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         Presidential Sites American History:     more detail
  1. The Ideals Guide to Presidential Homes and Libraries by Peggy Schaefer, 2002-06
  2. American Presidential China: The Robert L. McNeil, Jr., Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Susan Gray Detweiler, 2008-03-28
  3. Slave quarters likely unearthed at site of nation's 1st presidential residence in Philadelphia.(NATIONAL REPORT): An article from: Jet by Kevin Chappell, 2007-07-09
  4. Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb? : A Tour of Presidential Gravesites by Professor Brian Lamb, The C-SPAN Staff, et all 2000-02-01
  5. Homes and Libraries of the Presidents: An Interpretive Guide (Guides to the American Landscape Series) by William G. Clotworthy, 2003-07

1. Web Sites For The History Profession
Omohundro Institute of Early american history and Culture; Oral history Association;Politics and history Page, UCLA; Rutherford B. Hayes presidential Center;
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Links for the History Profession
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Online Publications
Organizations and Institutions
Teaching and Research Sources

2. People Past And Present Part 1Sites For Children
Copyright © 2001, american Library Association Last Updated Monday, 07Oct-2002 110820 CDT sites for Children People Past and Present Part 1 The web master, a retired american history teacher, answers questions by e-mail. documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites also are included to enrich this site.

3. Hitchhiker's Guide To American History
Kingwood College Library american history BEFORE 1860 TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT history COLLECTIONS The history Indexes selected here are similar to what we have done on this page. presidential ADDRESSES. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. Civil War Papers sites US Civil War Generals american history Subject Guide 1860 - present
Stanley K. Schultz, Professor of History
William P. Tishler, Producer
Hitchhiker's Highlights

WWW sites sorted by their relation to topics covered in History 102 lectures
WWW sites sorted by their relation to identifications for History 102 exams
WWW sites sorted by general subject Add a Site to the Guide Online Books and Journals Miscellaneous Sites ... Subjects : Reconstruction, The "New South," The "Old West," The Gilded Age
: Labor Unions, Immigration, Great Migration, Populism
: The 1920s, Prohibition, Great Depression, New Deal, WWII
Part One
: From Reconstruction to the Great Migration
Part Two
: From Populism to the Great Depression
Part Three
: From WWII to Vietnam African-Americans and Civil Rights Cultural and Intellectual Achievements Economics and Consumers Immigration and Urbanization ... Women and Feminism Hitchhiker's Highlights

4. African-American History
Find out why they were given a presidential Unit Citation for Extraordinary Heroism. Related sites. 20th Century history. African history. american history. Women's history
zfp=-1 About History African-American History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
African-American History
with Jessica McElrath
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Civil Rights

Jim Crow Laws

Malcolm X
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In The Spotlight Remembering Ethel Waters
Ethel Waters is rarely mentioned when talented singers and actors are discussed. Despite her influence on other singers and performances that received award nominations, she is not a household name. Find out why she was a remarkable entertainer. A Historical Look At . . . The Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks did what others before her had done. She refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on the city bus. But this time it sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which ignited the Civil Rights Movement. More: Links More: About Rosa Parks The Middle Passage During the journey to the Americas, African slaves had to endure grueling conditions as they traveled to an unknown fate. They slept below the deck on un-sanded plank floors that had only 18 inches of headroom.

5. American History Sites
presidential sites Grolier Online american Presidency; Library; $$The american presidentialElections$$ Britannica;; history Buff's presidential
The TimePage American History Sites last modified New and unreviewed links. Remember most of my specific US history links are included in the TimePage cycle timelines.
United States History
National Resources:
University Projects:

6. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - American History
The TimePage. american history sites. last modified 02/11/00 University Special Collections Library , America Votes presidential Campaign Memorabilia , Slave Voices from the Duke
Students Teachers Parents For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
Abraham Lincoln Research Site

...a compendium of facts and snippets about the life of Abraham Lincoln
...a well-chosen list of links to support the teaching of American history; arranged by time period

Africans in America online documentary of "America's journey through slavery" including teaching resources
America in the 1930's

