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         Punk Music:     more books (100)
  1. The Encyclopedia of Punk by Brian Cogan, 2010-09-07
  2. We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001 (Book) by Eric Davidson, 2010-06-01
  3. No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980. by Thurston Moore, Byron Coley, 2008-06-01
  4. Made In The UK: The Music of Attitude, 1977-1983 (powerHouse Classics)
  5. We Owe You Nothing, Punk Planet : The Collected Interviews by Daniel Sinker, 2001-02-15
  6. Dub In Babylon: The Emergence and Influence of Dub Reggae in Jamaica and Britain from King Tubby to Post-punk (STUDIES IN POPULAR MUSIC) by Christopher Partridge, 2010-09-30
  7. Punk: The Illustrated History of a Music Revolution by Adrian Boot, Chris Salewicz, 1997-01-01
  8. Punk by DK Publishing, 2008-07-21
  9. Culture in Action: Punk Music, Fashion Attitude!
  10. History of Punk Rock (Music Library) by Brenden Masar, 2006-07-12
  11. Punk 365 (365 Series) by Holly George-Warren, 2007-10-01
  12. A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974-1982 by Nicholas Rombes, 2009-07-10
  13. Encyclopedia of Punk Music and Culture by Brian Cogan, 2006-05-30
  14. False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground (Music Culture) by Steven Taylor, 2004-01-15

1. Punk Music: Home
News, discussion board and band links.Category Arts Music Styles Rock Punk......Drive Thru Records. punk music Community, Friday, March 21, 2003 PunkMusic News. • Calling all rejects. • AFI Tickets On Sale Now.
Thursday, April 10, 2003 : Punk Music News Stairwell Climbing Fastmusic Signs Huntingtons, Announces Big Comp Triple Crown Records Signing Drowning Fish looking for a drummer ... Anatomy of a Ghost Soon To Be In Stores and On The Road

2. Canadian Punk Music -
A resource page on Canada's loud punk music scene Top Music Links. Home Canadian Music Punk / Hardcore. CanEHdian Features
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Canadian Music : Punk / Hardcore
CanEHdian Features
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Canadian Punk Artist Directory EMusic FREE Trial MP3 Subscriptions
your band or artist ... at EMusic Related Links: Punk Music Discussion Punk Album Reviews
  • Black Halos, The @
  • Bloody Chicletts, The @ ...
  • Blank Stare - Hardcore punk rock band from Toronto. Pictures, MP3s, links, show listings, message board, booking information, recipes and more.
  • Broomfiller - Three piece punk-based alternative band from Toronto. Includes a biography, photos, and reviews.
  • Conflicting Plaid - MP3 downloads from the Toronto, Ontario punk band.
  • Core-upt Records - A label from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Punk, ska, hardcore.
  • Dayglo Abortions, The - Purveyors of putrid punk perversions, the infamous Canadian band.
  • Declaration Records - Punk and hardcore label out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Includes news and band listings.
  • DOA - This Canadian punk band has been bucking the system for over 20 years. Now that's 'old school'.
  • 3. Techno Punk
    A focus on drum'n'bass, techno, trance, house and punk reviews and interviews.
    A Resource For Intelligent Underground Music Navigate: Home Interviews Rev iews ... New Tech-House Reviews Check out the e-card with sounds from the new album by clicking the link above! Front Page Reviews By Bill Whiting-Mahoney For more information www.antise AntiSeen Here To Ruin Your Groove TKO Records ( www.tkorec Re-Released 2003 For a group of masochistic, misogynistic, hardcore-punk, redneck wrestling fanatics, AntiSeen should be leading the list as one of punk’s more embarrassing concoctions. Well, their "noise for noise’s sake" approach very early on in their to-date 20-year career is debatable stuff. But then, almost inexplicably, AntiSeen grew with age, getting meaner, getting sonically more jarring, getting rhythmically unforgettable, getting powerfully unique (for good and bad, after all, their horrible cover of Dylan’s Positively 4 th Street is unforgivably unforgettable,) in their recording antics. With their early

    4. Punk Music Community: News
    Shows Contests. The Best and Worst Punk of 2002 Atticus 2 Ecard Click Hereto Launch. Buy A Punkmusic-T-Shirt! BANDS. LABELS. PUNK SITES.
    size sml med lrg xl :::BANDS :::LABELS :::PUNK SITES :::PUNKMUSIC NEWS SUBMIT NEWS HERE document.write('Click Here');
    the hunger site
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    5. Punk77 Mailing List
    Mailing list for 70's punk music.
    You are being redirected to the new Punk77 Mailing List web site at

