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         Prince Edward Island History:     more books (100)
  1. Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History by Douglas Baldwin, 2009-05-15
  2. Land of the Red Soil: A Popular History of Prince Edward Island by Douglas Baldwin, 1998-05-31
  3. Nineteenth-century glassware from the Roma site, Prince Edward Island (History and archaeology) by Jeanne Alyluia, 1979
  4. Garden Transformed: Prince Edward Island History, 1945-1980
  5. Canada's Smallest Province: History of Prince Edward Island
  6. The Natural History of Prince Edward Island by Francis Bain, 2010-03-05
  7. Down at the shore: A history of Summerside, Prince Edward Island (1752-1945) by Robert Allan Rankin, 1980
  8. The Cradle of Confederation: a Brief History of Prince Edward Island From Its Discovery in 1534 to the Present Time by lorne callbeck, 1974-01-01
  9. History of Prince Edward Island by Duncan Campbell, 2010-10-14
  10. Charlottetown: A History (Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundations) by Peter E. Rider, 2010-02-15
  11. New Brunswick; with a Brief Outline of Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island: Their History, Civil Divisions, Geography, and Productions ... by Alexander Monro, 2010-02-04
  12. History Of Prince Edward Island by Duncan Campbell, 2010-09-10
  13. Sutherland's Prince Edward Island: A manual of the geography and natural and civil history of Prince Edward Island, for the use of schools, families and emigrants by George Sutherland, 2009-06-17
  14. Natural History of Prince Edward Island: Flora of Prince Edward Island, Natural Disasters in Prince Edward Island, Fraxinus Americana

1. Prince Edward Island: History Of PEI
History of the Name Prince Edward Island/. Interpretive History/. Mi'kmaq History/
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... All about PEI
History of PEI Acadian History Chronological History Community Histories History of the Name Prince Edward Island ... Shipwrecks General/Province-wide Borden-Cape Tormentine Ferry Service Historical Milestones Lieutenant Governors Gallery Premiers Gallery This page last updated Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 19:30. Website architecture and construction by Reinvented Inc. for the Government of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Please read our

2. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Prince Edward Island
prince edward island history Official government site. Acadian and community history,online exhibits, shipwrecks, etc. Military. Abegweit Branch, UEL Assn.
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Prince Edward Island
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Prince Edward Island
Archives - Libraries - Museums
PEI Archives Information about the Public Archives and Records Office, genealogical research (includes census records , births, marriages, deaths , land records), and tracing your family history.
Provincial Library Catalogue
Search the collections located in any public library on Prince Edward Island.
Research Guide for Genealogy
Material to help guide you in getting started in genealogical research, finding Prince Edward Island primary and secondary sources available at Robertson Library of UPEI, and as a guide to useful subject areas in the P.E.I. Collection catalogue.
Robertson Library, UPEI
Search the Robertson Library Web Pages, Library Gopher, Access to the on-line catalog with telnet, and Map, PEI and Special Collections.
Cemetery - Obituary
An Index to Some PEI Cemeteries A cumulative index of 14,500+ names was produced from 17 cemeteries. Listed alphabetically.
Churches and Cemeteries of PEI
Includes Central United Cemetery, Little Sands Cemetery, Long Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Wood Island Pioneer Cemetery, Wood Islands Cemetery.

3. - Online Resources For Canadian Heritage - Local History
top . Prince Edward Island. prince edward island history http//
QUICK LINKS Home page Archaeology Arts and Crafts Civilizations Cultures First Peoples History Treasures Military history Artifact catalogue Library catalogue Other Web sites Boutique
Online Resources for Canadian Heritage
General and reference works Geography and local history Museums and other cultural institutions
Geography and local history
Local history - Canada (page 1) page 1: Towns and cities - general Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Brunswick ... Prince Edward Island page 2: Quebec Ontario page 3: Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia ... Nunavut
  • Towns and cities - general
  • - top -
  • Newfoundland
  • 4. The Island Register - P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island) Genealogy
    Includes censuses, lineages, reviews, lookups, maps, queries, and various directories.Category Regional North America Society and Culture Genealogy...... Announcing The prince edward island Surnames List MkII . Online Map The 1863Lake Map Digitization Complete! history The Telephone on PEI - history
    The Island Register Prince Edward Island's Premier Genealogy Home Page Visitors Since Jan. 29, 1997 Suggest This Page To A Friend!
    Welcome to Prince Edward Island!
    Feel free to place your Queries in our Guestbook at the bottom of the page!! The "Island Register" is your "Number 1" on-line source for P.E.I. Genealogy, with over P.E.I. lineages, and 4000+ documents online. The Register's finest assets, are its users! We wish to thank our provider, Island Services Network , and all that use this page.

