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  1. Defunct Hospitals in Canada: Government House, Charlottetown Hospital, Prince Edward Island Hospital, National Defence Medical Centre
  2. Summer Provinces by the Sea. A Description of the Vacation Resources of Eastern Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, in the Territory Served by the Canadian Government Railways : - Intercolnial Railway / Prince Edward Island Railway by Romaine Intercolonial Railway] Callender, 1917-01-01
  3. Legislative reports: Prince Edward Island.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Marian Johnson, 2003-03-22
  4. Prince Edward Island.(Legislative Reports): An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Marian Jonhston, 2010-06-22
  5. The Prince Edward Island plebiscite on electoral reform.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Jeannie Lea, 2006-03-22
  6. Legislative reports: Prince Edward Island.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review
  7. Electoral reform for Prince Edward Island.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by John Andrew Cousins, 2002-12-22
  8. Lighting the Way: Knowledge Assessment in Prince Edward Island (Compass Series) by Committee on Knowledge Assessment, National Research Council, 1999-02-18
  9. The right of provincial legislatures to summon federal officials: Canada v Prince Edward Island.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Gary Levy, 2003-06-22
  10. Women in politics: a Prince Edward Island perspective.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Olive Crane, 2006-09-22
  11. Electoral reform proposals in Quebec, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Howard Cody, 2005-06-22
  12. Legislative reports: Prince Edward Island.: An article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Jill Walsh, 2001-03-22
  13. Ile-du-Prince-Edouard.(Rapports légistatifs; Third Session of the 62nd Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island commences): An article from: Revue parlementaire canadienne by Marian Johnston, 2006-06-22
  14. Prince Edward Island/ Ile-du-Prince-Edouard.(Legislative Reports/Rapport legislatifs)(proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, ... article from: Canadian Parliamentary Review by Marian Johnston, 2007-06-22

21. Home Page For The History & Government Division
British Columbia * 160,000 * 2000 * Ultra Gamut Graphics Pender islands (2) * British drawnto scale * 1996 * Universal Maps of Canada prince edward Island * 1
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22. Home Page For The History & Government Division
Victoria, Vancouver Island Gulf islandsThe islands (Vancouver Island/Gulfislands). Travel Other provinces. prince edward Island Visitors Guide.
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British Columbia
Other provinces Canada - General International
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23. MileByMile Prince Edward Island, State #4: , Town Of Montague To Wood Islands Fe
were a gift to the prince edward Island government from the Wood islands is a dayuse park featuring playground equipment, an prince edward Island, 200301-25.
Highway Guide Program About Us Trivia Prince Edward Island Photos Prince Edward Island Books Prince Edward Island Links Travel Games Help/FAQ ... State 4 Driving Directions and Road Map Guide Information Maintained by
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6090 Chancellor Blvd.
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24. MileByMile Prince Edward Island, State #4: , Town Of Montague To Wood Islands Fe
3.9, 2.4, Community of Wood islands East, Access from highway, 200301-25. The originalbuffalo were a gift to the prince edward Island government from the

25. Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island
and a summer service between Wood islands PEI and was presented to citizens of PrinceEdward Island, asking tunnel were presented as the government had not
The Confederation Bridge is the recently built 12.9 kilometer span between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. It is the longest bridge over ice-covered water (the Northumberland strait, between PEI and the other two maritime provinces, freezes for three to four months of the year) in the world right now. It opened in May 1997 and the people of PEI are hoping it will continue to bring in the increase of tourists we experienced over the summer. But its story is one of controversy and worry, hope and expectation. Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, and being an island, the venues of transportation have always had to confer with the Northumberland strait, the body of water separating us from the mainland. When PEI joined the Confederation of Canada, we were guaranteed transportation service connecting us with the mainland. The most obvious form of transportation was a ferry service and we've had a year-round ferry service between Borden-Carleton PEI and Cape Tourmentine New Brunswick and a summer service between Wood Islands PEI and Caribou Nova Scotia for the past few decades at least. But in the past fifteen or so years, the ferry service has shown to be inefficient in the peak tourism season of the summer months. In the late 1980s, a plebiscite was presented to citizens of Prince Edward Island, asking them to vote on the construction of a bridge linking us to Nova Scotia. At this time, both the ideas of a bridge and a underwater tunnel were presented as the government had not started in depth research on the aspects of either. The people of PEI voted to for the building of a bridge and the government went ahead with plans. It was decided that the most feasible option would be a bridge and proposals were brought in from enterprises whose main focus was building this specific bridge.