    6. Punk 77! Punk Rock In The UK 1976-1979 - Punk Music Lyrics Punk Bands Fashion Gi
    Punk Ska Posters. Home. SEARCH. punk music POSTERS. Clash
    A history of UK Punk Rock from 1976-79: Featuring an A-Z of punk bands from Adam and The Ants to The Sex Pistols to X Ray Spex, fanzines, punk girls, rare record sleeves, audio clips, fashion, punk rock lyrics, interviews and loads of pictures. Start Here What's New Punk77 Store Punk History ... Sign/View Guestbook Search
    powered by FreeFind "1977 was the year that punk came out of the concert halls and onto the streets; when independent labels sprang out of the woodwork to feed new tastes; when rock music once again became about energy and fun; when the majors' boardrooms lost control. Suddenly we could do anything."
    Sleeve notes to the 'Streets' compilation.
    1977 (Beggars Banquet) Last Updated 21.02.2003

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    8. The Punk Page
    Browse the categories of this directory to find bands, zines, record labels and other resources for devoted punk fans. The purpose of this page is to provide punk music lyrics, pictures, and sounds as well as to organize all the other punk
    This site is sponsored by:
    We recently took over , and with it, the Punk Page. We were given really old files for the punk page, and are going to be updating them as soon as possible. Please be patient, as it will take some time to try to get the most recent files from the previous webmaster. We will also attempt to get the reviews back, as those were not forwarded either. In the meantime, there may be a lot of broken links. Hopefully we will get the most recent pages back soon, and then we will start taking new submissions and updates. Thanks for your understanding.
    Welcome to the Punk Page
    , one of the very first punk sites on the WWW, up-and-running now since January 1995. Over the past few years the Punk Page has gained incredible popularity due to the amount of links and information provided by the site. The purpose of this page is to provide punk music lyrics, pictures, and sounds as well as to organize all the other punk resources on the Internet. On the seperate pages you will be able to access sites maintained by other people as well as information provided by the Punk Page. The site is updated constantly with more links in order to provide you with the most current punk stuff out there, so visit often. Enjoy!
    Sorry - Links Submissions Are Currently Not Being Accepted. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience And Will Try To Rectify The Situation ASAP.

    9. Punk Talk - Punk Rock Music Punk Band Forum
    Punk rock music forum for punk rock band and fan members. Talk aboutpunk music, clothing, hair style, girls and anything punk rock.
    Punk Talk
    Punk Rock Music
    Message Board
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    Road Records
    - So. Cali Recording Studio
    Conrad Askland
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    Fender Guitar Talk
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    Punk rock guitar discussion group Join Our Punk Rock Music Group
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    Welcome to Punk Talk! This is a free Punk Rock Bulletin Board and Discussion Group. We are about promoting punk rock music for bands and PUNK ROCK MUSIC FANS! Enter the Punk Talk Forum On our bulletin board you can talk about online punk radio, punk rock love songs, spikes, personals, punk cd cover, belt buckles, starting a band, spikes, christian punk music, girl punk bands, how to be punk, new punk bands, fashion anarchy, 70's and 80's punk and anything to do with punk songs. Please read rules before you post.

    10. Punk Music History Information And Punk Rock Message Board
    Find out all about the history of punk music and the punk music movementof the 1970's, 1980's and today! punk music Information Center.
    Punk Talk
    Punk Rock Music
    Message Board
    Punk Rock Band
    Fan Club Group Metal Talk - Heavy Metal Discussion
    Marijuana Talk
    - Pot Legalization Debate Board
    Road Records
    - So. Cali Recording Studio
    Conrad Askland
    - Record Producer
    Fender Guitar Talk
    - Fender Discussion Page Enter Punk Talk Message Board
    Punk rock guitar discussion group Join Our Punk Rock Music Group
    Free membership for hardcore punk rock fans Contributions for our Hardcore Punk Rock Site Help support our free punk site Links to Punk Rock and Guitar Sites Music bulletin boards and web sites Contact Punk Talk Bulletin Board Forum E-mail or phone Home Sponsors Road Records So. Cali Recording Studio Askland Technologies Audio Development Team
    Punk Music Information Center
    Enter Punk Talk for great information about the Punk Music Scene!
    In the late 60's and early 70's, the music industry rang eerily familiar in its method of promoting trends over music. The public was being spoon-fed music that corporations simply intended to make a profit from. The backlash to this came to be known internationally as Punk rock. New York, early 1970's. Young, virtually unknown artists like Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, and the Dolls of New York(changed later to New York Dolls) brought about a new style of "alternative-bohemian" entertainment, rooted in a "do-it-yourself" attitude. Short, frenetic songs, aggressive, sometimes confrontational stage presence, and angry messages against consumerism hit the stages at venues like New York's CBGB's, starting the movement that would be known as punk rock.

