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  1. Criminal Profiling, Third Edition: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis by Brent E. Turvey, 2008-04-30
  2. Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool
  3. Spiritual Profiling: How Jesus Interacted with 8 Different Types of People. . .and Why it Matters for You by Tom Hovestol, 2010-08-01
  4. Profiling The Criminal Mind: Behavioral Science and Criminal Investigative Analysis by Dr. Robert Girod Sr., 2004-12-08
  5. The Black Dragon: Racial Profiling Exposed by Joseph Collum, 2010-09-17
  6. Criminal Profiling: Developing an Effective Science And Practice (Law and Public Policy: Psychology and the Social Sciences) by Scotia J. Hicks, Bruce D. Sales, 2006-03-30
  7. Brotherhood of Corruption: A Cop Breaks the Silence on Police Abuse, Brutality, and Racial Profiling by Juan Antonio Juarez, 2004-08-01
  8. Stories in the Time of Cholera: Racial Profiling during a Medical Nightmare by Charles L. Briggs, Clara Mantini-Briggs<br> M.D. M.P.H., 2004-09-24
  9. Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological profiling and criminal investigation
  10. Criminal Psychology And Personality Profiling (Forensics: the Science of Crime-Solving) by Joan Esherick, 2005-11-30
  11. Criminal Profiling: International Theory, Research, and Practice
  12. Racial Profiling: Research, Racism, and Resistance (Issues in Crime & Justice) by Karen S. Glover, 2009-07-16
  13. Geographic Profiling by D. Kim Rossmo, 1999-12-28
  14. Criminal Profiling, Second Edition: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis by Brent E. Turvey, 2002-05-13

1. Criminal Profiling Research Site. Scientific Offender Profiling Resource In Swit
Scientific information on criminal profiling, violent crimes, criminology, and serial murder.

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St. Gallen Law enforcement Federal police Police Links BKA Germany Interpol (Lyon) ... NYPD Welcome to the Swiss Criminal Profiling Scientific Research Site
Last update: March 18, 2003. Please press reload. Recommended resolution: 800x600. In 2000, CriminalProfiling received the prestigious " StudyWeb® Academic Excellence Award" . Reviews have been featured on Webcrawler Select, The Lycos Top 5%, Education World and many others. (in English and/or German - auf Englisch und/oder Deutsch)

2. Criminal Profiling / Criminal Justice, Offender Profiling, Victimology, Serial K
Research, articles, news and information on profiling, victimology, forensics, and behavioral science.Category Science Social Sciences Criminology......Criminal profiling and Offender profiling Site. Articles on Forensic Psychology,Serial Killers, Victimology, Criminals and Freedom of Information Act Reports.
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    Bookstore Research Links The Swiss Criminal Profiling Scientific Research Site Environmental Criminology Research Officer.Com: The Police Officer's Internet Directory Chat Nick Name: Investigative Criminal Profiling Posted by Buffy on Friday, March 07 @ 00:01:11 GMT (960 reads) Pat Brown Sexual Homicide Exchange Criminal profiling has become a well-received concept in Hollywood and the general public. Sadly, the portrayal of profiling on television and in literature includes the use of psychic measures or presents profiling as an infallible science that requires only the input of variables to obtain an exact description of the suspect. Either viewpoint greatly discredits the critical involvement of law enforcement's investigative inputs and experience and greatly discourages investigators from bringing in profilers to aid in the investigation. Read More...
  • 3. D.C. Dispatch | 2001.09.25 | Taylor
    Stuart Taylor Jr.'s weekly column on legal affairs addresses racial profiling in light of the recent terrorist attacks.
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    Foreign Affairs

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    Recent commentary from National Journal Media: Truth or Consequences (September 25, 2001) It's the nature of war coverage: Even the best of reporters will sometimes be flat wrong. By William Powers. Social Studies: It Isn't America They Hate: It's the Open Society (September 25, 2001) Political Pulse: America, the Lightning Rod (September 25, 2001) Three-quarters of Americans say they think September 11 changed the nation 'forever.' By William Schneider. Media: Being There (September 19, 2001) At times this week, viewers had a distinct advantage over many reporters on the scene. By William Powers. (September 19, 2001) While the French babble about fighting 'causes' of terrorism, Hamas makes clear what the cause really is. By Jonathan Rauch. Political Pulse: Where Were You? (September 19, 2001) Nearly 90 percent of Americans see attacks as 'an act of war' against U.S. By William Schneider. Legal Affairs: Thinking the Unthinkable: Next Time Could Be Much Worse (September 19, 2001)

    4. Compaq Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI)
    Features an advanced development kit for Compaq Alpha platforms.