    5. The History Of The Telephone On Prince Edward Island
    Includes the history of the telephone and telephone company on prince edward island, independent companie Category Recreation Antiques Telephones and Telegraphs......Suggest This Page To A Friend! The history of the Telephone on princeedward island. Member Telephone Collector's International 2002/2003.
    Party Lines! Pioneers! Rural Companies! On-line Museum! ... Suggest This Page To A Friend! The History of the Telephone on Prince Edward Island Member: Telephone Collector's International 2002/2003 The telephone has helped unify people and communities for over 100 years on Prince Edward Island. Today, the telephone has become an integral part of personal life and of business, providing voice, data, and cell communications across the Island, and around the world. On this page, you will find a history of telephone communication on Prince Edward Island, and notes and articles pertaining to the telephone on P.E.I. I will be adding more as information of interest is gathered. This page is being updated frequently - please check back from time to time. I would be interested in posting photos of P.E.I. telephone operators and exchanges on the page, as well as any further information on the history of the telephone on Prince Edward Island. If you are an ex-operator or lineman who would like to share your stories, I would like to hear from you! If you have a directory from the early years while the company was still the "Telephone Company of Prince Edward Island", please let me know if you could provide a photocopy, so that a transcription could be provided covering that era. View our historical transcriptions of two early P. E. I. directories. When compared to modern directories, one can appreciate how the Island telephone system has matured over the intervening years into a system second to none, thanks to the dedication of Island Tel and its employees!

    6. Welcome To The UPEI Fencing Web Site! (PEIFA)
    Includes club history, events, mailing list, links to other fencing sites.Category Sports Fencing Clubs Canada...... The largest tournaments held in prince edward island were the Eastern Canadian Belt (for the PEI Epee Champ). Quick Jump to history / Membership / Tournaments
    Welcome to the U.P.E.I. Fencing Web Site! (P.E.I.F.A.)
    Quick Jump to: History Membership Tournaments Portfolios ... Pics
    The University Fencing Club dates back to the academic year 1967/68 when a newly hired faculty member at Prince of Wales College (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) was encouraged by Athletic Director, Earl Nicholson, to found a club for the student body. Prof. Lothar Zimmermann had learned to love the sport during his student days at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. Arriving in Charlottetown, he wanted to continue to fence. To do that, he had to create opponents for himself by teaching others the sport of fencing. And he is still at it today, 35 years later! Upon the merger of Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University, the PWC Fencing Club became the U.P.E.I. Fencing Club. Over the years, membership has grown and changed. And so have the facilities, the equipment, and the rules of the sport itself. The Club ‹ as the only fencing centre on the Island ‹ became the P.E.I. Fencing Association, and as such, was accepted within the national body, today's Canadian Fencing Federation. More by accident than by design, the Club accepted also members from outside the University community. "The Duellist" Since 1989, PEI fencers have their own annual illustrated news magazine which offers a review of the past season, including results and statistics, archival material, cartoons, information regarding upcoming events, or merely interesting reading material concerning the sport.

    7. My Prince Edward Island Family History
    My prince edward island Family history. A Brief Family history Favourite Family Photos MacKinnon Family Jackson
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
    My Prince Edward Island Family History A Brief Family History Favourite Family Photos MacKinnon Family Jackson Family ... Contact Me/Guestbook Welcome to our family tree! Click here for my welcome message Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. I knew practically nothing as my father never knew his paternal family until a couple of years ago. Now he has found his wonderful sister Sherry, brother Gary and Aunt Marlene and knows his family at last! This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart. I've delayed releasing this website for several months as very little of the research is my own. I have found many cousins through my other website, which I have researched myself, so thought it a good idea to publish this branch of my tree also. Most of this information was obtained from talking to living relatives and other distant cousins that I bumped into during my research. The only information I have provided myself is that of my immediate family. The rest has been provided by other newly found cousins who have spent years researching the family. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible and I am extremely grateful for everyones help!