...a content-rich site that looks at the 1930's through films, radio, and many other forms of cultural expressions
American Civil War Home Page impressive number of links to Civil War information found on the Internet
American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century
...a fact-filled look at the culture of the 20th century with links to support the research process American Currency Exhibit ...view American currency by era, historical significance, artistry, and imagery American Experience: The Presidents ...a companion to the PBS series with extensive information about the 20th century Presidents American History Archive ...a full curriculum for middle and secondary students and teachers dealing with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars; includes digitized artifacts and historical commentary

7. U. S. History - General.
Other presidential information; President's Day; First Ladies to goback to american history General Page to go back to WWW sites for Historians
U. S. History - General Presidential Sites - General
  • Presidents of the United States Biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are included.
  • U.S. President's Lists It has all the presidents, vice presidents, their term in office and sorts them by Party, share of popular vote, share of Electoral College vote, home State, State of birth, and several other factors.
  • Dead Presidents
  • Manus Hand's Presidential Graves
  • Genealogy of the Presidents
  • Grolier On-line Encyclopedia for Presidential Information links to information about United States Presidents.
  • United States Presidents Information Page
  • Presidents of the United States []
  • U.S. Presidents, The
  • Presidential Tax Returns Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, and Roosevelt's returns.
  • U.S. Presidential Autographs from George Washington to John F. Kennedy.
  • American Presidency, The
  • American Presidency, The
  • Mac's Presidents of the United States of America "This Presidents site has great graphics, originally recorded downloadable sounds, ..."
  • Presidential Elections Statistics information on each of the US Presidential elections, with electoral votes and popular votes.
  • 8. Virtual Exhibit President Exhibits Sites And Links ..
    The history of presidential Elections exhibit, covering the political history, caricaturingtwelve american presidents from to external web sites and resources exhibit Pre

    US President since Washington presidential Trivia — Learn all to Columbus Plymouthhistory — history around the to excellent Native american sites…you'll
    This page has moved to a new location . Please change your browser bookmark.

    10. Barbara's History Page
    american Presidents Life Portraits (CSPAN) presidential Libraries IDEA Network- presidential Libraries web sites, First Ladies, and other web
    @import URL("global4.css"); Updated on February 9, 2003.
    Comments, suggestions, corrections...
    may be sent to Barbara Gellis Shapiro

    11. Montcalm High School Online: Student Chats, Message Boards, Alumni Searches, Gam
    to Reconstruction A hypertext on american history from the american PresidentsLife Portraits. audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also
    Montcalm High School Online
    Homework Help

    Looking for some help with your homework? Use the links below. If you can't find what you want here, head over to the message board and ask for some help.
    Math Science Foreign Language ... General Homework Help General Homework Help Homework Spot : is a free K-12 homework resource center that simplifies the search for the best content online. From the site, quickly and easily find resources by grade level and subject, including English, math, science, social studies, art, music, technology, foreign language, health and more. The site also features a top-notch reference center, current events, co-curricular activities and study breaks, parent and teacher resources, and much more. Educational Resources : Everything from Math to English Literature. One of the best homework help sites on the net!

    12. Education World ® : Great Sites For Teaching About: American History And Cultur
    as Native american Web sites is fully through four periods of american history colonization, abolition includes the 2000 vice presidential ballot, which
    Related Reviews
    The Mayflower Web Page

    Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's

    Related Categories
    History : USA

    Social Sciences : USA

    Other Articles This Week

    Great Sites For Teaching
    ... Social Science Great Sites Article G R E A T S I T E S A R T I C L E
    American History and Culture
    Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. Internet educator Walter McKenzie selected this week's sites, which are among the best on the Web for teaching about America's heritage.
  • The Age of Protest and Change

    In this overview of life in the United States during the turbulent 60s, visitors meet Malcolm, a black activist; Starshine, a young hippie; Joe, a settled suburbanite; and Lois, a military nurse. In brief vignettes, the characters share their lives, their viewpoints, and information about the culture that formed them. Their stories provide an intimate look at an era marked by sudden social change and great material for critical thinking and group discussion.
  • All American Quiz
  • 13. Education World® : Site Reviews Center : Archives : History
    2000); presidential sites Resources (Nov. 1996); Project Whistlestop (May 1999);Revolution to Reconstruction american history (Nov. 1996); Watergate (Feb.

    Site Reviews
    Archives: Alphabetical Listing By Date Listing ...