26. Virgin Islands Job Search, Looking For Work In Virgin Islands
US Virgin islands government Web Site, Virgin islands Department of Labor, Oklahoma**Ontario** Oregon** Palau** Pennsylvania** prince edward Island** Province
Virgin Islands
Job Search In Virgin Islands
US Virgin Islands Government Web Site Virgin Islands Department of Labor Virgin Island Job Site For books to help you get the job of your dream try
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27. >Prince Edward Island Job Search, Looking For Work In Prince Edward Island
prince edward Island government Jobs, Oregon** Palau** Pennsylvania** prince edwardIsland** Province du Utah ** Vermont** Virgin islands**Virginia ** Washington
Prince Edward Island
Job Search In Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Government Jobs Prince Edward Island Job Listings Web Site Advantage Jobs For books to help you get the job of your dream try
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28. List Of Figures
this eddy source and the eddies as they move towards the prince edward islands. betweenthe University of Cape Town, South African government agencies (Marine
Report of Southern Ocean Research for South Africa For logistical and financial reasons, recent South African ocean-going research in the Southern Ocean has concentrated on the oceanic environment of the Prince Edward Islands. Although the South African supply and research vessel 'SA Agulhas' visits Gough Island and the South African Antarctic base SANAE on an annual basis, financial constraints have not allowed us to use these particular cruises for monitoring. The Prince Edward islands lie in the Subantarctic at 47 S, 38 E, in the lee of the Southwest Indian Ridge. Regular grids of stations to 2000 m depth have been carried out in the general vicinity of the islands. Frequent XBT lines have been carried out from Cape Town to the islands and back. Three extensive exploratory cruises have been carried out in the immediate surroundings of the islands. They have shown that mesoscale eddies of various types and consisting of various water masses are ubiquitous in this region. A study of these features in relation to TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry has shown that they all come from a specific region. Flow variability generated from altimetry shows an anomalous region of high variability centred at about 50 S and 35 E in the Southern Ocean. The Prince Edward Islands lie just at the edge of the region. It has now become clear that eddies are generated at the point where the core of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current crosses the Southwest Indian Ridge. From there they move mostly in a northeasterly direction, also past the Prince Edward Islands. The phytoplankton as seen from SeaWiFS shows a similar pattern and the feeding patterns of higher trophic predators such as marine mammals and sea birds seem to be closely correlated.

29. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Prince Edward Island
Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Wood Island Pioneer Cemetery, Wood islands Cemetery. PrinceEdward Island Genealogy Official PEI government tourism site
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Prince Edward Island
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
Prince Edward Island
Archives - Libraries - Museums
PEI Archives Information about the Public Archives and Records Office, genealogical research (includes census records , births, marriages, deaths , land records), and tracing your family history.
Provincial Library Catalogue
Search the collections located in any public library on Prince Edward Island.
Research Guide for Genealogy
Material to help guide you in getting started in genealogical research, finding Prince Edward Island primary and secondary sources available at Robertson Library of UPEI, and as a guide to useful subject areas in the P.E.I. Collection catalogue.
Robertson Library, UPEI
Search the Robertson Library Web Pages, Library Gopher, Access to the on-line catalog with telnet, and Map, PEI and Special Collections.
Cemetery - Obituary
An Index to Some PEI Cemeteries A cumulative index of 14,500+ names was produced from 17 cemeteries. Listed alphabetically.
Churches and Cemeteries of PEI
Includes Central United Cemetery, Little Sands Cemetery, Long Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Wood Island Pioneer Cemetery, Wood Islands Cemetery.