    8. Prince Edward Island Woman Abuse Protocols
    This initiative's goal is to reduce violence towards women by establishing policy and protocol to Category Society People Women Issues Domestic Violence......The Coalition for Woman Abuse Policy and Protocol in prince edward island Responseto woman abuse policy and protocol initiative Project history In 1991
    The Coalition for Woman Abuse Policy and
    Protocol in Prince Edward Island
    Response to woman abuse: policy and protocol initiative
    Project History
    In 1991, after the murder of a PEI woman by her estranged husband, Justice C.R. McQuaid conducted an inquiry into family violence policies and procedures for the police and Department of Justice. The resulting report indicated a need to develop family violence policies and protocols in Prince Edward Island.
    Not having comprehensive, collaborative and appropriate policies in place to respond to woman abuse, or having gaps in existing policies, can result in inappropriate and unsafe responses by service providers. This can result in women not receiving the support they need and can also discourage them from talking about the abuse. An inappropriate response can delay intervention and result in further abuse. Having a co-ordinated response within government and community organizations can help ensure that women receive safe and respectful responses from service providers across the Island.
    Project Partners
    The Coalition for Woman Abuse Policy and Protocol in Prince Edward Island was formed in 1998 to address the need for a comprehensive woman abuse policy. It is a partnership of the Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention, Transition House Association, Victim Services, the PEI Medical Society, Woman Abuse and the PEI Legal System Research Team of the Muriel McQueen Ferguson Centre for Family Violence Research, the Aboriginal Women's Association, the PEI Nurses Association, RCMP, The Learning Centre, the Family Violence Consultant for the Province of PEI, the PEI Inter-Ministerial Women's Secretariat and the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

    9. Cyndi's List - Canada - Prince Edward Island
    Canadian Genealogy and history Links prince edward island; FamilySearch ResearchGuidance - Research Outline - prince edward island This outstanding outline
    Cyndi's List currently has no sponsor
    Canada - Prince Edward Island
    The index links below work best if you allow
    your web browser to load the entire page first.
    Category Index:

    Related Categories:
    National Genealogical Society

    Arlington, Virginia
    Cyndi's List The BOOK!

    2nd Edition
    2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
    In association with Ancestry Magazine GPC and Clearfield Company Genealogy Warehouse Submit a New Link Report a Broken Link Update a Link
      Canada GenWeb Project
    General Resource Sites
    • This outstanding outline introduces records and strategies that can help you learn more about your ancestors. It explains terms associated with this state's particular genealogy research and describes the content, use, and availability of major genealogical records.
    • Prince Edward Island's First Genealogy Home Page.

    10. Belfast Community Access Program (CAP) - Prince Edward IslandProviding Free Inte
    Lists accommodations, local businesses, attractions, popular sites, and island tours. Find map which showcases some of the island's features. Welcome to prince edward island . Be prepared to relax and experience the unique history and culture of the
    Other Pages: Home/Index Business Directory - History - Belfast News T he first settlers of the Belfast area identified by historians were the aboriginals called the Miq Maqs. They were attracted to the rich fishing and clamming sites in our community. The mixed forests held lots of game animals and marshes and fields were covered in edible plants. T he "modern" history of the area really began in the 1800s. Lord Selkirk's Highland Scot settlers first arrived in Belfast on the "Polly" on August 7, 1803 when they anchored in Orwell Bay just off the present day location of Lord Selkirk Park, between the towns of Eldon and Pinette. The Belfast area had previously been settled by the French in the mid 1700s but they were forced to abandon their homesteads by the British during the expulsion of the Acadians in 1758. Despite the availability of ready, cleared land following the expulsion, attempts to settle the abandoned Acadian homesteads in 1775 and again in 1785 ended in failure. P erhaps the success of Lord Selkirk's settlers can be attributed to the approach to settlement devised by Thomas Douglas, Fifth Earl of Selkirk. At a time when the vast majority of the Island's absentee owners were attempting to populate their lands granted to them by the King with poor tenant farmers from whom they could demand rent, Lord Selkirk took a decidedly different approach. The Gaelic speaking Scotch Presbyterians from the highlands and islands who came to Belfast shared a common language, culture and religion. They were also allowed to own their lands instead of being tenants. Selkirk was not interested in being a land baron who simply collected his rents unlike the vast majority of his fellow land owners. Most of the Belfast settlers actually gave up leases in the "auld sod" and paid for their passage and land in the new world.

