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         Python Programming:     more books (99)
  1. Python for Unix and Linux System Administration by Noah Gift, Jeremy Jones, 2008-08-22
  2. Beginning Python (Programmer to Programmer) by Peter C. Norton, Alex Samuel, et all 2005-08-05
  3. Bioinformatics Programming in Python: A Practical Course for Beginners by Ruediger-Marcus Flaig, 2008-04-22
  4. Python Standard Library (Nutshell Handbooks) with by Fredrik Lundh, 2001-05
  5. Python 3 And C Or C++: Extending And Embedding Python (Python Documentation Manual Part 5) by Guido Van Rossum, Fred L. Drake, 2009-03-20
  6. Python/C Api Manual - Python 3: (Python Documentation Manual Part 4) by Guido Van Rossum, Fred L. Drake, 2009-03-20
  7. Python Programming Patterns by Thomas W. Christopher, 2001-10-23
  8. The Python Language Reference Manual by Guido Van Rossum, 2003-09-01
  9. Hello! Python by Anthony S. Briggs, 2011-01-28
  10. Python Programming with Oracle Database by Ray Terrill, 2009-08-14
  11. Internet Programming with Python by Aaron Watters, Guido Van Rossum, et all 1996-09-30
  12. Programming Python by Mark Lutz, 1996-01-15
  13. Programming With Python by Tim Altom, Mitch Chapman, 1999-10-20
  14. The Quick Python Book by Daryl D Harms Ph.D., Kenneth McDonald, 2000-01-01

121. P-nand-Q
Home of esoteric programming languages such as Java2K, Smith , Sorted!, , Esogotschi and the Great python Language Zoo. Also heavy on the code obfuscation front.

122. GraphApp
Toolkit for crossplatform GUI programming on Windows, X-Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. It works with the C, C++ and python languages, and the source code can be freely downloaded here.

123. TransWarp
A general purpose AspectOriented programming, Generative programming, and CASE toolkit for python. Open Source, BSD-like

124. James Bursa
ModUtiSrc Freeware creates a basic program containing the assembly instructions to create and save a relocatable module, Wimp.Py Freeware - a python module which interfaces with the RISC OS wimp, WimpLibs Freeware - a collection of libraries to make programming wimp applications in BASIC easier.

125. David Jeffrey Ljung Madison - Verification Engineer Resume
Madison, David Jeffrey Ljung San Francisco, CA USA Verification Engineer / Software Writer. CPU Verification and Debug (Transmeta, MIPs) verilog, Unix, programming, (perl, scheme, C++, Lisp, Basic, Fortran, Ruby, python, sed, yacc, sh, ksh, zsh, csh, tcsh) Shareware programming, (album, WizPort, SpeedWaller) VLSI (DEStiny), DNRC.

126. Learn To Program Using Python A Tutorial For Hobbyists, Self-Starters, And All W
By Alan Gauld; Addison Wesley Professional, 2001, ISBN 0201709384, has CDROM. Introduction for those learning programming basics terminology, concepts, methods to write code. Assumes no prior knowledge but basic computer skills, unintimidating, clearly written. Addison Wesley,4096,0201709384,00.html

127. Programming Python, 2nd Edition
By Mark Lutz. O'Reilly book sample. Introduces Internet related topics Zope (web publishing framework), HTMLgen (makes web pages from objects), Jython (python for Java), XML processing, server pages, Windows web scripting extensions, restricted execution mode tools.

128. Productivity With Python
python is suitable for a wide range of programming tasks, and it scales well fromsimple scripting, prototyping, and web development, all the way up to the

129. Developing GNOME Application With Python
Set of articles written for beginners in Gnome programming and GNU/Linux.

130. PLEAC Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
Suite of common programming problems solved in Ada, C++, Erlang, Guile, Haskell, Java, Masd, merd, NASM, Objective Caml, Perl, Pliant, python, Ruby, Tcl.

131. MxBase Package Extensions For Python
The mx Extensions for python are a collection of professional quality python software tools which enhance python's usability in many important areas such as ODBC database connectivity, fast text processing, date/time processing and web site programming.

132. Musumeci, Antonio Salvatore Joseph
Get small_utils and rawview in C, BWNM and WNM in python, TAIM in g++, Matrix in QuickBasic, Visual Link 89 and Romdumper 8x 9x in PowerBasic.

133. TCC Publications Programming Languages
python language quick reference (28 pp), Tkinter reference (84 pp), python Imaging Library PIL quick reference (6 pp). Postscript and PDF formats available.

134. Using Mix-ins With Python
An explanation of the mixin programming style as applied in python.

135. An Analysis Of Two Next-Generation Languages Java And Python
Paper by Roger E. Masse outlines how Java and python qualify as nextgeneration Internet programming languages. Has good introductory material on python.

136. Ramu's Python Modules
This page includes two modules one for simplifying CGI programming easier with python, and the other for Generating Dynamic Documents from Templates for python.

137. Web Programming Topic Guide
General guide to using CGI and other Webrelated programming with python.

138. Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
By Josh Cogliati. Evolving tutorial for absolute beginners. Covers many basic, some intermediate topics; Category Computers programming python FAQs, Help, and Tutorials...... NonProgrammers Tutorial For python. Josh Cogliati. All example pythonsource code in this tutorial is granted to the public domain.

139. Programming Languages Mini-HOWTO
Brief comparison of major Linux programming languages C, C++, Fortran, Java, Lisp, Perl, PHP, python, Tcl; by Risto S. Varanka.

140. Socket Programming HOWTO
programming sockets with python.

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