30. American Bird Center - Prince Edward Island Bird Watching Accommodation Bed And
s Places to Play Places to Stay in prince edward islands Connecting Bird BirdsGardening General Information Gifts and Collectibles government Hazards to
American Bird Center s
Prince Edward Island s Search This Page
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31. Speaking Notes For Transport Minister David Collenette Prince Edward Island Stra
in Charlottetown, in Cornwall, and near Wood islands. Continuing the partnership betweenthe government of Canada and the Province of prince edward Island is a
Français Contact Us Help Search ... Our offices Mini Search e-news News releases Reference centre Speeches and statements ... Transport Canada
SEPTEMBER 13, 2002
Thank you for that kind introduction. It’s a pleasure to be in Charlottetown today with my colleague, Solicitor General Lawrence MacAulay, Premier Pat Binns and with Gail Shea, Minister of Transportation and Public Works for Prince Edward Island, to sign this agreement that will fund improvements to the national highway system in P.E.I. Let me start by saying how critical highway infrastructure is to Canada’s ability to transport people and goods safely and efficiently, and to compete in the North American economy. That’s why the Government of Canada has for decades been a partner in building and improving major roads across Canada. Probably the most dramatic example of that is the Confederation Bridge which provides a 24-hour-a-day link with the mainland as a result of a public-private partnership. In the February 2000 budget, we committed $600 million for the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program, or SHIP, as we call it. Under the program, $500 million will be available to our provincial and territorial partners. These funds will enable them to improve the major roads, highways, interchanges and bridges that make up the National Highway System, a sprawling network that spans almost 25,000 kilometres across every province and territory.

32. ACOA Website - News - News Releases
was announced today by Shawn Murphy, Member of Parliament for Hillsborough on behalfof the government of Canada and by prince edward islands’s Development

promises of the Canadian government compelled prince a single base, both Britain andPEI being islands. Provincial Flag prince edward Island's flag was adopted

Shop Online Provincial / Territorial Info. Contact ...

History of Prince Edward Island
Although the Mi'kmaq Indians have inhabited the island for the last 2,000 years, there are indications that their ancestors lived there as long as 10,000 years ago. These Aboriginal peoples are said to have reached the island by crossing the low plain now covered by the Northumberland Strait.
In 1534, Jacques Cartier was the first European to set eyes on the island, which he called the "fairest land that may possibly be seen." Despite Cartier's glowing description, settlement of the island was slow. Not until the early 1700s did the French establish a permanent colony and, by 1748, the population was still fewer than 700.
The population of the island grew dramatically following the British expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia in 1755. By the time the French fortress of Louisbourg fell to the British in 1758, the population of the island was more than 5,000. The British forced all but a few hundred of the Acadians to leave the island, even though France did not cede the island until the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
In 1758, the island became part of the British colony of Nova Scotia, which at that time also included the present-day province of New Brunswick. In 1769, the island became a separate colony.

34. Prince Edward Island Has A Little Something For Everyone - PGATOUR.COM
Not so with prince edward islands' Fox Meadow course, located the foxes that aboundon prince edward Island, a With four governmentowned courses and two dozen,1977,4054949,00.html
Home Players Tournaments Scoring ... Prince Edward Island has a little something for everyone June 30, 2001
document.write('E-mail this story to a friend'); By Robert Thompson
GolfWeb Columnist
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. It is ironic that most golf courses with the word 'fox' in their titles have little to do with that animal. Not so with Prince Edward Islands' Fox Meadow course, located on the outskirts of Charlottetown, the largest city in this tiny Canadian province. The course is named after the marauding foxes that have become a common site all over the facility. Not only do the foxes come out to play, they also seem to have a genuine interest in the game, or at least the little round white objects used to play the game. And they aren't just looking for Titleist Pro V balls either; last year alone more than 4,000 balls disappeared from Fox Meadow's range. The foxes think they are eggs, you see, and take them into neighboring farmers' fields in order to attempt to break them open. It is charming factors like the foxes that abound on Prince Edward Island, a location that is quickly becoming one of Canada's top golf destinations. With four government-owned courses and two dozen privately run facilities, the small island, located in the eastern most portion of Canada, has no shortage of tempting tracks.

