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         Pueblo Indians Native Americans:     more books (101)
  1. Pueblo Indian Wisdom: Native American Legends and Mythology by Teresa Pijoan, 2000-11-01
  2. Turkey Dance - Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico. by P. (illus). NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN - PUEBLO) Moran, 1890
  3. Indian Stories from the Pueblos (Native American Echos) by Frank Applegate, 1994-04-01
  4. Pueblo Indians (Native Peoples Series) by Pamela Ross, 1998-12
  5. Told In The Twilight: A Collection of Pueblo and Navajo Stories and Navajo Mother Goose Rhymes by Isis L Harrington, 1938
  6. The Pueblos (True Books, American Indians) by Alice K. Flanagan, 1998-08
  7. Pueblo (North American Indians Today) by Kenneth McIntosh, 2003-12
  8. The Pueblo (American Indian Art and Culture) by Christa Bedry, 2003-12
  9. Stencils Pueblo Indians of the Southwest: Ancient & Living Cultures Series: Grades 3+: Teacher Resource (Ancient and Living Cultures) by Bartok, Mira Bartók, et all 1996-12-05
  10. Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600-1880 by Larry Frank, Francis H. Harlow, 1990-03
  11. Pueblo Indians of North America by Edward P. Dozier, 1983-08
  12. The Pueblo: Farmers of the Southwest (American Indian Nations) by Mary Englar, 2000-08
  13. Native American Fetishes by Kay Whittle, 2006-08
  14. We Have a Religion: The 1920s Pueblo Indian Dance Controversy and American Religious Freedom by Tisa Wenger, 2009-05-01

1. Native Americans: Pueblo, Blackfoot Indians, Native Legends
You can develop a better understanding of native americans like pueblo BlackfootIndians, native legends, their religion, and their way of life.
Go Straight To Native Americans!
Go Straight To Native Americans!

2. Native American Resources
would otherwise be inaccessible to the pueblo people. Indian Polytechnic Institute;Education of American indians and Alaska Administration for native americans.
Native American Report The American Indian Exposition announces its new home on the World Wide Web,
located at Locally Hosted URLs Tribes Organizations Education
Tribal Home Pages

3. WWWVL: American Indians - Cultural Resources
Grade 3 Indian Project eastern woodland indians The indians in the Eastern Woodland Culture lived east of the Plains indians. land and planted large fields of corn, beans, and squash which native americans called "The Three Sisters". The Mound Builders were like the pueblo indians. Mound Builders was not
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet
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Multi-Cultural Sites
A Line In The Sand , issues of cultural property and cultural sensitivity Assembly of First Nations Center For World Indigenous Studies
Fourth World Documentation Project:
Indigenous Peoples' Information for the Online Community
... American Indian Art and Ethnographica Magazine
Tribe/Nation Sites
United States
Iroquois Confederacy [Including Canada]
Haudenosaunee Lacrosse: An Iroquois Tradition Mohawk Council of Kahnawake ... St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division

4. Native Americans - Internet Resources.
Find links to documents, regional and cultural bibliographies, teaching resources, and periodicals relating to native American history and culture. by and about native americans. A Critical Bibliography on North American indians, for K12 Apache, Navajo, Cheyenne, pueblo, Sioux, Blackfoot. Natigve americans - Women's History
Native Americans - Internet Resources
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center Native American page. You will find bibliographies, directories to pages of individual tribes, history and historical documents, periodicals and general links. The ISLMC is a preview site for teachers, librarians, students and parents. You can search this site, use an index or sitemap . The following sites have useful information on Native Americans. This page revised 1/22/00. NOTE: The Internet is being overwhelmed by viruses and spam. Please protect your computer with appropriate software. Also, many worthwhile sites have "pop-ups" which may change to include content unknown to me. Use preview sites before using with children.

Directories Author Pages History ... Periodicals See Also: Virginia's Indians The Cherokees Native American Authors
Selected Bibliography on Native American Writers and Their Writings
A Wallace library guide
Native Americans. Bibliography. Juvenile Books

Native Americans. Bibliography. Young Adult Books

Fiction; biography; poetry; drama by and about Native Americans.
A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians, for K-12

Prevention Primer American indians/native Alaskans; Tribal Voice native AmericanResources; pueblo Cultural Center; Indigenous Nations of Canada and the
Below is a sampling of various sites and web pages that provide information about the many Native American tribes that walk these lands and their ancestors. From the links provided you will find many more links and places to go.