    11. World Wide Punk: REVIEWS Of Punk Music
    Sponsored by punk music Reviews. Anyway, if youre into fast Oi/punk music thathas a healthy injection of rock'n'roll riffage, you'll love The Bodies.
    Home Zine Reviews Bands Labels ... Other Sponsored by:
    Punk Music Reviews
    This is the Music Reviews section of World Wide Punk. Most of the bands reviewed have some sort of presence on the Net, and I've tried to include any WWW and email links so you can get more info. The newest reviews are found at the top of the page. If you write to any of the bands or labels, please tell them you saw a review on World Wide Punk! Send any review material to: World Wide Punk
    P.O. Box 52051
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Sign Offs (CD)
    Disaster , P.O. Box 7112 Burbank, CA 91510, U.S.A.
    A very passionate record, and it's hard not to have that passion violently thrust upon you in an annihilating maelstrom of bastardized rock n roll the way it did myself. Traces of all the most malevolent, groundbreaking punk rock of this past century peer through the cracks of the Sign Offs' stacked roster. The flame thrower fury of the Dead Boys, the Norse nihilism of Turbonegro, the handsome havoc of the Dictators, the Murder City monstrosities of Radio Birdman. This is all only overpowering my senses for the first time, hell I only pulled this outta my mailbox 10 minutes ago! So it's still coming through very much like a battering ram (yeesh!) 11 Rockets from the Midwest extended by blood-boiling solos, and repeated choruses and the end of songs, stretching the running time out to a hefty 45 minutes. An excellent choice for an OC label trying to expand it's horizons. Snatched up good and young too, to ensure many years of consistent hard rockin' to come.

    12. Independent Music Singers Songwriters - Punk Music Web Sites
    punk music Web Sites. net! Thousands of links to punk bands. Alsocontains music reviews, mp3s, hosted sites, message boards .
    Punk Music Web Sites
    CD Express.
    Start your own record company! Click here to find out how easy (or how hard) it can be! Very Comprehensive ~ Start A Record Company!
    Click here for the largest range of music posters in the world!
    Singer Song Independent Music Artists Homepage Other important links.
    Hard To Live Punk Rock Zine...
    Online zine with interviews with punk bands American Steel Benjamins Link 80 and more. Also reviews of punk bands like NOFX, Mxpx, and The Ataris. Also updated punk news...
    10 pages found, 10 links found, 254 score
    Punk Rock since 1995 Blue Moon Recordings...
    Punk Rock since 1995 Blue Moon Recordings was built from the ground up in our basement. What started as one 7" has taken off. Over the last six...
    10 pages found, 2 links found, 663 score A Tribute To Punkmusic.. Everywhere...
    The ultimate punk resource on the net! Thousands of links to punk bands. Also contains music reviews, mp3s, hosted sites, message boards....
    44 pages found, 5 links found, 434 score

    13. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Hardcore/Punk Music At
    Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Compare Pricesand Read Reviews on Hardcore/punk music at
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    Music All Categories Home Media Music
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    Compare Cheer Up! - Reel Big Fish
    Reel Big Fish
    4 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare Does This Look Infected? - Sum 41
    Sum 41
    8 reviews
    Lowest price: Compare The Shape Of Punk To Come - Refused Refused 15 reviews Lowest price: Compare 40 Oz. To Freedom - Sublime (Punk) Sublime (Punk) 31 reviews Lowest price: Compare No image available. Light A Match For I Deserve To Burn - The Beautiful Mistake Beautiful Mistake (The) 1 review Lowest price: Compare Somehow Hollow 1 review Lowest price: Compare The Best Of Rodney On The ROQ - Various Artists Various Artists 1 review Lowest price: Compare 2002 Warped Tour Compilation - Various Artists Artists, Various 1 review Lowest price: Compare United By Fate - Rival Schools Rival Schools 3 reviews Lowest price: Compare Living Well Is The Best Revenge - Midtown Midtown 3 reviews Lowest price: Compare Tell All Your Friends - Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday 2 reviews Lowest price: Compare The Fury Of The Aquabats - The Aquabats Aquabats (The) 7 reviews Lowest price: Compare No image available.