    11. Prince Edward Island Tourism And Travel Guide Online
    Searchable database of accommodations, attractions, festivals and events and restaurants.Category Regional North America Travel and Tourism...... island history Long before the Fathers of Confederation met in Charlottetown in andfinalize the formulation of our great nation, prince edward island was home
    Welcome to PEI Online Today is Thursday, April 10th, 2003 DAYTOUR REGIONS With six detailed Daytour Regions , Prince Edward Island offers visitors plenty to explore and discover. Plan your vacation online FEATURED STORY Highways and Byways
    Offering a unique view into the diversity of P.E.I`s pleasant landscape and its inhabitants, the many highways and byways which run through the Island serve as a perfect means for visitors to explore and better appreciate the splendor found throughout our province Learn more about Highways and Byways
    Read other Featured Stories
    FEATURED GOLF COURSE Glasgow Hills Resort

    Glasgow Hills Golf Course features a Les Furber designed 18 Hole Championship Golf Course that features some of the most scenic holes you will ever see! Furber himself, who is renowned for his design of golf courses... Learn more about Glasgow Hills Resort
    Learn about Golfing the Island

    A region which drew farmers from far and wide to harvest the nutrient-rich mussel mud, Mill River is also the home of Larry Gorman, one of P.E.I`s most famous and beloved folk artists. The Rodd Mill River Resort offers the finest in accommodations fo... Learn more about Mill River
    Learn about other Island communities
    Need to request a print version of the Prince Edward Island Visitor Guide? The guide is

    12. Prince Edward Island Tourism And Travel Guide Online
    most valuable agricultural crop grows, the prince edward island Potato Museum, locatedin the West prince community of O'Leary, chronicles the history of the

    13. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Atlantic Provinces
    Maritimes Most Wanted A site to post your hard to find or most wanted ancestorsfrom Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and prince edward island. history.
    Canadian Genealogy and History Links
    Atlantic Provinces
    Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
    Atlantic Provinces
    Archives - Libraries - Museums
    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Specializing in marine history of Atlantic Canada. Information and links on the location of the Museum, admission prices and hours of operation, history of the Museum, information on the collection, exhibits, etc.
    Planter Database The Planter Database contains records from about 3000 documents or collections of documents.
    First Nations
    Micmac History Information on the Micmac people who occupied Nova Scotia, the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and the eastern half of New Brunswick and southwestern Newfoundland.
    Boston States Migrations Resources to track families migrating between the Canadian Eastern Provinces, New England and New York through the centuries.
    Maritimes Most Wanted
    A site to post your hard to find or "most wanted" ancestors from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
    Chignecto Isthmus and its First Settlers This book is an account of the settlement of the NS/NB border area known as the Chignecto Isthmus, which separates the Bay of Fundy from the Cumberland Strait.

    14. PEISLAND
    A guide to the province's tourism industry and other island businesses.Category Regional North America Travel and Tourism...... Welcome to prince edward island …. Be prepared to relax and experiencethe unique history and culture of the Birthplace of Confederation.
    The current time in Charlottetown is 10:49 pm .
    Welcome to Prince Edward Island Be prepared to relax and experience the unique history and culture of the Birthplace of Confederation. From the time you arrive on beautiful Prince Edward Island, either by boat or the Confederation Bridge, enjoy ceilidhs, strongmen competitions, open air restaurants, Island made crafts, live concerts, historical walks, and never ending rounds of golf on our world class courses.



    World-Class Golf Courses.
    Website of the Month for February:
    Campus Kids Campus Kids Child Care Center Inc. is on of the finest child care services available in the Charlottetown area.
    Check out To Vote for next months site email:
    Random PEI Fact #4: Northumberland Ferries Ltd. started ferry service between Wood Islands and Caribou, Nova Scotia. The Prince Nova carried 14 cars and departed Caribou at 11:00 am on June 28, 1941.