35. Browsing Regional Polar Regions Antarctic Marion And Prince Edward Islands Categ
Browse Regional Polar Regions Antarctic Marion and prince edward islands, NorthernIreland Cities Localities Property government Society History
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Prince Edward Island

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36. Wildlife And Environment Society Of Southern Africa - Home.
Urge the South African government to support national legislation inthe region and state sovereignty over the prince edward islands.
Contents Home Back to
Conservation Policy
Webmaster Conservation Policy on Antartic Region ANTARCTIC REGION The Society believes that the Antarctic continent and its surrounding waters should continue to be dedicated to peaceful use and the pursuance of science. Exploitation of resources in the seas surrounding Antarctica south of the Polar Front must be based on the best scientific advice available and subject to quota allocations enforced through a system of international observers. In terms of the Madrid Protocol, all human activities within the region should be subject to comprehensive environmental impact assessment and every effort must be made to minimise the risk of irreversible ecological changes. South Africa is a founder member of the Antarctic Treaty which dedicates the area south of 600S to peace and science. The Treaty also provides a national and international legal framework for environmental protection and conservation. Other laws set up to protect the Antarctic as a whole, include the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) and the Madrid Protocol on Environmental Protection.

37. Po1200.htm
by Tim Carroll Almost since Confederation, prince edward Island’s it can get outof the federal government. of a number of “miracle islands” around the

38. Three Rivers Heritage Association, Prince Edward Island
that the project was a success the Federal government contributed a SHIPBUILDINGDuring prince edward islands golden age of shipbuilding, the Three Rivers
Three Rivers Heritage Association,
Prince Edward Island Cardigan, Brudenell and Montague/Valleyfield
Historical Points
of Interest
Page One
AUTOMOBILES The residents of Prince Edward Island were very reluctant to accept the noisy "horseless carriages" into their lives and Three Rivers community was no exception. The automobile was met with feelings of disdain and contempt by residents for fear that these "horseless carriages" would surely extinguish the Island way of life. Strict restrictions were placed on the use of automobiles and in 1908 anyone found operating one would receive a six month jail term or a five hundred dollar fine as a penalty. The automobile was seen as being an unnecessary luxury item that disrupted the everyday flow of life that had become so familiar. Horses were terrified of this new contraption that plagued the roads, which were very narrow and unsuitable for driving. Tolerance for the automobile began to build when in 1913 the new Automobile Act was passed and allowed the cars to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Some of the first residents in the Three Rivers area to own an automobile were local businessmen Isaac Ives and W.L. Poole both from Montague. William MacIntyre from Brudenell and J.A. MacDonald of Cardigan could also boast of owning a "horseless carriage". By 1918, all restrictions on automobiles were removed, allowing cars to operate any time they pleased. It is difficult to believe that at one time the Three Rivers was devoid of automobiles which have now become so necessary and common to the area.

39. Real Estate Prince Edward Island
Agents Login Send Referral prince edward islands Top Realtors prince edward Islandis the place one goes to Search SITE INDEX HOME government STATUTES Statutes

40. GNASwebsites2
http// Website for Highlands islands Enterprise. http// to a range of provincial government websites. prince edward ISLAND
NORTH ATLANTIC STUDIES: SOME USEFUL INTERNET SITES GENERAL: The website for the North Atlantic Islands Programme with research reports on primary industries, tourism, non-resource-based industries and new technologies. FAROES ISLANDS Click on KEY FIGURES in the margin for useful statistics http://www.alsfo/bookmark.html A useful search facility for getting background information on Faroes Gives access to government websites GREENLAND Guide to Greenland aimed at the visitor The official guide to Greenland Gives access to official statistics Official home rule website which gives information on how Greenland is governed, its Parliament, economy, trade, etc A very useful website with access to up-to-date data on population, economic indicators, etc. for region as a whole and each district.

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