    14. Streaming Punk Music, New Punk Bands, Punk Ringtones And Forums At PlanetPunk
    The site features new punk bands and music. Links, CD reviews and streaming audio as well as a forum Category Arts Music Styles Rock Punk......Listen to all the best new streaming punk, pop punk, emo and hardcorebands and music. Your browser does not support script. Hey Punk Fans!
    Your browser does not support script Hey Punk Fans! As you have no doubt found out, PlanetPunk recently vanished suddenly from cyberspace. The reason was that we apparently got a bit too big for our old hosting company who kindly pulled the plug on us without any kind of warning! The bad news is that we have lost a lot of info (since yours truly hadn't backed the site up for ages!) including all the forum stuff and our mailing list. Basically we will be designing a new and improved PlanetPunk over the coming months which you will all hopefully help make even more successful than the old site. In the meantime, the forums are back although you will all need to sign up for a new username / password etc and start posting from scratch again. Thanks for your continued patience and support and get posting.... All the links to the streaming audio now work (over 240 fully streamed songs), so check them out. C Ya!

    15. Punk Music And New Punk Bands At PlanetPunk
    punk music and Great New Punk Bands @ PlanetPunk! Looking for the next BLINK 182or OFFSPRING? Then check out the new punk bands below. ** punk music, News
    Punk Music and Great New Punk Bands @ PlanetPunk! Add this Page to your Browser's Favorites! GOT A BAND? - Wanna be the next BLINK 182 or OFFSPRING ? Buy Music Online secondsounds Audiostreet CD-Wow Buy Clothes Online PornStar Clothing Vans Interpunk Playboy Clothing Carhartt Replicant Volcom Hurley Atticus Dickies Check Concerts Bigmouth GigGuide-UK Tickets Scotland Way Ahead Other Cool Stuff PlanetPunk Home Punk Message Board Contact Us Links Lyrics More Lyrics Guitar Tabs More Tabs Link to Us Welcome to **LAST UPDATED** 08-Mar-2003 .......... NOW OVER 6000 DAILY USER SESSIONS, 200 FULLY STREAMED SONGS, 45 FORUMS AND GROWING!!! Looking for the next BLINK 182 or OFFSPRING? Then check out the new punk bands below. ** Punk Music, News, Reviews, Pictures, Guitar Tabs, Lyrics, MP3 Downloads, Streaming Audio, Biography, Discography, Tour Dates, Punk Links, Punk Merchandise, Forums ** Full List of Bands
  • Yellowcard Goblins Sum 41 New Found Glory ... Whitmore
  • Search MP3.Com

    16. Music Girl.Net
    Music Girl.NET, Home, Jamie's, Jenna's, Contact Us, Topics, About Us. Search MusicGirl!!! Search for punk music. Blink 182. Pop Music. punk music. R B. Rap and HipHop.
    Music Girl.NET Home Jamie's Jenna's ... About Us Search Music Girl!!! Search for:
    Punk Music

    17. Punk Music
    punk music.

    18. Punk77 Mailing List
    The original list devoted to the discussion of 1970s punk music.
    Subscription Instructions
    For the regular list:

    To subscribe, send a blank email message to To unsubscribe:
    To unsubscribe, send a blank email message to
    Or, visit Punk77 at to subscribe, or for more information.
    About Subscribe Links ... Music

    19. JiÈf's Punk Music
    punk music site with MP3s, full albums, CD covers and links.Category Society Subcultures Punk Personal Pages J......JIÈF'S punk music.
    Welcome to my punk web site.  You'll be finding a whole lot of punk stuff including a bunch of mp3s, full albums, cd covers and links. Best viewed with internet explorer supporting flash. If you cannot see the menu to your left click HERE Please report any broken links to Enjoy!!!
    "Punk will never die cause there will always be some kid in their garage bangin on a guitar just being himself", Lars Fredericksen

    20. Old School Punk: Punk Radio 1977-2003, Old Flyers, Rare Vinyl And Demo Tapes
    Features "Screams from the Gutter" punk radio, old flyers, and hard to find live and demo tapes.Category Arts Music Styles Rock Punk...... If you buy a good indie CD be sure to tell a friend about it. The less AerosmithCDs you buy the better! Here are a few of the great places to buy punk music




    Die Kreuzen
    October File - 34 Tracks
    includes their first LP
    They just released a new CD! 'Return of that Crazy Robot' We have NEW videos from Lethal Aggression Click HERE for info. College Radio 'Left of the Dial' Listen here OLD SCHOOL PUNK What does punk mean? Punk means thinking for yourself. Punk is sincere aggression and kindness. Punk means being open-minded. Punk is change. Punk means cuddle. What DID you think punk meant? Come on in and explore our site! We have lots of Old School Punk such as: The Germs, The Users, Adicts, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, No Milk on Tuesday, Raw Power, Saccharine Trust, Dredd Foole and the Din.We ALSO have NEW punk like: The Bananas, Nar, Suppression, Rugburn, Strychnine, Damad, Ding Dang, One Eye Open, and MORE!

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