6. Encyclopædia Britannica
Methods and Materials; pueblo Farming Customs; pueblo Pottery, Basketry Canadianindians. Additional references about American indians, or native americans.

7. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Pueblo (Native Americans)
United States History State Histories New Mexico native americans pueblo.GENERAL OVERVIEW World Book Online Article on pueblo indians; Acoma pueblo;
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  • World Book Online Article on PUEBLO INDIANS
  • Acoma Pueblo
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center ... Contact Us
  • 8. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Pueblo (Native Americans)
    United States History State Histories Arizona native americans pueblo. GENERALOVERVIEW World Book Online Article on pueblo indians; Acoma pueblo; Indian
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  • World Book Online Article on PUEBLO INDIANS
  • Acoma Pueblo
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center ... Contact Us
  • 9. Browse The Modern English Collection -- Electronic Text Center
    Largest collection of 19th and 20th-century native American literature available online; also includes Category Arts Literature Cultural native American...... search all unrestricted works including native American texts. Fenimore Cooper's Libelson America and americans. Songs of the pueblo indians 1920 In a Time of
    Subject: Native Americans
    Items marked RESTRICTED are available to University of Virginia users only, due to licensing requirements. Users of these texts agree to adhere to our Conditions of Use . For tips on searching the collection, consult our helpsheet. Help Mail Return
    University of Virginia users:
    search all works including Native American texts

    Other users:
    search all unrestricted works including Native American texts
    Abbott, Jacob
    Ah-nen-la-de-ni [La France, Daniel]
    Alexander, Hartley
    Aurelius, Marcus
    Austin review: Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936
    Austin, Mary

    10. American Indians, Native Americans, History Of A Proud People
    people occupying the largest and area reserved for native americans 17 million traditionallyassociated culturally with the Zuni and with eht pueblo indians.
    Indian Nations are sovereign governments, recognized in the U.S. Constitution and hundreds of treaties with the U.S. President. The history of this continent's original inhabitants encompasses a broad range of cultures and experiences. American Indians varied greatly from region to region, as did their reactions to European settlement. This website will delve into the vast and storied background of most tribes and seek to supply the visitors with as much knowledge as possible about the proud history of Native Americans . Please join us on this journey into the past, experience the present and dream about the future of the American Indian. When Columbus landed on the island of San Salvador in 1492 he was welcomed by a brown-skinned people whose physical appearance confirmed him in his opinion that he had at last reached India, and whom, therefore, he called Indios , Indians, a name which, however mistaken in its first application continued to hold its own, and has long since won general acceptance, except in strictly scientific writing, where the more exact term American is commonly used. As exploration was extended north and south it was found that the same race was spread over the whole continent, from the Arctic shores to Cape Horn, everywhere alike in the main physical characteristics, with the exception of the Eskimo in the extreme North, whose features suggest the Mongolian...

    11. WestWeb: Native Americans In The West
    you will find biographies of Western native americans as well as which include someimages of native American history Amy Lowell, Songs of the pueblo indians.
    This section of WestWeb provides information about Native Americans in the West. Under Texts you will find examples of primary texts, such as the texts of treaties and literary works, or secondary texts, such as critical essays or historical studies. Under Resources , you will find biographies of Western Native Americans as well as other resources, such as bibliographies and teaching materials, tribe homepages, and archives. Under Links to Other Sites , you will find a collection of links to sites dealing with various issues in Native American history, such as interaction with settlers. Finally, under Images , you will find both general collections which include some images of Native American history and direct links to pictures available online. Texts Resources Links to Other Sites Images
    WestWeb is the property of Catherine Lavender
    Warrick J. Bell

    Graphic design and layout by Catherine Lavender and Warrick Bell.
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    Primary Texts Secondary Texts
    Primary Texts
  • The Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
  • Documents of the Sand Creek Massacre (1864), from the European perspective.
  • Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939)
  • 12. Native American Culture
    Information about the pueblo indians; The Ute Indian tribe; Indian tribe; Informationon the Susquehannock indians; Zuni and Hopi native americans; Zuni fetishes;
    Culture: Native American
    about this site Back to main site Find A Site General Tribes © 2002 Pagewise, Inc.

