72 four-part lessons strengthen writing skills by

36. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Free Math Lessons"
k8 Free online preschool lesson plans for children, parents, teachers and homeschoolershttp// 5. Basic math - lessons 26 thru 30 Math Lessons

37. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Student Worksheets"
preschool Tutorial World Dutch Lady We welcome your comments to improve Tutorial math Goodies Free Interactive math lessons, Homework Help Worksheets

38. Early Childhood Education
Activity Index Everything preschool Fairy Tales Units Jazzle the Tiger Kid's Domain KID Links KidForms Letter Finds Kindergarten math lessons to meet CA
Preschool - Grade 2
History Social Science Standards
SCORE Language Arts Standards

SCORE Math: Standards Matrix

S C O R E Science - Standards
Early Childhood
National Association for the Education of Young Children

National Center for Children in Poverty

National Head Start Association
Creative Corner
Coloring Pages
Cory's Paintbox and Coloring Book

Crayola Creativity Central

Humphrey's Counting House-Paint
Paint Rhymes Online
Letter Fun (Primary Grades)
Alphabet: Alphabet Activities Animabets Jan Brett Coloring Alphabet Jazzles Letters Page ... Primary Games Phonics: Zac the Rat and Other Tales Word Fun: Animal Coloring Enchanted Learning Little Animals Activity Centre: Word Game Word Families and Vowel Dipthongs
Music Fun
Dr. Seuss Sing-Alongs Humphrey's Counting House-Music Jazzles Songs Musical Instrument Encyclopedia
Number Fun
123 Order Barney Online Count with Caillou Count the Pink Bunnies ... Sunshine Online: Number Match
Parent/Teacher Resources
Activities for Reading and Writing Fun - EARLY YEARS Alphabet Flash Cards Free Berit's Best Sites for Children Early Childhood Education Preschool - Grade 2 ... Year Round Science Ideas For more information click here
Reading Fun
Arthur Barney Online Berenstain Bear Country Clifford ... Dr. Seuss's Seussville!

39. Sky's The Limit Montessori Preschool Class
Welcome to Sky’s the Limit Montessori preschool. which allows the children to showoff their practical life skills, have impromptu math lessons, and working

40. Lesson Exchange: Math Lessons To Meet Ca. Standards- Kindergarten (Elementary, M
Do you think your shoe weighs more than your math book? Have you ever takendance lessons? Do you have any brothers or sisters in preschool?
#1318. Math lessons to meet Ca. Standards- Kindergarten
Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 25 17:24:34 PDT 1999 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, CA
Materials Required: see lessons
Concepts Taught: see lesson
ALGEBRA AND FUNCTIONS 1.0 Students sort and classify objects. SHOE SORTING
Objective: to sort shoes by attributes.
Materials: two jump ropes or hula hoops.
Procedure: gather children into a circle. Ask them to take off one shoe and hold it in their laps. Discuss with the children the ways you can sort shoes (color, size, type, laces, buckles, etc.) Place the jumpropes in the middle and make two circles.( or use hula hoops). Indicate which circle will hold those shoes that belong and the which will hold those that do not. Choose the attribute you are going to sort for and have the children place their shoes in the proper circle. Discuss the sort and how you might do it again. Gather the shoes and sort for another attribute. KID SORTING
Objective: sorting students by attributes.
Materials: students and a jump rope Procedure: Place students in a circle. Make a circle from the rope on the floor in the middle of the circle. Discuss attributes and sort - those with a particular attribute to the middle. Those that don't belong are left on the outside of the circle. Regroup and resort several times.

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