    "Best Of" Series
    2002 Reviews

    2001 Reviews

    2000 Reviews

    1999 Reviews
    ... Archives History H I S T O R Y GENERAL HISTORY

    14. Savannah Country Day School - Charles Gay Library - American History
    Native american Tribes; Outline of american history; PBS history american history;presidential Impeachments (history Place); presidential sites Links to web
    American History General Westward Expansion Civil War 20th Century ... Biography

    15. Latin American History Sources
    to a many information resources for Latin american studies Regional sites. ArgentinaArgentine presidential Messages igital images of presidential messages from
    Latin American History
    General Latin America Studies Sites
    Regional Sites

    Indigenous Peoples
    General Latin America Studies Sites
    Latin American Studies
    List of links dealing with all aspects and nations of Latin America maintained by the University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center. Includes a section on history
    Internet Resources for Latin America
    "The links in this guide will provide access to a many information resources for Latin American studies. I've included what I consider some of the best places to find unique and useful information, however, these sites are only starting points."
    Regional Sites
    Argentina Brazil
    • Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project
      Center for Research Libraries project to "digitize executive branch serial documents issued by Brazil's national government during the period between 1821 and 1993, and by its provincial governments from the earliest available for each province to the end of the Empire to 1889."

    16. American History From 1865
    who has produced a number of sites dealing with nine sound recordings of speechesby american leaders at World War and the subsequent presidential election of
    American History from 1865
    See American History to 1865 African American History Native American History Pacific Northwest History ... History of Women , and World War II for other sites related to American history. Biographical Sites
    Sites Arranged Chronologically

    Twentieth Century
    Biographical Sites
    • Alexander Graham Bell
    • Leonard Bernstein
      • Leonard Bernstein Collection
        This collection "makes available a selection of 85 photographs, 177 scripts from the Young People's Concerts, 74 scripts from the Thursday Evening Previews, and over 1,100 pieces of correspondence." Part of American Memory
    • Thomas A. Edison

    17. American History
    annotated sites to help students learn american history. Archive; WWW Virtual Libraryhistory United States. presidential sites Links to many sites about the
    Naperville Public Libraries Home Back to Selected Websites K-12 Resources History ...

    18. Grolier Online's The American Presidency
    A history of presidents, the presidency, politics and related subjects. Includes biographies for every Category Society history North America United States Presidents...... and sound clips from important points in history. Results of every american presidentialelection from of links to campaign sites, presidential libraries, parks
    Grolier is pleased to present The American Presidency , an exclusive history of presidents, the presidency, politics and related subjects. Select an encyclopedia set or a feature to begin. Help/Citations

    19. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Political History
    US presidential Historic sites. The presidential Inaugural Documentary Photographs. TheodoreRoosevelt, Icon of the american Century. FDR's Four Freedoms Speech.

    Smithsonian Links and Resources
    The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden Hall of Presidents, National Portrait Gallery The Artful Presidency: Selections from the Archives of American Art ... "George Washington: A National Treasure," a historic tour from the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery , celebrates our nation's first president. George and Martha Washington: Portraits from the Presidential Years U. S. Presidential Historic Sites Meet the Presidents: Profiles of our Nation's Leaders First Ladies Gowns ... Nixon-Kennedy Debates from Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years, 1970-1974. Timeline of the Struggle for Equal Rights in America Spotlight: Biography, Founding Fathers Spotlight: Biography, Elections and Voting ... Spotlight: Biography, Labor Reformers
    Other Sites of Interest
    National Archives: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights The White House The United States Senate The United States House of Representatives ...
    Hall of Presidents
    To learn more about U.S. political history, visit the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and National Portrait Gallery Encyclopedia Smithsonian A B ...
    Public Inquiry Mail Service

    Smithsonian Institution

    20. Web Resources For U.S. History
    An Outline of american history. http// documents,audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also
    Web Resources for General American History METASITES * denotes sites of excellent quality Academic Info: United States History A subject directory of Internet resources tailored to a college or advanced high school audience. American and British History Resources on the Internet Produced at Rutgers University, this site provides a structured index of scholarly resources available online. Its contents include Reference Resources, History Gateways and Text Sites, Titles by Historic Period, and Archival and Manuscript Guides. *The Digital Librarian – History Maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in Cortland, N.Y., this page provides links to hundreds of fascinating web resources on American history. Index of Resources for United States History This web page from the University of Kansas offers links to over 1200 sites of interest to students of United States history. *Internet Public Library – United States Resources

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