    5. Criminal Profiling By Wayne Petherick
    Talking with an expert on the aspects of how profiling works.Category Society Crime Murder Serial Murder......You are in CRIMINAL MIND/CRIMINAL profiling. CRIMINAL profiling FACT,FICTION, FANTASY AND FALLACY. By Wayne Petherick. Introduction.
    var openThis = 22.1;
    By Wayne Petherick
    There is a great deal of hype and myth surrounding both the phenomenon of serial murder and the process of criminal profiling. Much of the serial murder fiction is a result of the portrayal of these killers in the popular media, and the way in which they are represented by the news media. Their crimes occupy a high profile category, and occur at the end of the spectrum of normality (an arbitrary distinction between us and people not like us). Therefore, they usually attract a great deal of attention. Because the average person is unable to fathom the acts of serial killers, explanations for their behaviour fall somewhere between the evil of the perpetrator and some form of mental instability. Neither of these explanations is necessarily helpful in understanding their behaviour, and neither is necessarily correct. Just as serial murder “pulls a large crowd”, one of the investigative tools often employed to aid in their capture, most broadly known as criminal profiling, has also received a large amount of attention in recent times. The mythology that surrounds this practice is no less prevalent, just different, and there is no doubt that the process is largely misunderstood by the greater population. It is the purpose of this paper to explore a dozen or so of the most popular myths relating to serial murder and criminal profiling, and to examine where possible what the literature says about them. This paper will set the stage for subsequent works on criminal profiling, including the developmental origins of criminal profiling, the different methods used in the profiling of criminals, and the evaluations of criminal profiling.

    6. NOTE-OPS-OverHTTP
    Technical report from W3C.
    Implementation of OPS Over HTTP
    Submitted to W3C
    This version:
    Latest version:
    Pat Hensley , FireFly Network, Inc.
    Max Metral
    , FireFly Network, Inc.
    Upendra Shardanand
    , FireFly Network, Inc.
    Donna Converse

    Mike Myers
    , Verisign, Inc.
    Status of this Document
    This document is a NOTE made available by the World Wide Web Consortium for discussion only. This indicates no endorsement of its content, nor that the Consortium has, is, or will be allocating any resources to the issues addressed by the NOTE. A list of current NOTEs can be found at: This document is part of a complete submission to the W3C. The full submission has been acknowledged by W3C and is available at Note: since working drafts are subject to frequent change, you are advised to reference the above URL, rather than the URLs for working drafts themselves. Document Version 1.0

    7. C I Profiling: Specialists In Modeling, Assessment, Performance Effectiveness
    Specialists in modeling, assessment, and performance effectiveness. Uses customdesigned enterprise-wide systems for managing selection, development, and career-mapping of people in a best-practices environment.
    About Us

    505 E. HAWLEY
    SUITE 150
    MUNDELEIN, IL 60060

    8. The Myth Of Racial Profiling By Heather Mac Donald
    Heather MacDonald says there's no credible evidence that racial profiling exists, yet the crusade Category Society Issues Race and Racism Racial profiling......There's no credible evidence that racial profiling exists, yet the crusadeto abolish it threatens a decade's worth of crimefighting success.
    The Myth of Racial Profiling Heather Mac Donald he anti-"racial profiling" juggernaut must be stopped, before it obliterates the crime-fighting gains of the last decade, especially in inner cities. The anti-profiling crusade thrives on an ignorance of policing and a willful blindness to the demographics of crime. Yet politicians are swarming on board. In February, President George W. Bush joined the rush, declaring portentously: "Racial profiling is wrong, and we will end it in America." Too bad no one asked President Bush: "What exactly do you mean by 'racial profiling,' and what evidence do you have that it exists?" For the anti-profiling crusaders have created a headlong movement without defining their central term and without providing a shred of credible evidence that "racial profiling" is a widespread police practice. The ultimate question in the profiling controversy is whether the disproportionate involvement of blacks and Hispanics with law enforcement reflects police racism or the consequences of disproportionate minority crime. Anti-profiling activists hope to make police racism an all but irrebuttable presumption whenever enforcement statistics show high rates of minority stops and arrests. But not so fast. T wo meanings of "racial profiling" intermingle in the activists' rhetoric. What we may call "hard" profiling uses race as the

    9. American Civil Liberties Union : Racial Equality : Racial Profiling
    Racial Equality Racial profiling Racial Equality Issues General Affirmativeaction Education Racial profiling Housing/Fair Housing Voting rights

    10. Summer Storm -- Experiencing Racial Profiling
    Columnist Abdullah AlArian discusses being invited to and then removed from a White House briefing during the summer.
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    COLUMN: Summer storm experiencing racial profiling By Abdullah Al-Arian The Chronicle (Duke U.)
    Teach-ins return as form of activism
    Journalist recalls bin Laden visit Family of Oklahoma State U. basketball player killed in plane crash set to file injunction Sooners looking to keep Kansas State grounded ... COLUMN: Term limits stifle quality politicians
    (U-WIRE) DURHAM, N.C. In recent weeks, many have fallen victim to a growing quest for a return to invulnerability. The need for a renewed sense of security, especially given the current climate of emergency, subsequently requires that a few may suffer for the greater good of society. To many Americans, this means understandably subjecting a few unfortunate souls of the wrong ethnic or religious makeup to random searches, surveillance and expulsions from schools, malls and airplanes, or in my case, the White House. Having recently had an experience that corresponds to much of that which will take place in coming months, I can easily assert that such a trying encounter does take its toll. However, the true measure of individuals comes in their ability to handle adversity and maintain their core principles regardless of the circumstances.