    13. ERIC/EECE. Publications. Digests. Teaching Young Children About Native Americans
    units about specific tribes, rather than units about native americans. For example Threeexcellent titles on the pueblo indians of New Mexico are pueblo
    ERIC/EECE Publications Digests
    Teaching Young Children about Native Americans Debbie Reese EDO-PS-96-3

    May 1996 Young children's conceptions of Native Americans often develop out of media portrayals and classroom role playing of the events of the First Thanksgiving. The conception of Native Americans gained from such early exposure is both inaccurate and potentially damaging to others. For example, a visitor to a child care center heard a four-year-old saying, "Indians aren't people. They're all dead." This child had already acquired an inaccurate view of Native Americans, even though her classmates were children of many cultures, including a Native American child. Derman-Sparks ( ) asserts that by failing to challenge existing biases we allow children to adopt attitudes based on inaccuracies. Her book is a guide for developing curriculum materials that reflect cultural diversity. This digest seeks to build on this effort by focusing on teaching children in early childhood classrooms about Native Americans. Note that this digest, though it uses the term "Native American," recognizes and respects the common use of the term "American Indian" to describe the indigenous people of North America. While it is most accurate to use the tribal name when speaking of a specific tribe, there is no definitive preference for the use of "Native American" or "American Indian" among tribes or in the general literature.

    14. Pueblo Indian - Links To Interesting Sites
    IPL pueblo Pottery Exhibit; New Mexico's pueblo indians; Open Directory SocietyEthnicity Indigenous People native americans Tribes, Nations and Bands
    Home History Tribal Resource Pecos Classification ... Kiva
    Pueblo Indian Links
    The Pueblo Indian Council
    PO Box 400
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Phone: (505) 883-7360
    Fax: (505) 884-1474 New Mexico Office of Indian Affairs
    La Villa Rivera Building,
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Phone: (505) 827-6440
    Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.

    Last modified: April 19, 2002

    15. USGenExchange - Native American Battles
    This was a British vs. native americans. pueblo REVOLT 1680 Took place in NewMexico. pueblo indians were Slaves to the Spanish. Revolt took place.
    Search the Web.
    Type it and go! GenExchange USGenExchange GESR Newsletter Mailing Lists ... USGenExchange
    US Battles Fought by Native Americans
    Submitted by Suzanne Horner
    State Coordinator of the MTGenExchange
      US Army hangs six apache warriors, three Chiricahua band, three Coyoteros. APACHE WARS: 1881-1900
      Took place in Arizona. BAD AXE: 1832
      Part of the Black Hawk War, in Wisconsin. Sauk Indians led by Black Hawk vs. Illinois Militia led by General Henry Atkinson. BATTLE OF HORSESHOE BEND: MARCH 27, 1814
      Took place in Alabama. European Americans vs. Native Americans BIG HOLE BATTLE: AUGUST 9, 1877
      Also called Nez Perce War. US Army vs. Five Non Treaty bands of Nez Perce. Came from Idaho and Oregon to Montana to fight here then escaped to Bear Paw Battle Field. The final battle of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, in Chinook, MT. BLACK HAWK WAR: 1832
      BLACK HAWK WAR: 1832
      Took place in Michigan. CANYON DE CHELLY: January 1, 1864 Took place in Arizona. Kit Carson and Militia vs. Navajo’s.

    16. New Mexico Indian Culture - NM Tourism
    Overview of New Mexico's pueblo cultures, their art and way of life.Category Society Ethnicity Federations pueblo Council...... Among New Mexico's nonpueblo indians, the Navajo are best known for their masteryof By far, the largest group of native americans in New Mexico is the Navajo


    Cuisine and Recipes
    History Hispanic Culture ... The Cowboy
    Select a Feature Contact us FREE Vacation Guide Events Calendar 360 Panoramic scenes Ancient Ruins Accommodations Byways Chambers of Commerce Culture Day Trips Destination this Month e-Postcard from NM Food and Recipes Hidden Treasures History Hispanic Culture Hot Air Ballooning Hunting and Fishing Indian Culture Links Directory Maps Museums Music Natural Wonders National Parks News Photo Tour Rafting and Canoeing Scenic Attractions State Parks Travel Planner Trivia and Interactive Fun Videos Weather Forecasts
    Indian Culture
    Indian Culture
    and Attractions