    15. Island Nature Trust - Protecting Prince Edward Island's Natrual Areas Since 1979
    natural areas network on prince edward island, consisting of In 1979, island NatureTrust was incorporated PEI Wildlife Federation, Natural history Society of
    The Island Nature Trust is a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to protection and management of Natural Areas on Prince Edward Island (Canada). We acquire lands to be held in trust for future generations, manage these lands as an example of appropriate and sustained use, and help private owners voluntarily protect their lands. Our vision is to work with government and private landowners to create a true natural areas network on Prince Edward Island, consisting of core protected areas connected by corridors.
    P.O. Box 265
    Charlottetown PE C1A 7K4

    16. Place Details ('Prince Edward Island')
    Place Details. FAMILY history LIBRARY CATALOG. Place. prince edward island. Topics. prince edward island Archives and

    17. Prince Edward Island: The Island Today
    Today in island history. On March 20 in island history Lorie Kane, one of thetop golfers on the LPGA tour hails from Charlottetown, prince edward island.
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    Website Search


    This page of our website contains channels of information that change often usually hourly or daily. To create your personalized . version of The Island Today , which lets you rearrange the channels, and choose which channels appear, click here to register . If you've already registered, you can login
    Due to system changes at Environment Canada, weather information is no longer available on this page. Please consult our weather page for alternate sources. IslandCam One See the IslandCam page for more... IslandCam Two See the IslandCam page for more... Special Occasions The Premier of PEI recognizes... Today Sharon Eyster celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday from your Mom and Dad! Today Linus McCloskey of North River celebrates his birthday. Best wishes from your wife Diana, children Amanda and Leo and all your family and friends. Have a great day! Tomorrow Amy Howatt of Crapaud celebrates her 93rd birthday. Congratulations and love from the family! In days Andrew and Aurelia Jorgensen of Hartsville celebrate their 17th Wedding Anniversary. All the best from Michael and Denise MacIsaac and family.

    18. Prince Edward Island Teachers' Federation - PEI Teachers' Federation History
    In February, 1880 three years following the adoption of the Public School Act ofPrince edward island, one hundred and thirtyeight teachers gathered at Upper
    From the President

    Contact Us


    In February, 1880 three years following the adoption of the Public School Act of Prince Edward Island, one hundred and thirty-eight teachers gathered at Upper Prince Street School to form the Teachers’ Association of Prince Edward Island; At the organizational meeting, Mr. D. Montgomery, Superintendent of Education, occupied the presidential chair and Mr. J. D. Seaman, Principal of Prince Street School acted as secretary; In 1885, this new association was incorporated by an Act of the Legislature; In 1903, at the annual convention of the association, efforts were made to change the association to a federation, however, this did not occur; 1920 marked the change of the Teachers’ Association of Prince Edward Island to the Prince Edward Island Teachers’ Union – an effort to unite to obtain improved working conditions; The Union was dissolved in 1924 and the and the Prince Edward Island Teachers’ Federation came into existence – a time when the total teacher population in the Province was 612;

    19. The Island Register Ships Page
    island Magazine mentioned above is a publication of the prince edward island Museumand have available a large assortment of books on PEI history and genealogy
    The Island Register Shipping Stories, Info, and Folklore
    This Page will present information on passenger lists, famous shipwrecks,
    and voyages taken by Islanders. Suggest This Page To A Friend! Quick Index
    [P.E.I. Passenger Lists]

    Ships PEI to Boston
    [Other Resources!] General Ship Information!
    Any links to pages off the Register site will open up in a new window. To return to the Register close the browser window of the site you have linked to. For the majority, those on the Register, use the links provided, or use your Browser "Back" Button.

    20. Prince Edward Island Department Of Education
    prince edward island ADDRESS LOCATOR PICTURES THE island STORE THE island TODAY HELP ResearchGuides Tracing Your Family history , Historic Buildings, Community
    Website Index
    About the Public Archives and Records Office

    Genealogical Research

    Census Records
    Births, Marriages, Deaths ...
    Off-Site Archival And Genealogical Resources

    Maintained by the Department of Education

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