    11. American Civil Liberties Union : Racial Equality : Racial Profiling
    profiling. Up Tools for evaluating programs Next Writing profiling routines Previous The MPI Timer
    Latest News ACLU, Civil Rights Groups and Maryland Officials Reach Landmark Racial Profiling Settlement
    ACLU of NJ Wins $775,000 for Victims of Racial Profiling by State Troopers

    More Racial profiling News >>
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    Legislative Documents

    Racial Equality
    : Racial profiling Racial Equality : Racial profiling - Press Releases View All ACLU, Civil Rights Groups and Maryland Officials Reach Landmark Racial Profiling Settlement
    ANNAPOLIS, MDAfter months of delays and false starts, the Maryland Board of Public Works today approved a historic settlement ending the practice of racial profiling on the state’s highways, the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland announced.
    ACLU of NJ Wins $775,000 for Victims of Racial Profiling by State Troopers

    NEWARK The State of New Jersey has agreed to pay more than $775,000 to motorists who were victims of racial profiling to settle lawsuits brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, the group announced at a news conference today.
    Judge Rules ACLU Discrimination Suit Against Continental Airlines Can Go Forward

    NEWARK - A federal district judge has denied a motion to dismiss two federal civil rights lawsuits alleging that Continental Airlines discriminated against passengers in removing them from a flight, the American Civil Liberties Union announced today.

    12. American Civil Liberties Union : Legislation Addresses Racial Profiling!
    Police Practices Racial profiling Legislation Addresses Racial profiling!

    13. ACT WorkKeys : Job Profiles
    Job profiling. The Procedure
    Job Profiling The Procedure Occupational Profiles More Information Job Profiling Training ... WorkKeys
    Job Profiling
    WorkKeys job profiles accomplish the key task of job analysis , helping employers identify the levels of skills current and prospective employees need in order to be successful on the job. Job profiles also provide individuals with a clear picture of the skill levels they need to qualify for and be successful in the jobs they want. Consider the advantages:
    • Profiling is an objective and proven way to define needed skills.
    • Seasoned workers serve as subject matter experts, guided by ACT-authorized analysts using a proven methodology.
    • WorkKeys profiles, tests, and instructional targets are directly linked to each other.
    The job profiling component, combined with WorkKeys assessments, instruction, and reporting, allows students and workers to make appropriate decisions about jobs and to identify their strengths and weaknesses as they pursue their education and career goals. Find more information about job profiling in our WorkKeys Job Aid Series publications.

    14. Academy Of Behavioral Profiling © 1999 - 2000
    reading search Academy of Behavioral profiling, legal venues. © 1999 2002 Academy of Behavioral profiling; All rights reserved.
    ABP main about ABP membership ethical guidelines ... search Academy of
    Behavioral Profiling About The ABP Board of Directors Journal of Behavioral Profiling Letter from the President ... PGKE Welcome The Academy of Behavioral Profiling is a professional association dedicated to the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques within investigative and legal venues. © 1999 - 2002 Academy of Behavioral Profiling
    This site is designed and maintained by Knowledge Solutions LLC
    Last update: 12/31/01.

    15. Criminal Profiling By Wayne Petherick
    Criminologist Wayne Petherick reveals the origins of criminal profiling and its use in crime solving.
    var openThis = 22.1;
    By Wayne Petherick
    The investigative technique, most commonly referred to as criminal profiling, has recently risen in popularity both in practical use and media portrayals. A quick visit to any bookstore will reveal the popularity of the true crime section, and the recent flood of fiction works with a likable lead detective who profiles the offender is equal in volume. Depending on the literature one reads, the professional development of profiling over the past several decades will most likely be attributed to the work of the Behavioral Sciences Unit (BSU) at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. More specifically, a few key agents will be known by name, if not by reputation, including John Douglas, Robert Ressler and Roy Hazelwood amongst others. Many of the mass-market conceptions often include an agent as a representative of the BSU working on the case with local law enforcement. While the role of the Bureau in the development of profiling cannot be denied, they are often afforded a greater involvement in criminal investigations than they have in reality, and many of the agents (current and retired) are often attributed with developing methods that were in place before they even reached the FBI. Profiling most notably can be traced back to work done in the latter part of the last century, and possibly before this in a variety of forms. There has been a definite growth since this early work, with a diverse array of individuals doing a great deal of both research and practical work in criminal profiling.