    Background and History
    Cliff dwellings and pit houses, ancient kivas, abandoned cities along ancient trade routes and mysterious symbols etched in rock stand as reminders that New Mexico was home to native cultures centuries before Europeans reached the Americas. Eagle Dancer The people of the 19 Indian pueblos within our borders trace their origins to the Ancient Ones, creators of these prehistoric treasures, providing a living time line between our past and present. The Apache and Navajo, as well as other nomadic and seminomadic groups, reached this region later, enriching New Mexico's Native American legacy. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, they found permanent mud-brick settlements all along the Rio Grande and near other of the state's waterways. They called them "pueblos," after the villages they had left behind, and dedicated each one to a saint, who then became the village patron.

    17. Bullfrog Films: Subject Areas: Native Americans Videos
    leader who welcomed the americans to settle Canyon Unveiling the ancient astronomyof southwestern pueblo indians. aboriginal mother fights for native justice.

    Search tips


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    Bullfrog Films
    P.O. Box 149
    Oley, PA 19547
    Tel: 610/779-8226
    Fax: 610/370-1978
    Native Americans Videos
    • The Buffalo War The battle over the yearly slaughter of America's last wild bison outside Yellowstone National Park.
    • Chief Seattle Profiles the legendary leader who welcomed the Americans to settle on the land that now bears his name.
    • Children of the Long-Beaked Bird Portrait of a modern Native American family that erases old stereotypes.
    • Coming to Light An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.
    • Coming to Light (Short Version) An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.
    • Devils Tower The Lakota struggle to protect their sacred site from climbers and other encroachers.
    • Drumbeat for Mother Earth Toxic chemicals are the greatest threat to the survival of indigenous peoples.
    • Easter in Igloolik Beautiful glimpse of arctic life.
    • Fat City Sorts fact from fiction in the struggle for weight loss.

    18. ED394744 1996-05-00 Teaching Young Children About Native Americans. ERIC Digest.
    UNITS ABOUT SPECIFIC TRIBES, rather than units about native americans. For example Threeexcellent titles on the pueblo indians of New Mexico are pueblo
    ERIC Identifier:
    Publication Date:
    Reese, Debbie
    Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education Urbana IL.
    Teaching Young Children about Native Americans. ERIC Digest.
    AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE 1990s Native Americans make up less than one percent of the total U.S. population but represent half the languages and cultures in the nation. The term "Native American" includes over 500 different groups and reflects great diversity of geographic location, language, socioeconomic conditions, school experience, and retention of traditional spiritual and cultural practices. However, most of the commercially prepared teaching materials available present a generalized image of Native American people with little or no regard for differences that exist from tribe to tribe.
    A number of positive strategies can be used in classrooms, regardless of whether Native American children are members of the class.

    19. Hummingbirds, Native Americans, Indians, Tale, Myth
    by Vicki Lockard, editor of CankuOta, a newsletter celebrating native America;the The pueblo indians have hummingbird dances and use hummingbird feathers in
    Hummingbird, Ruby-throatedOperation RubyThroatThe Web's most comprehensive hummingbird site
    home: Sign Our Guestbook Table of Contents
    This is a summary of the importance of hummingbirds in Native American Cultures. It was compiled from various sources by Vicki Lockard, editor of "CankuOta," a newsletter celebrating Native America; the summary is posted with hummingbird photos by Paul C. Barry at the 1 July 2000 Issue . For more details about CankuOta, visit its Home Page A Mayan legend says the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise, and he is trying to court a beautiful woman, who is the moon. Another Mayan legend says the first two hummingbirds were created from the small feather scraps left over from the construction of other birds. The god who made the hummers was so pleased he had an elaborate wedding ceremony for them. First butterflies marked out a room, then flower petals fell on the ground to make a carpet; spiders spun webs to make a bridal pathway, then the sun sent down rays which caused the tiny groom to glow with dazzling reds and greens. The wedding guests noticed that whenever he turned away from the sun, he became drab again like the original gray feathers from which he was made. In a Navajo legend a hummer was sent up to see what is above the blue sky. It turns out to be absolutely nothing.

    20. Desert Southwest Reading List
    pueblo Storyteller by Diane HoytGoldsmith; Songs from the Loom A Navaho GirlLearns to Weave by Monty Roessel; Southwest indians (native americans) by Mir
    Desert Southwest
    Reading List
    In Association with

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