    16. Leicester City Football Club
    Welcome to the offical Leicester City website Overseas Fans. Messageboards. profiling. Contact Us
    REGISTER FREE FOR... All the very latest news from The Walkers Stadium Exclusive player interviews The Leicester official weekly e-newsletter E-mail updates and news-flashes The ONLY Foxes message board that counts! Betting service exclusive to Leicester fans The key stories from around the football world Competitions with amazing prizes Open access to the largest network of official football websites in the world The chance to subscribe to Leicester City World - the exclusive online TV, video and audio service ALREADY REGISTERED? REGISTER NOW! Enter Username (or E-mail Address) Enter Password Please fill in our very simple registration form to enjoy all the features of your official club website It'll only take a couple of minutes of your time to enable us to serve you better
    Forgotten your password, click here!

    17. Journal Of Behavioral Profiling © 2000 - 2001 / Main
    Current Issue A preview of the current and past issues of The Journalof Behavioral profiling is made available for public review.
    ABP Journal Main Subscribers Area Search Subscription Info Editor
    Brent E. Turvey, MS Forensic Science Assistant Editor
    Craig M. Cooley, MS Forensic Science Book Review Editors
    Robyn Lincoln, BA, MQUAL
    Assistant Professor, Criminology
    Bond University Wayne Petherick, BSS, MCrim
    Adjunct Teaching Fellow, Criminology
    Bond University
    Current Issue
    Journal Subscribers
    Enter Here
    Description ... Book Reviews Current Issue
    A preview of the current and past issues of The Journal of Behavioral Profiling is made available for public review. This includes a table of contents and article abstracts. It also includes selected articles or reviews from the Journal. The Journal of Behavioral Profiling, December 2001, Vol. 3, No. 1 The Journal of Behavioral Profiling, December 2001

    18. Organisational Coaching And Training
    Psychometric tests and psychological profiling developed by the University of Hertfordshire.
    Coaching Metrics Prices Log In ... About Us The FIT Corporation

    19. Profiling
    Minimizing the amount of overhead imposed by profiling is critically important for the clever compiler, since in the
    Next: Selecting Alternatives Up: Implementation Previous: Construct Interactions
    Knuth, 1973 [
    Overhead for Existing Mechanisms
    Minimizing the amount of overhead imposed by profiling is critically important for the clever compiler, since in the quasistatic computing model, the end-user (and not just the programmer) will always be subjected to that overhead. How to instrument a program to extract performance information is a major topic in its own right; I briefly describe the commonly available profiling mechanisms available to C programmers on UNIX platforms prof gprof , and pixie - in Appendix . The different techniques have their pros and cons, but generally speaking, there's a tradeoff between the amount and accuracy of information gathered, and the overhead incurred at program run-time. The percentages shown in Table are in accord with the ``common wisdom'' - 510% for prof , 1015% for gprof , and 100200% for pixie Note that the tremendously outsized amount of overhead for pixie is due to the fact that instrumenting every single basic block gathers far more information than is necessary most of the time. One way to keep overhead reasonable is to gather exactly what is needed to perform the desired performance analysis and no more; by building the static call graph beforehand, one can reduce the amount of instrumentation added to the program, and still gather a

    Police Dog Accused of Racial profiling.,2933,55010,00.html
    Police Dog Accused of Racial Profiling Tuesday, June 11, 2002
    OAS_AD('Middle'); Dolpho, a 5-year-old German shepherd, can sniff out the difference between marijuana, heroin and cocaine. The dog came from Europe two years ago and is trained in drug detection and patrol. But councilwoman Wanda Jones Dixon said Dolpho can also tell the difference between blacks and whites, and should be put to sleep. On Friday, while K-9 officer Schawn Barger wrestled with a drug suspect, he said a quick-release button on his belt was activated, accidentally opening a door to the K-9 wagon. The dog lunged from the vehicle and bit a 9-year-old boy on the leg instead of the suspect, dragging him for about 20 feet, family members said. The boy is black. Councilwoman Dixon told the city council she has received six complaints about Dolpho in the past year. Three of the people who complained were involved with drugs. Three others were blacks who believe the dog jumped at or attacked them because of their race. "I had received complaints from African-Americans saying they believe the dog only attacks African-Americans," councilwoman Dixon said Monday. "I think the dog makes the distinction." Officer Barger, who has worked with Dolpho for more than two years and takes the dog home with him at night, said the dog has never gone after the wrong person before. He said Dolpho became confused during a tense situation.

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